100% Pro-Life | Rick Walker for Congress

I’m 100 percent pro-life, and I’ve always
been 100 percent pro-life, with no exceptions. I believe that children are made in the image
of God, and therefore, they are loved, they are beautiful, and they are glorious in their
pure being. I believe that it is our duty as parents,
grandparents, and citizens of the United States to advocate for the children who have not
yet been, and the children that are. For every one baby that is born, some studies
show that there are 26 parents waiting to adopt. There should be no reason why those babies
need to be aborted when there’s parents ready to adopt at a ratio of 26 to 1. When I’m in Congress we’re going to fight
for pro-life policies, and pro adoption policies that encourage life and not death. That encourage
a future and a hope, rather than bleakness. We will help that single mom who’s struggling. We will help her to carry the baby to term. We will work with our neighborhood crisis
pregnancy centers to give aid and comfort and love and support. Because we understand that the best place
for a baby is in a home with a father and a mother, and a loving relationship and caring
for that child. When I’m in Washington D.C., we’re going to
bring the family back, and the family is going to be of centermost importance to our society,
I promise you that.

LifeTalk Breaking News: MeToo & Politicians Ignore America’s Hidden Sex Scandal!

🎶 Music 🎶 Hello. I’m Mark Crutcher,
president of Life Dynamics. On this Tuesday’s edition of Life Talk,
we released our new report documenting that thousands of women and girls have been raped
or sexually assaulted in American abortion clinics. This has been going on for decades
and since the release of our report, the cover-up by the abortion Lobby and
the mainstream media has continued. We’ve also contacted the #MeToo movement as
well as more than 50 of their political supporters . So far we’ve had absolutely
no response from #MeToo, and only one inquiry from
one of these politicians. Their claim to care about sexual assault
victims is being exposed as they lie. So I’m asking each one of you for your help. First, go to www.LifeDynamics.com/rape and inform yourself – and then
encourage all your friends to do the same. Then write letters to the editor,
call in on talk shows, use social media, or do whatever you can to get this
message in front of the American people. You can even have these talk shows
contact us about an interview. And if you don’t think that’s
important, remember this: at least four of the sexual predators
we identified in our report are STILL working in American
abortion clinics right now. We are counting on you – because without
your help this scandal will remain hidden. Thank You. you

SARAH PALIN: On being a PRO-LIFE politician

it's been clever to being a part of these Tea Party rallies see some of the signs in the audience and some of your science today too he can learn a whole lot about what the sentiment is out there in the American public just by reading the signs and in some of these movements I think one of my favorite was a mom carrying a sign saying my kid is not your ATM I do like that billboard too though that billboard that the college kids have up that was just recently unveiled that says mr. president I need a freakin job period that was a good one there in Buffalo and of course I always like to see in though to the the sign of the billboard George Bush say miss me yet hello that would we do and being a pro-life politician is more than just a convenient title come election time it means making tough decisions even if that means bucking your party once in a while on these issues of life even if it means standing up against that machine that's running a party the susan b anthony List was front and center during the Obamacare debate and we were all so grateful for your leadership and fighting that public funding that was in the bill during them the Obamacare debate we were saddened to see so many so-called pro-life Democrats cave on the issue though but we're not discouraged far from being discouraged we need to be energized we need to be really fired up and not be demoralized but get organized elections have consequences and we've seen some of the manifestations of that already in the recent elections and in some of the recent polls we've seen the the consequences of those who said that they were something get into office cast their votes and prove that there's something else we won't forget those who promised to hold firm against government funding of abortion but caved at the last minute in exchange for a non-binding executive order promised by the most pro abortion president to ever occupy the White House we will not forget