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usual debrief before you throw them into the pit find out where he's from family any other Phoenix as he's willing to give up then ask him about the knife snd knife when I was at the school I heard he tried to steal it and I'd like to know why he wanted one of the locks to the pit shouldn't be too difficult he recorded the voicemail with minimal resistance no one's watching us now look I already told the other guys I don't know anything you could kill me but I'm part Phoenix so I'm just gonna come back to life and a burst of flames and there's gonna be a lot of ash to clean up and after I come back I'm not gonna know anything I'm not here to interrogate Lenin in fact I'm here so you can finally get some answers legacy this all new episode this Thursday at 9:00 8:00 central only on the CW and stream every next day on the CW AB

President Trump Considering Placing Tariffs on All Chinese Imports

Let's get to the news. Following the latest escalation
in his trade war with China, President Trump
is now reportedly considering placing tariffs
on all Chinese imports, which could result in higher
prices at stores like Target. Target? Okay. NOW will white women
turn against him? "Separate families all you want, but come for my rock
that says 'Gratitude,' and we will have a problem!" In a series of tweets
this morning, President Trump claimed that the U.S.
is in a fantastic position in its trade war with China. "There's more
than one position?!" said Mike Pence. [ Laughter ] President Trump
yesterday complimented authoritarian Hungarian
Prime Minister Viktor Orban, saying that Orban is, "A little bit controversial,
and that's okay." A little bit controversial?
The guy's a dictator. And you're taking about him
like he's cilantro. Which, by the way,
is a devil weed, and if you like it,
you are a bad person. [ Cheers and applause ] "The Washington Post"
has published an article claiming that parents
who name their children after the "Game of Thrones"
character Daenerys Targaryen may regret their decision due to her actions
in the show's final season, though, if you named
your kid Daenerys, this probably isn't
your first regret. "Aww, man!
I bought too many nunchucks! [ Laughter ] Now Daenerys is playing
in the nunchucks!" Today was Facebook CEO
Mark Zuckerberg's 35th birthday. And if you're wondering what
he wants, your personal data. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] That's all he wants. The children's cartoon "Arthur"
gained attention yesterday for airing an episode featuring
a character's gay wedding. And if you think
that was controversial, wait until legal marijuana arrives in
"Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood." [ Laughter ] Police in Ohio recently
arrested a man for allegedly stealing meat from a supermarket after catching him
with steak in his pants. The steak was visible, because
he only hid it medium well. [ Laughter ] [ Scattered applause ] [ Laughter ] You're all lucky. You're lucky to be here
on a night with a steak joke. They're pretty rare. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. I thought that was
pretty well done. [ Laughter ] [ Laughing ] So proud of myself. [ Laughs ] Presidential hopeful
Beto O'Rourke said today that he regrets
launching his 2020 campaign on the cover of "Vanity Fair." And Bernie Sanders said
he has some regrets, too. [ Laughter ] [ As Sanders ]
"Give me your cheapest suit!" A Washington, D.C., condo
that is currently up for sale has gained attention online
after Internet users discovered that a listing photo
of the property accidentally included
a man's penis. Said prospective buyers,
"No, I wanted exposed BRICK." [ Laughter and applause ]

John Goodman Doesn't Care About the Roseanne Reboot's Politics

-It's always
so great to see you. Congratulations on
the return of "Roseanne." -Thank you very much. -This must be beyond
your wildest dreams. Even the fact that it came
together in the first place. -It was a gift.
And I'm treating it as such. I'm very grateful
to be back there, as opposed to last time,
when I was "rehearsing" and… It was remarkable
how it came together. I was on Sara Gilbert's
talk show, "The Talk." -Yes. -In case there's any confusion. And we did a little
"Roseanne"-ish sketch at the top of it. And during the show, she asked
me if I would be interested in a reunion show
or something like that. A clip show. I don't know.
I said, yeah, in a heartbeat. And she called Roseanne,
said I was interested. And three weeks later,
we had a deal with the American
Broadcasting Company… -That's crazy.
-…also known as ABC. -You've always been a formal — You always speak about networks
very formally. -The DuMont Network. -[ Laughs ] It's funny. Obviously you and
Roseanne have this chemistry. It's incredibly well-honed. I remember this year
at the Golden Globes you guys came out
and presented together. And I was rehearsing
earlier in the day. And for people who don't know, they just have extras
do the lines. So, I was watching, and it was
like a three-line exchange between you and Roseanne. But I watched two extras do it, and I was like,
"This isn't funny at all." And then you and Roseanne
came out and said the exact same thing,
and it just crushed. -Well, they gave me a punch line
that didn't work. -[ Laughs ] Oh, yeah? -And she saved my bacon.
-Oh, well, that's — I think that when you have
a partner in comedy like that, there's a lot of bacon saving.
-Oh, thank you. -And you brought back
the whole cast. You even brought back
both Beckys. Was that a fun thing to have to
figure out the math of that? -Yeah, it was amazing. Yeah,
I couldn't recognize them apart. Which one is which? Yeah, they fit her in. She may even be coming back,
I don't know, doing something. But it's just so bizarre to walk onto that set
for the first time. Everything is reproduced
exactly. And I got chills. It's not déjàà vu,
but it's something spookier. I think Laurie Metcalf
calls it a wormhole. -A wormhole. That makes sense.
So, you said reproduced. It's not the original set?
-No. They had to get stuff off of
eBay, I believe, that was ours. -Oh, really? [ Cheers and applause ] -The rumor
that I've been spreading is that the Smithsonian
Institution owns the couch and they wouldn't
rent it back to us cheaply. -Right.
-But that's not true. -It's a good rumor.
-Print the legend. Yeah, absolutely.
Print the legend. -Cheap bastards. I want to tell you
about the government! Let me tell you about the
government! Aw, they're bad! -Well, the show, of course, is
a lot now about the government, not as much as I feel like
it's maybe getting ink for. Roseanne is a Trump supporter. Laurie is a Hillary —
a left-wing supporter. Did you know
going into the season what the stories
were going to be about? -I didn't care.
-Yeah, that — -Which is pretty much
the way I went through the last nine years of the show. -Well.
-I don't care! -The other thing
that I think that helps is Dan doesn't seem to care.
-No. -It's basically — he's along
for the ride, as well. -He's out in the garage
drinking quite a bit of beer. -Yeah. But he looks very svelte.
-Thank you. -New Dan looks very svelte.
You've done him a great favor. -Light beer.

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you sure it glowed again I sleep with the damn thing under my pillow it's hard to miss what do you think it's gonna be this time hmm Cyclops Slender Man Santa well given our luck I think it's safe to rule out old Saint Nick I don't know I mean Santa Claus is kind of terrifying we think about it freaks into your home he sees you when you're sleeping not to mention judgy hope I need you to focus look I'm trying I just wish that Satan's nightlight would give us some rest yeah and I wish that knife was never in our school to begin with but it's not like we can change that now all we can do is make sure we're not blindsided by another monster walking through our doors

Trump's First 100 Days and a Possible Government Shutdown: A Closer Look

-President Trump
has been scrambling for literally any kind
of positive achievement as he nears the end
of his first 100 days in office. Meanwhile, he and Congress are
facing down an imminent deadline to avoid a government shutdown. For more on this,
it's time for "A Closer Look." [ Cheers and applause ] Trump is nearing
the 100 day milestone with record low approval ratings and a White House
in constant chaos, which means today
was the perfect day for a jovial, well-rested
former President Obama to show up in Chicago
for his first public appearance after leaving office
and say this. -So, uh… what — what's been going on
while I've been gone? [ Laughter ] [ Chuckles sarcastically ] Everything! Everything has been going on. Of course, after that comment,
Obama threw on some shades, kite surfed
out of the auditorium and yelled,
"Somebody get me a mai tai." But Obama's first
post-election public appearance was especially well-timed, because Saturday will mark the
100th day of Trump's presidency. Which is traditionally
when presidents get their first big report card
on their performance so far. And this will shock you. Most people
think he's not doing great. -We have our brand-new NBC News
Wall Street Journal poll so tell us
just how Americans think the president is doing
as we approach Day 100. In short, not well. -The worst approval ratings
around the 100 day mark for any president
in modern times. -He laid out a very detailed
100 day contract he called it — Obamacare, tax reform,
border wall funding, infrastructure spending,
new trade tariffs, labeling China
a currency manipulator, ending the common core
education standards. 100 days in or one week
from 100 days anyway, incomplete at best. None of this,
none of this has been done. -None of this has been done. If this were a movie,
it would be called "100 Dayz and Confused." Now, the polls did have one bit
of good news for Trump, which if a new election
were held today, Trump would win over Clinton
43% to 40%. And of course, Trump could not help but brag
about those numbers, tweeting yesterday… Still? Does he think he won
the popular vote the first time? Because I got news for you,
buddy. You can't still do something
you've never done before. It's like me saying
"It's been 100 days, but Rihanna
would still go out with me. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Thank you for sticking with me. Nonetheless, the 100 day
report card is on the way. And like every terrible student, Trump is trying to turn an "F"
into an "A," tweeting last week… Yeah, the 100 day report card
is an arbitrary, meaningless political milestone
that most people care about. Most people, that is,
except Donald Trump. -I propose the contract
with the American voter. It's a set of promises for what
I'll do in my first 100 days. What follows
is my 100 day action plan to make America great again. Just think about
what we can accomplish in the first 100 days
of a Trump administration. -And then after
you thought about it, tell me what you came up with,
because I've got nothing. [ Laughter,
cheers and applause ] So as the 100 day milestone
nears, Trump has failed to deliver on almost everyone of
his major legislative promises. Now, there are many reasons for
this including Trumps ignorance about the basic political
realities of governing. In fact Trump is so ignorant, he's ignorant
of his own ignorance. For example, he apparently
just learned that there were
different factions within the Republican Party and talked about
as if it was a brilliant insight telling the AP
in an interview… Trump is like
an annoying 8-year-old kid that just got home from school. Did you know fish can breathe
underwater by using their gills? Yeah, Timmy, I did know that. Everybody knows that,
now go suck on your juice box. In fact, Trump even seems
to have trouble remembering the names
of Congressional leaders as we discover last week when he kept referring to
House Speaker Paul Ryan as Ron before catching himself
and trying to save it. -My thanks goes to Speaker Ryan who's represented the city for
nearly two decades in Congress. And you know where he is? He's with NATO, and —
So he has a good excuse. I said, "Ron,
make sure these countries start paying their bills
a little bit more. You know, they're way,
way behind, Ron. I'm gonna talk to you
about that, Ron." But, Paul,
you're over with NATO, get them to pay their bills. -I said Ron, "I mean,
I'm talking to you, Ron. Your names not Ron?
I meant Don. I was talking to myself. Don, you've got to get them
to pay their bills. Good idea, Don.
Thank you, Don." [ Laughter ] So, with less than a week
to the 100 day deadline, the Trump himself champion, the president
has failed to deliver on nearly every one of
his major legislative promises. How could things get any worse? -Shutdown showdown. -The White House is racing to avoid marking the president's
first 100 days in office with a government shutdown. -If Congress doesn't send
President Trump a the government funding
bill midnight on Friday, the government
will run out of money and a shutdown would begin. -A sticking point
as you may know is money for the wall
along our border with Mexico. -He could be the first President
in history to face a government shut down
in his first 100 days. -Okay, but are we sure the government
wasn't shutdown already? Because it was reported recently
that… Under Trump, our federal
government is staffed as well as Duane Reade
on a Sunday morning. Hello? Hello, I need my heart pills. Duane? Reade? So the White House is requesting
money for the border wall and the bill
that funds the government. But the crucial question is
will the president veto any bill that does not include
money for the wall? The government staying open
hangs on this question, so when the AP asked Trump
that question point-blank, this is what he said — and this
is his full unedited answer. As opposed to everything
up to that point, which had been
super [bleep] telligible. [ Laughter ] So let's get back — Let's get back
to his answer about the wall. I'll tell you one thing, that answer would have
definitely made a much tougher chant
at Trump rallies. Who's going to pay for the wall? We don't know yet.
People want the border wall. Your base definitely
wants to border wall. You're base really wants it.
We've been to many rallies. Unintelligible. [ Applause ] Now… Trump's answer on the wall
might be confusing for you for many reasons, including the fact that,
as you may recall, Trump promised repeatedly that
Mexico will pay for the wall. And on Sunday he took to Twitter
to settle the discrepancy with his signature bravado
declaring unequivocally that
without any hesitation that… Trump's tweets are starting to
sound like the fine print on a contest to win
a free cruise. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Trump was also asked
how much the wall would cost? And again
this is his real answer. Man, even the biggest sucker
at the used car lot knows to walk away when
the salesman says super-duper. [ Laughter ] And I'll tell you what,
I like you. I'm gonna throw
the undercoating for free. I just have to talk
to my manager, super-duper. Now publicly, Republicans
and the Trump administration have downplayed the risk
of a government shutdown over border wall funding. But privately,
they seem excited. One unnamed top White House
official told the New Yorker… We've all been saying "get outta
here, it's too ridiculous" for two years,
yet here he is. Get out of here! So, Trump… [ Cheers and applause ] So, Trump obviously has very few
concrete achievements to celebrate
his first 100 days. Which of course left Trump brag about the thing he loves to brag
about the most — ratings. In fact Trump is so enamored
by ratings, he's even basing major personnel
decisions on them. The Washington Post reported
yesterday that when the prospect
of firing Sean Spicer came up in a recent meeting,
Trump replied… Yeah, everyone tunes in
to watch Sean Spicer for the same reason this video
has 31 million views. [ Grunting ] [ Laughter ] Incidentally Trump just made
that guy Secretary of Pools. [ Laughter ] So Trump is facing a 100 day
milestone with virtually no successes
to brag about, which may be why, when asked
by reporters last week about
the sudden flurry of activity and how his administration
was doing as it neared
the 100 day deadline, he resorted to the most
meaningless platitudes possible. -It's going to be great.
It'll happen. -You're gonna do healthcare
and tax reform? -It'll happen.
We'll see what happens. No particular rush,
but we'll see with happens. But healthcare is coming along
well. Government is coming along
really well. [ Laughter ] -That's the President
of the United States saying government is coming along
really well. It's like going home to your
wife and saying, "Hello, wife, our marriage
is coming along really well." This has been "A Closer Look." [ Cheers and applause ]