Republicans Have Been Working For YEARS To Rig The 2020 Election

Republicans will do anything to win elections
as long as it doesn’t involve coming up with policies that are actually going to help American
citizens. That’s the one thing they will not do, but
what they’re doing across the south and that is both the southwest and these southeast
here in the United States is that Republican controlled states since the year 2013 have
just been shutting down polling places left and right. In fact, almost 1200 polling places across
the American south have shut down in just the last six years gearing up for a massive
attempted rigging of the 2020 presidential election and here’s how they were able to
get away with it. Obviously 2013 we had that massive supreme
court case for the voting rights act of 1965 where they went in there and tried to dismantle
the parts that said, hey, all these states that have to go through a review of any voting
changes because they have a history of discrimination. How about we scrap that because that’s what
the southern states wanted. Eric Holder and the Justice Department at
the time went in there and tried to save it and did a really horrible job against the
very conservative court. And the conservative court said, nope, no
more reviews. You discriminatory states no longer have to
submit your plans for review before you can enact them and you can basically just do whatever
the hell you want. We’re not going to double check Ya. And that’s what’s happening today as a, a
major majority of these polling places that have shut down the roughly 1200 of them happen
to be in minority areas. Here’s what’s happening in the American south
that is causing more and more of these polling places to close. And it seems counterintuitive, but we are
having larger voter turnout. Larger voter turnout you would think would
mean, oh, we need to open more polling places. But that’s not what the Republicans who control
every one of these states wanted to do. Instead they said, hey, high voter turnout
always hurts Republicans. We saw what happened in Georgia. I mean we saw what happened in the Alabama
special, a Senate race when Roy Moore got defeated. But there were other reasons for that, but
still freaked Republicans out enough to start closing polling places. Florida always neck and neck, no matter who
the people are. It’s always neck and neck. Texas starting to look a little more blue
so they’re trying to shut them down. Arizona, same thing. Nevada, same thing. And all they can think to do is we’ll, we’ll
just close the poll in places where the Democrats go and vote. You know those areas with more black people,
we just will shut those down. So now you’re going to drive 40 miles over
to the next precinct to cast your vote. Oh, but we’re also going to cut down early
voting. So you really only have, you know, the one
or two days to do it. We’re going to cut down the polling station
hours cause we don’t want to have to have people standing there all day and this is
all forms of voter suppression that in the past would’ve been prohibited by the Voting
Rights Act. But the supreme court killed that and that’s
why we have what we have today and make no mistake about it. This is so that Republicans can rig elections
because the only way they can win is by cheating.

Ted Cruz Warns Republicans They Could Lose Texas In 2020

On Thursday morning, Republican Senator Ted
Cruz attended a breakfast gathering for the Christian Science Monitor where he warned, the Texas could absolutely be in play in 2020
now there’s a couple of quotes from Ted Cruz at that breakfast meeting that I want to read,
and again, I have to go ahead and admit wholeheartedly I agree with most of what Ted Cruz says here
and here it is. I think the Texas election in 2018 is powerful
foreshadowing for what to expect across the country in 2020 that is correct. The Democrats in Texas increased their turnout
in more than 100% the far left has pissed off. They hate the president, and that is a powerful
motivator. If the left shows up in massive numbers and
everybody else doesn’t, that’s how we end up with an incredibly damaging election for
the Republican party damaging election, and again, you’re right about that, but you’re
wrong about it. Just being that we’re pissed off at the president. You see, that’s the thing I don’t think a
lot of people grasp right now. Yeah. There’s a lot of anger here in the United
States. Rightfully so, but it’s not all directed at
Donald Trump. You know, some of the, uh, resistance folks,
I guess you would call them. Yeah. Their anger is just about Donald Trump. Everything else they’re totally cool with. But for the rest of us, those that have been
paying attention for the last couple of decades, we’re pissed off about quite literally everything
because of all of the injustice happening in this country. The fact that people are dying because they
can’t afford their insulin. The fact that we have children locked in cages
along our southern border, the fact that people are strapped into jobs that they hate because
they can’t get health insurance if they leave that job. The fact that students are going tens of thousands
of dollars into debt to get a degree that at one time would guarantee them a great job
here in the United States, but today, who knows, unless it’s an advanced degree, then
your chances increase, but so does your debt astronomically. Those are the things we’re pissed off about
the most. Yeah. Trump’s a horrible human being. He’s brash. He is a bigot. He is all of the horrible things we’ve ever
said, but honestly on the list of things we’re mad about, he’s not even close to the top,
so Cruz is wrong. About that. Just being the cause of our anger and I think
that kind of goes across the board here in the United States, people are mad because
they’re getting screwed over while the wealthy elite continue to get handouts from the federal
government. That pisses us off. Cruz continued. If we lose Texas, it’s game over. I don’t believe Texas will turn blue, but
central to that is we’re going to have to work to communicate and turn people out. Again, I agree with them on that. I know Texas is a little bit in play. We’ve seen some very promising poles. Texas ain’t turning blue in 2020 I hope I
am wrong, but I really don’t think I’m wrong about that and I think a lot of, even the
most optimistic people would agree with that Texas in the future. Yes, we can get there. We’ll probably narrow the gap in 2020 just
like we did in 2018 but turning it full blown blue for a presidential cycle. I don’t think we’re there yet. You know, there’s too many holdovers of that,
a boomer generation, and probably even the generation prior to that holding on straight
to Texas down there. And I just don’t think we have the numbers
yet to flip it. But Cruz’s warning is accurate. Democrats are energized, Democrats have messages,
and Democrats have ideas on how to move the country forward. The Republicans have none of that. They have nothing. They have nothing to run on, nothing to campaign
on, no great bogeyman other than allegedly socialism. And that’s not working out too well for them. So Cruz’s warning is falling on deaf ears
with the Republicans who refuse to admit that they’ve ever done anything wrong. And furthermore, refuse to ever do a single
thing that will actually benefit the American public.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Democrats A “Sad Excuse For A Political Party”

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary
Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on Fox & Friends, I guess as part of the ongoing victory lap
after the William Barr memo attempted to clear president Trump, even though now we know that
members of Mueller’s team say, yeah, that’s not at all what happened? Nonetheless, Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on
Fox & Friends on Thursday, do a little bit more of a victory lap and then talk about
how pathetic and horrible Democrats really are. I don’t want to make you have to watch it,
so instead I’m just going to read you what Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. She said that Democrats are sad excuse for
a political party, a sad excuse for a political party. Now, if you ask me, I would think a sad excuse
for a political party would be a party that for the last 10 years has told us that the
Democrats suck on healthcare and they’re going to give us something better. And then when they have the chance to give
us something better, we realized they never bothered to come up with a plan. I’d say that’s pretty sad and pathetic, wouldn’t
you? If you talk about wanting to do something
for 10 years and then you get the chance to do it and you haven’t even started the planning
phases, that’s the sign of a party that doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. But good try Sarah. Good try and it gets worse. She goes on to talk more nonsense as this
serial liar is known to do and here it is. At some point they have to realize that they
have been beat by President Trump and the 2016 election. They’re getting beat by him day in and day
out on issues that actually matter. And I think there are a sad excuse for a political
party right now and at some point they have to decide that they want to actually govern
and they actually want to change things and make America better and join the president
in those efforts. Sarah, what world do you live in? In what world is that man in the Oval Office
beating the Democrats every day? Was it was it, was it when he shut down the
government because they wouldn’t give him what he wanted and then he reopened the government
because he still didn’t get what he wanted and he realized how much he screwed up it. Or are they, what are you talking about? They’re not beating him day in and day out. They continue to refuse to go along with the
horrible plans that he has. So he had to declare a national emergency
that most people in this country think is utter nonsense. He’s still pushing for a wall that most people
in this country think is utter nonsense. He’s now threatening to impose a 25% tariff
on literally everything that Mexico sends to the United States, which would absolutely
devastate and cripple the United States economy. And he’s doing it because he’s not winning. That’s the bottom line here, Sarah. Those tariffs on China that have decimated
farming communities in the United States, that’s not winning. He did it because he’s losing, and I don’t
know if you notice this, Sarah, but we actually, uh, what was it, November, I think it was. We had some elections where Republicans got
their butts handed to them by Democrats. Not just any democrats, but those far left
Democrats that Republicans love to attack. And they are in Congress right now kicking. But coming up with plans and policies and
proposals and ideas that your Republican party continues to shoot down. The Democrats today are better than they have
been at than at any other point in my lifetime. And they’re not getting beat every day. That’s your guy. Your desperate, disgusting, despicable boss
is the one who’s been backed into a corner by Democrats and the American public. And I wouldn’t exactly call that winning.

The “Electability” Argument Is Pure Garbage

Uh, yesterday an article caught my attention
form ABC news, the headline was, Warren gains, Harris slips in the room for improvement is
vast and that basically means nothing, but that’s not why it caught my attention. What caught my attention was a little, you
know, the little a teaser I guess that came along with it that said that Joe Biden is
still seen as the most electable. Though a majority of people don’t see him
as the best choice for the country. Now that struck me as odd. Why on Earth would people say that? Yes, Joe Biden is the most electable out of
all the Democrats. He also would not be a good president at all. Seems pretty counter intuitive, right? Like if you say yes, dammit, pizza would be
the best dinner option. Also, God, I hate pizza. That makes no sense folks. And yet that is exactly what the respondents
in this new ABC News, Washington Post poll had to say. And I just have to wonder who these people
are. According to the poll results results, 42%
of registered Democrats said that, yes, Joe Biden is absolutely the most electable Democrat
running for office right now. But only 23% of them said that he was the
right choice. So 42% say he’s our best bet in 23% say he’s
the best choice. Shouldn’t those numbers match in reality? Yes, they should. But to be honest, I’m glad they don’t because
this only further proves the point that the entire electability argument is pure trash. Joe Biden, first and foremost, is not the
most electable Democrat. If you put Joe Biden up as the Democratic
nominee, get ready for four more years of Trump, there’s no way he beats him. None. Not-a never going to happen. Okay? Joe Biden is a walking, talking GAF machine,
and even Democrats understand that and he embarrasses us. Trump is too, don’t get me wrong, except that
his gaffes don’t bother his base. They just adjust their own reality and suddenly
his GAF has. Now the truth, Democrats, we can’t do that
because we’re not insane. Trump’s supporters are, but we’re not. So when Joe Biden comes out and tries to rewrite
history, we have to say, hey, um, no, we don’t go through our memory and erase the actual
truth and replace it with the Biden truth. But that’s what Trump’s supporters do. So no, Biden is not the most electable. Those gaps are going to cost him dearly. Once we head into the actual primaries. The thing about electability is, do you know
who the most electable person is? The person you want to vote for? That’s what makes them electable. It’s right there in the word elect. It’s in there. So who you want to vote for that is the person
that is electable? Let’s stop. and I’m saying this to every polling agency
here in the United States. Stop asking the damn question of who is the
most electable because that is a question that means absolutely nothing and voters stop
answering that question or stop paying attention to the poll results because the person who’s
the most electable to you for you is the person you want to vote for. We have a primary process going on right now
for a good reason to vet these candidates to see who has the best ideas. Let’s vote on those. Let’s vote on the ideas. Not Focus only on who’s going to beat Donald
Trump because we got it wrong last time and you’re getting it wrong again. This time, beating Donald Trump is not the
most important thing in 2020 it’s simply isn’t. It can’t be. This isn’t a team sport, okay? We’re not rooting for our team to just beat
the other team. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one point victory,
as long as we win, we win. No, we want to go out there and see that our
office is kicking ass. Our defense is out there killing it and our
special teams are the best in the country. It’s not just about winning. It’s about how we win and why we win and that’s
what this primary processes about. You know, consider this, the political playoffs and Joe Biden lucked in there as a wild card
because everybody knew his name and that’s not going to get them to the final
round. It’s not going to get them to the Super Bowl,
which is the 2020 presidential election. We’ve got candidates out there who have real
policies, real solutions, and real ideas on how to get us there. Joe Biden isn’t one of them. Those people running on policies and platforms
and plans and ideas, they’re the most electable because the people like their positions the
best. That’s the bottom line. Those are the people you need to spend your
time looking at and analyzing and critiquing and finding out who’s ideas best suit your
needs as a human being and then after you’ve assessed it for yourself, who would be best
for the country, and if we all took that wonderful, great introspective look, not just at ourselves,
but at our candidates. I’m pretty sure most of us, if we’re not on
the top, 1% probably wouldn’t decide on Joe Biden at that point.

There Is No More Republican Party, Just A “Cult Of Trump”

Earlier this week, Washington Post’s conservative
columnist Jennifer Rubin went on MSNBC to basically tell us what has happened to the
Republican Party today, and Ruben repeated a claim that she has made in the past. Here’s what she said. She said, they’ve become a cult and they simply
follow Donald Trump wherever he meanders through the desert, following him, making excuses
for him, enabling him, and it really is a moment for choosing. It really is a defining moment for the party
and for these individuals. Now, what she’s saying here is that Republicans
do have a choice. Do you want to continue to go down this path
of being the cult of Trump or do you want to reverse course and go down the path that
is simply the Republican Party? Now, here’s where I disagree with Jennifer
Rubin. They had the opportunity. This isn’t the moment of choosing the moment
of choosing was two years ago, was 18 months ago, was 12 months ago, was six months ago
you, we were not going to give them any more chances, Jennifer. Unfortunately, I know you mean well, but I
know you’re also, you know, politically, ideologically against the things that we need to help move
this country forward. So I don’t consider you to be much better
than the Trump Culters because as a conservative, you know, you still want the tax cuts for
the wealthy. You don’t want the green new deal. And we have to have those things. You don’t want Medicare for all and we have
to have those things. But the Republican Party is way past the opportunity
of being able to choose where they want to go. The Republican Party as it wants stood, is
dead. It is now unequivocally a cult of Donald Trump. And the important thing to remember about
that is it is not just the electorate. You know, it’s not just a few people like
Jacob Wall out there on Twitter. This is our elected officials who as Ruben
did correctly point out, says they enable him, they blindly go along with him. They’re not standing up to them, they’re just
saying, sure, whatever you want, okay, we’ll do it. We’ll do it. And here’s the reason why, because Trump’s
policies are no different from the rest of the Republican Party. Republican party hasn’t had a new idea since
1980 and unfortunately that new idea was to cut taxes for the wealthy and it never worked
out. They’re still the same. They still have the one idea and that’s why
they follow Trump because they’ve got nothing else. They were looking for a leader, but they found
a cult leader instead and weren’t smart enough to know the difference. So now they followed him down a path of no
return. And believe me when I say that, the Republican
Party will never hit the point that it used to be. What will happen is eventually there will
be a fracture, just like likely will be with the Democrats. And we will see new parties sprout up, some
extreme, some towards the center. And to be honest, that is what we need as
a country. The two party system sucks, especially when
one of them goes down the path of full blown, you know, psychopathy. But there is hope if fractures occur, if more
parties sprout up that are viable in elections, that may be the one thing that helps to save
this country and propel us forward. But it’s not going to be the cult of Trump
leading us to a grand new era.

Trump Campaign Manager Says Trump Family Dynasty Will Rule For Decades

Over the weekend. Brad Parscale, who is Donald Trump’s 2020
campaign manager, uh, basically told a group of Republican delegates in the state of California
that the Trumps are going to be a political dynasty that is likely to rule this country
for decades. His exact words were the Trump’s will be a
dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican party into a new party, one
that will adapt to changing cultures. One must continue to adapt while keeping the
conservative values that we believe in. I just think they’re a dynasty. I think they are all amazing people with amazing
capabilities. According to Brad Parscale decades, folks
get ready for it. That’s apparently what’s going to happen. I mean just a few days ago, we had a conservative
strategist, Rick Wilson warn. He wasn’t predicting. He was actually warning that Donald Trump
jr is going to run for president in 2024 regardless of what happens to his father in the 2020
presidential election. So that’s the thing that’s likely to happen. I mean, we’ve discussed that in the past. Jr has expressed interest in it. He is traveling the country right now, uh,
doing little campaign stops, some of which you’re not getting anyone showing up to, but
he’s doing it. He’s out there letting people know that, heck,
I’m just like you. I just don’t want to be anywhere near you. And it’s really not working for him. And I think that’s what Parscale doesn’t seem
to understand. Donald Trump came at a time when the country
was basically choosing between what wanted to be a political dynasty and literally anything
else, right? He benefited from right place at the right
time, spreading his populist lies, telling us he was going to lower our prescription
drug prices. He was going to do something about immigration,
but he didn’t tell us it meant locking people in cages. You know, basically, I’m going to make your
life a little better. Now. Most of us didn’t fall for the con, but enough
people did that he won the electoral college. And therefore the presidency, that’s not the
kind of formula you can repeat. I mean, maybe if the Democrats put up somebody
like Biden, maybe you can repeat that. Uh, but that’s highly unlikely that he can
piggyback off of that same success, let alone having his own children start running for
office, I guess successively maybe Trump jr for eight years, then Eric for eight years,
then Ivanka for eight years. Then by that point, I don’t know how old baron
is. Maybe he’ll be ready. If not, maybe we go to Tiffany Trump for eight
years, then we go to baron for eight years. That’s what Parscale wants. That’s what the Trump family wants. They want to be the new Kennedys. They want to be the Clintons. While America is just saying, Hey, can we
please move away from all of these political dynasties? We’re a little bit sick of them and they’re
really not doing anything beneficial for the country. Very sorry to the a Kennedy family for having
to say that. Uh, but here’s the thing folks. People want different, people want change. That’s what they’re clamoring for right now. They want something better and the same old
same old isn’t going to cut. It doesn’t matter if it’s a president who’s
been in office for two and a half years who’s come along and made things worse. It doesn’t matter if it’s a political dynasty
that kind of disappeared for a few years and then suddenly came back and is challenging
Ed Marquis for his Senate seat. So what’s happening with, um, Joe Kennedy
up in, uh, the northeast? I mean that, that’s ridiculous. It’s not like you’re a progressive challenger
coming in, going after a corporate democrat. You’re basically a corporate Democrat, challenging
somebody who is slightly less corporate than you. You’re actually worse, but they feel entitled
to it. And that’s what’s happening with the Trump
family. And if Brad Parscale has his way, he’s going
to make damn sure that we do have decades of Trump rule here in the United States. If, of course there is a United States left
by the time Trump
leaves office.

The Republican Party’s Biggest Problem In 2020 IS NOT Trump

You know, it’s easy to think that Donald Trump
would be the republican party’s biggest liability heading into the 2020 election. I mean, the guy is struggling to get an approval
rating up to 50% I know he tweeted out Friday morning that it was at 50% but that’s literally
based on one single pole from Rassmussen who always is a little bit pro Republican. So their numbers are a little bit inflated. So his real, his aggregate approval rating
is still below 50% but George W. Bush won reelection with an approval rating slightly
under 50% and it’s the incumbent bounce. So Donald Trump is already in a fairly decent
position heading into 2020 yes. Most people don’t like him. Most people still, according the latest polls,
think that collusion happened. They don’t like his policies. They don’t like his tax cuts. They don’t like his wall, but he’s still in
decent shape. He is not the Republican Party’s biggest liability
ahead of the 2020 election. Their biggest problem, the Republican’s biggest
problem is that they don’t have any ideas. And yes, I know before you say it, I know
I have said this many times over the last few months and guess what? I am going to continue saying it until probably
I stopped doing this all together because the Republican Party has no ideas. But the reason I’m bringing this up today
is because earlier this past week, Washington Post’s conservative columnist, Jennifer Rubin
finally also admitted this, you know, she has been a huge critic of Donald Trump and
the direction of the Republican Party. That’s true, but she also agrees that Trump’s
not their biggest liability in 2020 it’s the fact that they don’t have any ideas and the
few things they tried to do, which is really two things, a, a repeal and replace, which
the public got furious about and cutting taxes for the wealthy. Those were horrible moves. The public hates them. Both the public is pissed off because people
are a middle class and working class people there, they’re paying more in taxes while
the wealthy elite get to write off the entire cost of a private jet. So yeah, the scam is up. We see you for what you are and you are a
party with no ideas to take it back. As I so often love to do here, since 1980
the Republican party has had two ideas, cut regulations and cut taxes for the wealthy. You show me any point since 1980 where they
have come up with a specific policy proposal that didn’t involve deregulation or cutting
taxes. That’s all they’ve got. They are one trick ponies and at this point
everybody in this country knows what that trick is. So here’s why it matters. Heading into 2020 you have more Senate Republicans
up for reelection. Then you do Senate Democrats, essentially
control of the Senate is up for reelection in 2020 control of the house has always up
for reelection, but with Democrats with their 40 plus a seed advantage, they’re probably
in pretty good shape to hold onto the house. Hopefully they can add more seats, but the
Senate man with some of these senators screwing up left and right, drawn the ire of the American
public. You’re going to see Senate races, much like
you did with Cruz and Beto O’Rourke, where you have all this outside money flowing into
the Democratic challenger, you’re going to have huge support for democratic challengers
for people like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham because people want them gone. That’s not going to bode well for Republicans
who have to go out there and defend themselves, not only against the big money attacks from
wealthy liberals, but also in front of their actual constituents. They’re going to have town halls. Maybe they’ll have debates and I hope everyone
in any of those audiences, every time one of these things happens, has the courage to
stand up, raise your hand and say, excuse me, do you have any ideas that don’t involve
deregulation or tax cuts? Because if not, everybody in the audience
is wasting their time and you have no reason to stay in Washington DC. Some of these people have been in there for
20 upwards of 30 years, and throughout their entire tenure, the only thing they’ve been
able to do is cut taxes and deregulate. And if that’s your idea of governance, if
that’s what you think is best for this country, then clearly you don’t deserve to be in Washington
DC anymore. So I guess the moral of the story is this,
Republicans are in bad shape heading into 2020 Trump himself may not be, Trump could
easily win reelection, but if the Democrats lose the Senate, uh, excuse me, Republicans
lose the Senate and they continue to lose the house that’s gonna make for one very interesting,
lame duck session for Donald Trump’s second term. Should it happen.

Federal Watchdog Says Trump Admin Broke The Law…Again

On Thursday, the Government Accountability
Office released the results of an investigation they had been conducting for quite some time,
showing that once again, the Donald Trump administration broke the law, specifically
the Interior Department and the National Park Service broke the law earlier this year during
the government shutdown when they took a funds from park fees, roughly 250 million of it. And they use that to keep some of the most
popular national parks in this country operating during the government shutdown now on it’s
a on its face here that that actually seems like a good thing, right? You know, we don’t want the national parks
to shut down. We want the workers to continue to get paid. It’s not fair to them that they get furloughed. And so they took some of the money and they
paid a couple of people at some of the parks to stay open, clean the bathrooms and a, you
know, take out the trash essentially is what the report says. They weren’t paid very much and it certainly
wasn’t even a majority of workers who still got paid. You know, they wanted people to keep their
vacation plans. And be able to go to these national parks. The problem is where the money came from. Actually, let me take that back. The problem is it was still illegal. It doesn’t matter. You know what your intentions were. If you wanted people to not see how bad the
government shutdown was, which is exactly why they did this, um, it doesn’t matter. That’s illegal. You cannot do that. That we have a thing that is called the Anti
Deficiency Act and the GAO says that this anti deficiency act was absolutely violated
by the Trump administration and because congress did not approve the use of these funds, it’s
illegal. You can’t do it. You robbed your own agencies in order to keep
them open for a little bit longer, $250 million and that $250 million came from things like
upgrading national park facilities, paying the firefighters who have to go out there
and monitor things and keep them safe. So no, once you dig past the surface, it does
not look like a good thing because what you did was you kept them open for a couple of
weeks at the expense of possibly destroying them in the future. And of course, again, that’s illegal, but
you did it anyway. You know, we’re really starting to see this
pattern develop with quite literally everything this administration does. They either don’t care about the rule of law
or they’re too stupid to take the time to look up and see what the law actually says
they can or cannot do. Either way, it’s a bad scenario for the American
public. It’s a bad scenario for the future of this
country. When you have an administration that again
is either willfully breaking the law at every possible turn or doesn’t have a single person
in it, smart enough to say, hey, we can’t do this because it’s illegal and I don’t care
if you agree with this law, the Anti Deficiency Act or if you disagree with it, that doesn’t
matter. Still the law and you can’t break it, but
according to the GAO, the Trump administration 100% broke the law again.

Republicans Freak Out As Data Shows That Their Party Is Dying Off

Republican pollsters started freaking out
earlier this week after new data analyzed by the New York Times was really showing that
young voters are absolutely abandoning the Republican Party. The gap between the current
18 to 24 year old and 18 to 29 year olds in party identification has never been more stark
than it is right now. Right now of that age group, you have 60% who call themselves democrats.
60% of that 18 to 29 age group says, I am a democrat. 33% say I’m a Republican. Okay, 60 to 33 a 27 point gap, and that’s why Republican
pollsters and analysts and strategists are kind of freaking out right now because they
know that the Republican Party’s biggest demographic happens to be the people who already have
one foot in the grave right now. That also happens to be Fox News biggest audience and
it’s not sustainable. You know when you have a party or a TV network like Fox that is 100%
dependent on people who know that they’ve only got a few years left on this planet,
that’s not exactly a good indicator for the longevity of your party. Now I know it’s been
a very long time in this country since we’ve had real viable third parties or since we’ve
had one of the major parties kind of disintegrate and then a new one pop up. It’s been well
over a hundred years, but it’s happened. It’s happened many times in US history. And it could certainly happen again, especially
given what we see about the Republican Party today. And here’s the thing, the political
scientists who looked at these numbers and said, yes, the Republicans have a big problem
and that’s what freaked out the strategists. But they looked at this and they said, here’s
the thing. Events that happen, uh, between the ages of 14 and 24 are three times more
likely to affect your future political beliefs than any single event that happens over the
age of 40. So what are these 14 to 24 year olds all have in common? How, what are the
18 to 29 year olds all have in common? Well, they’ve only lived through two republican
presidents being one or one and a half the last a year
and a half of George h w Bush’s term doesn’t really count. They don’t remember it. So the
two presidents that they were conscious for, George W. Bush and Donald Trump on the republican
side, not exactly a, you know, huge glimmer of hope for the future of the Republican Party.
But that is what an entire generation in this country knows. There is an entire generation
in this country who from experience only knows Republicans as parties of endless war parties
of lies, parties of tax cuts for the wealthy elite parties that don’t give a damn about
the middleclass parties of devastating economic policies, parties that don’t know what the
hell they’re doing. That has a massive impact on those voters. And as the political scientist
point out, those views are going to carry over with those people for the rest of their
lives. Yeah, there’ll be some fluctuations here and
there, but the damage being done to the Republican Party today by Donald Trump, that’s unlikely
to be undone among this age age group. The damage George W. Bush did isn’t going to be
undone, and that’s why Republicans are freaking out. They don’t know how to overcome this.
They don’t know if they can overcome this, and in all likelihood, they won’t be able
to overcome this. So if their fears are correct, we might just might actually be only one generation
away from some decent government here in the United States. Once this entire age group
gets active, start voting consistently, and let’s their voices be heard from their hometown
all the way to Washington DC, that is dramatically going to change the political system here
in the United States.

Mainstream Media Hiring Former Intelligence Spooks To Push Their Propaganda

Corporate media outlets have become the new
landing zone for former intelligence officials looking to make an easy paycheck and MSNBC
and CNN have hired at least 15 former officials just in the last two years. Okay, look, this story, I love this story
because it’s almost, it’s okay, you’re Democrat, right? There was a time with Democrats believed that
the spook industry was exactly that, very spooky. They started wars that shouldn’t have been
started. That got us in Iraq. They killed Pinochet. I mean, I mean, Allende to replace with Pinochet,
those types of things happened for decades. And then you had Howard Zinn, Howard Zinn
was the hero of these liberal thinking Democrats. I mean, look, I’m one of them. I’m way left to, as a progressive. And so I come up with Howard Zinn, I’m believing
what he’s saying, and I, I still to this day believe the spook industry is very dangerous. But the compromise, what’s the new compromise? The new compromise is if Brennan or Comey
or somebody who’s willing to go out and talk about Russia and Trump by God, we’re going
to hire him. That’s what I see happening. What’s your take on it? Well, absolutely and look, you know, when
you talk about, you know, back in the day, let’s also remember that even 10 years ago,
Liberals and Democrats thought, you know, these are the bad guys. Yeah. So this is a shift that really did happen
when Trump came about and they’re really, you know, doing their best to embrace that
the enemy of my enemy is my friend, when in fact, no, they’re still your enemy. Because just because they’re out there saying
Trump is bad doesn’t mean they want to push us into yet another Middle Eastern war or
maybe a war down in Venezuela. You know, these people still have access. Their names, you know, whether you like them
or not, do have a little bit of credibility and corporate media wants to cash in on that. Okay. But, who are these people, Farron? These are the people that got us involved
with Iraq. Yup. Okay. Right. These are the people that showed up every
night on CNN and MSNBC. My God, I remember, I remember them having
a, a big map on the floor and these very same characters would draw the map of Afghanistan. We’re going to do this. We’re going to do that. Who were they working for? They were working for the weapons industry. They were working for the military complex. That’s who they are. The folks at MSNBC know that. The folks at CNN know that, but here’s what
they’re willing to say. The same thing they do with advertisers. Now follow me on this just a second. Advertisers own the media. Okay. Now we have almost a state TV. When you have these cats showing up to tell
you what the nightly news is, that’s state television, because these are the guys, that
war after war, they’ve gotten us there. You know, conflict, imperialism, you name
it, they’ve made that happen on the, on behalf of the US government. Now, MSNBC is in such bad, bad condition with
ratings. CNN, of course, is barely a blip on Nielsen,
so they’re saying, let’s stick with our story. The story that sold better for us, the story
that in their mind, they still don’t understand it’s the story that got them in the dump,
which is Russia, Trump all these conspiracy stories. That’s why they’re, that’s why they’re dying
a 1,000 deaths. You know, the people calling the shots at
MSNBC, CNN, they’re not thinking in terms of what’s actually going to be good. They think what can get the most eyeballs,
eyeballs the quickest? Andrew McCabe, who was hired about a week
or so ago, been in, had been in the news a lot, so they say, well hey, this is a big
name. We can get this. We can put eyeballs on there. But I think the public in general, the public
doesn’t care about these people. The public doesn’t like these people. And, you know, just just to kind of add to
the point here, when we talk about state TV, we also have to understand Fox is snatching
up everybody from the Trump administration. Oh, of course. And sending their own people into the administration. Of course, of course. So, everybody has got their own weird thing
that, that’s horrible for news. Yeah. The focus right now is on MSNBC and CNN, but,
but you’re right. Fox has done the same thing, but these guys,
these guys are the uglies of the ugly. Okay. They got us in a, in Afghanistan. They’re the ones that have us, international
imperialism gone crazy. They’re the sales people for the weapons industry. And so, so Andy Lack and that Phil Griffin
cat with MSNBC are going to do anything they can to continue selling the same story that
has their ratings in the dump right now. So they, they’re, what they’re doing is they’re
narrowing down the people who watch their programming, narrowing it down to almost nothing. And so these guys don’t help that. I mean, that’s, now they’re going to be saying
what this small group of people want to hear, but it, you know, it doesn’t help. CNN doesn’t surprise me at all because they’ve
always been really bad with it. But MSNBC, you know, trying to market themselves
as we’re the more liberal one. You’re bringing on people who represent everything
your audience hated five years ago. Got to go. Look, thanks for joining us, okay. Next week we’ll tell more stories. Thank you.