Why I Have MAJOR Issues with President Trump for 2020

every one region X of valor Ridge in this video we're gonna talk about some major issues with the president Gordon get started folks if you're like me you know you're probably not a ideologue when it comes to politics Republican Democrat whatever I'm about small government in maximum individual liberty so I want individual liberty to be the main mover of this all I don't care which party that you support I don't support Democrats or Republicans I've given Democrats a pretty hard time simply because they're so egregiously the violators of our rights or at least try to be but you know I got to be honest here Republicans have done it to most notably our President of the United States now I'll just copy out here I voted for him I did because I didn't want Hillary Clinton to be president I'm sure a lot of you watching this video are probably in the same boat where you did not want that corrupt vile woman to be in the White House well we've got Donald Trump in the White House now in this video to me is is about firearms okay that's what I do for a living that is my profession that's what I am that is my issue I am a single-issue voter okay I'm a single-issue voter when it comes to that I believe that the Second Amendment is the one thing that makes all of our other quote rights possible and I don't think that anything else really matters because if we don't have the ability to protect ourself then all of its null and void and at least it would be eventually so I am a single-issue voter when it comes to firearms I vote for candidates that uphold the individual right to keep and bear arms that uphold our ability to keep the Bill of Rights together I guess that I've got several issues with with the President on firearms I've got several issues and I'm sure that if you're watching this video you probably do as well the most notable issue that I have with him is the fact that he sold himself as this pro-second amendment guy to get elected and he knew how to pander he knew how to speak the language of gun owners in this country he knew how to get the NRA behind him he knew how to talk the sweet talk you know if you looked on his website for president when he first started I believe that the Second Amendment is that saluté I believe that it needs to be protected and you know at the beginning of his presidency and even slightly before it when Obama was still in office we were so close to having suppressors taken off the NFA list so close we were very close to a national reciprocity when it comes to cop to concealed carry in this country we were very close and now we're at the point where a couple of years or just passed his halfway point his presidency we're at the point now where bump stocks have been banned we're at the point now where he's on Piers Morgan talking about how he doesn't like silencers hey listen president Trump it's not a silencer it's a suppressor they've been around for over a hundred years even longer then actually something that you wouldn't know cuz you grew up in New York City man what are you gonna know about guns you're gonna know anything about it most people up there have no idea about firearms and I know that there are some gun people up there so this isn't all of New York but when you're talking about a business mogul like Donald Trump the only experience he has with guns is with the people who protect him is our own bodyguards and of course now the Secret Service so we're talking about some serious issues here so I start as I said guys my biggest issue is the fact that he sold himself as the Second Amendment guy yet during his presidency we've had more gun control with President Trump than we ever did with Barack Obama and look under Obama's presidency he talked about it all the Democrats ran their little suck holes about you know banning guns and all this but they never did they never did anything about it you know all the Republicans played the game you know they they talk tough opposition when they were you know the ones that were fighting against it or at least had the veneer of fighting against it but now we're at the point where we've got Republicans proposing gun control things like red flag bills guys like Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham and of course President Trump himself has been on record as saying that he believes that guns should be taken first and then due process comes later so because he's not a constitutional guy let me explain something about how due process works president Trump due process means that if there is a crime or at least there's evidence of a crime that an accused has a right to face his accusers he has a right to be informed of the charges levied against him this is a fundamental right in Republic in case you missed that in civics class you know what Business School the other problem that I have here has that he says that that people should be 21 in order to purchase a long gun really I carried an m16 a two service rifle in defense of my country when I was 17 years old the same military that you didn't have the guts to join so don't talk to me that somebody has to be 21 years old to have a rifle or a shotgun okay there's plenty of people that are younger than 21 right now protecting the wars that you continue okay so don't tell me that you're against people that are under the age of 21 having firearms because they do your bidding as commander-in-chief they are the people that you send and deploy overseas the under-21 makes up the vast majority of our armed forces so don't tell me they're not responsible enough to have them because you have no problem using them in your proxy wars and continuing them so don't do not lecture people about that they need to be 21 to have firearms and I've heard him say this I've seen video footage of him saying this stuff I know it's gonna ruffle some Trump supporters feathers you may even unsubscribe from the channel not come out to Train like you were going to anyway and you know what that's fine I really don't care at this point I'm so tired of the lesser of the two evils I'm so tired of that paradigm I'm so over it I do not for one second we'll never again compromise because of the lesser of the two evils I will vote for a candidate that I believe upholds the Second Amendment I will vote for a candidate that upholds the Constitution I'll vote for candidates that have a proven track record of individual liberty and voting in laws that protect individual liberty those are the only people ever again now vote for and in an election of any type and there's no more of this compromised stuff where oh you know what we're going to vote for the list or two years do you want to do you want a Democrat to get it I don't know when a Democrat was in office Barack Obama my firearms rights weren't restricted further than what they have been in the Trump administration so you can say what you want to about that and you say well he would have done it would have could have should have didn't and that's the bottom line the other issue I have with the president is gun control stuff is is of course the bump stop ban now listen I do not have a vote stock I never did have one I the only experience that I've ever had with them is seeing them at certain places I think that it is not useful in any way shape or form but it doesn't make it an automatic weapon it doesn't make it any more or less dangerous than anything else and then with no pressure whatsoever with with nobody having the ability to enact legislation that would have ban this he ordered the ATF to have this done the same ATF who under Barack Obama had no issues with bump stocks whatsoever but under President Trump they did and here's the really the really insidious part about this whole thing is that the man was just at the NRA convention literally a couple of months ago talking about how he has protected the Second Amendment well I have yet to find evidence of how that's the case I have yet to see any evidence whatsoever of how the Trump administration has protected the Second Amendment it certainly hasn't expanded it it certainly hasn't made it better for gun owners it certainly hasn't made the Second Amendment more accessible in fact states that individual levels at the states they've made even more restrictive laws so I think is is you've got to really be objective about this stuff and you've got to really understand it just because it's a Republican that doesn't mean that they're good people that protect firearms and when you're talking red flag laws like senators Rubio and Lindsey Graham and even a lot of Representatives in the House of Representatives have proposed a lot of them are Republicans and I don't know what world people live in that they think oh well we just need to get more Republicans and listen I do not at this point think that anybody represents the interest of gun owners but gun owners themselves because if you think that you're gonna send these people to Washington DC and their integrity is not gonna be compromised you are living in a delusional world because that place that hellhole at least American city in the entire country Washington DC is the greatest cesspool of scum and villainy that has ever been assembled in any one place when I look at people like James Madison and Richard Henry Lee and George Mason the people that created our Constitution the people that created our Bill of Rights the people that create needed the recognition via the Second Amendment when I look at all of those guys and then I look at Congress now it's an absolute joke it would be like having a wonderful flower in a garden and then all of a sudden it's decayed matter and weeds like that to me is what Washington DC is ins you may ask why am i doing this video because I'm tired of people telling others how to live their life I'm tired of people that we elect getting to Washington DC learning how to play the game and then our rights get restricted and as I said folks if this ruffles some Trump supporters feathers good but I want you to justify his comments against the Second Amendment and I want you to justify him doing away wanting to do away with due process and I want you to justify the bump stock ban and I want you to justify him wanting people to be 21 years old to purchase a long gun and I want you to justify his comments that he doesn't like silencers on Piers Morgan of course he's catering to the Brits and not all Brits are against guns I know a lot of Brits watch this channel that are very Pro firearms ownership and you know what I feel for you guys and I wish that you would come here instead of people that hate his country I wish that you would come here but my point is is that if a lifelong New York Democrat gets to be present in the United States which is what Donald Trump was a lifelong New York Democrat who knows nothing about firearms the most heavily-guarded man on the planet the most heavily-guarded man on the planet there are more guns protecting Donald Trump than any other man on the planet who has no problems with the Secret Service having enforce I know exactly what I'm for they used I got friends in the Secret Service I know I know exactly what they are it's the same guns that he doesn't want you or me to have and it has nope he has no problem being around them he has no problem being protected by those guns by those silencers yeah they use silenced suppressors you know I use suppressors on their guns on their on their on their submachine guns and also on their imports so he has no problem he doesn't it's nothing doesn't like suppressors if he doesn't want us to have them for some reason these handlers told him what do you needed to say so folks I know some of you watching out there think that oh if we just elect good people if we just select good people to the federal government you know we can turn this thing around listen the federal government's the problem here they're the problem they're the restrictor of your rights and your state rights too if you look at what they've done to some of the states and coerce them for funding and everything else this is a major problem here so look the people in the NRA and all this and that Wayne LaPierre Chris Cox and all you pianned I'm a lifetime member look I'm a man I mean lifetime member of the NRA I want Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox I know you watch my videos I want you to defend Donald Trump's comments and I want you to defend his actions be an executive order defend how he is restricted the Second Amendment defend him and then by all means invite him to your convention next year and then he'll give you a bus Sunshine rate cure of emotional output about how he protects the Second Amendment when in fact his administration is one of the biggest violators in simply two years one of the biggest violators of the Second Amendment that there is so guys sometimes we got to face cold hard facts sometimes we've got to face the reality that you know what maybe just maybe that's a guy that's in the White House right now Donald Trump is no friend of the Second Amendment is no friend of libertarians or conservatives and as I said guys if you get pissed off that I'm criticizing your Dear Leader I want you to think once you're getting pissed about because everything that I've said in this video is true everything that I've said can be documented verified and he is on record as saying so if you're gonna defend a guy like that if you're gonna defend his actions against the Second Amendment then you're dumber than you look I see I see the same and the problem is I see the same behavior with the devout Obama supporters I see the same thing with certain Trump supporters like the man can do no wrong he's this genius he's playing 4-dimensional chest really our Second Amendment is in a chess game our Second Amendment is in a chess game all you people have said always doing the bump sock so we can get national concealed carry reciprocity let's see it's sat on Mitch McConnell's desk for two years with a Republican hopper that up with a Republican house that already passed it Senate to the Senate and it sat there for two years so now it's Democrat house it's Republican Senate so but yet the bill is still out there so you geniuses out there that think he's got this big grand strategy hey we're past fifty percent into his presidency at this point we're well past it he knows was in it he knows who the people he can work with who he can't work with it out it's no mystery so please once again defend his actions defend his words defend what's happened to the Second Amendment under this administration please by all means defend what's happening to it it's this whole thing we're an abused spouse can justify their partner's behavior oh he only hits me because he cares I see the same criteria here I took the police reports I have taken the domestic violence reports where I've heard men and women both justify the behavior of the person that kept pounding them and bruising him and punching him in the face III heard it oh well you know he just went a little too far but but I really don't want anything bad it's like I see the same thing like these gun owners think oh do we need to get Trump backing off it why so you get I born be a second amendment pissed on so you can have more of your rights taken away I don't think so as for me I'm done with this compromised stuff I'm done with it all I am tired of these government's whether it's federal or even state governments violating our natural right to self-defense I'm sick and tired of them trying to dictate to others what they can and cannot have when if how and when that they that we can defend ourselves I'm over it they're the problem they are not your friend government is force it's coercion and the sooner people recognize this and realize that the only thing that we have is each other the only thing that we have is other Patriots the only thing that we have is our adherence to the principles of freedom that our founding fathers gave us through the Constitution the sooner that you realize that the sooner you'll realize that the federal government United States is completely out of control certain state governments are completely out of control and we're at the point now where we got to realize that we do not have any allies other than ourselves we have no other allies other than our and the sooner people realize that the better off and the quicker that we can restore our Second Amendment so guys wanted to give this all off my chest you know I'm about to go into my day of rest and I don't want to have any regrets and I wanted to get that off my chest because the Piers Morgan thing with Trump on that that was my final straw I wanted to give the man the benefit of the doubt all this time I said maybe he's got you know it's getting kind of Justin you know kind of mentally try to excuse a lot of stuff but I can't do it anymore and I'm not gonna do it anymore and as I said if this offends you that I'm criticizing dear leader you need to do a real self-evaluation like you need to reassess your principles and your values and you need to reassess why you put so much faith in a guy who has never proven that he's a friend of the Second Amendment and a guy that has never proven that he values the founding fathers of this country three there's to valor edge reminding you the lessons that we learn written on the tombstones of others you see on the ridge

Hillary Clinton: Being A Capitalist Probably Hurt Me Because So Many Democrats Are Socialists

you may be the only presidential candidate since World War two that actually had to stand up and say I am a capitalist and you did did it hurt you probably I mean you know it's it's hard to know but I mean if you're in the Iowa caucuses and 41% of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialist and I'm asked are you a capitalist and I say yes but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability you know that that probably gets lost and though my gosh she's a couple less I mean

AOC Staff Gets 3 Months Paid Parental Leave — The Political Vigilante

hello everybody welcome to the political vigilante my name is Graham Elwin and what's going down political vigilantes going down yeah guys got some vegan guns going down great way to support the show is through the patreon.com slash grandma woodwork you could submit articles like this Nicholas Thompson submitted this article Nicholas thank you so much for being a supporter of the show AOC introduces her latest unusual policy three months of paid paternal leave for her staff Oh another socialism God people's lives are gonna be better they're gonna be better parents raise children in a better capacity which that might make society better little stop at a OC communist socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez announced what she calls another unusual but shouldn't be dimensioned in her office policy in addition to paying all their staffers at least fifty two thousand dollars a year minimum fifty two thousand dollars a year and the high-end staff gets 80 grand a year and congressional most congressional like Chiefs of Staff get a hundred fifty grand a year so she's spreading the wealth out War man oh you sure you want to work for that socialist inside the Kremlin this is she's backing her word in interns interns get $15 an hour plus benefits interns get that her office will provide three months of paid paternal leave she said as much on her Twitter feed I'd like to share another here it is three members of our team are gonna be new parents in the first six month every new parent received through Mississippi leave including dad's Wow I know so many people who are parents and it's like both parents have to I'm sure many of you you both parents have to have full-time jobs or one parent has to make like crazy sums of money for the other parent to stay home like it's really hard and I know people who are stay-at-home moms and dads I know a lot of stay-at-home dads and it's the two off the top of my head both of their wives you know make really good money that's why they that's why they're able to do that so it's it's pretty amazing and here's how it's going to break down our 12-week parental leave is up to the parent on how they want to use that time they don't have to take all 12 weeks at once for example they can take five weeks off and work two days a week to transition in bank three weeks for later in the year etc and I just don't know if all this socialism helping people's lives get better it's really it's really weird we should crush your soul in America the American capitalist empire should crush your very soul and make you scrape and claw just to make a nickel that's what America is of all abouts what America was built on genocide and slave labor and killing people that are trying to organize unions that's what we did during the labor movement in the 20s and 30s we killed people who we're trying to just make their lives and their families lives and the next generation of workers lives better the Family Medical Leave Act requires public agencies offer their employees 12 weeks of unpaid leave but it's up to but it is up to the discretion of each individual member of Congress how much paid time off they provide as a result that most of time new parents working in Congress can take off varies widely from office to office now here's what Nicholas Thompson said when he emailed me this this is which one of the things you get to do with the five-dollar level you can submit a topic or an article so Nicholas emailed me this and told me this this is really interesting to me because I work for a Swedish company and in Sweden you get 16 months at least parental leave to split between the parents that's four months ah who came up with that plan Susan Sarandon and her Kremlin buddies it's just nuts it's outlandish that AOC ones three months paid leave they give you four words waiting and again Sweden we talk about this great quality of life people are happier all this business are thirty thousand people a year dying in Sweden because they don't have health care are there forty million people living in poverty in Sweden like there are here in the United States is 60% of Sweden's population unable to withstand a five hundred to a thousand dollar emergency like we have in America are 30 million people living without health care we begin the vetting all this weekend next of the extreme 2020 Democratic candidates as we examine the radical views tonight of Kamala Harris the senator from California later we have a mini monologue on the double standard between the treatment of Jessi Smollett versus justice Kavanagh versus the Covington kids but we begin tonight with an important Hannity watch on the radical far left Democratic Party and the dangers of socialism and we are once again featuring and beginning with the 29 year old socialist from New York who is both for revered and feared inside her own party now a few weeks ago congresswoman Alexandria Acacio Cortes called for an end to all fossil fuels gas-powered cars airplanes in ten years me oh thank god he's calling her out for wanting to help families oh you're always funny to me oh and the good thing about this show as I don't subscribe to identity politics because if I did I would have to back Sean Hannity because we're both Irish guys but Sean Hannity is a corporate tool we know he's a tool I like making fun of him he's easy to make fun of we should make I know I there's plenty of stuff to be made fun of from the MSNBC crowd but I just Sean just it's great comedy the radical left wants you to have paid child leave Oh Acacio Court just wants to outlaw cows and planes or whatever he said I can't listen to it anymore but folks that's what this country could look like everybody having good jobs good health care good salaries $15 an hour for interns that's what she's paying when I had a producer on the show when I was doing when I was directing the TV show last year I paid her $20 an hour she was worth more but I paid her $20 an hour because that's just what's right you got to pay people what they're worth and the more the salary you pay the more money you spend the better talent pool you get to choose from which is what Ocasio Cortez I'm sure there's people fallin over themselves to work for her people with so qualified so thank you Nicholas Thompson for supporting the show you can do that at patreon.com slash grand melon also East Coast progressive Comedy Tour is coming next week June 12th through the 19th DC Baltimore two nights in Philly New Haven Connecticut New York City and Boston go to Grandma Lloyd calm come to the shows they're amazing they're amazing Jeff Epstein who I've done all the MMT from citizens Media TV he's gonna be there in Philly we're doing two nights in Philly it's a nice small venue he's gonna sing round click own song it's good it's gonna be a fantastic shows you guys so come out and support us on the East it's really awesome the tickets are going fast which are good and you don't want to get shut out and it that it's it's it's an awesome thing and you get to support the show so another way to support the show watch the ads don't click skip ad because I don't get paid although YouTube has started did you monetize again they're going after creators again they use some stephen crowley dude or whatever is doing some awful you know homophobic hate speech so then they use that as an excuse to censor people and d monetize and they'd love to come after shows like jimmy's and everybody else's so be careful thanks for watching like subscribe share the videos we just crossed over 21,000 subscribers thanks to you i appreciate it you

Is Basic Income Guarantee Neo liberal Serfdom Tactic? — The Political Vigilante

hello everybody welcome to the political vigilante my name is Graham Elwood progressive comedy tour is coming to the East Coast next week Ron play Kona and I we're each gonna do 45-minute sets and you never know who's gonna pop in Li camp might come in Jeff Epstein's gonna be in the Philly shows Jordan Chariton says he's coming to the New York City shows we always have organizations like the DSA moving for people party there you can get involved in your local progressive community meet other progressives everyone says man I showed up alone and I met all these progressives come to the show and get involved june 12th we are in d.c the 13th in Baltimore June 14 and 15 in Philly June 16 New Haven Connecticut June 17 in New York City June 19 in Boston go to Grandma low calm for all your tour dates another great way to support the show is I go to patreon where Jeanette Johansen submitted this article a basic income guarantee is a neoliberal strategy for serfdom without the work this is a very interesting article it's at this mmt website the link is in the show notes and we talked a lot about you know universal basic income and we've talked a lot about mmt on the show so if you're new to MMT I have a whole channel it's not a channel but a I'm blanking of a term I'm going bananas here a list of all my mmt videos I have a saccharine a separate view list view list know why my brain is just shutting down but I put all my mmt videos in one place on the channel if you want to learn more about MMT so this is an interesting article and it's it's interesting and it's it's an interesting discussion to have because what it goes into and I'll go into the details is how you know universal basic income or basic income guarantees because a lot of big CEOs are starting to push them that the Farrah's asking should we be Leary is this just another like it says neoliberal strategy for serfdom without to work another way to keep people indentured into the capitalist system will give them income rather than just like getting rid of capitalism making things more socialist it's like because the capitalists in the ruling class want this should we be leery of it which is an interesting question to ask and and it bears our you know our discussion and even our debate so I'm curious to hear what you guys have to say so they are advocating further pathways that they can shore up their control and power which means bad things for the rest of us the big which is what this author refers to as basic income guarantee is one of those pathways and it leads to an impoverishment and an ongoing capitalist domination a basic income guarantee is not a path to Nirvana I see it as just a neoliberal strategy for serfdom without the work I think we need a Federal jobs guarantee within the structure of a green new deal which is why I'm leery of like Andrew yang you know we all he talks about ubi universal basic income but then he's like a venture capitalist and I don't trust those people at all at all and that's kind of what this article is saying neoliberal economists have long endorsed a big as a way of avoiding starvation in a world where they want charitable services to be privately supplied that's another thing the article there's a very lengthy article so it's in the show notes read it over yourself but that's one of the things they make the points they make a government that isn't providing as many social services is not taking care of its people then charity falls on individuals and corporations set that up to be a tax break so it's basically like charities and you know you know now people having to do crowd funding for medical procedures is just a tax on good people I've been giving to charity is a wonderful thing and it's something I do I try to do when I have you know money and I think it's something we all should do but this article contends if the government was really providing for its citizens like an America for example if everybody had health care and everybody had college tuition and we gave the homeless housing and education and part of free health care would include mental illness screenings and drug treatment you know we would be actually taking care of our citizens would we need people to donate to homeless shelters and stuff like that if we were actually feeding clothing them educating them providing them health care and job training and all this other stuff would we need to do that it's a good it's a good argument it's a good argument these economists hate collective solutions to social problems just read Milton Friedman's 1994 introduction to FA X 50th anniversary edition of the road to serfdom where he expressed disdain for the growing intellectual support of collectivism and suggests that the main game is to defeat any semblance of collective action which he considers tantamount to socialism yeah so I'll give this author a credit it's very research heavy and brings up some opposing views within the article itself which is which is worth our which is worth a look the big is very susceptible to neoliberal manipulation once you abandon the narrative that is the government's responsibility to ensure for a full employment and agree that all the government is required to do is guarantee a bare existence than the slippery slope has been erected that's what I agree with that's what I agree with because we've seen it we're at the apex of failed decades-long neoliberal policy that's what this is that's what we are enduring right now where there's 40 million people living in poverty in the richest country in the history of the world and CEOs have broken yet another record for average salaries it's crossed over 16 million dollars a year for average salaries that's the average CEO salary that's not counting the egregious filthy wealth of people like Jeff Bezos that has what a hundred and fifty billion dollars he could cut his wealth in half and bring tens and billions of people out of poverty and he wouldn't lose a thing he wouldn't lose a go a private jet he wouldn't lose a vacation hall he wouldn't lose anything he wouldn't lose a meal he'd still be able to have his caviar flown in on a helicopter he could still have all of that we need to just have to sneak by a living on seventy five billion dollars I mean I mean you know I I guess you can't live on that I wouldn't know what I mean next thing you know you're gonna just be drinking your own urine if you only have to live on honor you know 75 billion after 150 I mean I don't know but this article we should be taking care of all of our citizens America is a pretty cruel society and it's got a lot of pain in it it dishes out pain it's very wounded tortured Society its race relations are tortured the gender roles are tortured the way we treat people are tortured and yet we call ourselves this Christian nation we're also loving and sweet and we got to help everybody I mean will sanction the out of your country to where it causes starvation and political upheaval then we'll send their troops in and then when you want to come to our country for help will kind of build a wall tell you to go yourself I mean that's kind of how we operate and god we trust' under a job guarantee approach the capitalist has to contend with the fact that government jobs may become attractive and be used to pursue Community Development and green type ventures and still provide unions with the capacity to develop their memberships the capitalist also has to face the fact that their propensity to create under employment to increase profits at a time of deficient total spending will be severely restricted by the introduction of job guarantee where workers would be able to work full-time if desired that's what we need Universal job guarantee federal job guarantee you can still go good jobs in the private sector but there's going to be all these jobs under the green New Deal that's what this is about Thank You Jeanette for submitting this article very much appreciate you supporting the show and this is the thing I love is the patreon folks you guys help this channel not just financially but bring subjects like this and articles like this that I was not aware of that then all of you are become more aware of because that's what we want to do that's what I want to do is I want to expand my view I want to open my my worldview and open up to find the solutions that are gonna fix things I want to find solutions I want to call out people that are abusing their power and I want to find solutions and this sounds like a good solution to me so thanks for watching boom boom boom bow the political vigilante like subscribe share the videos on your social media watch the ads all the way through don't click skip ad and support me on patreon dot-com you get free cut well not free you get bonus contests exclusive bonus content for as little as $5 a month thanks for watching you

Nick TRASHES Top California Democrat Convention Flops! | The Nick Di Paolo Show

if this country wasn't racist stacy abrams would be governor you fuckin phony lying cocksucker you you should have heard the dumb bitch it asked the question can you tell us what you're gonna do about racism blah blah and remember just just a softball look at him he's ashamed of what he just said are you doing you're doing good a lot of good shit today just watching the Dems what's his 71 people running you know and literally one has a chance Biden is such sad sacks of shit but over the weekend they did a thing in San Francisco where they had like a town hall and boy did San Francisco show its true colors just filthy rotten a filthy City with filthy whiney government you know loving people coming to you live we'll do it live yes we will do it live I can tolerate it and we'll do it live fucking thing shucks that's a guy who has a fire in his belly sure they kick them off the network and they're coming for everybody and then we have a civil war got to get more guns don't have enough guns got a big longing rifle I have a shotgun that when I moved from New York we put it in a lamp box so they wouldn't know I left it loaded just to make it interesting hey there's a chip in that piano motherfucker no there isn't give me that box let's cut right to Sam let's get right to it these maggots by the way breath of fresh air keeps spreading it will yeah it's gonna ice by the end of the year we'll be close to a million views which is probably more than combined all my specials people have heard a scene thank you to the internet and finally getting some people on how to use it Hickenlooper remember Hickenlooper governor or whatever of former governor of fucking Colorado he was booed in San Francisco let's see why let's take a look at mama Luke you're not even listening to them socialism is not the answer listen listen listen listen to them this is America get him off the screen this is America did you hear that did you fuck any I feel like Rachel Maddow no you're not living a dream now this isn't a nightmare this is your America whatever the fuck be Butchie big Adam's apple had to say okay actually he's denouncing socialism in San Francisco where they already have it how do I know because if you go out there they have an app for human feces on the sidewalk dirty needles that's how I know socialism is already arrived they are fucking booing a guy that's denouncing socialism San Francisco I you know the city I love physically buh buh buh buh I used to say it was the politicians now it's the people bunch of whiney fucking maggots who want government to do everything you hear the boy you're like 10th graders give me give me stuff give me stuff for free or I'm gonna boo you embarrassing that's in the United States of America 2019 they out-and-out want fucking socialism like I said they already have it so in other words the needles and the shit isn't pile high enough of them yet what a fucking embarrassment you guys you're like New York you get what you deserve I mean how do you how do you explain that yeast infection on wheels Pelosi being you know the head cheese in San Francisco how unbelievable in 2019 getting booed because you say socialism doesn't work and if you don't want to look at San Francisco you can look at Los Angeles or Chicago or Baltimore st. Louis or Venezuela that's what fucking Lexa's me you can't point to a place on the planet where it's work Stalin is your fucking hero embarrassing keep up on that though because Trump's gonna kick you're doing this by the way with the backdrop of the strongest economy in the history of the United States just I just want you to think about that for a second what assholes man and that's not everybody in Serie C because I know some people out there I mean there's six of them with us I know I'm all personally Ted Mary Ann ginger obviously mr. Howell very rich and Dave and Sue what an embarrassment what a fucking in and it doesn't stop there by the way well let's put up some why don't why don't you uh he gets fucking booed let's put up some pictures of San Francisco huh there you go this is what ray it's probably la doesn't matter what's the diff all this pile is not quite as high as the San Francisco pile and this is probably dog shit in there as opposed to human shit this is what you shootin for go ahead this is what you want this is what you got already and you're still not happy dumbest people on the goddamn planet look at that I like I'm gonna buy a home I'm buying that light brown one look at it it looks like a double-wide it's uh huh cathedral ceilings he's get milk crates off front like I did in college when I put my albums in them any anymore that's it that's what you guys want hope you get it hope you get it time for a balkanization me and Quinn have talked about this time to break it up he says a balkanization that means you know states breaking apart the United States no we're on different planets I said it this time over the phone I go this transcends politics the weird it's not that we disagree an abortion gun right it's not even we run differently we're seeing reality different that's a lot bigger than disagreeing politically we are so fucked we're on different planets not different states should be a red planet a blue planet we'll stay on this one you guys go to fucking Mars oh oh that's right it's hot up there it's like climate change what are you thinking that's a that's the first thing you'll do when they get to Mars holy shit let's pick it the Martians are causing the fucking heating anyway it's just an embarrassment too bad cuz San Francisco physically the most beautiful city around and again not everybody out there is an idiot but apparently enough where people like Pelosi stay in power forever then you got this guy John Delaney he was born in California after talking about Medicare progressive activists at the California Democratic Party convention booed Delaney after he criticized Medicare for all during the speech this was on Sunday [Applause] [Applause] I'm telling you yeah look at a by er listen to that listen to that and the sad part is Medicare like I said my dad's dying it's almost impossible to get him on Medicare it's fuckin 83 years old but if you climb over the fence they'll slap it on you in 3 seconds wake up people wake up people they did they just want free ship they have no rights the illegals that come up we have more rights than actual US citizens thanks to the Pelosi's of the world a Democrat Party and these fucking how about these guys I wonder what they did these guys I just showed you after the speech is over if they went into the green room and went fuck them you know what I'm going Republican why wouldn't you they hate what you stand for first of all neither one of these guys has a fucking shot in hell of becoming president but this is good this is what it does it exposes the Democrat electorate this is what they fuckin won they have such inform voters illegals they want people in prison to vote they have college kids buy into this yet why do you think college kids fuckin liberal and they come off the campuses brainwashed and they fall for this shit most lise inform voters of all time at least on the right Republican you know fucking hard-working people taxpayers and and but you know they're bigots and racists don't forget that so that was fuckin Delaney getting his ass handed to him as the audience quieted down Delaney returned to a speech telling the convention goers we can have universal health care but it shouldn't be a kind of health care that kicks so he gives in like a puss it's not the kind of kicks 150 million Americans off the health care that's not smart policy the Loney Delaney was one of 14 Democrat presidential candidate to appear at the convention in San Francisco and I get a better chance fuckin Richwood dick would has a better chance of becoming president just just on his nail name recognition heaven you're doing San Francisco they love fucking dick wood you are correct now here's the third guy Seth Moulton where'd he get a load of this jerk-off he went to Harvard went to Andover Academy the definition of a white privilige dude if they ever was one let's let's take a look at this mama look and what he said about race we have a problem yeah your racism in America today if this country wasn't racist Stacey Abrams would be governor [Applause] you fuckin phony lying cocksucker you you should have heard the dumb bitch it asked the question can you tell us what you're gonna do about racism blah blah and remember just just a softball look at him he's ashamed of what he just said look at him I can't believe I'm selling my soul white privilege piece of garbage it actually fits for this guy you think he really means that you people that are clapping a little Stacey Abrams lost you know the fucking black chick from Atlanta she lost in a very close race but she lost but she wouldn't concede for about three weeks because she's a fucking child she's a child and the people that applauded that statement you're even more in mature that's all I get to say okay in response to a question about dismantling systemic racism America which there is no such thing you know why they say it's his stomach I'm gonna teach you kids a lesson do you know why they say that Jason do you know why they say it's a stomach because they need to make it sound can you talk aloud of in a six-year-old because they need to make it sound fancier Thank You bitch and no that's wrong Jesus fucking get out of your shell will you I'm taking you out this weekend I can't I'm going away but you need a dirty whore to wake you up a male one no because when you say it's systemic you don't have to prove individual cases of racism you just go the whole thing is racist you don't have to forget it remember that but uh uh anyways you're lying no I'm not and your piece of shit that I am hey guys don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube page when you're done playing with yourself in front of the computer and hit the little bell it's a notification bell let you know when we go live come on you'll be on Latinos young housewives org and I'm live and you're missing it so don't forget that and go to Nick tip com you can sign up the patreon you'll get three more shows a week because you can't get enough of Nick DiPaolo who is for free speech politically incorrect it's everything you guys want your comedy today and everything that Pete Holmes doesn't want alright

Liquid Democracy: Governance for the 21st Century

the most fundamental right in a democracy is some ability to control how we are governed I want to point out that our current democratic infrastructure our political process what we call representative democracy is mostly 18th century technology a time before electricity when it took a week to get a single message from one city to the next and yet it has served us relatively well for hundreds of years but it's also showing signs of not necessarily keeping up especially with the scale of how large our democracies have become there are many issues perhaps one way to sum it up is that we're faced with widespread problems of under-representation now this room might be an exception it's an honor to be here with so many leaders and serious influencers and I really hope you'll lend me your expertise but outside this room not everyone feels like they have a seat at the table across classes across races across genders and across countries a vast number of people say they feel they don't have much of a voice distrust in our institutions it's growing worldwide so what do we do one response might be to pretend like it's not a problem and bury our heads in the sand but we must not do that ignoring the issues of under-representation creates a disconnect and mistrust between government and voters that's fertile ground for authoritarians who'd use this distrust to tear down existing institutions to gain great unchecked power and that usually ends in disaster so in the face of this a situation ripe for change I hate to say it but with the specter of fascism beginning to haunt the world once again how might we go in the opposite direction how do we reinvigorate modern democracy what if instead of centralizing Authority into the hands of a few strongmen we expanded political power to many many more voices so now I want to talk to you about a concept called liquid democracy just curious could we get a quick show of hands how many people in the room already know what this term means less than 1% very very small it's a bit of a futuristic idea in no way the only solution but it's worth paying attention to the goal of liquid democracy is a representative government that's more accountable more authentic more transparent and more inclusive for participation one way to think about it is democracy 3.0 y 3.0 what about 2.0 well version 1 was direct democracy like ancient Athens thousands of years ago 2.0 is what we do now electing full-time representatives like to a Congress or Parliament now liquid democracy is version 3 it's only possible with modern technology it takes the ideas of versions 1 and 2 and combines them together to get the best of both worlds what this means is it still as easy for the average person as what we do right now maybe easier and it can be just as authentic and legitimate as giving everyone a direct vote like in a referendum and maybe it can also lead to better outcomes a smarter democracy one that works for more people ok so how does all this work specifically just to be clear this is only focused on the legislative branch of government assume the judicial and executive branches remain the same separations of power so liquid democracy still has representation and is actually backwards compatible with the current system but it also lets you represent yourself if you want as in using software on your phone or on a computer you can see every individual piece of legislation being debated and if you want you can vote on it directly for against overriding your representative now I really want to keep this talk at a high level because of the time but a number of people insisted I touch on hacking especially there's such a cyber security focus in the room and it's a very important topic near and dear to my own heart as someone who's been building and admittedly breaking into digital systems since I was 10 years old and so I want to share that our team has developed a new cryptographic proof of vote system that offers similar integrity and immutability guarantees as a blockchain with much much better performance and privacy in other words it lets individuals verify that their votes weren't tampered with we've written about this online and always invite critiques from the security community of course we want this all to be as resilient as possible okay so that was a brief interlude about cybersecurity now back to liquid democracy itself on top of direct voting in liquid democracy you can pick entirely new representatives in fact representation becomes trust based and personal instead of holding an election to pick just a single person to speak on behalf of a million people you as an individual can pick a personal delegate that means that for each and every piece of legislation that you don't vote on directly the system automatically adopts your designated delegates position it's like a personal proxy it's as easy as subscribing to someone on YouTube or following someone on Twitter or Instagram but based on trust rather than interest importantly you can take back your delegation at any time this creates much stronger accountability representatives no longer get away with making hollow promises when campaigning for your vote and then breaking those promises without facing any consequences for years while everyone waits for the next election and unlike our current system where our elected legislators are supposed to represent us on every issue one size fits all liquid democracy delegation can be topic by topic you could choose a science delegate and a different economics delegate and a different foreign policy delegate and so on now there's one final piece of the puzzle and it's pretty significant liquid democracy delegation is transitive what this means is if you don't vote on a bill and your delegate doesn't vote either then the system checks their delegate and then that person's delegate and so on until it reaches the voter and this is a really big deal for one thing it means that your delegate doesn't need to make this that your full time job you just want them to be a little more knowledgeable than you hopefully there's someone a little more knowledgeable than them and this is also sort of where the fluidity comes in where it gets the name liquid democracy because people accumulate and transfer voting power in real time how might show you a visualization of what this looks like pictures worth a thousand words this is a very simple top-down view of a liquid democracy voting on a single issue each circle represents one voter the colors are foreign the more vivid colors are direct voters the faded ones have adopted their position from their delegate they're not directly participating the arrows show your delegation this is just an example a liquid democracy network is built on top of these individual trust relationships lots and lots of signals of trust much tighter connections among people who actually know each other instead of the one to a million ratio and the systems we use now to elect effectively strangers to represent us and so what this means is our democracy can be expert driven but it's an organic process of finding the experts and these experts with power more spread-out and feedback on performance far more immediate have far fewer incentives to misbehave you might also notice that this structure resembles the PageRank algorithm that powers Google which models the hyperlinks from one web page to another in order to organically figure out which pages have the most authority it's a relatively simple idea that is world-changing ly powerful able to find the proverbial needle in the haystack even across trillions of options now this vision is not only possible it is currently interoperable we can implement it with existing technology and even without any legal changes new candidates can run for office what we call liquid democracy candidates and the existing electoral system but they pledge to vote on each bill according to their local liquid democracy they commit to being a vessel for the platform then citizens the electorate have the option to upgrade their individual districts one by one when they're ready once in office they're able to direct these remote control politicians from their phones or computer importantly this means we can test out the system and a safer organic grassroots way rather than trying to change everything from the top down all at once I didn't invent the term liquid democracy it's actually been written about for over 20 years there's a lot of people thinking about it and all different countries around the world and Canada it's like this have already been elected with similar issue for me in places like Germany Austria Denmark my organization has built a liquid democracy platform for the city of San Francisco in our private testing the feedback has been incredibly positive people say it's changed their relationship to the city we're now working on a version for the United States Congress there's so much more I wish I could talk about but I'm running out of time 27 seconds so I want to leave you with this think about the year 2030 a little more than a decade away if we want to have healthy communities on the local national and international level we have to invest today and forward-thinking Civic institutions we can make this a possibility we can make it not only real but easy for public and private organizations to adopt with that said we are looking for more advisors with practical real-world experience who are ready to make this vision a reality if this piques your interest please do reach out