The Embarrassing Moments of Politicians

good really you gotta start reading in the spending we have got to his presidential candidate Sarah paling is coming under fire for writing notes on her hand to help her during a speech you know something not only are we going to New Hampshire Tom Larkin we're going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico we're going to California and Texas of New York we go to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan and then we're going to Washington DC to take back the White House it's three agencies of government when I get there that are gone commerce education and the what's the third one there let's see commerce education and the EPA APA seriously is easier when we were talking about it no sir no sir we're talking about the agencies of government APA needs to be rebuilt but you can't name the third one the third agency of government I would I would do away with the education the Commerce and let's see I can't the third one I can't sorry and those people that hire illegals ought to be penalized admit you lose all of your standing from my perspective because you hired illegals in your home and you knew for it about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy I don't think I've ever hired an illegal in my life and so I'm afraid I'm looking forward to finding your facts on that because that just doesn't any what the trick again you had there you have spirit news I'm speaking the nuts paper I was thinking for you to be about 30 you get 30 seconds this is the way the rules work here is that I get 60 seconds know what the man that you K and then you get 30 seconds to respond right they want Anderson you said you know Jim please working I just got to keep talking you know let me finish with might have to say look Rick a tough couple of debates for Rick and I understand that and so you're gonna get we're going to get tested what is an app this is an app that connects to an app it is it isn't a paper towel it isn't a car you can call in the car the car our enemies are innovative and resourceful and so will we they never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people and neither do we I read your first book and it's said in there that your mandate in Massachusetts which should be the model for the country and I know what came out of the the reprint of the book but you know I'm just saying you were four individual mandates my friend you know what you've raised that before Rick and you're saying it was true then go his true name Rick I'll tell you what ten thousand bucks ten thousand dollar bet I'm not in the betting business oh okay okay it appears Sarah Palin may need to brush up on her American history she visited the Old North Church today here in Boston the focal point of Paul Revere's historic ride but it sounds like she got a bit confused on the details the British that they weren't going to be taking away our arms by reading those bills and making sure as he's frightened his horse through town to then those warning shots and bells that we were gonna be secure and we were gonna be free he was before these social programs from the standpoint of he was far standing out for Roe versus Wade before he was against verse Roe versus Wade you know I am when I speak like right now for example ladies and gentlemen the president the United States of America Barack Obama thank you everybody what a challenge it is because in 1988 the question is whether we're going to go forward to tomorrow or we're going to go past to the the back and I can tell you listen act is that human life a person under the Constitution and Barack Obama says no I found it almost remarkable for a black man to say no we're gonna decide who are people and who were not there's want to rattle off a couple of things that insiders say she just simply didn't know there were real problems with basic civics government structures municipal state and federal government responsibilities she didn't know that the nation's involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement sure we're told those of course being the US Canada and Mexico she wasn't actually able to name all the countries in North America as part of that debate and she didn't understand McCain aides told me today that Africa was a continent and not a country and actually asked them they argue they say if South America South Africa wasn't just part of the country as opposed to a country in the continent you know one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror was because I'm a gay soldier do you intend to circumvent the progress that's been made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military I would say any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military center Obama supporters have been saying some pretty nasty things about western Pennsylvania late and you know I couldn't agree with him more I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully it is just wonderful to be back in Oregon and over the last 15 months we've traveled to every corner of the United States I've now been in 57 States I think one left to go my State of the Union our state my speech to the nation whatever you want to call it speech in the nation I asked Americans to give 4000 years 4,000 hours over the next of the rest of your life millions of innocent people lost their lives because of the bigotry and hitlerism that permeated Germany in other parts of the world it wasn't obscene period in our nation's history no not our nation's but in World War two I mean we we all lived in this century I did I didn't live in this century buttons in this century's history we did not have a matter of fact we fought hitlerism which was a totalitarian form of government what I say go I am the law and where does this decision come from it comes from the poisonous wealth of keeping procedures like this in the beagle drink from in America drink from it

How To Be a Politician

hello my fellow Americans and other countrymen I'm beg flatly did you ever wonder how politicians become so successful I've determined the key factors to turn virtually anyone into a political Messiah now before we get started I have to tell you I really think you have what it takes to make it in politics and I don't say this to everybody you're like Jesus and Richard Nixon rolled into one and that's good real good before you go proposing to me that was just an example of the first method in politics you kiss as much ass as you can and you give the same compliments to everybody you come in contact with that way you only have to remember one set of responses to go with the compliments I mean it'll start off small by telling people that they're good-looking or smart but once you wrote the latter of it you'll be able to tell entire countries that you value their existence with a straight face Oh first let's talk about gestures it is a proven fact that's strong gestures lure unsuspecting strangers into thinking you're more capable than you actually are you'll have to try different ones out to see what works best for you but some of the more common ones are the reserved thumbs up not to do this just pretend like you've got some shit on your thumb from all that ass grabbing you've been doing you don't have a wife handy so you have to conceal it this is also pretty symbolic of all the shit you'll be concealing during your career the controlled karate chop now you're going to want to do anything to move up the ladder in politics so you kind of have to let people know you're cutthroat but you don't want to look reckless now the karate chop implies that your discipline but you always did chuck bitch in the throat if you add to the lip purse now this move makes it look like you're thinking of a good response so use it when you get a difficult question now in reality you're just going to be regurgitating the slop a team of writers constructs for you but if you look like you're thinking people will actually believe it they will have no idea that you're just focusing on pinching the fork and your tongue together before you open your mouth again oh now let's move on to statements now most of your career is going to consist of reading teleprompters contrary to popular belief only educational prerequisite to becoming a politician is that you can read but preferably at a second grade level so you don't miss pronounce the hard words like a new killer in jessup it there's only three statements that you actually need to memorize the be a success one I was not aware of that too let me look into that and three I did not have sexual relations with that woman or man less likely though go ahead and test it out these statements will get you out of anything hey Bob a couple of staff members saw that in turn going to your office after hours I was not aware of that well did you know she was in there were you in there let me look into that actually Bob I was just trying to see if you would admit it the security cameras caught everything so I did not have sexual relations with that woman pop we have a recording of it cleaners fucking babe do you want to see it let me look into it now this cycle can go on and on forever but usually people just lose interest and give up just like all the voters in this country oh and now for a speed round of bonus tips if you feel like you're just not climbing the ladder fast enough here are a few exercises you can do to boost your politician points if you haven't yet landed a job in a government establishment you can still practice your technique just go to a park and set up a collection bucket and bring a poster with possible renovations that could be made with the public's help once you've collected a shit ton of money throw a raging private party in the park at night but make sure they're not invite any of the people that donated money because you don't want those kind of suckers pooping up the party and could have made the park better by rebuilding it or you can make it fucking awesome with this kick-ass rager you never specified how you were gonna make it better so that makes it okay now always keep the cell phone handy just in case you run into a situation where it's imperative that you send an urgent dick pic you wouldn't want to miss that golden window of opportunity with the girls pretending that she actually likes that shit her attraction to you has absolutely nothing to do with the ocean of taxpayer money she's planning on siphoning out of your well-documented dick hole and now it is sometimes you just got to get a little wacky to get notice in this donkey elephant world if you're still not crushing your competition under your hooves fast enough you could always resort to smoking crack on camera people will actually feel like they can relate to you more and get the media involve you could like drum up publicity with extreme trap house makeover not only will you be high as fuck but so will the polls you really want to look like a politician log on to Beck's teeth calm and by the collectible shirt I designed specifically to get some interaction you're welcome

Mario Cuomo & Christine Todd Whitman: Restoring Faith in American Politics & Politicians

good evening I'm Jennifer Rob and I have the great privilege of being the president of this extraordinary institution Hunter College is a privilege today to welcome back our friends from the Aspen Institute and two again celebrate the legacy of an extraordinary New Yorker preston robert ish we are really gratified also to have his wonderful daughter Lori and his phenomenal son Jonathan with us tonight also great friends of Hunter College and wonderful New York citizens in their own right I can't be certain but today may be the first time that two former governors have held a public conversation in the house of a third how fitting to have Mario Cuomo and christine Todd Whitman in the home of Franklin Roosevelt all among the best governors we've had governors Cuomo Whitman have both been visiting professors at Hunter College inspiring many students to careers in public service so it is a great honor to welcome them home today to Roosevelt house and Hunter College to Roosevelt house of course the house that FDR's mother Sarah built in 1908 as a wedding gift for the newlyweds Franklin and Eleanor there was one stipulation however Sarah kept half of the house for herself that may have been the first New Deal you can tell by the layout that Sarah was not too fussy about the distinction between her half and the newlyweds have as eleanor was found too fond of saying you are never quite sure where Sarah would appear day or night so if any of you have bought think you have mother-in-law issues you have some competition it was no wonder that Eleanor often found yourself walking a few blocks uptown to spend some time with the hundred students and get out of the house a long and rich relationship developed between the Roosevelts and the hunter community and lasted even after they left 65th street for the White House after Sara died in 1941 the family arranged for Hunter to purchase the house Franklin himself donated the first one thousand dollars and Eleanor attended the dedication and remains an active friend of hunters till her death for many years this house was a popular student activity center but when I became president in 2001 I was dismayed to discover the house long closed and in sprint need of repair we were determined to have it faithfully restored and have so thrilled to welcome you all tonight to have it to see that we've made this dream a reality the building is hit rich in the history of one of the most important families of the 20th century stories come alive as we walk through the rooms where FDR recovered from polio and where Louie how moved in to help him get his career back on track how's hard work paid off but it didn't look that way the night they waited at the Biltmore Hotel for the results of the 1928 governor's race they came home to this house thinking that Franklin had lost it wasn't until four in the morning on the radio in a room upstairs that the numbers had shifted and that FDR was elected the 44th governor of New York four years later and exactly 68 years ago today which is very thrilling to be doing this program FDR again came home from the Biltmore on election night but this time he greeted Sarah on the steps as the newly elected president with her telling him this is the happiest day of my life that same day he sat in the parlor room upstairs thanking the electric and discussing his economic recovery plan / NBC radio and three months later in his library right upstairs again he convinced Frances Perkins to become the first woman cabinet member in US history after he agreed to allow her to create the program we still know as Social Security so all this extraordinary history happened in this house and the room that you're now sitting in is one of the only changes that we made this was the backyard you're sitting where there used to be dirt all of that dirt was taken out can't you get a backhoe in the backyard of a New York City townhouse all taken out with shovels by hand out the front door onto 65th street and then around the corner to Park Avenue where you could keep a dumpster because you can't put one on the 65th street through Street so this was quite a labor of love and we are so happy to welcome all of you here tonight to enjoy the home and to welcome you invite you back in a few weeks on November 15th when Secretary General of the UN Vaughn ki-moon will be officially cutting the ribbon the reopening of roosevelt houses the home of our new public policy has made all of this weight worthwhile the goal of the Institute is to honor the legacy of the Roosevelts and their commitment to equality and opportunity for all Mario Cuomo and christine Todd Whitman are living embodiment of that commitment as other members of the Aspen Institute who share our aim of fostering intelligent open discussion and finding solutions to today's most pressing issues so it is now my pleasure to introduce one of Aspen's great leaders the vice president and vice president the Aspen Institute former US congressman Mickey Edwards congressman Edwards served as a representative for Oklahoma for 16 years before going on to teach at Harvard and Princeton he's become a renowned political commentator and author and currently writes for The Atlantic and runs the Aspen Institute's leadership program for elected officials let us welcome a great public servant congressman Edwards dr. F thank you very much and thank you to Hunter this is a beautiful beautiful facility what you've done here is is really terrific my only job here is to thank you all for coming to welcome you on behalf of the Aspen Institute I do want to say there could not be a more fitting kind of a program for this time right after our elections and the the Tisha's I've really done something very very wonderful by allowing us to have this continuing series of programs this one in particular the title as you have seen in your program is about leadership in crisis fortunately we have a couple of examples here of people of whose leadership was not crisis but but leadership we could be very proud of let me just say in welcoming them to talking about restoring faith in American politics and American politicians when we started the rodel program at the Aspen Institute which was to reach out to emerging young political leaders in this country of both parties completely bipartisan way to focus on values and principles the first thing I had to do was to put together an advisory board where do you look for the kinds of people who would be the examples that we wanted to hold out to these new people rising up to high public office so two of the very first people i went to who agreed to be on the aspen rodel board where Mario Cuomo and Christy Todd Whitman and they have set a a real pattern here for us to see our young political leaders follow it's going to be I'm going to make it a personal note when I introduce Brian layer those of you who live in New York full-time don't need to have any introduction to brian lehrer's his radio program on WNYC is extremely popular his radio program his television program won a Peabody Award for promoting radio and programs that unites rather than divide which makes you the hero of the moment Brian and the personal the personal note was I had the experience a couple of years ago of writing a book when you write a book you try to make it sell it's not always easy but fortunately I was invited to be on the brian lehrer's show and since everybody listens to the show for at least a short time my book sold very well brian thank you very much Brian lair I never got my royalty check thank you and I appreciate the Aspen Institute inviting me to moderate this discussion with the two distinguished governors whose experience and expertise can certainly help us in these very challenging times please welcome governor Mario Cuomo and governor christy whitman and and I guess history is repeating itself New York once again has a governor named Cuomo and New Jersey once again has a governor named Christie and we will talk a bit this evening about some specific I'm glad you like that my wife took my wife told me not to use it we will talk a bit of this evening about the some specifics of new york and new jersey and of course the current generation of governors but the title of this event is leadership in crisis restoring confidence in american politics and politicians and i just want to say a brief word about it to set it up this confidence deficit is a bipartisan problem President Obama's approval ratings are down to forty five percent or so President Bush left office with approval in the low 30s Vice President Cheney in the 20s in some polls in September in a gallup poll approval of the democrats in congress was just thirty three percent approval of republicans in congress at thirty two percent so a statistical tie the tea party was born as i think we all know to challenge leadership in both parties now a gallup poll in of confidence and institutions this summer and it measured all kinds of institutions found that confidence in congress as an institution was at eleven percent which is the lowest of any institution that Gallup has measured at any time in the 37 years that they have been asking that question that's Congress luckily for the new york and new jersey state legislatures I couldn't find those so let's talk about it and audience if you have an immediate follow-up question as we're talking up here feel free to raise your hand and maybe we'll be able to call on you to deepen the conversation or we can just wait for questions until the end but I'm going to kind of leave that up to you if you want to follow up feel free to raise your hand so governor Whitman do you think confidence in our political leaders and institutions is in crisis and if so how would you begin to answer why well confidence certainly is in crisis those statistics prove it and it's not surprising I mean the Tea Party movement they keep calling it a party it's not a party it's a movement and it has people from both sides I've talked to people who voted for Obama as well as people who voted for George Bush you just said we're fed up neither party is addressing the issues and and we don't like what Congress is doing which is not much of anything although unfortunately part of what people are looking for with the new Congress they think it wouldn't be a bad thing to have gridlock it's a nice thought if you don't like what Congress was doing the problem is this country has some very serious issues that need to be addressed and we cannot afford to have gridlock that's not where we want to be but the first thing you know I get this question a lot what can you do and the first thing is people have to look in the mirror because quite frankly this is a democracy and the place where change starts is with us we're the only ones who can do it and whether you like the Tea Party or don't like the Tea Party it did get people engaged who hadn't been before the voter turnout in this election was about forty percent now that's a miserable number but it's up from what it usually is when Congress is the top of the ticket it's usually about thirty two percent and that tells us we're part of the problem is the part of the problem is we don't engage enough and we don't engage in a regular enough period we will go out and vote and think gee we've done a great job because we actually voted it was cloudy out so you know I made a big sacrifice to go and vote but that's it then we don't engage any further if we could take it that far and we have to understand it starts with us because if we keep reelect election rate stays the way it's been in many states and obviously this time around we saw some change people were finally figuring it out the power of the ballot box if we don't do that if we keep real acting them we're just reaffirming the behavior that we say we don't like and so what I hope is that after this election one of the messages that people have to continue to send to Congress and Lord knows it's easy enough to communicate these days is to tell the leadership that what they don't want is two years of either trying to make sure that that Barack Obama doesn't get reelected president so all you want to do is have hearings and stop everything or on the other side saying what we really what really messed us up was the Blue Dog Democrats because they didn't let us go far enough to the left and we're going to spend the rest of the time trying to marginalize them we've got to continue to send that message though it's up to us if we don't do it nobody else is going to in Governor Cuomo where what you began you want to restate the question the question being why leadership in politics confidence in leadership in politics and government is in crisis the the crisis is in people's minds they they're reacting to what's happening to them in their own life I think to get a real perspective here you ought to think back to the last time we had a government that succeeded and it wasn't so long ago as a matter of fact it was so so fresh still in my mind that I'm shocked people haven't talked more about it in the beginning of the 21st century you had a very good governor in New Jersey and she's with us tonight and you had Bill Clinton I nominated him in 1992 his first year was nineteen ninety-three if you go back to his period 1993 until 2001 they produced 22 million new jobs an upwardly mobile middle class a shrinking poor population the best best years of market in the history of the United States of America and left with a potential surplus of one point about five point four trillion dollars now I think it was there was question about that number but it's an astoundingly successful story and if you look much more closely you find out that Clinton did very poorly in his first term that as a matter of fact midterm he was about where obama was in popularity so was Reagan incidentally midterm for him so now the perspective begins changing what is it that they did that we can't do they collaborated he he got together with Gingrich and with the Republicans why because he had to in the beginning he had a Democratic Congress with him by the time he got to the end of his term the Congress was all dominated by Republicans and so he thought up this interesting idea called triangulation he didn't call it that but all it was was old-fashioned bargaining and collaborating that's what we need most of all is getting people who are intelligent about being able to compromise as some of the people now are talking I think it's mostly Republicans but certainly not exclusively talking about you know conceding that they would have to cooperate and give something up in their position is sinful that I hear some Republicans saying in effect we won't do a damn thing for this president why because we want to have the presidency and so their whole mission appears to be at the moment for them not to make the country better not to do something about too many people in prison and not enough people graduating from high school and colleges not about the middle class you know shrinking and the poor population growing which it has by six million people over the last several years what they're talking about is just stymieing the situation so that the democrats can't take credit for any progress that's that's an absurdity it's a sin it's a political sin but unfortunately there's no way to force them to to a different point of views so where are we where we we should not be surprised at what happened in the election why because after the Clinton years which were magnificent very quickly a whole series of things happened that made people suffer and made them frightened well what happened immediately it was 911 that's the beginning of the the new century 911 happened and it's we're still living with 911 and the wars that came out of it the war in Afghanistan the war in iraq and the war against terrorism which is a war against people who don't wear uniforms and don't live in any one place but are all over the globe now you know dressed in their own attire like everybody else but ready to give up their own lives to get yours now that that's one of the problems the same time we had an economy that suddenly weekend starting in 2007 they say the recession 2008 Obama is elected everybody is up expectations are high it's a wonderful glorious new moment but the what was getting worse and worse at that time was the economy well not why did the economy get bad well there were a lot of reasons we spent too too much money we gave the biggest tax cuts in history even bigger than the reagan tax cuts when we didn't need that because we had deficit problems already and the recession the recession got stronger and stronger ironically something that is held against the current president was a helpful device very early on Bush thought up the bailouts for warning for the bailouts we really would have been in trouble and Obama agreed with President in the bailouts and joined with him a collaboration and if you look very closely the bailouts worked beautifully and the money is back and it was a hell of a good deal you can't convince the American people of that so in a nutshell why they opposed the why of the people saying that the leadership is lousy etc it's because of their lives their middle class people are getting closer and closer to being poor people the rich people are doing very very well and that makes it even worse psychologically that the rich are getting richer while they're getting poorer the bank's survive very nicely thank you a couple of them went down but for the most part Wall Street's not suffering they are there there without jobs that's a terrible terrible thing to be there without hope in a lot of cases only seventy percent of their children are getting through high school in a world where if you're not high skilled you have very little chance to compete in making things we have if you want a really strong economy you have to do what you did the first time around to be it's the biggest economy but to be the greatest economy and what was that we made everything that counted the big stuff the heavy stuff to steal stuff we made it and sold it to the rest of the world and if they needed money to buy it we lent them the money doesn't that sound familiar yeah that's where China is now now we don't make anything come on everybody from Shia if I could jump in for just a minute and I know governor Wittman wants to respond to to something that you said but are you saying that the reason that government is perceived to be failing details objective conditions that are out of their control our or bad or not as good as they would know where is that letting them off the hook too much no no it's not out of their control I mean these forces are not out of the control of the government they choose to not to collaborate and if you don't collaborate then you get this problem of course you can't agree on cures there are about 400 bills that the Democrats passed that they couldn't get the Republicans to deal with 400 well will that happen again well it happens again in this new go around then the problems will be uncurable and if that's true the country will go into a deeper ditched and it's in now but no it's wrong I think to say that this is this was uncontrollable how did Reagan how did clinton do it how did he get it done he's a very smart guy but he's not a genius and he's not a magician he did it the old-fashioned way by getting them to collaborate and he had Republicans who did it with him they Republicans who agreed agreed for example on a pay-as-you-go plan that helped with the spending incidentally one other thing just to confuse us a little bit more profoundly another thing that's that's that's gone wrong I think with our politics is our misunderstanding the people's missing I want to agree with Governor Whitman on the people were at fault for a lot of this to you had 33 burst balloons one of the more subprime mortgages whose fault was that well it was bankers who lied it was appraises who lied was whole string of people who lied it was securitization that covered the lies and it was people who knew that they couldn't afford the house they were buying and people who fell in love with their credit cards and overspent and so the public has as a problem to bottom line the the government is failing the government has failed to cure the current problem and so the people are angry the people of frightened and the people don't like the government it happens a lot it happened in 1994 and they did exactly what they did a couple of weeks ago week whatever it was it's very simple but it can be better and that's the Clinton years experience and I think we should be concentrating we'll see what happens over the next couple of years if it repeats after 1994 governor whitman well i mean i don't disagree with Governor Cuomo and saying that compromise is what helped make us better and stronger as a country i'm not sure i'd go quite as far as saying the clinton years were all the house on days but i can remember that when one of the things that happened on welfare reform which is a big undertaking during the Clinton years as the governor's came down and the governor's came down and they spent time with the Congress and they spent we spent time with the present there was a small group of us that did it on a regular basis to get the compromises the president vetoed the bill twice and finally was in a position where he just couldn't do it a third time and that compromise is born but again it's it's both sides of the aisle I can remember when I went for my courtesy meetings before my confirmation hearing at EPA and I met with a lot of Democrats who said you know we're just waiting we're waiting to see what you guys do wrong because we know you're going to do wrong and the American people get let down when there's that attitude for instance very early on the president sent a bill to the hill that would have put for the first time a cap on mercury emissions it was a three pollutant bill neither side wanted to discuss it and the Democrats particularly made it a they just they wouldn't allow it to go forward they didn't they made it into a political time bomb so there unfortunately there are problems on both sides of the aisle this is not just one party we've gotten into this habit of looking at every issue through the partisan political prism not the policy prism it is what is going to get me another vote in my caucus what's going to get me a bigger plurality in my election not about what's really solving this problem and I see it again and again and a classic example of how bad and pervasive this political attitude has gotten came when we early on we did a regulation on non-road diesel engines those are backhoes and tractors and things which actually are more problematic for human health and their on-road cousins the buses and trucks and things and we put together the environmental community with the manufacturers of the engines with the government people and we actually hammered out a regulation that reduced the pollutants by ninety percent currently in force it's happening now we reduce those balloon by ninety percent well the NRDC which is one of the largest and most respected of the environmental groups in Washington said and put out a statement that said that this is possibly the best thing for human health since we take and let out of gasoline I thought that was really great because it showed we can bring the disparate people together we can actually work in good faith and get something done well two days later I open the Washington Post to see that the other environmental groups were apoplectic at the NRDC for having given us this quote they demanded they take it back actually the executive director almost lost his job because they said it would it would hamper their ability to attack the president's otherwise far from perfect record in the environment and with a day after that I got a letter from the NRDC saying well we've looked at the Clean Air Act and maybe there's something else that's more important so please stop using the quote well the problem is when it's gotten that deep I mean here was a regulation we crafted for them I made a lot of changes to it because they had very legitimate concerns to what it originally come through if you can't even when it's something that you have worked on and you got what you wanted in it and it was a good regulation if you can't even give credit at that level it gets very hard when you get to the hard issues I can't remember and a governor I don't know whether you remember or making you remember a time when you had a major issue facing the country and this is the issue of immigration you had an administration bill a Senate bill and a house bill and what happens then is you point a conference committee and you iron out the differences they never even appointed the conference committee why it was an election year and each side wanted that issue to beat up the other side and both sides were culpable on this and now real people are being hurt and that's where we've got to stand up and say enough of this already this is about people you've got to separate some of these issues from the politics and look at the partisan look at the policy and what's right for the people so governor whitman do you think it's worse today then when you were in office as governor or even as EPA Administrator but particularly in your days as governor I mean it's easy to forget that in the late 90s President Clinton was being impeached and everybody was running around saying they've never seen polarization like that now people in Washington I think I hear them saying quite frequently it is even worse do you think it is I think it's even worse yes I mean when you have people saying after the election that the thing we're going to do with next two years is make sure Barack Obama doesn't get elected and the other side saying well we're really going to go after the Blue Dog Democrats because it's their fault we lost the election because they wouldn't let us go far enough to the left you're creating a situation you know in this country you always it was taken for granted that Republicans ran to the right during primaries and Democrats to the left and then they both ran back to the middle when the election for the general election and that worked when right was here in the left was here but when the rights out there and the left's out there you can't come back to anything that looks like the middle at all and that makes it very hard to compromise the other thing that's changed just the last little thing that's changed is we now look at all these issues as a moral issue I mean its moral and if if you think about it if you have a moral position and someone disagrees with you you're not just disagreeing with an issue that other person is immoral you don't compromise with someone who's immoral you can compromise with someone with whom you disagree but not with someone who's immoral I think we have a question right down there wait for the microphone let's get the microphone to you go ahead I have two two themes seem to be coming here one is collaboration and one is the people are not active enough collaboration I can think of two cases of collaboration that have created the mess for this country one was the war in Iraq there's major collaboration there the other one I'm going to take issue with Governor Cuomo and this was the bailout the bailout ultimately worked but at an enormous expense to the taxpayers and an enormous expense to people banks are not lending right now those were two cases of collaboration two major cases of serious problems of their country the other thing is people aren't getting involved well maybe there's a reason I mean a lot of people just don't think it's it makes sense anymore we it feels like the latest Supreme Court ruling people don't really have much of the say right now this is it this is like this is a blue corporate plutocracy we live and the government the congressman out i have lapels thats a Goldman Sachs or Aetna that's there's a reason for that there's a reason why we're not collaborating actually people are suffering right now and there's a reason why we're so divided it isn't just about hitting the middle it's sometimes making a point I mean this isn't a question this is a statement I'm sorry but you can respond so Governor Cuomo let me turn that into a question is it not just the polarization but the fact that the policies that are taken I think what he's saying is maybe the two biggest policies of the last ten years the war in Iraq where the Democrats went along the bailout President Bush was just on NBC yesterday talking about how yeah I'll take responsibility for the top yes that was my administration's idea don't blame President Obama those two big things are seen the illegitimate is not a Rhodes pop yeah I disagree on the bailout the bailout has proven to be good the money is coming back it it worked what they were trying to get done work we got a lot done this has been lost i think we got a lot done because we did have democratic majorities you got a health care bill now the health care bill is unique I think I i I'm not sure there was historically a another ledges piece of legislation that was so complex that was so so completely not understood by the American people and I suspect the Congress I it's hard for me to believe that any congressman sat down and read the whole bill and if they did read the whole bill it's even harder to believe that they understood it all because it was very complicated but it did make advance it did cover thousands and thousands more millions of people that that needed to be covered and it was done now the Republicans are challenging it then fine they're going to try to have it repealed that won't happen and so that will be done you do have a new law regulating finances again and how to deal with penis now we've been through that and because we relieved the pressure on regulation we got into a lot of trouble but we do have a new law there we do have a new law that helps students who were making loans so they're all of these things happened and nobody even noticed why because the problems are so great and the problems are great people are suffering these problems can be dealt with we've dealt with them before but you're going to have to have collaboration of some kind now the political issue is really in the hands none of the the Democrats Obama there's a lot of things Obama has to do differently I think but Obama is going to make the effort as a matter of fact sometimes I think he's trying too hard to make the effort now he's he's acting a little bit too soft but you're going to have to look to the Republicans they have a choice they can say we're just going to see to it that he doesn't get any big legislation through and because we're looking forward to 2012 which is tomorrow and we want to win tomorrow if they do that then it's interesting I think that will be a mistake for them politically I'd love to hear what what you think governor about it politically or they can take a position no we we have differences with the with Obama but we will do business and we'll compromise you have to compromise on these issues that's the only way you get anything done I lived for 12 years as a governor without ever having a legislature that was all mine you know that agreed with me as a Democrat they were Republicans but we got a lot done Hugh Carey got a lot done with a republican government to help save New York City so it can be done Clinton did and only yesterday Clinton did that you know that was just before George Bush the second George Bush so it it can be done governor women I was just going to say one of the interesting things is I think if you brought up the health care bill and to me that is one of the areas that has fueled people's frustrations in that when you say because I think people were slightly misled when you say you're going to expand coverage to 32 million people which is important and they needed it but say it's not going to cost any more I think American people are saying a wait a minute how does this happen how do you expand a program to include 32 million more and not cost more and now you have small businesses i was in montana recently with a business owner had about 250 employees she said her healthcare costs have gone up 35-percent her employees pay fifteen percent so there's one up thirty one percent and that's where the political rhetoric gets in the way of what's the real policy is and that's why people start to distrust their government that's why they start to say now wait a minute who's lying to me now because I'm not now I had no I don't know who to believe because what I was told on the one hand isn't exactly what's happening I absolutely agree with you that I think it would be a terrible mistake if Republicans just say we're going to say no and I don't think the American people will allow them to do that or if they do do what they're going to be out on their ears in two years I understand what you're saying about people being angry and frustrated and upset and I understand that believe me we're all a little bit angry frustrated and upset by what we've seen as a lack of leadership in our elected officials but there is nobody else but us that can hold them account and I hear a lot of people say I can't do anything on one person they don't listen what difference am I going to make well there are a lot of people that are looking for new jobs now who thought that they could get away with that and and in their their constituencies stood up and said you know what we want something different now they haven't been terribly articulated about what that difference was other than some broad we want to stop the spending and stop the deficit stop the debt and stop the taxes we don't want more taxes they have certainly said that pretty clearly but if you think back to a case where a small group of people or a minority and we're able to influence policy all you have to look at as a Terri Schiavo case I mean that was a case where nobody won I mean on the merits of the case it was it was a terrible thing but the people who felt that disconnecting Terri Schiavo was murder were absolutely focused on communicating that to Congress and they inundated with emails with faxes telephone calls letters everything to the point where Congress acted within four days and it was bipartisan you had Democrats who were pro-choice Democrats who voted for the intervention you had Republicans particularly people who are running for office that year who were up that year who voted for that intervention and the president came back from vacation early in signed the bill the next day depending on which poll you looked at they said between seventy and eighty percent of the american people did not believe whatever they thought of the merits of the case they did not believe that Congress had the authority or the right or should have acted that means twenty to thirty percent of the american people were able to get Congress to act in four days and the president to sign a bill so it comes back you can make a difference we're the only ones who can do it and the angry or we get maybe the better we are at it at pulling up people short and saying we got to change this it we brought the elected officials brought it on themselves but I will also agree with the governor one of the best things about being a governor and you'd go to national governors association meetings you didn't know whether the governor next to you as a Republican or Democrat didn't make any difference you were talking about shared interest you had to get things done for the people and you didn't do healthcare you didn't plow the roads you didn't have a prison system for the Republicans or for the Democrats you had it for the people and you had to make it work let me follow up on that Governor Cuomo and asked if you think there is a democratic or a Republican way to lead as a governor in 2010 is that is you know Democrats many of them look at chris Christie and say whoa he's really getting out there with the Republican agenda in state office I don't know if they're going to look at the incoming governor of New York and say they're on the Democratic side is there a democratic and a Republican way to lead at this time of state fiscal crises and to rebuild confidence in government the thirty percent of the people theoretically are Democrats thirty percent of the people theoretically are Republicans that sixty percent that leads forty percent or in the middle okay who were not declared Democrats or Republicans those forty percent go to vote and a lot of them will vote Republican a lot of them will so what you really have is I think a population of theoretically thirty percent of people who are zealous about their their the rules and regulations of their politics but basically the country is somewhere in the middle I think one of the problems is an ideology people committed two ideologies to rigidly is there a place for is there a place for ideology and policy making political policy making yes but it's not first place first place should go to common sense and benign pragmatism now I say benign pragmatism because what I just say pragmatism with a name like Mario Cuomo people think you're talking about Machiavelli and Machiavelli Machiavelli's bad and active le was really bad the princes he worked for were bad and she was telling them how to do it but so so so so see and and there is there I think that they shouldn't be an all an all-out commitment to a certain bunch of precepts that you think are magical and will work perfectly the the that's why washington i think was smarter than the rest of the founding fathers when he said don't make parties because if you make parties you're starting by dividing them immediately is saying you're going to be a furnace and you're going to be that the heck with that is what we should do is throw all the politics out and look to lincoln for guidance but do not be a look let me just make one point about it because i think this is essential but one of the things we're running into is we need we need more clarity in our language well I said a long time ago at Yale University you can't paint in poetry you govern in prose and the prose is more important than the poetry and that's particularly apt I think with respect to Obama his his poetry was magical and is he's a great great speaker but his prose was not as clear and do and we have to be more clear in our language people don't understand the health care bill and and the governor is absolutely right there are parts of it that even the Democrats if they understood it wouldn't like and that's going to happen and it's a good thing it'll be reviewed and they were believed Republican saying this is bad that's better and it probably will produce a better a better bill in the long run but but Obama has to be clearer on the the pros and he has to tell the United States of America more more more closely to the hard truth what's going on now let's take one subject that nobody talks about it all except you you pointed to it at least tangentially and that is we collaborated all right on the war in Iraq and that was a travesty because Democrats voted for the war by saying that well if if the president thinks we should have this war in Iraq it's all right with me that's a sin it's a sin against the Constitution the Constitution makes it very very clear that war has to be declared by the legislature by the Congress and not by the president that now was standing ever since Vietnam we have had war after war that indulgent people in the Congress who didn't want to make the decision although the Constitution says it's up to them left it to the president the presidents are always eager to you know grab hold leadership etc but it's unconstitutional everybody knows that the Supreme Court knows it well how does the Supreme Court handle it they won't handle it they say it's a political issue it's a political issue what the hell was the case that made Bush president except the political issue how did you how did you cope reach down and effect Florida and the whole election and give it to Bush when it belonged to Gore that was the Supreme Court I'm sure Sandra Day O'Connor wishes she had a rebuttal to that tonight but we have a question I think over here who had their hand up over here sir go ahead you both talk about collaboration so I'd like to ask Governor Cuomo first do you think it's a mistake for the Democrats to choose Pelosi as minority leader in the house given that she has been a fairly divisive person in at least in the in the mindset of various politicians and governor women do you think that Senator McConnell's comments about wanting to gut health care and these senators view that 2012 is a great opportunity for the Republicans especially if they stand pat right now do you think they're the right people be leading the various party they're the two parties as we try to collaborate you're there so nice to I'll go first I'm happy to go first I think that kind of rhetoric is very very unhelpful and it's divisive and it doesn't serve any purpose what they need to do what the American people said in this election is start solving the problems it's about jobs it's about the economy it's about our ability to live to pay our bills to make our rents to be able to move forward when you have somebody who says we're just going to spend the next two years making sure that we get the presidency and you have somebody else who in the history of particularly in getting the health care bill says we have to pass the bill first then you'll know what's in it you have two people that very clearly are not listening I don't believe to the American people and aren't a tune in the way they should be to their roles and responsibilities as elected leadership and I wouldn't be at all surprised I wouldn't mind seeing a change because I haven't I will say though that that the leader I guess Bonner will be the leader in the in the house at least he's been making some moves that I think are very good he said look I'm gonna I'm not not every bill is going to be a leadership bill I'm not going to be the one who's going to round up the votes it's going to be left of the committee chairs and you members if you have a bill you want to get through or you have an amendment you think it's a good idea you don't get Vince the others you don't look to me to crack a whip and get it done the way it's been done over these last few years and I think that's a healthy thing I hope it works out that way but we have to see more of that and right now I'm not sure with either of that the leaders that you mentioned we're going to get the kind of collaborating pneus to collaborate that we're going to need and to get back to your point about how collaboration is has failed us let's put it that way into big instances we wouldn't have a constitution we wouldn't have a declaration of independence we wouldn't have a united states of america if some very principled people hadn't been willing to compromise I mean if you don't think our founding fathers didn't have violent differences up right from the very beginning about whether or not to declare independence from great britain that's we've missed some of our history book and they compromised because they knew there was something bigger and that's why we need to see that happen today because there's something bigger out there and it's about our future of this country and cover Nicola on speaker Pelosi the young the question is should the Democrats appoint her as minority leader that's up to them i think the the the whether or not she I think you refer to her as divisive did you is that I I'm not sure I know what that means she well she polarized by passing a number of bills and the health care bill being the principal one among them she without her leadership it wouldn't have happened now she thinks that's a very good thing so to all the people who voted for it a lot of the people on the outside looking in don't like the bill and that's fine but nobody really understands it nobody really understands it the people I talked to I know Pelosi and I know a lot of the people in the in the house the Democrats and they regard her most of them regard her as one of the best speakers ever in terms of her ability as an insider she's she's another individual who you know poetry and prose she she's not as strong talking to the public as she is talking to her brothers and sisters in the Congress she really isn't a great communicator that way but I think she's proven to be an extremely effective legislator and let me let me get back to something else that point I wanted to make with with Lincoln and language and the simplicity of that issue languages is very very important this argument about big government little governess is so aggravating to hear intelligent people say well the government's too big the too little and they say this government too big and I want you to cut workers ten percent to the states I think Ron Paul said the state should cut their work is ten percent and because the workers in the public area make more money than the work is in private area and really where did you get those numbers and did you judge it by the work that's done I suspect that government has more people that do high skilled work than the private sector does because government doesn't dig ditches they don't have a lot of cheap labor in in government but the private sector does big government little government what are you talking about when you say you're against big government what part of government would you take down would you take the military down oh no god forbid interfere a Republican or old-fashioned Republican know you wouldn't do that but what would you take down every governor that I am aware of in modern history including all the Republicans like Reagan left the biggest government alone like social security and medicare etc when you say big government is bad what are you talking about you say you're the spending is too high terrific it is too high because we have a terrific deficit but what you have to do is define what part of the spending you want to give up where do you want to cut you get nowhere making a case simply in generalities and it's frustrating see the people think in generalities because they're not they're not educated the way our leaders are but our leaders at least should be helping by being specific yeah we want we want cuts where should the cuts be in the deficit there are two deficits there's the immediate deficit you have with the budget and there's the longer term deficit with Social Security and Medicaid Social Security Medicare you can push off and you can do a lot of things Social Security Medicare if you just change one thing in the social security law which is to say it ends now I think at a hundred thousand dollars or so they stopped taking the money away from you if you let CC Sabathia who makes I don't know billion dollars of pitch or what the hell ever get paid if you made him pay Social Security on his entire income is earned income there would be no social security deficit problem it would vanish that those are the numbers so we have to insist on more clarity more common sense better pros from our politician now every guest in this Aspen series on leadership is being asked how do you hope the world will be different because of your work will you each take a minute or two and talk about that Governor Cuomo why the world be better by my work how do you hope the world will be different because of your work by my work well I'm going to need a little bit of help on this but I have given the world the next governor governor whitman huh snow fair my daughter got defeated in her primary for congress so but she'll be back at it and that may be the best i'm seriously i mean i think the one thing you hope you can do by being someone like Governor Cuomo or someone myself who have been a governor and been in a position where you at least have had an opportunity to serve is to encourage other people to get involved and also to raise the issues about which you're passionate and that you care about the most whether it is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to support themselves and their family making sure every child is a good education or ensuring that we preserve the environment for the future generations those are the issues that you can raise up by speaking but it's going to take a lot more than just two people to make sure we change the world but you can hope you can sure can I of course give you a footnote to my getting Siri half serious for a moment be I think maybe one of the things I did that had a real significant impact and a good one and one that could be measured is the first seat belt law in the history of the United States of America which was very very hard to get it was extremely unpopular it's still unpopular with a lot of people believe it or not and but it produced a funny story about Tim Russert Tim Russert worked for me and Tim Russert died much too early as we all know and Tim Russert was there when i passed the seatbelt law i think was 85 and it was for us a very big deal i had been working on it for years and the morning after it passed we were in Buffalo what Tim lived and we had a cavalcade of automobiles and the media car was behind mine I had Tim get in the I said you get in the back I'll sit in the front of this little k car and he says well why you sit in the front I said well they shoot at the back I'm going to get in the front and and what what happened is a there was a big jam up the car behind us hit us I went forward and my hands hit the dashboard I had forgotten to buckle the dance now this is the first day of its of its being active as a law the media jumped out of the car Timmy jumped out of the car because he was my communications guy and the first thing I heard was me to say is the governor ok and Timmy looked at them and said thank God for the seat belt no go see how he never he never lied but he was taught by the Jesuits the Jesuits are political and the Jesuits teach that a lie is the distorting of the truth to someone who has the right not to be deceived Timmy figured these bums do not have the right we had a question over there who had your hand up a man right on the aisle yes right there right there right there I was going to ask you a governor cuomo when you were talking about you know where are they going to cut when are we going to have leaders that talk about the fact that Social Security and Medicare are now more than fifty percent of the budget we're investing all this money in people who are 65 and older as opposed to people who are 18 and younger which are the future of our country that's the type of leader that I want to hear from and I'm wondering if you think we are some time soon going to have that type of leadership in either party well I what what are you asking be done with the seniors and Social Security okay there you said something about right look right now I'll say oh I think that there are numerous proposals from both Democratic and Republican sides for how we can reduce benefits in a meaning a small way like two percent over multiple years or raise the retirement age there are compromises to be had hopefully they'll be had soon and take that additional money and put it into investing in the future of the country so that we can actually compete with China and India and continue to be the greatest country on the earth now the Commission has been appointed as you know by the president and the grey old Republican is is on it too how from Wyoming and and there I'm sure they're going to deal with that and and and here's something about the richest people in our country on an issue that we're not talking about a lot and that's the death tax so-called we have to do something on that because this is a critical year and after this year you know it's going to be a killer that tax the the richest people the richest people in America showed up at the hearing in the Senate and the spokesperson for them was mr. gates now I've had the great privilege of meeting him and this is the dad I met the whole family I did a speech for him out in Washington because he he gave 30 million dollars to his law school and they were announcing that the that whole situation now and he said this he had Buffett with him and other billionaires and millionaires and he said it's an outrage to suggest that this wealth not be taxed and taxed a lot the theory that says we earned this money you know and we pay taxes on it already and we shouldn't have to pay taxes on it we can leave it all to our heirs he says that's in a cerda t we without the United States of America without its army without its laws you know we would not be these super wealthy people now I think there's a lot of that you've heard Buffett recently say things like that people say it's a class warfare the poor against the rich and he says it is and the rich of winning you know and so I think it's entirely possible to to say about Social Security and Medicare see Medicare I'm confused about how it happened that the Medicaid was before for poor people and Medicare was you didn't have to be poor he's just had to be old to get Medicare you didn't even have to be sick to get Medicare you got it because you were 65 years old or whatever and I I can see the the Congress both houses at both the Democrats and Republicans agreeing look we have to do something about that we can't afford that kind of generosity now when they pass the Medicare bill they didn't want to have to argue about where to cut off and who qualifies and who doesn't say so so the hell whether everybody who gets to be old whether they need it or not we'll get these benefits because I suspect something up there will be done and that the richest people in this country will not object to it they will probably supported I think also you're saying where are the leaders where are people are going to talk about this we do the bipartisan Commission it's going to be interesting to see how people react to it but even Rand Paul who the governor referred to I heard him on Sunday saying look we gotta look at social security there are things we can do with social security we have to look at the military and that's a Republican saying we've got to look at the military and he comes from a branch of the party that's a little different than where i find myself most of the time but those are the kinds of things that we want to hear from leaders that we've got to put everything on the table we are in a position now and with our deficit and with our spending with our tax structure that we have to look at everything if we're going to get this under control clear that I'm sorry were you doing I was just going to say that so you're hearing that now from some of the leaders whether they follow through on that that's something else and we have to keep the pressure on them to make sure they do but they're saying it anyway a follow-up question Governor Cuomo in New York State a small business owner who makes $250,000 pays the same state income tax as CC Sabathia and yet the governor-elect just yesterday was saying that he will not consider new taxes or changes in the tax structure at the upper level to deal with the fiscal crisis in New York City do you have a problem at home the the I want to be clear on what you're saying that his position as I understand it is he will not raise taxes on the rich people or anybody else and i think that's that's a proper position at the moment the taxes are another subject that needs explanation people some people some politicians have gotten away with the notion that if you raised raising taxes is always a bad idea and it's usually a bad idea by democrats in charge here's some history and it's going to be very relevant because we haven't discussed it tonight but they're going to be discussing a lot what you do with the bush tax cuts before the end of the year and we're getting very close to the end of the year and the bush tax cuts of course four trillion dollars involved in those tax cuts and and how do you handle that well reagan and george bush okay george bush won reagan was known as the great tax cutter and it my years as governor part of them were his years as president and i got to know him very well for in a whole lot of ways and he gave the biggest tax cut in history he dragged us down to twenty-eight percent i think was the the top under him and his argument was supply-side George Bush had run against him in the primaries and said supply side is voodoo economics but he married the witch doctor and became vice president so you got Reagan and Bush Reagan gave that big tax cut and then discovered that the deficit was terrible and raised taxes six times after that so that the total of his raises in taxes was equal to the tax cut and nobody seems to remember that George Bush was his vice president had decided during the vice presidency to read my lips no new taxes if I become governor president no new taxes and Reagan told him you're wrong you're going to have to do it and he had to do it and he raised taxes almost a billion dollars and brought it from 28 back to 32 then comes Clinton Clinton now promises Jesse Jackson and me in a march on Washington that if I win we're going to do 200 billion dollars in infrastructure great job we needed the governor's all need infrastructure all the time and but Bob Rubin calls in about the ninth month and says the president can't do that he'll do a little bit of infrastructure but he's got to do another tax increase like the one that Reagan and Bush did before him and that's how he mounted up balancing the budget eventually okay because this goes reigned in Albany ya know so well no the point is this to say that tax increases are always bad is foolish Republicans have proven that there is a time for tax increases this is not the time for tax increases this is the time for stimulating the economy this is the time for taking whatever wealth you can and get it into creating jobs and now we should all keep our fingers crossed that Bernanke knows what he's doing when he spends eight hundred billion dollars buying bonds from the government and turning that you know creating new dollar bills in fact because we desperately need the stimulation I hope it works a lot of people think it won't but 800 billion dollars is being pushed into the and to say now that you're going to leave the tax cuts that Bush gave and remember when Bush past those tax cuts if he thought that they should they were permanent things that were good for this country why did he put a limitation on it because he knew that you know that helped him get it passed at the time was well it's not forever it's only for this period of years and let's face it when you get to it nobody will have the guts to undo it but it's like but I thought by your logic in effect a tax increase today in today's to let it rise back up for that well it is because that's what Bush gave us yes Bush gaves us a tax that dies this year and it dies and you let it die so you if you're going to tell me I'm responsible for letting it die yeah then then I'm responsible but if you want to be truly accurate the guy who passed it is responsible for letting it die this year cover living obviously I have a slightly different opinion on the relative benefits of tax increases in tax cuts and one of the things that we have to remember while there is i agree with you there's with the governor and saying there is a time for them i do agree that this would be the absolute worst time to raise taxes because of the need to stimulate the economy when when i became governor one of the things i ran on was cutting the income tax thirty percent over five years and started retro actively in my first inaugural address too five percent we saw because my predecessor had raised taxes on everything I mean literally down to toilet paper which had what really infuriated people and over the four years we had lost that he'd been governor we lost 350,000 jobs because we were not competitive from the tax structure point of view that was the reality it took seven years but by the time I left with the tax cuts we had four hundred and fifty thousand new jobs created I didn't create them private sector created them government government can create jobs but not the long lasting ones that that people are looking for to support their families and where you get into a problem with the increase in in the public sector jobs because most of our budgets at least I know in New Jersey and I probably true in New York you only have about seventeen percent that's discretionary the rest is all formula driven it's all the benefits it's a contract it's a health care and those are the things that are going to be the ones that we leave for our children and our grandchildren to pay because they become enormously expensive so it is important to watch how government grows and I always looked on tax cuts as a way for me to say to the legislature we can't spend this money on that program gang we don't have it anymore we're not going to have it but also to send a message to the private sector that we wanted them here we were going to be competitive without putting ourselves in a position where we couldn't afford anything and and we left with a balanced budget and a billion dollar surplus we're almost out of time I asked you the aspen softball question before about how you think your work left the world a better place do either of you look back and think there was anything you did as governor's that inadvertently helped set the stage for today's fiscal crises for example critics in both states say too much borrowing was a failing of both states going way back to defer costs with the benefit of hindsight is there anything like that that you would identify go to Whitman you know it's it's hard because I get blamed a lot for the borrowing because one of the things I did very early on was bring onto the books debt that was being carried off the books and I just thought we ought to look at it as being dead is dead so that was the debt we borrowed I believe appropriately we borrowed for capital programs not for operating my successor did that he borrowed for operating costs and got taken to court and it was deemed unconstitutional because that's not what you borrow for but borrowing if it is for a program i don't see why today's taxpayers should have to bear the full burden of building a bridge or fixing a road that is going to be enjoyed done right for generations to come you can't afford to spread that over time and that's an appropriate way to use it so I'm not sure I would say that that was the the big I mean it is a big problem there's no question that the borrowing is a big problem but a lot of that has occurred I like to think that I wasn't the one who did it all Governor Cuomo same question for New York and you it's a very elusive question for me I'll need more time to study at I think it's politics more broken in new york and new jersey than it is in other states we always hear about these surveys that come out and say New York is the most dysfunctional state in the nation in Albany and things like that governor briefly very hard for me to comment on all the other states you know I really don't know New York New York is New York and so everything that happens here is larger than you know it happens elsewhere and we just get more publicity than the rest of the the rest of the world I think frankly right now for the last couple of you years it's been worse than at any time in my history and that's very long indeed i came in in 1975 so just measured against ourselves in our own history where this is the worst period i can think of and i think frankly the job at the next governor is going to be the hardest governor's job in the i can't imagine not even during the Depression the governor having a more difficult job in hand was going to have trying to deal first with a budget that's I think nine billion dollars out of whack or something like that but yet very bad and maybe the worst ever for New York i'm not going to compare it though to jersey and a witness that well we get the budgets done on time so that's a good thing that would make New Jersey a little bit more functional and actually in fact this governor if you notice he has a Democrat Democrats control both houses of the legislature and yet he's gotten a lot of things done with them so i would have to say that I think we're getting to be in a pretty good place in the state of New Jersey that can all fall apart in a heartbeat it's easy for it to happen but right now they seem to be working together he's got a good working relationship with the Democrat leadership and that's enabled him to get some things done that might not have happened otherwise and Governor Cuomo I just want to give you the opportunity to tell us are you proud one week after the election of your son uh you know that's that's a that's the toughest question of the night for me be personable I Iowa my comfort I won't speak for Matilda but there where I'm not comfortable but you're proud I think I think we're grateful you know you have to be grateful for the good luck of having a good strong family and the gifts that and who has or all a matter of good luck they're all from source that goes way beyond us and we we admire what he's done a great deal because of the way he's using those gifts he is spectacularly gifted i mean i can say that as his father I know door he is he really is but and he could have he could have gone and got and made himself wealthy and that wouldn't have been hard for him he knows how tough the problems are going to be and still he wants to do it so you've got to admire that I think frankly without being cornball about it given that we have in our marriage for immigrants for immigrant parents who came here from another part of the world without any skills without any money without any friends and one was a labor of my father and the other was a carpenter Matilda's father and to think that in one generation they produced a governor and then in a second generation that produced another governor you got to say only in America and so if there's anything to be proud of its proud of this country and allowing this kind of thing to have well you so on that note please thank Governor Cuomo and you

Politician Wants Arrests After Gays Marry: Jan 26 MNW

there's a big fight underway in Alabama with the judge overturning the state's marriage ban and state officials refusing to issue licenses anti-gay politicians are threatening to ban all marriage licenses if the supreme court rules in favor of equality and one lawmaker even wants to send clerks to jail if they issue licenses to anyone gay or straight for the American Foundation for equal rights i'm matt baume and welcome to marriage news watch for january 26 2015 late on friday a federal judge in alabama ruled that the state's marriage ban is unconstitutional and the state must begin issuing licenses right away attorney general Luther Strange didn't care for that at all and has asked for an indefinite stay meanwhile a State Association of judges has advised their members that they can just disregard the ruling this is almost certainly dead wrong and I'll talk about why in just a minute but as of this week gay and lesbian couples are attempting to obtain marriage licenses in Alabama so expect a tense standoff to play out over the next few days it's worth pointing out that last week President Obama made history by endorsing marriage equality in the State of the Union saying that gay and lesbian couples getting married represents quote America at its best the last time anyone talked about marriage equality in a state of the union was george w bush calling for a federal constitutional ban so this is a little better it makes good political sense to endorse marriage equality right now because a new survey from Zogby shows that by five percentage points voters are now less likely to vote for a candidate who opposes the Freedom to Marry this puts some anti-equality Republicans in a tough spot they can either admit that they were wrong and come out for marriage or they can just double down and get even more anti-gay and that's what Mike Huckabee did last week the former Arkansas governor said that if the supreme court rules in favor of equality states don't have to obey the decision and could still refuse to issue licenses obviously that's not true at all thanks to a little-known document called the US Constitution maybe Huckabee has just never read as far as article six which says quote the laws of the United States shall be the supreme law of the land and judges in every state shall be bound thereby in fact Huckabee's argument is identical to the one used in 1957 by another Arkansas governor orval faubus he said that the state did have to abide by the school desegregation ordered in brown v board of education and President Eisenhower had to send National Guard troops to force him to comply so Huckabee is in great company here in fact in 1958 governor Faubus closed all Little Rock high schools for a year for black and white students so they wouldn't have to be integrated and now that's exactly the same strategy that anti-gay officials are pursuing with marriage in Florida several counties have cancelled all courthouse weddings for all couples gay and straight a South Carolina bill would revoke the salary of any government employee who allows a gay and lesbian couple to marry and a crazy proposal by representative Ted Ross in Oklahoma would prohibit state officials from issuing marriage licenses all together under his proposal state officials who issue a marriage license to any couple gay or straight would go to jail for up to a year obviously judge is refusing to obey federal rulings and ludacris bills like Oklahoma's will never pass constitutional muster but they don't have to they're not supposed to pass their only purpose is to intimidate to let us know that we're not welcome Huckabee and Ross and officials like them are on the same page as segregationists like or will foul this and that's how history will remember them all by the way if a bus ran for governor again 30 years later but he was defeated by a troublemaking kid named Bill Clinton I'll be keeping a close eye on Alabama and the intimidation campaigns underway in multiple states subscribe here on YouTube to stay up to date and for the American Foundation for equal rights I'm Matt Baume thanks for watching we'll see you next week