Pro-Choice Republican Group? Alternative Conservatives

in the wake of of the election and other
parts of republican groups who are doing what they can to move the republican
party back towards the middle and away from the social values and tax flip that
they seem so eager to jump off of i’m so we have groups from a couple
different areas we’re gonna highlight for you in the purpose of this is i do want to give them some publicity
into the hopefully their influence within the party will grow because i
would love for there to be of viable alternative
from the democrats of that you’ve actually have policies in the democratic side policies
in the republican side that would make sense we’ll currently
have gotten so democrats who were also put off by today karti really have no alternative so let’s
let’s talk about these groups now so that ten twelve fourteen years from now maybe there’ll be reasonable political
parties in the country but i want to start off with out
republican majority for choice but as a republican group that’s
actually pro-choice i was pretty shocked to hear this and we care about go proud some of the role uh… pro-gay organizations on the right but
not usually pro uh… pro-choice organizations so we have a quote from uh… arose
ferguson she’s the leader of his republican majority for choice and she
says what happened on election day is
essentially what we’ve been warning the party about for the last four years now
i have not been paying attention to what talia rose ferguson has been saying for
last four years but if she has actually been warning them about their
anti-jewish statements she was right on the money because they lost certainly i
would imagine two senate seats because of crazy things that murdoch in eighteen said about choices brazenly do you see anyway that the republican party is
going to move away from the brink and offer alternatives you could have pro-choice and pro-life republicans
under one tent i kind of thing i think that it’s
interesting because we obviously thought boaters move away from the republican
party in those cases that you mentioned i think that
has to happen castle is almost certainly thought to lose first seat or had a very
good chance of losing your seat but when a king came out and made that comment
not legitimate rate he just drop in the polls enemies we saw
her come out on top in that one uh… but the republican party and then you
know elected officials are people who are running for office did not bring ounce at eighteen in
morocco as much as we may be what i’d like to see specifically murdoch as we indictment reading you right the
probably talked about and he writes you might see in the attack tonight on
craigs murdoch was that one of the at that
point in v only kit that romney had actually kinda had four and he didn’t
pulled out of that ideally so i don’t no it so we don’t see republicans as a
whole really really backing away from the abortion issue i think that that’s
one of a lot of people who are wine that button issues are abortion motors out
one button voters at vote on abortion because they’d allot of people in the
republican party thing don’t don’t want to see it you know they have a slightly
but they don’t they’re taxpayer dollars going to fund abortion we can talk
another time outlet so i think i got up and then exactly happened but uh… but
you know i i don’t know if this is ever going to completely change and you may
be decades down the road that i don’t see
that happening intensive yet a great example of that was when we were uh…
debating with the health care bill so uh… the republicans came up and
said one thing is we have to have it said that money can’t go taxpayer money can’t
go towards abortions and that the democrats alike yet
authority for a lot unity that so the finally they were like ok fine city
putting something and republicans came back and said we have to have it be more obvious that
lady was already in the bill in federal law that there’s still the misconception
that your taxpayer dollars are going to fund abortions tennis and it was legal
to work organizations that as one part of what they do rather supplier but that’s about three percent and that’s the g_-seven
isn’t there for a company with abortions and i mean what what b_f_r_v_ actually
sat in that you know what might be paint your some of your own dollars a
year paying in your premiums might be going to find abortions but you can both
state and individuals can opt out of plans define abortion coverage so i mean
this is just a complete misconception and when she said one that they pushed to fix the economy and that doesn’t
happen and yet and then also still push that
idea that it is happening is that people don’t support obama carry the whole the
meat of the other major issue area where i think they actually will do better and
helping to reform the republican party is in regards to i think segments in just a marriage and
conceptual rates generally so you’ve had go proud you’ve had the
log cabin republicans obviously whatever problems not exactly the pigs advocates
for gay rights but go proud has tried to be now granted
they hadn’t had a couple of years they’ve been thrown out of places where
they’re giving speeches and things like that uh… but i think that we’re it’ll be hard to to change
people’s mind in the republic party proportion i do think that they have a
better chance of doing it needs in order to same sex marriage because it’s hard
to get past the idea of murderer in abortion like that seems to be for a lot
of republicans in the base that seems to really work and i think that they have a
very emotional reaction to that i think they have an emotional problem of dot reaction to sentence her to but i i can’t see that last thing that
the numbers are changing too quickly just over the last four or five years i
mean we saw uh… up more legalization of gay marriage in a couple states book
taunt taunt the two to two tuesdays ago and now i have some uh… republicans
including globetrotter saying that they need to adopt the federalist incidents
where just allow the states to decide which would uh… you have to get hurt the defense america
of marriage act at that point you do you think that
they’re more likely to to do better when it comes to the second arb let me do
better and i think that they sent us this in the area where we see a lot of
the young republicans kind of coming around if you’ve been paying attention
onto lake university we talked about this before that a lot of the hot young
republicans on college campuses actually do are a little bit more
socially liberal in the terms of how republican in and liberal or
conservative and liberal are being defined right now is they kind they do
you know i support same-sex marriage and in other issues like that uh… and so i do think that we might
try and see those uh… ideologies within the party circuit changed
specifically when it does happen to gay-rights on that now the thing is
though kind of thing that it should be held by
the states is almost away it’s still not supporting
it but not really having to deal with aunt so you know at the little give and take
their yet dot totally coming round it what it was it’s made out in the press
that you know there are people who support states rights of people who
don’t support states rights i think that that’s just bs william when the state support what
you’re doing or when you can get a federal law passed in people tend to
want that when you can’t sent to the states it will see if we can
win their adding the both democrats and republicans for a fair to you that on
various issues like for instance spot legalization
things like that uh… i wish these uh… fairly moderate
republican groups well i don’t know it’s gonna be hard because
there there’s a period now where in terms of immigration in terms
of maybe same sex marriage in this window where maybe you can
influence the republicans to be a bit more reasonable but in just a couple of years actually less than a year to have the
midterm elections and around that same time they’re gonna
be republicans running for the nomination again and they’re gonna have
to appeal to the craze is the party to get to the primary two so i would if you’re gonna do anything do it
quickly ’cause your windows for quick closing

Republican Rips His Own Party Over War on Women

good the well it on Oklahoma legislators have enacted something most restrictive
anti-abortion laws in the country so far at least sixteen different lost since
2010 when republicans basically took over at
the the the state’s legislative legislate britches including banning
abortions after 20 weeks with no exceptions for fetal abnormalities now they seek to instill even more
abortion restrictions such as this currently in place in Texas
wanted the whether the new measures that they
currently wanna put in place would require abortion providers to
obtain admitting privileged it privileges to hospital specifically
within 30 miles up the practice another law would be and
teenagers under the age of 17 from accessing plan B over-the-counter the ACLU has
stated that these laws are absolutely unnecessary and that though they are
being sold the safety issues it’s really just quote smoke-and-mirrors
used as a way of getting clinics to close down abortion providers
in Texas under under these laws have been forced
to close many clinics and other state or closed yet how a because they have they are not close enough to hospital
this that are left had huge patient leads within the thousands that they simply cannot keep up with an
estimated 22,000 already economically challenged women in Texas won’t be able to get the abortion they
seek in this year lower I’ll which is what Oklahoma six to
emulate with these new laws but not every Oklahoma Republican is
pleased with these measures however Republican dusk trucks on is a
representative in oklahoma and his is a practicing physician and he has been lamenting a long-gone Moderate
Party did he recalls joining many years ago /url in it okay he wrote last May he said quote what happened to the
republican party that felt that the government had no business being in an
exam room where did the pretty good it felt that
some decisions in a woman’s life should not be made by legislators and government but rather by
the woman her conscience her doctor and her god Doug Cox attempted to amend the first
bill in oklahoma to include dermatologists in
the list ok state regulated medical professionals
stating that it may just about as much sense is trying to regulate restrict abortion providers he also
blasted the second bill for just being blatantly unnecessary and biased against young
women pointing out that Oklahoma still has the second highest teen pregnancy
rate in the country and it over 2,000 young women under the
age of seventy in gave birth in 2010 alert cox et
quelle this bill takes the ability to control
the destiny away for women but thats what we do in
the republican party these days Cox is the most recent recipient of
plant pure thats barry goldwater or it has argued
against more than 160 anti-abortion measures it have been attempted during his time
in office so what do you guys think alright so there there are a couple of
things in this up in this article that and I want to
point out just gonna pick up talk about up when he said quote this bill takes
the ability to control I’ll there to stay away from women but
that’s what we do in Republic party these days and they also said and
one there’s also a part in this article were two cocks also disputed the notion that some young
girls may not be able to take the morning after pill safely since there’s
no scientific evidence that this type of tax reception this potentially dangerous are sure this
guy’s a republican because he’s actually you keep science I mean he to learn something from maybe
maybe must learn something from the time taken to bottle but to be serious so I think he’s
absolutely right there’s this double standard where wherein by a handful of condoms and that’s cool we shrug it off right in
college boys being boys and sometimes we should praise them for being safe now
I can’t agree with that I think safe-sex is important you know and and especially
important to teach teenagers but god forbid a girl gets plan B right this I mean the status as a this is a republican that in this case
is actually standing on republican principles he doesn’t think
big government was searched the state but at the state or the
federal level isn’t into this beginning in the
doctor’s offices and read it leading women’s active rights and that’s like
that’s fantastic i think is like it’s been a number of
cases now the last two years where concert is setting at the state level they this guy he’s still pulling favor
blowing lowering taxes he be an economic conservative but when it comes to send social issues
now he can no longer identify with the republican party cannot be a
conservative in that respect and so I think it looked like this to me more
amorphous lynching as in next couple years ago I think up until call me back twenty 20 where you gonna
have the socially and economically conservatives republicans and then you can have the
SOC socially liberal but economically conservative
Republicans I think this guy at least in social issues he’s
nobody wants to give done he was built to empower women and
British order things he said about how note 14 year old boys they would just
walk into any drugstore buy a packet condoms and I find that texan the girls in the
other hand they have hardly any protections what so
ever and I think United airplanes even if he’s going again City
he cut his constituents in you know other members party he’s doing
what he thinks is not only might justified so good for him s iight to points are there too amusing points on this
story one the guy’s name is Cox and he’s talking about pregnancy and stuff like
that obviously hilarious number till on each he won the very cold water Ward
there’s little the like five people in the country more
conservative than barry goldwater in every other issue except for ARM the
pro except for pro-choice issue me okay even
though he would say at the time that he was
pro-choice because it’s very conservative this to keep the
government out your business so like that’s a fitting award for our
public it’s a win like this and it shows you how much the Republican
Party as change but I’ll the point the point that out like I’m
obviously like in favor of this guy like that it came out about this op-ed in all
that and a I’m not I’m not in favor I think
the morning after pill I i don’t know what the age limit should
be but I don’t think it should be 17 because it is a L is II those hormones like like I feel
kinda weird same like a 12-year-old should take the morning after pill
without supervision so I can understand it the radical age
limit but I don’t think it should be 17 and I don’t think it’s at effective up an age limit at at
really at any age because if you came up to me and the drugstore and said look I’m afraid I’m going to
get pregnant could you buy me this pill I would totally fucking do that like
like I I could not like I i just think that we go a little 20 like obviously it’ll calm when they
go way too overboard but in general Lake with when it comes to
birth control we go a little too overboard on trying to make it difficult
to to get it by Obama fought the their age
a reduction for the morning after pill for me for no reason like he just bought it
and he said it’s dangerous and all that the normal Hill which is a much slower
and safer dose in the morning after pill is still not over the counter for no reason so I I just sold like me we’re just weird in this country or
at least conservatives and some Democratic politicians are weird in
this country about birth control in all their and its unnecessary we are weird about
this we’ve got this sorta puritan mindset when it comes to
you you know because %uh the religion in this country
religion plays a huge role and a lot of art you know contraception
debates it’s amazing to me that in 2014 that we’re still actually having a
debate over contraception and that there are still people that
actually are saying no you can’t have access to that it just have a hard time relating to the
mindset of the person who believes that they would rather have say a
fifteen sixteen-year-old pregnant and having a baby before she is
fit financially or emotionally ready to
handle that sort of responsibility rather than however take a pill which
scientifically has deemed to be 99.99 percent safe and and I’ll you know eliminate that burden from her life so that she has an
actual future incident she can finish school go to college and in actually have some control over
light I don’t understand the type of mindset it that people had
that which Inc it ok no later stay pregnant teacher at lesson punish her for having
had sex because that’s way more important when
the thing is not a curator puritanical 97 it comes to
contraception is any chance I mindset to contraception
for women and what I mean let’s text message
legislators in america hopped on the mall and then what nails have as much sex as
well there’s no debate %uh so about males using condoms and
contraception as NOK that’s fine but for women you know a lab
tale and you get continued on an abortion and then if you have a kid and when
you’re a teenager we’re not gonna give you any welfare we don’t want any a
batch it’s just %uh one thing after another
the concerted just do not care about witnesses said but now
they’re also concert is such as this guy and you negotiated Cox
leather in a good guy brilliant but door large
swathes as a Republican Party NP with a
concerted mines at he just that in on the senate actively thinking
I hate women but they didn’t informed by a media such
as Fox News another conservatives and pundits and talk show
host just have just naturally aged it just comes
naturally to the needs they just get well of course we don’t want you know
abortion or contraception and I don’t necessary connect back issue with women’s rights they see is passed
two distinct things and it’s just is just bull will drink me as well yeah
I i’m gonna have to push back have a a little bit on that there is
that there is there are republicans are crazy anti condom on it’s illegal hey I’ve been in New
York City public schools it’s illegal in New York City public schools for them to
show you how to put on a condom on a on banana are in my in the universe is
over here they offer you I know that’s hilarious in
university over here they they offer you aren’t free condoms
at at at home our college campuses but another
universities they try to pass laws to prevent that like there is there is a lot of pushback and in in and
some in the states about giving away free condoms at high schools or colleges
and stuff like that so I year anti sex this it I can understand
the the push back against wanting to give 3 like cuz I think the reason why the push
back against entry condoms at are giving free stuff away CTV just mass
X the it does Sony great push back intends
Women’s Club session and I think bit condoms the people who are pushing
back against giving free condoms when college campuses which I’m sure no doubt want to waste on you sign and
but didn’t need any push my base company
tonight on rather than it is college kids if they got the back
sales got their hands on some condoms than that but not my beloved they just
don’t want to give away free stuff it cannot park in certain mindset rate
that’s also part of the mindset is we don’t want our children having sex at
all ever knowing anything about it yet I’m gonna I’m gonna have to like and
is my wound as Stephen just unnecessarily cut me in the middle of
his eye comment saying that they’re wasted on me but yeah on keep many just shift man I yet her I understand that is yours are
women because we still have the normal pillow over the counter which makes no sense because the morning
after pill I’m not exactly sure but depending on
your brand is equal to taking 10 up the normal a lot once and somehow the
normal bill is not available on the counter so I said it’s worse for
women but I just want to point out that there are nuts Ella let get about condoms or want
condoms even if like it’s a charity that wants to set up like a all summer they
will let them do that well its it does exist but its stupid
either way for my final thought the irony I love
you know the Republican Party always going in there and in basically trying to regulate sings
understand in between a woman and her doctor is sort of the same saying that
Republicans are arguing that health care law to and soul there’s just

LifeTalk Breaking News: MeToo & Politicians Ignore America’s Hidden Sex Scandal!

🎶 Music 🎶 Hello. I’m Mark Crutcher,
president of Life Dynamics. On this Tuesday’s edition of Life Talk,
we released our new report documenting that thousands of women and girls have been raped
or sexually assaulted in American abortion clinics. This has been going on for decades
and since the release of our report, the cover-up by the abortion Lobby and
the mainstream media has continued. We’ve also contacted the #MeToo movement as
well as more than 50 of their political supporters . So far we’ve had absolutely
no response from #MeToo, and only one inquiry from
one of these politicians. Their claim to care about sexual assault
victims is being exposed as they lie. So I’m asking each one of you for your help. First, go to and inform yourself – and then
encourage all your friends to do the same. Then write letters to the editor,
call in on talk shows, use social media, or do whatever you can to get this
message in front of the American people. You can even have these talk shows
contact us about an interview. And if you don’t think that’s
important, remember this: at least four of the sexual predators
we identified in our report are STILL working in American
abortion clinics right now. We are counting on you – because without
your help this scandal will remain hidden. Thank You. you

Democrats Put Their Insanity On Full Display | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 285

hola como estas donde esta el Maria porfavor no a bow feat a soos vacas jirafa Naranjo siete Bono's mariachi tengo muchas enchiladas deja de hablar me tacos soy caballo as you can see I was just speaking Spanish there I am fluent in Spanish I that's why in case you didn't notice I was speaking Spanish I can speak Spanish and did I mention that I speak Spanish I just want to be sure that you caught the whole bit where I was speaking Spanish just just right there pretty pretty impressive I did not make it a big deal of it or anything but it's a you know pretty impressive that I can speak two languages we discovered last night that a number of Democratic presidential candidates speak Spanish and they were eager to show off the fact that they speak Spanish especially better or wark who broke into it randomly in the first question creating one of the most hilarious and uncomfortable moments of the night for me one of the most hilarious and uncomfortable moments that I've seen in a debate in a long time and we will revisit that moment in a moment and a few other moments as well but first let's talk about finding freelance talent for your business or project finding the right freelancer can be time-consuming and frustrating also expensive a lot of questions a lot of unknowns like how much will it cost to hire a freelancer where you're gonna find the talent how can you be sure they'll deliver what is the meaning of life well fiber can help you answer those questions except for the last one I guess that's more your kind of on your own with that thanks to fiber finding the right freelancer doesn't have to be a struggle I've talked to several people have used fiber and they've all raved about how simple it is I'll straight forward just makes the whole process easier there's no there's no guesswork nothing to worry about here's how it works fibers marketplace connects businesses with freelancers who offer hundreds of digital services including graphic design copywriting web 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you go to vote but time everyone goes to vote in 2020 no one's gonna remember anything that happened today or last night but mainly the issue is simply that we live in a culture where everyone has the memory of fruit flies so do you remember even what was the big story the big news story we were all talking about two weeks ago or last week I don't remember and I was on this show talking whatever it was I have no idea and it I get people sometimes will will they'll discover the show they'll go back and they'll watch the old ones and catch up and they'll send me emails about some of the older shows when I say older shows I mean sometimes like shows that I did three days ago and I appreciate that they're doing then they're sending emails but they're responding to discussions we had and I have no memory of like what we talked about that really so I get to relive it which is kind of exciting and that's how it is for everyone everything in vaporators replaced by by new information we're consuming so so much information there's so much going on that we have to shove out the old information and replace it with a new every day and there's this recharging process that takes place where we remember nothing at the end and then you add in the fact that 99% of what you hear at a debate is pre-planned canned staged phony us speaking in sound bytes nobody's even attempting to offer anything that approaches or resembles an authentic human thought or opinion there are very few actual back-and-forth Scone on the one thing that rarely happens at a modern debate is debate you'll see a little bit of that there will be a few moments where the people start breaking into actual debate where they're actually like arguing with each other and making points back and forth to each other but then what always happens is the moderator steps in and says hey hey hey we're not gonna have any of that debating at this debate okay or follow the rules now let's return to my boring and irrelevant questions and and that's we do we move back to the Q&A thing and then each candidate gets a chance to speak in talking points again an actual debate would be something like okay here's the topic here are a few points or things to grapple with go ahead have at it and and then the candidates talk to each other that's what a real debate would be everyone people like to mention what's considered one of the great American political baits of all time the lincoln-douglas debate of 1858 and those of course were we're not televised because most families back then didn't have TVs it's a little historical nugget for you but you can go and you can read the transcripts the the back-and-forth that took place at this debate and it's considered a great debate for a reason because there are it's an actual debate the two men are going back and forth making long sort of eloquence in depth points to each other and at doesn't have anymore with that said now that I've explained why it doesn't matter and it's totally pointless we're good we're going to take a look at some of the memorable moments memorable moments by that I mean moments that you'll remember until dinner time and then forget so let's do that will be we begin with robert francis O'Rourke otherwise known by his stage name Beto who was once considered a star in the Democratic Party and now he's just kind of this sad and boring little guy who does stuff like this to get attention watch this what we've just been discussing and talking about is how much fundamental change to the economy is desirable and how much is actually doable in that vein some Democrats want a marginal individual tax rate of 70% on the very highest earners those making more than ten million dollars a year would you support that and if not what would your top individual rate be this economy has got to work for everyone and right now we know that it isn't and it's going to take all of us coming together to make sure that it does necesitamos incluir cada persona en el éxito de este po no Meah pero si quiere most hacer ESO necesitamos in cuy cada persona in nuestro democracia cara votar caca de votante necesitamos la representación de cada vez necesito mas escuchar okay now of course NBC offers subtitles for Spanish speakers so that stunt was just that it was a stunt and it made even less sense when you consider that he didn't continue it constantly throughout the entire debate now when he did that with his first answer and when he did that I thought is he gonna do this for every question but you kind of have to do it for if you're gonna do it once then don't you have to do it for every question it doesn't make any sense to only do it once or twice so but that's what enough he did it only a couple of times which which makes it even more bizarre so for instance Beto did not he gave his answer on climate change where he explained like all the others did that we're all gonna drown and die anytime now but he didn't give that in Spanish he only gave it at English so what does he it does he not care if Hispanic people drown when the polarized caps melt is that what he's trying to say he's basically say to the Spanish speakers hey you guys don't need to hear this part all right I mean like the rest of us you know we're gonna we got to build an arc here because it's gonna be flooding now you guys don't need hear this stuff don't oh don't worry about it don't worry doesn't concern you uh see that's what if if you if you're pretending that you have to speak in Spanish also so that they understand what you're saying then it because then it's you you have to stick with it you can't only do it once that's the problem I think the most telling part and then there was a Cory Booker and Julian Castro they also broke it in Spanish at a couple different points and Booker was asked about it after the debate on NBC have asked you know how he felt about O'Rourke speaking Spanish and then Booker said hey well you know he threw down the gauntlet and and me and Castro we knew that we you know we had to bring it also so what he's admitting is that he's admitting that it was a stunt he was admitting that it was just a dumb competition there was nothing sincere about it he was using the Spanish language as a stunt he admitted that which I don't know if I was a Spanish speaker I would not appreciate that now I think the most telling part of the debate happened maybe about midway through and up until this point a few of the candidates had thrown in some lines about killing babies just to get a quick applause line you know there was one point one of the candidates I don't remember who was making a point had nothing to do with abortion and then he noticed he was losing the crowd people were kind of their eyes were glossing over and so we threw in a quick line about hey yeah we need to kill babies he didn't say that exactly but in essence that's what he said and then it got the crowd perked up and they started up killing babies yeah oh yes this is what the modern Democratic Party has become they that but they did break into a full-on competition to see who supports killing the babies the most and it was established that none of them want any restrictions of any kind on the practice and in fact they all want abortion for free so here they are going back and forth on that should not be an option in the United States of America for any insurance company to deny woman coverage for their exercise of their right of choice I am the only candidate here who has passed a law protecting a woman's right a reproductive health and health insurance and I'm the only candidate who has passed a public option and I respect everybody's goals and plans here but we do have one candidate that's actually advanced the ball and we got to have access for everyone I just want to say there's three women up here that have fought pretty hard for a woman's right to choose senator why would you put limits on any limits on abortion I would make certain that every woman has access to the full range of reproductive health care services and that includes birth control it includes abortion it includes everything for a woman it's not enough for us to expect the courts to protect us 47 years ago Roe vs. Wade was decided and we've all looked to the courts all that time as state after state has undermined Roe has put in exceptions has come right up to the edge of taking away protection as I've senator we now have an America where most people support Roe vs. Wade we need to make that thank you this again is what the modern Democratic Party has become this is what it's been for many years now it is a party utterly obsessed with abortion a party unmoor unattached unmoored disconnected from any notion of basic morality or human decency there isn't even a debate anymore about anything related to abortion in a democratic party that they aren't talking about win personhood begins or about win abortion is acceptable about fetal pain or or whatever they aren't talking about any of that they don't care it's just abortion for everyone at any point for free that's that's where they are there is an there cannot be any nuance there cannot be any equivocation or reservation or moderation just everyone is on the abortion train and even that isn't extreme enough so abortion for all women for any reason at any point for free you would think well that's as extreme and as absolute as it gets but not so fast Castro he took it a step further what this one does for you all of you on stage support a woman's right to an abortion you all support some version of a government health care option would your plan cover abortion mr. secretary yes it would I don't believe only in reproductive freedom I believe in reproductive justice what that means is that just because a woman or let's also not forget someone in the trans community a trans female is poor doesn't mean they shouldn't have the right to exercise that right to choose and so I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion more than he could he could barely say that with a straight face if you watched him him say that he could barely get it out because he knows that what he just said is nonsensical we need to give abortion rights to trans females in other words men okay a trans woman is a man a biological man and this grown adult this somehow successful and prominent relatively speaking political figure just claims on national TV that biological men can get pregnant and he of course knows this is nonsense cousin actually doesn't actually think that there's the reason why if you go back to the 2008 Democratic presidential debate or any any debate before that none of these people were talking about trans and you know men getting pregnant nobody was talking about that nobody was because because they are it wasn't a question then now they're talking about it even though they've all lived if you're looking at a Democratic presidential candidate who's pretending to take this trans stuff seriously pretending to actually believe that a biological man can be a woman and even get pregnant well these are these are grown adults most of them are much older so they have lived most of them 40 or 50 years never talking about this never bringing it up and then all of a sudden in the last few years it's oh yeah I don't know I by well I believe this all along that I believed all along that biological sex is basically a myth you never would have guessed it because I never said it and I spoke and behaved as if I just believed that there are only men and women but I believe that all along oh yeah now this is just Craven opportunism Castro saying something that he knows is scientifically illiterate insane absurd but he's saying it anywhere anyway and it's an applause line for Democrats now if we lived in a sane country and if we live in a sane country then Castro's political career would be over after he just stood on national TV and claimed that men can get pregnant it would be over he would be the laughingstock of the country and that would be it for him but instead it's an applause line and I bet you that his polls pull his poll numbers go up today go from you know 1% to 3 or something but you know what okay I agree actually I'm going to agree with Castro yes let's give abortion rights to men because if if if men are pregnant that's not a baby in there I can tell you that if you're a man if you're an actual biological man and you're pregnant then yes you should get an abortion because that's not a baby that's your this is either a scene from alien or you have a tapeworm in fence the infestation either way yes you go and kill whatever it is cuz it ain't a baby that's for sure or if we're talking about abortion rights for men if you mean by that that men should have a say in the fate of their children then I agree with that also alright but I'm you know what I'm glad as I was watching the debate I was glad that this was happening I'm glad that they put this on display I'm glad that the Democrats put their insanity on display for everyone to see so that the average Joe Schmo sitting at home you know the blue-collar worker in Minnesota that you know that those just that random hypothetical person that people that the candidates and debates like to always bring up I'm looking for policies that are going to positively affect the nurse in Iowa or the or the or the lunch lady in Ohio it always just happening they just happen to choose the swing states for the for their hypothetical anecdotal people anyway if you but if you are someone like that watching at home and you're not very normally very politically invested or aware I'm glad that you got a chance to see that this is what the Democratic Party is they're fighting over who wants to kill babies the most and they're claiming that men get pregnant that's what the Democratic Party is if you're seeing that in your thinking what this is what they are is it this has got to be some kind of fluke no it's not a fluke this is what they are and so you decide if you want to have anything to do with these people or not all right a couple other things I thought this was interesting watch this many plans free college free child care government health care cancellation of student debt new taxes new regulations the breakup of major corporations but this comes at a time when 71% of Americans say the economy is doing well including 60% of Democrats what do you say to those who worry this kind of significant change could be risky to the economy so I think of it this way who is this economy really working for it's doing great for a thinner and thinner slice at the top doing great for giant drug companies this is not doing great for people are trying to get a prescription filled it's doing great for people who want to invest in private prisons just not for the African Americans and Latin X whose families are torn apart whose lives are destroyed and whose communities are ruined it's doing great for giant oil companies that want to drill everywhere just not for the rest of us who are watching climate change bear down upon us ok that was at the very beginning of the debate I think I just cut her off there mid-sentence but bla bla bla you get it did you catch the Latina 'kz by the way that's the new politically correct term because you can't say Latino anymore because that's gendered and it excludes females and it excludes the other of 57 genders so lateen don't love t necks I think it's how she pronounced it I thought it was pronounced latinx that's really how I all this time I thought I figured because it's Latin X it's like L atin X so I thought it was latinx which does sound a little clunky but look teen X that sounds like a like an inappropriate website lateen X that doesn't sound that's just of course it's a made-up word and so of course it sounds completely silly but anyway notice how she's she was told that she was told by the moderator to begin the question that 71% of Americans say the economy is doing well and she responds including 61% of Democrats she responds by insisting that no actually the economy is terrible and there was a lot of that last night where it's the setup to the question is the economy is doing well no eggs are terrible trust me they said things are awful people are hating it it's people are depressed they're starving to death no no but they say those 71 percent say it's oh no no no no it's terrible it's terrible is that how the conversation when they're on the campaign trail if somebody goes up to if they one of these candidates goes up to someone sitting at a diner they're out there how are things for you other things are doing pretty well no they're not they're not doing well for you you are you are in despair you are crushed your life is miserable trust me trust me but this is in order for Elizabeth Warren's goal is socialism the goal of all these people of socialism either by that word or another and in order for them to pass their socialist policies they need to convince us that the economy's is in shambles and it's a disaster they need for it too and if it's not actually in shambles like they wish it was they wish it was I mean they would love it if the unemployment rate was 30 percent and people were starving to death on the streets they would love that there that's what they would prefer because of course these people don't care about human life at all which is why they can not bat an eye at 60 million human babies being killed so but because it's not that unfortunately for them they have to convince us that that's what it's like so they can then shove their socialist policies down our throats and it's all pretty gross speaking of gross we'll watch one more clip watch this it's a simple question what is art what is the biggest threat to what is who is the geopolitical threat to the United States just give me one more to answer congressman Delaney could you repeat the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States right now congressman Delaney well the biggest geopolitical challenge is China but the okay geopolitical threat yes remains nuclear weapons all right so those are do you know that I got a different question totally get it go ahead governor Inslee the biggest threat to the security the United States is Donald Trump so that guy and I don't even know who he is I don't know how half those people were I haven't I don't know who that guy is but he's somebody you're not gonna win he says the biggest threat to the United States is the President of the United States now if Trump had said imagine that Trump had said in a debate that the biggest threat to United States is Barack Obama and now he kind of uses rhetoric like that about the media saying they're the enemy of the people and so on but how does the media how does the Left react when he says stuff like that there's a is a dangerous rhetoric it's terrible T responsible you're gonna get somebody killed well isn't it that if you say the biggest threat to the United States is the president how do you if there's some crazy wacko would-be assassin out there how do you think he's gonna respond to that by the logic of the left and what they say about when when Trump calls the what he his rhetoric and how it's dangerous is gonna get people killed by that same logic aren't you potentially getting the president killed when you say stuff like that that he's the greatest threat to the United States how is that not reckless and irresponsible rhetoric that's what I don't get well of course it is but but again it was a massive applause line so everything is hypocritical and nobody cares all right before we continue a word about about something pretty awesome let's let's translate let's get that taste out of our mouth of all that stupidity and nonsense here's something awesome big token big token is a new app that lets you share data about yourself your interest your habits and then you get paid for it okay you get paid right now you already shared an enormous amount of information about yourself whether you know it or not whether you like it or not you're sharing information and you're not making any money on it people are making money on you you're not making money that's not what this country is about that's not what what living and free-market capitalism is about and as long as we live in a free market which who knows that might be only only for another two years then then you should be able to make the money off of your own information and that's where big token comes in here's how it works first download the app and sign up for free big token account next complete actions to earn points actions include answering surveys checking into locations connecting your social accounts and much more then you can redeem your points for rewards such as cash and gift cards or you could donate your earnings to charity if you're a very generous person and then you can do that but whatever the case is you choose what data you share with big token and then you get paid for you all you can also get more points for referring friends and family your data is always secure with big token and they take it very seriously they take your privacy seriously based on the data you choose to share you'll be placed in the specific had groups and brands will buy access to those ad groups for use in personalized advertising the best part again to emphasize you get paid cash money okay if you want to start earning money for your for your data go to the App Store or Google Play you could search for big token bi gto ke n that's one word download the app and sign up make sure to use my referral code which is matt walsh again search big token in the App Store Google Play download the app I've done it's very easy to do it doesn't take long and then you're up and running and also use my referral code matt walsh to sign up claim your data and get paid all right ah i want to revisit something from yesterday because this came up in the debate a lot and people are still talking about it and i think there is there's a more complete story that needs to be told a more complete story that when i discussed this issue yesterday i didn't I didn't know the full story that I hadn't read it now I do so I want to go back to this as we talked about yesterday there's that gut wrenching photo that's that that really strikes at the heart of the immigration debate in this country and the photo went viral it shows a father and his young daughter face down on the shore of the Rio Grande the girl has her arm around the man's neck and they're both they're both dead it's horrible devastating heartbreaking just awful now the left has attempted to use this image to make the case for open borders and we're told that somehow this is Trump's fault it's the Republicans fault it's a GOP s fault but the story behind the if now even if we even if we didn't know the story behind the image and at first we didn't all we knew that was that you had these two people unfortunately that had died and even without knowing any of the background you already know that this isn't the president's fault the president didn't do this if this is some one if this is illegal immigration we're talking about again that's not now we could we could talk about who to blame but there's just no way to put it on the present now that we know the full story though it emphasizes even more that this has nothing to do with immigration enforcement or if it does it's about lacks immigration enforcement and it certainly is not Trump's fault or the fault of the Republican Party or whatever so the full story as reported by The Daily Mail in New York magazine and others is that Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his daughter Valeria were swept away but while trying to cross the Rio Grande into Texas on Sunday now Oscar had made it across with his daughter but then he went back to get his wife and tragically his daughter was afraid scared young girl thinks less less than two years old she followed her daughter her father back into the water and was then taken by the river he tried to save her and they both drowned the Daily Mail describes the circumstances that led to this family attempting to traverse a dangerous river on foot now reading for the Daily Mail now they say they left El Salvador on April 3rd and spent two months in a migrant camp in southern Mexico awaiting news of their asylum request to the US before they decided to take a bus to the border on Sunday to try to speed up their case when they arrived the consulate was closed but they also learned they were far down a list of hundreds of migrants in line for interviews they decided to make the crossing illegally rather than wait a decision that led to their deaths this was not a family turned coldly away at the border as it fled violence and persecution they weren't turned away at all they simply grew impatient waiting for the bureaucratic wheels to turn which I get it that I would be impatient to but this was not being turned away indeed family members confirm that the family was not being persecuted in its home country this was not really a case of legitimates these were not refugees in other words reading now again says Oscar worked at a Papa John's pizza restaurant where he was earning $350 a month they lived off his way limiting themselves to $10 a day because Taniya that's the the wife I believe had already quit her job as a cashier in a Chinese restaurant to care for Valeria their only child they were not fleeing violence Tania's mother had since said but were in desperate search of a life where they could earn more their plan was to spend a few years in America to save up money and then to return to El Salvador and buy buy or build their own house now this might explain why their asylum request was taking so long to process Ramirez and his family we're looking for asylum from low-paying fast-food jobs which is not how the asylum program is traditionally meant to be used the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website defines asylum and this is what they say asylum is and how it works refugee status or asylum may be granted the people who have been persecuted or fear they will be persecuted on account of race religion nationality and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion we have stretched the concept of persecuted on account of race religion or social group into meaninglessness if we include those who are understandably distressed by low wages this is economic immigration this is not Asylum if you blame the terrible deaths of Oscar and Valeria Ramirez on Trump well then what are you saying exactly are you arguing that the president should have personally moved the Ramirez family to the front of the Asylum line in front of people who may actually be fleeing violence and persecution or else are you saying that that the asylum system should be that there should be a general policy and stated that just grants immediate asylum to everyone who asks for it no questions asked obviously both of those things are absurd so if you're not advocating for either of those things then how could you possibly blame this on Trump it's not Trump's fault that they were living in poverty in El Salvador it's and it's so what what did he do it seems that if you're looking for someone to blame or something to blame there are two systemic problems we complain first the uses of the asylum system have been tolerated for so long the people who shouldn't qualify for asylum still expect to receive it I don't blame Ramirez for seeking asylum he was doing what he thought he needed to do for his family I might have done the same thing in his position but we obviously cannot make somebody a refugee based on the fact that they're getting low wages at Papa John's by that logic then there are a lot of refugees who are American citizens who could apply for refugee status because they're working at Papa John's it just it doesn't work that way so requests of that kind should be denied immediately and loopholes that encourage or or allow these sorts of abuses have to be closed second as we talked about yesterday our border is porous everybody knows it Ramirez knew that if you could just make it across the river which he almost did and tragically he did not ultimately but he knew that if he could just do that he'd probably be home free I think if the word had gotten out to men like Ramirez that his chances of making it across the border were extremely slim and it wasn't gonna happen then perhaps he never would have stepped foot into that River a fortified and enforced border you know it may seem scary and mean to metropolitan liberals but it would be life-saving for people like Ramirez and people on both sides of the border if Ramirez knew that he could not get here by erroneously seeking asylum or he could and he could not get here by sneaking across then he then then then he'd be left with two options and both would have saved his life one would be to apply for citizenship through the standard channels to stay in El Salvador and try to find other ways to increase your income either of those option you know the either option is fine either of them would have meant that he he and his daughter alive today and there are a lot of people there are a lot of people have died trying to cross the border and would not have have they never attempted it and we could encourage people or rather discourage them from attempting it by making it extremely extremely difficult to do that is the compassionate choice I think all right Matt well show at Matt well show at is the email address we'll get to a few emails let's see this is from Tim says Matt thank you for your continued hard work engaging with many of the hard and complex issues we face in society yesterday you made a remarkable point that I feel it needs more attention when introducing a photo of the recent tragedy at the border you said that it's horrific for anyone to use the photo for any lesser purpose especially to make a political point this is so important for us to consider in our culture today you were then quick to expose the absurdity of Democrats leveraging the lives and deaths of a father and daughter to rally harder against the Trump's administration's border policy and practices while I agree wholeheartedly with this analysis I think it's vital that you also condemn Trump's statement in which he likewise uses the tragedy to argue a different point and now quoting Trump they want to have open borders and open borders mean crime and open borders mean people drowning in rivers I hate it and I know that it could stop immediately if the Democrats would change the laws and then the father who probably was this wonderful guy with his daughter things like that wouldn't happen I realized that keeping up with Trump's tweets such nonsense is impossible and there are plenty of left-wing media folks trying to do that for any reason but in this case it is entirely irrelevant highly relevant to your earlier point that no one should try to profit off of the suffering of others by using a photo like that for political game this is yet another form of human objectification our society is completely normalized and we should condemn all instances of it regardless of whether we agree with the logic that follows or the ends being sought thanks again for the show hi Tim well I I mean I agree with your basic point about not using it and and and and I agree that it is in a form of objectification of dehumanization when we look at death and whether it's a whether it's people that have died crossing border or it's a school shooting when we see these bodies just as tools to be used and it's it is very much objectification we're turning them into objects and we are not recognizing their humanity anymore so I agree with that I don't think that's what Trump was doing any more than then then that's what I was doing what I was doing just now and yesterday on the show and what Trump was doing I think was to clarify to explain in the face of lies and distortions the actual truth people are blaming those deaths on Trump Trump is responding to those accusations he didn't now I know this sounds like a childish sort of they started it sort of thing but I guess that day that is what I'm saying you know when Trump isn't the one who dug up this photo it's at a see here no it was it was the left took that photo we're using it to bludgeon him and he's saying no that's not no no look look if we're gonna have this discussion then let's talk about why that actually happened it's hope out open borders and so on so I think he's entitled to defend himself and I think he also has a responsibility as the president to to to offer clarifications on things like this so I in that case now look I don't think Trump is above using tragedies for political gain I think almost every politician does it and I don't think Trump is an exception but in this case I don't think that's what he did when someone comes to you with an accusation and says hey you you caused this tragedy I think you're allowed to say no same thing with again with the school shootings and when someone tries to use that against Second Amendment advocates I think the Second Amendment advocates are entitled to respond no it's you're wrong in fact you know the Second Amendment would would would help prevent these things all right this is from Sam says love the show I always enjoy listening to your show it's very educational I am 15 and I go to an all-boys Catholic I've started to like girls and notice girls more over this past year I have friends who have started dating and some of those relationships have been good and some have not been good my friends say I should wait to date girls until I'm interested in getting married my brother who's 20 and in college just got his first girlfriend and says that I should wait I was just wondering if you have any thoughts on this topic or could give me any advice hi Sam well great question maybe the first to tell you full disclosure that I did not take the advice that I am going to give you When I was your age I did not take this advice so I understand why people don't take it because I didn't but I wish I did and my advice well it's the same advice that your brother and your and your parents gave you I agree with them we have to ask ourselves a simple question what's the point of dating I think Sam that's the question she asked yourself like what I wanting to date is a natural healthy thing to want but I think you should just ask like what's what is it what's the point of it everything has a point not just dating everything has a point if it's a thing if it exists it has some kind of point some kind of purpose so what's the point if we say that the point is something like well having fun or getting to know someone I would say that's that's not really a point it's sort of okay fun and getting though something to what end and now it's possible to have fun just for the sake of having fun you go out and play a pickup game of basketball the main point is just it's fun for the sake of fun it's it's an end in and of itself which is fine for something like a game but for a human relationship I don't think the end itself can be fun I think it's gotta be it's cuz it's it's something deeper and more complex and that's not a game right so plus you can have fun with someone and get to know them without dating them dating them is a kind of weird thing where you actually define the relationship and and the two of you wreck it and that's why in every dating relations as I was when I was your age like I think people still do this maybe they don't but back in the old days if you were dating there had to be that weird conversation at some point where you establish that okay we're boyfriend and girlfriend and there's no non awkward way of doing that it's always super awkward and but the certain point you got to like establish what we are now I think these days people maybe never bother to define it and they are they just that's why people say it's not even dating anymore just we're hanging out we're just we're just hanging around the same vicinity as each other which is which makes it even worse when it's not defined but in the traditional dating scenario it's defined boyfriend-girlfriend okay so again what's the point what's the point of that distinction and besides as much as we might say oh we're just having fun it's not serious it will get serious it always does dating relationships in high school get very intense very intense I mean you you you say things like I love you you act totally committed to each other devoted to each other you become almost obsessed with each other and all of that commitment and devotion and suppose it has to be headed somewhere it's not a switch you can flip now it does feel like a switch that sort of flipped on where all of the sudden there is this intense infatuation really is the word but it's not really a switch that can be flipped off so it's got to be headed somewhere you're in this boat together where's the boat going if you're both in your 20s and you're at a high school then it could be going to the altar to marriage and maybe it doesn't ultimately but at least there's that possibility and at least there's an understanding that if all things go according to plan that is the the person that's where you're going that's that's the end result that's the end game and that gives you hope and that gives you purpose and that makes it worth it even if it doesn't work out you could say then well it was still worth it because I you know I I'm pursuing marriage and I'm pursuing this next phase of my life and I took a chance and it didn't work out but but it was still worth it was worth the chance because the end is worth it but the problem is that in high school it's almost certain that it's not headed there No talking about marriage in high school 99.9% of all high school relationships do not end in marriage I'm making us a testing up but it's probably pretty close to accurate so most just end and the end in heartbreak and devastation feelings of betrayal abandonment hatred jealousy it's it's now I think as an adult and I look back and I've been married for eight years and I got you know four kids now and so I can look back to my relationships that I was in as a teenager and I can sort of see it as from this perspective now I can see it as this kind of like silly thing and it doesn't but at the time it was not silly and and breakups were devastating heartbreaking you know you because you can't you can't see it it's like you can't remove yourself from your own perspective which is yeah if someone might tell you hey well look yeah you were dating that person for six months sound like you guys weren't married people get divorced after being married for 15 years they have kids I mean imagine how they feel six months likely yeah well you can recognize intellectually it's not the same thing but that doesn't yeah but that's not your life this is your life and so it's a very hard thing for kids to deal with so if marriage isn't on the table and you get into a serious and committed relationship with someone you've just guaranteed yourself a messy and heartbreaking split it's guaranteed every day you spend with that person you know in the back of your mind that eventually probably in the next few months you're gonna hate each other you you know it's going there so all this talk about love and commitment it's all really a joke and you sort of know that you don't mean for it to be a joke but in the back of your mind you know you say I love you I'm so committed but you know it's like you know in 20 years you're not gonna be with this person in ten years you would probably in ten months you won't so you're kind of lying to each other and it's a game and it's not a very nice or fair game to be playing with another with another person's heart quit playing games with my heart that was now this is doesn't before your time but very wise words from I think the Backstreet Boys some people will say that high school relationships teach you things you learn from them yeah you what do you learn though you learn how to break up you learn how to hate someone and used to claim to love you learn how to say things you don't mean to people that you pretend to care about you learn a lot of lessons that really aren't handy in a marriage you learn how to be in a failed relationship you learn how to get divorced basically it's divorced practice it's not marriage practice there really isn't anything like marriage practice marriage is one of those things where you know you just you learn how to do it when you're in it you learn more just just like with a job right I mean you could train for your job learn about you'll learn more in the first day of your job then you could possibly learn in ten years of reading books about it and you'll learn more on your first day of marriage that you could have ever learned through through any dating relationship so that's my that's what I would say is but as I said I recognize that it you know we can all say this because it's easy for us now to say all this it would thought with our hindsight and everything but when you're actually in high school you know to actually put that off until college or after college it was a very difficult thing to do but if you can if you can pull that off I would say you won't regret it and what I'll tell you now I've been babbling for too long last thing I'll say is I guarantee you that when you're 25 or whatever and you're married if you're married by then and you didn't date in high school you absolutely will not regret having not dated you won't regret it especially because once you get married and you have kids your past life it's like it's like someone else's life it's like you hardly it's like a blur all of a sudden you've started this whole new life you're a new person and so you're not gonna regret that all right let's leave it there thanks for the questions and we'll talk tomorrow Godspeed and sayonara by the way

Democrats Are Purging the Reasonable

the Democrat Party is going to try and purge itself of its own pro-lifers I'd like to show you this article over at the Daily wire where it says leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are demanding that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee abandon its support of the five remaining pro-life democrats in congress and allow abortion advocates to compete for their seats okay so this is how they're going to essentially alienate the rest of their supporters list all of the same ones by saying that you can't have a view that differs in any way from the party because they're not gonna allow people who are even slightly pro-life they're just against late term abortion they're gonna have any dissent essentially inside of the Democrats you won't be allowed to run as a Democrat if the party says you're disqualified that's why we're moving toward regardless of the votes regardless of what the people want you know it's like the the Bolsheviks when you can run for office if you obey the party in its entirety no just forget about what the voters want doesn't matter and this is why I don't call them the Democratic Party I call them the Democrats or the Democrat Party because they're not about democracy at all they don't care what the voters want it no not at all and whenever you've had communists in positions of power throughout history it's it's it comes down to you're either on board 100% or you have sent to the gulags that's it they don't allow for differing views or essentially independent thought none of that is is allowed and they have the audacity to call other people fascists there are still some sane Democrats especially amongst voters right people identify themselves as Democrats who are pro-life or just in the very least against late stage abortion in fact late stage abortion is hugely unpopular amongst the general public whether you're talking about conservatives or people who identify themselves as Democrats late teen late term abortion has always been hugely unpopular so don't listen to the his sterics of the upper tier of the Democrat Party because they don't represent real normal sane people in any regard really normal people don't want to kill babies who are just born who are almost born it's just not a normal same position but the new mantra the Democrat Party and this is important is one of compliance essentially you can't be against abortion at any stage you can't be against illegal immigration anymore you can't be against gay marriage you have to be completely 100% where they are at they're insane you know policies you have to be with them if you're not a game on destroying our society then you're out and I don't say that lightly what they are espousing now it parallels what you see over in ancient Rome which collapsed due to its decadence and also its embrace of mass immigration you know there are a lot of parallels you can make between the modern demócratas ish ins and those that were embraced in ancient Rome they really are but it's the Democrats and the modern left who want to abandon history and ignore it pretend like it has no lessons that the party that wants to tear down statues if you recall and stop essentially teaching history or just change history entirely and what they teach you know in the past they just accept it that some people would have different views on certain topics it's all part of being human part of being an individual is that you wouldn't fit into a certain group like you know Democrat 100% now they don't it's all about centralized thought control and this isn't gonna end well for them as they essentially push everyone away who's saying who disagrees with them even on one topic they will be rejected stop don't leave yet since you made it to the end you probably enjoyed that video in that case here are some other videos that you might enjoy the opiates link at the top will provide you with better ways to be more reliably notified of new videos and also has social media information that kind of thing that's because you know how this side is well the link at the bottom the stall link that's in case you're looking for merchandise or healthier products Thanks

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Speak Out About Anti-Abortion Laws | NBC Nightly News

tonight could the culture wars now make a comeback as a top issue in 2020 Alabama's new law making virtually every abortion a crime even in cases of rape and incest sparked an intense debate there why are you putting yourself in God's shoes it's not our place as humans to extinguish that life now the measure is becoming a rallying cry nationally for 2020 Democrats alarmed by a growing number of state laws restricting abortion it's nothing short of an attack on women's basic human rights and civil rights Alabama lawmakers have acknowledged their goal is to get the Supreme Court to overturn Roe versus Wade it's something candidate Trump predicted that'll happen automatically in my opinion because I am putting pro-life and justices on the court the president's anti-abortion agenda has energized his conservative supporters but there are critics of the Alabama law one top Republican Kevin McCarthy telling NBC's KC hunt it's too restrictive do you think that law goes too far it goes further than I believe yes while the Alabama measure is a political flashpoint legal experts say it's almost certain the law would be struck down by lower courts and the Supreme Court could choose not to weigh in hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching