Twitter Announces Ban On Political Ads

Twitter announced recently that their ban
on political advertising is going to extend to legislation and social causes, a move that
could hurt candidates in groups who aren’t funded by big money donors. Farron, you said, you’ve said this a couple
of times. Anytime you see social media saying we’re
gonna, we’re, we’re really gonna make it difficult for you to use social media to advertise your
idea, your legislators, legislative concept, your candidacy. Who suffers? The, well the people who are grassroots mostly. And one of the things that’s really so awful
about this new decision is that you can’t even run an ad on Twitter anymore because
they ended it November 22nd. You couldn’t run an ad saying, you know, vote
yes or vote no on proposition one. You couldn’t explain the benefits, you know,
proposition one just to generic. But you can’t advocate or any outcome in any
kind of race or legislative battle. And that is absolutely devastating to the
people who use this as the tool to talk to their constituents. Well, here’s what it says, it says that it’ll
define political content. Now follow this. It’s going to define political content as
anything that references a candidate, a political party, a pointed government official or referendum
or ballot measure or legislation or regulation. What in the hell, I mean, that’s what journalism
does. We talk about these things. The problem is that we, that this is being
run, these decisions are being run in an in an environment where politically correctness
is killing us. I mean, we’ve got, we’re like, we’re, it’s
almost like are we too stupid to be able to read something or see something and make a
decision ourselves? They want to think for us and it’s not just
Twitter. We’re seeing it across the board right now. It’s like, it’s like this millennial snowflake
concept that is killing us. It’s all based on political correctness and
we’ve got to get away from it. The first amendment matters. We ought to be able to talk about a ballot
issue. We ought to be able to talk about legislative
issues that concern us on things like the environment, dangerous products, corruption
in government. This is saying we can’t do that. Well, the problem is they saw Facebook. Facebook took a lot of heat and rightfully
so, but then Facebook said, listen, our decision is we’re not going to fact check anything. You want to run an ad, you run an ad. If somebody reports it as being bad, we’ll
look into it. But we say whatever, run, whatever, and Twitter
says, wow, that’s, that’s one extreme. We’ll go to the other extreme and say nothing
at all. You can’t do anything. But Twitter is a far greater tool to reach
a huge amount of people in the shortest amount of time. And that is what these grassroots candidates,
these, you know, consumer organizations, they rely on Twitter far more than they do on Facebook. Okay. Let’s, let’s put it in a real, healthcare,
okay. Universal healthcare. What do we have with universal healthcare? You have a concept, a cause. Correct? And you have a bill legislative bill, and
according to the rules, you can’t talk about that on Twitter. Now, that’s how ridiculous it’s become. Now the other part of it is we’re going to
have, who is it that’s going to make these decisions? I mean, you’re going to have people that understand
that all of these issues so well that they can define, well, this is actually, this is
actual political discussion. We can’t permit this. Or is this discussion that ties into a bill
that’s pending that we ought to be able to talk about? You see, the problem is anytime you go down
this avenue, you’re saying to the American public, you are so frigging stupid that we
can’t trust you to be able to read something and figure it out yourself. That’s what this is. This is, this is, this is let’s take care
of stupid people because we’re smarter than they are. And what’s going to happen is that eventually
something’s going to squeak through and if it’s a right-leaning thing, the left is going
to be furious and claim a bias. If it’s a left-leaning thing, the right’s
going to claim a bias because eventually, because of the people they’re going to have
doing this, something’s going to sneak through and this is going to come back and bite Twitter
because regardless of which side it is, they’re going to be accused of having a huge bias
and it’s going to throw it all out the window. I, I hope it comes back and bites them. Farron, thanks for joining me. Okay. Thank you.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thinks She Has A Bright Future In Politics

Earlier this week, the New York times put
forward one of the biggest fluff pieces imaginable on former white house press secretary Sarah
Huckabee Sanders. Nowhere in this six page puff piece that they
wrote, did they mention that she was a habitual liar, but instead the media did what they
always do and they did the best they could to rehab her image and paint her almost as
a victim when in fact she was one of the biggest villains of the entire Trump administration. The point of the piece, essentially, aside
from rehabbing her image, is to gear her up and gear the public up for her probable run
for governor of Arkansas in 2023 when current governor EISA Hutchinson’s tenure is up, Sarah
Huckabee Sanders had hinted at this in the past. She hints at a even more in this piece. In fact, here’s what she said exactly about
running for governor said, there are two types of people who run for office, people that
are called and people that just want to be a Senator or governor. I feel like I’ve been called. It’s the role I’ve been pushed into. I wouldn’t want to do that if I wasn’t the
right person to fit what the state needed at that time. And it goes on to talk about how the reporter
who wrote this story sat down and had some breakfast tacos with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You know, because we’re all human, we’re all
friends. It doesn’t matter that she destroyed the white
house press office. It doesn’t matter that she got up there every
day when she was holding those press briefings in, lied to our faces, attacks CNNs, Jim Acosta,
to the point where they pulled his white house press credentials. It doesn’t matter that she had to admit to
investigators that she made the whole thing up about Comey being hated by everybody in
the FBI. I mean under oath. She admits that she lied, but to us, the general
public, the people who were paying her salary, nah, she’ll lie to us all day long. She’ll yell at media outlets and call them
fake news. She’ll allow actual fake news to come in and
ask questions. She was horrible and she is a liar. Here’s the saddest part of it though. She absolutely will win that governor’s race
in Arkansas. If she runs, she 100% will win it. Her father, who was governor from 96 to 2007
still treated like royalty down there and that’s essentially what they look at her as
if he was the King. She is the princess. She is next in line for that throne and it’s
going to happen and that’s sad and part of the reason it’s going to happen is because
you have outlets like the New York times rehabbing her image for her, trying to make us forget
about all the time she lied to us, make us forget about all the time. She lied to the New York times and called
them fake news. Oh, that’s water under the bridge. We’ll send our reporters down there, have
some breakfast tacos and get this wonderful article. She then goes on to paint herself as the victim. Here’s what she said. I was attacked for everything, not just my
performance. I was called a fat soccer mom. My kids were threatened, my life was threatened. It was a lot. I hate harping on it, but to be in the position
I’m in and to have secret service, that’s not normal. I don’t like being called a liar. The other stuff bothered me far less. You just said your kids were threatened and
then you go on to say that that bothers you less than being called a liar. So if you had the choice, according to your
own words here in this article, which New York times somehow didn’t pick up on a, you
would rather your kids be threatened than for somebody to call you a liar. Hmmmm, as a parent, father of four, nothing
in this world would bother me more than my kids being threatened. I don’t, I don’t care what you call me. I don’t care if you call me a liar. I don’t care if you make fun of my weight
or my baldness happens every day in our comment section. Thank you folks. But you come after my kids and we’re going
to have some very real problems. But no, not Sarah Huckabee. Sanders. Nah, it bothers me when you talk about my
kids. When you threaten them. Not as much as when you call me a liar though. This is nuts. This is not a woman who has her priorities
straight. The kids should probably be your, your top
priority, but also let’s, let’s do another thing here. I didn’t even know you had kids. I honest to God, didn’t know you were married
even though your last name is suggested and that’s just now clicking in my brain. I didn’t know any of this. I don’t know who your husband is. I don’t know who your kids are because that’s
not anything we ever talked about here. This is not anything I’ve ever seen anybody
else talk about in all the other segments about you either we we, we didn’t care. We, we focused on the lies that you were telling
us on a daily basis. The assault on the press that you were waging
on behalf of Donald Trump and that’s what we’re going to remember. So no matter how many of these rehab pieces,
New York times or whoever else puts out, we’re not going to forget. But ultimately, since those of us who talk
about you the most aren’t living in Arkansas, our voices may not have that much of effect,
and so willing to bet for five years from now, I’m going to unfortunately have to be
doing segments about Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Judge Smacks Down Trump Administration’s Claim That They’re Above The Law

When the second half of the Robert Mueller
report came out, uh, there was a lot of information in there that said that at the time, the white
house counselor Don McGahn had carried out a lot of orders that Donald Trump asked him
to do, that McGann felt were either inappropriate or quite possibly illegal. And after finding that out from the Mueller
report, Democrats in the house of representatives issued a subpoena for McGahn to come and testify
to them and explain what exactly he meant by carrying out orders by the president that
he felt were illegal. Donald Trump, of course, blocked McGann from
going to testify. They said, Nope, we have immunity. We’re not going to let Don McGahn or anyone
else from the white house, current or former go and testify in front of you. That was seven months ago that this happened. Well, yesterday, finally, a federal judge
issued a ruling on this case and said, guess what, Donald Trump, you are not a King. That was in the ruling, by the way. And yes, Don McGahn, you can in fact go and
testify. You still have all your legal rights when
you testify, you know, we’re, we’re not taking away your rights, you know, to claim the fifth
amendment, your freedom of speech, none of that. You still have all the legal rights a normal
person would have, but you cannot ignore a subpoena. There is no such thing as blanket immunity
and you’re going to go testify. I want to read this little snippet here from
the actual ruling itself because it’s so damning against Donald Trump stated simply the primary
takeaway from the past 250 years of recorded American history is that presidents are not
Kings. This means that they do not have subjects
bound by loyalty or blood whose destiny they’re entitled to control rather in this land of
Liberty. It is indisputable that current and former
employees of the white house work for the people of the United States and that they
take an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Moreover, as citizens of the United States
current and former senior level, presidential aides have constitutional rights including
the right to free speech and they retain these rights even after they have transitioned back
into private life. Meaning you’ve got your constitutional rights
buddy, even though you’re no longer the white house counsel, but you can’t be prohibited
from going and testifying in front of Congress. And again, this is related to what was said
in the Muller report. So this is kind of old news. The hearing is not, or the ruling, excuse
me, is not because it just came down yesterday, but this could have very serious ramifications
for the current hearings happening in the house of representatives because Donald Trump
has made same claim about the people. He is prohibited from testifying before Congress
that he did back in the Mueller days. And that is, we’ve got blanket immunity. You can’t call my people to testify. They’ve been prohibiting people inside the
white house from going in, speaking about the Ukraine scandal, just like they did about
the Mueller report. And this judge says, Nope, not going to fly. That can’t happen. So of course the Trump administration is absolutely
going to appeal this, but with any luck judges further down the line, possibly even the Supreme
court may end up agreeing with this federal judge. Because after all, as we’ve sta said, if you
give the white house blanket immunity, you also run the risk of giving the next democratic
president because eventually we’ll have another one. They would also enjoy that same immunity,
and that’s when it’s going to come back to bite those Republicans. So they’re not willing to take the chance
right now to say that the white house is in fact above the law because they know eventually
they’re not going to control the white house anymore.

Sometimes It’s Fact vs Ignorance, Not Left vs Right

All right. Let’s see what is continuing to be on people’s
minds on the phones at six one, seven, eight, three zero 47 50. So folks holding on. Let’s go. Let’s go to Deon. We haven’t heard from Dion in the four one,
seven, uh, for, um, several months. Uh, actually close to a year. Deon, what’s going on? Hi. How’s it going? Yeah, I haven’t called in in quite awhile. I had a like, I don’t know if it’s a question
as much as a statement that I think we mischaracterize things with the left and right dichotomy too
much. When it’s more of a, it’s like informed, misinformed
and disinfect. Yes. Sometimes that is the case. Sometimes that’s the case, but I think there’s,
there’s other, some, so sometimes we mischaracterize positions as left. Right. When really it’s the fact based position and
the one that’s not, sometimes we miss characterizing because the is really one about, you know,
for example, corruption versus anticorruption. But listen, Dionne, it sounds crazy where
you are. So I don’t know if you had a specific part
I could answer offline but I can barely hear you. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m on a wired headphone. Is this a better connection? You know, it’s not a connection. It just sounds like chaos in the background. I don’t know if you’re at a daycare or something
like that. Oh no, I’m not. Okay. Well, I apologize. I’ll let you go. Okay. All right, Dan, great to hear from you. I appreciate it. You are completely right. Sometimes it’s not about left versus right. Sometimes it’s about do you know the facts
or don’t you? And I love it. I appreciate that Dionne called in and made
that very important point.

College President Facing Impeachment For Paying Donald Trump Jr. $50,000

How was it that everything that the Trump
family touches just turns to complete and utter crap? Think about this. It was announced earlier this week on Tuesday
actually, that the student body president of the university of Florida was facing an
impeachment inquiry that happened this past Tuesday. And do you know why this student, Michael
Murphy is facing an impeachment inquiry because he’s being accused of the illegally using
student funds to pay Donald Trump jr and his girlfriend Kimberly, uh Guilfoyle $50,000
to come speak at the university. Now, here’s the backstory on all of this. Obviously, if you want to have any kind of
politician or political writer, which this was to promote his book triggered, um, come
to your school, you can do that. You gotta raise the money or use it from your
clubs, fees, whatever it is, you pay them the money. And sure, if it’s partisan, it’s partisan,
whatever, that’s perfectly fine. But what mr student body president at university
of Florida, Michael Murphy did, allegedly was, he used mandatory student fees to pay
the $50,000 to Donald Trump. Now, mandatory student fees are exactly what
they sound like. Fees that every student is forced to pay to
the college. The college is a publicly funded university
as well, which means it cannot in any way support or engage in partisan politics. So by taking those mandatory student fees
and using that to pay for a partisan political event does become an impeachable offense for
Mr. Michael Murphy. And during Donald Trump and Kimberly Goyal
foils, little speech down there, they engaged in partisan politics. They promoted his father’s campaign, so automatically
off the top, that makes it a partisan event because they’re elevating a political party
slash politician that partisan game over a Gilfoyle Goyalfoil. However you say it. I honestly don’t care. She’s a horrible human being. Um, she attacked verbally the liberal protesters
at the event, both inside and out of the event. So that’s engaging in partisan politics. Donald Trump jr did the same thing. There’s no question this was a partisan event,
but Michael Murphy thought, you know what? I don’t want to spend our, our club money
on this. I’m going to take money from the college itself
to pay this jerk because after all, I know that people will work for his campaign. There’s the plot twist folks. She, Michael Murphy isn’t just some kid who
Rose up through the ranks at the university of Florida, got elected. Their student body president came from nothing. Oh God, no folks, his daddy is a high profile
Republican lobbyist and they have millions of dollars and his daddy’s given a lot of
money to the Donald Trump campaign. And then this past summer, lil Michael Murphy
was at a party at one of Donald Trump, 2020 staffers houses like not just a house party
like you. You’ve seen it at university of Florida. I’ve been to a couple. Those are amazing. No, this was one of the crappy kinds where
it’s all the horrible Florida Republican rich folk hanging out. And Michael Murphy was there and that’s how
we met the person who put him in touch with Trump jr to come to the college impeach this
kid, impeach him today because you knew exactly what he was doing. But this is how incestuous and disgusting
Florida politics and Florida universities truly are. If you’re a Republican in this state and you’ve
got a lot of money, you can get away with anything. Just ask Matt Gates and his dad, Don Gates,
both of them got away with massive crimes and this little kid who inappropriately used
his college’s money to benefit his friend Donnie jr, I’d say he probably based on his
current behavior, has a pretty bright future and Republican politics because he’s already
on the path of corruption and deception, which pretty much are the core of the entire Republican party today.

Furious Trump Attacks Fox News For Interviewing A Democrat

Donald Trump has been pretty angry recently
as these impeachment hearings are showing more and more information that’s really, really
damaging for his presidency. But yesterday he flew off the handle because
Fox news had the audacity to get this interview a Democrat on live television. I know it’s shocking, right? A news organization, or at least an organization
that has news in the title thought it worthwhile to bring on a Democrat who happened to be
a part of the impeachment hearing of that day and that set Trump off. He tweeted the following, he said, why do
@Shane and bream and at Fox news waste their time on Democrat representative Eric Swalwell,
who recently left the presidential primaries having attained a grand number of zero in
the polls. I don’t even know how that is possible. Fox should stay with the people that got them. They’re not losers. I’m about to give Donald Trump a lot of credit
right here because I am shocked folks. I am shocked that when he was talking about
Eric Swalwell, he did not bring up fart gate. That shows that maybe this man has a little
bit more restraint than we thought he did. And of course to Swalwell’s credit, the interview
on Fox news went off without a anything going off I should say. So yeah, good for Swalwell there, but at the
same time, what the hell is Donald Trump talking about? You? You, you should stay with the people that
got them there. Got who were you? You didn’t do this. Fox news was already killing it and the ratings
long before you even thought about running for president. That’s kind of always been their thing. It sucks. But let’s be honest, they’ve always had the
best ratings because conservatives have to tune in to get their talking points. Democrats. Liberals were capable of making up our own
minds and forming our own opinions. Republicans aren’t so they tune into Fox news
and that’s why they’re popular. But you didn’t knew that you had nothing to
do with the success of Fox news. So what are you talking about? Stay with who brought you or who got you there
that that’s nuts. This man is nuts. These are the rantings of a madman who also
happens to have access to the nuclear codes and could at any given point should the mood
strike him, issue a nuclear attack anywhere on the planet and we couldn’t stop him. But luckily instead he’s sitting around probably
in his little recliner all day long watching Fox news. That’s what this guy does when he’s not out
there spending money at his own golf courses. Just Fox news all day and Twitter and commenting
on Fox news on Twitter, complaining about Fox news on Twitter when they don’t do exactly
what the man wants them to. Let’s remember, Neil Cavuto not that long
ago, had to do a whole little segment, a little monologue about the fact that Fox news doesn’t
work for you. Mr. Trump. Yes, they blindly support you, most of the
folks on the network, but they don’t actually work for you. If you want them to, then by all means go
ahead and hire him as Sean Hannity to come be your new communications director. Ask Tucker Carlson to be your chief of staff. Their politics aligned right up there with
yours. You probably got to get rid of Steve Miller
now, now that we’ve all seen him in the white hood, so maybe Tucker Carlson would be a good
replacement for him, but if you want Fox news host to do what you want them to do, then
you’ve got to hire them yourself. Because even as horrible as that network is,
they still occasionally do have a mind of their own.

Caller Appreciates Honesty About Older Male Relationships

here’s a really weird voicemail or voicemail
number of course. Two, one nine two David P take a listen to
this strange voicemail about my relationships with older men. I don’t know what this is about, David. Um, you have been very open about your, um,
sort of your relationship with much older men. Um, I mean, you’re talking about men twice
and sometimes three times your own age. You’re seeing, and I’m just wanting to say,
you know, you’re such an American hero for doing that, Dave. Um, I just want to yell personally, thank
you for coming out and being so honest with your audience. And some people would say, you know, it’s
completely inappropriate to be discussing these sort of things. I’m on a radio politics talk show program,
but you know what, Dave, I’m not one of those people. I just want to personally thank you for being
so open and honest about your homosexuality. And, uh, he the best in the future. Thank you. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but
I appreciate the kind of wishes. We’ve got a great bonus show coming up for
you today. Become a member, become a patron to get instant
access to that bonus. Show the David Pakman [email protected]