How Jay Leno Changed the Politics of Late Night

when I started hosting marijuana was illegal and you can smoke cigarettes any place you wanted I believe he did the greatest monologue ever and I think it was because of his political sensibility and the worst thing about losing this job I'm no longer cover NBC I'd have to sign up for Obamacare after 22 years as the host of The Tonight Show Jay Leno said goodbye to late night though he was no favorite of TV critics Leno held the top ratings spot for over two decades after succeeding the legendary Johnny Carson recent TV sat down with longtime Leno producer Dave Berg author of the book behind the curtain an insider's look at Jay Leno's Tonight Show to discuss lenez legacy of elevating politics and late-night talk Johnny Carson who of course is a legend the greatest there ever was he set the bar very high for all of us however Johnnie emphasized entertainers on his show I'm not saying he didn't have politico's from time to time he did but the emphasis was on entertainers well the strategy that we used to kind of expand and maybe get better ratings was to move beyond entertainers and I think that this is what distinguished Jay not only in the guests that he chose I mean basically we had every major presidential candidate from 1996 on but also in his monologue which he expanded it from Johnnie's with seven minutes and Jay expanded his to 14 minutes and added a lot of political humor he set the pace I believe he did the greatest monologue ever and I think it was because of his political Sensibility you talked about having presidential candidates the you guys were actually the first to get a sitting president when you had President Obama on can you talk a little bit about the story of how that happened five years before he became president I was watching him speak at the Democratic convention in Boston and that was in 2004 Kerry was the the Democratic candidate that year and and I had never heard of this unknown political Illinois and I thought oh my gosh this guy is the best speak I have seen since Ronald Reagan I'm not talking politics here I'm just talking about the ability to communicate and I was very impressed and the next day I started calling on his people to express an interest in getting him on the show now we did finally land him on the show as as an author the the audacity of hope' when he was a presidential candidate so when he did finally agree to appear as a president he had already been on he had already had a trust yet and it kind of a chemistry with Jay but nevertheless when he decided to appear on the show on his 59th day in office that was amazing because no other president had ever appeared on a late-night show it was actually considered unpresidential that was a huge moment and you know looking back at that why do you think it took so long for that to happen I mean do you think that politicians are kind of afraid of going on platforms like that because they're afraid of being made fun of I do and as I always told the political people actually we're much easier I'm not saying Jay didn't ask tough questions he did he certainly did but we weren't Meet the Press and Jays attitude about guests is he believed that that it was a family environment at the Tonight Show and and he actually acted as though guests were like guests in his house so he always said I'm not going to throw you a curve ball you don't have to worry I'm I will ask you a tough question I'll ask you this I'll ask you that but he never never asked gotcha questions so we were actually easier than Meet the Press it never seemed like he was really accepted among you know the comedic elite and here he is now he's going to get the Mark Twain humor award at the Kennedy Center this fall what do you think is so misunderstood about his success I think that the critics the Television Critics basically early on starting when Jay took over from Johnny Carson early on they said this guy doesn't have the chops he doesn't have what Johnny Carson has and by the way he's not cut from the same fabric as David Letterman it is so much more edgy and they are the ones that basically set the tone for for how J was perceived among if I may use the word among elitist not among the folks who live in the flyover States those wonderful flyover States but among the elitist who felt that J's humor was much too milquetoast actually I think J's approach was was exactly what it should be what you want to do is you want to tell jokes that appeal to a broad band of viewers we weren't narrowcasting we were trying to reach a wide group of people and I think J did that very successfully and I think the Mark Twain award is justification finally J gets the credit that he deserves and a lot of people you know would always try to tie a political label to him but you know because we have more of a libertarian audience do you think kind of that independent streak that he was more working-class he worked really hard I know you talked a lot about his work ethic in the book do you think that kind of came through the fact that he was just a little bit more independent and that's maybe why he broke through to such a larger audience I definitely do and again I think you could see it in his monologue jokes I think that resonated with people I really do the fact is in the last you know two three years none of the other late night hosts were doing Obama jokes well Jay felt well J happens to like President Obama but his feeling was you got to go after who's ever in power and he alone was doing jokes about Obama for a long time finally when Obamacare you know became the disaster that it was at least for a while the other host started following soon do you think that his willingness cuz I see it now with Kimmel yeah and a little bit with Fallon and Letterman they've kind of followed suit but do you think that that is kind of one of his main legacies as far as you know being an equal opportunity offender oh my gosh yes I mean I really think that distinguishes him and and yes if I understand your question properly there doesn't seem to be a healthy skepticism of those in power and that concerns me because late night is so influential especially among younger people I think yeah and you know there's also kind of this I guess you can call it a PC movement going on where you've seen a lot of comedians lately having to you know apologize for jokes do you how do you think that affects the material right or did it really come into play when he was crafting his monologue that was a big problem and I have to say that among the the comedy writers and comedians whether they were liberal a conservative they hate PC they do not like political correctness because that restricts them in their job and that was very damaging and it hurt a lot of jokes we had to sort of water down some of the jokes everybody did and and I think everyone suffers as a result you're you're missing SATA you're missing good satire when you look at who's out there now you have Kimmel you have Letterman as stepping down you have Colbert coming in now and now you have Jimmy Fallon who do you see kind of emerging as as that standard bearer of being the top dog I actually am a Jimmy Fallon guy and I like Jimmy Kimmel they're both really good I watched them both but Jimmy Fallon when he took over for Jay honestly I did not want to like him I didn't like the fact that Jay was you know being let go when he was doing so well but when I started watching a Fallon on a regular basis he won me over and I like him because he continues with that really positive upbeat attitude that that Jay represented and he has brought kind of a new perspective he has redefined late-night on his own terms now it's about comedy bits it's about performance the guests get involved they want to get involved Jimmy gets involved because he's so talented and he has done very well I would go so far as to call him the king of late-night he's going to be the guy to be that's my feeling

How to be a Professional Politician

hi I'm Dick rauscher I'm going to be talking today a little bit about mastering the skills to become a professional politician I kind of had fun writing this one because I've moved into irony a little bit I've thought it might be fun to play with a little more ironic point of view in terms of politicians etc scale number one in the article for example is learn how to speak in sound bites of six to eight words nobody really likes all the details because they get boring so keep it really really simple skill number two is for example learn how to court only wealthy donors scale number three for example is learn how to help the one percent and the multinational corporations that are doing all the greedy exploitation of our planet help them to distance from the results of all of their greed and their control good mornings going if you click on one of the buttons below it will take it to the article if you click on the other button it will take it to the signup page for the Stony Hill nugget newsletter just as an aside we're taking we're doing this video right now on the hike at Fall River it's the Fall River Campground hike along the river that comes out of a spring off up to upstream we're going to walk up there and take a look at it this is a beautiful hike you want to see a little bit more about it go to RV travels dotnet we're going to do a kind of a video coverage of this hike it's really pretty don't miss it you're ever in this area this is a good one okay we'll see you down the road have a good week you

LeDuff's nominee for America's worst politician

I've traveled a lot of miles recently in this great country of ours and I've met a lot of politicians some good some not so good their poor condo and la oficina de senator Shelby you can't answer no you're gonna work for us but in my mind the absolute worst politician in North America one who's not in prison going to prison or is in rehab exists right here in Detroit City Wayne County Michigan his name's Bob Ficano he's running for re-election and he works right in there hey Bob you know what time it is it's late thirty you're running you didn't tell me why don't you want to we'll set up an appointment Detroit is the capital of Wayne County where Bob Ficano is the head honcho and Bob's in a lot of trouble he's at the center of a full-blown FBI corruption probe and a grand jury investigation of his abandoned jail project that will cost the taxpayers nearly 400 million dollars the one who Detroit's bankrupt then there's his crumbling racetrack that cost the taxpayer tens of millions and the overpriced skyscraper where Bob's pals got paid nearly three times its appraised value I'm sure you've got problems in your neck of the woods but sheesh how low does it go this low – Oh Bob senior lieutenants are heading to prison for stealing one of them spent $10,000 of the public's money on hair plugs and look they didn't even work despite all this bob is running for reelection so the jail 400 million wasted two of your underlings and going to federal prison a words budget in the City of the Trix can't you answer the question Bob's running in politicians on both side of 8 Mile Road both Democrat and Republican think it's a joke this is the prosecutor of Wayne County you know Detroit Wayne County and there's a politician she thinks is the worst in America and his name is Africa someone said the medic I was on a radio show and local radio show here and someone said or the interviewers said if you're Bob you know what would you do as I go home I did close the garage door leave the engine running and have a good bottle of wine and everybody thought I was serious I had in him back out of that story he's a very good friend to rapists murderers robbers and child molesters you need to fund the mandated services first and then you can fund the things that you want to fund either to make yourself look good or your pet programs Bob Ficano is a in the blank yeah I am has so many things you can say pacano is he's gonna be looking work looking for working like here and can your politicians beat this five doled out big pensions and sweetheart severance checks to his cronies while cutting the budgets of Public Safety allowing rapists to walk around the streets he also cut meals on wheels allowing old people to walk around hungry the broccolis Brown are we really saving money Bob see Bob why don't we just feed him cat food it's only fifty cents a can at the store retail full of animal by-products and truly not bad they're probably fair Nana I don't expect any media bullying okay but everything in this county is garlotte enough of the media bullying stop with the media bullying charlie you're bullying me but yes stop the media bullying now I know what it's like to be bullied Bob ones tried to get me fired he even once tried to ban our cameras from County property that's public property still shots only me ecology sake yeah please no media bullying now I don't want to be known as the guy who bullied the poor little political boss of the Detroit Democratic machine Bob so I did some checking media bullying madam prosecutor have you heard of is this a long media I've never heard of that I've never heard of that even though I may not like it I'm a public figure and a reporter wants to come I'm asking a question they can do that hey Bob good morning so I did some checking with the prosecutor and there's no such thing as media bullying Charlie you're a media bully right now I'm asking you politely but please public figure public street so listen you haven't – two days ago set an appointment okay I'm gonna give you 15 seconds uninterrupted pitch me come live in Bob Ficano Swain County and Charlie Charlie I'm asking you politely not to be a bully and the police set up an appointment that's not real 15 seconds pitch me come live in Wayne County Charlie I'm asking you politely I'm asking you polite I'm just on the street here please not bother me and set up an appointment and stop being a bully what's good about Bob Ficano Swain County Charlie you're being a bully action in Detroit for the Americans pitches are you the worst politician in America Charlie ladakh send me your suggestions if you have them right here worst politician in America of America's you

Politics in the Animal Kingdom: Single Transferable Vote

Dronning Løve leder efter en måde at gøre valgene i hendes dyrerige mere fair. I øjeblikket deler hun sine borgere ind i områder, som hver vælger én repræsentant der kommer til at sidde i junglerådet, som laver lovene i kongeriget. Men hendes borgere er ikke tilfredse, og der er let nok at se hvorfor: Rådet er fyldt med aber. Selvfølgelig er nogle af hendes borgere aber, men ikke dem alle. Dette råd repræsenterer ikke hendes kongerige retfærdigt. Dronning Løve besøger en af hendes områder for at finde ud af hvad der er galt og hvordan hun fixer det. I dette område er der fem aber, fire tigere, tre ugler, to losser og en bøffel. En af hver stiller op som repræsentant og alle borgerer stemmer på deres egen art. I følge valgreglerne vinder den kandidat med flest stemmer, hvilet er aben. Men det er et temmelig utilfredsstillende resultat, siden 2/3 af borgerne ikke er aber og ikke vil stemme på aber. Det er det samme over hele riget, fordi aberne har flere stemmer end nogen af de andre, så de vinder alle valgene selvom de egentlig er en minoritet sammenlignet med resten af befolkningen. Ved nærmere undersøgelse viser det sig også at de upartiske rådgivere hyret til at tegne grænserne imellem områderne ikke var helt så upartiske som de så ud. Resultatet er utilfredse borgere som ikke stoler på jungle-rådet til at lave fair love for alle. Nu vil Dronning Løve maximere det antal borgere der er tilfredse med valgresultaterne. En måde er at fjerne alle grænser og bruge et propotionelt system… men hendes borgere vil have lokal representation. Så Dronning Løve har brug for et system der både gør hendes borger mere tilfredse ved at have et råd der repræsentere alle bedre, men stadig har lokale valg. Efter en smule efterforskning finder hun ud af hvordan. "Single Transferable Vote" (Enkel Overførbar Stemme) Den store forandring med STV er at områderne sender mere end en repræsentant, hvilket kan virke sært, men Dronning Løve vælger at teste det: Hun tager tre områder som plejede at sende en enkelt repræsentant hver og kombinere dem til ét stort område, der sender tre. På valgdagen går borgerne til stemmeboksen og resultaterne i det nye område er det samme som i de gamle områder: 34% på Abe, 33% på Ugle og 33% på Los. Men dette er ikke "Flest stemmer vinder." Med STV for at finde vinderne, tag det totale antal stemmer og divider det med antallet af repræsentanter vi skal bruge, i dette tilfælde 3 hvilket giver 33% som det antal stemmer en kandidat skal bruge for at vinde. Så *alle tre* kandidater får en plads i rådet, hvilket repræsentere borgerne bedst muligt i området. Hvor imod under det gamle system hvor hvert område ville have sendt en abe, mens 2/3 af befolkningen står uden repræsentation. Et større område med flere repræsentanter lader området være mere proportionalt. I denne test virker det, men det er også så simpelt som overhoved muligt. Nu vil Dronning Løve se hvad der sker, når ikke alle vinder. Det næste store område hun tester har fem kandidater der stiller op: Gorilla, Spøgelsesabe, Abe, Tiger og Los. Tre af disse kan blive repræsentanter. Valgdagen kommer og går, og her er resultaterne af borgernes første valg. Spøgelsesabe får 5%, Gorilla får 28%, Abe får 33%, Tiger får 21% og Los får 13%. Som før, skal en kandidat bruge 33% for at vinde. Det har Abe, og bliver derfor valgt som en af de tre repræsentanter. Men ingen af de andre når 33% så hvordan bliver de to andre repræsentanter valgt? Trin 1: Eliminer den største taber. Undskyld Spøgelsesabe, men du havde aldrig rigtig en chance. Da borgerne stemte, kunne de have sat et kryds ved den kandidat de bedst kunne lide, men med STV kan de også rangere deres favorit kandidater. Dette er vigtigt fordi der viser hvordan valget ville være faldet ud, hvis en af kandidaterne ikke havde stillet op. Små, bekymrede spøgelsesaber ville have stemt på den store, rolige gorilla hvis ikke Spøgelsesabe havde stillet op. Så hvis deres kandidat ikke kan vinde, vil de hellere lade deres stemme gå til Gorilla. Dette giver Gorilla de 33% han skal bruge for at blive den næste repræsentant. Rangering lader borgerne bakke op om deres ynglings kandidater uden bekymring. Der er ingen grund til at ligge strategier om hvordan alle andre stemmer. Systemet maksimerer tilfredshed blandt dem der stemmer. Tilbage til området. Der er stadig en repræsentant at vælge. Den næste største taber er Los. Hans stemmer kan ikke lide primater af nogen art, men de syns at Tigers interesser ligner deres så hvis Los ikke kan vinde vil de have ham til at have deres stemmer. Tiger når de 33% og bliver den tredie og sidste repræsentant. Det endelige resultat ser temmelig godt ud. Specielt når man tænker på at borgernes første og andet valg. Nu har flere borgere lokal repræsentant de er komfortable med at stemme på, i modsætning til det gamle system hvor alle får en abe. Til sidst vil Dronning Løve vide hvad der sker i et område med kun to politiske partier. Under "Flest stemmer vinder" systemer, vil flere kandidater fra samme parti være en katastrofe. De ville dele deres vælger imellem sig og dermed give sejren til deres modstander. Dronning Løve laver et sidste stort test område med 2/3 tigere og 1/3 gorillaer, der som før skal bruge tre repræsentanter. Fordi borgerne rangerer deres kandidater, med STV, kan der være mere end én kandidat fra samme parti på samme tid uden problemer. Tigerne stiller op med to kandidater, det samme gør gorillaerne. hvid tiger vinder den første repræsentant, men hvad sker der så? hvid tiger ser ud til at blive den største taber, det er også åbenlyst at han ville have fået flere stemmer hvis Hvid Tiger ikke havde stillet op. Hvis en kandidat har flere stemmer end de har brug for, som Hvid Tiger har er det første trin, at give de ekstra stemmer til deres andet valg. Dette får Tiger op på 33% og han bliver den næste repræsentant. Hvis det virker underligt, så er der to ting at overveje: Hvis de ekstra stemmer blev ignoreret, og Tiger elimineret, så ville gorillaerne få de sidste to pladser, hvilket ikke ville repræsenterer området. 2) det at ignorerer de ekstra stemmer, straffer de borgerer som bakker op om populære kandidater. hvilket tvinger borgerne til at tænke over hvordan alle andre vil stemme, snarer end hvad de selv gerne vil have. Hvis en kandidat får flere stemmer end de egentlig skal bruge, så betyder det også at dem der stemte på ham er en stor sektion af befolkningen, og som derfor bør få mere representation. Efter at de ekstra stemmer går til Tiger fortsætter valget som før. Sølv Ryg kommer på sidste pladsen, bliver elimineret og hans stemmer går til den yngre kandidat så Gorilla bliver valgt. Og resultatet ser retfærdigt ud. Dronning Løve har set STV virke. Uanset om et område har ét parti eller mange partier, er processen den samme. Først rangerer borgerne deres favorit kandidater. Derefter vinder alle kandidater der ligger over grænsen. Derefter går de ekstra stemmer til deres andet valg. Hvis der ikke er nogen der vinder, bliver sidste pladsen elimineret og deres stemmer gå til deres andet valg. Bliv ved indtil alle vindere er fundet. Hele processen er designet til at maximere det antal borgerer som er glade for Resultatet. Og det giver STV mange fordele over den gamle "Flest stemmer vinder" system. Borgerne kan ærligt stemme på deres favoritter uden at bekymre sig om hvad alle andre stemmer på. Det er mere proterpionalt så det lege med grænserne betyder mindre. Og næsten alle borgere vil have lokal representation som de faktisk har stemt på. Til sidst belsutter Dronning Løver sig til at skifter rådets valg til "Single Transfereble Vote" for at gøre Jungle-rådet bedre for alle.

10 Insane Politicians You Won't Believe Exist

hello everyone and welcome back to top 10 trends today we're going to take a look at the political arena the Democratic battlegrounds there are some politicians who go above and beyond for their voting base these are not these politicians these politicians go above and beyond in other ways much more crazy ways we're going to investigate 10 of the most insane political figures we could find starting us off at number 10 vermin supreme now vermin supreme is obviously a joke candidate I'm pretty sure he knows it's a joke he's a satirical candidate in this existence I'm happy to know that we live in a world where people can satirically run for president that is truly an open and free society permit supreme likes to wear a boot on his head and he has absolutely absurd campaign promises he wants to increase funding for a time travel he would like to pass a law to require all US citizens to brush their teeth to fight scurvy and he wants to give everyone in America a free pony he's an internet favorite and he has no chance in hell of being elected to anything this Boston born artist has been involved in the political process since 1988 running for offices like mayor of Baltimore and president of the United States vermin supreme is truly a hero and honestly he probably should get more votes at least a governorship number 9 james Traficant Proficient i don't know how to say it James Trevis ins is a lot less like vermin supreme he's more traditionally insane as a politician something you'd expect he's very corrupt and incredibly ridiculous he was an Ohio congressman his website prominently featured a picture of him swinging a huge 2×4 and he would often end his speeches with beam me up he was sent to prison for seven years for taking campaign money for personal use then while in prison he still tried to run for office now he's a full-fledged conspiracy theorist he claims that he has facts about 9/11 the JFK assassination Waco all of the standard stuff and he thinks that he knows things that the government doesn't want you to know probably more than that he just wants a lot of attention considering he's a political candidate and he no longer runs and politics this guy's pretty insane I gotta be honest but we still got eight more to go and you're gonna definitely love one the guys on this list number 8 Mike Gravel now – Mike gravels credit he's had some good ideas he was an Alaskan senator and he was a huge opponent of the draft during the Vietnam War and he helped expose the corruption in the government during those times and that's a really good thing that doesn't mean he's not insane though after leaving politics for a couple decades greville returned as a serious dark horse candidate in the 2008 presidential election that's like not doing your job for 20 years ago being back as the boss he released bizarre surreal campaign videos and where he would throw a huge rock into a lake or he just you just be staring into a fire – the whole video it's bizarre these videos are completely insane it's like it's like he lost his mind it's like what happened to neat you were just stopped working correctly that's pretty much what happened to Mike Gravel number 7 Neil Horsley Neil Horsley mounted an absolutely insane campaign for the governorship of Georgia he promised to secede the state from the Union if he was elected thinking that people would vote for that I'm sure some people did because that's a great idea he was asked a question about what he would do if his son who was a sergeant in the Army at the time was sent in to prevent the secession and hoarsely said that he killed his own son in order to keep the secession going I think he's going to kill his own son for this fictional secession that couldn't possibly happen uh he also admitted on fox news that he practiced bestiality as a kid which is pretty hilarious and that he was arrested for protesting outside elton john's house with a sign that said elton john must die this guy sounds like a real tolerable fellow I bet he changes his mind a lot not because he's weak but because he facilitates new ideas constantly definitely doesn't get set in stone like a giant idiot number six Larry Kilgore Larry Kilgore wanted to run for office in Texas as a senator no less but Larry Kilgore didn't know when to stop Kilgore's primary platform during his 2008 election run was nothing less than making the entire state secede from the United States what is it with these guys that want to secede from the United States do you really think that's a good idea you can stand off on your own against our army because if you're leaving with our resources the United States is going to fight back really hard also your military can't fight for you because it's not your military it's our military you'd have to have your own independent military beforehand at the Texas military anyway in addition to a new independent Texas women who have abortions will be executed and all public schools would be closed down that's a really good idea dude no seriously I I will vote for this guy in a heartbeat that'd be great let Texas fall into the Gulf of Mexico just like Florida look there you go problem solved number five Jim Bunning Jim Bunning was a major league baseball player who turned into a politician but that's not terribly unique actually a lot of actors and former athletes have turned into politicians even professional wrestlers have turned into politicians so you know there's no limits to what you can do in this country if people just like your face during his 2004 campaign however he definitely started to go off the beaten trail at one point he agreed to do a televised debate against his opponents but refused to meet him in person and demanded to use a teleprompter for a debate I don't understand how you can use a teleprompter for a debate aren't you supposed to come up with points as you're asked them you know to have your because you have your idea set in stone because you're a human being with a brain and not a robot he also claimed that his opponents paid people to beat up his wife at a picnic then he started to write about aliens which he believed were following him around and stalking him and that's when he decided he should probably pull out of politics there's no way he's ever gonna get elected to anything I don't understand how these people can get so far that they get to be an actual potential candidate for office and then you realize oh this guy thinks he's being abducted by aliens and his opponent is having people beat up his wife how do you get that far before someone's like now you should you should probably not do this but you stick to your day job number four Jonathan the Impaler Sharky several time presidential candidates Jonathan and Sharky has tried to run for president on numerous times representing the vampires witches and pagans party and he's been running since 2004 Sharky's platform is incredibly tough on crime he believes that there should not be a prison system it should be completely abolished and crooks should be tortured and impaled no matter the crime but he also supports protecting the environment because it praises the goddess Hecate great wonderful yeah separation of church and state this guy who's not serious I'm not gonna take this seriously also he believes he's a vampire who drinks the blood of his girlfriend's a few times a week who in addition to trying to run for president he is also unsuccessfully put in a bid for the governorship of Michigan I'm not surprised he's from Michigan are you you know I was also thinking Florida it could have been either Michigan or Florida total toss-up but something about vampire said Michigan more than Florida if he thought it was like like a crazy wise old sage from the eastern islands or something like that that would have been Florida but vampire and and kind of seems like I don't know a Michigan thing to me that's a Michigan loser not a Florida an average citizen number three Rob Ford all right Rob Ford is fantastic and rest in peace Rob Ford he died at the young age of 46 Rob Ford you've probably heard of him he was the mayor of Toronto who gained international notoriety after he admitted to smoking crack while he was in office he died not of crack but of cancer which is much sadder Ford was adored and scorned by many who pointed to his common touch and straighttalk on slashing spending he was a popular city councilor for ten years being known for his brash political style and conservative policies and celebrated for his habit of handing out his home phone number and personally returning constituents calls about potholes and broken water pipes but then in May 2013 Ford became fodder for headlines around the world after it was found out that a video emerged showing the politician inhaling from a crack pipe he said to reporters yes I have smoked crack cocaine but no do I am I an addict no have I tried it probably in one of my drunken stupors that's great that's yeah I did cocaine but don't worry I was too drunk to understand what was going on I'm gonna miss you Rob Ford you proved that not all Canadians are lame number two Toyama cuicci Toyama has run from the governor of Tokyo since 2007 on a platform of how bad Japan sucks his speeches are just curses as he flips off the camera and screams about how bad the country is and how it should be abolished or destroyed and how there might not even be a chance to fix it he also wanted to run for president of the United States even though I don't think he's a US citizen he claimed that the rest of the world is just part of the American hegemony and he should be considered part of the 51st state this is the rest of the book this guy's nuts I wish I had the stone-cold brass ones too in my campaign platform tell my constituents how much they suck and number one Lorde Buckethead Lorde bucket head is a British Tirico political candidate a candidate of that name has stood in three United Kingdom general elections against three different Conservative Party leaders and Prime Minister's representing the grimwood's a frivolous political party he ran against Margaret Thatcher for Parliament in 1987 against John Major in Huntington in 1992 and against Theresa May in Maidenhead in 2017 Lord Buckethead claims to be an intergalactic space Lord his name and costumer derived from the 1984 cult sci-fi comedy hyperspace on every occasion his face was obscured as he was wearing a bucket like mask of his head bucketheads participation in the parliamentary elections has been considered typical of a British tradition for all Orthodox candidates in politics some of his platform promises are a strong but not entirely stable leadership nuclear nuclear weapons-free bicycles to combat obesity traffic congestion and bike theft he wants to bring back gamma schools instead of grammar schools he wants to have a referendum on whether or not to have another brexit referendum he must delete allies the hunting of hawks hunters and exile Katie Hopkins to the Phantom Zone well guys I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did I really enjoyed watching these Psychopaths if you liked the video please give it a like down below and if you wanna see more content please subscribe who's your favorite insane politician I hope you guys are having a great day bye bye

Major in Political Science

my name is Gavin hackling to my undergraduate at the University of North Carolina I studied political science and studio art and I'm currently pursuing a master's degree at NYU Tisch in the interactive telecommunications program political science is divided into two different focuses one is studying actual political States and the processes that drive them the other is concerned with political philosophy which determines different power relationships and social structures my other major at unc was studio art which is concerned with aesthetics too and 3d design people who are passionate about art and design should pursue a studio art degree it's also a great degree for people who are interested in designing creative solutions to broad or open-ended problems people who are interested in a political science degree are typically interested in learning about the way our society works and the way that different social structures drive policy outcomes students who graduate with a studio art degree might choose to pursue a masters of fine arts degree which would allow them to practice professionally as an artist or become an arts educator they also might choose to enter the workforce after graduation and graphic design or other design related fields political science graduates sometimes choose under law school or enter the workforce immediately working for a law form or for a political campaign they also might choose to enter graduate school and a different humanities or social science field like sociology political science students will take classes that are usually divided into two groups they'll look at political philosophy courses which deal with historical political philosophers Karl Marx John Locke etc and then they'll also take courses that examine contemporary political systems I particularly enjoyed these courses in which we would look at different political structures that are used in different countries and typically in a political science course students will also study a number of courses in economics and studio art students can typically choose different concentrations they might choose to focus on 2d design or painting or sculpture or new digital media fields and a studio art student will also study a number of courses in art history in high school if you take any history or civics classes these will provide you with a great background for starting your degree in political science and similarly if you can take any art classes sculpture classes etc these will be a great background for your studio art degree

Canadian Politician & Oz PM – EXACT SAME SPEECH. Proof of secret control!

the world judged the Iraqi regime was a dangerous aggressive in the interests of world peace and regional security the community of nations required Iraq to surrender its offensive arsenal its chemical and biological weapons and abandon its nuclear weapons program Iraq agreed to comply the world judged the Iraqi regime to be a dangerous aggressive in the interests of world peace and regional security the community of nations expelled Iraq from Kuwait required Iraq to select surrender its offensive arsenal its chemical biological weapons and to abandon its nuclear weapons program Iraq agreed to comply directs continued to finest upon the of nation safety which must be a challenge it is in the if the to prevent possession chemical or chemical by largely weapons including the world for year years please but so far to no avail we cannot walk away from that Iraq's continued around a senior possession of weapons from a construction – Ettore tributes to its region and into the wider world in the final analysis mr. speaker the absolute conviction of the government is that disarming Iraq is necessary for the long-term security of the world and is therefore manifestly in the national interest of Australia in the final analysis disarming Iraq is necessary for the long-term security of the world – the collective interests of our historic allies and therefore manifestly mr. speaker it is in the national interest of this country