Legacies 1×04 Inside "Hope is Not the Goal" (HD) Season 1 Episode 4 Inside The Originals spinoff

– [Matt] Like Dr Saltzman was saying, local girls Dana Lilien and Sasha Stodero, didn't come home last night. (glass breaking)
(screaming) – We're very excited to be here
to talk about episode four, Hope is Not the Goal. (growl) (frightened scream) – Sasha and Dana, the snotty girls from last week's episode, have gone missing. So, Sheriff Matt Donovan comes
in and says to the school, "Hey I could really use some help finding these missing girls." – I'm in. – I'm in too. – I'd like to help. – I volunteer as tribute.
(upbeat guitar music) – [Julie] And so our
kids, rustle up a posse and go undercover at the high school. – This is the senior hallway. Where I spent much of my formative years, stuffed in every locker except this one. That one doesn't open. On your left you'll find the bathrooms where I had my first kiss with a toilet. – For Landon it's going
back to a hallway, that is, the sight of great childhood trauma. But when a body turns up really quickly, it sort of brings us back to
the old Vampire Diaries days, and Matt Donovan's like, "Oh God." you know like things have
been so good here for so long and he's gonna have suspicions. – Think it's safe to
say, she's not a runaway.

Kate McKinnon Perfectly Impersonates Marianne Williamson at the Democratic Debate

-It's great to see you. This has been
a delightful evening because you came and you watched
the debates with us. -I did.
-Which was lovely. You sat in the writers room,
and it did seem like — You obviously have done
Elizabeth Warren on the show. -I sure have.
-And it seemed like last night she was maybe
inspired by your outfit. -Yeah, yeah.
-There we go. I mean, that's on the money.
-I am a fashion icon. Gosh, she was
so happy last night. -She was very happy. -She looked like a girl
on her wedding day when everyone who ever bullied
her was getting a divorce. [ Laughter ]
She just — She was in the —
"I am fighting." [ Laughter ] "I got a plan for my fight
and a fight for my plan. We're fighting for plans
everywhere." -She does. She loves a plan.
-She loves a plan. -She loves a good plan.
-In the fight for a plan. -Yes.
-Yes. -And there was someone tonight
who didn't like plans. Marianne Williamson
was very anti-plan. -Gosh, I wish there was
an "SNL" show this week. -Yeah. Marianne was the one
where you thought like, "Oh, she might not
make it to the fall." [ Laughter ] The window for Marianne
Williamson impressions might be closing fast.
-Mm-hmm. She was a shining comet. Yeah, she was like — she was —
I'll just do a — -Will you do a little —
just a little taste? -I was practicing
while we were watching. [ Cheers and applause ] "I-I've heard a lot of plans
here tonight, and if we — we think plans
are gonna beat Donald Trump, we got another thing coming. My plan is to gather all
the sage in America and burn it. My plan is to harness
the energy of babies to finally put
a man on the moon. And I said to
the President of New Zealand, I said,
'Girlfriend, you're so on.' And I would say to Donald Trump,
'Boyfriend, you chill.' Thank you." [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -We got a little taste. -Oh, what a star. -What a star. She is a star. It was wonderful
to have her there. This is a fantastic film
that you're in, "Yesterday," and it's a fantastic premise. For those who don't know,
it's basically a gentleman — There's a power outage and when
the power comes back on, the Beatles never existed and he is the only one
who knows all the songs. -Yes, and that leads him
into a situation. He tries to pass them off
as his own. But it's the best premise
I've ever heard for a movie. And it's a really beautiful love
story about music and love and the Beatles and how much
poorer our culture would be without the Beatles,
had they never existed. -Danny Boyle. You got to
work with Danny Boyle. -Danny Boyle directed.
Richard Curtis wrote it. It was the best.
-That's fantastic. Obviously, you were in London.
You were shooting in the U.K. And you went and you saw —
You have ancestry there. You have lineage.
-I am of Scottish descent. -Scottish descent.
Yeah, you can tell. -You can tell
from the fabric of my blaze. [ Laughter ] Yeah, my great-grandfather
was born on this little island called Tiree,
which is like this, and I wanted to go, and the night before I went,
I was in Glasgow, buying sunblock at a pharmacy, and I said to the lady, "I'm
going to this little island. My great-grandfather,"
whatever, whatever, and suddenly I was transported
into a Peter Jackson movie because she was like, "Ooh,
you're going to Tiree, then?" [ Laughter ] "You must beware
the wee midges." [ Laughter ] And I was like,
"What is a wee midge?" Is that a ferry or…? And a wee midge is — There's
these insects that swarm, so she was like, "You must
beware or you will get swarmed. And they will steal
your magic beans." [ Laughter ] So I was like — -Is there any way
to prevent the swarm? -Yes. I was like,
"Beggar woman, what must I do to avoid the wee midges?" And she was like, "You must
reach deep in your purse and you must pull out a coin and
you must buy Avon Skin So Soft." [ Laughter and applause ] And then she disappeared. -She was gone?
-Yeah. -Is this a real —
Am I about to actually — Is this a real photo
I'm gonna hold up? -Yeah, yeah, that's it. -So you went to the island.
-I went. -And it turned out she wasn't
lying about the midges. -Well, now, there were no midges
on that day because it was windy, but this
is what it would have been had there been the wee midges. So thank God
for Avon Skin So Soft. But what there was,
was sheep poop. -There was sheep poop. -You know, when you go
to a duck pond and can't figure out
a place to step. It's worse with sheep poop
because those are bigger. [ Laughter ] -Did you enjoy it?
Are you glad you went to Tiree? -I'm so glad, and I'm so glad
I saw so many sheep there. [ Laughter ] Rocks and sheep. And now I understand
my roots, and I love it. -We love you. I love you. Thank you for being here
on a live show. [ Cheers and applause ] That's Kate McKinnon, everybody.

The First Democratic Presidential Primary Debate: A Closer Look

-10 — count 'em —
10 Democratic candidates squared off tonight
in the first debate of the presidential campaign. For more on this,
it's time for "A Closer Look. ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] Donald Trump is
constitutionally incapable of sharing the spotlight
with anyone, and so as 10 Democrats
prepared to take the stage for their first
primary debate tonight, he went to something called
the Faith and Freedom Conference to gurgle up a bunch of
old-man nonsense. -We're saying
"merry Christmas" again. Did you notice? Remember? [ Cheers and applause ]
Remember? I usually save that for
November, December, but I was just thinking… They were all taking it down off
the department stores, everything. You'd see a big red —
They'd say, "Happy holidays," no "merry Christmas." They're saying
"merry Christmas" again. It's very interesting. "Our president may not be
the best at the Bible. He may not have read it
2,000 times. But he's the best for us." My wife watched.
I said, "You have to see this. It's great invention
It's called TiVo," okay? I don't want to be advertising,
but, you know, it's, like,
better than television, 'cause television, you
never see it. With TiVo, you play it back.
I played it back. -Oh, my God!
Get me off this cruise ship! Is this a presidential speech
or bingo night? This guy shouldn't be standing
behind a presidential seal. He should be wandering down
the hallway of a group home with a nurse chasing
after him, screaming, "Donald, your gown is
on backwards." I'm sorry.
[ Cheers and applause ] You've just heard about TiVo? Trump's brain is so
permanently stuck in 1999. "Have you heard this new food
they just came out with? It's called Go-Gurt. It's a game changer." Trump was probably more off
kilter than usual today with the Democratic
debate looming and the news that
Robert Mueller's agreed to testify in public before
Congress next month, and it clearly… [ Cheers and applause ] …clearly got in Trump's head,
because he called up Fox Business News to
and ramble about Mueller and accuse him of
a totally made-up crime. Trump was referring to unearthed
text messages between two FBI agents
who were having an affair, or at least I think that's what
he was referring to. -Robert Mueller —
they worked for him, and the two lovers were together and they had
texts back and forth. -Well, how come
we haven't seen it all? -You know why? Because Mueller
terminated them illegally. He terminated the e-mails. He terminated all of the stuff
between Strzok and Page. You know, they —
You've never — Robert Mueller terminated
their text messages together. He would — He terminated them.
They're gone. And that's illegal. -Deleted! The word you're looking for
is "deleted." My God, man,
go back to watching TiVo. And now you're accusing
Robert Mueller of a crime? Look at this guy. I doubt he's ever jaywalked
in his life. Robert Mueller gives
speeding tickets by chasing after cars on foot. And no matter what you think of
the Democrats, this is why it was refreshing to
see sane human beings speaking in coherent sentences
about actual policies on national television
for a change. Now, this was just
the first of two debates, with 10 more candidates
scheduled to debate on Thursday. In fact, there are now
a total of 24 Democrats
running for president. Look at how many people
are on that screen. There are so many people,
you didn't even notice that one of them is Guy Fieri. And…
[ Cheers and applause ] And he's definitely more
qualified than Donald Trump, because, need I remind you,
he's the mayor of Flavortown. Great bowling alleys,
terrible schools. Of course…
[ Laughter ] We'll just —
We'll cut out that. Cut out the Flavortown joke
I fought for all day. Live?! Of course, with 10 people
on the stage, the candidates knew it
would be tough to stand out, which is why they were all
preparing in different ways to make their case as concise
and effective as possible. -Senator Elizabeth Warren
and her 2020 Democratic rivals are very busy right now,
because they're prepping for the first pair of
Democratic debates. Warren has focussed on boiling
down her positions, her policy positions, to try to
fit the time constraints. Senator Amy Klobuchar has spent
time watching the 2016 debates to see how President Trump
and his GOP rivals stood out in that crowded field. -Wait. You're studying Trump's
debate performances to see how he stood out? Which ones did you watch? Did you study the tape of that
time Trump and Ben Carson missed their cues
and got stuck in the hallway leading to the debate stage? 'Cause that is a case
where he stood out literally. And it really is amazing that
out of everyone on the stage, the two guys who ended up
in the federal government are the ones who turned
a presidential debate into an escape room. "Help us, clue master.
We need a hint." Seriously, what lessons
can you learn from Trump's
debate performances? "Okay, just remember,
yell as loud as you can, limit your vocabulary
to four words, and, if you get lost,
just remember to act natural and stare directly into
the camera. like you're having
your portrait drawn." [ Cheers and applause ] Now, before the debate,
the candidates also showed up to check out the debate stage,
like Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, who got caught sporting
a very casual look. -2020 contender Tim Ryan is on
the debate stage right now, doing his walk-through. That's going to be happening
through the course of the day. We do have a presidential
candidate right with us. There's Tim Ryan
wearing his cap backward. -"Uh… Hey, guys, there aren't cameras
here now, right?" Did you get confused and think this was your
office softball game? You don't look like a candidate. You look like you should be
pounding some Sam Adams tall-boys
at a Red Sox game. Now, say what you will
about the Democrats. Most of them seemed to enjoy
talking about policies, and the campaign so far has been
incredibly substantive. Senator Kamala Harris has a plan for cash payments to
middle-class household. Senator Bernie Sanders
rolled out a plan to cancel all student debt. And Senator Elizabeth Warren
was so excited to discuss her plans to tax
the wealthy at a town hall that she could
hardly contain herself. -Thank you, Senator Warren,
for being here. How the do you plan to make sure the extremely rich pay
their fair taxes? -Whoa! -Whoa! Taxes! That question was
Elizabeth Warren's Mardi Gras. Asking Warren that question
is like walking up to Chris Cuomo
at a party and going, "Hey, you know anything
about CrossFit?" And that excitement
for talking about policy seems to have caught on, because
while the polls have stayed mostly flat so far,
Warren's stock has been rising, and that's caught
the attention of both the Democratic front-runner,
Joe Biden, and President Trump. -New polling shows Warren's
economic message is resonating with voters. In the latest NBC News/"Wall
Street Journal" poll, 26% of Democratic primary voters
say they're enthusiastic about her candidacy. That's a 6-point bump
from last month. It might explain why Biden's
team is also reportedly getting a little worried
about her rise. And President Trump's campaign
is zeroing in on the threat that she could pose. -Oh, come on.
Donald Trump doesn't zero in. If anything, he zeros out. And I especially can't imagine
him zeroing in on Elizabeth Warren. For one thing, Warren literally
did an interview where she was running to catch
a train at Penn Station. Can you imagine if Trump was
late for a train? Forget answering questions. Mike Pence would have to carry
him on his back like a tired 4-year-old. So, with Warren
the obvious standout coming into this debate,
the other candidates were looking for ways to shine, and former Texas Congressman
Beto O'Rourke settled on a strategy of going
bilingual right out of the gate. -This economy
has got to work for everyone, and, right now,
we know that it isn't. And it's going to take
all of us coming together to make sure that it does. [ Speaking Spanish ] -I mean, I knew he was going to
bust out his Spanish. I just didn't know
it would be that quickly. Remember, Beto, you only
have one bullet, so don't fire until you see the
whites of their — Bang! Also, check out
Cory Booker's face when it cuts to him during
Beto's answer. -[ Speaking Spanish ] -Now, you might think that's
a face of a guy thinking, "I can't believe you're
pandering by speaking Spanish," but it's actually the face of
a guy thinking, "Oh, man! I was gonna do that." -[ Speaking Spanish ] -Not only do I applaud them
speaking Spanish, you just know everyone in
tomorrow's debate who doesn't speak Spanish is going to spend
the whole day cramming. "I think all Americans
want answered — the question they
want answered is, '¿Donde esta mi gato?'" [ Cheers and applause ] Now, Beto has been
struggling in the polls, despite the national fame
he gained from his Senate campaign
against Ted Cruz, but he was still head
and shoulder above some rivals in name and face recognition,
like, um…this guy. -Congressman Delaney,
do you agree? -I think we need do real things
to help American workers and the American people. -Okay, quick question —
who are you? You look like you were
supposed to be in a lawn-care commercial
during the break, but they just accidentally
let you stay. And then there was Tim Ryan,
the Ohio congressman, who seemed maybe
slightly surprised that he got a question. -Congressman Ryan,
President Trump — and you just referred to him —
promised that manufacturing jobs
were all coming back to places like your home state of Ohio. Can you make that same promise? -Yes, I believe you can. -Tim Ryan always looks like
his dog just talked. "Rusty, did you just say,
'Good morning'?" Then the debate moderators
gave the candidates a chance to
differentiate themselves with a key policy question — who would abolish
private health insurance? And only a few
raised their hands. -Who here would abolish their
private health insurance in favor of
a government-run plan? Just a show of hands
to start off with. -Not only did Warren
raise her hand, but check out New York City
mayor Bill de Blasio. He's got to be so happy
he raised his hand when Warren did. It's like when
you're taking the SATs and you peek at
the valedictorian's test and make sure she had
the same answer. And de Blasio clearly said
it's an opportunity to make a name for himself
on the healthcare issue, because after Beto
answered the question, de Blasio jumped in
and went after him. -Would you replace
private insurance? -No. I think the choice is
fundamental to — -Wait, wait. Congressman O'Rourke,
private insurance is not working for ten of
millions of Americans. When you talk about the co-pays,
the deductibles, the premiums,
the out-of-pocket expenses, it's not working. -That's right, so for those for
whom it is not working, they can choose Medicare. -Congressman, you've got to
start by acknowledging the system is
not working for people. -Look at those two. They look like stockbrokers who
got too drunk at happy hour. It's so weird to watch
two guys get into it who are both polling
in single digits. It's like watching the
New York Jets play guys who got cut from
the New York Jets. De Blasio was so eager to get
a word in that, at one point, as they were cutting to
commercial, he started yelling over
the moderators. -Put the American people first.
-Hey, but wait a minute. -All right, we are out of time. We're up against a hard break — -Neither Democrats, nor
Republicans have been serious — -Mayor de Blasio,
we'll have more. The commercial is coming. -Oh, man, that's so New York. It's like when you're trying
to talk to someone as the subway doors are closing. "Hey, what did you call me?!
What did you say, pal?!" Of course,
I'm referring to a time when the subway doors
in this city closed. So, it was a very substantive
issue-oriented debate. And after about an hour full of
complex policy questions about everything
from immigration to gun control to healthcare,
the president decided to weigh in with his own
contribution to the debate, tweeting, "Boring." Oh, I'm sorry. Are you not entertained,
Caligula? I'd say we should send you out
there to spice things up, but you'd probably just get
stuck in the hallway. "This escape room is boring." Also, don't you realize that
most Americans are dying for things
to be boring for a while? I fantasize about the day
I turn on CNN and there's a banner that says,
"No breaking news." Things were also a little weird
when the debate switched over to the second hour for moderators Rachel Maddow
and Chuck Todd, who decided to start out with
some friendly banter. -Now, the candidates will have
60 seconds to answer, 30 seconds for a follow-up,
if necessary. And we will be ruthless,
if necessary. -Yeah, we can do that.
-Mm-hmm. -By the way, hi, Rachel.
-Hi, Chuck. -How you doing?
-Good. -Hey, guys,
we don't need the hellos. We know you know each other. The candidates each get like
9 seconds to speak, and you're chatting it up
like old college friends who ran into each other
at Fuddruckers. It's like they
were waiting for somebody to come by and take their order. But then once they got
the hellos out of the way, they were ready to go
with a smooth transition in the next portion
of the debate. -Many people are calling for
a restoration of an assault-weapons ban,
but even if implemented, there will still be
hundreds of millions of guns in this country. Should there be a role for the
federal government — -I think the other mics are on.
-Oh, everybody's mics are on. I think we have a —
I heard that, too. That's okay. I think we had a little
mic issue in the back. -Control room, we've got — -I think we heard — Yeah,
we have the audience audio. -What's happening? -We are hearing
our colleagues's audio. If the control room
can turn off the mics. -There's voices behind us. -Yeah, if the control room
can turn off the mics of our previous
moderators, we will — -I think it's the
prior moderators. -You know,
we've prepared for everything. We did not prepare for this. -We are going to take
a quick break. We're gonna get
this technical situation fixed. We will be right back. -Maybe you guys should have
spent more time checking the audio and less time
saying hello to each other. I'm surprised Warren
didn't bust out a tool kit. "I can fix it." And, of course, our
TV-game-show-host president, who has nothing to say about
policy, had plenty to say about the technical glitch,
tweeting, "NBC News and MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves
for having such a horrible
technical breakdown in the middle of the debate. Truly unprofessional
and only worthy of a fake-news organization
which they are." Boring! Hey, man, I wouldn't be tweeting
about technical glitches. You think TiVo is
new technology. "NBC needs better
audio equipment. They should have used a Zune." Although, you know
he was TiVo'ing that moment multiple times. "Melania, get in here and watch sleepy Chuck Todd
get interrupted." Bloop-bloop. But a big question underlying
all these policy debates is this — how will you get
your agenda passed if there's a
Republican Congress? The moderators asked Warren
if she had any ideas for dealing with that,
and her answer was unequivocal. -Do you have a plan to deal with
with Mitch McConnell? -I do.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Damn! If Mitch McConnell were capable
of feeling human emotion, he'd be terrified right now. That's the moment everyone
else wondered, "Maybe I should just go." That was like when the matriarch
of a Southern dynasty stands up at
the dinner table and says, "I've made a decision." When Warren said that,
Booker's face got permanently stuck like that, and Tim Ryan's hat
got flew back onto his head. Everyone was eager to
get a word in, like Washington governor
Jay Inslee, who's running a campaign focused
primarily on climate change. He tried to get some attention
from the moderators and then made it kind of weird. -Thank you, Senator Booker.
Rachel's got the next question. -We are going to make —
We are going — Hold on. Governor, you're gonna be happy
with where we go. Governor Inslee,
this next question is to you. You got me?
-Rachel — -You got me? -Oh, my God.
What does that mean? "I'm keeping an eye on her"? He's like the corny dad
at the party who wants to make sure
everyone's had enough to drink. "Chad, I'm onto you, buddy. When that marg's empty,
I'm getting you a refill, Chad." Ultimately, tonight's debate
showed us that a substantive campaign focused
on issues people care about, rather than incoherent rambling
about Christmas or terminating e-mails
is possible, but it also proved once again that there's
a reason "Jeopardy!" has three contestants
and not 10. "Alex, Alex, call on me! I have a Final Jeopardy!
answer." And if you missed
tonight's debate, don't worry — the president has
a high-tech solution for how you can watch it. -"It's great invention
It's called TiVo." -This has been "A Closer Look." [ Cheers and applause ]

The First Democratic Presidential Debate

-Let's get to the news. Tonight was the first Democratic
presidential debate between Elizabeth Warren,
Beto O'Rourke, Cory Booker, your middle school
vice principal, the lady who kept your Frisbee, the guy your mom dated
after the divorce, the lady who wears funny
sweatshirts about wine, and three Bill de Blasios. [ Laughter and applause ] It was quite a field. [ Cheers and applause ] Senator Elizabeth Warren
was the only candidate appearing in tonight's debate who has been polling
in double digits. But to be fair, in New York, Bill de Blasio
also gets two digits. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] During tonight's debate,
Beto O'Rourke answered a portion of
his first question in Spanish. Then, to pay full homage
to his heritage, he answered
the next question in Irish. [ Laughter ] Tonight's Democratic debate
featured some questions sent in by viewers,
which explains why Rachel Maddow asked Cory Booker
"Why isn't 'Chicago Med' on?" [ Laughter ] Senator Elizabeth Warren said
tonight that the next president needs to have the courage
to take on the giants, which was pretty awkward 'cause Bill de Blasio
was right next to her. [ Laughter ] Former representative
John Delaney appeared confused when he was the first candidate asked to give
a closing statement. Said Delaney, "Sorry. Uh…
Even I forgot I was here." [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] "In my defense, why am I here?"
[ Laughter ] According to reports, former
Vice President Joe Biden requires that
his paid speaking engagements provide him with a dinner of
angel hair pomodoro, caprese salad,
and raspberry sorbet. And this is weird — he asked for the angel hair
just to smell it. [ Audience groans, laughter ] President Trump today attacked
U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe for saying she would not attend a potential visit
to the White House if the United States wins
the women's World Cup, saying, "I'm a big fan of the
American team in women's soccer, but Megan should win first
before she talks. Finish the job." Okay. You're definitely not
a big fan of women's soccer. The only time
you've ever said Mia Hamm is when you're ordering dinner. "Me a ham and her a chicken?" [ Laughter ] "You wanted a chicken, right? Her a fish." [ Laughter ] And, finally,
according to new research, an octopus's arms
make decisions independently from their brain. "Same," said Joe Biden.
[ Laughter ]

Legacies 1×08 Inside "Maybe I Should Start from the End" (HD) The Originals spinoff

you've been my best customer this week and I I don't even know your name Landon that's a beautiful one Thanks I'm pretty sure you gave it to me it's called maybe I should start at the end very excited about this one last we saw they ended Kirby I hope head put him on a bus to New Orleans to see family friend Vincent in order to have Vincent help him track down his birth mother I've told you my whole life story but I don't know anything about you his journey with this woman actually opens the basic Pandora's box the mother lode pun intended of questions when Sayla turns out to be absolutely nothing like what he thought she would be where the hell do you think you're going with my keys and without telling me I'm going after Landon he's in trouble then we're going and I'm driving I will say without giving anything away that this episode contains a creature that Bret Matthews has been wanting to bring to life on the on the screen since childhood Saila is that you screen full geek moment what has happened here on this episode

Rachel Maddow Wants Democrats to Stop Overthinking Trump’s Impeachment

-Another thing
that seems to, uh… seems to be splitting
the way Democrats think, not just
the idea of electability but also the idea
of impeachment — is this a fool's errand? I think you have many
in the party who think this is a man who's done
plenty of things that are why we have
impeachment as an option and others who are saying, "No, we need to focus on the
ballot box as a way of removal." What do you think? -I think this is another one
of those things where Democrats are sort of
outthinking themselves, like in the same way
with the electability thing. Like, you may really want
to beat Donald Trump. You can't personally work out who's the most electable
candidate to win the primary. In the same way, impeachment — you sort of
can't really game out what the political impact
of impeachment is going to be. That's not the kind of process
impeachment is. If a president commits crimes, commits high crimes
and misdemeanors, the way the Congress is supposed
to hold him accountable is by opening
an impeachment inquiry, doing an investigation,
and then voting on whether or not they think
that it rises to that level. Whether or not that hurts the
President, helps the President, hurts the Democrats,
helps the Democrats, A, is unknowable, and, B,
should be beside the point. And if you're doing it
for the right reasons, I think you are more likely
to persuade the country that you've done it
for the right reasons rather than you having tried to
think everybody around a corner, in terms of how
this is supposed to work out. I just think just be —
Approach these things simply. Pick the best candidate who you think would make
the best president. Approach impeachment in terms of the Constitutional
imperative here. Who cares who it's good for? -It does strike me, as well, whether he is impeached or not,
he'll act like he was impeached. -Yes.
Yes, yes. -And, you know, he's gonna —
he's not gonna — if he doesn't get impeached,
say, "You know what? That was a real fair shake
I got from the Democrats. I tip my hat."
-Yeah, exactly! -"I may have been wrong
about those bozos." -It's true.
They're gonna run campaign ads. He's gonna give speeches
talking about them being socialists
who want to impeach him. There's nothing you can do to make him
not call you a socialist. -Right.
-Just do what you think is right.
He's gonna call you names. If you're really lucky, he'll
give you a diminutive Nickname. -Yeah.
-Congratulations. -Yeah, that'd be a winner. -There's no way that you can
get around that stuff. And he will —
And the Republicans will all campaign
as if the Democrats are just "impeachment-mad
socialists," so just
do what you think is right. Don't worry about
what people say about you. -We both talked about
Trump's adventures in Europe, and that was just — in general, I just found a peace
with him being there just because it shifted by five
hours when things could happen. [ Laughter ] You know, at like 9:00,
if I was at dinner, I had a thought of, like, "If I haven't
heard anything now, he's probably asleep,"
you know? [ Laughter ] But you —
-You were so good, though. When you described him as, like,
every American tourist thing that anybody has ever done wrong
anywhere in the world, he's doing them all at once.
-Yeah. -Like,
that's exactly what he was. When you described him that way, I was like,
"That's what he's doing!" He's embodying all of
the worst stereotypes that everybody in the world
has about dumb Americans, and he's living them large!
[ Laughter ] Like, with their leaders.
It was just… -Yeah. Well, you can tell
they look at him, and they're not saying, "Oh, I've met a guy
like this before." They're like, "I've met
a guy like this before, but it was 100 different guys."
-Yes. [ Laughter ]
-Like, this — He's like a Voltron
of all of it. -Yeah.
-You had a wonderful — I had not seen this photo
that you called out on your show last night,
which is, here's the Trump family
in a picture. And I will say, they all look
lovely, beautiful gowns. -The Trump adult children.
-Trump adult children. -Why are they there? They don't work
for the government. -Who pointed this out to you?
Did you find this on your own? -So, I was reading
the Irish press because, as you talked about
on your show, as well, Trump goes over to Ireland
and is like, "Yeah, about your border wall
with Northern Ireland…" It's like,
"Dude, there's no border wall with Northern Ireland." And that's
a really sensitive subject! please don't go there.
Ugh! So, I was looking at
the Irish press to see how they covered
that disaster by the President, and what I found
was they were like, "Hey, look at this picture
of the Trump adult children. Isn't that lovely, how they're
posing for that photo?" -That's great but we're gonna
zoom in on something over here. Right there.
"No photos." -"No photographs."
[ Laughter ] -They literally —
They literally are like, "Let's take a picture,"
and they're like, "Well, not over there, 'cause
it says 'no photographs.'" And they're like,
"No, let's do it there." Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -The President's whole family
poses in front of the "No Photos" picture. Yep, that's pretty much
our lives now. -That's their style.
That is their style. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -I want to be serious
here for a second, because you've done
a really good job of covering a very scary situation right now
with all the abortion laws that are being passed
at the state level. -Yeah.
-And, obviously, there was a lot of talk
about what Alabama did, but there's also a lot happening
in Missouri right now where there are basically
efforts being made to close the last
abortion provider in the state. -Yeah.
-Can you talk a little bit about, like, what actually
is happening there and how punitive it is, these laws
that they're talking about? -The thing that's different
about what's happening in Missouri right now
is that they are the closest any state has ever been
to completely ending legal abortion access
in the entire state. No state has been able
to do that since Roe vs. Wade was passed
by the Supreme Court in 1973. But for the first time,
Missouri's state government, the Republican-controlled
state government, is trying to shut down the last
abortion provider in the state. So they're trying to take
the last clinic's license away. And as they are doing that, the
state government has come in, and they have told the doctors
at that clinic that while they're still open
and while women are still able to get abortions there,
the doctors at that clinic must now start giving medically
unnecessary pelvic examinations, like vaginal examinations,
to women, specifically — basically, as the cost of them
asking for an abortion. So, it's medically unnecessary. The doctors don't want to do it.
There's no reason to do it. The women who are getting
abortions do not want this done, and the state government
has come in and mandated that they get this extra
internal exam while they're trying
to shut down that last clinic. And so, we've been reporting
on that for the past week or so. The state government in Missouri
got very mad at us about reporting on it,
but it's freaking true. And we went to the clinic
and talked to the staff there about how they are being forced
to do this to their patients now on orders of the state. And it's just — I think it's upsetting, I think,
to a lot of people, both the state of abortion
rights around the country and what's going on in Missouri, but the fact that they're
doing that to these women on order
of that state government is just sort of
horror-movie disturbing. -Well, we certainly appreciate
you guys actually getting on the ground there
and going and talking to those people 'cause that
is incredibly informative and necessary
at times like these. [ Cheers and applause ]
Last thing I want to ask. -Yeah.
-You are, in the middle of all this —
moderating debates, hosting your own show —
you are writing a book, as well. Just to like relax and unplug,
you're writing a book. Is it a fun —
It's a fun romantic-comedy romp? Is that a safe way
to describe it? -Yeah, it's a romantic
little ditty about the geopolitics
of the oil and gas industry. [ Laughter ]
-Rachel! Rachel, no! -No, I do that.
You know, I do some vaping. It's, like, pretty much, like,
It's my kicking downtime. -"Blowout."
It's called "Blowout." -It's called "Blowout."
It comes out October 1st. Yeah, I'll come back
and talk to you about it. -Okay, great.
I look forward to it. It's always great to see you.
That's Rachel Maddow, everybody.

President Trump Launches His 2020 Campaign In Florida

Let's get to the news. President Trump held a rally
in Orlando, Florida, tonight to officially launch
his re-election campaign. You're "launching"
your re-election campaign? You've been running
for re-election since your second day in office. You talk about 2020 more
than a guy who just got LASIK. [ Laughter ] Presidential hopeful
Senator Bernie Sanders today praised video-game
industry workers for taking steps to unionize
but criticized them for continuing to underpay
immigrant labor to do their plumbing. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] After President Trump announced
on Twitter last night that immigration officials
would begin mass arrests and deportations of people in
the United States illegally, administration officials said they were not aware Trump
would discuss the plan publicly. Oh, you weren't aware?
Have you — Have you not met him? That's like going to see
Billy Joel and getting upset that he played "Piano Man." "What? I had — Nobody told me." [ Cheers and applause ] According to a new poll,
more than 60% of Americans believe that Facebook
has too much power. Said people who took the poll,
"What? I didn't take that poll." [ Laughter ] A man was arrested
at JFK Airport on Sunday after reportedly attempting
to smuggle in over $100,000 worth
of live birds hidden inside hair curlers. On the plus side,
the birds looked amazing. I mean, beautiful. [ Applause ] According to a new study,
half of married people wish they had been able to relax
and enjoy their wedding day. The other half
are called grooms. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] A man completed a 180-mile
unicycle ride yesterday across the state of Maine, unbelievably, without
stopping to have sex once. [ Laughter ] "Hey, hot stuff! Ohh. [ Laughter ] Why are — [ Cheers and applause ] Why are all the best guys
on only one wheel?" The oldest living woman
in Europe passed away today in Italy
at just over 116 years old. That's every Italian son's
nightmare — his mother living to 116. [ Laughter ] That's right. The oldest living
woman passed away today at 116. Let this be a reminder
to everybody — please, get vaccinated. [ Laughs ]