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Let's talk about the government's relationship with the environment….

well howdy there internet people its Bo again so tonight we're going to talk about government's relationship with the environment and I don't just mean the US government although it's gonna be part of the example I mean all governments in general the environments always a secondary concern very rarely the primary on July 10th 1985 there was a boat down in New Zealand it was called the Rainbow Warrior it was down there to draw attention to a French nuclear test French government didn't like this very much they didn't want people talking about it so French intelligence blew it up killed somebody in the process that's not a conspiracy theory they got caught pled guilty went to president it happened in a less dramatic way there's something very similar happening in the United States right now recently the president gave a press conference of sorts in which he proclaimed himself a land protector conservationists all over the world just stared at their TV and utter confusion this administration has rolled back so many environmental regulations I was going to list them but we have that kind of time it's insane it's it's an immense list but cliff notes he he's overseen the largest rollback of federal land protections in history he talks about the idea of opening the entire coastline of the United States up to offshore drilling while simultaneously getting rid of the safety regulations that help prevent spells he killed the moratorium on leasing federal lands to the coal industry squashed regulations about the disposal of coal ash Roback so many clean water regulations I don't even work again so yeah it's it's doublespeak politicians saying one thing and doing another that's kind of normal it's kind of normal but at the same time this is going on federal agencies are currently scrubbing all references to climate change because well can't have you talking about it kind of like bomb in that boat the test is going to happen climate change is gonna happen we just don't want people talking about so yeah it's it's normal politics as usual but this is done with malice there's no debate about whether or not climate change is a thing there's some debate although not vigorous debate over whether or not it is man-made or man assisted or whether or not it's natural you can debate that if you'd like but at the end of the day it's happening the Pentagon is drawing up plans to deal with it it's a national security threat but you're gonna be denied the information you need to deal with it because contrary to the very popular fiction government's not here to protect you it's not a protectorate it's a government it's there to govern you to maintain control and maintain power and that's what it's about back in 1985 was about military power so that's when they bombed the boat but today it's different we don't colonize anymore with flags and guns we do with corporate logos engage in cultural colonization as we rip whatever we can out of the ground it's worth noting that while he gave this press conference he was flanked by a former oil lobbyist and a former lobbyist for the coal industry it's something we need to keep in mind as the environment gets politicized because the environment as a whole doesn't have any money but the oil and coal industry do anyway it's just a thought y'all have a good night