Political Party Platforms Have Changed

bottom line of what we want the viewers to know today
in this show is that the Democrat Party has
skewed much further to the radical unbiblical left than
they have ever skewed before. (Music) GEORGE PEARSONS: Hello. This is
Pastor George Pearsons and welcome to this very special
edition of the Believers Voice of Victory Broadcast. Faith For
Our Nation. We are preparing right now for the midterm
elections and we have two of my most favorite people on this set
with me today. First of all, Buddy Pilgrim. Buddy, welcome.
is the president of Integrity Leadership, a ministry that
ministers about business principles, financial principles
and has also been involved in the corporate world as a
CEO over billion dollar corporations. Rub on this guy a
little bit. Also he is a board member of Kenneth Copeland
Ministries. He is an advisor to our KCM executive team which is
me. Also Buddy, you’ve had such tremendous experience in the
political realm as well. Major campaigns, rallying Christians
to vote so I appreciate you being here on this broadcast.
BUDDY PILGRIM: Thank you. GEORGE PEARSONS: He is my co-host this
week. And our guest this week is Representative Michele Bachmann.
Michele, welcome to the Believers Voice of Victory
have been so involved in the political realm for many years
from being Representative, candidate for President of the
United States and now a major voice, a major conservative
voice into our nation. A major supporter of Israel. And so we
welcome you to the Believers Voice of Victory broadcast. So
thankful that you’re here. And Michele Bachmann has some
tremendous things that she’s going to be bringing to us this
week. All of her notes are available on, just
click on to the picture of us. MICHELE BACHMANN:
Thank you Buddy. GEORGE PEARSONS: On
the website and all of these notes will be available
to you. And as I’ve been reading through them it really is quite
an education and we are in a very serious time in our nation
and we do make the difference. So Michele I know, because every
time Michele comes here she just lights up the place. Michele,
please help us know why it’s so important that we all need to be
voting in these mid-term elections. MICHELE BACHMANN:
Pastor George and Buddy, I couldn’t be in the presence of
two finer men that I admire more. I highly respect and
admire both of you and I am so grateful to Kenneth Copeland
Ministries for taking on this important part of the Bible. The
scripture is not silent about what believers need to do in
regard to our nations. We have a sacred duty in our nation to be
salt and light, but also to be participatory and to vote.
That’s why it’s so crucial that we’re here with these programs.
We have a very important election coming up in the United
States Senate, United States House, state races, municipal
races and if believers stay home our nation will turn a decidedly
anti-biblical way. GEORGE PEARSONS: That’s a strong
statement, but so true. MICHELE BACHMANN: We saw it. We saw it
because of our scripture that we’re … our theme this week is
“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” from Psalms 33:12.
We know that’s true because we have received the blessings of
liberty. But I want to talk very clearly about your listeners
because I want your listeners to know they changed the
world in November of 2016. GEORGE PEARSONS: Yes.
literally changed the world. You’re saying
Michele, aren’t you overstating this? GEORGE
PEARSONS: Not at all. MICHELE BACHMANN: Absolutely not.
So what I want to do is point to the greatest
pollster that I know of today, George Barna,
in the United States. And George Barna has
information they put out. I want your viewers to know who
they are. They make up 9% of the American public. They are twenty
million people in the United States. These are the people
that George Barna said were key and responsible for the election
results in 2016. It was a shock that is still giving fits and
conniptions to people all across the United States. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Yep. We were together on election night for that.
MICHELE BACHMANN: We were together. That’s right. GEORGE
PEARSONS: And we saw it happen right before our eyes. MICHELE
BACHMANN: That’s right. And they still are having fits that
Donald Trump won. But again it isn’t about republican/democrat.
It’s about Biblical versus unbiblical. GEORGE
And the believers, the difference makers, saw
what a difference was made. We also have another
slide that talks about the fact that 91% of the difference
makers came out to vote. They were so highly motivated because
they saw the difference in the two candidates that were running
for President in 2016 and they knew our country was literally
at our last exit ramp and we could fall off the cliff if we
continued to go in the unbiblical direction we were
going. And so believers showed up. Of the 91% of the difference
makers who showed up, evangelical Christians in other
words. People who take this Word of God and believe that this is
true. They not only believe God, but they seek in their lives to
obey His Word. Now we know the scripture says all sin, all fall
short of the glory of God. I imagine even you two sin. I know
I do. I’m a big sinner all the time. But thank God for a God
who saved me and gave His life for me to save me out of my sin.
That’s the good news of Jesus Christ. But the believers in
Jesus Christ came out in force and they voted. That’s what this
show is about today. We want your viewers to understand the
very stark difference that there is between the two party
platforms. We only have two choices in the United States.
You either vote democrat or you vote republican. And the bottom
line of what we want the viewers to know today in this show is
that the Democrat Party has skewed much further to the
radical unbiblical left than they have ever skewed before and
we’re going to go through that in the next few minutes. But
first let’s take a look at the video describing the
republican party platform versus the democrat
party platform. MALE: Let’s talk about
party platforms. This might seem boring, but
they’re important. Every four years democrats and
republicans gather and each writes a document to establish
how they will govern. That document is called a platform.
It’s a big deal because the platform defines what the
parties believe and the policies they will pursue. Sure there are
times when politicians don’t vote with their respective party
platforms. Republicans vote with theirs nearly nine tenths of the
time. Democrats nearly three quarters. A very large amount of
the time what you see in the platform is what you get with
your politician. So let’s take a look at the platforms. On our
first freedom, the freedom of religion, the democrat platform
is silent on the right of Americans to live according to
their beliefs outside the walls of their churches and places of
worship. The GOP platform affirms the rights of conscience
for all and for the first time the platform calls for a repeal
of the 1954 Johnson Amendment which effectively silenced
churches on issues deemed political. On life, democrats
for the first time call for the federal government to force tax
payers to fund elective abortion. Democrats believe
unequivocally that every woman should have access to safe and
legal abortion and to fund this access their platform calls for
repealing the Hyde Amendment. Republicans support an end to
abortion and the funding of abortion and the GOP supports a
human life amendment to the Constitution. On marriage,
democrats embrace the redefinition of marriage stating
LGBT people have the right to marry the person they love.
Republicans believe the cornerstone of society is
natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman. On
judicial appointments, democrats promise to appoint judges who
protect a woman’s right to abortion and see the
Constitution as a blueprint for progress. Republicans support
judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity
of innocent human life. They seek to enable courts to begin
to reverse the long line of activist decisions. On school
choice, democrats offer no support for families who want
private or faith based schooling for their children. The GOP
platform supports homeschooling, private or parochial schools and
vouchers. These things matter and that little R and that
little D next to a candidates name, that says a lot.
The parties are telling you what they will
do. The question is now that you know,
what will you do? BUDDY PILGRIM: Boy,
what a terrific summary that was. GEORGE PEARSONS:
Yeah, it was good. MICHELE BACHMANN: It
was. BUDDY PILGRIM: I appreciate you bringing
that because it really did clarify the differences
between the democrat and republican parties. I remember
as we went into the 2016 election, we knew then that the
difference that was going to be made in the outcome of that
election was going to be determined by you. By people of
faith voting. I was very involved in the 2016 election as
you know. Significantly with Senator Ted Cruz and his
campaign. But in addition to that I talked to Mike Huckabee.
I talked to Rick Santorum. I talked to most of the other
candidates during that period of time. One of the things I said
before … in the very early stages of the 2016 election is I
was absolutely convinced that there was no republican
regardless of who it was, there were 17 running, that could win
in the 2016 general election unless people of faith turned
out and there was no republican that would lose if people of
faith turned out. MICHELE BACHMANN: That’s right. BUDDY
PILGRIM: Okay? They could only win if people of faith turned
out. And that actually turned out to be the case. MICHELE
BACHMANN: That’s right. BUDDY PILGRIM: And we saw a number of
different people have the lead at various stages. Donald Trump
ended up being the candidate. And people of faith turned out
not because they loved Donald Trump as a person maybe or the
things that he did, but they knew that the republicans had
the right platform and it’s a platform that aligns with
Biblical values which is what you’re talking about. MICHELE
BACHMANN: You’re exactly right. And sixty percent of the people
who voted in 2016 Buddy voted based upon the platform. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Isn’t that something. MICHELE BACHMANN: Because people
weren’t quite sure about Donald Trump. It’s a little bit
different today. He’s more than delivered. He is the most
pro-life President we’ve ever had. He’s the strongest on
religious liberty that we have ever had. He has literally
performed a miracle in the economy and turned the economy
around with the help of Congress because they passed the biggest
tax cuts that we’ve ever seen and they have gotten rid of the
burdensome regulation which actually is the biggest tax that
you can have on job creation. All that they’ve done and more.
But this is the key. The democrat party, we just saw
their platform, the democrat party recently has taken a
quantum leap. They’ve shifted even further left than we ever
thought possible before. That was demonstrated in the month of
July when we saw an open socialist win in a congressional
seat in the state of New York. I think we have a photo of that
candidate. This is what we need to know. This is the new face of
the democrat party. GEORGE PEARSONS: And it’s even changed.
These are the original ones from several years ago. MICHELE
BACHMANN: That’s right, the original party platforms. GEORGE
PEARSONS: All original party platform. MICHELE BACHMANN:
That’s right. GEORGE PEARSONS: This one has changed since then.
MICHELE BACHMANN: The democrat party platform. You’re exactly
right George. It has changed. GEORGE PEARSONS: So this is
obsolete right now. MICHELE BACHMANN: It is almost obsolete.
That’s right. And that may be what’s on paper, but that’s not
what their candidates are advocating anymore. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Okay, that’s important to know. MICHELE BACHMANN: And I
think that for the viewers that are watching today on Believers
Voice of Victory, they need to understand the reality of the
new democrat party. They call themselves democrat socialists
and they’re not afraid of being called socialists. GEORGE
PEARSONS: My goodness. MICHELE BACHMANN: This is literally what
they stand for. We have a photo of the candidate that won in New
York. She tweeted this photo of abolish iced. What does that
mean? That means the United States … she’s advocating that
the position of the United States would be that there would
be no borders. Now just think about that. There would be no
borders. Anyone who wants to come into the United States can
walk right in and you would immediately have access to the
88 federal welfare programs in addition to all the state
programs. You may have a disease that you bring into this
country. You may be a terrorist coming in with evil intent.
Nothing would stop you from coming in. GEORGE PEARSONS:
Drugs. MICHELE BACHMANN: That’s the position of the democrat
socialist party. Here’s the second thing. Abolish profit.
Buddy, what does that mean? BUDDY PILGRIM: That means
there’s zero incentive to invest in a business. MICHELE BACHMANN:
That’s right. BUDDY PILGRIM: If you can’t earn a profit from
that investment. And that’s not Biblical either. You know you
look at the parable of the pounds and the parable of the
talents in the Bible. Both of those the people who were
entrusted with minas in one and with talents in the other were
charged with the responsibility to go and invest those and earn
more. It’s a Biblical principle to take what’s been entrusted to
you and go and earn a greater return from it. The one that
didn’t earn anything from it had it taken away from him. MICHELE
BACHMANN: That’s right. So capitalism is considered evil by
the democrat socialists, their party platform. That’s evil. But
from the republican party platform we want more jobs. We
want more prosperity. We want more people. And again we’re not
here to talk about democrat/republican.
We’re talking about Biblical versus unbiblical.
And it is amazing the suffering that goes along
with an unbiblical view of economics. Just when we
look at our most recent President of the United States.
He took over one sixth of the American economy with health
care. He worked to take over an American auto company, General
Motors, and was called Government Motors because the
federal government took it. GEORGE PEARSONS: Yeah, that’s
right. That’s right. MICHELE BACHMANN: He put together a US
task force on car dealerships and they literally closed down
fifteen hundred car dealerships in the United States. BUDDY
PILGRIM: That’s right. MICHELE BACHMANN: People spend their
whole life building up a business and it was gone because
the President of the United States in the last
administration said so. BUDDY PILGRIM: They nationalized the
student loan business also. MICHELE BACHMANN: They
nationalized the student loan industry. So we already have an
example of the old platform. GEORGE PEARSONS: Of the old
platform, yeah. MICHELE BACHMANN: The platform
that you might even consider more
conservative than this new democrat socialist
platform. So what is it that they want now? This is literally
on their website. The Democrat socialist. They want
government owned and run healthcare. Government run and
owned housing. Government run and owned food for people. No US
borders. In other words, there are seven billion people on the
planet today. Seven billion people. Three hundred twenty six
million people in the United States. Can you imagine if we
were swamped with seven billion people who could come into the
United States? We’d be over. We’d be crushed. We would no
longer have a country. They believe on their website that
anyone should be able to walk into this country and demand
housing, education, healthcare and be paid a government wage
whether they work or not. BUDDY PILGRIM: Yeah, they call that a
universal guaranteed wage. And it sounds like a good idea. What
it means is people would receive money whether they work or not.
MICHELE BACHMANN: Whether they work or not. BUDDY PILGRIM: That
has to come from someplace. It comes from the people who do
work. MICHELE BACHMANN: Right. The people who do work and so
they have to take it away from those who work. They also
believe in no prisons. Now, just stop for a second. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Yeah, that would- MICHELE BACHMANN: Just
stop for a second. No prisons? So
somebody could walk into your business and hold
you up and blow your head off and we’re not going to
have prisons for people like that? This is literally their
party platform. This is what they believe. No borders. No
prison. Are you kidding me? I don’t want to live in a country
like that. They believe in ending private businesses.
Making businesses government controlled. But they also
believe regarding Israel. BUDDY PILGRIM: Didn’t
Venezuela try that? MICHELE BACHMANN:
Venezuela tried it and people are eating
out of garbage cans today. They also believe that all Jews
should be removed from the land. I don’t know what they’re going
to do with them if they’re going to kill them or what. But they
believe all Jews should be removed from the land and that
the entire land should go to Palestine. This is their view.
So you want to talk about a Biblical versus an unbiblical
viewpoint? We have two complete stark positions. They undermine
our party. And the interesting thing is that according … we
have a picture of Bernie Sanders, he’s a sitting US
Senator. This new democrat party doesn’t think that Bernie
Sanders, an open socialist, is even far radical enough for them
because he won’t embrace the position of no borders. And
that’s why you see the sub-headline that says Will the
Trump Voters be Complacent? That’s why we’re here doing this
show today. We can’t just come up and vote every four years for
a President because if we don’t have a house and a senate that
will back our President I’ll tell you what will happen.
Impeachment. We’ve already seen that from these radical democrat
socialists on the left. They’ve already come out. They’re very
bold. And they’re saying that we are going to impeach the
President of the United States. That’s our first agenda item.
There isn’t any evidence that he’s done anything wrong, that
he’s committed an impeachable offense. It doesn’t matter.
They want power. That’s what this is about.
BUDDY PILGRIM: Well, they do want power. Let me
mention this too. We’re just touching the top of each of
these mountains right now because you’re giving this
overview that contrasts the two different platforms, but if
you’ll stay with us, those of you that are watching out there
through every broadcast this week, Congresswoman Bachmann is
going to take us through each of these issues in greater detail
each and every day of the week. We’re going to spend a day
talking about Israel. We’re going to spend a day talking
about economics. Today is just kind of an overview to lay down
the foundation for this Pastor George and we’re going to get
much deeper into this as we go through the week. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Absolutely. Absolutely. MICHELE BACHMANN:
We have a video of an open democrat socialist
calling for the impeachment of Donald
Trump. Let’s take a look. FEMALE: Where do
you fall? Would you push for a Trump
impeachment should you win? FEMALE: Well, I would
support impeachment. MICHELE BACHMANN:
This is the agenda of the new democrat party. Their number one
action item is to impeach Donald Trump, the President of the
United States. All of the tremendous gains that have been
made for the economy, for Israel, for pro-life, for
religious freedom, it all comes to a screeching heart and this
radical agenda of no borders, no prison, doing away with private
businesses. That’s their agenda that goes forward. So at the end
of the day here’s the question Pastor George and Buddy. Do we
want to be America the greatest military and economic super
power of the world or do we want to be Venezuela where people are
literally eating out of garbage cans? You say Michele, are you
crazy? That would never happen in the United States. Venezuela
in 1940 was I believe the second highest standard of living in
the world. Nations can change. If they embrace Godly values
they will be blessed. If they embrace unbiblical atheistic
values, which is represented by the new democrat socialist
platform, they will not be blessed. That’s how serious this
is and that’s why the difference makers in this country- GEORGE
PEARSONS: The difference makers. MICHELE BACHMANN: The believers,
the evangelical Christians who came out and made all the
difference in 2016 … 2018 is equally as precious and
important and we need them to get out and vote in the Senate
and the House. BUDDY PILGRIM: We have to maintain these
majorities in the house and the senate because not only will
they go after Trump to try to impeach him, and that’s what
they’re using as part of the issue to stir up the base and
get them excited. That’s why they villainize President Trump
so severely so they can get people whipped up in this frenzy
and get them to go out to vote. And that’s why it’s so important
that all of you listening today make sure that you stay just as
committed to go out and vote in November of this year as well.
We absolutely have to turn out. Somebody said well even if they
were to impeach Trump, which I don’t think they will, but even
if they did Vice President Pence would become President so we’re
still okay. No, we’re not still okay because they would have
taken over the House and taken over the Senate and they will
stop all of the positive legislation that’s been moving
us forward in the last couple of years. MICHELE BACHMANN: Because
the way our government works we’re a divided government.
Three parts. You have an Executive, the President. You
have the Congress that passes the laws. And then you have the
Supreme Court. The President can’t do everything on his own.
He has to have a Congress that he can work with. Today we have
a Republican house and a Republican Senate and we can get
more republicans in the house and more Godly men and women in
the Senate if people come out and vote. If our difference
makers are salt and light in this nation. Isn’t it amazing
how God has sprinkled believers all across this nation to be
salt and light? GEORGE PEARSONS: He has. He really has. MICHELE
BACHMANN: We don’t have to be everybody, but if we show up and
vote then every election we can win with Biblical candidates.
GEORGE PEARSONS: I like the phrase that you have, the
difference makers and that’s who we are. When we go into those
polls to vote we are casting our seed for what we are wanting the
harvest to be. So we have a responsibility. The Lord has
placed upon us the responsibility to see to it that
this continues as a Godly nation, as a Biblical nation. I
believe that what Michele Bachmann is bringing
to us during these broadcasts is really
going to bring into focus how severely
important and critical it is for us to do this and to go out
there and vote. To not only pray over our nation, but to vote. So
let’s take a moment before we have one minute left. Father, in
the name of Jesus, we pray over our nation right now and I thank
you for a Godly nation. I thank you Lord that the people of God
are showing up to vote. Every one who is registered, every one
who is dedicated and committed to the Biblical principles is
going to go and cast that seed and we are going to see an
overwhelming victory in this nation. We are going to continue
on with what You have started, what You have begun. And Lord I
praise You that the blessing of the Lord has been conferred upon
us when we moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem we
opened ourselves up for the blessing of God. And Lord we
will not ignore this election. We will do our part in the
name of Jesus. Amen. And Amen. We’ll be right
back. You stay with us. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.

How The Government Is Controlling us Terence Mckenna

that the universe is not at all what we suppose it to be and that we are in effect presented with a three-dimensional four-dimensional 11 dimensional Kalon a labyrinth of puzzle a kind of conundrum which has to be cut through and if all done in the mind the whole apparent world is actually a syntactical in nature this is what they don't tell you in the philosophy department or the or the physics department that the universe is made of words and that there has to be a speaker and there has to be a hearer photons Clark fan time you may that's not what it's about that is a linguistic model that floats above the bedrock of syntactical connectedness that mind travels through to create networks that it interprets meaningfully that's what's really going on so and I am NOT one to reach for you know the metaphors of spirit with the connotation of moral opprobrium and all that but there is a dimension which is accessible to each and every one of us this is the primary thing about it it's accessible but is so appallingly titanically and bizarrely different than the continuum that we are currently residing in that it seems to throw doubt on the entire effort to understand the world as it's been carried out over the past fifteen hundred years in other words there is an object in this mental space which as culture creating creatures we are attempting to colonize and invade this cultural space through the compressions of language in other words through exterior izing our ideas as tools we are invading this cultural domain this alternative reality and the exploration bag drug with psychedelic drugs and then the the pervasive problem with other sorts of drugs in the society it's it's and it cuts very close to the core of ourselves as creatures I mean we are addictive animals we addicted to everything we addicted to each other and glorify it as our most noble outpouring of sentiment in the phenomenon of romantic love I mean when when a pair of lovers are parted the withdrawal symptoms are indistinguishable from heroin I mean vomiting shaking uncontrollable emotional outbursts sleeplessness short-tempered hysteria this is real it is a from that what romantic love is is the pheromonal bonding an exchange of chemical messengers which takes these two autonomous organisms and welds them into one galaxy of need and intention and understanding and expectation when you just tear that apart in people or you know shut up Weah dick to political ideals know all kinds I mean it's wonderful what's happening in peking but several decades ago the same thing was happening in berlin to a different be you know people find an idea and it works and all barriers appear to be movable and all goals attainable we a dict to same this is a you know like Magpies but then through media trained to propel ourselves into ever more extensive relationships with objects we invent money which is kind of a multi transformable drug it stands for everything you know everything you ever wanted and you can a dick to money nevertheless what I will argue during this month is that that this is not a bad thing that we have a secret history that I will try to convince you of and I and you should try to convince me that I'm wrong and we will argue over the secret history of the human race and why it is therefore that we are as we are and why it is that these psychedelics are not some peripheral issue of screwballs who can see God in a cabbage but that in fact the issue of psychedelics is directly on the tracks of the onrushing locomotives of rationalist paternalist schlock Ola society and that it ain't going to go away because what we're talking about here is a nude part of the human mind what we're talking about here is something which takes its place in the great unfolding of the defin of the defining of human freedoms that characterizes the entire adventure of global civilization in other words you know we've got the Pope under control that happened in the Middle Ages slavery has now been generally embraced as a bad thing to be into and we've gotten that on the books as a bad idea women have been suddenly recognized to be human being and so forth so this this swelling bubble of AHA and perception of the real nature of the universe should also include the sudden realization that governments have no business telling people what foods and spices they should prefer that this is an absurd role for government and that like slavery like the subjugation of women the legal persecution of dietary habits has just got to take its place with the high-button shoes and we will talk a lot about the consequences of this what does it mean because you see what the government would have us believe and perhaps believes itself although I doubt it is that we would return to the beast that's all you know we would just shoot junk and tooth blow and flop around in ruinous orgies until hell froze over and they wiser sterner more disciplined than ourselves represent the edifice of moral authority this is a I'm doing it for your own good Tripp see but I want to return for a minute to the transcendental object because that's the which gets me off the most it's taken me a long time to believe what was actually happening in that I always said I could believe it if I read it in the newspaper but I can't believe it because it's happening to me or it's happening so near to me but I just you know it hardly now seems to matter and what we just have to do is to try and talk frankly based on our experience which each of us brings to this about you know the thing how much of it have you seen well what do you think you know how how does it cast its shadow into your life what is it because I talk on the subject I am a sort of a nexus point for information and I gather stories and I see that you know science and rational philosophy and all that stuff is going on over here quite to its heart's content well hundreds and hundreds if not thousands and thousands of people exactly like ourselves are logging in these experiences which are you know absolutely off the scale and I just don't I mean you know there are a lot of people having problems people abducted by UFOs people visited by wiggly streamers triangle thing that's not where I'm coming from I mean I have nothing but scorn for all weird ideas other than my own and and the reason I tolerate my own weird ideas is basically because of what I've gone through I would never believe that if I hadn't seen it you know there's a wonderful story and I have no love for Christianity either but I'll tell a a Christian story this is what I got out of the Gospels Christ appeared several times in the upper room after the crucifixion to the apostles the first time he appeared the Apostle Thomas was not there and so then Thomas came after the visitation and they said the master was here he was with us and Thomas said and I said no no he was here and he said unless I put my hand into the wound I will not believe it so time passed and Christ came again to the Upper Room and Thomas was there among the other apostles and Christ said Thomas come forward put your hand into the wound and he did and he did now the conclusion that I draw from this story is a lo of all human beings in human history Thomas the doubter touched the incorporeal resurrected body of Christ only the doubter was allowed that privilege for everybody else you know the show and I just take that absolutely seriously I think that God or he she or it loves the doubter and prepares treasures in paradise for the doubters that eclipse anything and if the method has worked for me and I have seen absolutely astonishing things I'm sure many of you have – I have seen things where I had perfect confidence that no human being had ever laid eyes on these places before and I'm sure you have – because that's how big it is in there it is the further in you go the bigger it yes we are like monkeys sitting in the presence of a flying saucer whose doorway has just been flung open is what we need to become conscious of we need to dissolve the assumptions of the culture and this is why LSD was so terrifying because I firmly believe that one of the things psychedelics do is they dissolve cultural assumption it doesn't matter whether you're a member of the Politburo or a go-go dancer in Berlin or a professor of agronomy in Kansas you will doubt your beliefs in your world if you take psychedelics this is good we need to dissolve our cultural conditioning and try to get down to brass tacks because I'm convinced that reality is a tinkertoy set that we can learn to take apart and put together in completely different ways and we're going to have to pull some real rabbits out of the hat or the planet is just going to pour over the edge into chaos and I'd you know before they were called psychedelics they were called consciousness expanding drugs well if there's any possibility that that's true let's put our best people on it because consciousness is what we're dying for we don't have enough of it we can't feed the hungry we can't manage a global economy we can't hold down guerilla warfare we can't cure AIDS we need to get smart and if this stuff has anything to do with getting smart on any level even for one in a thousand of those who use it pour it on we can't stand around like a bunch of nitwits just watching the planet burn down around us now it's very touchy this whole thing because it is literally and and perhaps metaphorically as well illegal forbidden territory we're like South Pacific Islanders we have taboos you know bring this plant into your house and you must go away to the big slammer while this is a taboo I don't I'm my position which I don't suppose I should say I advocate it because as I understand that that's one higher level of federal crime so here is my position but I don't advocate it you know people should be able to do whatever they damn well please the government is for the convenience of people and in particular in the United States we already have in place a clause which says life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights inalienable that means government cannot interfere with these rights will pursuit of happiness I don't think you have to be a shyster to believe the pursuit of happiness covers experimenting with psychedelic substances seems to me perfectly clear I think that you know part of what I do as I speak around and I suppose I should say it here because I imagine some of you will end up psychotherapists or are psychotherapists is that you know without an understanding and a familiarity of the psychedelic experience you should be sued for fraud if you're practicing psychotherapy because the dynamics of the mind as a valid psychotherapy is about well you know this much unless you have had a variety of psychedelic experiences that's where the confirmation of all this theory is and that's where you find out what you're running from it isn't that it is a psych Ottoman Matic as the government researchers hoped it would turn out to be it's simply that it plays all the changes you know it pulls out the stops and it plays in the major and the minor T's and you see it all this is indispensible for psychotherapy and if you look at the pure statistics on alcoholism with LSD it's phenomenal before LSD was made illegal now I understand I do I don't believe these are chemical cures to drug dependency that isn't how it works it works like this you take LSD you're an alcoholic or a junkie you take LSD all your illusions and defenses are dissolved you see that you're killing yourself and that you're a pathetic wretch and that you're destroying yourself and the people around you and then you come down and out of that experience you existentially draw in some cases the power the self will and the motivation to change your behavior well I believe that as a culture we could do this and this comes perilously close to sounding like everyone should take LSD I don't believe that I think that it's a it's a calling it's a kind of a profession it's well shamanism is the best model and I think that the the rebirth of shamanic awareness is part of a much larger cultural phenomenon which I call the archaic revival I hate the term new-age I think it's just you know eleven o'clock news stuff but the archaic revival is a notion of series of integrated trends that have been going on for over a hundred years that are the actual turning Delia of Victorian Christian scientific male-dominated civil materialist civilization it begins with phenomena like patta physics in the 1880s and France and surrealism and Freud and Jung and Abstract Expressionism and even the Nazis had a piece of the action because of their understanding of how ritual and propaganda and gurbles was the architect of the German archaic revival and LSD has a part of it and what it is is it's a an intuition an intuition that to save ourselves from what we have done we must reach far far back in time for stabilizing metaphor not as the Renaissance did back to classical Greece and Rome to create classicism which of course all happened in the 15th century but further back to prehistory to a time when people and nature lived in a kind of balance I don't mean just any time in prehistory I mean essentially the post glacial period called the Magdalenian about 19,000 years ago when the glaciers began to melt and the Sahara turned green again and the cave paintings were done at Lascaux and Altamira bone antler technology was invented it was the great springtime of our people and the last springtime of our people and then we came down through that in that time in a partnership society and this is rihanna's loose term and I will talk about that through the month in a partnership society there was no oscillation between a matriarchy and a patriarchy there are dominated societies and there are partnerships societies and gender has nothing to do with it we can entirely overcome the about gender in talking about cultural forms its Dominator versus partnership and the partnership society that existed in those times was the quintessential expression of a symbiotic relationship and this is a new you know new idea that I want to get across during this month which is our anxiety our um our wandering in the wasteland is because there's something wrong with us that we didn't that we don't know about what it is is this we are symbiotic creatures we require a relationship with a certain plant and if we don't have this we go slightly banana and this symbiotic relationship was disturbed about 12,000 years ago it has to do and I will go over in more detail downstream but it has to do with periods of drought in the African continent but forced people into the Middle East and to where they were no longer able to access this plant then begins what we call human history at the 9th at the 11,000 BP point at places like Jericho and chato Hyuk in southern Anatolia what's happening with human history is a perhaps not even articulated but nevertheless restless driving search for substitutes substitutes for the Lost partnership ambiance substitutes for the plant symbiote which held that in stasis and these substitutes work their way over the millennia through the opium coats of Anatolia the hemp cults of the skiffins the Ellison Ian mysteries and the these are the great acceptable substitutes for the mysteries you see what religion is is a contact with the tremendum with the Newman OSEM at the beginning of history in this context of plant hallucinogenic and then the fall of the fall literally the fall is the telescoping stages that moved us away from the original purity of this new in this image and it ends in crack addiction it's all about substances this is why we frantically search the universe for what my friend leo Zeff used to call the perfect high that's what we're looking for we can't help ourselves whole cultures are doing it and they don't think of it as a drug they think of it as an epiphany a religious system a set of sacramental buildings or a city organized on a divine plan that what they're trying to do is restore order and they can't do it because like the romantic lovers parted the partner is not present the the completing anima image is simply not there and so we are Restless violent neurotic repressive migratory destructive self my gating so forth and so on I think that we're coming to the place where we can actually begin to take an idea like what I just said and amass evidence for and against it and try to then cure ourselves in a way I'm trying to carry out a kind of Jungian analysis where we realize that we are all the children of some kind of very damaging thing which happened in prehistory and it's plain as the nose on your face it's just that we are so traumatized we do not see it I mean look at the the story of Eden which is the central data m– the central mythological Chur it's a story of substance abuse and the consequent punishment that follows upon that because ease each of the fruit of the tree of life and it says in Genesis if they eat of this fruit they will be as we are in other words it was specifically the issue of consciousness expansion and yahwah the jealous god the volcano god of the paternal of a the Dominator culture and said no you're not coming in to that inner sanctum but she had eaten of it anyway so there was a parting of the ways while this parting of the ways I believe is a metaphorical description of the breakup of the symbiosis in Africa and the fall into profane time the the withdrawal of the the bride really I mean in our chemical terms or in terms of the of the Union marriage of the anima and the animus and we are now I think in a position to at least talk about this as a possibility because this thing which was driving these religions on the plains of Africa was a tryptamine howís engine it was specifically a mushroom which was occurring in the dung of the most of the early cattle that were just at that stage being domesticated well the experience which that mushroom induces in us is no less overwhelming and transcendental and incomprehensible than it was to those people fifteen thousand years ago we have nothing up on them in fact we may be in a worse position to understand it because our language is now carrying a thousand a millennia long legacy of paternalistic egocentric materialistic and empirical biases they may have possessed languages that far better commanded the true modalities of the transcendental object then do our languages so the archaic revival is an invitation to historical humanity to view itself as a kind of prodigal son and to abandon the the wandering in history the peregrination in history and to return to the archaic fold with what has been learned and what I will suggest to you that has been learned is the purification and and rational analysis of the scene a quinone of the whole stick which is the house energetic compound in other words human history is a dipping into matter a kind of Faustian pact to come away with what the shaman of the of archaic times were approaching by a natural mean I am fascinated by the mystery of language because it's very central to understanding what psychedelics are why do I say that because and I will refer again and again to DMT dimethyltryptamine as the most interesting for many reasons of these psychedelics but today I just want to mention one aspect of it in the Tramp that overwhelms you when you experience this Alice Imogen it only lasts for a few hundred seconds and in that place there are entities that are making sounds which visibly condensed before you in other words language has the potential I swear to you in other words this settles a question language has potential to be seen rather than be held well I saw this years ago in DMT flashes and lo and behold a thorough inspection of by logic data's who lived contemporary with Jesus Christ and was an Alexandrian Jew who wrote a volumes of commentary on the religions of his era Balaji Deus talks about what he calls the logos the logos was an interior eyes teaching voice which a Greek ecstatic sought to contact and Philo says he asked he sets up a little dialogue and the first speaker says what would be a more perfect logos a more perfect logos than the the informing teaching voice and Philo answers the more perfect logos would go from being heard to being beheld without ever crossing over a noticeable moment of transition astonishing me I always want you to these people did they know what they were talking about what did it mean to them what did it mean to him to write that thing well we'll never know so here's what it means to me it means that the program of language is an open-ended one and that we are dynamically caught up in it but we are a language that's what distinguishes us from those who chirp and Twitter and romp in the trees that we are language and that language is evolving it's changing and that in fact what we call culture is nothing more than a kind of shock wave trailing behind the the forward edge of this language making capacity because you can't invent it before you can say it you can't sell it before you can describe it you can't do anything with it until it exists fizzling as a command herbal set of syntactical connections so in one sense and well and I will carry this forward over the month what the psychedelics are for us as a species rather than for each one of us as an individual what they are for us as a species is an enzyme that catalyzes the language making capacity what is an enzyme and enzyme is an organic catalyst what is a catalyst a catalyst is a chemical agent which causes a chemical reaction to proceed faster than it ordinarily would without being consumed the catalyst is not consumed so I think that the astonishing proliferation of cultural effects languages religions oncology's over the past forty thousand years out of nothing because before that human organization was I mean it was dull back there for a million or two years I mean it was there was suppose we can tell no material culture at all now you may wish to defend that it was wonderful but you will find you have no evidence for it but suddenly after staying stable for a million years the human brain size doubles almost overnight and there is this cascade of cultural effects I maintain that it has to do with pastoralism as a behavioral habit bringing these proto hominids into contact with psilocybin as a dietary element and that psilocybin specifically catalyzed certain qualities of the human organism that work to its evolutionary advantage such as consciousness can you imagine a our multi-purpose mutational adaptation Alain's that would serve you well than being able to think clearly I mean if a flatworm could think clearly evolutionary horizons would open before it or any other organism it's like a super nonspecific immune response you can handle any problem get me a problem I'm a thinker I can handle it you know so the catalysis of language well then it only ceased 2000 years ago a Tolosa swen triumphant cry stirs stomped out paganism wherever they found it and all of these mystery religions were driven underground and forgotten and it has to do you know there are other factors such as the botanical scarcity of decent hallucinogens in the European ecosystem but you know details which we can talk about but the point is 2,000 years is all that we've been away from this and in that 2,000 years you know we've elaborated the most lethal set of assumptions and cultural conventions ever brought forth I mean you know war before people used to knock each other on the head but in the hands of these unstoned dominator types with this linear linguistic bias which then is totally reinforced by the printing press while you see you know it's a suicidal cultural style well one of the things that I think can happened in the 60s that supports my case in the wake of LSD you see a tremendous enriching of language endlessly sneered at by those who don't talk that way but you know it introduced the notion of the vibe the ego trip these are worthwhile concepts or the bummer the flashback these are linguistic pearls that you know crystallize the others that experience see I believe that the psychedelics are working at the cultural level to promote language but also to it's not simply a linear enriching of language there's also something going on biologically that language is actually gaining in the vertical dimension in its behold ability and this is taken very seriously in the Amazon because the small hunter-gatherer groups where there's big pressure on protein and there's no room for mistakes they guide their societies by taking these drugs together in a group situation and collectively they see whatever this means they see and they model what their future is going to be it's true telepathy you see when you listen to my voice if you understand what I'm saying it's because my incoming words cause you to go to your dictionary and look them up one by one and if your dictionary is pretty close to my dictionary we will understand each other but the whole act of communication depends on this assumption that the dictionaries are the same if they're not the same then you will not understand me if on the other hand I could make you see what I mean this is not a culturally conditioned Avenue of information transfer you don't have to learn English to look at an English woman it's easy you just do it it's at the biological level and so this is I think in terms of consciousness expansion you say well it's good as a general notion but what direction is it moving it's moving in the direction of literally a clarifying of language a clarifying of language into something that can be beheld and it's an arrow toward a greater domain of existential validity that each of us can can move in we need to communicate we need to find out who we are each of us individually and then we need to tell each other the whole dominator style of unstoned culture engineering is ego that's what happens when you don't take psychedelic drugs as a culture ego flows in that's what was happening on the plains of Africa every Saturday night everybody was getting loaded and boundaries were dissolving the boundary of the assumption of the uniqueness of the individual they were taking these things and they were having ropes group-sex basically these were the two things it's clear because of the quality of psilocybin that it actually at mid-range doses causes arousal you see at very low doses it increases visual acuity therefore you're hunting in crews there for you and your progeny are more successful and then it's slightly higher doses everybody's horny there's a lot of activity in the group and and partying at higher doses then that turns into religion and you just slam to the floor of the cave so it's this 3-step thing which plays on our basic needs to drive us into a deeper and deeper relationship with this with this mystery and it's such a such a huge idea that this is what we are that this is so fundamental that this isn't just some curiosities you know hedonic west coast to so forth and so on but that it is in fact central to understanding and defining humaneness and to trying to grab some of the controls of this sinking submarine of a planet and get it back up to the surface long enough for us to all climb in a rowboat to make our way somewhere so thank you for being here today all of you you're listening to the psychedelic salon where people are changing their lives one thought at a time whether you know it or not your life your life your very own life is a question that your spirit is on at least that's one of the things that I'm taking away from the talk that we just listen to and that's an image that I really like you know seeing my life not as this seemingly random walk through a lot of different experiences but rather is some kind of a quest of course now my problem is to figure out what the object of my quest is however once I figure that out I'm now convinced that everything is going to fall into place and I can at last understand what it is that I've been doing with my time on earth here for the last 71 years but if you're like me you'll most likely want to listen to this talk once again and this is now my third time to hear it and I'm still getting new ideas from it so if you decide to listen to it again here's a little suggestion that may make it even better first of all instead of picturing Terence sitting in a room with a bunch of other people there instead think of him in a small room sitting at a table with you across from him as if the two of you are just having a conversation but of course with Terence doing most of the talking but here's the here's a little trick each time that Terence says something that prompts a thought that you would interject into the conversation if it were actually taking place well at that point pause your mp3 player and expound on that dot in your mind explore for yourself the implications of whatever idea it was that Terence just bought for you then once you have worked through that idea in your mind turn your player back on and if you do it that way in my opinion you're going to be strengthening your own position as a psychedelic thinker now I'll tell you two of the places in the talk that we just listen to where I did just that one was at the point where he mentioned the fact that if you hold a belief you are limited in your thinking because leaving something automatically precludes you from exploring the opposite of that belief that's why I no longer hold any beliefs I've actually converted all of my old beliefs into nothing more than working hypotheses and I'm willing to test them all whenever some new information about them drifts my way the other thing that I found fun to think about is his continuing focus on language that is made visible now here's my rather pedestrian thought about what for Terence was a much more sublime concept but if you think about that old proverb that says a picture is worth a thousand words and you connect that thought with today's world where almost everything that now takes place in public is photographed by either the government or by us common people that have digital cameras always at our sides and then when you add the convenience of freely distributing those images on the Internet well it was only a few generations back when the people depended solely on the printed word for their news about current events back then when a black man was savagely beaten by the police if someone who saw that take place wrote a letter to the editor about it well the letter even if it was printed would probably have very little effect on the local community but when Rodney King was beaten and a citizen who witnessed the beating caught it on film and made it public everything began to change what formerly had to be conveyed in language either written or spoken was now being conveyed in moving pictures with every frame being worth a thousand words and thinking about it that way makes me think that perhaps we are already in some kind of a transitional phase that is trending in the direction Terrance dreamed of when he thought communications would be beheld instead of being heard or read

The Most Important Aspect of Leadership: Passing It On | Dr. Myles Munroe

thank you for joining us for another power-packed message from dr. Myles Munroe provided by Monroe global incorporated and Monroe global comm we transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change we hope that this message is a blessing to you as you advance your life and discover your purpose now let's go into the message on what I call the most neglected aspect of leadership and it's mentoring and succession very few leaders even think about these concepts but I want you to be a different kind of leader I want you to be a rare leader I want you to be the kind of leader that the world will never forget and you can actually make that possible if you capture these two important components the power of mentoring and succession I call it passing it on it took me most of my life to appreciate the value of this process of mentoring and succession and there's a reason why we don't mentor and I would explain some of those reasons I have come to also appreciate that the greatest part of leadership is mentoring it's not building a building it's not establishing a program it's not building an institution it's not even wielding power the greatest act of leadership is mentoring someone or mentoring a few people to take your place I want to begin first of all by asking a question what is leadership we see people with titles and people with positions people who be claimed to be influential and we in in some strange way conclude that they must be leaders whether it's a politician or a pastor or priests or a corporate business leader we always assume that these people are leaders but when you begin to study leadership it's kind of an elusive thing because leadership is really defined by your culture so it may not be true leadership and we talked about that in our session this morning that there is leadership and then there is true leadership I want to give you a definition that took me 32 years to write one sentence that took me 32 years to write it he has a sentence leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration generated by a passion motivated by a vision by a conviction produced by a purpose I want to repeat this it's a long definition but it's important because based on my research and my experience and my interviewing thousands of leaders and also doing research in the most important book in the world which is the Bible my conclusion is that every word in this sentence is necessary to define leadership leadership is again the capacity to influence others through inspiration the inspiration is generated by a passion that the person has that passion is motivated by a vision that the person sees that vision comes from a deep conviction that the person cultivates that conviction comes from a sense of purpose all of these are necessary for leadership to be genuine if you want to become a strong leader in your lifetime to influence the world before you die which you can you have to turn the sentence upside down and start from the bottom because leadership is never sought after true leadership is a byproduct of a process in essence leaders never seek to be leaders every true leader in history was a reluctant person they didn't want to be a leader so here's the process turn upside down you begin at the bottom first you must discover a sense of purpose you must somehow have an encounter with yourself and with your Creator which helps you to understand that you are not a mistake that you were born to do something important I call it original intent once you find that sense of purpose it develops a deep conviction a conviction is a belief in your significance conviction is critical in the process of becoming a leader it is conviction that makes the leader see a vision because the belief that is in that person begins to show up in pictures they begin to see a better future so all true leaders walk around with a picture in their mind of a future that is far better and greater and more noble than the present that vision then causes them to develop a passion now passion is the leaders fuel because it is passion which is a desire is stronger than the threat of death all true leaders are individuals who are willing to die for their conviction and I'm not just talking about physical death because that may be possible and necessary but also depth to things like popularity death to being approved by everybody even debt to being liked by your friends or your families you got to die to that if your conviction is strong enough and this is why many great leaders actually lose their friends because the conviction becomes more important than their company that makes them a leader the passion therefore is what inspires people now when people see your passion for something you inspire them inspiring person means that you generate in them meaning for their lives you make them believe that they also have something important to do in life and they can join you in making a difference inspiration is critical in leadership because inspiration is the opposite of manipulation most of the leaders that you call leaders in my definition could be professional manipulators they manipulate your fears your need for approval your need for recognition and they play with your feelings and they emote you these are not leaders these are tricksters slick people they they are almost psychic controllers some of them are in politics and some are in the pulpit they are manipulators they are not needed true leaders Mel manipulate they inspire once you inspire people they surrender their authority to you willfully and that is when they call you a leader so a true leader never sought leadership it happened and this is why they are usually reluctant people they don't want to be upfront really they recline many times to to go back in the in the shadow they you almost got to push them out front matter of fact most true leaders in history were forced out of the shadows by circumstances they had to respond and this is why when you find people who are seeking power and position and leadership influence these people should be suspicious of be suspect if people are seeking power they are not leaders leaders don't seek power matter of fact they are normally given power they never asked for because it is their pursuit of a passion that drives them into a position of leadership here's a man you know well I'm going to show you how important it is to understand the process of leadership leaders are people who haven't found something to live for these are people who have found something to die for the problem with our generation is we don't want to die we want to live we want to live in a big house with a nice car – we want a lot of money we want a lot of notoriety we want to be in the limelight we we want the lights on us we we know we don't want to die for nothing dying is a part of leadership let's read a statement made by a Nelson Mandela that reveals the kind of man he was it says I have said nothing but what I am willing to live by and if it so be the pleasure of the Almighty God to die by Abram Lincoln said that watch what Nelson Mandela says decades later it is an ideal for which I hope to live for and to achieve but if needs be an ideal for which I am prepared to die don't they sound the same no wonder why we can't forget both of them I remember reading and listening to the speeches and the the the the great sermon given by dr. Martin Luther King jr. I bought all of his sermons when I was here a couple of years ago I listened to all of them and I remember the moment when I believed he became a leader remember I told you that there's a moment where it happens I think it happened when he was in in that little church when they threatened his life and they actually told him that if you were to come out tonight you probably won't see the Sun Rise and he mounted a pulpit and I'm sure that mr. young was there at that meeting and he made the statement he said they they took him to kill me they threatened to take my life and then he says but it doesn't matter anymore now that statement is a leadership statement you are never a leader until it doesn't matter anymore because at that point you died as long as it matters you will never change the world jesus said it this way he said if you seek your life you will lose it but if you're willing to lose your life for my sake you will what find it that means they can never get rid of you out of history we need to ask the question am i doing something right now that I am willing to die for if you are not there yet and you are a supervisor perhaps even a glorified manager but not a leader yet because leaders are people who have an affair with death they have found something more important than life what's the keys to true leadership write this down first conviction and passion willing to sacrifice again those quotes they embody that spirit of conviction and passion willingness to sacrifice this is the heart of the philosophy of a true leader they constantly have an affair with death they think about their purpose more important than their personal safety I have a story to tell and my story is not over but I've been threatened I looked at this picture of this man on the picture on the PowerPoint here this man changed the world it was only four feet five inches high he weighed 90 pounds that's him when he decided I'm not gonna eat and tell my people are free he was starving himself to death he was fighting the entire British Empire for all of their armies and their ships with weapons this little Indian guy destroyed them without a bullet he fought them with conviction conviction this is lacking in leaders today they have very little conviction conviction means my belief is so strong I prefer to die than to surrender it they try to force-feed him and he refused to eat and the great British Empire collapsed under the weight of this little man's conviction that's why we can never forget Mahatma Gandhi I wondered we remember you you are not remembered for what you achieved you are remember for which you survived leadership when I first met this gentleman he changed my life you know mr. Nelson Mandela it was a private dinner and I would tell this story because it changed me so deeply when I first shook his hand see me there shaking his hands when I shook his hands it felt like rock hard I was intrigued this was 30 days after he was released from Robben Island prison he flew to the Bahamas to meet with our prime minister who happened to be one of his friends when they were in college in London they all became lawyers when he went back home to his country my Prime Minister came to my country and they were both fighting the same monsters oppression by European people and in my country we had the same problem he had a path ID there was a war built down the middle of my island where we couldn't cross it with our permission we had no passports we were not allowed to eat at certain restaurants and drink at certain water fountains the same thing I was born and that was still there there were schools that was ruled out for us we couldn't attend it was only for the white people so my Prime Minister came woman that's what he came home to fight mr. Mandela went to fight his in South Africa they were both fighting against oppression my Prime Minister who happened to be Celinda Gnostic opinion at the time a young lawyer they fought against the regime of oppression and what was amazing is four percent of the white people controlled ninety five percent of the land and the economy we owned nothing four percent of population controlled the country and I remember when we had the election when they came back they began to rally in the streets and they shut taxicabs down and try to force the hand of an election they drew the boundaries in such a way that they always warned how can four percent win an election corruption to the core eventually they shut the country down those few leaders that came back from college they shut the country down they told the people don't go to work don't drive buses don't use taxis we shut the country down and they were forced to make a change and when they finally decided to have of course fair elections it was obvious and so our new prime minister became the leader of the party became leader the first premier and then eventually became the first prime minister and his friend was still in jail in South Africa and it was he who stood up in the United Nations and demanded that that man be set free he began to agitate and others jumped on and so when he left prison his first trip was to the Bahamas to come and tell his friend thanks they invited seventeen people to the dinner I was one of them can you imagine that that was about 17 years ago I remember walking into the Roman we were all lined up to meet mr. Mandela fresh out of prison I mean it was history on two legs I shook his hands and I remember feeling that rock-hard hand and I said my god this man's hard hand is hard like steel like like named cement he looked at me and he smiled because he saw my face my reaction and and he just he bowed my Vout and says yeah excellency mr. president we went in sat down and after the meal was almost over he leaned over to the table I was sitting three chairs down he said young man are you okay I said yes sir he said are you sure you okay I said yes sir he said no you're not okay he's a nice guy he said I guess you wonder why my hand is hard and I was so embarrassed he said let me tell you why my hand is hard because for 25 years in prison they gave me an axe and a rock and they said your job is to crack rocks break them up into small rocks and so my hand became so callous after all we did for 25 years breaking rocks because of my conviction they offered me deals to leave prison many times he told him no I can't sell my conviction give me the hatchet again and he told me this story I began to weep because I was listening to a man who was president of a country but we forget the rocks he said that's why my hand is hard my whole hand is a callus I left there dinner that night but a thought in my mind I still carry with me and that thought is Oh God made my hand hard you want to be a leader he had to pay a price if you want to be liked don't try to be a leader you want to be famous don't try to be a leader if you want popularity don't try to be a leader here's what he said to me that night this statement he said true leaders do not seek followers followers are attracted to true leaders they are attracted to your passion he also reminded me the leadership is not a right of the leader it is a privilege given by the followers therefore leadership is a trust that people give you because they are inspired by your willingness to die for your conviction they embrace you because they believe that you are willing to sacrifice for what you believe this is the heart of leadership so yes the greatest challenge of leadership then you are now a leader you in a position of influence you have revealed your passion people respect you and now what you're going to do well as I said it's time for you to think about the future the greatest act of leadership is mentoring because if what you learn and achieve and accumulate and accomplish dies with you then you are a generation of failure so the goal of leadership is not for you to achieve greatness but to successfully pass it on so mentoring is the manifestation of the highest level of maturity because it means you are actually giving away everything you worked for to someone else when you come from a background like most of us we don't want to surrender what we've achieved to anybody because our history says yep keep everything because you never had nothing so we'll mentor people we kill them and they try to compete with us we need to remember that this sense of low self-esteem that came from our history and our poor self-concept is what actually caused us to protect ourselves from people rather than train them to take our place well we have what we call this concept of entitlement entitlement means I suffered for the last 400 years it's our time now I have a right to this and no one's gonna take it from me that includes my cousin that's spirit of entitlement you know why mr. Mandela in my estimation is the greatest leader of our century let me tell you why he was in jail for 25 years became president of the country and only stayed one term this is unheard of for an African Mr Mugabe who happens to be also an acquaintance of mine he's been in power for how long I forgot of course there are other surrounding issues in the process but if he was smart he would have trained younger men and women the last 20 years but the same philosophy to take his place so he could go play golf but he hasn't made it over that threshold where you can give a power know the average age they say of third world leaders is 69 70 it's time to go average age in other words these are people who are hanging on because they they identified their worth with their position right is now please it's a very important point true leaders understand that leadership is never given to one generation leadership that serves its own generation is destined to failure and this why I am so pleased when I see people like ambassador Andrew Young capturing the history for the unborn children to remember you have to pass on that information to give them a sense of value for what's been achieved do you know why your kids spray the walls with graffiti they have no idea what the cost of that wall is and that's usually because you didn't tell them the story does your high schools in the low-income areas teach your history to the kids if they don't that's why they spray the walls because they have no value for the the wall the wall means nothing to them they forget that there was blood that bought the wall but you don't tell the story you don't mentor them mentoring is an understanding that leadership is generational I like this statement God is a generational God you know I when I read the Bible through the years I finally figured out God when God speaks to you he's not talking to you he's talking to your loins you gotta study God he's a generational thinker whenever God tells you something it's not for you it's for your children God would say things like this and I will bless you and I will bless your children and your children's children shall be blessed in other ways I'm talking to you right now so you better keep what I'm giving you cuz the name for you generation one of the most important things I discovered is that success without a successor is failure success is the only word in a dictionary with success in it can I say it again succession is the only word in the dictionary with the word success in it that means the only true success is succession leadership therefore is only preserve if you can mentor people to preserve what you built if your vision dies with you you are a failure as you pursue becoming a great leader and maximising your life you need to keep thinking I gotta start passing this on one of the things I try to do is constantly mentor people because buildings dive and I went to Haiti I went to visit Haiti and you know we flew there to visit with the president we went to see the president and when we walked into the compound with the president the building was broken down there was rubble everywhere I mean the president's palace was rubble and as we drove there I asked the driver I said how old is it he said over a hundred and twenty five years old these buildings are he said it took a hundred and twenty-five seconds for them to be destroyed right quick you know in Haiti destroyed them and I walked into that palace we suffered the president we had tea together we talked about issues and then we left and said goodbye and prayed with him and on my way out I was crawling over rocks coming from the president's palace over rocks and I heard a voice say to me do you see why you mentor don't build your future in buildings it only takes one or it quick build limit people I saw the people climbing on top of the rocks and I discovered that the buildings were destroyed but the people still survived Jesus Christ never built a building he built people he left us 11 guys who changed history who are you leaving not what are you leaving because they want to be destroyed by a hurricane or tornado what about who are you leaving we need leaders who think more of the next generation than the next position in other words we need leaders who feel they owe a debt to the future not just to the past we need leaders who are more dedicated to history than they are to money oh my god you are a pastor some of your passes in here who are you training to take the pulpit right now I discovered something if you don't mentor you can't go on vacation it's that simple you are so selfish so self-possessed so insecure you can't even go on vacation what you don't trust no one to be in your poopit pasture you're sick great leaders love to give a power they love to watch their protegees exceed them we need history more than money ladies and gentlemen we need leaders who are more interested in people than in private ambition this is my ministry this is my position this is my company this is my anointing this is my my my these are sick people these are not leaders these are parasites they are sucking the blood out of the people's trust to build their own personal ambition leadership is not about your ambition it's about the people receiving what is rightfully theirs this is why you mentor ladies and gentlemen remember this the greatest weakness of leadership is not mentoring I want you to be wise people I want you to go out of here in your department and look for three people to mentor for the next four years number four is very important the greatest fear of leadership is the success of your followers you know some people are so afraid when their followers outdo them that they kill their followers you know I've actually seen pastors who you know go on a break and they leave the church in the hands of the another pastor a young past or something and then they come back the whole church is talking about the young pastor hope as he should have been here he was awesome he sold more CDs than you pass I'm so glad you ran away we finally got a chance to hear a word from God I mean but a John was honored pastor thank you for letting him preach pastor that was awesome and the pastor now got some issues as the last time John will preach you pull his CDs from the departments they don't run no more because you are a sick leader your response should have been like Jesus let me give you the mind of Jesus as a leader here's the way he thought his philosophy he said it is better for you that I go away because if I don't go away he says you won't do greater works that I've done this is a crazy man he's actually telling them I am in your way how about telling your youth pastor that it's better for you that I go away zzz's because if I don't go away you will not do greater works my absence is important for you what a leadership mind so what he did he send them out two by two remember that and they did something they begin to cast out demons heal the sick raise the dead you know he gave him authority to exercise all that power and when they came back they began to report they said master the demons were afraid of us the dead was raised the blind could see he tell him you know if that was a preacher from Atlanta last time I'm sending you out do you know the Bible says Jesus did it says it says in that moment Jesus rejoiced the word rejoice remains – – again and choice means to jump that means he jumped around leader give him a hand he ain't like you don't be afraid of the success of your followers be proud of it and if you're smart do what I do take the credit don't get jealous take the credit you know if we do be hold people down you ain't you ain't you know you give me no opportunity hope here's the problem if you're hold people down you gotta stay with them to keep them down so you can't go any further clap one more time you gotta get out of this thinking the greatest obligation of true leadership is the transfer of your deposit to the next generation remember that that's your greatest obligation in other words leadership success is measured by the success of your successful I am hardly ever home now because I I ordained my replacement in our local ministry in the Bahamas 15 years ago that's why I can affect nations and travel all over the world even be here leaders know that every position is temporary write this down leadership success is measured by what happens in your absence I repeat leadership success is measured not by what happens in your presence but what happens in your absence if everything stops when you leave you are a failure if people read newspapers and talk around the water machine when you go away for a few days you are a losing failing leader if they don't miss you when you're gone you're doing good if things grow in your absence you're doing great you gotta remind them you are back like I always do it means you're doing a great job as a matter of fact the greatest act of leadership success is leaving and Jesus proved that he was the greatest leader in history because he left what's amazing about this awesome leader is his company grew in his absence he left 12 it became 121 week 3000 today 2.4 billion and he even in present anymore he's sitting here why he done a good job he transferred anybody worked for that company I worked for the company I went to the co give the hand for our boss he did a good job see now I know this is very sad for all of you Americans but I'll say it I'm sure you saw the Olympics three black boys from the Bahamas stood there they're beautiful aqua blue uniforms next to the American Giants it was a relay race it's a relay race okay I want you to remember this as long as you live all right leadership is a relay race write that down get it in your mind it's not a sprint it's a relay there was someone here before you you got your leg to run that's all and now there comes a point where you got to pass it on leadership is not a sprint it's a marathon relay now I'm sure you would have noticed during the race that we beat you I'm just rubbing think of that feel so good about it all right that's just all right all right you know so you would remember if you watch the race there were when they were running there came a place where there was a line and a track and another line on the track but like this was the space where the runners were waiting and they were on the back of this last line and they had their hands like this now between that line and that line they had to pass it that was the most important part of the race Monda running and we missed it it was that space is called the passing space they're handing off space and that's where most leaders lose it that's why the church is messed up today because most pastors when they reach this line they run right past the plate [Laughter] [Applause] we keep running past the runners that space that area is the key to leadership because no matter see it no matter how fast you ran your leg if you dropped the baton it doesn't matter when he was in the front it's over so it's not the speed it's the passing know what I've done I built this hallelujah all this great program is mine this is my TV show this is my buses I bought this is my great work this is my anointing this is one of my and then when you die there's a fight in the boardroom the Deacons kill each other the elders are boning and fussing and cussing at each other why leadership it's not about how fast you run it's about how he how safe you pass you know that like about about the relays one person never wins the whole team wins write this down the key to the relay race is not winning your leg but passing the baton I am more concerned about what happens after I die than while I am living because you can lose everything you built all your life if a dumb person got it after you a stupid person somebody will sell your your entire life cheap on the altar of convenience I don't time to get into a lot of details about succession but this is very critical it's very crucial i've drived pass buildings that are now dilapidated grass growing out the window because the person who built that empire didn't build people to take it it's a little statement here the death of leadership in my book on the table passing it on I wrote about a vision I had I'm gonna close what this is very important I wrote about this vision I had I had this vision I had just finished speaking to about 2,000 leaders and I rented a hotel to rest and I lay across the bed and I had I don't know whether I was sleeping or awake I had a vision and suddenly I woke up in a funeral and in this funeral the place was packed with people and there was a casket in the front and in that casket was a dead body there was a big picture right next to the path the casket of the person who had passed he was dressed in in track clothes beautiful picture he was obviously an athlete and in his hand he had a baton beautiful picture and people were passing filing past the casket they were weeping and crying and everything else and they came my time to come and I walked around and came past the casket and I looked into casket there this tall you know beautifully made up powerful athlete there in the casket dead and cold eyes shut cold the only problem was in his hand he had a baton and then I woke up and I was sweating and I asked God what does that mean he said that is a picture of most of my leaders cold hands like a vise grip around the baton they rather die with it and the young people have to go to a grave and pry it because they wouldn't pass it I have a prayer for you tonight die with your hands empty let someone come to your funeral with a baton in their hands and stand over your casket and smile and say thank you I'll keep it going yeah do you know what I believe is that it's the greatest and saddest experience with the civil right movement we're still looking for who got the baton that's why I'm glad you here that's why I love you so much Peter's willing to talk to you see doesn't matter how great your achievements were you gotta pass it on leadership is dying with your hands empty what young woman are you working with right now to teach her everything you know including your mistakes what a young man are you spending time with and say son I'm gonna give you everything a gap for the next two years just stay with me come home to my house with me I want you to see how I handle my kids and how I study I want you to go up do some trips and let you meet the people like me I'm gonna show you how to make this work who have you embraced and Jesus said Peter come follow me I will make you to become in other ways I'm gonna make you better than me today we caught fish I'm going to teach you how to catch man stay with me and they stayed with it you know let me just close with the secret to choosing his successor this is this is this is vintage miles here okay because I didn't get this from no book my greatest struggle I struggle for 30 years asking God how do you choose a successor and god destroyed every concept I had he blew me away he destroyed me he said the goal of leadership is not to maintain follow his son is to produce leaders he said true leadership is measured by the success of your diminishing dependency of your followers in other words the less they depend on you son the more successful you are if they need to see you all the time you are a failure if the same long line in your church every Sunday got the same people on it you need to resign he said to me my question to you is how long must I be with you remember that question they couldn't cast a demon out he didn't cast a demon at first he attacked them how long must I be with you it was a question of leadership he was telling them whether you please learn in this clique I want to get out of here stop depending on me he said the measure of your leadership is your ability to leave Sun and that's what motivates me he said true leadership makes itself increasingly unnecessary can you write that down truly the ship does what makes itself increasingly unnecessary in other words a leader who's a true leader wakes himself out of a job because he produces leaders better than himself it's a sign of your success and that's what Jesus did he left some of these big ministries in this country I'm praying because when the leader dies there's gonna be a scramble for the spoils they should have been in this session I heard a pastor recently he was proud he says I have no assistant pastor I feel like shooting him and telling God he died he was proud foolishness if you die in the morning from a heart attack man does the church continue if you die tomorrow morning does the business continue who picks up mentoring succession that's too deep I want you to read this verse very important verse because the first act of leadership is to identify your replacement and begin training them right away here's the words of Jesus you never saw before this of which he never saw before he together he's talking now about training go a student is not above his teacher nor a servant above his master okay now watch this it is enough he says for the student to be just like the teacher and for the servant to be just like the master in other words a true leader makes the follower just like him most leaders today keep people away from them so they could keep their knowledge to themselves because they use knowledge as discrimination oh man passes an awesome minister he got a revelation Wow boy he's a man of God you him last night boy he taught all worried it was also everything I have I give away Paul says everything I have I learned from someone so I pass it on the teacher should make the student just like him Jesus says so he could leave the master should make the servant just like him so he could leave you know people asked many times why why are third world leaders corrupt and why this I mean every country in Africa has leadership problems every country the karabiner leadership from every country develop you know why why are there so many lack of great leaders in your country among black African people or even Mexicans the ancient people why is there such lack of leadership in these formerly oppressed countries here's why because the oppressor he did not do what Jesus said he made sure you never knew what he knew not these are very interesting people you know they're interesting here's what they do they say okay we're gonna teach you nothing that we know so all we're gonna teach you is how to grow cane and cotton pick cotton that's all you have to do go get water that's it you don't need to know anything else they say and so for 294 years you become an expert cotton picker an excellent cane cutter but the problem is he doesn't teach you how to make the cane into sugar he doesn't teach you how to turn the cotton into cloth he keeps that to himself after a while you become unruly because you multiply and so you tell him it's more of us than you we gonna kill you if you don't let us go so he does something very simple every single situation is the same he's okay I don't want to fight you I want to fight you tell you what you could have the cotton field and you could have the cane because I don't want to fight you I'm gone and he leaves so here you are you call yourself free now because you got a cotton field and again the problem is he trained you to wear clothes and to drink tea with sugar you know what I just said that's too deep his clothes and to drink tea with sugar and he leaves you with it a field and a lot of coffee shop guy they smart after a few years he began to realize I can't wear cotton and I can't put cane and tea so he comes back and he says what's your problem he said look I can't turn cotton into cloth he's ok tell you what I'm gonna do I'm gonna buy the cotton from you at my price cuz you can't use it so you can't set the price because you can't use it I'll tell you how much I'm gonna buy it from you for I'll buy the I'll buy the key you put it at my price let me take it away and they turn in the clock and sugar then it comes back to you and they sell you the sugar at the rice and the cloth at that price and here you are now instead of being directly oppress you are economically oppressed they didn't train you to be producers and now you thought you were free so the kind of seminars I have is the seminars that help you learn how to make sugar the kind of what I do is to teach you how to turn cotton into so you become free to get your farms back and know how to convert into cloth and instead of just paying consumers you become producers this is leadership they don't teach you how to lead they don't teach you how to operate anything and then when they leave you they say take charge so here's the African guy in Ghana then the British is gone and they never teach him and he got he got all this country he got this free got no trade and so we have a slave wearing a crown whoa to the land when a slave becomes king we're just so low now what I think is unfair is that they come back later and say see you can't rule I told you you ain't born to rule look how you're messed of your country corruption abuse you know and this stuff and what they don't know is that they are the blame they never trained me you don't understand I'm talking about how can you set me up to fail and then tell me I failed oh come on clap you get what I'm talking about [Applause] you never trained me to be a leader it is enough for the teacher to make the student just like you I guess you could say my conclusion is and I said it to all the governments I work with the failure of third world countries is evidence of the failure of the colonial powers they must take the blame and that's why I am traveling every week to a third world country sitting with Parliament's and Congress and heads of state and I lob them up for three days why I gotta correct what those leaders never did I have to somehow solve 200 years of history in two days that's a lot of hard work but we have to your problem is you don't believe you could turn cotton into cloth and I've come to tell you you can so let me close now then with this statement about how I want you to think as a leader right down number one read out loud go plan your departure the day you begin that's how you take up leadership the minute you get promoted plan your departure as soon as they add a new pastor start planning your departure number two read finishing well is the most important measure in leadership success finishing well not how you start number three three mentoring is a non-negotiable function of successful leader listen you you have to do it otherwise you're not a successful leader you have to mentor the people in this room are part of a mentoring program I decided to do that that's hard work but listen everything you have doesn't belong to you pass it on everything you've learned it's not for you and we work and those who were being mentored by me remember you are obligated to do the same to someone else right now leadership is about passing it on number four re leaders must know when it's time to leave a position but this is a deep one you know that matter of fact let's read number five along with it read it is more dangerous more damage is done when a leaders stay too long in a position then those who don't stay long enough wow it's better than leave before they want you to go don't get people to privilege to get rid of you plan your departure planet by mentoring people to take your place leave so they wish you stayed there are people you won't believe it who will be glad you left because they been tired of you long time pastor didn't like you know how much they've been praying you to leave when you say the Lord to believe literally praise the Lord the Lord finally he finally heard God we heard got a long time ago know when it's time to leave a position Jesus was thirty three and a half years old thirty three and a half years old I need knew it was time to leave at 33 why he had another face we face he is seated now interceding that was the next position see that's why some of you passing broken on past good passes got a problem listen man don't plan to be there and die there life is bigger than pastoring your manager plan to leave so you can become a CEO you teacher trying to lead so you could build your own school you a sales clerk climb to lead so you can start your own business stop sucking up to these positions hanging on for dear life believe me folks want you to live you think they're being nice they're being polite number six read your greatest contribution to the future is your successor that's what you give the future I produce this person I give in to the future and that's what Jesus did with his disciples he gave us people never built a building never built a monument never built an organization he simply built people that's what I want to leave on the earth I want to leave people who say dr. mundo changed my life a new generation and make a difference that's how you live you live on through people its leadership is this good stuff okay oh now quote go everybody say it success without a success or is failure say it again success our success or is failure alright I'm so glad you were here tonight we have a patriarch in our presence a social patriarch I honor them I wish they would never die because they carry history in their bodies you don't know how fortunate you are to be here tonight pass the mouse how do you choose a successor you want to know okay by the book okay I'm gonna give you a hint all right just as a hint listen carefully and this is probably why most leaders have problems finding a successor you know I think about dr. Martin Luther King jr. this is my work I studied leadership so you know I look at leaders I think and I studied the men that were around him we have one of them here tonight I love this one because he feels an obligation to preserve that's important others used him to promote themselves these are my genuine leaders true successes preserve what you built they don't try to change it they preserve it I can give you the greatest example and then we're gonna hear from our patriarch Jesus Christ was the greatest leader on earth so I did a lot of research on him how he transitioned I really did I mean I meticulously it took me two years to study his mentoring and succession program I'll just give you capsule of it get the book and make sure read the book okay Jesus had 12 men 12 he chose them okay by the way if you're gonna be a leader choose your own team I'm sound so simple I'm talking to you some of you pass this and some of you managers you know when you take over a position don't let anybody give you a team let me say it again over here if you want to be an effective leader don't inherit a team some of you pastors here may have been given a church that was already functioning and there was a board at the church and the board hired you you are in trouble you can never leave that church you take over and they give you the ministry team this is the you are in trouble you'll never inherit a team you matter of fact if someone was to say to me dr. Monroe I want you to take over my church and be the pastor I would say no problem but I got one criteria fire everybody first release everybody from positions first if you want me to take over the church why I want to choose my own team Jesus did that God made Moses to it Jill seventies if I know choose him you Joseph he chose his twelve and he said to them he said many are following me but you ought to be with me as a mentorship relationship his words are very unique he says many are following me but I chose you to be with me he begins to train them yet 12 out of the 12 he had three different groups and you need to break up your groups – not everyone who are with you our for you I'm talking to leaders now while folks are all around you alright while the guys are on can it be careful you got almost defined who's around you you gotta interpret them cuz they they're for different reasons you know he had 12 so he break it up into the 12 then the 9 and then the 3 and he treated them differently there's some things he told the 3 he didn't tell the 9 he doesn't face he showed the three they never show he never showed come into every circle in your life you got when your mentor you gotta decide who's gonna come into the inner circle because the motives will be exposed by the different circles you put him in and he he chose three to come close James John Peter okay he's trying to decide who is going to be the successor one day they were going through a town and they saw some people who were not worshipping like they worshipped and so James and John said master calm down fire burned about these guys were terrorists they wanted to kill people and they wanted Jesus to kill them for them and watch this jesus said where did you get this spirit from I didn't come to destroy men's lives but to save them now watch him now he's gonna define who's gonna choose in the process he said I'm gonna change your names he changed their names he said I might call you all sons of thunder what that means is you guys are looking for power so I can trust you to take over so he put his eyes on Peter he's testing for something else Judas wanted money James and John wanted power do you remember when they sent their mother to him sea mentality they said ask him fast to sit on the right and the left forget the others man just make sure we get positions of power Christ was taking notes all along these two guys are dangerous never trust people who want power but then this guy Peter interesting guy he wasn't too intelligent you know but he wishes he was really passionate and every time Peter said something it was because he wanted to protect Jesus one time Christ was talking about you know he's going to be killed and and everything else and Peter says not over my dead body ain't nobody gonna touch my pastor nope and Jesus said Peter Satan will test that the will crow three times he went to the garden they sought a plan Peter Peter said Peter Peter pray and you know and they fell asleep everything the soul just came I'm getting at something here the soldiers came and they with swords and spears and they're getting ready now to you know arrest Jesus the Bible says the disciples fled and only once they speeder not only did he stay but he had a little knife I'm here comes the soldiers to arrest his master his boss his pastor his leader and Peter jumped in the middle of the soldiers and Jesus forgot his sword and he didn't threaten the guys he swang now ladies and gentlemen the word guard guard in the Roman language is between 60 and 600 so I said there was a guard there Peter slang at least 60 guys which means Peter was dead he laid his life down for Jesus Jesus gonna stopped it remember he could have stopped it he could have stopped the whole thing no he was watching the guy he's watching him he let him take the sword out let him swing let him cut the air off that you know you went for the neck but he got the air okay the air fell on the ground and when the air from the ground then Jesus says Peter stop put the sword up now he pick up the air dust it off put it back on the guy and says they arrest me now why the whole point was to test something in Peter he read another note then they led him away the other eleven no one knows where they are and then the Bible says and Peter followed Jesus now wait a minute you just tried to kill a soldier a police you don't want police to see you cuz I don't care I'm gonna go to the courtroom with my master ain't nobody gonna touch him and wrote me being there he took a risk he went by the fire on the inside watching the trial why he wanted Jesus to know I'm here if you need me this guy loved him you call it denial I call it love when he cursed he didn't curse because he hated he cursed because he loved he didn't want to leave would you curse to stay with your boss it was love kept him there Jesus looked at him oh there he is fine he goes to the cross Peter goes on whipped now he's leaving watch me now he's leaving he comes back and he meets with them in a private meeting and he said by the way make sure Peter comes he's about to establish who's gonna take over succession he said make sure Peter is present I believe Peter was the most quiet guy in that room because everybody knew what he did by then the news had gotten around man Peter you know denied he ever knew the guy because he wanted to stay in the courtroom so here's my conclusion who do you choose to be a successor number one never choose a person who loves your vision I better show this to you because you and I believe this anyhow what did I say never choose a person who loves your vision number two never choose a person who loves your gift and they want your gift I know you're shocked but he shocked me too number three never choose a person who wants what you have and what your anointing I want your position I want your influence teach me how to be information like you wrong person never choose a person who wants your power Oh give me power lay your hands on me please I want your power unlike me be so much a power wrong person never choose a person who wants your positions of authority I want to be respected like you who do you choose a successor never choose a person who believes they are wiser than you there's some people around you who want to advise you in other words they like to correct you all the time dangerous people okay now what I just did is cancel all of the people you are on your list am i right that's why that is why we have no successes because we choose people with that list this includes your children as well your children as well your children can be disqualified what was the criteria and the only one that Jesus used for succession the only criteria was one he never used any of those so you don't choose people love your vision and your power your authority your influence your gift you're 19 wrong people let me tell you why another reason why if I if I want your vision I can pray for you today if I want your position I can hope you leave soon and I can help you leave that's why you got churches with war in them wars in churches from the bad because they want this I love your vision really so what's the criteria for choosing a mentor I mean a successor Jesus is in the meeting just like this right 12 guys and Jesus says I'm getting ready to leave you guys and I got this whole world to take care of I done the work everything is set the world is about to be changed and I want to choose we're gonna take over let's see we got Matthew he's an accountant John power-hungry James looking for position Judas well he wanted money he got his but all of you he think he's smarter than me they got this whole thing worked out and he comes he's talking to them and then he stops in the middle of the meeting and he says Peter watch the question now do you love me how's the question yes Lord I love you he says then you got the company so he's talking he stops again he says Peter you love me don't you Peter says Lord you know everything by the ways he was telling Peter I've been watching you today I meant you everything we went through you're the only one that stayed the only one that's risks your life you never asked me for power he goes on he talks again and he stops and he says Peter yes Lord do you love me yes you know everything Lord he said then you got the company and the bowser's and they went out and he left let me tell you who qualifies to be a successor the person who loves you not the one who loves your vision your power your anointing you experience the authority your gifts you had to find those just those couple of people who love you now it took me a while to figure this out okay here's why number one you choose the one who loves you and not your vision you choose two one who loves you and not your gift you choose the one who loves you more than your power you choose the one who loves you and will protect you at their own expense you choose the one who is willing to die for you you choose to want who would not take who would actually take a risk to benefit you I'm sure that our Father here is thinking you look at that listen you think of all the men who were there you can almost no the ones who didn't love him they just love the notoriety they love the glamour of the lights they just love to be in the papers they just love the associate with this present they don't know the person and when the person died they used his name for personal ambition they didn't love the person let me drop something on you is very heavy Jesus said do you love me more than these yes Lord you know I love you I don't know if your vision I don't love the kingdom I don't love your power your miracles I know the youth crisis you qualify to take the company and Jesus said feed my lambs and then he asked him do you truly love me yes Lord Jesus says you got the company brother you got the whole church you got the whole ministry you got the whole business you got the whole teacher I trust you because you love me do you know why that's important here's why write this down whoever loves you will love who you love you know this is why when people take over the church that they fire your wife they give it up your children why there's a new administration in place now Alleluia your wife is no longer in charge praise the Lord I'm the pastor now no more insurance for her health insurance cancelled children Cathy old organ we wanted a new organist and they start destroying the people the person loved they never loved you this is heavy stuff when you love a person you love their wife and their children you take care of their grandchildren show me some leaders today succession is a dangerous thing I've seen so many churches that after going and help when the pastor died it's a wreck and they bring me in and I weep with them this man who built the ministry for 20 years some young fool come in there and move his wife take away her pension man she sacrifice on a life this husband to build this thing and they take from her these are not leaders these are parasites secondly if they love you they will love what you love that means they won't destroy all you built and try to replace it in what they want to build they'll build on top of it well now I'll take the picture down hallelujah you know the last 30 years you're not a surgeon there we gonna district forget all of that we can start over it's a new minister this is a demon talking who's gonna take your place why do you choose the person who loves you write this down whoever loves you will protect what you love they'll protect the people and the projects that you loved successes and before whoever loves you will value which you loved they will preserve it they will always refer to you you know if you think about God God is cool every time God talks about people he'd say things like I am the God of Abraham Isaac Jacob motorways I always remember history when I talk about the future some of you would sit with mr. Andrew and you would say to him we tie it here and about this you are dangerous you don't deserve to go forward it is your history that gives your future value a success or preserves what you love thank you once again for listening to this message as we hope that it has been a blessing to you our goal is to show you new paths and opportunities so that you can discover your purpose it is your love support and partnership that makes Monroe global possible please visit us online at

The Moral Force of Leadership | Dr. Myles Munroe

thank you for joining us for another power-packed message from dr. Myles Munroe provided by Monroe global incorporated and Monroe global comm we transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change we hope that this message is a blessing to you as you advance your life and discover your purpose now let's go into the message so I want to speak to you on character the moral force of leadership I'm going to move very fast so you need to write fast or do what most people do steal my powerpoint by taking photographs just remember to give me credit and tell them that a photograph came from otherwise you are plagiarizing and stealing and I know that no one steals in this place we have character I want to focus tonight on understanding the priority and the power of the process of leadership and character and I would I'm going to do something very unique tonight I'm going to combine the session that we did not complete this morning with the session tonight so you're going to get two focuses tonight and you see them come together I'm going to talk about understanding this concept of character and how to define it and then we're going to talk about how that affects your moral force so I'm going to talk about this this key the foundation key of 21st century leadership we will not survive the next 10 years if we continue the way we're going go the defects of character are so deep that there's no way our countries can survive that includes your country if we do not address the issue of defective character in leadership I will show you this photograph fairly often tonight because the only or should I say one of the only remaining images of a living leader who has embodied some measure of character that must be admired is the president of South Africa mr. Nelson Mandela we have a few left on the planet that we can emulate as people who have shown us and demonstrated this measure of character that we are looking for we want to mention a little bit about the components of character which includes ethics and morality and I will also show you a number of statues tonight for a reason because this will be the heart of my definition of character so our our focus tonight is on the moral force of character now in our session that we did not complete this morning please write this down I want to first of all take a quick look at the fact that character matters we should not even have to say this but apparently it is so lacking we have to say it character does matter as a matter of fact I hope by the time I am finished that you would agree with me about my convictions that character is the most important thing that matters because in the air all you have to protect you is your character let's talk a little bit about leadership first and I want to stress that much of what I'm going to talk about tonight you'll find in the new book and so please if you didn't catch all of the information be sure to invest in that material and take your time and read the book leadership is valuable and powerful let's talk about them quickly nothing happens without leadership nothing changes without leadership nothing develops without leadership nothing improves without someone taking leadership nothing is corrected in any situation unless someone emerges and decides I'm going to fix this like Martin Luther King jr. or mother Teresa or Mahatma Ghandi these are people who decided something's wrong with this I'm going to correct this leadership is necessary for correction in society also nothing succeeds without leadership and the problem is everybody is always being led by somebody even though even a be conscious of it because you are being influenced by someone and so it's important for you to be aware of who is leading me or Who am I following or Who am i allowing to influence my life and we're going to see why in a minute that's so important let's talk a little bit about some questions about leadership because everyone thinks that you know leadership is a simple matter but he has some question about leadership is leadership about power is it about position or talent or skill Authority or is it about physical traits is the leadership about social status maybe something leadership is about family heritage you know I was born into a family of politicians so I'm automatically Emma to be a national leader or something or I was born into a family of pastors so I'm automatically earmarked to be a spiritual leader or something this is not necessarily true but people take these kinds of this kind of our thinking and they try to make that a part of the leadership mentality but here's a big one its leadership about charisma which is a very important study that the Greeks did and the Romans adopted and of course they have exported that to us in our colonization experience that they're certain gifts that the person has that makes them different from everybody else this is very dangerous they call it charisma which is a Greek word that means giftings of the gods what about leadership concepts and and philosophy I always give you mine this is my belief of our leadership I believe that everybody was born to be a leader but not necessarily over people you were born to be a leader in an area of gifting and therefore your trunk in every follower is a hidden leader that needs to be released and you were born to become that leader but the process is important every human being possesses I believe the capacity to be a leader but most of them will die never manifesting that capacity and I also believe that you were born to be a leader by attracting people to your gift and you serve them your gift it is that service that makes you valuable to the people so leadership is not about your personality it's not about your skills or your academic achievements it's really about you serving your gift to your generation the problem is if you never find your gift you will never find your leadership and so leadership has more to do with self-discovery than it has to do with finding followers this is why all true leaders never thought followers none of them they were too busy pursuing a passion based on a gift that they discovered that they were born to serve their generation so leadership really is about serving yourself to the world I call it self distribution I remember the question with Acts who wants to be the greatest the answer was whoever can be the greatest servant not necessarily slave while subservient he's talking about whoever can serve his self to the world the best the world would consider him great of course in the eyes of the creator as well so this is what my philosophy is now my definition of leadership is always important for me to repeat because I never assumed that everybody heard me before and plus these CDs travel the world what is leadership my definition is simple yet complicated write it down leadership is the capacity to influence others through what inspiration of manipulation and then inspiration is generated by a passion motivated by a vision that the leader develops or exposes and that vision is birthed from a conviction in the heart of the leader that conviction comes from a sense of purpose that they discover so the very interesting complication of becoming a leader it's the process I would tell people to become a leader you have to turn the centre's upside down and start from the bottom in other words to become a leader you will first discover your purpose which then leads you to a deep conviction that you were born to do something important for Humanity that conviction it shows up in pictures so we call it vision that vision to become the passion for the person that passion inspires other people and once you inspire people you can influence them or they allow you to influence them and that influences what we call leadership so true leaders never seek leadership they are too busy pursuing a purpose so when a person wants to be a leader tries to be a leader pursues to be a leader that's a very dangerous person if you study true leaders most of them are reluctant leaders they never wanted to be leaders circumstances drove them or a passion drove them or a conviction tip over their lives this is why true leaders never seek power matter of fact some of them actually hate power they love to empower completely opposite their desire is to make other people great to free other people to make other people profit true leaders are completely contradictory to those today we call leaders because they seek the good of other people not the good that people can give them when I read about leadership I remind of these two statements one by Abraham Lincoln he has a man who's reluctant leader he says concerning the position he had on slavery he told his party his own political party he says slavery is wrong black people should be freed in America do you know that most of his party members owned slaves and they said to him you are crazy we're gonna kill you he went against his own political body show me for a politician with good luck today your conviction should be bigger than your political platform you know think about this although also as his party and government at the time we remember none of them write this down your conviction make you historical you are not remembered for what you compromised on you'll always remember what you stood for if you compromise I guarantee you be forgotten easily he said these words I have said nothing but for what I am willing to live by and if it be the pleasure of the Almighty God to die by end quote the guy says look I'm already dead when it comes to this conviction about slavery I always say that real leaders are dead people that's why you can't hurt them you can't insult them you can't criticize them you can't oppose them why they can't feel they are dead they've made a decision already they have an agreement on a contract with death some of them are saying invite death into their lives like Mahatma Gandhi who sat in that prison and said I'll never eat another morsel of food and tell the people of India free from the yoke of colonialism from Britain he imposed his own death no wonder why they have to make sure he didn't die on their hands here's another one almost a hundred years later read it says what it is an idea for which I hope to live for and to achieve but it needs be it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die end quote don't they solid they know each other two different like times separated by years and years and decades and yet the same spirit these are dead men that's why you couldn't kill them I believe one of the greatest statement of a leadership is found in these words if you save your life you will lose it but if you're willing to lose your life for a cause that is Noble they will never erase you from the books of life you know in this conference you got a choice whether you will be remembered or forgotten and most people are so useless to their generation that they literally need a tombstone in the earth to reminder that they used to be here I hope that this conference will destroy your need for a tombstone that you would H your name in the hearts of humans because of your willingness to die for a cause to help humanity become what they were intended to be that you will never be forgotten leadership therefore is not about finding something to live for it's about finding something to die for this is leadership and this is why all who claim to be true leaders suddenly are test it and the test is not to destroy the test is to prove the moment you decide to step on and your gift all hell breaks loose the good news is heaven also breaks loose at the same time go ahead clap observe is the clap when you find a cause that is worthy of self-sacrifice you become the beginning of a leader right the statement down true leadership is born when you discover the problem in life you were born to solve I am of the deep conviction that every human came to earth to solve a problem most people don't ever find the problem so they basically get a job the fourth statement on this slide is very important true leadership is a personal commitment to sacrifice yourself for a public cause this is very important truly the ship is what a willingness to place nearly sacrifice for a public cause some of the things I've been through in this country what they did to me personally I was willing to bear it you think about mr. Nelson Mandela who I will refer to a lot tonight this man had a wife and children and decided he would give up his family for 27 years a personal sacrifice for a public cause my brother King jr. had a wife and children I spoke to his daughter many times Bernice and she would say to me I don't know my father I don't know him she said I never saw him I saw him on TV as a child I saw him leading all these people with hoses and dogs but I mean ever with my daddy it was a personal sacrifice for a public cause and that's why we can't forget him your problem is you are so protective of your personal protection you have no public contribution this is leadership you cannot change the world and have a normal life I know what I'm talking about I hardly sleep in my home I was calling the days I spend at home this year and I'm embarrassed but it's the public passion that demands the private sacrifice and that's why most people prefer to be followers followers can have a nine-to-five job and watch TV from 6 o'clock and we forget them and we put tome stones where we lay their bodies to remind it that they used to be here what a tragedy I put it to you when I think of this woman Mother Teresa a simple teacher of high school in India decided I'm going to quit my job and she used her pal last paycheck to buy food from the street vendors to distribute to the beggars and the lepers on the street would you use your last paycheck for other people place enough sacrifice for a public course like this now true leaders do not seek followers true leaders attract followers why because followers are attracted to the person's gift they are attracted to the person's passion that makes them attractive and that's what makes the leader the leader people are attracted to the gift it's like a food tree a fruit tree never bring this fruit to you because this fruit is its gift it attracts you and this is why attraction inspires people to submit their energy and their time and their resources to your public cause can I just warn you that when people start gathering around you never believe it's about you see the problem begins when you think it's all about you that you are the leader no you have something that they want and this is why most of the worldly celebrated people famous people always collapse under the weight of what they call fans because they think people come to them I know why you here you came here to this country not because of me as a person I know my gift and it doesn't belong to me can I suggest it this way a fruit tree never eats his own fruit because the fruit is never for the tree it's really not about you and the mystery is when you go to a fruit tree you ignore the leaves ignore the branches you never look at the bark you don't care how big the tree is you have one focus tell your friends calm down this is not about you so give them the fruit clap your hands right there this is the leadership it's about service it was serving that fruit to the world and this is why true leaders don't have ego problems they have no pride problems why because they know it's not about them unlike what Jesus said the great leader he said I didn't come to be served but to serve myself a ransom to many he knew what made him famous not his personality that's why today we have no idea about his personality have you ever thought about it we don't know what kind of man he was we have no photograph of him no one knows how he looks nobody and yet he's in people's minds every day what what picture do you see you don't see a photograph of a person you see his character you see his freak his works he call it great leaders never need Tom stones reminds me of Moses huh we have no idea where he's buried don't know how he died and we assume God killed him the Bible simply said he was no more that means God killed him but you know they said in a nice way and the reason why God did it because he wanted to prove that your life is bigger than your cemetery resting place live in a way that it doesn't matter where they bury you let your life be bigger than your grave and that happens when you find your gift and you serve it to the world write this down true leadership is therefore not measured by how many people serve you but by how many people you serve the more people you serve the less you will be forgotten 90% of the people on the planet Earth focus on self-preservation looking over their ownselves you spend your life living for people you will never die this is true leadership I want to therefore say to you that leadership really is not just finding a job let me give you a list of what I call the kind of leader we need in this century first we need leaders who can plan secondly leaders who can make tough decisions thirdly leaders who can inspire and motivate people instead of manipulating them fourthly we need leaders who can respond to change flexible and then we need leaders with honorable character and I put at the bottom because that's what we want to focus on in the next few moments character true leadership is not a right they say it's a privilege people don't have to follow you and I always make a point here write this down Trust is the currency of leadership in the economy of human influence Trust is the currency you cannot lead people who don't trust you so the problem is where do you get trust from and my conclusion is trust is a product of character a person of character can be trusted even in their absence that woman downtown in my country we are not there we on a different Island tonight but I can tell you exactly what she's doing in her absence why she is character she can be trusted in a hurricane to still be there she can be trusted in the heatwave at a hundred degrees Fahrenheit she can be trusted when the rain comes like acid she just sits there I wonder would make you collapse temptations in the dark what do you do when everyone is sleeping what would you do if no one would ever find out what do you do and no one is watching these are questions of character character is displayed in public but test it in secret and if you want to be trusted you have to pursue with all your passion the direction of character has been my life's goal I live right so you can trust me because Trust is not a gift God doesn't give you trust there's no gift at a spirit called trust Trust is earned by consistency what did I say write that down please because you see the problem it leave us today is they change every day not only date they change future infinity trust character is the source of trust and so if we can focus on trust we can understand how leaders can fulfill their roles right click and let me give you the roles of a leader real quick leader leader first of all are supposed to provide vision for people and then they have chance for that visions of the people they supposed to build a team to carry the vision out they supposed to empower that team and trust them with responsibility they supposed to direct the team toward results they supposed to manage priorities which is very important and then leaders must possess and live by values which means that they must cultivate a high standard of moral ethics I don't trust a visionary who has no values your big vision doesn't impress me because I don't know who you sleeping with in the night values are more important than vision principles more important than power and sometimes we pursue the academics of leadership and not the morals of leadership we become experts with clay feet skillful people with no foundation this is dangerous and that's what we have today let me give you quickly the 12 keys of leadership you want to become a leader take a photograph of this and then I'll charge you later the 12 keys to become an effective these number one what is it purpose number two passion number three calm passion number four vision number five principles number six trust number seven competence number eight inspiration number nine priority number ten moral conviction number eleven dedication to a cause and number ten character and I put it on the bottom because it is the foundation of the whole building leadership is vital the most powerful force of a leader is character it's a force it has his own energy ladies and gentlemen I wish I had two weeks to talk to you about this I really wish they did because please read the book I spent 12 years with that book when I realized the character a poison the character to love the say a worried they can walk into a room and change the atmosphere by their physical presence then such a force write this down please number 2 character protects the leader it protects the leaders life his leadership and his legacy character protects the leaders life it protects the leaders leadership and protects the leaders legacy when mr. Bill Clinton died what will you remember that young lady's name still comes back his legacy was canceled who's more famous Delilah or Samson you answer the question ladies and gentlemen your character is all you got and I hope that this this summit will put so much fear in you that you will never again consider the possibility of selling your character for any price clap man you make maneuvers some of your MIG deals with the character I would rather walk away from everything and keep my character I'd rather lose all your friendships and keep God's love with me [Applause] don't sell your character write this down please character is the manifestation that sheets we will become your character controls your development it tells you what you will become you can actually control what you will be go by protecting your character without character every other aspect of leadership is at risk you'd know that you've seen the flies fall you've seen the big heavy players collapse somehow we think we are so smart it will never happen to us I've come to make an announcement it will if you tamper with your character character extends the longevity of a leader write it down if you want to make it to the end it's not difficult just decide in this session that you will live the rest of your life protecting the integrity of your character I won't leave you without instruction before we close I'll show you what character is so you can know exactly what to do with it but it will determine your longevity in my circles that I move in which is a few circles I meet people in politics in business and religion and in all kinds of corporate settings and I could almost amount the ones who won't make it I meet some powerful preachers and after two minutes with them I go this one is on his way down and everybody's clapping while I'm weeping because they confuse gift with character your gift is only as safe as your character your gift can never keep you how many gifted people today are walking the streets because they violated the character ladies and gentlemen I want to give you what I call the moral force a character character is the long it the long in the long run rather it is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and also of a nation alike roosevelt said that it's the president of a country maybe we need more presidents to to learn that statement he says character in the long run is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike i like this one this is Myles Munroe yes what he says a leaders gift is only as safe as the clarity that contains it your character exists to hold your gift it is only a safe as your character what you are now could be destroyed next week another one I thought was interesting and you'll find it in a new book I talk about this a leaders values are personal but they are never private I repeat as a leader your values are personal but they never private in leadership there's no distinction between your personal life and your public life we have this idea somehow it exists in our leadership psyche that what I do privately is no one's business it is everybody's business the minute you spend my tax money your private life is my business oh boy you know you hear stories of politicians going on vacation or going to a seminar somewhere and they spend $50,000 per weekend and now they are in jail but it was a private seminar your values are personal but they're not private I keep myself privately clean to protect my public life how about you because your private life can cancel your public life what are you doing right now that we don't know about that can destroy your future you came to this conference to cancel that behavior because you are too important to us to lose you the gift you have a survival that the world will be robbed by your private foolishness I need you to be faithful I need that because you are my friend every right go I carry all of you with me everywhere I go even in the dark I carry you with me because I say they trust me live with people's trust on your head so you can Karisma it's a dangerous thing write this down please people become leaders when they make the decision not to sacrifice their principles on the altar of convenience or compromise that's when a lead is born a lead is born when somebody captures a conviction that they refuse to compromise or absent leadership is born in other words the greatest leader of all times said these words what good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world and yet forfeits his soul and then he asks a question what would you give in exchange for what you could be gold with all that's ahead of you you've got another 20 years of greatness it could be cancelled in 20 seconds by a bad decision in the present I live in the present to protect the future and make decisions consciously with the future constantly on my mind I told the young people in our organization in our ministry for the last five associated look God always gives you instructions and if you obey them you are wise because all the laws of God are given to help you enjoy your memories please buy the CD just for that statement because you don't understand what I just said the laws of God are given to protect your memories and put another way before you make any decisions ask this simple question will I enjoy remembering this it's a tough question you know this woman ain't your wife she been calling you for the last five months and you got to the point where your weakness has grabbed ahold of your sanity and you bout to call her back on the Auditor in your mind calls you first on the phone of life and say will you enjoy remembering this you see there are people sitting right next to you who got memories they wish they could forget and it happened 15 years ago if you do right you'll enjoy your memories I was a virgin when I married my wife and so was she why what a wonderful memory what a memory not many live longer that joy made some dumb decisions don't add to the ones you hate to remember thank God for forgiveness you know the Bible is interesting book the Bible never says that you will forget them it says what God will forget them it didn't say you you can live with that God says as a dumb decision you make you live with that I'll forget them if you forgetfulness but you got your own ocean tell your neighbor if you won't enjoy it don't do it say it again if you won't enjoy remembering it don't do it look them in the eye just in case they think about doing something next week come on tell us if you don't even think about it is it enjoy your memories if you live right it is good stuff I want to give you them some things about character write this down character prevents a leader from hurting those around him write that down somewhere repeat that in a speech character does what prevents a leader from hurting those around him Wow oh what a beautiful thing if Tiger Woods are only thought my personal decision is my private he hurt millions of people including me sure he did I was so proud of this young man character is about protecting the people who trust you number two leaders influence the mindset of the followers therefore leaders influence the characteristics of the flock followers the last one is most important leaders influenced immorality the followers therefore leaders influence the destiny of the followers you can destroy people's destiny by your personal character default we must have leaders who protect the people by their character you know I'm good to talk about this in a meeting like this in a summit like this because you had people who believe the same thing so you got a support system here and I hope you come back every year thinking I'm going with my friends we are different breeder leaders we are the ones who set new standards we got to be found some people who believe you can live right and still become a billionaire clap loud leaders influence the destiny of followers you know the greatest leader ever live said these words if the blind lead the blind they don't go in different ditches they both fall into the ditch can I suggest to you you are going exactly where your leaders going you know some people ask me the strangest questions often they say dr. Monroe I know my past ain't living right but he's a good man and he's a good preacher what should I do leave the church yeah but he's my bishop and he was my daddy's bishop no wonder why your daddy did you don't cover for nobody did the blind lead you same destination there are some people who I could call a thousand names who are associated with and then I discovered something about their character I confront them I always do I confront them privately and they refuse to change I tell him I will never come back here again sometimes you notice I don't go to same place anymore it's because of the character discovery because I am NOT a ditch dweller they never I'm not a disbeliever I don't drown in ditches you're on your way to a ditch you go by yourself your destiny is tied to people's character write this down why character matters to you I want to this is the conclusion of this segment then I'm going to close a little bit on morality but let's write this down why character matters number one why does character matter I want everyone to get this CD please matter of fact these two CDs are the most important series you will have in your life for a while the one you very just now about this one thing what has powerful dark thank you so much whoa you got me hmm give another hand that's awesome stuff yeah write this down please why does character matter to you this is number one question here's the answer it matters to you because first of all character establishes and strengthens your inner life so that you are a person of integrity and honor number two why does it matter to you because it enables you to effectively fulfill your purpose and potential why does character matter to you number three because it protects your leadership and your vision it prevents you from canceling you know your vision and leadership permanently and enabling you to leave a legacy for your own generation and future generations character lives beyond you and that's why it is important to you it is important to you because it protects you and generations when my wife had my son and the doctor gave me the baby to hold I held this little boy in my hand and I'll never forget you know my wife and I talked about what we're going to name our son he's the one you saw standing next to me today that handsome fella and I said I'm going to give him my name but I had to think it through for a minute because I knew if I ever gave my son my name it will force me to live right otherwise he'll be cursed forever I want my son to enjoy being named miles I want him to go into the bank after I die and they say to him or you the other miles your father's name was good the only way I can do that is with my character because a good name is Benna and silver and gold protects generations second question why is character important to the world first to you but why is it important to the people around you number one because it is the key to inspirational leadership people need the encouragement and the influence of genuine leaders if they are to fulfill their own purpose and live peacefully and productive lives they need people with character around them to help them do that secondly it is safeguarding the well-being of those who are under the authority of leaders or are otherwise affected by leaders actions and influence that's why it's important to the world and thirdly why is character important to the world around you because then Able's leaders tool to build and maintain a healthy communication of communities around them while addressing critical problems with ethics and integrity you know it's very difficult for you to talk about stuff that you ain't doing now this is where we get into the moral force of leadership the moral force of leadership is character because character is the only thing that gives weight to your words your ways of no weight the weight of your words is in your character not your volume the weight of your words is in your character not in the size of the words you use the weight of your words are in your character not in the sophisticated sentences that you can complicate we put together how many times have you sat listening to a speaker and every word they spoke these councils in your mind because you know too much about them I wonder if people are canceling your words I live my life to make my words heavy I get down live your life in such a way that every word is heavy but I will give you even a better suggestion live your life in such a way that your silence is heavier than your words a person of character has a heavy silence it's a moral force never give an excuse for not trying to be perfect I'm going to say it again never give an excuse for not trying to be perfect I didn't say you're perfect but never give an excuse for not trying to be let your words be heavy that your character my heart is so heavy with this I look at this picture I love this picture Martin Luther King jr. two heavy words have you ever heard anywhere in history where people took a day to celebrate a man speech let me say it again this is this is unheard of in our times all over the world two months ago the whole world celebrate a man's speech there are millions of books on the shelves and normal celebrates them it wasn't as worried you see all of us can say I have a dream but we only remember one person who said it because his character made the words heavy how heavy are your words I've heard preachers preach out loud an attack against Unser did they turn it off why I know you man I knew that people shouting Amen after you they are so stupid some of them even know you I still say Amen I mean I'm like everybody's blind jesus said they both go into the ditch I'm really I'm not taking this lightly this is serious we your weight of your words is your character don't prepare a sermon prepare your life because your sermon is only as good as the light that backs it up your character gives your content weight this is this is what it's about man it's not about getting applause the people can clap for a musician or a magician you go to a circus you clap for a clown don't look now but there's one right behind you giving everybody character it's the moral force write this down please to educate a man in the mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society write that one down dog when I read it by the way this is my new book I had to put it in this is so powerful to educate a man's mind but not his morals makes him a menace to society that's why our crime rates are so high we're not educating people morally we tell them go to school and get an education but they don't get the right education we tell them how to make money but not how to spend it you tell them how to make friends but know how to make the right ones the moral force of leadership write this down please very important our people who values it's privileged above its principles soon loses both I repeat a people who values their privileges above their principles will soon lose both of them and we've seen it happen and it's happening again as a matter of fact I think those from the United States you are in danger because it seemed like your social compass your moral compass is going off the scale where you are so proud of your privilege on your right to be certain things you don't care about the principle behind it I've come to the conclusion then right I'm not always right and one of the greatest weaknesses of democracy is right not all rights are right you have a right to tell somebody a piece of your mind but is it right to tell them you have a right to sleep in who you want to but is it right to sleep with who you want to not all rights all right placement of character doesn't just pursue their rights they pursue its right and some time was right goes against the rights and I say to all politicians in this room you be careful of what rights you protect because your rights that you protect may be wrong there is a built-in morale monitor the crater put in every human being where they know what's wrong never ignore your moral compass you never win whatever you compromise the gains you will lose the story goes on doesn't it write this one down if an individual has strong values he doesn't need a lot of external laws or rules to govern his life the stronger your values the less laws you need you can tell when a country is dying the law books continue to grow the more laws you create is a sign that the country is disintegrating morally they made a law some years ago that a child could take their parents to court now that's a sign that that's that that society is about dead when the children can take their parents before a judge it's over and you put a law in the book when the government becomes the custodian of your own children and tell you how to correct them your society is dying your personal values have gone but I get hope you know the Global Leadership Summit is producing leaders over the last 20 years who are changing their countries man they are bringing back moral conscience into the social conversation they are bringing back moral sensitivity back to the political arena they bringing it back to the religious arena bringing it back to business I want you to leave here with such a power that your speech will be less and your impact will be more but a force and so I thought I would close on this woman again what makes this woman the perfect example of character here's why because the word character actually is defined in the simplistic term as fixed it means fixed it also means predictable when I did the research on this for this book which is over 12 years ago I began researching this I discovered that character it's very simple it simply means statue as the wonder why God causes worried statues same worried why cuz they don't change the word actually means set now that's the word that the contractors use you know the Masons use this when you have wet cement you know you kind of work it and then you let it set set means it's over its it's dry you can't play with it anymore that's the word used for character set let me ask you are you dry yet are you dry in the most important areas of your life where no one can play with you anymore sixth statue character also means image amazing word image famous statue an image set a person with character is fixed therefore character simply put is the quality which is unchanging that's what it means you are not for sale no one can play with you anymore you're dry are you dry when it comes to money are you fixed what we heard tonight was so important about obeying God it means that you were fixed on God's Word you don't compromise it for nothing including your best friends you fixed I like number two in my book I talk about this a lot it was a predictable the word character means predictable so I can talk about the woman downtown and I can say that she's sitting on a chair with a scepter in her hand and she's holding a law book she's smiling and she's wearing a robe and she's sitting down on the throne I can say that in absence why she's predictable I can tell you what she would say in a in her absence and you called her stupid I could tell you what she would say to you if you spit on her I will tell you what she would say to you and what she would do I know she'll do why she's fixed if it rains cats and dogs I can tell you exactly what she's doing if it rains I can predict what she does if there was hailstorm I can predict what she does if a pigeon sits on her head and leaves themselves I can predict without even being there when she would do if you tell her you hate the color of her skin how can I predict that she's fixed can I predict what you would do in every circumstance I mean if somebody offered you to pay off your mortgage if you just kind of wink at the invoice or give them give their company the contract I mean are you fixed are you still wrecked cement a person of character cannot be born let me just say something important if someone approaches you to do evil or to break a law it's already too late for you you are in trouble i'ma say it again if they approach you to break along I'll compromise a responsible position you are already in trouble because somehow your values were not loud enough your moral stand was so weak that they actually thought you would do it you are in trouble let it be said of you in your absence don't even acts her why I know her don't even go to him you waste your time with him why he is sick where is your character can they speak about you in your absence take this CD give it to your friends back home especially those in top dealership in your country because hey they were never taught in a session on gerotor and that's why we get policemen going to jail so just going to jail politicians go into jail preachers go into jail casters go into jail cop and exactly go into jail see you're going everybody's going to jail why because no one had taught them the most important part of leadership I'm never impressed by a man's title I'm never impressed by his position I'm never impressed by the way she's dressed I'm never impressed by him with money they have I'm never impressed by how well you preach how you speaking down I really don't care I want to know about your character [Applause] that's closest each one of these is called characters can you tell me why I look at them do you know why because they never change a is always a in any part of the world and a is a in the dark one and two is always one and two whether you are in China Asia Japan Bahamas or the United States or Canada the number doesn't change that's why they are called characters principals never change people think I'm a good teacher I'm not a good teacher I just have a good memory that's all I remember the principal if you want to be a great teacher just learn principles all my books are just principles that's why they have sold all over the world in every language 59 languages why because it doesn't matter what languages in or what country goes into principles are the same in every environment that's why character is simply living by principles we're ready tonight you never sacrifice your convictions for anything are you glad you came over here tonight all right we got to do a little bit of a classroom exercise read number one aloud everybody go 1 2 3 read character is a commitment to a set of values that are compromised number 2 character is dedication to a sense of standards without wavering number 3 character is self-imposed discipline in keeping with moral convictions number 4 character is a constant effort to integrate one's words deeds and action number 5 character is sacrifice for principles and number 6 character is integrity all right I got a lot more to say but we can pick up here and not listen to me the last word right the win integrity down I'll show you some integrity the word integrity is from the would integrate right the way to integrate down integrate means one it means one oh and E one okay I want to demonstrate this can I have one of you come here please yeah this comes come here if anyone is run quick can you come to me oh stand here okay stay stay right there stay right there okay you stand here face each other okay now I want to show you what integrity is which is the same as character okay this is the same person okay but they got two different lives this is Leo in the day this is Leo in the night they the same person I'm talking to a lot of people in this room most people struggle with these two persons after struggle we talking about this person shouts at this person all the time and this person shows that this person all the time and they try to tell each other what to do so a day this person says I'll take over in the day I'll show a certain lifestyle in the day then the night this person says I'll take over so you go to sleep I come alive after 9 o'clock in the night okay and you got these two diametrically opposed persons they are not one it's called hypocrisy it's called faking it it's called lying it's called false representation it is called a lack of integrity now here's what your goal in life does your exercise for the next 10 years your goal in life is to keep moving these two closer and close together so the space between them becomes less and less and they keep moving and the way you do this is you keep giving them one law to obey until they become so close the space between the two is almost canceled so that what you are in the day becomes exactly what you are in the night until eventually the two become one okay guys take it easy we don't want what this so that whatever we see now or later is the thing so that when you see the person turn back-to-back energy if you get enough when you see this person anywhere you see them in the night in the day in a in a meeting discussing a contract on a trip by themselves or their wives wherever you see them do the same and whatever they say cover the same mouth whatever they do is with the same body so what they say and what they do and how they think and what they believe is one it is called integrity and so it shall be said what you see is what you get if you don't like him he doesn't change he's the same yesterday today and forever thank you very much this is integrity thank you once again for listening to this message as we hope that it has been a blessing to you our goal is to show you new paths and opportunities so that you can discover your purpose it is your love support and partnership that makes Munroe Global possible please visit us online at

The Purpose Effect – A Guide for Leaders of People

hi my name is Dan Ponte Fred I'm the author of the purpose effect and this is a low-tech video for you the leader of people around the concept of purpose now as your leader of people ultimately you have a partial responsibility for helping them in their career but I'm sure you've noticed from time to time that you know some of them just either are going through the motions and don't quite seem to have a purpose what can you do well incidentally in this book I talk about three types of purpose personal purpose which is what you have what I have hopefully and what your employees have organizational purpose ie is there a higher purpose that can be constructed inside the organization and roll' purpose now that's what I want to focus on you see role purpose is the manifestation of the combination between personal purpose and organizational purpose now let's set those two aside for a second what's role purpose about well I've broken it down into three distinct categories there is a job might sense and maybe you have some of these people on your team these are the people that seem to be coming to work who are just checking in and check it out they're kind of just there for a paycheck mmm for some people that's okay but for others perhaps that's not really what they want to be doing now the other type of mindset is a career mindset these types of individuals you can see them a mile away you know what they want more power more title more budget fancy title these people are trying to climb the ladder and then thirdly there's the purpose mindset employee that's the individual who really is in lockstep with their own personal purpose and the organization's purpose those are the 30% ish in this world who are fully engaged have defined their purpose are in acting their purpose both in life and at work so how do you get more of those types of people well ultimately I believe and have proven that you have to kind of get those employees who are in the job mindset or the career mindset off of those two types of mindsets so there's a couple strategies first of all help the employee define what their own personal purpose is why not take an interest in their own interests there is no real line I think and divide between what is life and what is work these days as a leader how about taking an interest in what their interests are and help them declare their own personal purpose that would go a very long way for them understanding what it is that they like what they dislike and perhaps what their talents are and how they can be unleashed in the team that you're running inside of the role that they serve secondly what is it in fact that they're doing to develop themselves maybe they haven't unearthed what their passions are what their talents are could you perhaps spend some time with them to develop some of those skills those interests those ideas that ultimately will allow them to find a higher sense of purpose in their life but potentially in the role that they serve you could get them doing job rotations maybe they go out and shadow someone else on the team or on another team how about you help them build out a network both inside the organization and outside of the organization as I like to say my net worth is in my network so that might be something you might want to think about with respect to how to develop the team members and building of their social networks etc at the end of the day when there is an alignment between an employee's personal purpose the organization's purpose and of course their role there in what I call the sweet spot and the more employees that you might get into the sweet spot on your team I assure you both the better off that your team results will be the better off the employee will feel and you know what you're gonna feel all that much better to because what you're doing is you're contributing did the definition of as for these important people that are part of your team next we're watching this low-tech video on the purpose effect more details at this website I hope you have a great day

The Non-Leadership Training Model for Leadership | James Lynch | TEDxNorthbrookLibrary

to get started let's find out who this talk is for so would you raise your hands and keep them up if you've ever been a manager raise them and keep them up if you've ever been managed by somebody else raise them high and keep them up if you've ever helped anybody in distress and raise them and keep them up if you've ever needed help and had been in distress so I think I've covered just about everybody if I've left you out please pay attention there might be something here for you my question is how do you create leaders now I don't just mean you put somebody in charge you say you're the leader how do you create a space for people to find the leader within now there's lots of books on the topic now I'll show you here this is just a small section of my home office library there's lots of materials this is six months worth of material that I've delivered recently and there's lots of materials online magazines specialty publications as well and they all contain really great stuff and with them I've coached and facilitated successful businessmen companies all throughout the country but what I most got the benefit from is this successful tool right here let me explain this is my rethink moment about 15 years ago I was a general manager of a healthcare staffing recruiting in sales firm we were a pretty good local company but we had aspirations to become a substantial regional company and to do that we set some aggressive goals and the pressure was on to hit those goals no matter what but in particular the pressure was on me and in response to that pressure and those expectations I became a pretty intense leader the heat was on and we were getting results the numbers were going up things were things were going better it was difficult it was pushing a rock up the hill but we were getting the results so when the second-in-command in the company invited me out to a one-on-one lunch I figured while I'm either gonna get a raise or promotion or a pat on the back or all three I thought things were good but instead I got the we know we've got the right guy in the job he's just doing it wrong speech seemed the employees had decided that my management style consisted mostly of bullying so it's devastated and I didn't know what to do so to support me the company got me an executive coach it was somebody I knew he knew me I knew him and he said James you're pushing you're pulling but you're not leading if you really want people to follow you you have to show them what's important to you you have to be vulnerable you have to share something of yourself and I nodded my head as if I understood but of course I didn't I went back to the books the training materials in the curriculum because I thought if we've been getting the results we must be doing something right the deep inside I knew that people were working for me not with me and I knew that if I wanted people to accept my challenge to achieve I had to find a way to share myself because they were getting results but they were only getting the results good enough to get me off their backs so I had a lucky break through one Monday afternoon I asked an employee what do you do over the weekend and she said she had been part of a Habitat for Humanity project I always wanted to work on a Habitat for Humanity project and I said you should have let me know I would have gone with you I know how to swing a hammer as a matter of fact there's plenty of people here who know how to swing a hammer we would have gone with you said I wish I'd let you come because we didn't finish a project we didn't have enough skilled people there so I began to have my aha moment I posted a sign like the one I showed you here in the cafeteria and at 55 maybe 60 people I thought five or six people showing up would be a good result instead about 12 people showed up when they were from every level of the company secretaries receptionist file clerks bookkeepers recruiter sales we had so many people that we actually had to move to a bigger room so I set out the plan the plan was to create a volunteer action committee hands on project that was an extracurricular to the company and the rules were simple every month anybody in the company could suggest a hands-on volunteer project if the team approved it we'd get behind it would recruit for them would give them resources we do everything we could to make them succeed the condition was this if you suggested it you had to drive the program you had to take the lead we've got silent for a people for a moment where people realized that if they named it they claimed it so now this is the you know corporate meeting and it was really just to explore the idea a little bit get it out there brainstorm like before brainstorm a few ideas we weren't really looking for action you know down the line maybe we'd do it there's something happened this girl raised her hand from the back of the room she said I have an idea now this is a new employ a single mom she'd just come on she was a receptionist and I never heard her voice in a meeting before and she said I know a food pantry near here and I bet if I called them they'd be glad to have us they always need help I looked at her and I first of all it was you know we're gonna get an actual result at a meeting that was blowing my mind anyway but I said are you willing to take the lead she's brand new to the company she looked around at all these people and she it was nervous at first and then she said yes so the following Wednesday we had so many volunteers show up that the food pantry threatened to send some of us home instead we got industrious we said let us clean your stockroom and organize and help and we met people on the food line we carried things to their car we got to find out more about them and I was so proud of my team and how well they all work together but the thing that got me was I found out that this little girl who'd invited us here that day before she got the job with us this single mom had been a patron of the food pantry I really hit Oh so the volunteer committee was a success everybody had heard about it and every month we started doing a different project and and there were a lot and they were good they were let's see we packed school supplies and backpacks and sent them to children down affected by Hurricane Katrina we learned to knit so that we could knit comforters for women in the battered women's shelter unfortunately we had to do that too often we became pen pals and packed care packages for friends and relatives who are troops scheduled over in Afghanistan and Iraq and all places east we became a machine and it seemed like we had great results with very little efforts totally different than the way things have been running before and we never took advantage of the company this happened before in between and after hours we had a success but during this period I also noticed that my relationship with my employee started to shift I still had to set goals and hold him accountable but now when I called him into the office I would explain what we were doing in terms of the bigger structure I began to ask instead of demand I began to realize what people could achieve when they were honestly motivated and we began to have a unified vision for the company as a whole we were having fun on these projects by the way and the fun spilled over into our everyday work it we began on Friday afternoons I'd pull the team together and it talked about a result so far that week and what we needed to do before we went home and had to stand on a desk to see and be heard but instead of cajoling and complaining I was thanking and acknowledging and we used that time also to update the volunteer committee and we had about a 99% in enrollment people were actually taking part almost everybody in the company but there was this one guy who didn't want to knit he didn't want to write pen pal letters he want to hand out food he was just all on his own but he heard that the food pantry was having a hard time finding two things peanut butter and tuna fish so he came to me and he said and we knew this about him he was a gambler and a game game guy so he came to me said suppose I ran a 50-50 raffle 100% participation but during this time we also helped one of our own I noticed that one of my employees was her performance was beginning to slip she was coming in late her her work product wasn't so great and her usual up deep upbeat attitude was beginning to slip and I called her into the office instead of my old way where I would say clean up your act or you're out of here I said honestly tell me what's going on and she said tearfully that her husband and she had bought a too flat on the south side of Chicago and they were fixing it up one to live in one to rent as new homeowners they had no idea what they were in for and they were seriously behind they were sleeping on a pull-out bed in her mom's condo so they were over their heads close to drowning I called an emergency meeting of the volunteer committee and we scheduled a fixer-upper weekend about a dozen of us showed up at their house that weekend and we painted plastered clean moved furniture and got them ready to move into that house we not only got our employee back but we showed all of our employees that our corporate values aren't just words on the wall that we actually valued our employees but the full circle came around one Friday afternoon we'd scheduled a potluck lunch now a potluck lunch meant you bought food prepped it carried and served it to others and then paid ten to fifteen dollars to eat it so that you could give the money to the volunteer committee and at the time I'd been promoted I was a general manager but I also had training and cultural development under my belt so I stopped by the potluck and there were people from other companies local companies would invite them in we had VIPs in and rather than go out on their expense account they stayed in and ate lunch with us so I stopped by grab some food went back to my desk and the same guy who took me out to that right guy wrong way speech came into my office and he sat down and he said good job on that potluck lunch today so you know thanks but I've been so busy I had nothing to do with it you know we talked about it in the committee but one of the receptionist's took it on and she did it and the whole thing is due to her and he says you don't get it you're not listening good job he said you finally learned leadership as we grew the company to nearly a hundred people we organize ourselves similar to the volunteer committee we've had small teams with specific mandates anybody who had a passion for results we would let them lead a micro project and we would give them the tools they needed to succeed we learned a lot of lessons leaders learned that sometimes you had to lead from behind and sometimes you had to learn you had to be able to be led right we learned that if we were always seeking the spotlight for ourselves we were leaving other people in the dark we learned that we got better results rather than being a shining star but by being among stars my office became the hub of a wheel of progress rather than a grist mill grinding people down and spitting them out we learned that we should set up a place for people to be their best and then get out of their way and during the people that with the time that we ran this volunteer committee we grew the corporate gross sales by 500% we went from being a pretty good local company past a regional company we were the national industry leader with big-box chain stores as clients and national healthcare Institute's we still had the books the curriculum and all of that stuff and we did pretty well by them right but if you could ask people what's the most successful department in the company that say well it's not actually an official department and ask people what was the best leadership training program you took part in and they'd say well it wasn't a leadership training program per se so after years and inclosing I've coached hundreds of thousands of people by this point I've had great results great success but when people ask me what it is in my career that I'm most proud of I'll always say without a beat the volunteer committee and the team that helped me create it so if you are an employer manager somebody being managed if you're a small to middle sized organization or fortune 500 company I give you this tool and it's free and you'll get great results with it so if you give people a chance to be great and then let them be that's what you'll get thank you you