4570 GOVT – shooting baseballs!!!

hey everybody how you doing in this video we're gonna be shooting baseball's with my favorite hunting rifle the Marlin model 1895 which if you're not familiar is chambered in the forty five seventy government big ol round pecks a big old punch let me show you the three different types of ammunition that we're going to be testing out on these baseball's the first bullet we're going to shoot is this red tipped quantity lever revolution ammo a 325 grain bullet using Hornady's FTX bullets so 325 grain is the first one we're going to shoot second one we're going to shoot are these HSM cowboy action hard cast 405 grains I kind of have the feeling that these are going to do the most damage but we'll find out and lastly we are going to be shooting these winchester super x 300 grain hollow-point soft tips I'm guessing that the Hornet ease and the super X's are going to have similar results 300 grain 325 grain and I think the lid grain is gonna absolutely pulverize the baseball let's set these baseball's up see what happens should be pretty cool I've got these face balls set up we're gonna shoot them one at a time right there if we can see that pallet there I've got them set up 25 yards away why of 25 yards because I don't have a scope on this model 1895 and I want to make sure that I can hit the baseballs hopefully square in the middle so that we can compare these rounds so I've got the first one set up downrange let's see what happens first bullet we're gonna shoot is the Hornet II lever revolution 325 grain bullets if you haven't seen the video already don't forget to check out my other video where I compare the 308 versus the 36 shooting baseballs you might be surprised by the results here goes the first shot with the Hornet II lever revolution rounds so quite the quite the bang there I'm honestly kind of worried how hard it is gonna be to find this baseball if you saw the 308 first 30.6 video the baseball is only went about 10 feet back but I'm guessing that that one went pretty far but let's see if we can find it here so here GoPro is right here here's where the baseball was sitting you can see there I had one of these clay targets sitting there holding it and it's been obliterated that's what all that dust is there and I don't see it anywhere obviously behind it on the ground I'm gonna spend a little bit of time looking for it if I can't find it I'm gonna shoot it again but see if we can find it alright so I found the baseball I didn't move it yet I just want to show you guys when I shot the baseball's with the 308 30.6 the baseball's landed about right here where this one shot with the Hornady 4570 the baseball landed over there by that big tree it sort of judged is this distance on the camera but that's about 50 feet away so let me show you guys how far this baseball flew with that Hornady 4570 down here and I'm watching for snakes here we've got Rattlers so somebody tell me if you see a snake that and here is the baseball way down over here now moving the camera back slowly way up there you can see the pallet again so this is about 50 feet away where this baseball landed so let's pick it up and take a look at it very very interesting results here check it out safe to say it was a complete pass through I'm gonna set this thing up or we can hold it still take a very good look at it very first shot we took was the Hornady I think it's safe to say it was a complete pass through here's the side that I shot and then it passed all the way through the center and shredded out the backside so you can see the inside they're mostly cork and then it has a little rubber Center but that 4570 absolutely passed through and put quite a bit of wallop on that baseball let's move on to the winchester super X ball see what happens with that one as always don't forget to check out the links in the description for all kinds of stuff we're using in this video including the baseballs alright so that first one did quite a bit of damage now we're going to shoot these Winchester Super X bullets 300 grain hollow-point soft points Winchester super eggs let's see what these babies do that Winchester it was hard to tell but I saw the ball kind of shoot up I feel like that one didn't go as far I may not have hit it that square but I'm hoping I can find this baseball pretty easy here too but I'll see what happened to the baseball with the winchester super Rix rounds standing right here it's not anywhere obviously right behind it let's see if it went just as far as the other one hmmm it went back there is that true the other one landed by went back almost as for there is the baseball right in the middle of some poison oak and some poison ivy so I'm gonna kick this one out of the way before I grab it probably shouldn't even been grabbing it efforts on all that poison stuff but because I'm highly allergic to poison ivy but oh very interesting what happens with this one check it out so this one actually has an entry and then has an exit in the back very cool so small entrance hole right there and then a big old whopping baseball exit wound on the back very interesting that winchester super X is a hollow point and that Hornady lever revolution is a pointed tip I would have expected to see something like that on the instance rune from the Hornady pointy tip but it didn't it just had a massive big old entry wound and exit wound but pretty cool to see the difference alright so third and last one here is these HSM flat nose led 405 grain rounds I think these are gonna produce the biggest damage if you could have more damage than those other two already did but I think this is gonna be the winner if you're not familiar with the 4570 here's a 308 case I just literally picked up off the ground here to compare the 308 to the 4570 if I can hold still there you can see how much bigger the 4570 cartridge is but if you don't know anything about 4570 read about it it's pretty cool it's my favorite hunting ground but let's load this last 405 grain bullet see if we can hit that baseball down there 105 greens baby whoo got a level ever gun let's see what happens there went the 405 grain lead bullet let's see if I was right and if it put the most hurt on these baseball's I couldn't really tell where the baseball went so judging by where the other two were I'm pretty sure we can find it pretty quick too baseball is gone there's another two we already shot and oh another two were by that big tree this one is only right here judging by that I'm gonna say it probably did not do as much damage but let's check out the baseball there is the entry and there is the exit womp-womp Wow not much of a show at all and it's hard to tell here too but it's also not straight through went in there and came out a little bit higher straight through would have been like over here but it came out there so I don't know much about those hsm cowboy action loads but if you do let me know in the comments down below I'm guessing since they're cowboy action they probably don't have as much powder in them to help you with accuracy so those were all flop however these other two hunting rounds definitely did pack a punch let's put them all side-by-side first let's talk about entry holes Hornady whoa oh that's huge Winchester about the size of the bullet HSM about the size of the bullet so as far as entry holes go the Hornady is ridiculous let's flip them over to the exit holes alright now the exit holes here again Hornady ridiculous Winchester Super X still impressive those 405 grain lead rounds which is the biggest bullet disappointing so I have to say come deer season I think probably gonna try these hornaday's out first and then if I take a deer I'm gonna try these Winchester's next but these horn ADIZ absolutely take the cake massive wound channel there on the baseball I almost forgot to mention my next gun purchase I want to be a magnum research bfr revolver chambered in forty five seventy we could do this same test again with the Magnum Research forty five seventy revolver so don't forget to share this video like comment once this video gets about a million views will be able to purchase that magnum research bfr I want to give a big thanks and shout out to heavy metal guns and outdoors don't forget to check out the links in the description down below and subscribe to the hootie-hoo channel if you haven't already thanks for watching guys who do

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