Leaders of G20 nations head to Japan for summit

President Trump on his way to meet fellow world leaders in Japan among a packed agenda there's likely to be considerable discussion about two countries with nuclear programs that Trump has treated very differently tension is rising with Iran which had agreed to a deal with the international community in 2015 to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons until the u.s. pulled out of that deal after attacks on tankers in the Gulf and the shooting down of the US drone that Washington blames on Tehran president Trump continues to talk talk I'm not sure that their leaders care for their people if they do they'll make a deal if they don't they're just thinking about themselves and they're selfish and they're stupid if that's what they're doing meanwhile compare that with the case of another longtime u.s. foe that actually has nuclear weapons and hasn't agreed to give any of them up president Trump continues to talk positively about North Korea and Kim jong-un despite the failure of a summit in Hanoi earlier this year the most recent visitor to Pyongyang Chinese President Xi could he help the u.s. restart diplomacy this is the 20th anniversary of the g20 these summits were started so that leaders could come together to talk about the state of the global economy the big issue there is president Trump's trade wars particularly with China a former head of war planning at the Pentagon who now heads the think tank the east-west Institute says it's possible that the Chinese may offer help with North Korea as leverage in those difficult trade negotiations we've been talking specifically about economics here for a while the trade Wars back and forth between the two countries and now this is an opportunity for ji to come in and say I've worked this other issue like you asked me to and now I would like you to help me a little bit with this can you back off just a little bit the g20 leaders control 80% of the world's economy all the meetings here will be important but the most attention will be on two meetings when President Trump sits down once again with Russian President Putin and his face-to-face encounter with President Xi James BAE's al Jazeera Osaka

Hong Kong protesters block access to government headquarters

legislators have been blocked from entering Hong Kong's government headquarters by thousands of protesters a demonstration has delayed debate on a controversial extradition law each year the bill could allow suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial protests have been ongoing since Sunday when a million people took to the streets to express their anger let's get the latest from Scott Heidler who's right for us in Hong Kong so the protesting against this controversial extradition bill has not convinced the government's got to scrap it but it has delayed the process what's the latest it has fully and it has delayed that process we got official word from the Legislative Council that they were going to delay was supposed to start several hours ago to three hours ago but also now coming out from the Legislative Council another official announcement and that is they have asked now the protesters to move from where they are surrounding the Legislative Council building that's the grit of the black building over my shoulder they're asking the protesters to move so they can carry on with business obviously there hasn't been really any kind of response yet from the protesters well I guess there has been they're not moving so again you know we saw over the last several hours these protester numbers grow steadily and again you know we look at what happened on Sunday over a million people came out and marched that was organized and you saw people from all walks of life here in Hong Kong today is much more organic when it came to this protest and much younger most of the the protesters out here are students and you go around and you see that they've either taken a day off school or classes or sorry or our work to come out here in protest but they have done one thing and that is delay this meeting Legislative Council asking them to move so they can carry on with business it's caught why is this bill so important to the pro-democracy protesters well it is it's important because of what it is and that is the fact that mainland China will be able to extradite those charged here in Hong Kong to mainland China for trial there that for pro-democracy protesters that is a big concern but also it's generally what it is and this is something we've seen over the last chunk of years plus five years plus and that is that China mainland China Beijing is taking more and more control here in Hong Kong some semi-autonomous Hong Kong through the changing of laws who the changing of the government who are the people that sits in this legislature Legislative Council they are slowly controlling Hong Kong more and more pro-democracy protesters don't like that and this is the latest step if you will in that erosion they see as against Hong Kong's identity thank you for that Scott Haile reporting live from Hong Kong where protests continue

🇹🇭 Is Thailand's election democratic? | Inside Story

vide jezelf door middel tricot skyline collectie met millions of people capsule van de festival een dit is de vijf democratic and hmsh is een minuut riep feiten hen die we dit is in side story [Muziek] [Muziek] en er wel kunt u de program anne clark de last van trial and shareholder election in 2014 iedereen die met hem electric u in ami general to cover is prime minister and prime is de holding nieuwe lexie de steek en five years for people to be given the chance to put all night i 2000 polling stations uit pluk rond island ons onder de prime minister van utah tsjarnajev monster mening of raspberry pi's en stroom challenge for a tie de meest prominent en te doen te party link to the familie de tekst in china wordt six million jan publicatie netbal of the first time en sinds de keurt nieuw is nieuw party apps prior to go travel en de paus wist zien dat nothing has changed and want to know how much de selectie is plan te brengen wat vindt hoe een group website familie complexer my wife and country to move for the right direction and without any corruption des te meer politici en sherry wil het hierna vermelde search could hardly vuurpot van bangkok voor de muis park slope rolling across style en dat de moordenaar die 2000 polling stations across this comes with ik stel ze hier in bij carlo nooddeur krabbelde incidenten hebben een reported to the relaxing commission bc de go to investigate oost er is zo'n neighbor countries rampenzender zo'n hippe knipjes en waar dit absurde elektrische by de tiger met bh-band aperture oud louis brandweer koppelen polling stations gld hier on sunday in ben kakula voor de meest park things go dong smurrie en doen de boot is worksite acteur capo liang burgers en ministers weer instinct kruis de laatste paul ingelast prime time out with you ziggo ze er binnen sites wordt shock of people who grew up group een zo dik en familie boot this time out cm 1 miljoen spock tomado nec de revisie sided de kast his power i came in hen op eyes wide open at spie kruis probeerde cross de toe sinus redden nou wasbeer en bij de motorkap met hoensbroek this country op het laatst fabio's de head start coming into election day tour de tip die seat in de scenes carrières zo powered by' in kast de wortels ondersteunde dit konden bio willen de challenge wickham's de vorm in de kar met de chipnummer kansen just how to democratic it's going to be a harder voor insights door wat online salami retro paisley als de democratically elected koopmans ch12 zal hem sinds 19 tweede jack and the last circulair against prime ministers van de china wat familie thaksin shinawatra zelf deed in 2006 why use a de de country is 60 een blog een paar in 2000 in de les hoe het intrigeert she was a bit rate and flight from thailand amika man dat je hem ook producten job cohen een prime minister and prime is de leche met beide handen en nu constitution met de proeven in 2016 de middelduits gente een pointee op te halen en om gaf mijn chef een extreem t is met dit gr20 het ricciotti je klaar arlette en breng aan op hello in bangkok wie havasu die passie cassini je tyler researcher civil rights watch in jack yeah wiseguy michael monte san nieuwe senior fellow en courtney te hebben thailand studies program at singapore yes yes yes affiche instituut en onze zijn bij een kalkoen happy vierde en een hond een economist en professor of international business and the thames set business cool welcome to your en sinai fogg het stadium rights watch chef zei fascination since i millstreet zeker we dit is single en de beginning of the roots and the music has come back from op served in the selection and work out uit en bosch pfs bangkok is is die persoon into your and into the awesome atkins die half repressie politieke limburg menswear freedom of expression frisomat volle politieke tweety heb mijn respect het dna en pinguïns die al het apparaat electro groove reality de de de boys at people have spoken about how and where to boost in je de waif dient frans leert in to france formation of all time en in uw democratische wiel in rood al wie wil staan with a na de fall of the parish dat de junta think i take off daar militair uniform goed al een business-show en dollar business as usual' daar is mijn been to be seen hpv boeren watch out more about this kip in de time machine en risi jezus in de beste wie dit is de beste week een hoop voor step to democracy and democratic transition ander en militari kasten they feel like i via looking at the application of the election at least assist wie nodig this is not a fully democraten collection witte huis en the regulations be wit en de weet has been maar het staat togo in dat direction of de dus het htb look at how high the ik heb hem en babyfoon en hout hout invloed op kanaal of te delen maar dat ding monding in scalia is het taille people have spoken in al en je kunt zie van de weet het de direction of terrorist showing that they are clearly the voices of people who mooiste hoeveel of die goed a comment or not' and then they all zo nieuw voices from the app en hij denkt dat prima is quite clear that the people hè spock i know and if this boys and not take into consideration voor de weco in volle ik denk dat moet lee vindt u de foto op je soort of perhaps it would be how high line moesten de nek steeds write some you will explore the program rozenblaadjes mythologie bevielen queries vimeo perspectieven in thailand de alle poorten zijn reporting het pavel boel sensoren liefde people actie just able to work once again is dat jos en yes dit is people have been able to war te kennen en hij denk people hev kostte daarvoor is hoe they prefer to who they prefer to elect to be camden xcom en ik denk dat is onder die kut staat voor de democraat ik hoef een file and although weer je adapter je hebt witte roos en druk lezen wat de dat die relaxend to class d dat is already a bit more for je hebben rules and regulations michael monsanto given the biologisch en reed de constitutionele gude tweede selection and cargo tableware mijn influential in op populatie we hebben bij jou kan ik een nieuw explore verslinden bij wat we rationeel wel of je man en te gooien jullie teleur army kasten rio the country en ik vind er wicam spieken waarom gasten risico's die met de kansel verlies nodig de cadeaushop het spinning ga print en parkmanagement ring opgericht in gooide absoluut power zo ik het naar de kapper en to exercise video voor thailand in de future as special i know that there will be an elected parlement in which which dat de central be represented en worstjes en dus enkel herfst en ding hierdoor kon nooit meer kardinge wie vroeg is het en ribery en thailand en op servers en grazioli understand these will set you de de camping en de kam van de which people binnen lekte en zijn result is an exercise in de generation aan wie is pols vooraf fire before any body care ferry-boot en ik vind de minuut onderste en de aarde rules in post dan foto's voor zelfs de viering picasa expose the legitimacy of wie komt ons effort to remain een brouwer brouwer powerpoint de rapper chippy de dit zamboanga de dit is een proces en ja en necessary changes tips tijd if i like to restore ingemand toezegging curve het interview zolang het lijkt apps for work and feeling aparte number to run like wordt de bedoel je een dikke want groep die heb je dan 10 sixties en hem hij lijkt nu toe te kunnen vieren hf s20 kerk dictatorship is essentially toe kunt zie je de motor dictatorships a vision of the future die politics en ik denk het en fair to the millions of twee moeders in view this campaign is ik hem bellen proces van de bediening en rolt ikea dave unit in oostrum zijn al in dik oké zodra jij diegene rights watch it i keep us some bad guys andere kant chips is en ze deden miller england' i'm working for the sixty nine million people i van de ander micro dat nou in you can upgrade your de kundalini hoest age you in 2014 usb nomineert het franse candide en livestream in training en check absoluut power that she has buick al in goud labiliteit dit power will remain the right people like you en nieuwe cobham en is vol aan de effect of ouder is dan 10 euro pensioen in kloetinge finally succumbing guys will remain effectief dat is lang fan en een ander feit dat de kyouma hij was het binnen die mending alle lang is of de goede delen serious about holding aan die lips and there will be recognized oli white tie people but by the rest of the world the lich en libië quincy de kriebel fbi en op hen en in epping en vervorming pathetisch noteert de junta steelt show in people intel val kritisch icing militaire de koelkast uw respect freedom of expression and media freedom to be steeg in which schandaal alsook een nieuw congo waar ie moe van positie die dit nat board wel in de liefde up to action jackie people seem to be very committed derde ja nou meting en kleding aan en up you try to grab repressie bril af de boeddha to push back again sam je bent een veel because in the elections in op resultaten en had to win met jordi in de lower out i simply niet bang en 2236 on by which 1ekeus toen werd een videogame dat therapie doet in stijl wil ankie dat moby je naartoe typt en review station support to return to power up and mr edgar was een risico budget de power ouput louis neefs respect nuances die we willen is one part i will be sympathie van die op het is een collectief en winsten populair dus een actie wim mikkers of de weten midden twee hij schreeuwde rules and we're getting the reaction will be on the street how will the lecture response will they respond address ik national office on fire resistance and it is quite clear van before de elektrische dat dyslexie is riet een soldaat en europa you could continue in his power esprit minister en ik denk de number het huis fundamenten is already in je nou in in in dat direction maar ik denk b en of die stroom op precies en that we've seen my people going voor de party stadstuin familie dat dr kemp de groenten en de militairy is also a fact that need to be taken into consideration dat af te dis it would be college comment and despite en dampen of die zijn eten they would have a in hem selecting the prime minister het in ronding de kam en en inwoning de comment david mihm dat de junta led cobham en won in 2 podcast role of precies en zo ja looking at a polish een party that would be not get it would be a 10 open you but i would not be en dictatoriaal that anyone can of course all can kwastje en lizzie goed hefty ja op russische in in de hals en dat ding slippy moving on long long and night inglés of dat hij piccolo dit is kan men daar moet de vorm af de dyslexie is unlikely to love 2 love this selection is not the en in itself and perhaps it could be considered as en elektrische voor de nekslag dat weekend a move or otherwise they would remain in de c&a dilemma city medicatie this selection srw volgt u de next up and despite a press fit digitaal at comment ik wil papier oooh en check like it was before the selection waar en mijn ic de next up to three briefly guideline for what i believe the next up to be a king kfc contact komen met de weten they were drawn into a strong het college stroma precies een party en disc het leed in tumor of the and stability of de nexcom hem en dat mijn lieten de nek selection en ik denk daar would be also a stone movement uw [Muziek] 2222 weite constitutie en praha staat goed bij de constitutioneel crysis dat dit kan men moet ie ketting intu we're very strong position that the unlikely te zien michael is die oss en cd&v het is de states coast guard op mijn tenen we deze familie fresh gel polish en de eer as the present zijn opportunity for change in de kylie feature die touch iphone ipad mini 2 politics of nodig in de paus hier zo net military parijs voor regime maurice designed to the vehicle's voor de military hebben wel korfrakkers in my political history bobby finkel eilanden als op find our is de wie niet zo pi het kent en toe te passen door 3d jello ben you of militaire video will soon de primaire ship and attempt to cover hoe het ouderenfonds te bouwen met piek als het dak er af via het plan goud een live-koe team issue bal voor zonder dat je hem opendoet in parlement winnie de naar enjoyment mijn oog om guardians ziet en al oor huis echt wel in invloed en temptation to use parlement tuurlijk een er meer chip en landfighter freezer oude clinical process by belang aan de namelijk institutions to cover the country and no trust elight i need to be attentive to wij mensen die hadden uscire ask if all images is verse nadat de politieke proces wel wat en mary's neef politieke proces is er wel ietsjes possible as at microsoft eerste dag aan de next time you so with haasnoot channel you can give you sing executi be crazy bypassing parlement red checks and balances and we must not forget god je ander de junta draaft edge een oude crank ons teams in politiek op god is in de parlementen in de kappen mijnbouw te vallen quinty kia nationaal strategy zo ladder wat premiers during the lecture will be passed en kent de goede daad 20 jet strategy of death note compatibiliteit lockwood from is de junta blueprint for de kandidaat detail number one high number two is kevin duiden op de possibilité op hbo of fry kool is een cobham en ben cobham en would be liable mijn familie twee backing moest favoriete lied vet en toe steeds aan aten cool to go disturbances after the lich en zo ja redding to work on certain die en na de chimpansee die die in politiek het pvda-voorman dus brian economisch warm en dichtbij thailand economische kringen heeft de status quo is meteoor liefst vier keer in choose which was made this fragile coalition telefoon little bit about how en thailand huis bevond economie clay sinds winter controle en by your senses fmri could be heading ideale ligging en de trial on a meeting is to find a time and has had its just take it because of our politico trouble domestically en ik denk sinds de groenten als taking power' although they try to claim that they have managed to restore confidenties en glow in the economy showing by de tdp gotha coming up to treat to focus en hoe mijn vader dat koppie one way of looking at it but if you look at te lonken trial and has been in this guy en of politieke ontzettend die for a long time and then add to the op het unieke gras voor de country with pencil much of our energy and our resources talking about how to get wit alpha typing on how to great of de groenten en de tas at hen is dat thailand is not alone in this region and by as moving not moving voor and other people on moving forward thailand economie is now you do not doing the best in the foundation region and although a performing tweeten foto's ambitious and work and fresh ko rising taylan would have to be concerned about it economie global and regional competitiveness and it and structures talent is dat wie heeft address for example the form of the education to the form of the public sector en de in quiz op de productiviteit all this area ah meter af en heeft highline 3 min in this political ontzettend i am afraid that would not pot wel for the future of economie of je empirische tribe reviewen distributiecentrum in de potentiële thailand have it i vind dit hebben en settelen piloot q landscape we dat heeft hij landt become much more stable wiha een stroom opportunity in en in the region if you look at thailand economie tussen 5 en 10 miljoen met kan baida witte countries in the region they would be trophy lmv cambodia laos mama en vietnam thailand stand at nv video graphically stroom location to be the gateway in twee doos markup dat ze wat stroom potentieel fack en thailand is not the country dat is competing with the time of de leeuwen en en wie coupé de can't read a book for more intuïtie' aan stroom van ink activiteit in de economie en dat wanneer ianden thailand and can be one country that improve ikzelf wat als het is white knight inkt trial and faster with of de straks sociaal en of in proofing iets competitief that in many rvs wie as to the high countries in the region and win a en dressing dood ik moet people under my thailand potentieel in moving to become the regional liter vat olie in economie toets met al zo in die politieke larry ja wie had dan wel intens opleiding die actie en region despite being the angels' share this je zoiets als uncertainties voor het hof folie becoming more subtle ik denk thailand had lot of homework te duur en te veel wie haat van potentieel stuur to go and wait what many dank u jumpin heb ik word is niet een plek my mind is de koning saul of the end of the show and the to realize the potential de michael de perfide gespin trok hier baat bij cheating kids on the neck and can be dealt with middenin de nation het zelf voor de zet niet international pressures wel hi believes that there is een keer weer nesselande heeft talent tyler de toeristisch problems they were necessary shooter doctor wie is discussed is een very long standing in thailand en en sns solide capacity in 2012 drastisch issues and finally kampioen journaille even neem de makkers die may not be restored in thailand en in het showtime beide shows en voor optimisme blog ik vind dat ze het voel wel if there is any op gemis hem keek en from two days exercise al op ga je pi plus right but people have spoken nou in very high number in het schip en rekord haida http centraal in mos places dat is bang drinken bier ikon wit en en na de pride armoede must not forget in media liefde toe dat zijn voor type cool de wolk familie die headset risico in the chance to ensure normalizing met thailand dat is thailand rol en credible free and finally cancel de hoi hier waardoor de wil familie die a still standing by people and fit de baas hi foger ignition rejection of dyslexie dus oliën puzzel puzzel moments in time politie politiek sweep regio timer brief en 2 was een diepe treurnis van simpol the discussion and keep my gosh het cak stukken michael monte san er en hun vierde panel and thank you for watching je kunt zie de program idee in any time by visiting a website oude zetel kam en van verder discussion gauge my facebook page die deze facebook come for flash age and side story corsicaan also join the compensation op twitter al handel is edgy insight store voor mee met clock een hond in de disco pagina [Muziek] [Muziek]

Kazakhstan interim President Tokayev poised for election victory

two men now appeared to run Kazakhstan the official leader of the nation no Sultana survived and his appointee interim president Kassim Gohmert tokaiya our main task is to realize the strategy of the leader of the nation in order to strengthen the potential of our state I firmly believe in the success of our mobile endeavor Takei EV has government resources to boost his chances stadiums filled with students the state controlled mainstream media [Applause] the missile ton doesn't buy this position is an appointment and the people because it's tan are simply expected to enjoy that decision when NASA by have resigned in March talk I have renamed the capital after him some saw that as a sign of subservience nozzle turn is not my town I have a choice said this activist others have called for a boycott of the vote seeing Takei EV as a stopgap for dynastic succession as Senate leader now survives daughter de rigueur is next in line for the presidency on Friday police raided homes and detained several activists the authorities are on high alert for the first time in almost three decades the voters will have a choice or an appearance of choice at least but Takei have failed to show up at this TV debate a sign he doesn't take the competition seriously competition does include a genuine government critic Amira Jean kirsanov may take a share of the vote but he isn't optimistic retiro it would it practice Malik fara some voters will boycott the boat but not those who support the kyuf I'm afraid these votes will be taken from me by those who are organising the boycott today I ask people to boycott him the boycott students may vote just as they were required to attend the rally off-camera one youth organizer put it this way failure to comply means failing your exams that is the kind of pressure that will benefit talk i EV at the ballot box robin Forestier walker al jazeera nurse'll tan

🇹🇷 Is Turkey's president under threat? | Inside Story

is Turkey's president under threats read chapter Burdwan and his a Kay party suffer unprecedented defeats in local elections after years of consolidating power how big a shock hasn't suffered and how can he recover this is inside story hello and welcome to the program today with me Peter Dhabi Brett Shepherd Awan has dominated politics in Turkey for the past 16 years but after winning every election since then his a.k party suffered a setback in Sunday's and local elections voters apparently particularly fed up with what critics say is increasingly autocratic rule as well as the falling value of the Turkish lira rising inflation and higher unemployment the Justice and Development Party lost control in major cities including Izmir and the capital Ankara mr. Erdogan's challenging the opposition's result there and in Turkey's biggest city Istanbul from there jamal al shell has more after almost two decades of constant losses turkey's opposition finally has reason to celebrate the people's Republican Party or CHP won the mayoral position in the capital Ankara and it would seem is on course to capture Istanbul Turkey's largest and most populous city let Turkey be happy now let Istanbul be happy and get back to normal we had seven elections in five years let's get back to work now and serve the people just as we start today we will run the city in a transparent fashion at every moment I'm doing this happily and I know that every part of this city belongs to 16 million people it was the first major position held by red tape erawan who used it to launch his political career nationally losing it is a personal blow to the president every victory and every loss is the will of our nation and we have to accept this fact as a necessity of democracy we will admit that we want people's hearts in cities we want but we were not successful enough in cities we lost and we will act accordingly despite the losses in some of the big cities like Antalya and Edina Edwyn still managed to win more than half the votes counted across the country and nationally it's retained the largest number of Mayors – but the Turkish people appear to have directed their frustration with the faltering economy at the ruling party which has led the country uninterrupted for 17 years Rhonda what was promised on June 24th was if you don't want the country to have economic problems vote for the presidential coalition led by the president president Irwin said the people have spoken and that he has listened he knows that things need to change and that he and his party must come up with solutions to fix the country's economy and address the concerns of those who didn't vote for the AK Party the opposition will now be tested to see if they can deliver better governance in the positions it won from the AKP at a time when other ones been accused of being autocratic Sunday's elections are demonstration that democracy is still very much alive in Turkey jamal al al al jazeera Istanbul okay let's get going let's bring in our guests joining us on skype from Istanbul is Mack net chalak managing editor for the daily Sabo newspaper egg a setch King is a turkey specialist for IHS country risk he joins us from London and finally özgür una Esat chicly is the anchor office director of the German Marshall Fund of the United States he joins us from the Turkish capital gentlemen welcome to you all Mecca met in Istanbul if I can come to you first was this a protest vote or something else well I think I think you know it is a message definitely given to the arc party as a party but I think if we look at the results I don't think we should come to a conclusion that this is you know like your questions I think posing a protest vote vote against President Erdogan himself because if we look at the June 24th elections when we held the divorce for presidential and parliamentary elections we saw that the party itself still received less votes than they are that the president aired on himself so and in the local elections right now we see that that 50/50 one and a half to 52 percent nearly vote is still there for them for the president marathon and the party although this is again a part of an alliance setting however you know in June 24 elections and also hours after the the most of the votes were counted prisoner Don this time around again said that you know there will be some self-evaluation made and the party will has taken the lessons that needs to be taken into consideration for for an evaluation and assessment for the party to come up and face the challenges or some of the the needs that needs to be addressed for a better performance next time so I don't know if we can call it a protest mode but of course there the loss of let's say the capital city and some of the other cities is a major shift however you know the constable things are not as clear yet so I think once things settle down in Istanbul then there will be a better chance to to you know say that whether or not this was a protest mode but right now I don't think this there has I mean our party is a clear winner of the the elections receiving most of the votes the fact that CHP has gained what is not necessarily it has not necessarily affected our party's overall votes in the country so I think maybe we can say yes CHP has gained ground given its alliance and given its may be strategically selecting candidates and maybe even becoming a party that now is willing to appeal to masses you know we have increased okay you you raised a lot of talking points but we do only have half an hour so let's just boil that down and talk to eggy second in London okay let's just talk first about the the handling of the financial crisis or his critics would say the mishandling of the country's financial crisis well of course that was most people would argue the single most important factor determining the outcome we saw on Sunday we saw that the government in Turkey had for a long time delaying what some would argue to be an inevitable outcome kicking the camera kicking the can down the road if you will and seeking to keep the the clockworks of the economy going for just a few months longer to get through yet another election but there was a point at which I think that strategy started to fail and we saw the result of that in the local elections over the weekend now the advantage that Turkey has is the fact that there is this unprecedented four year long period in which there will be no election contests and that gives the government a very good opportunity to undertake some of the more structural reforms that the economy desperately needs and that could potentially provide the government with a let's say a sense of having a dealt with some of its past mistakes and the lead-up to the next round of elections in 2023 a school in Ankara give us a sense for what the opposition did to go from their starting position to having this much traction within the the political scene of Turkey sure Peter but I would like to first say that actually the scene that we are seeing is not a landslide increase in the opposition's votes or a landslide decrease in the AKP party plus M HP's votes we see just a little bit shift away from the National Alliance to the from the people alliance to the nation alliance in certain cities and districts there are of course a couple of reasons why this has happened as mammatus said first of all the opposition or the nation alliance has managed to nominate candidates that appeal providers society including some of the voters of the governing coalition but apart from that they also managed to craft an alliance that appeals to message on top of the alliance that they had fought during the presidential election between the main opposition Republican People's Party and the newly funded Tea Party they managed to bring onboard the kurdish HDB but voluntarily without giving back anything and it was this kurdish vote for example that made a difference in many of the cities if we take istanbul as an example for simplicity during the last presidential election president our doors vote in istanbul was only 3.5 percent more than the sum of his the some of his competitors including ceratin de mirage the president of the Kurdish party so when these three parties came together there was only 3.5% vote difference with the AKP party okay just let me interrupt you there for a second no school because what you're saying of course statistically is a very accurate interpretation of how the numbers how we can unpack the numbers but the reality is surely can I suggest units this that the opposition starting or their starting point was a starting point defined by everything being stacked against them because of what mr. Erdogan did in the aftermath of the failed military coup you know voices of dissent have disappeared journalism is operating in a difficult environment in Turkey still so their starting point was not as easy as perhaps you would like to say it is Peter then let me let me say it in this way president Erdogan has been using polarization for a very long time to galvanize his own water base but he didn't realize that in doing so he was also galvanizing and consolidating the opposition in a way that they themselves would not be able to do if it wasn't for President Biden's help Mac Miceli in Istanbul what does this tell us about how politically savvy mr. Erdogan is now or not I mean putting out government-sponsored vegetable stalls obviously didn't get traction with any one people were it would appear able to see right through that I mean I mean if we're talking about President Aaron's leadership I think there's no questions there president Wong has been the leader of our party since it was founded but it has also been the leader of a very traditional voter base in Turkey and that is the center-right vote in Turkey and the fact that he has been able to consolidate the center-right voters be it under national tendencies or be it under more conservative tendencies or be it through his tangible projects that he has brought into Turkey being B through consolidating even the Kurdish votes in the southeast provinces I think his leadership is not is undamaged at the moment however there is something that are drawn himself is also saying and he has said it he has said the same thing when the party received about 40-some percent during parliamentary elections that the fact that the party itself needs to be continually adjusting itself to the needs of voters or to the demands of Hoarders and this is what they will I'm thinking they will do going forward starting from this week that there will be shufflings I'm thinking will be done in the cabinet or in the party administration however the the in the eyes of the people hired on is someone who can make a FaceTime call and gather millions out to defeat a military coup or a coup attempt ir dawn is a leader who people you know regardless of their political ideology when it becomes a national matter they stick to so in that sense his leadership and his party leadership I don't think it's that question at the moment however there is a question I mean there is also or you know the the criticism or maybe some sorts of demands are met by the party admitted party executives or other administration however people make a separation between the party and are adorned in this sense however when it comes back man I just I just want to put that point to egg a second in London so egg a he's got to in effect reshuffle his government keep his party together because there are rumors not of a split within the party but certainly the beginnings of what might be a fracturing effect if you will but he's also got to keep the country together and on top of that he's got to now because the elections are past and the presidential election is more than a couple of years away he's got to drill down into the issues of the economy because there's no money literally in the bank it's a very difficult task that lies ahead of the president that's for sure there is the economy that that will continue bleeding and some painful adjustments are necessary and that has been clear for a long time now Turkey can no longer continue with the credit fueled growth model that has been the case for a long time now since the AKP came into power that model simply needs to change and that will in pain entail pain in the short term and it's it's a question of whether the political authorities or mr. Ardoin himself have the patience to go through that and beyond that there is also geopolitical challenges lying ahead the situation with the US what what I view as a brewing crisis regarding Turkey's continued desire to purchase as/400 missile defense systems from Russia that will also be problematic for the Turkish economy because for example relations with the US is an indicator which international investors really take into accounts in in in terms of basing their decisions on on what to do with Turkey and that will definitely be something that weighs down on the economy in the one-year outlook ausco an anchor could it just be that after what five six votes in five years the electorate in Turkey are just tired of him and if he's got political savvy if he's got some political weight behind him still he's got to engage with that idea Peter I'm still concerned that we may be over interpreting this vote because if there was a landslide loss in the words of the AKP party we could have said that but it's not the case it's it's a it's a small shift so and it wasn't about president Alden these elections were about who will provide municipal services to the people and not who will govern the country but of course it's president Alduin and his ally day let partially that turn these elections into an issue of national existence that legitimizes such questions but I think that would be that would be an over interpretation what we see here is that not among the supporters of President add-on but among his opponents they are so tired of him that they now look over their differences and can unite otherwise how could a secular nationalist party a hardcore nationalist party an Islamist party and a Kurdish nationalist party come together actually they are tiredness o president aired one is now bringing them together and this is a huge challenge for president arrow in the future because in the past polarization always worked in his favor through polarization he could conduct a bigger vote share than his opponents but now through polarization through the polarization created by president aired on the opposition seem straight tilted the balance and this is a challenge for him again looking forward to that next election the presidential election does he have one part of his political DNA which the opposition don't obviously have at the moment and it might be can I suggest you this he is a gut politician he is instinctive he survived this long for a reason he is a political mastermind and I don't think even his opponents have any doubts about that but there are structural developments that could make things more difficult for him the economy is one of them and I agree with you about his point about the opposition finally managing to look over their differences and I would reinforce the the point about there not having been that much of a change in terms of support levels for one side or the other the voters to a great extent in Turkey are still locked within what I would call identity groups so the Islamists more broadly or that is of course a simplifying term conservative segments of the population still voting for our Diwan and the AKP and vice versa and the minor shifts we see between those groups have of course resulted in the big changes that we saw in the election over the weekend but when it comes to the next presidential election everyone is still leading by far and we are yet to see a politician that could rival him especially when it comes to that gut instinct that you were referring to okay Mac met in Istanbul so clearly he's still the most popular politician in tark in Turkey Bar None there is a slightly unpredictable disconnect between his popularity in relation to his party's popularity but for the opposition if he is vulnerable how does the opposition build on that because presumably they're now looking to the presidential elections as well that unity among the depress the opposition is not a very it's not an organic unity of course I mean we're not looking for organic unity among the politicians but if we look at their voters base that unity that comes from being anti-air Don is not a very sustained sustainable unity in the long run I mean now we are we're talking about a Kurdish I don't want to I don't want to label them as that but the the so-called Kurdish supporting party the HDP on one hand and we have the far-right nationalists on the other I mean how can that be sustainable in the long run and challenge a leader that has unified more than 50 percent being aired one I mean the opposition in the short term is United at the moment but I don't think that's a very sustainable one and this has worked in the local elections because simply they can nominate candidates that will appeal to certain districts or provinces but I think in the presidential or parliamentary elections that unity is not very sustainable it won't be creating some sort of intra alliance rifts giving these ideological differences however I don't mean Aaron needs to still tackle the economy to sustain his and maintain his popularity some of the Reforma land and structural changes needs to be implemented and his party needs to also adjust and be able to answer demands of the people and I think one of the strengths our party has had so far is the fact that they're in a continuous change to add to to maintain their political momentum in the eyes of the people okay one of the weaknesses of the Opposition is not to maintain that okay let's go he's always kind of pitched himself or spun himself as being the guarantor of prosperity prosperity that's always just around the corner going forward in the next a year or 18 months when say he goes to the IMF and the IMF say no actually we won't give you any money you've got to get it from someplace else how does he build on that how does he get prosperity into the economy well first of all would President erred on approach to IMF despite everything he has said about former politicians who have worked with Diane F yes II would because at the end of the day is a pragmatist and there are no elections at least there are no planned elections for the next four years but he would the first step of going to the approaching the IMF would be behind the curtains negotiations and he would not make it public before he has green light from the IMF and he would go to IMF only and if only there is a very serious situation and the alternative would be a heavy crisis in Turkey well if that is the situation nobody has an interest in a bankrupting Turkey so I do not think that I am f would turn him empty-handed so I think that if there is a serious crisis in Turkey president eldan will approach the IMF and I am IMF will not turn him T handed thank you such keen in London generally any president or prime minister that tries to push through policies of austerity regardless ver say if they are politically or not there's there's a very short shelf life for a politician that stays with austerity will his popularity now dip as he zeroes in on turning around the economy struck reforms for the economy will entail pain and that is likely to have an impact on advance popularity but whether that would be enough to bring him down I think that's the question my personal view is that Ardoin remains very popular he still does have the support of the 50% and he has some political capital in that sense that he could spend for pushing through these reforms in fact his longer-term political survival depends on it because if turkey's economic story is not transformed and turkey does not re-enter a growth spurt and that does not bode well for advance a longer-term political future and whatever he wants to achieve in the country beyond the four year outlook last question to America in Istanbul given all these problems Matt Matt is Turkey now heading into a better place over the next what two years or not because after that two-year period we're then heading towards the presidential election a couple of years after that look I mean something that traditionally has happened in Turkey is what changes after will there be a new Turkey after the elections if that question always rises question I mean as long as soon as the elections are over the life goes back to normal however whether or not it will go back to good or worse will depend of course on short-term midterm reforms the government will implement I just want to touch upon something that we were discussing the previous question with regards to IMF or other bodies that will may use some of their policies against Iran Aerith on at the moment he becomes vulnerable or due to an external factor people rally around him and I think would be it the US with the f-35 Sorby IMF if they choose to take a step against Iran I think that works against what they try to achieve if that is the weakening of iodine okay because pmax sometimes for which I apologize so I'm going to have to bring our conversation to a close but thank you to all our guests they were Mecca Michele it's a case that chin and özgür Olin is such cheeky and thank you to you two for you what company you can see the program again anytime via the website aljazeera.com and for further discussion go to our Facebook page that's facebook.com /aj Inside Story can also talk to us on twitter at AJ Inside Story or I'm at Peter W 1 Peter Dhabi and the entire team here in Doha the news is next we'll see you soon you

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for millions of Indians the wheels of life don't stop turning and that includes those like migrant worker Toppenish from the state of West Bengal in the east of the country he's been a rickshaw rider in New Delhi for 20 years with few job opportunities moving to the big city was the only way to support his family it would be wonderful if my son and daughter get an education that's my only wish and nothing else as a responsible rural water I go to great lengths to cast my vote but the politicians take my vote and then disappear where is the promised help millions of farm workers have converged on India's major cities to find ways to survive economic pressures back home they're relying on politicians to heat their election promises to them millions of Indians voters for the Bharatiya janta party or BJP led by right-wing populist leader Narendra Modi in 2014 he promised a lot to the electorate especially the young if we want the country to progress then we need to develop their skills that's my mission this is my promise to develop skill India because the promises were made that well there will be school india training and there will be something called starter so hope was really rising but in four years nothing happened you know 95 percent startups have failed I don't see any Indian startup picking up even now after four years in the capital New Delhi aspiring fashion designers are close to graduating and many in this class like books earn and delecia a first-time voters keeps my promises I wouldn't want a government who keeps their promises just not for the sakes sake of getting what's in the next elections but to be dead for the people as we graduate out of college the first thing which we will look at our jobs and that's what we want these are just some of the estimated 15 million graduates that will join the job market each year the government forecast that manufacturing will increase by 8% that's good news for these students and yet dubbin Gosha is not the first to look for work in the big city and he won't be the last but he'll be heading back to his village to vote hoping his choice of candidate will keep his election promises Sahil raman al Jazeera New Delhi

Julius Malema: Ready to remove Zuma government by force | Talk to Al Jazeera

Julius Malema is never far from the spotlight in 2012 his aggressive and divisive brand of rhetoric led to his expulsion from South Africa's ruling African National Congress as head of the influential ANC Youth League he'd earlier helped Jacob Zuma become president many observers wrote him off but he really as head of a new party the economic freedom fighters becoming a member of parliament in 2014 their fight mallamma says is against white held capital and the irritant as he now describes him that is Jacob Zuma his economic policies including nationalization of Industry and expropriation without compensation play well on the streets and badly in company boardrooms a controversial and often contradictory figure mallamma is a confirmed capitalist himself known for expensive tastes while much less is known about the source of his wealth he's been accused of corruption convicted of hate speech yet to his supporters he is a revolutionary proceeding where the ANC has failed to reduce inequality redistribute wealth and even if necessary to defend their rights by force today talk to Al Jazeera speaks to Julius Malema in Johannesburg Julis mama thank you for speaking to al-jazeera thank you for having me you were a young up-and-coming influential figure in the ANC as leader of the Youth League you in part propelled Jacob Zuma to power in 2009 you said at the time that you would be prepared to fight and die for him then perhaps the party found your rhetoric a bit embarassing I think towards the end you called for the overthrow of the Botswana government and they kicked you out do you feel bitter about the way you were treated not at all I think that everything happens for a reason in politics it was a time for us to exit ANC and find an alternative voice because naturally liberation movements in power they don't stay for too long so they self-destruct and we are happy that they were not part of a that era where the ANC a was self-destructing and becoming a party of a the liberation which is unable to adjust to new conditions and presumably still self-destructing in your view it's going to die a natural death it is bound to happen they want to create an impression that were owing them for the rest of our life so there is a completely new generation and it's that new generate generation of course that you are appealing to what has emerged is your party the economic freedom fighters you its commander-in-chief a revolutionary figure military styled uniformed you're waging a war against Zuma and the ANC I wonder how far are you prepared to go to get rid of Zuma would you tell your supporters now to fight and die for for that no no we are not wasting or again Zuma and a and see you again we're waste in a wall against White's monopoly capital Zuma is not our enemy Dane's is not our enemy they are standing on our way to crushing white wonderful capital which has stolen our land which controls the wealth of our country and as we are in the process of crushing the white monopoly capital there will be some of these irritations that we have to deal with and zoom I represent such an irritation they in theatres present such an irritation in 2014 you threatened to make the how 10 province uncover noble the GAO a province in which Johannesburg sits we will fight you said we have the capability to mobilize our people and fight physically that's not befitting of a government in Waiting is it we know for a fact that housing ANC a rigged elections here we know for a fact that they lost joinings back they lost housing and but we still accepted but they must know that we're not going to do that this year we're not going to accept part of your evolutionary duties to fight and were not exchanged if the need arise for us to take up arms and fight we'll fight they this regime must respond peacefully to our demands must respond constitutionally to our demands and and if they are going to respond violently like they did in the township of Alexandra in just outside to honest way when people said these results do not reflect the outcome of our votes they send the army to go and intimidate our people we're not going to stand back Zuma is not going to use the army to intimidate us we're not scared of the army were not scared to fight we'll fight lest we find ourselves charged with misinterpreting your words when you say you are willing to take up arms yeah that's what you say literally literal against the government yeah literally I mean it literally we were not scared we're not going to have a government that will disrespect and on what basis what are the circumstances if there is an image if there is one violently if they respond violently to a peaceful you you can you envisage reacting in self-defense we are very plausible organization we fight our bed petals through peaceful means through the cords through Parliament through mass mobilization we do that peacefully but at times government gets Hamptons to respond to such with violence they beat us up in Parliament there's a long history and they send soldiers to places like Alexander where people are protesting as and and and and we'll run out of patience very soon and we'll remove this government through a barrel of a gun tell me a little bit more about the policies of the EF F to bring about this defeat of white monopoly capital well we are representing a nationalization of mines we believe that the state must own the mines and use the proceeds from the mines to finance the social program of government we are for expropriation of land without compensation because the land was taken by force and through committing of black genocide we are for free quality education health care and peak and spacious houses we are an anti-corruption organization which believes that those who are elected to represent our people should be held you know accountable we want to build the state capacity to destroy the tendering system which has corrupted South Africa those are amongst a the key seven cardinal pillars of a de FF it's a it's a sort of version of communism isn't it something like that as socialism a we're unashamedly a socialist organization it doesn't have a great record of success this form of government in history or really much of a record of success at all does it it does China is one example of the success of a socialist state Cuba is one of this example of a success of a communist state and they did very well and very difficult conditions of a economic embargo imposed on them by America you can imagine that if Cuba was allowed to trade with anyone they wish to trade with they would have done far much better I've but more than one economist and one reads many things about economists speaking with concern saying that if your economic agenda the agenda of the e FF were to be implemented in this country it would become an economic basket case overnight already the IMF has just downgraded the 2016 GDP forecast for this country nought point 6 percent that's very very small indeed the ratings agencies are in the verge of downgrading South Africa's bond status to junk I mean is this the right time to be making these sorts of pronouncements is that responsible do you think they are not done graded under a socialist state they are downgraded and their capital is the state capitalism is failing that's why I am after well bank and rating agencies are they are done creating a capitalist economy so you cannot use that to want to argue that socialism it cannot succeed in South Africa so you don't think we are in a different way religion out of international casting or international invest we are at a point when alternatives should be introduced because that which you are pointing and trying to a vulgar rise socialism is clear evidence of a failure in genuine socialism but what I'm suggesting are less things me and you having a conversation so yours were quoting you no no you're saying I I'm not talking about you you are quoting economists yeah and I'm saying that which you're quoting because it's used making the code that which you are coding is it clear evidence of a capitalist system failing South Africa's under capital what you are suggesting as I saying is is that South Africa can exist perfectly well outside of the International structures of finance outside of international investment you don't need it here if you put them all off you'll be just fine who said under socialist I stated there's no way for an investment because there is a foreign suggesting they might not want to put their money here there will be a minor operation without compensation if they think that their businesses will be nationalized no no there will be a foreign direct foreign investment in South Africa because direct foreign investment it depends on the stability of a country depends only on the only reassure the foreign investor no you must give me chance to speak unless you want to have it this interview with yourself then we can give you a chance to speak a lot okay because you're asking me questions I'm responding to them and that's the whole intention of this conversation so we are going to ensure that we take control of our own economy we're going to ensure that we take control of our own land and those who want to invest in our country they're going to do so through our own temps their businesses will be safe for as long as they will help to grow the economy South Africa if they want a piece of land they will get that piece of land but they will not own it they will lease that piece of land for whatever yes they so required to lease the piece of land as long as that is aiming at creating jobs and growing the South African economy and there will be a stable government the investment will be hundred percent protected and there is no blood in South Africa death nor civil war in South Africa he's just a poor change of political system local elections are coming up shortly in just a few months time will you do better do you think in these local elections than the six percent you got in the 2014 general election we got six percent when we're less than a year old and I think that faux fur and we are going to be ten in three years now so every year represent six years so the first year we got I mean every year represent six percent rather the first year we got six percent there then there's Ananda yeh and in this the 30s all must get a six percent three times that six percent per annum calculus of yours would put you by 2019 the general election is pretty much in a position to govern the country with us what we want and actually want to take this counter by 2019 and if we don't take this counter by 2019 we must be an official opposition with a clear direction of taking over power because we said from the beginning we are a government in Waiting do you envisage the need for partners can you see yourself in coalition with the democratic alliance absolutely we can work with the DA we can work with the UDM we can work with anyone who represent clean government governance anyone wants to restore the dignity of black people we are not going to work with any party particularly the d8 we'll have to outline from before to us how is it going to empower in partnership with us the black nation which is still under a an economic oppression is still an economic a party we're not going to partner with anyone who wants to bring white dominance and control through a backdoor so the DA will have to outline itself as to how do we ensure that we take our people out of the shacks how do we make sure that a the black middle class gets paid the same salary with white counterparts for the same job because that's not the case today and if the DA doesn't outline that it will not be in any partnership with them we want a party that is ready to empower the black nation do you have anything positive at all to say to the whites of this country the 10% that makes up the white population well they are part of South Africa this is their country and the many of them have demonstrated the love for this country many of them want to contribute to the positive development of this country where is real racists versus you I never said I've never said that well of course if you were to refer me to a specific report so that I can respond to a specific article I don't know of such an article all I said is that we want a counter way we're all equal a my fighting for black people does not mean the oppression of white people I'm fighting to liberate black people so that they can be at the same level with white people or whatever and we don't see each other as white and black but we see each other as human but is not the language of incitement then where does that fit into that paradigm because as you said this weekend you said whites are the real enemy they've stolen the land will steal it back you said also that black people just a few days ago should have more babies so that they can keep up their majority over the white people this is not inclusive language is it no no no there were people who took our land these white people when we say we want our land we don't want it from the sky we want it from white people so that's why we're saying we want our land from them they've taken our land and they've taken our land through a black Gino sign secondly when I say black people must produce a for sustainability of our ideas it doesn't mean white people must not reproduce if they want to reproduce they are free to do that all I'm saying to our people is that we are fighting for economic freedom and for these ideas to be sustainable we have to reproduce ourselves because the reproduction of ourselves means a reproduction of ideas were guaranteed a longevity were guaranteed the legacy of what we're fighting about so we traveled around the country we spoke to young people around the country about their view of South Africa now their view of the future and we've just kept up two of them who had specific things to say about you in the e FF yeah here's what they thought of your party if you just press play there you can have a listen listen I think they're a double-edged sword really so in my eyes they could be good for the rest for South Africa going forward or they could be even worse than the a and C or the apartheid government one they give up too much fear they instill fear into other people is it vice hmm instead of actually coming across as being able to being warm and open being having like open arms and like being able to embrace everyone of every color in every every walk of life I don't think Julius Malema will make a great leader he's he's a very good leader you know the way he speaks the way it does things but the way of approach it the way it does things they are so I don't I don't know which way to explain it but they for a leader you some of the things like that you cannot do them so the inside there provokes and and everything and imagine having a leader like that it was leading the whole country he will just say things that will drive people out that will drive the investors out of the country and then our country will be will be like sorted to make this example but it will be like Zimbabwe one day and this is what we don't want we don't want something like that to happen in this country we want everyone to be accommodated everyone black and white investors you every part of people what are your thoughts how do you respond hey it depends on who's asking question when they see a white person asking questions they want to be nice to you and they want to appear like they are well balanced you can hear they are struggling in their articulation because in front of them is a different type of a person that's point number 122 is that you are asking them leading question see the man tries to explain for himself what are the problems about Julius Malema and you come in and say the insults and and then he follows you like that you are leading him so that's not genuine I mean it is miss Lee's concerns then no right right I don't dismiss them but if you present that as if some sort of a a quick research you went you went around making I first look at who's asking the question how are the question posed to the respondent therefore I will see if this is genuine or not so essentially you're just missing so I think that a they are they are finding themselves in a very difficult a situation if were to find their peer a a person who appears like he comes from the same condition and background with them and allow them to have that conversation with that person without patronising that person they will express themselves they say themselves on their own we agree with him he says the right things were the most oppressed people and all those type of things and then quickly they remember that H this person who is interviewing us we must not be wife in spite under the offices we I said they didn't think you'd make it great leader they said you much you might scare off foreign investors and they worried that this country will end up like some I didn't accept that they were right to to make that observation but remember that I have to look at the totality of the whole picture for me to make an informed a conclusion about it you publicly held up the Constitution and said it was the EF F's Bible absolutely all of us must live by the Constitution your economic program would seem to be parts of it expropriation without compensation the nationalization of company shares in breach of that Constitution our Constitution allows the expropriation not without punch not without compensation but he doesn't say with compensation well it does section a section 25 of the Constitution no one may be deprived of property except in terms of law law may not arbitrarily deprived people of property property may be expropriated with just an equitable compensation mutually agreed or determined by the KSR we need to go to the Constitutional Court and and stated that a consonant clause because they are areas where there's clear evidence that this land was taken by force from rightful people and parties who are involved in this matter they both agree that the land was unfairly taken from the people why compensate such elect so we can go to a Constitutional Court and get such a declaratory order and it where it in cases on the merits but it doesn't allow you to have a sweeping economic program based on expropriation without compensation no no it there when you call that Constitution it speaks about a specific cases that if it happens there must be justifiable acceptable compensation and I'm stretching it further and I'm saying to you there could be instance where we expropriate without compensation in the same Constitution and secondly that if the Constitutional Court makes a declaration that we have no such power we can amend the Constitution because our Constitution allow for amendment and that must be done through 2/3 majority and by doing that for you to get 2/3 majority you have to convince a population that this is a right direction you routinely dismiss questions about your wealth how did you make your money which one you don't have any my personal money no my everyone knows about my mind you might not know a but everyone is out of rigor my money was in the news by finances were in the newspaper spadeful I paid for the cars who pays for the watches who pays for the clothing all of that was declared in in public one is that the house I was building in Sandton was not built by me it was a house that was built by a group of comrades it was not an individual house it was not my house although the bond it was in my name it was a collective decision and then the cars let's talk about the Range Rover used to drive the owner of the Range Rover he has passed away yes since passed away may his soul rest in peace but when he was still alive he went to the papers and said this is my car I borrowed it to him I treat him like my son I'm supporting him I believed in his ideas so all over that of the watches the designer clothing these are items of elocution not mine I was waking I bothered him I don't mean what you're wearing now I mean what you are very famous for wearing no I was not going to walk naked here those clothes were my symbols of conspicuous wealth though those there's no question what's dollars worth of watches and you're creating you're creating sensationalism Helen there's no such thing as thousands of these are well documents of rent so Sorenson's and dollars are two different things so a so you're being sensational because there's never been anyone who want affined if those truths and watches are thousands of dollars so you can just true and abuse this platform like that so I used to weigh it might lose the same way I work I'm wearing this one the difference was that I was presentable and people confused a person was presentable to be a person who's wearing expensive clothes some of the watches that I was wearing I was given by a comrade who I was very close with in the Indian sea I've never bought a white wealthy mama in my in your rich the Indian sea they are rich people they are rich black people and is very safe and and they gave them to me because you know when you are a president of the Youth League you got all sort of well wishes and influent have any influence when you are the president of the Youth League you are no you don't have any influence you are not in government you don't have any influence you are just a political figure who mobilizes they use behind the vision of the ANC that's that's all that's the primer rule so you don't have any rule that says you dish out tenders or you dish out businesses to anyone there's no such a thing so when wishes are there there are people who subscribe to two ideas and they don't want to see you fail so a I've never dressed a more expensive things than a what you appear to be dressing yourself I've never been a conspicuous like you like the way you are now oh there's nothing such a thing in my life okay Touche good point hey we're gonna wrap it up and so will you make a good president of this country one day do you think I don't have ambition of becoming a president my ambition is to make the e FF a government of South Africa and as to who becomes the president the FF will make that choice I'm not into this thing for myself I'm into this thing to put a party that has got the interest of black people at heart in power that's what is in about what I were happy would you make a good president Julius melon you be the judge what we'll only know after words were me you'll be the judge if I can make a good president but like I said that's not my ambition that's why I'm not even preoccupied with answering that question in myself whether I will make a good president or not because I've got no such ambition my ambition is to put a responsible party in power Julius Malema thank you for speaking to Al Jazeera you

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promising economic openness while tightly consolidating political power what will the latest Communist Party Congress reveal about China's global leadership aspirations as America turns inward this is inside story hello there I'm James BAE's who is the most powerful person in the world many would say the US president Donald Trump but the international news publication The Economist makes a fair case for arguing it's actually China's President Xi Jinping unlike Trump the leader of the world's second largest economy doesn't have to worry about Congress the media or for that matter re-election and although China has had in recent years a collective leadership system President Xi is feared because of his anti-corruption campaign and has amassed more personal power than any of his recent predecessors this is a particularly good time to assess all of this China's ruling party has a major meeting every 5 years and it's happening right now before we start our discussion a long-term China watcher al-jazeera's Beijing correspondent Adrian Brown reports from the Communist Party Congress President Xi Jingping can control a lot of things but he can't influence the weather to the superstitious and many people here are the damp grey start to this Congress was perhaps a warning sign in spite of the weather this was a day of choreographed unity after what has been a tumultuous few years for the party but there was a stirring welcome for the president this is as close as the foreign media get to the opaque workings of China's Communist Party she reported on his past five years in office saying the party had achieved miracles he also warned serious challenges lay ahead our country is at a strategic point in its development the future is extremely bright but the challenges are also extremely serious all party comrades must have set their size far and high and the think of danger in times of safety his address lasted three and a half hours if nothing else did showed that she now 64 is healthy healthy enough to rule for another 10 to 15 years in sisters supporters at one stage former president Jiang Zemin appeared to nod off he was China's top leader 25 years ago when I reported on the 14th Party Congress as China began to experiment with capitalism the new catchphrase is socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new spirit of openness and economic reform anything seems to go anything that is but political reform 25 years on the faces behind me have changed but the backdrop remains pretty much the same and the prospect of political reform as remote now as it was then the Congress will now meet in secret for the next seven days after which China's new leaders will be unveiled President Xi is assured of a second term and this Congress seems set to cement his position as China's top leader for a lot longer Adrian Brown al-jazeera Beijing the changing faces of the Chinese Communist Party and the ever-so-slightly aging face of our correspondent Adrian Brown well let's discuss the issues surrounding the Congress with our panel in Beijing we have I not Kangin he's a political and economic affairs analyst joining us on skype from New Delhi jabbin Jacob a fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies and in Washington DC we have Isaac stonefish a senior fellow at the Asia Society Center on us-china relations welcome to you all ina I'm going to start with you because you are there where things have been happening in Beijing we heard the Chinese leader say that China had entered a new era what will define this era well quite frankly a lot of the kind of things that he listed and there's more than three hour intense discourse very solidly delivered a quite a let us say difference from a Twitter tweeting other major leader but I mean seriously the things that define China it's out of push how it deals with the belt and Road initiative they also have challenges in North Korea South and East China Seas and how to deal with just the sheer size of their growth internally they have issues that they have to address but I think you saw within the document that he read very clear signal as to why he wants his party his comrades to rally around this why sacrifices needed and why they have to go along with this program if I ask you jabbin what we mentioned earlier on The Economist saying the president she is now the most powerful man in the world would you agree with that number one and number two explained to us how he has got more power perhaps in the last five years in the Chinese political system than some of his predecessors well I think it's not quite as black and white as that calling him in the most powerful leader on the planet he certainly has become quite powerful within China but I think the events surrounding in the run-up to the Congress as well as you know the fact that we do not have a very clear picture yet of who the top contenders are for the Politburo Standing Committee I think a lot of these things are still you know up in the air he has certainly become more powerful over the last five years by his very strong anti-corruption campaign he has reigned in the party exorcists he has maintained strong control over the military he has somehow gotten the military on his side much more so than any of his predecessors and I think he's done it because he sold a line to the ordinary people as well as to the party Carter as well as the military that he allowed to change I now make China stronger and his vision of making China stronger has buyers especially at a time when the rest of the world the United States especially does not seem to be stepping up to the plate as far as leadership is concerned so he's able to sell to the Chinese people that this is an opportunity that has arrived and China must take it Isak stonefish in Washington DC there are some that saying that he's emerging as a transformational leader perhaps like Chairman Mao or dong Xiao ping as you know Chairman Mao established the communist state dong-chil ping introduced economic reforms that transform China what is he going to be known for I think it's good to insert a bit of hesitancy and skepticism so from what we can see she is becoming a more and more powerful leader but there's just so much we don't know we don't know what his relationship is with other members of the Standing Committee we think it's quite good but all we have are the tea leaves that we can see from the outside we think he has a good relationship with the men who run the military that's also something we don't know so if we stick with the assumption that we're making that she is a very powerful leader and transformative in the way that Mao and dung were some things we might be able to expect is a far more assertive push internationally now Chinese leaders like to talk about how their country is a developing one not a developed one we could actually see under XI China going and potentially getting involved in conflicts or peace talks in the Middle East we could see a more assertive Chinese stance on North Korea to see more assertive Chinese stance on the disputed islands in the South China Sea and on border issues of India so a lot of different areas that XI and China might decide to put a bigger push into ina recent Chinese leaders have done 10 years they've had the party Congress where they got given the job they had the halfway mark at five years and then the next Congress in ten years that was when they stepped down do you think President Xi is going to step down next time around in 2022 well that's one of the big questions that surround this lot will depend on whether he brings in the next two people from the sixth generation who would be capable of serving a five-year apprenticeship on the Standing Committee and then be able to take over obviously the corruption charges against the former party secretary of Chongqing has made that clear that he's out of the running question is can you bring up somebody quickly enough that people are going to be comfortable with in terms of himself I think he has a very ambitious agenda I think we all agree on that and he's trying he's trying to push it through will it take ten more years I not certain but it'll if it will be in the cards but one of the things that I think we are concentrating too much on is we you know this china is a completely different entity this is not something where you start putting your political and economic norms from your own country in the West and trying to insert them in China the fact is China does not do new plans on the back of a napkin as part of a campaign to get power it is a very slow planning process that involved a lot of steps along the way and this is how they achieve a lot of what they've done so this idea that you can concentrate solely on what she is doing or who is on the top standing committee I think is a misleading I think the most important part will be the work report which will indicate in detail what the government is trying to do and what emphasis its placing on each part I know you're telling me we're focusing too much on the leader I am going to ask another question about the leader to job in though which is about president she's background and hat what in what way you think it shapes him because he was from an elite family son of an elite official who then was purged and imprisoned and is in his youth sent to a rural area of China working as a farm labourer how do you think that shapes his political outlook look everyone's background is important to how they think about politics and I am sure this experience that she's father went through in the Cultural Revolution has also affected and shaped she accept that you know it might not be in quite the way that we think I think one appreciation that she might have developed is in the power of the state in the power of the Communist Party to keep things in order or the need for the Communist Party to keep things in order so I think to that extent she does not seem to have any Democrat izing tendencies he seems to think that the Communist Party is absolutely essential for China's rise and you know so from that point of view I think that experience has taught him that what China needs is a strong hand and clear direction and somebody has to give that direction and that is what I think he's trying to achieve he's you talk about rising you talk about his strong hand and one of the things he's done in his five years is a widespread crackdown on corruption but he still says in his speech today it's a big problem in the country would ya count you join corruption is the biggest threat faced by our party we can only get out of the historical cycle and ensure the long-term stability of our party and our country if we persevere in the continuous fight against corruption to ensure that our government its officials and policies are clean Isak stonefish in washington d.c he says this continues this fight against corruption does this help him politically too because that one assumes you're cracking down on corruption people were somewhat fearful of you I think depending on how well he plays it on the one hand corruption is something that's very unpopular in China there's a lot of frustration you have among a lot of people that local leaders or even national leaders are corrupt and not steering the country in the right direction I think the question is how much anger Xi Jinping builds among members of the party State for turning off the spigot and because he's doing this in somewhat of a hypocritical way you know the leaders that he takes down are corrupt if we believe the evidence against them which mostly comes from the party just not an entirely trustworthy organization and they also all have run afoul of Xi Jingping so it's not a sort of honest clean hands we're just going after corrupt officials it's going after corrupt officials who for the most part tend to be in some ways in opposition to Xi Jingping Arnott engine in Beijing moving from corruption to the wider economy what are the biggest risks facing the Chinese leadership over the next five years well if you're talking internally a lot of it goes around how to manage the economy but once again this is not a cookie cutter Western democracy the Chinese government has direct control over almost everything so what you see is this kind of feeling the stones while crossing the river approach they try something if it works they continue if it doesn't they abandon it and find something new and this is not something you can do you know if you look at the West trying to steer its economies through central banks which is kind of trying to you know cut a wheat field with a razor blade versus China who's able to literally say this is where it's gonna stop we're gonna close down these factories we're gonna move them things now you might not like the system but it is a part of the DNA of China that the people here expect the government to deliver some sort of decent living standards and so far China has done that and I think they're going to continue in terms of corruption I'm I'm not so certain that my American colleague is entirely correct if you start looking at the number of officials who've actually been taken down some of them received rises under she himself and he has shown that he has a pretty even hand if he discovers that somebody has broken the rule he told people five years ago that you this is a new start everything that happened the past is the past anything that happens forward is a direct affront to not only the people but to the party and you will be taken down I don't know that I like this idea that we continually sing this song that China should do something about corruption and then when it does we say oh it's only for power reasons job in ina keeps telling me not to look at China through Western eyes I am going to ask you to challenge an assumption though from me a westerner and that is that when you get greater wealth and education the people will start asking for more freedom freedom of speech democracy and the like do you see any sign of that and is that a challenge for President Xi and the leadership well if there is a sign of it then it is very much under control that Communist Party of China has managed to keep it under the lid it's certainly not playing a role significant enough to change the course or the direction that she seems to have set for the Communist Party of China and I think we just have to accept facts as they are and I would agree with ina in saying that you know this is not a country that one can view with the West Western lens or even from an Indian and in fact if I might say so I think it's easier for us to work India to understand what's going on in China because some of the problems that we see in China we also face some of these same issues of anti-corruption are also big issues here and we see the difficulty of actually dealing with these problems in a country the size size that India and China are so I think yes there is a case to be made for understanding and accepting that there is a separate Chinese or different Chinese DNA about how they will handle these issues either the one Westerner who is probably grappling most with how to understand China and President Xi is President Trump and they seem to have surprised people earlier on this year at mar-a-lago when they met in April and got on a lot better than we might have predicted from president Trump's election campaign how do you see the relationship continuing particularly as President Trump in a matter of weeks will be going to Beijing just one point on what my colleague in Beijing has said I think a lot of us make a mistake inside China and outside of conflating the Communist Party and China the country they are not the same thing the party wants to have this idea of inevitability that Oh China can only be ruled by the Communist Party obviously that's not true thousands of years of history before the Communist Party and there'll be thousands of years of history after you also have Taiwan democratically run which china says is part of china part of the DNA but as a democratic polity so i think you talked about your rebuttal they decide you'll rebuttal that as it now answer the question the Trump XI relationship going forward and particularly the important visit of the President to Asia so I think what Trump has been trying to do is to use North Korea as somewhat of an excuse to increase trade tensions with China Trump has this very fanciful idea that a trade deficit is very harmful to the US economy and he wants to read balance trade between the US and China basically every credible economist doesn't think this is a problem Trump does so I think even though he's going there in early November and the two leaders got along seemingly pretty well when they met in April I do think Trump would like to have excuses to raise trade tensions between the two countries I know there was it seems a deal this very transactional US president said I'll put all my concerns about trade on one side if you sort North Korea it seems the US administration doesn't feel that it's got its end of the bargain well quite frankly that was not the bargain this is I think way that Donald Trump has been trying to portray it so that anything that happens that is being pushed is in core of course the fault of China I think it's a perhaps a clever PR move but it doesn't reflect reality the situation is that there's a trust deficit between the u.s. and North Korea because of what happened in Libya and other places where people were this pot ik leaders quote were defanged and then actually killed so in that part of the things I don't know that North Korea and the United States can sit down across the table and strike a deal so I don't know that that's necessarily China's fault in terms of the trade issue that is always harped on that China is concerned about a you know a regime change messily that something bad happens and you start having China starts inheriting all the problems remember there won't be many refugees moving from North Korea into Alaska or anywhere else in the United States if things fall apart so this the these issues are pretty complicated but it's clear that you know you cannot just say it's one sides fault if there's no talk no trust there will be no resolution okay I know something let me just not either let me just ask you this follow-up question how much influence do you believe Beijing has over North Korea could they change North Korea's behavior if they want to – not really if you think back every time that Xi Jingping has been near an international microphone for some reason this is the perfect time to fire off a missile or explode a nuclear bomb you can just check that and you'll see that that is the case she has is a very controlled person he does not react to Donald Trump he does not react to Kim even though these are open provocations the Chinese people are not happy about it Chinese government is not happy about it face is an important issue here and young Kim seems to delight in making sure he puts she's face in the mud every opportunity he can okay that is okay Isaac I saw you shaking your head a bit there very quickly your view on that I think China as we all agree is one of the world's most powerful countries and if China were to decide that it wanted to push regime change in North Korea or if it wanted to get Kim to stop with its missile tests it has the ability to do so again massive country north Korea has always been in its sphere of influence China just doesn't want to do that because it doesn't want the costs that would be associated with pushing North Korea to change but I don't think we want to just blindly swallow the party line that China doesn't have any sway over North Korea or that this is an issue just between the United States and North Korea China is a very important partner in everything involving North Korea job in quickly from you a lot of thoughts on that how much is the issue of North Korea going to dominate now for the foreseeable future us-china relations well let me take a middle path on this I think China is not without influence on the North Koreans and at the same time I think that North Koreans also know just how much to do to stay under the red line as far as China is concerned I think the North Korean Communist Party actually congratulate achene on this particular Congress so I there is a limit to which North Korea will go will will stay under and I also don't see at the same time that for all the reasons that that we'll mention in the beginning that because of the trust deficit between North Korea and the United States that North Koreans will cease their provocations the Chinese certainly don't want American troops on their border they certainly don't want the North Korean regime to collapse so as important as face might be the North Korean regime survival is just as important national security consideration for the Chinese okay just think Java thank you very much thank you all our guests honor Tang in jabbing Jacob and Isaac stonefish remember if you're not near a television set you can still watch this program anytime on a computer tablet or phone at our website aljazeera.com for further discussion of the issues around China go to our Facebook page that's facebook.com /aj inside story or you can make your thoughts known on Twitter we're at AJ inside story from me and the team until next time bye for now