Where do the leadership candidates stand on Brexit?

several Tory MPs are still in the running at having their chance at becoming the next prime minister but whoever wins will have the tough job of delivering our departure from the EU so just where does each candidate actually stand on brexit [Applause] [Applause] brexit brexit brexit it's the only thing our next p.m. will be consumed with leaving on the 31st of October and the top contender to do it is Boris Johnson the former Foreign Secretary vows to take the UK out of the European Union on October 31st by any means possible but leaving without ADEA would be the last resort if we have to go down that route which would be of course a last resort not something that anybody desires as their first option but if we have to go down that route then the best way to avoid it is of course to prepare it prepare for it he's already said he's scrapped the backstop and put pressure on the EU to change it by preparing properly for No Deal he also plans to hold the EU to ransom by refusing to pay the 39 billion pound divorce bill unless the EU agrees to what he believes are more favorable terms boris has also vowed to put Nigel frosh back in his box to keep the conservative parties safe from extinction can we find a leader now who can beat Jeremy Corbyn and deliver a sensible brexit that fights off the threat from the insurgent prexy party and i have to say that that is a the job that I believe I'm best suited to do today the charismatic contender remains a divisive figure among Tory MPs who questioned his previous controversial comments but he insist that he is the right person for the job one of foresters biggest rivals is Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt who wants to avoid crashing out which would be what he calls political suicide and instead strike a deal with Brussels despite the fact the EU have said the one already on the table is not up for renegotiation I think if we go headlong for no deal the most likely outcome will be a general election and that would be political suicide not just for me but for all of us in the Conservative Party the business enthusiastic Ange the withdrawal agreement by setting up a new UK negotiating team made up of all sides of the Conservative Party and the DUP I believe that if we show determination ingenuity and confidence there is a deal to be done another top contender is Environment Secretary Michael Gove and unlike Boris who vows to get the UK out of the EU Deal or No Deal Gove is willing to delay brexit for as long as needed be it days or weeks to avoid britain crashing out I believe that I'm ready to unite the conservative and unionist party ready to deliver brexit and ready to leave this great country however his chances can now be tainted by recent revelations that he took cocaine when he was younger a mistake and it was a mistake that I deeply regretted on the other hand someone who does bear hard brexit credentials and is prepared to accept a no deal is former brexit secretary dominic rub he wants to push what's called the Malthouse compromise which essentially means getting rid of the backstop and replacing it with alternative arrangements as well as exchanging annual financial payments to the EU for a three-year transition period that could allow for enough time to negotiate a free-trade agreement with our whitepaper with the negotiations in Brussels we're striving to get the best deal and I'm confident that with goodwill on the other side with the detail with the ambition we've shown we get that deal done meanwhile Home Secretary Sajid Javid believes his brexit plan is the most credible but has positioned himself as a firm remainer and brexit Javid plans to get a revised deal through brussels and hopes to renegotiate the irish backstop by creating a digitized border on the island this is a system that he insists could be working within just a few years if both sides were willing to work together we to understand that we won't deliver on the referendum result simply by leaving the European Union another vote remainer who has since identified himself as a brexit here is Rory Stewart the newly promoted International Development Secretary declared his bid to stand as p.m. in the hope to avoid crashing out and instead implement his plan to create a citizen's assembly to help Parliament reach a deal with the EU Stuart is focused on reaching a practical deal even if it means locking up MPs over the summer to make sure that it happens my plan is to come back immediately afterwards with a fresh mandate take the politics out of it say the country voted to get brexit done let us get a deals through Parliament in the end that's what it comes down to

James O'Brien vs the Channel 4 Tory Leadership debate

they're learning corrigible delinquents at times Maebh yourself and we're shortly hopefully listening to a vertical cavalcade of contributors addressing some of the crucial questions of our times I enjoyed this interview with an outgoing police chief the chief constable of Durham in which he suggests it controversially obviously that sending people to prison is largely a waste of time this would include burglars and violent drunks not all criminals but just quite a lot of them it is apparently more expensive to send them to prison than it is to send them to Eton and of course if you sent them to he sent they could end up being morally corrupt as opposed to criminally corrupt but nevertheless achieve the brink of the Downing Street steps so it's all great out as well probably first and you can talk me through the leadership that they all address some of the broader bigger questions thrown up not just by the absence of the front-runner but that's more pertinently by the presence of the soon to be also grounds and at twelve o'clock I'd love to talk to you about the seaside the English seaside know the British seaside the British sea so I was at the Irish Sea cider that weekend had an absolutely glorious time in door key i'ma say quick hello to Declan Mulligan taxi driver who saved my life yesterday for reasons I won't bore you with but the the decline of the seaside is something really really sad I got a bizarre if I had if the cards had fallen differently in my life and I haven't been cursed with such an overdeveloped ego I think I might have quite liked doing a book about English seaside towns and their decline touring the kid you know what I mean I love places like we just go to Blackpool and I've become quite familiar with Margate and Ramsgate I know Norfolk very well some Welsh seaside towns incredibly beautiful places but but with a sort of shabby grandeur Bogner is furious this morning Bognor Regis absolutely furious to have been ranked among the worst joint worst ranking of UK seaside town so hopefully we'll I'm not gonna lie to you I haven't yet come up with a genius way of breaking into this story as a phone in public but I will do and if I don't and you can have a go come about twelve o'clock eleven o'clock the conversation about the chief constables comments I suspect we mind because I'm feeling quite chipper this morning we might come find that conversation to people who have actually been in prison I just think it might be a little bit more fruitful stroke fertile than inviting the contributions of people who wouldn't know prison from a hospital I will find out I'm sort of just suggesting everything's a little bit up in the air today but we begin with this conservative leadership candidate battle you'd certainly do not need to have seen last night's debate on channel 4 to have a view on what is going on or indeed to be qualified to contribute to this morning's program not least because I didn't see it III was in about taxi I was stuck on the airport runway in Dublin as it started and the flight was delayed so weirdly I was kind of following it on Twitter through the commentary in the comments which was quite interesting actually but so many old things and it also gave me that ability to step back slightly from the fray and observe the the ebb and flow of commentary on it on a grander scale here's just some weird stuff which in my continuing doomed attempt to pour oil upon the waters of our fractured nation as some people continue to delude and pretend that they they voted for some unspecified greatness that Boris Johnson now represents despite of course being the man who prepared two columns prior to the referendum while urging you to vote remain and one urging you to vote levy has somehow managed to capture the constituency of people who change their story about what they actually voted for every few months and then furiously double down on the certainty that they actually voted for this thing that's completely different from the thing they said they voted for three months ago so it's weird right Michael Gove is now not a proper lever as far as I can tell I'm also gonna make the point shortly that it would be nice to be talking about something other than brexit in the context of who's gonna be our next prime minister but I didn't see the debates but in the context of the commentary that I have seen nothing else really seemed to register the daily johnson presumably do you know I haven't even checked today because he's such an apology for a newspaper now I'm gonna do a little I'm gonna do a little bit of life theater for you now on on LBC I have a I have in front of me a Daily Telegraph I'm going to presume that it has offered yet another opportunity to Boris Johnson to make points and statements unchallenged and unexamined you see this is why he doesn't need to do the hustings this is why he doesn't need to do the debates because the the mysterious twins who owned the Daily Telegraph and have been paying him two hundred and seventy thousand pounds a year to write a column for the last few years they offer I'm gonna look a ripe prune now on I if the front if the front page story is about cannabis or prisons or something like that let's have a look ready everybody are we ready now front-page story Daily Telegraph Boris : fast internet for every home by 2025 leadership favorite promises to eliminate the digital divide if he becomes p.m. why would he do the HUS things why would he expose himself to scrutiny even from journalists who have traditionally tickled his tummy over the last few years they get they get pawned off with James cleverly this morning I glancing at my television screens so why would he why would he expose himself to questions from from people why would he expose himself to you if you pardon that rather unpleasant image when he's got the front page of a Daily Telegraph to make unsubstantial claims and promises that nobody will be allowed to pick him up over question I want to ask him how many children have you got Boris Johnson that's all just that anyone knows oh yeah I take any answers go ahead just how many children have you got oh no I tell a lie and how many times have you been to court to try to keep the existence of your own children's secret from the British public just two little questions that will pull out there answer them at your will now I'm in this after tennis the time we digress so the weirdest thing as I could tell about these debates yesterday this debate yesterday was that Michael Gove was co-chair of vote Li right co-chair but he's not a proper leaver oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three if he can make sense of that Rory Stuart's voted three times for the withdrawal agreement that would take us out of the European Union but he's a remainer oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three and the bloke who is admired for his quotes plain speaking end quotes he's not speaking to anybody so those are just my three observations through the lens of brexit if you can bring some analysis to the table that steers clear of brakes here I'd actually be quite grateful to you today but I suspect it's a it's a franchise exercise I don't think this leadership campaign is actually ultimately about anything else but you have an end Dominic Robb who apparently embarrassed himself but of course I I find the man ridiculous so I'm in danger as much as you are of seeing what I want to see it seems to me that there is the mark of just how mad we have allowed things to become Rory Stewart is categorically not on the same side of the bracelet debate as for example someone like me how do I know this because I tweeted this morning that Rory Stewart is not on the same side as the of the brakes of debate or someone like me and he retweeted it so I think we can all conclude though that's a fairly obvious endorsement of my suggestion that he is a compromise candidate he's genuinely trying to knit together a two currently horribly divided parts of his own party let alone the country so he this is for me the big curse you can tell I was doing literary festivals this weekend Carney because I've got I've got so much fuel in the tank I might not need to take any calls at all today but this is what obviously I've been working towards this conclusion for some time Theresa Mays if this was a Greek tragedy then her curse the gods cursed Teresa may by charging her in her own mind she thought her job was to limit the damage of brexit but she is prevented by the media and political environment from a admitting in public that it is going to be in any way damaging so think about out for a minute it's got a sort of rather beautiful symmetry to it I can't I can never ever say that my job is to limit the damage of brakes here but my job is to limit the damage of brakes it that's why Theresa May was probably doomed from the start Rory Stewart is adopting a slightly different approach but not up not a very different approach that's why it was reported this weekend that Theresa may actually voted for him in the first round of the leadership elections Rory Stewart is essentially saying look we have to do brexit in some way shape or form brackets can't say out loud but even though it's damaging but we also have to recognize the the reality of the situation which is there is no real possibility of improving on the deal that's already been negotiated so Rory Stewart I'd Lee is is the tourism a continuity candidate he just perhaps will do a better job of selling compromise because unlike tourism a he won't alienate and ignore all of the people that didn't want any kind of breaks at at all but he is trying to were the people who don't really want any kind of breaks at all but think we probably should do some kind of breaks it because that is at least how that corrupt vote went though you remember the big vote with the breaches of electoral law speaking of which sooner the Electoral Commission start looking into the result in Peter brother better I'm sure you'd agree and if it's found that electoral law has been breached in Peterborough then you have to have it again you have to do the ballot again that's what that's what happens on electoral law has been breached right everybody wants another vote don't they well there was massive breaches of electoral law during the referendum campaign and and the winning side are absolutely adamant that there shouldn't be another vote and and they're the same people in Peterborough claiming that there's been some sort of fix or rigged and that if they're if it's proved that there has been then there should be another violation but that that can't be right that would be like painting hypocrite across your forehead in 3-inch high letters hey for the record normal people rational people intelligent people informed people would argue that if electoral law is breached ever then you should rerun the ballot whether it's in Peterborough or whether it's on a national referendum that is a little nostalgia for you there of the days when politics was even vaguely consistent evidence-based and honest Pawel evidence-based consistent and honest is this election between the conservative candidates you tell me if you watched it last night tell me what you learned oh three four five six oh six oh nine seventy three if you didn't watch it but you recognized my suggestion that a mark of just how bonkers things has become is the fact that the chairman of vote leave is now being portrayed is not a proper lever well Rory Stewart who voted three times to leave in the withdrawal agreement is somehow a remainer and how significant is it and this perhaps is the question that I want you most to answer what does it say about modern Britain that the man who would be king is terrified terrified of appearing not just on television alongside his rifles but today unless things have changed since I came on air and Thea Sherwood will bring us up to speed before close of play today with the hustings among Conservative MPs you might not know this because so much of our media is still doffing kapa talking forelock vote Johnson even though he won't even talk to them imagine having spent the last ten years sucking up to Boris Johnson and now you can't go and interview oh how embarrassing but anyway here's the question how have we ended up in a country where the man who would be king won't even be scrutinized by his own parliamentary colleagues who do you blame for that probably me and of course on the other side of the house Tom Watson today is doing what many of us think or hoped would happen somewhat soon um but the deputy leader of the Labour Party is throwing his I was about to say his considerable weight but it's considerably less considerable than it used to be before he got diabetes and went on a an astonishing regime of diet and exercise which has actually reversed his diabetes so Tom Watson if he were leader of the Labour Party could claim realistically to have beaten diabetes and to have taken on Rupert Murdoch and want Jeremy Corbyn meanwhile was growing some very large marrows I would tell you he has thrown his weight which isn't as considerable as it used to be full square behind calls for a another referendum god knows what happens next that as you know gave up predictions at the beginning of this year I think you'd be foolish not to suspect that Boris Johnson is going to land the big job and the best way he can ensure that he gets the job is by refusing to answer any questions and I'm just amazed that the breaks it project which was supposed to be about transparency and accountability and democracy I believe that those were misused lines I believe we had lots of accountability and democracy and all of the above and and the events have proved me right but all of those people who felt that they needed more democracy accountability and transparency are now poised to cheer a man who offers none of the above into the highest office in the land just wonder how this has happened and what you make of the ongoing candidate competition let's start with Claire who's in mérida Bank lat you can kick us off this morning what would you like to say yes good morning well my first impression James is Jeremy Corbyn doesn't have much to worry about it does be the most plainly and categorically in a beautiful measured voice I had an autistic child what are you going to do about my children and other people like her to ensure they have a future Michael Cote Michael Gove many launches into this diatribe telling us for the ninety-third time how wonderful years and how he's going to save the universe and he's the only one that terrorizes Jeremy Corbyn he says at the end of his speech I suspect you have a relative knew this was gonna happen I'm gonna spend an hour defending all the conservative candidates from callers criticism now it's a television studio environment and you can't just because he slightly fumbled the ball that you described it doesn't prove anything about his character or his suitability for often you might not have caught the beginning of the person next to him might have been clapping or something like that yes yes yes yes I have to say in defense of Krishnan guru-murthy it was really chaired one of the best in the business he did so do you mean he was do you mean he was balanced objective and informed they were given an utter silence the person had the mic but people were able to speak articulately and well and the questions came over loud and clear from Christian apart from Krishnan who did well Dominic it has been reported by the actual Telegraph that his nickname while he was in charge of negotiations with Brussels do you know what it was I can just imagine solitaire yeah of course it was derogatory they called it the turnip well it will always be a tone to me if nothing happens Mikey said if you want to circumvent and subvert Parliament we simply can't to the Methodist Church across the road so you liked Rory so I'm gonna move on in a minute Claire as I said I suspect that we're not gonna find many warm warm glowing coals of admiration did Rory Stewart tickle your friends he at all came out this is gonna be his downfall story Stewart came out as the most honest he has the most stature the others I would put in now wondered Boris Johnson never bothered to turn up if that's the competition good to be fair to Boris Johnson it was Father's Day and he's busier than most on Father's Day we just can't get a completely clear handle on just how busy it's not what you do on Father's Day you silly woman you look after the babies you've already had the children you've already had we're just struggling to work out how many children Boris Johnson house currently which of course is a reason why he wouldn't have popped up for a debate on Father's Day might have way more than anyone realizes oh three four five six oh six oh nine seventy three so that is I mean really a tick in nobody's box Roy Stuart's mother sort of sorter currying favor and winning a lot of warmth from so-called remain as he yeah I enjoyed having him in the studio for two reasons number one he's a conservative politician who asked to come on which I think was a first ever and number two he recognizes reality now I disagree with Rory Stewart about how we should deal with that reality but he recognizes reality the reality is that whenever they claimed we'd be able to do this and do that and do the other they were wrong I don't think they were all lying for the record some of them were through their grimy teeth but mostly they were just wrong or misinformed or a little bit confused or not very bright mark Francois but in Rory Stuart's case the recognition of reality is clear there was a vote to leave there is a agreement on how we will leave that has been agreed with the thing what we are leaving and then the third way would be to call the whole thing off there are only really three choices there have been as you know for about a year the three choices are call the whole thing off leave with no deal at all which precisely nobody voted for despite what they're claiming now or leave on the terms that we've agreed with the European Union after years and years of negotiation that's it that's all there is Rory Stewart recognises that reality and has gone a hundred percent behind option three leave on the terms that have been agreed which are pretty much the only terms that can be agreed so that's why I quite liked him because he at least recognized reality most of the other candidates still seem to be arguing as Tereza May despite cereza made they still seem to be arguing well if we just do exactly the same thing but in a slightly different accent or wearing different clothes or perhaps put a mask on and go back and demand that they reopen and do all the things to resume asked them to do which they've refused to do if Boris does it or if Govi does it or if the turnip does it then they'll roll over that's that's a denial of reality so that's why I quite like Rory Stewart because he was honest he admitted reality but I completely disagree with him about which of those three options we should take and I don't understand why so many people have sort fallen into line behind him who would sort of define themselves as leaning towards the politics of equality and fairness and decency and I know that whips are important in this and I know that it's a little bit unfair to pick over every nook and cranny of a politician's parliamentary performance because you have to protect your own job you can't spend your life voting against the leadership unless you're a professional heckler like Jeremy Corbyn but but Stewart's voting record on on on austerity policies is gross it's just gross a lot of people don't seem to mind or know about that 10:27 is the time Richard is in Salford Richard what's going on yes so Boris in my view took a very wise decision not to appear on the the talking heads which essentially led to a load of sound bytes and lack of substance from each and every one he was very aware of been criticized as you are now criticizing all the people who attended they were able to say you've been listening to mr. angry you answer my question well I will if I criticized this morning oh you're a clever man you don't listen are you prepared to listen yes I am too you telling me who I could sighs this morning from last night's debates right as soon as you answer my question you come on here you've said the reason he didn't do it was because he knew he'd get criticized like you've been criticizing all of them this morning I just want to know who you've heard me criticized where is your evidence that he was terrified and the man who didn't turn up was terrified Richard let me let me make a on a limb here my friend you voted breaks it right and you like Boris Johnson yes or no funny little fella so the reason why I categorically haven't criticized any of the content is in last night's candidate debate and I apologize apparently I have to explain this again for the heart of thinking it's because I didn't watch it therefore the only person I can criticise is the person that was to frit to turn up but if you are now so morally and intellectually compromised that you're pretending that not turning up is somehow a sign of anything other than cowardice and you end up appearing on national radio or making a complete muppet of yourself Richard please ring me again seriously I'm beginning to worry that there's not enough comedy on the program during these difficult political times in the meantime on the bright side you'd they can't get any worse we have had a little look at go through Claire wasn't impressed by we haven't had a look at Boris because he didn't turn up which Richard was impressed by and we're keen to know what else we can derive from last night's leadership debates which for the record I didn't see Rory Stewart of courses has received several slightly laudatory mentions as well although I found myself duty-bound to keep pointing out that he is essentially in favor of option 3 which is do the deal that's been agreed as opposed to options 1 or 2 which is call the whole thing off or leave without a deal there is no option 4 out of all the things I said to you over the last few years that I hope I'm wrong about in many ways that would be the biggest I really really hope there is an option for and that we could somehow come out of this with dignity and economy intact but I can't see it I can't get rid of that last percent of hope you know it might sound a little bit odd but I hope there is some scintilla of plausibility in the idea but just by changing leader we can completely change the narrative we can completely change the reality but I just it's 1% 1 to 5% depends it depends which way the wind is blowing so what did you get from last night and why on earth have we ended up in a place where the man who would be the next prime minister is gonna be waved into Downing Street despite refusing to be scrutinized or questioned not just by Krishnan guru-murthy and the channel 4 viewers last night but today at the actual Hosting's he's hiding from his own MP JH oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three if if we do this right you have to promise not to get me into trouble what question do you think is imputing my own moral compass importing sorry my own moral compass into the Conservative Party leadership campaign I thought conservative values reflected my knobbly on these sort of moral issues but you might not agree you might think that like Donald Trump shoot occur it doesn't affect his trustworthiness or suitability to be Prime Minister what what question do you think Boris Johnson is most frightened of I'll take that but don't say anything libelous all right Adams in sorrow garden what would you like to say hi me on your program well I just I just think it's a foregone conclusion that boys is gonna be Prime Minister didn't yeah I think he turned I did he didn't turn up cuz of that reason I think I think the people behind the scenes I think he's hired because there's one thing I notice – regarding the discussions yesterday on on on the questions there and all the other handit's that none of us really explained what they were actually going to do if they became prime minister so so that was one with brexit where Rory comes closest does he hide even as I mentioned if he does I didn't see it but I do know because I've interviewed him what he what essentially he's gonna try and get their withdrawal agreement through Parliament he's now now in regards to that mortgage and I think Laurie Stewart you can see very very articulate very very clever and obviously well-educated and tend cool they're all there always something to be better words than others yes but my point is Laurie Stewart seems to think that there are only three options available and I agree but I I think I think that's correct that for me that is reality now some people will get a little bit with that description but after all of these years of banging our head against the wall expecting the wall to change I think most of us like you and like me and I don't know how you voted three years ago we can agree on what the wall is and where the wall is but the other six leadership the other five leadership content does still seem to think that if only we believed enough the wall will will disappear or change well what I don't understand is is this come on it's one thing that bori I can we call in Johnson his first name business is unless we start calling my mother by her first in this business mate but Boris just makes it sound all cuddly doesn't it let's call it John swell he's one of my point mr. Johnson one of the things he did say in regards to brexit was that they we should be prepared for no deal or WTO bill or however they put just have to say terms there's no such thing as a deal it's just it would known to trade international baseline the bare minimum of what any country in the in the civilized and even in the somewhat less civilized world can do okay so why did hear him say is is that we should have WT homes in place ready to take to the negotiating table in Brussels which will strengthen our arm now but never then you'll deny then you're moving back from the idea that there's only three options because you think I mean we are WTO turns are in place may they're written in stone as it were the subject of international treaties and the EU is preparing for a No Deal brexit it did they've been arguably preparing a lot more assiduously for it than we have so threatening them that we're going to do it I think that's insane that is literally like threatening to you know I tell you what I thought were this other weekend out of and I think unless I misunderstood you I think this is where with respect you've got it a bit wrong breakfast has thought that we would hold a gun to their head right they still think that No Deal is holding a gun to their head and saying if you don't give us what we want we'll pull the trigger everybody else in the world certainly everybody else in the European Union I was in Ireland of the weekend and it's crystal clear from the other side of the Irish Sea but it's still not crystal clear here the guns been pointing at our own head all along No Deal will upset damage harm the other 27 members of the European Union but not on anything like the scale that it would damage in harm our island would suffer more than any other country the other 26 would suffer to varying degrees but we would be absolutely mother to coin a phrase the problem that I have is that nobody seems to actually lay out in layman's terms other than the jury of the population they're not well educated some of us academically doesn't we don't really know the terminology and the and then the nooks and crannies of politics and policies and things like that well no no no nor do most of the people in Parliament I think that Nadine Tories ought to ask people what the customs union was because she kept losing arguments about why it was a bad idea to loot to leave the customs union I'll say two things to you because I think I'm second-guessing your question all right number one have a look at what WTO people say so have a look at what Pascal Lamy says about a No Deal breaks it he used to be the general secretary of the WTO a lot of their former hi panjandrum have have spoken about the wisdom or otherwise of crashing out with no deal and trading exclusively on what have become known as WTO terms alright that's the first and most important thing to do have a look at WTO alumni and what they say specifically about the question of whether will be in any way better than we are now but but also broadly about the general wisdom of the decision and the second question that everybody should be asked but this is one of the reasons why Boris Johnson won't turn up anyway just in case he is asked it just name a single country on the planet that trades on the terms that you're espousing just name one country that currently trades on WTO jobs now when they start blustering and blow VA ting you have to interrupt like I did with the lab from from Salford you can't let people just fly off talking gibberish if they say something that's not true you have to pick them up on it so you pick them up on it and you push and you interrupt and you talk over and you insisted they answer the question and eventually they have to say there aren't any right there's not one country trading on the terms that we're trying to sell to the United Kingdom at the moment and then and then you don't interrupt after you've asked this question because the answers will be fascinating then you say why not by then you get all the information you think you need Adam hi this is the problem isn't it it's just lack of is lack of information lack of detail in regards to what will affect us what won't because because there's two sides of the coin sort of it you know that both sides of saying that they're slightly better so that it's better if we leave with WTO on WTO other people saying it's better if we don't yeah but that's the point I'm making is not two sides of the same coin because you won't find anybody informed or experienced in WTO trading who who agrees that it's a good idea to do I think it was Lamia might have been a different former general secretary of the WTO who described it as moving from the Premier League to the fourth division that's how he discarded he ran the flippin thing right so why why is WTO terms being spoke about because after the result came in in June 2016 and reality began to nibble but not quite bite they had to give people something and I don't know how to say this without sounding a little bit condescending so I accept all the contenders here well currently appalling they'd conned something that excused them from the business of thinking so what you came up with was brexit means brexit so people would shout that at me for a while or they shout you lost get over it and then when I tried to see you but what have you won they say brexit and I'd say what is it and they'd say brexit means brexit and I'd say that doesn't mean anything and they go you lost get over it and then they got handed something else which would be like no deal is better than a bad deal and you'd say explain that what does it mean and they couldn't so they've been given this slogan after slogan after slogan that just pushes reality a bit further down the road and the latest slogan is we can come out on WTO terms nobody who said that phrase in public knows what it means okay see this is why we I've got no toss in in in politics because that's sad what you just said there he's absolutely correct I totally agree with you then then you won the why to reason I said we leave with or No Deal she was trying to keep the headbangers on the far right of her own party suite you see because she was worried that one has happened would happen which is that Farage would come into the mix with yet another tissue of nonsense but but very persuasive and seductive nonsense and the really stupid members of the Conservative Party parliamentary party would start flirting with his nonsense which is how you get your France Wars and your bridge ins and your Dory's essentially turning turning lack of intelligence into a contact sport he's a bit like when you've got a party and he seems like this conservative party have got we miners then brexit ears all within one party yes so cooing arguing well that's why Rory Stewart thinks his job is to hold the party together but I think he's on a hiding to nothing and I don't see how people like Dominic grieve oh you know they voted in David go cry it was widely regarded as the best Justice Secretary we've had in a long time he voted for the withdrawal agreement three times right the only way you could have had any brexit by now the only way our arithmetic Lee and politically that you could have had any brexit by now would have been voting for that withdrawal agreement and he voted for it three times do you know what the membership have just done in his own constituency no put the selection on the table because they think that he's frustrating brexit by voting for the only available brexit three times and if you think that's mad do you know what they're accusing Michael Gove of the co-chair of the vote leave campaign right not being a properly bubble so Adam here's my gift to you I've got to go to the break if you are feeling that all this is difficult to understand do not feel bad about it because the effort that has been put into inflating these barrage balloons of utter bonkers nonsense is absolutely immense in the effort that's been put into making things honest comprehensible and true is next to nothing which is why you chose the right radio program this morning Adam thank you very much I suppose we have to point out I don't think I've heard any of these words I have heard Jeremy uttered but we were talking about Jeremy Corbyn so that doesn't count have we heard the words hunt Santa Dee or Javid in the course of this conversation the only reason we've mentioned Dominic Rob is because I was so tickled by the fact that the Daily Telegraph reports a de telegraaf of course the House Journal of rabid brexit errs of which Rob is definitely one the Daily Telegraph of all places reports this morning that he was known as the turnip during his tenure as Secretary of State for brexit um I just found that mildly amusing because I'm quite childish but we haven't heard any of the other names mentioned Michael Gove took an early not quite an early bath but he took an early coaching from Claire for apparently not having been paying attention while simultaneously claiming to be a great fan of detail but otherwise all we've talked about is Alexander Boris de perfil Johnson and Rod Stewart that's his real name actually both of them went to Eton and are known by names other than the ones that they were baptized with should be Alex Johnson and Rod Stewart that's who this should be about I told you I was Charlie but I guess that's quite significant hey you know I've invited you to tell me about what's going on with reference but not exclusively because a lot of people wouldn't have seen it – what happened last night on channel 4 so far the only person to emerged with any credit is Krishnan guru-murthy well done question oh three four five six five six oh nine seven three is the number you need if you want to join in Steve and indeed extra points if you can say the words hunt Sajid Javid in the course of your contribution or Rob Steve's in Camberwell Steve oh hey I'm gonna try to avoid I'm gonna try to avoid that for free I think that's another way of looking at the problem actually and I think it would shed a bit of light on it I think there are three positions which are ultra leave we should be for Arjun Reese Morgan Co yes also remain which should be the Liberal Democrats and Tom Watson call it our nemesis and then there's this there's this space in the middle that I call remain Democrats now I mean by that I count myself as one of these somebody who's in favor of remain yes but it will actually accept that because of the referendum result we have to go along in some form or other with thee with what the people want and it doesn't really matter whether were fifty eight fifty to forty eight fifty eight fifty two either way we're stuck in a situation and I would count Rory Stewart as a remain Democrats yes I can also count and also Carol this might seem a bit I also count Jeremy Corbyn as a remain Democrats so clearly there are different interpretation sorry I thought that's what we were gonna get through a whole call without me having a fight there but no he's not only main Democrat right he's a dishonest brexit sir no I don't agree I'll say again in a slightly higher vocal register just to express the full beer the full extent of my incredulity the floor is yours I'm sorry for interruption okay yes somebody who took drugs thirty years ago they're not literally taking drugs today and I think the thing we call Billy water and a night and he was a critic he's always been a critic of the European Union yeah that's true and and and and he was at Bennett in the nineteen eighties and Ben did want to join all the way was voting against everything related to you but this isn't that this isn't the bridge that you came to fight on so so let's I mean we can it's an argument about but it does explain if you're in that middle camp with the Aurora steward Jeremy Corbyn you are going to be attacked from both sides both sides will feel so Corbin is under tremendous pressure from the Liberal Democrats and Tom Watson and and I think there's another thing which I think a remain Democrat should do a remain Democrat should accept the idea of a ratification referendum Manila's if there is a deal it should be ratified now that's not the same as having a second referendum to try to reverse what happens is not ratified what if the vote goes not what are the options on the paper okay well the thing is until the public opinion because I think the remain Democrats will talk a lot about the country being divided until there's been a real significant shift in public opinion in the country I think politicians have to keep on trying to get get an answer to that now jeremy corbyn's got a different answer to role issue on jeremy corbyn bond as i said i'll leave that now i think there's criticism a germany but actually if you leave you want it very carefully we call this thing jeremy corbyn is saying that the deal can be ratified he can is also he's also floating a boat there's a better deal achievable and and possibly if you took the red line the equation that might be true but but as long as the red lines are in place which essentially means abolishing freedom of movement then there's no way that it's it's movable this i I think if you look if you go back to what people voted for in 2016 that's that that's the clue and if you go back to 2016 you've got I'm sorry for doing this but the bottom line there is in 2016 some people vote it to be like Norway in Switzerland some people voted to have every benefit of being in the European Union without having to live next door to foreigners or listening to them speak foreign on trains some people vote to leave the European Union because they believe that absolute garbage about immigration from Muslim countries the number of times I've been sent for stuff from other people's Facebook fees like people saying look at what my mum's done or look at what my cousin's doing I voted to leave the European Union to stop immigration from Muslim countries the idea that seventeen point four million people all voted for quotes anything at all end quotes is absurd and the guy was chairman of vote leave and now they're calling him a traitor yes I agree with what you just said James but the point I was going to make was the England Wales voted to leave your opinion in Northern Ireland to love them voted to remain there's nobody nobody voted to leave the single market or the customs union because it wasn't on the ballot paper my favourite bit of brexit bonkers nuts at the moment and obviously it's a very crowded field in there and the leader can change all the time they are genuinely saying but people voted to leave the customs union in the single market because the other side told them that's what would happen in coming Cameron lied about it as part of campaign said he wanted to frighten everybody by saying if you vote to leave it'll mean you leave the single market because that was campaign fear the other side said no no we're not leaving any of those things we can have they didn't believe the side that they voted for Steve they decide that they didn't vote for which is to have yeah but again you're not quite clear on what's gonna be on the paper when we have that democratic inquiry you know I don't see how you can be you need to be at no point will these people be persuaded that there isn't a better deal that's achievable right up until the point where they leaders kicking and screaming over the cliff of no deal at all that that's the real cognitive dissonance here the biggest cognitive dissonance of all is there is definitely a better deal available I just can't tell you what it is yet and I will continue insisting that there is a better deal available about the latest claim is that Boris Johnson's and I kid you not charisma is somehow gonna prove more conducive to encouraging the European Commission to turn his back upon three years of consistent pronouncement of negotiation Boris Johnson's charisma is somehow gonna be the difference between what serezha Mae could achieve and what he could achieve and they're gonna carry on claiming that even after Boris Johnson's charisma has disappeared under the sea they're gonna carry on claiming that there is definitely a better deal available but we can't get it and that's why we're gonna leave with no deal at all that concludes this morning's break show sermon

SALTY S** T Weasel Labour Activist Demands Peoples Vote On The Politics Live Show

what's goin on guys welcome to we got a problem so on the politics live show earlier we had a labor activist from the another Europe is possible group who wants commissar Corbin off and the Communist Party to unequivocally back remain and ignore the Democratic vote to leave in 2016 and he is also saying about how they're not happy that labor are not doing what they want now this soy boy was talking with Andrew Neil about the party stance on brexit and the act of his plans to disrupt London with protests and takeovers let's take a look well we wait for that result let's turn briefly to labor the Shadow Cabinet met yesterday to decide whether to back a whole hearted remain position and it wasn't entirely conclusive there's a surprise let's speak to michael chesson he's a labor activist who wants the party to back remain are you worried that you that jeremy corbyn is now stringing you along on this issue i don't think it's the jeremy corbyn's stringing stringing us along I think was disappointing that the Shadow Cabinet didn't move the position more clearly on Wednesday I think it's likely to move next week it's kind of inevitable the labor will end up being an anti brexit party you know we're organizing a wave of motions to local party conference in September and we we're going to deliver a huge mandate there for a clear anti brexit position for an unequivocal backing of freedom of movement and for a radical process of transform Europe so right really it's delaying the inevitable and very guys stirring this out and right and I understand you know the it looks like the tide is with you and the Labour Party on this more people coming around to your point of view but as you've said you're not there yet so who is the roadblock to reform well look I think it's pretty clear that the overwhelming majority of Labor members want the party to know we know that I'm asking you who's holding out up if it's not Jeremy Corbyn who's holding it up well look I think I think the honest answer is that it's very difficult to actually tell because the people who are holding up are to be frank not that countable it's very clear that John McDonald died and advocare stahma or emily Thorne Bree even Jeremy himself not necessarily an enthusiast for a for a for a fresh public vote but certainly you know willing to go there so who are you holding it up then if you know them who are they I don't want to get into a name-calling look the Labour Party's game calling I'm simply asking you who you think you're on the wave of an inevitable trend there are people holding it up it hasn't happened yet I'm asking you who are they if not Jeremy Corbyn well look IIIi think there are senior unelected people at the heart of the labour machine I think the Labour Party's got a problem I've got a problem with machine politics Moodle will throw out some names and see if you agree name one McClosky all right then McCluskey is he holding it up yeah look III I think it's a real shame that I'm a member of unite yeah look I think I think the role that he's played in it has been the class what about Seamus Milne the the head of mr corbyn's office this isn't like this isn't blood out of a stone this is about me wanting to talk about the actual politics of the situation well fine I think I even ask you can ask whoever you want to give that answer the important thing here is the politics of the situation we're about to enter a period in which a conservative a hard right wing conservative prime minister is going to try to drag us out of the EU without a deal or a hard deal basis and with no mandate and we have to resist that and leemaster this new help that's the political understanding here and what you want in response to that is as I understand I think you're on the record is a summer of mass occupations just RuPt of protests and wildcat strike action is that right well yeah I think we are now in a position where a hard deal break we need to be clear about what hard deal or no deal no no we know what that is I'm asking you what your actions are going to be do you think that while trying now I'm really more than happy to mass occupation yes you're right you think I'm on the way to win hearts and minds well I mean I mean actually there was a long tradition in Britain or of protest a disruptive of quite radical protest when and governments take decisions in a completely unaccountable way we are about to enter a period where we're gonna get an extreme right-wing Tory Prime Minister trying to wreck communities and open up the NHS to privatization via trade deals with trumped America almost no in fact no popular mandate under those circumstances I think people have the right to take civil disobedience and say all nonviolent action that they can to to attempt to okay understand the logic of your case and and what you plan to do or hope to do who's going to organize these mass occupations and wildcat strike action well look I think we've got a really interesting interesting situation we've had a million people marched against brexit the hundreds of thousand people market march against Trump we've got a very active anti box look we've also just had extinction rebellion take place I think all of the ingredients for a a big summer or a big a bit a big wave of a serious direct action process because our there they need to be brought together and it's up to the leadership of the of the brexit movement of the anti but also of the labor movement to put these pieces together as the the big anti brexit March in London which was in a very British tradition of a mass massive peaceful March which was all planned and didn't disrupt anything and I watched that on television and looked at the faces and the people do you think these are the people will take wildcat strike action I think it's certainly something that we should be willing to consider look I think I think that if you you know if you've got a situation where you know you're in a situation where a government is trying to is going to wreck communities know wreck the future of the country and wreck public services with no mandate I think it's absolutely legitimate to have a conversation about where the boundaries of dissent end and the boundaries of dissent don't just end passive 80 marches no we've got a long history of passivity budgets out there they have their role in protest movements but actually I think you know yes we've got to be willing to look towards more radical measures well you've got an opposite side the Tory Party bent on a pretty hardcore we need to leave it there michael chesson thanks for that let us know if there are going to be any strikes because lots of people are going off with their families on holiday and they would probably like to know if you're going to disrupt their planes but thank you for joining us and we'll see if we are in for a summer of discontent so he discusses his disappointment with the Labour Party not backing remain 100% even though we know they mostly do right now they will sue now and I'll say this I expect will happen when Boris becomes prime minister I noticed when pressed this activist did not want to blame commissar Corbin off or other MPs for holding up their PI's attempts to block brexit by explicitly becoming a party they ignores the Democratic vote now I expect he refused to blame the commissar because he fears being sent to the gulag dissenters are not welcome among the Socialist Workers Party he gets a bit salty when pushed on the topic and resource to call him what can only be assumed as Boris Johnson a hard right wing prime minister Boris is not hard right wing at all by any sense of the word he just knows BRICS is the doom of the Tory pie so he needs to make sure he gets breaks it done but to the left anyone who wants breakfast is a right-wing nineteen-thirties fascist by the London Mayor and sniveling fuck pixely can't measure so if you adhere to a democracy then you're a fascist I guess Andrew Neil then asked this shit weasel about his plans to cause massive disruption and protests which this area says yes he is protesting what you moron the people voted to leave in 2016 you Ramona's lost suck it up princess now the SOI boy then goes on to once again call the next Prime Minister an extreme right-wing prime minister who is going to sell the NHS off now I've already debunked this nonsensical claim that the government will sell off the NHS it's not since the only party with a history of selling the NHS to foreign companies is the labor pie who allowed EU companies into NHS contracts in the early 2000s now project fear really needs some new material Trump himself rubbished the NHS cell idea as soon as made likely told him it will never happen this fuc pig then goes on to the false claims of hundreds of thousands marching against Trump no we discussed this at the time and the BBC confirmed it it was a few thousand people that most listened in to commissar corbin off screamin share about the president while failing to disclose he had requested a secret meeting with the god emperor which got rejected so yet again we have another lefty who does not believe in facts in just Paris nonsense his claims that the Tories will wreck the economy with a No Deal BRICS a completely without foundation I've been hearing recently that if we end up with a No Deal brexit then the UK sheep farmers will be out of business which is obviously complete bullshit Britain leaving the EU is not going to stop people eating lamb or using wool to make products to be sold to us we will still eat lamb after brexit what the fuck of these people been smoking to think food and clothing goods providers will go out of business we are leaving the EU not the fucking planet this SOI boy fuck pig has reached peach stupidity in my opinion now I'm gonna leave it there I can't take much more thinking about this sniveling shit weasel let me know what you guys think down in the comments below leave a like and share as it helps the channel a lot and I'll see you all in the next video

Tory leadership: Rory Stewart eliminated by MPs in third ballot

declare the results of the third ballot the total number of votes cast in today's ballots was 313 the total number of ballot papers rejected was zero the total number of votes given to each candidate in alphabetical order were as follows Michael Gove 51 Jeremy Hunt 54 Sajid Javid 38 Boris Johnson 143 Rory Stewart 27 the following candidates are now eligible to continue on to the next ballot on Thursday 23rd June at 10 a.m. Michael Gove Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid and Boris Johnson

BREAKING NEWS: Rory Stewart eliminated from the Tory leadership contest

the total number of ballot papers rejected was zero the total number of votes given to each candidate in alphabetical order were as follows Michael Gove 51 Jeremy Hunt 54 Sajid Javid 38 Boris Johnson 143 Rory Stewart 27 the following candidates are now eligible to continue on to the next ballot on Thursday 23rd June at 10 a.m. Michael Gove Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid and Boris Johnson

Rory Stewart eliminated as Boris Johnson wins Tory leadership third ballot

Rory Stewart wowed social media pundits and even the wider TV audiences but not it transpired the very people who mattered Conservative MPs and the Tory party members who decide who our next prime minister is on the other hand Boris Johnson has avoided evaded and parried scrutiny and the public yet it continues to sail serenely on can whoever wins the scrap for second place really prevent a coronation so here's how the votes fell Boris Johnson was backed by nearly half of all Tory MPs Jeremy Hunt managed to stay just three votes ahead of Michael Gove and Sajid Javid beat Rory Stewart into fourth place knocking him out of the contest so that means that 10 fewer MPs backed Rory Stewart today than they did yesterday more votes are scheduled tomorrow to whittle the field down to the final two our political history Gary Gibbon joins me now Gary you hit upon one of the most fascinating elements of today's numbers Rory Stewart seemed to sort of his vote ballooned like as a phantom pregnancy and then went down again what is going on here I do know that some MPs back to Rory steer because they wanted him to be in that debate last night and they said to me yesterday that that was something they saw as the end of their support they do that and then move off to other candidate but there is great suspicion around because we've now had two rounds now in which Boris Johnson's got pretty much exactly what he wanted he's seen Dominic Rob out his team didn't want him about the place in the final two because they didn't want to be challenged from that as it were the right on the brexit issue using shorthand and they didn't want will receive it anywhere near a chance of getting on the final two if suspicions are true and just maybe there were a few shenanigans going on behind the scenes and they were lending support in order to make sure that certain things happened on certain occasions the plot tomorrow I think we'll know whether there's truth to all of this because the plot tomorrow would follow that I would suspect a phantom pregnancy for Sajid Javid vote because they really wouldn't want Michael Gove on the final tune he's the last remaining opponent they really don't want around they didn't particularly want so I did Javid around the person they want is Jeremy Hunt and Jeremy Hunt runs the risk tomorrow of some of said of the support from Laurie Stewart going over to Michael Gove it'd be really interesting to watch those numbers now just for a second widening a scope for one moment from the numbers of this this arcane ballot of Tory MPs another meeting down the corridor another part of parliament today the Shadow Cabinet making a movement a significant movement towards becoming a party of remained that's what some of the people are on the other side of the party think happen because labour today said it backed a second referendum in all circumstances the Labour Party is in a sense feeling that it has to pick a side in the brexit debate the ambiguity period is over and in a sense of course the Conservative Party looks like it's going to very much do that itself and nothing that happened on the third day of balloting amongst MPs makes you doubt really at least one of the names in the final two he's rolled backwards today and out of the contest Corey Stewart campaigning early this morning outsider who made so much progress in this campaign much to the annoyance of many fellow Tories what will happen in this round is without being too bad at it another candidate will be knocked out who currently has a lot of people they'd like it to be you wouldn't they people would like it to be me because they're normal several people believe that the message that I'm bringing forward is too challenging they might work out a way to do it might no they might well and there's a lot of talk about shenanigans going on which only a cabinet minister for 50 days most of them spent campaigning to be prime minister at one point even today's suggested Michael Gove might want to fold up his campaign tent and back him it's about a bit to get Michael saw team on board we've got a hope in ever getting that is he well let's see after six o'clock tonight the TV debate Boris Johnson did Jeremy Hunt kept second place but will worry that he may lose it when Rory Stuart's backers look for a new campaign to back Michael goes team will be hoping he can appeal to people who supported Rory Stewart and wants someone in the final two who unnerved Boris Johnson incredibly importantly he is the candidate that everyone can unite around we know you know there's gonna be two people in the final and we know who one of those is going to be the question for us all now is who is the other one going to be and I think Michael is shown in the debates and when it's been scrutinized by you and your colleagues in the media that he has what it takes I was so pleased to see an increase in the vote we've increased our vote in every round the trajectory is very clear other candidates appear to have sort of slightly stalled yeah I wouldn't say that there's that huge you know dynamism there Stuart yesterday to get into last night's debate today Johnson piled on support from the man eliminated yesterday Dominic Robb as some of that support and with big caveat the bottom line is I don't think I caught the wave of the campaign I think Boris caught the wave of the campaign and that's why I'm happy to say thank you for the support I've had but I'll be throwing my weight and support plan boys you thought Dominic Robb is the only true brexit here from your perspective in that contest so Boris Johnson is someone you're a bit unsure of I think we're all a little bit unsure about Boris but in terms of the options he I think it's the only one or at least the most likely of those that remain too deliver bricks it I have my doubts as to whether he'll do it but if I have to put my vote on 105 then Boris is the most likely to deliver it but a lot of your colleagues have these similar doubts what they do and therefore we all must be determined and hold his feet to the fire I don't know David Davis also had been backing Dominick Rob decided do you know something still thinking about it why is he so difficult to support Boris Johnson I think what's important is that Dominick Rob is given and this is I think the view of our team the dominie Rob is given a very good job has he been promised though no I think any promises grad I understand promises happy myth I don't know maybe a hint to nan de wing no not that I'm aware I mean Dominic actually hasn't asked for anything and I've just been in meetings with him all morning and he'll be very upset if he doesn't get a big job well it'd be foolish if he was not given a very senior job the front-runner like others struggled to be heard last night today at Prime Minister's Questions is the focus not only is the member racist he is stalking division and communities dishonesty he might actually understand the purpose of Prime Minister's Questions which is to ask the Prime Minister about the actions not exactly a staunch defense of Boris Johnson consolation for Rory Stuart's the eliminated candidate this evening he was the man team Johnson wanted least in the final two or as Johnson's tally increased again tonight the fight to challenge him well joining me now is the rori Stewart supporter Antoinette sambac well why don't I have happened well I think Rory's run a really good engaged campaign but clearly the field is narrowing and there's that there's a choice of a far smaller choice of candidates but I think Rory really was the one that got out there and engaged with the public and I'm disengaged with the right people given the electorate is he running for the right party he's definitely running for the right party and I think he was the politician that was standing there telling the truth and telling it how it is and I think that makes those of us that supported him gives it's a very difficult choice now but also you know we're telling the truth and telling how it is or other people telling lies what I'm saying is with the issues of brexit I think they're promising things that they may not be able to deliver and I think that's been the problem all all the way along Rory was a great communicator he's tech he was fiscally conservative he promised to put money back into public services and he took the conservative message out there to the wider public the party though they couldn't run themselves your colleagues couldn't bring themselves to back in there well I think it's a huge shame obviously I was working as hard as I could to ensure he got as much support as he could but I think with one runaway candidate it's very difficult and I thought it now really it's it's Boris Johnson by a landslide or is there someone else who could stop him in his tracks in your view no I absolutely don't think it's Boris Johnson by a landslide I think Boris is a very Marmite politician he has certain amount of flair and I have a lot of respect for him but I think it's really important that we get a new leader of the Conservative Party that speaks wider to them than just to our banks so tragic Javid then I'm not going to be commenting on who I'm going to be supporting now I made a clear choice for my preferred candidate and I want to go and flecked overnight and consider who I'll be voting for tomorrow but a you and Roy Stewart's other backers can now be liaison with other candidates to make sure that there is someone who represents those values that you want to see in the final two I think the whole point of the one nation caucus which I'm a part of was to make sure that candidates committed to one nation rallies and we we started that earth the hustings off in Parliament at the very start of this process so I think that has been really important to make sure that those commitments are starting can you ever see yourself backing Boris Johnson personally no why not I'm afraid he's not a candidate I will support he's too divisive in the north and not someone that my constituency as a credible leader so I will be looking to support someone from the remaining candidates but all the polls suggest that he could win general election where it's Rory Stewart and others couldn't I disagreed the polling that that came out quite clearly after the debates last night indicated that Rory was actually far ahead of Boris and in terms of having a message that the public was responding to and indeed would be someone that that people would have voted for so I don't agree with that Antoinette Sandbach thanks very much for joining us thank you now the husband of a British Iranian woman jailed in Iran has accused Forrest Johnson of being delusional and complacent of the conservative frontrunner claimed he was not to blame for her prolonged incarceration last night mr. Johnson told a TV debate he didn't believe comments he made to Parliament in 2017 wrongly stating that mrs. ligardi Ratcliffe had been in Iran teaching journalists had made any difference but Richard Radcliffe who's been on a hunger strike five days outside the Iranian embassy so mr. Johnson and made a mistake and should take responsibility for it it hacker went to meet him today is day five of Richard radcliffe's hunger strike outside Iran's Embassy in solidarity with his wife arrested with their tiny daughter in 2016 NASA needs Akari rackleff has been in an Iranian jail ever since telling your daughter you're on hunger strike is one trial dealing with Boris Johnson quite an another the man many believe will be the Prime Minister has long stood accused of making this family's plight worse a charge he denied specifically last night in the BBC leaders debate but in pointing the finger that was up Jonas Frank's at our side well actually in that case that it didn't I think make any difference but in our if you if you point the finger at the UK all you are see all you're doing is exculpating those who are those who are truly responsible which is the Iranian Revolutionary Nazanin cigar arackliffe has always claimed she was on holiday when she was detained by the Iranian authorities but this is what Boris Johnson told mps in 2017 she she was simply teaching people and in the aftermath the Iranian judiciary saw an opportunity to strengthen their case against Nazanin betraying her as a subversive his statement shows that Nazanin had visited the country for anything but a holiday for months it was claimed that Nazarene is a British Iranian charity worker mr. Johnson's statement has shed new light on the realities about nanning the following week johnson sought to clarify his remarks and a week later clarified further but foreign affairs committee member stephen gettin's says he could have quickly corrected that testimony and didn't if you look in that transcript you'll see that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office managed to make corrections or having English fizzy wine in embassies but didn't manage to make the correction over mrs. Segura Radcliffe's status in Iran that was a tremendous omission and one that had extraordinary consequences for that lady and her family I think it would have been helpful to correct it officially I think it would have been helpful to be a little quicker and clearer both in his apology but also actually in declaring that Nazneen was innocent so when he says it didn't make any difference it's not true I mean it's it's it's delusional and you know complacent comes outraged it's fine to say listen your exaggeration mistake but to pretend that the mistake had no consequences when clearly there was a whole propaganda campaign that was organized around his statements you know it went in four weeks very traumatic and I've been having panic attacks and collapsing two years have passed since then and nazaneen-e is no closer to release well joining me now is one of Boris Johnson's early backers in this leadership race quasi Quarton to start with Nazneen cigar Eirik live from last night Boris Johnson said that the Iranians effectively not him were to blame for her languishing in jail today her husband Richard Radcliffe has told us that's delusional complacent and not acceptable I think that the Foreign Office has tried extremely hard to get another Neen out of prison but of course it was what embarrasses write it when he said that it was the Iranians who arrested her and it's the Iranians who up to this point have refused under any circumstances to let her free and that's and that's where that's where the blame should like what her husband said to us they said that if you don't take responsibility for your mistakes how can we trust you to take responsibility for the country it was a mistake he made he should have corrected it earlier he could have correct the record he didn't my understanding was that the record had been corrected he said that he had apologized and and he did apologize and the other point is that the other point is that it was the Iranians who put her in jail completely in an unjustified way and I don't think I don't think it's right to blame Boris for the fact that nothing he is still in prison I totally invaded my view I know I know I've been to Iran personally on a personal capacity in an official capacity is that the Iranian government we're never going to let her go under any circumstances they essentially I think wanted to do a deal that was what I've read that's what I've understood and that deal is something that they're working on which still try to negotiate release what Boris Johnson's critics say is this is a pattern of behavior of not doing his homework not reading his brief properly shouldn't he take some responsibility for that if he wants us to trust him as prime minister throughout this campaign actually throughout the last 25 years Boris's critics have said all sorts of things against him against him and they're trying obviously quite rightly it's a free country they're trying to bring him down and say that he's not fit for the actual job that he's running for the moment I think they're wrong I think he's got great strengths and I think he'll be a very good Prime Minister but some of the stuff held that him sure but on this particular issue you're not prepared to give an inch and say mistakes were made on this and he should be you know accepting some more of the blame many years I think he's referenced to the fact that she was teaching journalism or whatever it was was wrong and he apologized for that so today the SNP Westminster leader has said that Boris Johnson is a racist how do you respond I think that's completely this is exactly the point I was trying to make people have hurled all sorts of abuse frankly and accusations against him for the last 20 years the idea that he's a racist is completely ridiculous he was a very inclusive mayor he had a very wide team lots of people from different diverse communities he won votes right across the city from all sorts of people from all sorts of communities and to say to say that he's a racist I think it's just scurrilous offensive and completely wrong you at all bothered by his use of the word flag waving pickaninnies watermelon smiles he's gonna racist I was a candidate in 2008 and exactly the same kind of accusations were made then I mean you've essentially reheated a whole pile of accusations I think the article was from the late 90s in fact 20 years ago I think people have changed considerably and also in terms of the context of the article he was he was referring to what the UN reporters might think so it was a completely different you've ripped out after he was foreign secretary was only last year verified mention he's apologized for the offence his course look he's written does the hundreds thousands probably of articles in the last 30 years and it's a very easy game for his critics to trawl through all the articles and pick up one or two words he says openly that he's quite free with language he expresses himself in a forceful and memorable way and occasionally he has given offense but to say that you know to bring up an article that he wrote 20 years ago and keep reheating it is is really bad actually it's not it's not very effective journalism you're and do you absolutely believe he will take the UK out of the EU on October 31st cuz he was not able to guarantee that long I believe he will I absolutely believe you will if it doesn't well if he doesn't we'll have to see but I think you know I mean I don't think anyone Brenda from Bristol I think had them work to say about that quasi cortex thanks very much thank you well yesterday all the remaining candidates to be the next Conservative Party leader made an on-the-spot commitment to an external investigation of alleged Islamophobia in their party one of the biggest challenges facing the next leader will be to win the support of more black minority ethnic voters our correspondent fatima manji has been to the marginal seat of Wolverhampton Southwest talking to voters and Conservative Party members Sohail Khan doesn't fit the stereotype of a Conservative Party member but he is one and he wants whoever is elected as Tory leader to think beyond their traditional base you're going to lead the country then you represent everybody from every social class you know you don't just represent one type of person you represent everybody Wolverhampton South West is a marginal parliamentary constituency currently held by Labour sahel showing us around the area he grew up it's young working-class and diverse in order for you to win the South West yeah you need your core volt out of your core seats but areas like these you need volts out of here because these are Labour strongholds just one mile away is a traditional Tory area where Suhail became the first Muslim to be elected as a Conservative councillor in Wolverhampton nationally the last general election saw less than a quarter of black and Asian voters back the Conservatives analysis from the think-tank British future suggests the Tories could have won 28 more seats and a majority if they'd appealed to ethnic minority voters to the extent as white voters so who could lead the party into bridging this gap while Suhail is yet to decide his fellow conservative councilor believes whatever the controversies there is only one man for the job myself I'm inclined towards virus based on the fact that he was he had a good few terms as London mayor and I think he's a personality as well so he I think you need that a bit more now in politics than ever before we need fresh ideas something new something not old ideas and sort of spruced up we need fresh ideas moving forward fresh policies fresh ideas uniting the party having more youth involvement more paying people involved within the Conservative Party we heard last night that all the candidates agreed that there was a need for an external investigation into Islamophobia and the Conservative Party what do you think about that the fact that they all agreed within a second that just goes to show that you know we are here as a party to make sure that the right people are remain within the party and if there are any instances of Islamophobia anti-semitism or any sort of racism that they're rooted out very quickly we shouldn't have to wait for the TV debate or leadership challenge before somebody you know the Home Secretary sort of us is fellow candidates do where to commit to it so it's it's good that it's happened whether it will happen what form will happen I'll leave an open jury with that part of the challenge for the Tories is established voting patterns labour was historically a more comfortable home for many black and Asian voters the owner of this cafe a Conservative Party member himself says he's glad the party has changed so joined the Conservative Party back in the late 70s and that's how I became one of the members but it was hard to become a member of the Conservative Party simply because they used to be lot of and though was being shot in your face but he has been left unimpressed by the current crop of leadership candidates believing no one has spelt out a concrete workable plan for brexit I feel that we don't have leaders anymore in this country we have career politicians we just want to be Prime Minister's or want to be ministers right for now the broader electorate won't get to say but at some point the Conservatives will want to seek a majority so can traditional labor voters be persuaded who would you normally vote for if you don't want me asking why is that because I don't believe in their policies nine times out of 10 laborer to you would you have a vote conservative it depends on what the do for the working class they want the white middle class man to succeed I don't care about the minorities they don't care about anyone else that's what it feels like so it feels like you know and it's strong perceptions like this that conservative activists like Suhail are battling against they want to convince ethnic minority voters the party does have something to offer them and that's a challenge for whoever ends up winning the leadership – well joining me now is the Home Secretary Sajid Javid who came forth in today's round of voting with 38 votes obviously you're in the danger zone tomorrow what do you say to supporters of Rory Stewart who might be considering now whether to back back you what first obviously delighted to get through today I was told I was in the danger zone yesterday and I'm really pleased that I'm still proceeding and what I would say to Rory's supporters I mean first wards Roy himself I think he's ran a fantastic campaign it's a very principled campaign he's gone out there and taken its message I thought he did well in that debate yesterday as well I was very honored to be with him and my colleagues sir yesterday but the thing now we've all got to think about is that we are fast approaching who should be in the final two we know that Boris Johnson is gonna be one of those and I think we need a strong credible candidate to go up against Boris that can actually win and I think I could provide that constructive debate not another sort of public school boy well it's not about whether someone's a public school boy or not what it's about is I think what experience they have to offer and I have experience from both outside government I've been working in four or five government departments and I've ran for them so there's a lot of experience there's a lot of delivery but I also think it's about reaching new audiences for us as conservatives you know we know in the past we've only won a proper majority when we can have broad appeal across the country and at a time when we've been in power now for nine years we need to have that broad appeal and I think I'm the best place kind of it to do that what does it say about the conservative part of the modern conservative party today that they people reluctant to back you the Muslim son of immigrants well I'm one of four candidates that could be the next prime minister I think what it tells you about the concerted party already is that they recognize talent you know wherever it comes from though I don't want your background what your religion what your race so let's wait and see what happens you know in the history of Conservative Party leadership competitions they can be quite unpredictable they can be quite fluid and let's see what happens you know I'm standing here today as one of four candidates and I feel you're privileged to to be in that position but let's see what happens tomorrow I'm in this to win it and I'm gonna try and go all the way it's noticeable just now there's a real spring in your step you know you've had this vote of confidence how does it feel being up against these very smooth you know well educated public school debaters how's that feel to you well that they my colleagues are very talented in their own ways and they and they have done great jobs in government in different ways already so I have a lot of respect for them but it is my background is different yeah when I was on that stage yesterday doing that debate it yeah I was I think of all the people that was the only one that went to state schools the only one that's with a local Fe College I was the first of my family to go to university and that's why I'm in this because I don't want that to be a rare occurrence in our country I know I wasn't nervous and but I don't want it to be rare that people such a such modest backgrounds can one day perhaps be Prime Minister I want that to be something that anyone can feel that they can do and that's why I'm in this so that's my vision for this country I want anyone of any background to feel they can do anything you scored last night when you bounced your opponent's into backing and inquiry into his number phobia in the Conservative Party do you think it is racist to come pair Muslim women wearing burkas to letter boxes or bangles I'm not here to talk about any of my colleagues and comments about it I mean I prefer I've said that that's not language I would use and if anyone's use that language they have to talk about themselves last night near Boris was pretty much asked that question and he apologized for it and if he had offended someone that's that's for him too you set out why he's made those comments I know you've got you're in it to the bitter end I've been very clear on this and I've always said there's not language I would use and we and as we were all asked a question yesterday which we everyone agreed on you know politicians should always be careful about language that they use it's a very responsible position and and that's how I've always approached things would Rory Stewart have a place in a Santa Javid government I think Rory's sure would have a place in any future Conservative government led by any of the candidates and certainly in a santa chiara government I would absolutely want to see him playing a leading role in government and what do you say to people in the conservative got in there many of them who their absolute passion is about delivering brexit they're prepared to see the country break up the party break up if only that is delivered you will remain oh how do you convince them now well I absolutely understand the need to deliver brexit the the reason we had the referendum was to ask to British people they've given their instructions and we absolutely need to implement them but what I hear when I go around the country I speak to my colleagues is that we they all want to see an orderly brexit so where we can get a deal and and that's why I think it's being recognized now that I have the most credible plan for an orderly deal of course we need to always keep preparing for no deal not because we wanted is just the responsible thing to do but I think we can get an ordinary deal and leave on time Rory Stewart said you can't renegotiate he's the only one being honest with people about what's possible and brexit isn't it well that's his view and I don't share that view and he's been able to share his view and my fellow colleagues have spoken on that you know I've got a firm view that you can renegotiate I've never pretended it's going to be easy but I think we do have to try some sort of renegotiation because our Parliament here has rejected every form of deal your so far except one which is the withdrawal agreement with the change of the backstop what have you got that Theresa May hasn't well the Theresa May you tried her best and she took that deal you're three times the Parliament each time it was rejected I think it's our approach has to change we need to properly prepare for No Deal and and that we need to sort of step that up but also I spent years in negotiations and not quite know once than a negotiation like this but I spent you know 20 years in Business and Finance during multi multi-billion dollar deals I spent five years in government running four departments and and many new deals I've taken this year I've taken more bills through Parliament than any other government department so there's a lot of experience there and I would use every ounce of it to try and deliver a deal

BREAKING: Rory Stewart eliminated from Tory leadership contest

on behalf of the 1922 committee the right honourable Dame Cheryl Gillan and I as returning officers of the election for the leader of the conservative and unionist party can now declare the results of the third ballot the total number of votes cast in today's ballot was 313 the total number of ballot papers rejected was 0 the total number of votes given to each candidate in alphabetical order were as follows Michael Gove 51 Jeremy Hunt 54 Sajid Javid 38 Boris Johnson 143 Rory Stewart 27 the following candidates are now eligible to continue on to the next ballot on Thursday 20th of June at 10:00 a.m. Michael Gove Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid and Boris Johnson