Rudy Giuliani Is Screwed As His Buddies Head To Jail

Well folks, Rudy Giuliani seems to be in a
little bit of trouble these days after his buddies were arrested on Wednesday evening
at Dulles international airport with one way tickets, trying to get the hell out of the
country. And this happened just a few hours after these
two friends of Rudy Giuliani had dinner with Rudy at Donald Trump’s C hotel. Um, there is a video going around of Rudy
Giuliani with these two, uh, alleged criminals. It was not from the lunch that day, but it’s
just the guys palling around a few days before that. Here it is. [I’m Moisha wish I could. Here with Rudy, congratulations. And I do actually, I love that picture. You’re like, can’t wait to come back and see
you in Ukraine soon and have cohesive West places that will hit. I love you.] Dang. They look like they’re having a lot of fun,
right? Talking about Ukraine and doing all these
crazy things. You know, just a couple of boys being boys
doing crimes like the boys tend to do. Uh, here’s the thing. These two associates are arrested on campaign
finance charges. They were funneling money to a lot of different
Republicans, including Donald Trump approach Trump super pack that they gave $325,000 to
which actually came from a fake energy company that they had set up. This is where these charges come from. Uh, they also gave money to a Republican representative
Pete sessions, Republican house, minority leader, Kevin McCarthy and Florida governor. Ronda Santas got $50,000 from these criminals,
but that’s the small potatoes part, right? We see donors go down all the time and the,
sorry little Republicans have to come out at all. We didn’t know they were so bad. We’re going to donate that money. They gave us to charity because we’re, we’re
good people. Not exactly how this was going to work this
time, because these two men weren’t just running this fraudulent campaign finance scheme. They were also working with Rudy Giuliani,
who was working at the request of Donald Trump to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in the Ukraine. That is what these two men were doing with
Rudy Giuliani. They introduced Rudy Giuliani to people over
in Ukraine who might be able to help him. They helped to dig up dirt. They are neck deep in this Ukraine scandal
and now, so is the president’s lawyer. Look, we already knew Rudy Giuliani was involved
in this, right? He’s admitted it. He showed us the text messages, but now he’s
also been caught palling around with criminals who we’re supposed to be helping him with
this. So these low level thugs, much like the Watergate
burglars, when they got busted, that kind of signified the beginning of the end back
then isn’t going to signify the same thing today. Is this the beginning of the end? Are these two men who have been, by the way
now already subpoenaed by house Democrats? Three different committees have subpoenaed
them in the last 48 hours. Um, are they going to sing? Their lawyer says they’ve got lots to tell,
but some of it is, you know, kind of protected, you know, so they may not be able to share
all the documents they have, but don’t worry. They’re willing to share what they’re allowed
to and they’re willing to talk. This is a major development. This is probably the biggest development that
we have gotten to date on this scandal. And if the Democrats play it right, they’ve
got a slam dunk and at the very least they can likely tie Rudy Giuliani into this. Giuliani is now according to different reports,
probably subject to investigation himself. What is his connection to the, to these two
men, how were they paying him? How much did they pay him? What exactly were they paying him for? Those are all answers that are going to come
out sooner rather than later. And I can promise you not a single one of
those answers is going to be good for Rudy Giuliani. His days are numbered and I think he knows
that. And the best part is if he wants to save himself,
he’s going to have to turn on his client. Will he do it? He’s already probably never going to try another
legal case for his life. So what does it matter if he gets disbarred
at this point? Right? Rudy, the president’s not going to bend over
backwards to save you bud. He’s already trying to distance himself from
this scandal, even though he’s in a picture with these two thugs with you in it as well. you better think about flipping because Donald
Trump is ready to hurl your ass onto that bus the second he thinks it’s convenient.

Corporate Democrats Panic As Joe Biden Continues To Fail

I think it’s appropriate at this point to
say that, uh, the moneyed interests in the democratic party starting to kind of freak
out a little bit because their guy Joe Biden just isn’t doing too well. In addition to the fact that his momentum
has been going backwards ever since the very first democratic debate, we now have him being
attacked by the president and the right wing relentlessly over his son’s business in Ukraine. And even though Biden and Hunter Biden have
not been accused of anything illegal, it’s still suspect it’s still shady and it’s still
hurting him. And that is why in the last couple of weeks
we have seen Elizabeth Warren now emerge as the front runner in the democratic race for
the first time since he announced he was running. Joe Biden is not the front runner and that
scares the moneyed interest, the corporate elite, the centrists who are running the democratic
party because if they don’t have Biden, they got nothing left. And that’s what’s freaking them out. We have seen reports recently, wall street
insiders, tech insiders, big business owners, openly fretting and attacking both Bernie
Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Because now those two are looking more and
more likely that they’re going to emerge as the last two standing in the democratic primary. And I can’t think of a better two to have
left. but what about all the centrist? What about all the Corpus? What about all of that money? They tried to pump into Joe Biden. Well It turns out that’s nothing compared
to the grass roots small donor money that Bernie Sanders is raising 25 million compared
to Biden’s big money, 15 million. He’s tanking folks and he knows it. His campaign came out earlier this week and
said, look, we’re pretty much guaranteed we’re going to lose the first three primaries and
caucuses like they’re actually planning on losing now. And that’s why the moneyed interests are freaking
out because if Biden goes down, they’ve got nobody left who they gonna put their money
behind. Camilla Harris, she’s back to polling in the
single digits and falling. Cory Booker, he never broke 2% Beto O’Rourke. He’s kind of crazy. Pete, Buddhajudge. Now there’s an idea. He has taken more money from billionaires
than any other person running on the democratic side. He is openly attacking the idea of small money
donors. He’s attacking Elizabeth Warren, he’s attacking
Beto and he’s kind of showing that he’s pretty damn arrogant and ignorant about what the
party needs. And that just is the perfect recipe for corporate
as Democrats. So as Biden continues to fall, you can expect
the corporate media, the corporate of the democratic party, they’re going to start propping
up Buddha judge, but it’s not gonna work at this point. It might actually be too little too late. Thank God. Because we need real structural change and
reform within the democratic party and within the government itself. You don’t get that with Biden. You don’t get it with Buddha judge or Harris
or Booker or O’Rourke or Gillibrand or Klubachar or any of the other ones. You get it with Bernie Sanders. You get it to a smaller degree with Elizabeth
Warren. But you do get some of it with her. Everybody else. Nope. And that’s what scares the moneyed interests,
not just that things are going to change, but that things are going to change forever. It will never go back to being the same. And that is another reason why this primary
is so important, because it’s not just about just changing it right now. It’s about changing it forever. And honestly, there is one candidate that
wants to enact the biggest changes to the party and to the system itself. And that’s the person who will be getting
my vote in these primaries.