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we stand at a crossroads on the one hand is a choice of something that I don't want to call populism I don't want to call it populism because I believe in people right the reason I'm here the reason I listen to you the reason I talk to you is that I believe in listening to people and talking to people I believe in people I hate the fact that this word populism has been taken by the other side I think the choice is instead a choice on the one hand of fairy story and on the other hand of the energy of prudence of seriousness of realism that is going to make this so much a better so much a happier country and although I'm going to speak today almost entirely about what I love about this country almost entirely about the ways in which this country can be so so much better than it currently is I'm going to start with that great prancing elephant in the room in this big circus tent I'm speaking not about the leading leadership contender here and sleeping I'm speaking [Applause] the great prancing elephant in the tent is of course this vision that I don't call populism but I call negativism summed up in that phrase no deal but it's not just no to a deal it's no to everything it's no to Europe it's no to trade it's no to Parliament it's no to reality and we're not a no country this country's greatness your greatness in your individual lives and your families and your businesses and the charities you work in is founded not on the word no but on the word yes and it's a yes that's founded in reality because underlying all these stories that the other candidates are putting forward that masquerade as optimism is the failure of failure to grasp reality what they are telling you is fairy stories they're giving you exactly what I read every evening to my two-year-old and my four-year-old in bed if I'm ever released from Parliament's in time and it's always the same story right sometimes the villain is The Gruffalo at this particular moment the villain appears to be the elites and the establishment in Europe but the story is the same the story is there is Samba nighted victim there is some great scapegoat who's responsible for our ills and there's some secret magical paths which you're going to be led on through this great prophet who's going to lead you to the uplands but this prophet is not a real prophet it is a prophet of negativity it is a prophet of the know it is the great word of all the false prophets through the ages

Tory leadership candidates clash over Brexit date

well the real turn of events here is that what some of those Tory candidates have been saying has spurred an extraordinary a new twist in the plot because opposition parties have got together with some Tory MPs and have come up they think with a clever scheme which will allow them to use a vote that happens tomorrow to start a process which could mean that a majority of MPs in the house could stop a future Tory Prime Minister if they wanted to leaving the EU with no deal it would also they think start a process which could allow them to stop the idea of suspending Parliament something that gets talked about by Dominic ROM one of the leadership contenders in particular and that they think they've found a way of trying to stop that suspension happening a suspension which it was intended would stop MPs stopping No Deal how does this all work effectively they they book a day in the parliamentary timetable as it happens the 25th of June it might be that they use that day to book another day but eventually they hope that they will bring in a bill that will by statute stop a future Tory Prime Minister if they were trying to do this getting away with it and you know just at a moment a slight lull in parliamentary life the Chief Whip probably had his feet up he not only faces a critical vote tomorrow which could start this whole process he also faces potentially ministerial resignations because those people have been doing the calculations for this whole scheme reckon that it can only get through if maybe a few people who were still in the government come over to their side and help them and on cue Rory Stewart one of the contenders to be our next prime minister and and to be Tory leader has turned round and said you know what I'm a slightly minded to vote for this wheeze so the whips will be scratching their heads wondering exactly how they should deal with all of this and just when things were relatively quiet at least on the parliamentary votes front there's a massive headache for the Gov in the report that follows there is some strong language bizarrely I have to tell you because one of the people who wants to be our next Prime Minister was holding up a sign cabinet turned into something of an off-camera hustings today so did Jared said the Treasury haven't given the Home Office the money it needed to brace itself for No Deal bricks it will we Stewart declared they'd want a suspend Parliament to avoid it frustrating a No Deal brexit acting illegally the Attorney General said it wasn't actually illegal Rory Stewart then continued the route side whatever the Attorney General says he tweeted suspending Parliament would be unconstitutional offensive indefensible and futile while they bickered a cross-party group of MPs was plotting to block no deal deploying unconventional parliamentary tactics Rory Stuart's at his leadership campaign launch said he was almost certain to back the cross party effort to change the law so a prime minister can't exit the EU no deal if there's a majority of MPs in the Commons against that I haven't read the details this my instinct as I would be wholly supportive of a move that tried to do that he said they thought Tory activists wouldn't in the end back the front-runner Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister and when you ask them do you really and I don't want to make this too personal but do you really feel that this is the person that you want engaging with the detail of the future of your health and education system is this the person that you want writing the instructions to the nuclear submarines is this the man that you want embodying your nation on the world stage and guiding you through the most difficult choice that Britain has faced for 50 years I trust the conservative members to arrive at the correct answer at a Westminster lunch the leadership contender Andrea led 'some unveiled the slogan attacking the speaker a man she thinks connives with cross-party remains to defy brexit supporters earlier in more serious mode and led some launched her leadership campaign defending her decision to stay in the cabinet right up until the beginning of last month when she resigned and principal of the brexit process I stayed working hard in cabinet for three years supporting the prime minister to get her brexit deal over the line it was very uncomfortable at times but my view was that staying in government to fight for brexit was the right thing to do a man who didn't get a job under tourism a Mark Harper launched his leadership campaign suggesting serving under to resume disqualified others from succeeding her frankly everyone else in this race has at some point over the last three years been sat around the cabinet table and has participated in the decisions that have led to not leaving the European Union three years after that referendum every single one of them has participated in fundamental missed judgments that have got us to where we are Linton Crosby long-standing adviser to Boris Johnson pitched up at Parliament today to tell some Tory MPs what a hit Boris Johnson is in marginal seats candidate himself will finally be shared briefly that is launched tomorrow in Brussels the outgoing European Commission President jean-claude Juncker was asked if the EU would as many candidates for the leadership demand rethink two resumes brexit divorce deal as far as the content of the we've all agreement is concerned we can have some clarifications Precision's additions to the political declaration concerned the future of our relations even when it comes to limiting the backstop in time no do you have any particular favourite for next UK prime minister No maybe he just wanted to terrify the candidates he might just endorse one of them and in their chances well in a moment I'll be talking to one of the candidates mark Harper but first joining me from Westminster is the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas who is backing this cross party motion how is it going to work well essentially I think MPs on all sides of the house of becoming increasingly alarmed at the more and more reckless statements coming out of the mouths of people like Dominic Rob so essentially tomorrow there'll be a motion that'll last for about an hour which will enable MPs we hope to be able to take control of the business in two weeks time on the 25th of June and when we get that opportunity to be able to organize the business of the 25th of June what we want to be able to do is to have a bill that will make it mandatory upon the prime minister to come forward to Parliament and seek their permission before trying to crash out of the EU so essentially what we're seeking to do is to stop the prorogation of parliament we're trying to stop whoever is the new prime minister from careering over the edge of a of a cliff we're trying to get the steering wheel off them to try to make sure that we absolutely and have the opportunity to make sure that that gets a vote in Parliament first because we are confident that should that be put to Parliament the big chances are that they would say no but are you sure you're gonna have the conservative rebels to get this vote through because in the past these votes have gone through at the last minute when we were about to hit the buffers we're nowhere near that at the moment I think there is such a concern about the idea of suspending Parliament of just dismissing Parliament as if we're some kind of irritant rather than an essential part of the of the overall governance of this country but that has angered so many MPs on the conservative side as well as labour that I think there's a very good chance we will get those toriel rebels I think to sort of hear you know Dominic Rob being so cavalier about potentially even drawing in the Queen er – this whole debacle er has really angered so many people so this is an opportunity to put down a red line and say hang on a minute you are not going to sideline Parliament is essentially what this is about it's about stopping the the suspension of Parliament and the ability of one person essentially to decide on such a major issue that we might well crash bottom line how confident are you that Parliament will stop no deal happening at any time I am confident that were it's to be the case that we were on the edge of that cliff and Parliament had the opportunity to stop us going over that cliff into no deal I'm confident that Parliament would use all means to stop that happening Caroline Lucas thank you very much well mark Harper is with me now the former Chief Whip who's one of the candidates to be the next prime minister Rory Stuart's first said he's minded to back this as a former Chief Whip should a cabinet minister threatening to vote against the government be sacked well I've been very clear to two things Krishnan firstly when jeremy corbyn's Labour Party proposes anything given Jeremy Corbyn stance on never doing anything was in the national interest my instinct is to not support it and I think that would be the instinct of the vast majority of Conservative MPs on what Rory has said I've looked at the the comments he's made this evening saying he would be minded to support it it's very clear it would be government policy tomorrow to oppose what is being proposed and my colleagues in Parliament the chief Whitman everybody down will expect every Conservative MP and particularly every cabinet minister to support the government and you agree with Rory Stewart that note that there any brexit by October the 31st is impossible I've been very clear that I think we have to leave the European Union my preference is a deal but I'm prepared to leave without a deal if the alternative was never leaving at all but I've been clear that I don't think Parliament will allow us to leave without a deal unless my conservative colleagues are persuaded that every single step has been taken to reach a deal and I haven't proposed sidelining Parliament I do understand you've got to take Parliament we did you give Parliament a vote but I thought before taking us out with no deal I'm very clear if Parliament wants if a majority of MPs want to stop No Deal I've been very clear that they're able to do so as Prime Minister would you put it to Parliament before taking us out with no deal well III think in the last result harlot of Parliament the Parliament will be able would you give them those well it depends on the circumstances oh I hope that doesn't it's a really simple no it does Prime Minister would have the opportunity to put up to Parliament vote it does because I'm planning to get a new deal if I'm Prime Minister and put that to Parliament and take us out now I I don't want to start thinking about what happens if we don't get one but I'm very clear if the conservative party doesn't get us out of the European Union we're not going to succeed we're not going to be in government the party is going to be destroyed and that's what conservative colleagues are gonna have to confront you said look comfortable with No Deal coming to you yes I if the alternative is leaving is not leaving at all so let's just work out what that means what is the economic impact on retailers of No Deal well if you're comfortable well I think the government's going to take every step to prepare for No Deal and whether No Deal is very difficult or just a bit bumpy but what it will also depend on the attitude of our European Union partners and one of the reasons why I've said you need to approach these negotiations in a sensible tone and spirit is because if we left without a deal and our European Union partners wanted to help make that work then actually it would be bumpy but it would be managed to cover you rated-r if our European Union partners didn't want it to work and wanted it to be difficult then it would be very difficult a lot of it would be very difficult well if our European Union partners wanted to have you read the government reports about the impact on Northern Ireland business I have read the various government reports that have been produced so what does that tell us about the impact on business yeah well it would be difficult which is exactly why I've said my preference is to leave with a deal and I set out today at my campaign launch in some detail my approach to getting us out with a deal prepared to say you're comfortable with No Deal don't you have to spell out to people honestly what No Deal mean yes it would be difficult because it would mean wellness that the thing that dependent makes the difference is it all depends on what our partners in the European Union what their tone and what their approach is if it would be the effect on the pound what do you think it would fall well I don't I don't know I suspect it would initially um it depends what currency markets what would be the past well it all depends krishnan on what our European partners the tone and whether they wish to effectively administer a punishment beating or not I'm going to be approaching these negotiations if I'm prime minister in a constructive tone building a constructive relationship with the Irish government with the getting Stormont back up and running to reassure both communities in Northern Ireland and all parties and approaching our European Union partners in a constructive spirit I would be quite surprised if I were to conduct myself like that if they were to respond in the way that you're suggesting what reason may would have been quite surprised as well she tried for three years and got nowhere I mean the point is you've said you can't go around promising things that you can't deliver yeah you're promising something you can't deliver because you can't promise a deal before the next election well I've been very clear you absolutely cannot deliver a deal by the 31st of October there simply isn't time to get our european union partners back round the negotiating table get a deal and get it through both houses upon them that's not realistic I think it is realistic to be able to do that with some more time and it's also clear that we cannot go to the country in any set of national elections without having left the European Union we just saw what happened we've got 9% in a national set of elections you cannot as a governing party keep getting that level of support and expect to remain a functioning political party is essential you're mean you don't have a well-known record but you were immigration minister during the go home vans we were life as we ended you said about that is that it didn't work what you never acknowledged is how offensive it was well do you understand how offensive it was to anybody well from an immigrant background illegal immigrant backgrounds who's been told go home well that that was a terrible things for one side well the message was aimed at illegal immigrants so it was aimed at people who were in the United Kingdom you'd either come here illegally or had come here legally and had out stayed their legal right to be here so we tested that no no and it wasn't it wasn't effective and I listen very carefully you and I had the conversation at the time we looked to see if it was effective it wasn't effective at all and we did a pilot over the summer and we didn't ever do it again because it wasn't effective and I set out in a House of Commons Select Committee report and in some evidence but it didn't work and we didn't do it again lastly there's a debates on Sunday Boris Johnson hasn't done any appearances yet should all the candidates be there yes and if I'm still in the race after Thursday didn't wanna take anything for granted I'll be there my campaign launched today I got people to ask me any questions I answer all of them and that's I think the approach for anyone who wants to be Prime Minister

Mark Harper launches bid for Tory leadership – watch live

when you just do the same as I'm done with this one we've got is going down three that have you got it back yeah thank you superstar no thanks very much everyone got two mics I know it's fine no no no no help yourself nope literally I was I was I was having I was having no it's fine I was I wasn't there I was literally just having Mike's plate oh no no no it's fine honestly no no I wasn't I was only I was only part I was any par [Applause] Steve thank you and very much indeed and thank you very much ladies and gentlemen right this is going to be my way of doing this I thought I would prefer rather than a reading you a speech that somebody else is written I thought I would just set out briefly why I'm running in this contest and what I will do if I'm elected leader of the Conservative Party and the Britain's next prime minister when I'm very happy to ask have you ants aren't asking me anything you want I will try and give you an answer I've had a look at some of the things that my ask me anything pictures led to on Twitter and there's some questions that I'll be on my realm of competence I think Jay Rayner wants me to give my opinion about egg base sources which I'm afraid anyone who's seen in the kitchen knows what works so let me hit straight into it we're in very challenging times and this is going to be a very very difficult next few months for whoever is elected as prime minister we've got to get brexit delivered we've got to get the country governs properly for the next three years and then we've got to fight and win the next general election I think I have a plan to do all three of those and also to set out what the Conservative Party is about which is about freedom and it's about opportunity and opportunity matters to somebody like me I come from the working-class family my parents my dad was a laborer for the electricity company my mum was a correspondent to Clarke and I'm the first person in my family to go to university I want that opportunity for doing as much as you can do to be open to everyone and I have to say for my parents the fact that I'm standing here nominated as a candidate to be the leader of my party and of shout at being Prime Minister it's something I think it's fair to say when they brought me home from the hospital 49 years ago probably wasn't on the list of things that they thought I was going to do that's not what people from from my family kind of had on the to-do list so let me kick off with my brick seat plan because actually we have to start there because if we don't get bricks it delivered however much we want to talk about other things we're not going to get the opportunity so my plan is really stick and it is credible and I think having listened to the other candidates it's the only one that is I am prepared to leave if I'm given the choice between not leaving at all and leaving without a deal I am prepared and comfortable with leaving without a deal because the British people gave us an instruction and that has to be delivered and it is not acceptable to not deliver it but my preference is to leave with a deal because I think that's better for the country I think it's better for the integrity of the United Kingdom and I think it's better for our politics and the reason why I think I am the right person to do that is because frankly everyone else in this race has at some point over the last three years been sat around the cabinet table and has participated in the decisions that have led to not leaving the European Union three years after that referendum every single one of them has participated in fundamental missed judgments that have got us to where we are and I think we need a fresh approach and I think it's going to mean these three things it's going to mean the Prime Minister sitting down with the cabinet and the Conservative parliamentary party and doing effectively what my colleague Kip Malthouse dudes getting us to a position that we can agree on so that when you go into that European council chamber you know exactly where you can afford to give where you have to hold the line and what you can get through Parliament when you get back it's a very narrow landing zone it's going to have to be delivered on our benches with our DUP allies and probably no more than a handful maybe two handfuls of Labour MPs that's as good as it gets we're not going to carry this with a majority of fifty or a hundred it's going to be 10 or 15 it's going to be in that order of magnitude to get permission to sit around the table with our European Union partners it's going to mean getting some credibility with the Irish government so a priority is sitting down with the tea shop and the leader of Fiona Foyle the opposition party in Ireland and getting them to understand that we mean what we said when we signed up to the Belfast agreement we mean to deliver a border in Northern Ireland that is infrastructure free so that the people of the north of the north and the Republic can cross that border freely as they do today and as I saw for myself last year it's only if they buy that and they believe we're straight and credible on that that they're going to be prepared to sit around a table with our EU partners and discuss these issues I think we've got to put a real effort into getting storm on back up and running because I think that will provide a structure to build confidence with both communities in Northern Ireland and all of the political parties and that will be an essential component of getting that credibility that gets us around the table to get a deal or I think it's going to mean showing our European Union Union partners a bit of stick and a bit of carrot but in a diplomatic way about what we bring to the table as the largest military power in Europe the preeminent contributor to security and intelligence relationships in Europe that helps keep everyone safe and also what a Britain with a good relationship with our European Union partners will look like when we leave we're leaving the European Union we're not leaving Europe and I think we have to show them that it's worth sitting around the table and let's face it going back on what they are going to say for the next two months that they're not prepared to change anything about the withdrawal agreement and message I would have for them is it must be very clear to you by now that the withdrawal agreement unchanged isn't going to get through Parliament if they really hold to not being prepared to talk about at all they are saying that they want us to leave without a withdrawal agreement and I don't think that would be a reasonable position the reason why I think a No Deal threat is credible is because I think if we approach our European Union partners in a spirit of openness and we Buster ger we do everything we can to get a deal and they're simply not prepared to budge that in those circumstances only those circumstances well I think there will will there be a majority in the House of Commons to leave without a deal and that's why I think a No Deal is credible but it's only credible if you have strained every sinew to get a deal which is why I'm afraid the bit where I perhaps will make myself not popular with my colleagues is when I say that it is not going to be possible to leave on the 31st of October I would love to I voted in Parliament to leave on the 29th of March I voted to leave on the 12th of April I voted against extending article 50 twice but not enough people in Parliament did so and I'm afraid it is not credible to say you can renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and get it through both houses of parliament by the 31st of October it's not credible to say that you can somehow make Parliament vote for the existing unchanged withdrawal agreement by the 31st of October and it's not credible to say if you haven't properly tried to get a deal that Parliament won't be able to stop you we lost a votes in Parliament by one on the cupola twin bowls bill the attempt to stop us my judgement is if that happened again and we hadn't tried to get a deal we wouldn't have the nine Labour MPs that were with the government we wouldn't have the DUP and there would be at least the 14 conservative colleagues that voted against the government and some more mr. speaker would have a majority behind him of at least 40 to do whatever rewriting of the rules he wanted to stop us leaving however determined the Prime Minister was which is why I don't think the 31st of October is credible but I don't believe in kicking the can down the road and for me we're not going back to the country in any set of elections till we've left the European Union and I'm very conscious we've got a set of elections next year and we're going to have left the European Union before we face the people again we're not getting 9% national opinion national set of elections again I don't think the Conservative Party couldn't survive forcing our voters to vote for other people time after time after time so that is my brexit plan I think it is the only credible plan on the table and it's informed by my experience as a minister who's taken difficult pieces of legislation through Parliament and as a former government chief Whig final things before I do questions Jonas I can see you're keen final thing we get breaks it down we've got a government for the next three years that's going to mean taking some difficult decisions it doesn't mean spending 60 70 80 90 billion pounds of taxpayers money it's difficult to keep up with my colleagues in this leadership race about how quickly we're spending money it's fair to set up direction of travel I want to spend more money on education further apprentice further education and apprenticeships for the half of the children that don't get to go to university but I'm not going to be plucking figures out of the air and making massive commitments we've just spent nine years becoming fiscally credible getting the public finances in order and I'm not throwing it away and finally we need to restore proper collective responsibility we need a government to disappoint all the journalists in the room but a cabinet that doesn't leak like a sieve well you can't read verbatim transcripts of every cabinet meeting 30 minutes after it's taken place or sometimes even live on Twitter as it's going we need proper discipline a functioning whips office and a parliamentary party that remembers that we're a team and I think the country expects us to function like a team all pulling together in the national interest that's what I bring to this party and you're all invited now ask me some questions John you got your hand up first well on your first point one of the reasons why I think it's worth being very cautious and why I spent some time setting up my plan is I think there's a very narrow landing zone and I think people that are not careful do run the risk of plunging us into an early election and I think for the Conservative Party that would be because it would let in the most dangerous left-wing government that we've had for many years that would both be a threat to economic and national security so my judgement is we have to be very careful I think there is a landing zone to get a deal through but I also think there is a majority to leave without a deal because I think my colleagues who are very very nervous about no deal would be persuaded to leave on that basis if they felt that there was no other alternative they're not going to be persuaded of that unless we've seriously tried to get a deal which is why I think rushing headlong towards the 31st of October isn't a credible plan on your own second point I think it's worth I'm not going to use the language of views but I am going to try and be very careful here I believe in keeping my promises which means I'm careful about the promises I make and it's very obvious to me that some of the choices that have been set out by some of the other candidates I don't think are the right choices for me I want to cut taxes the tax burdens at the 50-year high but I want to focus our tax cuts on people at the lower end of the spectrum we just delivered our manifesto commitments in the budget last year we've just increased the threshold just just a few months ago that kicked in this April for both basic rate and higher rate tax payers we've delivered our promise I don't think we should be promising more money to higher rate tax because I want to focus my efforts at the lower end of the spectrum both on the national living wage on work allowances for people on universal credits get help to families and on the basic rate of income tax that's what that's that covers most people in the country not a small percentage at the top the brutal truth is most of the pledges though that are being made and nots going to happen in this Parliament for the next three years there isn't a majority for them and I don't think we should be making promises that we can't keep the toxic thing about not leaving the European Union on the 29th of March apart from not leaving was the fact that the Prime Minister had promised over and over again that that's what we were going to do the warning I would issue is this for all my colleagues promising that we're going to leave on the 31st of October nothing will put rocket boosters up Nigel Faraj that's not a thing that we want to imagine nothing's going to put rocket boosters under him and his brexit party like making a promise that we're going to leave on the 31st of October and then failing to keep it that's why I'm not making that promise because it's not credible and it's not deliverable and I want to and I want to destroy the brexit party by delivering brexit well I'm going to set up my plan I want to bring the Conservative Party together at the end of this process because we need to govern so I'm going to set out my plan it's for my colleagues and ultimately my members of my party to make a judgment about how credible being and I'm content to leave that judgment to them and for you to write up in your stories Paul okay so look I'm absolutely happy to except I'm the underdog in this race I think I'm a serious underdog I've got six years of Minister experian experience including sitting around the cabinet table and delivering a conservative programme through Parliament when we had a small majority and part of the reason people probably haven't heard of me is because I held that dicks in the when you're a successful chief whip people haven't heard of you and people tend to hear about chief whips when it's not going well and for the avoidance of doubt I think that's less to do with the current chief whip or more to do with the cabinet as a whole it's not all his responsibility most interesting thing about me is that my background I come from a working-class background I am about making the country having maximum opportunities for people that come from backgrounds like mine I'm the only candidate in this race who went to a comprehensive school but then got to Oxford University I'm very proud of having gone to Oxford Nonis my family's ever done that before I want to make sure every single child in this country gets an opportunity to maximize their potential that's what I want to do that's what I care about and for me it's personal what would I want to ask Boris Johnson fact what I want to ask all candidates is if you want to be Prime Minister and you want to lead this country I think you have to be prepared to set out your stall I think you have to open yourself up to questioning and you have to be prepared to level with people about the challenges and I think you've got to be prepared to be questioned about it we had a general election campaign in two years ago when I think the Prime Minister demonstrated that she wasn't as good as campaigning as we all hoped she would be and I think part of the next couple of months for the Conservative Party this is a massive opportunity for us to show that we end up with someone with two people both of whom could be Prime Minister both of whom a campaign and both of whom can answer questions and deal with challenges from the public and I would say to everyone running in this race you need to be prepared to do so if you want to lead our country yes no I get that's their position but I don't think it is a reasonable position to say that we have to sign a treaty which has no end I mean our relationship of the European Union how they article 50 in the treaty which meant we could give two years notice and leave I don't think asking us to sign a withdrawal agreement that literally has no end and if the backstop is triggered it potentially could go on forever and I think part of what we need to do is to establish a relationship of trust so that the Irish government and the EU who both have legitimate concerns about both the border both from a Belfast agreement perspective and protecting the single market are confident that we can set up a process to get to a solution and that has some end points because it must be obvious to them that the withdrawal agreement with an open-ended backstop isn't going to get through Parliament the best school the Prime Minister got was 58 against her and originally the defeat was the worst defeat of any government in history so it's just not going to happen and I think we have to have a grown-up conversation with them about that but part of it's about trust and credibility and that's what we haven't had so far ha and I'm not pretending this is easy it's not sound biteable if it was that easy we'd have done it by now it's going to be hard graft it's going to require diplomacy it's going to require tact and it's going to require trust both with our EU partners and with colleagues in Parliament and I think my track record shows I can bring all of those skills to the party some of the other contenders in this race but well you're quite right I did take the fix in Parliament through Parliament it's part of the reason why I'm actually think this Parliament should go it's full term because I don't actually think having elections every five minutes is a very good idea actually and I think last general election demonstrated the wisdom of that well the answer is what happens in that two-week period depends on politics we did think about making it very prescriptive at the time and we took the view and I think this was the right view but it depends on the political dynamic so the honest answer to the question is it would depend on what was going on and the question I would or the challenge I have to my colleagues who were contemplate well I think would be a very reckless there is they wouldn't know what was going to happen it would be perfectly possible that if people voted against a confidence motion they could end up with Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister without a general election and we would then go into a general election with him already being Prime Minister and the Labour Party being in government and so that's why I would say to my colleagues I think if conservative colleagues those that haven't currently been comfortable with leaving without a deal if they're faced with a government that has busted a guard done everything humanly possible to get a deal but just hasn't been able to get one that can get through Parliament in those circumstances seeing what happens to the Conservative Party when we don't deliver brexit we get 9% in a national election and being faced with a Jeremy Corbyn government I think in those circumstances there would be a majority in parliament to leave without a deal but it is a very narrow landing zone and you were not going to get to there without a great deal of caution but I think it has to be on the table because otherwise you're not going to persuade all European Union partners to come back around the table but this is going to have to be done carefully and cautiously with colleagues and I don't think you're going to be able to do it by blundering around like a bull in a china shop gosh yes fishing at the back no to be clear look I don't think it's sensible to start threatening people and saying you know if you don't participate we're going to know withdraw cooperation that keeps us all safe but I just think it's worth setting out what it is we bring to this party and the fact that we're not leaving Europe we're leaving the European Union we're still going to want to cooperate with countries with whom we share values and where we share the same part of the world we're going to want to keep ourselves collectively safe we're engaged with most of them in NATO we're the largest European member of NATO we're going to want to continue working with them on shared foreign policy goals for example we know we're with them on keeping Iran contained we want to continue showing that I just think we've done a very good job of showing them what we bring to the party and what a future relationship would look like with a cooperative Britain as contrasted with if they were to force us to leave without a deal and that was to be a very uncomfortable experience I don't think that relationship would be one that would be in Britain's interest or our European partners and I think we just have to set out some of these things so that they look at both the upside and the downside of a future relationship with us outside the European Union and I don't think we've done that consistently enough you're right the Prime Minister did set that out in Florence but I think she's done that consistently enough over the last few years yes Henry well two things Henry first of all just to be clear I can think of easier ways of trying to get a job in government than running to be leader of my party okay so you put yourself up to do this I'm doing this for one reason and one reason only which I set out I think I've got the skills to be able to get this job done I've been a member of this party for 30 years and unlike some of my contenders I'm the only candidate in this race who represents a seat in parliament that I had to win back from an opposition party when I was selected to fight it had a Labour majority of six and a half thousand I won it in 2005 held it in 2010 2015 and 2017 it now has a Tory majority of close to 10,000 it didn't get there by accident I know how to beat the Labour Party and keep them beat and I want to make sure we don't throw any seats away like we did two years ago so I'm in this because I want to win it and I think I'm the right person to do it and if I get down to the final two if I'm not successful I want to make sure the winner is properly tested and I will see this contest the distance so whatever job if there's a leading contender whatever job they offer me I'm not going away it's in the national interest that this contest goes the distance and whoever wins is properly tested both campaigning and in terms of their plan because we saw what happened two years ago when that didn't happen and it didn't end well that's why I'm in this race and that's why I'm in it to win yes five which is the number that voted for the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement my view last October I said we were going to get had to get this done on our benches with our DUP allies and I said we wouldn't get more than a handful of Labour MPs so I was bang on I think there's maybe a few more Labour MPs we might get two handfuls of Labour MPs the fantasy that we're going to get 10 20 30 40 50 of them we're just not gonna get loads of labour in peace deal with the Labour Party never going to happen one of my opponents in this race I thought set out very powerfully why Jeremy Corbyn was not fit to be Prime Minister when he wound up the speech in the vote of confidence I agreed with every single word he said but my view is if you believe all of those things about Jeremy Corbyn it was a mistake to think that you were gay ever going to be able to do deal with him in the national interest because that's not what Jeremy call wins about made the wrong call about every big issue over the last 30 years and I saw in the House of Commons over Salisbury when we were attacked by a foreign power with chemical weapons the Prime Minister to her credit made exactly the right call Jeremy Corbyn when faced with the choice defaulted to believing what a state that just attacked us thought rather than our own intelligence agencies not a man you can do business with lots of very decent Labour MPs Mike spirits on this first of eight the Prime Minister had when she became prime minister was on Trident Hill remember lots of Labour MPs voted with the government all the whipping for that and the relationships that got that to happen were all done when I was Chief Whip I know how to work with the Labour Party but it's a very small number of people were going on our benches predominantly it's gonna have to be Tory MPs and I'll DUP allies with some Labour MPs adding adding on they're not gonna get it over the line for us well I think you've got to explain to them what remember a lot of Labour MPs come from areas of the country that voted to leave and some of them want to do a deal but they didn't have the confidence that it was going to get over the line they're not going to help us be defeated by a smaller margin they're only going to vote with us if they think we can get the deal the line that's why it needs to be credible yes yes I think it's essential the anybody in this race takes part in TV debates so if I'm in the race after Thursday which I'm very confident I will be I think there are TV debates at the weekend and I think there is another raft of them next week and if I'm in the final – I'll take plate take part in all of the debates that the broadcaster's are laying on I think it's important that we have that level of scrutiny well I think look this this race is about who can campaign you know some of the some of the candidates are set saying that they're fantastic campaigners and they can reach the parts of the country that other people can't reach you know and you can let them out on the doorstep and they can persuade people well let's show us I think this race we're gonna have loads of Hosting's meetings around the country for the final two I think you've got to be prepared to go out there make the case to our members and make the case to the public because we have to be very conscious we're running to be leader of the conservative and unionist party but the winner of that contest is going to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and I think the public are entitled to see us in action see us answering questions and and frankly it's also an opportunity you effectively this is the start of the 20 I'm afraid start of the 2022 general election campaign because at the end of this process the public's going to have taken a view about the person that becomes prime minister then if we're going to win that election in 2022 we better make sure that the view they reach is a very positive one okay Sam pitch today is that well it's a perfectly fair question Sandler I've done in the roles that I've done in Parliament I've done roles which mean I had to take my conservative colleagues with me and both when I was constitutional reform minister and chief wit which which means that I have the confidence I think to get a deal through Parliament which is essential that's something that hasn't taken place and when I was immigration Minister I did have to deal with admittedly not a head of government level but I did have to deal with other countries in tough negotiations on difficult subjects so I look I accept I don't have as much experience as the other people around the cabinet table but the the challenge I would put back to you by way of answering that is the people currently sitting around the cabinet table yes have more experience at around the cabinet table but they've also taken part in all of the failed decisions that haven't got us out of the European Union over the last three years so if you want to carry on with people who haven't got us out over the last three years you know pick one of the other people because you can guarantee you know if if they had a magic plan a way of getting us out of the European Union my question to them is why didn't they think of speaking up over the last three years no George Osborne I think got it right if you're in the cabinet you're not a bystander you need to shape where you've got to the primary responsibility is with the Prime Minister but I think the responsibility for the fact we haven't left the European Union and the fact we haven't kept our promises is shared by the people who've been around the cabinet table over the last three years and I don't think they can escape that responsibility and I think you have to weigh that against the experience they to be fair they've had over the last three years yes well I think all candidates in this race oh the public clear answers I've been asked about any drug use I've had and I've been very clear I haven't taken any illegal drugs in my entire life I'm made you know and I come from a background frankly where I was brought up where people didn't do that sort of thing and I never didn't get invited to those sort of parties and I don't hang out in those sorts of circles and frankly I agree with what the Home Secretary said I think there are consequences for that sort of behavior and it tends to fall on those perhaps from less privileged areas of society but I think we should all answer questions like this I think if you want to be Prime Minister I think the question colleagues in Parliament need to ask themselves is if you're not prepared to answer these questions now you're going to get asked all these questions in a general election campaign and if I'm a Conservative MP in a marginal constituency I want the person that's going to be leading my party to answer these questions now I don't want to be up I don't want them to be answering these questions in three years time when it's going to be my marginal constituency that's up for grabs so I think everyone has to answer those questions and then my colleagues will make a judgement about how Frank and open we've been and you know and if you've got nothing to hide you won't mind answering the questions yes gentlemen there well first of all we were in charge of tightening up the immigration system so that only people who were legally in the United Kingdom were able to be here and use our public services now it is absolutely the case that there have been a number of examples where the administration of that has been at fault and I think one of the things that we should also we should focus on in government is not just passing laws but we should also make sure that we govern the country properly and where there have been mistakes they need to be corrected and we need to make sure that people entitled to be in Britain so British citizens and those who are here lawfully are able to live here safely and securely and access public services they're entitled to and we should make sure that people who are not here lawfully are removed and leave the country that's what people expect us to do mistakes will be made and they need to be put right but I don't resolve from having a firm but fair immigration system where we control who comes to the United Kingdom and we set the rules but I absolutely agree with you but it needs to be administered in a competent and sensible manner that's what I always tried to do when I was immigration Minister and that's what I think we need to do going forward yeah okay so on the first one the people backing me some of my supporters have come out publicly some have not yet because there are some people that are constrained about being able to announce who they think but the fact that I'm normally 18 means you know there are the number of people backing me and and some people were skeptical about that last week and I was very clear I was going to be nominated and I have been only you issue I'll be very clear I obviously has a back bencher I haven't had sit downs with angular Merkel and president mackerel I've listened to what they've said publicly I followed this very carefully and I just go back to what I said before the other contenders who are doing lots of name-dropping have been sat around the cabinet table and my challenge to them would be if you've got a plan to get this done why hasn't it been done and why did you vote to not take us out of the European Union on the 29th of March and the 12th of April why did you vote to extend article 50 and why does did you lead us into a set of European elections where we schooled the lowest vote in a national set of elections that the Conservative Party's ever scored in its history I don't think that's a record that I would be proud of and I'm very happy to say that I am a fresh face doing this but frankly if we carry on with the same approach that we've had for the last three years we're going to get the same answer so we need a fresh approach and I think that will be ultimately more successful Robert well I think first of all I I do agree it is difficult to get things done in a hung parliament I don't agree it's not possible to get anything done so we do have a majority with our confidence and supply partners I accept it's not a very large majority but I don't accept there are two things I think you can do first of all I think you can if you communicate outside Westminster and you can set out credible popular policies then I think you can actually create an environment in Parliament where actually you can take your MPs and our confidence and supply partners with you and actually where your opponent's in Parliament not just the Labour Party but the other parties actually won't be desperately trying to stop you because you'll actually be doing things that are popular I mean be quite a novelty to come up with policies that were popular and we were championing so I don't agree you can't do anything but I also think in terms of laying the groundwork for the next election we could actually set out some proper conservative policies that would be popular in the country and I accept it might not be possible to deliver all of them in Parliament but I think actually and you wouldn't want to be doing this every day of the week but actually if we set somehow we had an argument about then we set out a case some some of them we wouldn't get through Parliament but then we moving up say to the public here's this policy which solves this difficult social issue we think this is the right policy we can't get it through Parliament's at the moment this is why at the general election when it comes we're going to be asking you to give us a majority and I think we could do that and we could lay the groundwork for that campaign in 2022 I don't accept the premise of the question but is it impossible to govern with a small majority difficult yes but not impossible but you do have to want to solve some of these problems let me give you an example adult social care we've been talking about it since the general election and there's a green paper we're going to consult on it again there was a solution put forward for the half of the budget that's about older people we asked Andrew dill not to do a commission on this and set out a solution he did so the conclusion you reached was that the public didn't think we should the taxpayer should pay for everything but it also thought it was unfair that people should use all of their resources by the last 23,000 to pay for it themselves he suggested that we capped it has already been legislated for it requires a statutory instrument with two numbers in it my judgment is we should get on and do that now we could do that literally in a matter of weeks and I think we could deliver that through this Parliament and if I were Prime Minister I would commit to doing it I'm not going to set out the exact numbers because that requires a bit of thought about how much it's going to cost but I think that's something we could get on and do it we could show the British people we were taking difficult decisions and we can get on and do them and that's an example where I think action rather than talking about it will be a really good step forward I think that's my starting point coming back to the question of in that Nick asked me you know I was the author of the fittest in parliament I think actually having fixed terms for Parliament that's my starting position I think it's a good thing one of the things that's bedeviled British politics is that everyone says we're too short term I've never heard anyone criticize our political system for being too long term so I think my starting position is the election should be in 2022 I mean you can't you can't rule out a change forever but I'm also very conscious the Prime Minister doesn't actually have the ability nowadays to call an election and I'm very conscious particularly after what happened two years ago the enviro to propose as Prime Minister an early election I would have to be absolutely certain that I could take all of my colleagues with me all the election wouldn't happen and as I said if you represent a marginal seat you don't all with people sutures yes I'm very keen on defending the grammar schools that exist we have grammar schools we still have some grammar schools in Gloucestershire not across the whole county so I'm a defender of the grammar sores it exists I don't think that's the right solution for our country I think we should focus on making sure that every state school is a good or outstanding school I want every child to go to a good or outstanding school and when you when you get into the argument grammar schools the big question is what happens to have kids that don't go to grammar school and I want to make sure every child gets the good and outstanding education that they deserve so they can either go to university or have a fantastic vocational education and reach their full potential that's what I'm interested in every child not just a few yes well it very clearly the the message on the the vans was about people who were in Britain illegally and I don't resolve from that message people in the country illegally shouldn't be here what we did was we pilot well we piloted a number of measures that summer to see which ones would be most effective in persuading people that were in the country illegally to leave at the lowest cost of a taxpayer and we said we began in by the evidence and I set out later that year that that particular tactic wasn't at all successful which is why we didn't repeat it I think it was sensible to try it look at the evidence it wasn't successful and we didn't do it again but I don't resolve from the message which is the people who come here legally you know apply for a visa fill in the forms pay the money and follow the rules do not expect other people to abused the system so I don't make an apology for the message but it wasn't successful and we didn't do it again and we settle out in Parliament in its in on the public record I gave evidence to a select committee and we set out all the evidence and the detail in a report that the home office did well raishin Minister yes Quinton do I do I am do I trust Philip Hammond to do what well I think Philip Hammonds actually been a good chancellor he's delivered on the promises that we made at the last general election to cut taxes to increase the tax thresholds and I think he set out some very sensible points in this leadership election about maintaining our fiscal credibility because I think we've just spent nine years building it up and I think he just reminded all of us that we need to be very careful not to squander all that hard work was there something else about well I don't think they would if they didn't think that Prime Minister had busted a got to get a deal but I'm also very clear when I listen to you conservative colleagues like Philip Hammond that they also have spent their entire life in politics trying to keep people like Jeremy Corbyn out of power and they wouldn't look they would be faced with the difficult issue those conservative colleagues that voted for the coop electrum bowls build the voted against us leaving without her withdrawal agreement without a deal we're motivated based on my conversations with them because they feared the economic damage and the political damage to the Conservative Party but what they're all going to have to weigh up is we've seen a very clear example in the European elections about the political damage that will be done to the Conservative Party if we don't leave the European Union so they're going to be two very difficult things that they're going to have to balance up now my judgment is if they think that the conservative Prime Minister has done everything humanly possible to get a deal and it simply hasn't been possible then I think in those circumstances and those circumstances only will the conditions exist for there to be a majority in parliament for us to leave without a deal and that is why I've approached this the way I have and why I've said that I don't think it's credible to say we're leaving on the 31st of October because by the 31st of October I don't think you can credibly say you have done everything humanly possible to get a deal I just don't think it is credible to say that and if you haven't done that we're not going to be leaving because there isn't gonna be a majority in parliament to do it and for the avoidance of doubt I don't think it's sensible to say that you're going to do things like Parag in Parliament I think that would test our Constitution to destruction it would drag the monarch into the most difficult political issue which I think as a conservative I would deprecated and I think it would also put an enormous pressure on our relationship with Northern Ireland and I think it would empower the Scottish First Minister to start us on the path to another Scottish referendum I've been very clear I want the whole United Kingdom to leave the European Union I don't want to leave bits of our country falling off along the way I want to keep our country together someone who hasn't had a question before and then if we've run out of first time questions you get a second one right you get your second one well I don't want to I do want to be personal about things but look I I think I'll look forward to listening to Boris Johnson's plan I think they're for me all of my colleagues have got to answer this question about all the leadership candidates they've got to listen to the plan that they set out and then they've got to ask themselves the question about whether they think each of the candidates has got the skills to deal with our European Union partners in an appropriate way that they think it's going to get them round the table to negotiate a deal have they got the skills to take every single conservative member of parliament and our DUP allies and the two handfuls of Labour MPs that I think are up for grabs through the division Lobby to get that deal through Parliament and do they think they can campaign in a general election and set out an attractive stall not just to people who've traditionally voted conservative but do what Margaret Thatcher did and get new people looking at the Conservative Party in a new way I mean I'll come back to the point that the perfectly fair question that Sam asked me one of the reasons why I think actually having somebody like me as leader would be helpful is because actually I'm less well known than the other candidates and I think actually it would mean that people would look at the Conservative Party and say they've just elected this guy we don't know very much about him actually is there something about him because of his background because of what he's offering we should take a second look at the Conservative Party and I think that's what I bring to the party because I'm less well known than some of the other candidates but my colleagues are gonna have to answer that question about all the leadership candidates not for me to make judgments about Boris Johnson all my competitors that's for my colleagues and and our party members to make those judgments and for you to make those judgments when you're writing about us and I'm content to let that verdict fall where it does in the balance right we all questioned out we've done every single question everyone wanted to answer asked right one more go on you have the last one sorry go on I did say you could ask me anything right very good so for those of you didn't support this when I was going to Swindon my hometown last Friday I did they ask me anything thing on Twitter and Twitter being what it is we got some fantastic questions and the one I odd said slightly tongue-in-cheek was which would win a battle pound for pound and I said it would be the honey badger against the stag beetle so I'm gonna I'm going to answer that one so what was your question in a fight it would be a lion or a bear okay on the basis that the lion is the symbol of Britain I'm going to save a lion and that's your final answer right you want to do something yes of course okay absolutely great okay thank you thanks guys thank you you

10 candidates revealed in Tory leadership contest

10m bees have made it through on to the ballot you will again have heard us saying that that's going to take place on Thursday between 10 a.m. and midday just let me take you through the names Michael Gove Matt Hancock Mike Harper Jeremy Hunt such Javid Boris Johnson Andrea LEDs some estimate very Dominic Rob and Rory Stuart's making up those tents so one didn't make it through he withdrew just about 45 minutes ago Sun Jima said he hadn't been able to garner enough support let's get to instant reaction from our political editor Beth Rigby with me now so stayed a long list then one went but we've got double figures as I say yes that's why don't we had thought that there might be two or three others that might drop out but they've obviously got enough support to get through at least to the first round but really I'd say today all eyes have been on Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove Boris Johnson clearly the front-runner at the moment Michael Gove had a lot to do today to try and pull his campaign back from the brink which I think he actually did do in that very impressive actually speech that he gave at his leadership launch and then of course Jeremy Hunt knocked the ball out of the part and he by turning up at his launch with not one but two cabinet ministers at brexit here penny mordant and a remainer in amber art but all eyes now on Boris Johnson in terms of Dominik Robb not so good for him because Boris Johnson is now picking up really the ERG the Euroskeptic supporting the party with Jacob Riis morg Steve Baker over the weekend and now mark France soir another of the Spartans as they call themselves coming out for mr. Johnson but a full list there of ten candidates I imagine a little drop out quite quickly in the rounds this week so quite had quite a few could go after that first glance about hustings tomorrow and Wednesday yeah I mean they're between 10 and 12 on Thursday yeah that's so it's only the technically the one on the bottom of the palette that has to go that things to gathers may others major I think others may drop out if you have a very low number you'll realize that it might be better at that point just to move aside and let the kind of serious six to eight really battle it out but it's a great platform for people to put forward their policies and what you do see in that list of ten is quite a wide variety of views on brexit from you know McVeigh who would even potentially provoke Harlem and as with Dominic Robert said he would potentially to try and ensure an exit on October the 31st you know to the likes of Rory Stewart who's very much on the other wing of the partying and and would want to delay until brexit could be done Sam dima was the guy he was doing the second referendum it was considered that some people might lend their vote to him just to get him at least into the discussion around warm but obviously couldn't get the numbers tonight

Iain Dale Interviews The Tory Leadership Candidates – Rory Stewart 8pm – LBC

in a pharaoh this is lvc from leading Britain's conversation with the endow hello very good evening it's three minutes past 8:00 here on LBC you can watch us on our Facebook page on Twitter and on YouTube and on the LBC website at LBC co uk I've got Rory Stewart with me Secretary of State for international development one of the ten leadership contenders for the leadership of the Conservative Party Rory thanks for coming in you've got some bad news for us though I have got Bernice you so this is the day of the leadership hustings of the 1992 committee and I was supposed to have four seven I've run to you I'm gonna have to go back between 8:40 8:45 and 9:00 if you were able to have me back on again after 9:00 I'd love to come back on but I've got to get to talk to the MPS because we're in the last days before that Thursday night so and they are your electorate basically and they are in my leg well I'm sorry about this because we have had this in the diary for quite some time now but we understand you have to cater to your electorate so without further ado let's crack on yeah why are you even standing because you've only got a few supporters you know you can't win so what is the point of standing well I think the first thing in is I believe I can win and that's one of the reasons sadly I had to make the difficult position of prioritizing the MPs over all we see if I just been doing this for the laugh site I would have been staying with you so I hopefully understand that the family think you can win because I'm actually quite surprised to hear you say that because you you know your electorate or emps just as well as I do and if you really think that you're going to get a single vote from the brexit support emps you are diluted so with the brexit supporting MPs or the hard bricks that's putting a piece of the ERG types cuz I myself support brexit I just support a primary vote or a deal exactly when you said you would vote remained again if there was another referendum so how do you support practice it I I didn't say it's vote remain again I've said I was completely against a second referendum when somebody who absolutely honored the result of that reform one things that's so stupid in this debate I think is the idea that because somebody voted remain they're suddenly considered a remainer for the rest of life I accept the result of that referendum so that I have I've argued passionately in day-in day-out to get a breaks the deal through and the only reason of Brett's the deal didn't go through is not because of the people that are being called remain its in Parliament it's because people with a very perfectionist version of brexit who didn't want common external tariff block that deal and I'm absolutely against a second referendum I think be divisive polarizing and work to happen I think it would be a terrible thing to try to re-enter the European Union after all we've been through the last three years but if I was a second referendum if so it's the second referendum I'd probably leave politics and I think it would be the most divisive and horrifying thing for this country it would be the end of my political career because I believe in compromise I believe in respecting the result of that referendum getting the brexit deal through in a pragmatic moderate way I hate this division of the country between remain us and brexit here saying you can get a good pragmatic breaks the deal through and I really want to call out to people who think that on the basis of how you voted for the rest of your life you'll go to remain or a brexit here when I have put so much passion into getting a breaks that deal done but I come back to the question if there were a second referendum and you can I you and I can agree on the fact that it would be incredibly divisive but to my mind it's looking more likely now than it probably has been for a long time if there were a second referendum and and it was just a leave remain choice on the ballot paper what how would you vote well first see I didn't think anybody should push relief remain I think if the were there should be three choices and the choice that I would choose as the prime ministers deal because I think it was a good deal it was well negotiated and I think nobody actually discussing this or most of the people I find discussing this haven't read that deal they don't understand what a customs union is they don't understand how the backstop works I think it was a good deal it could have got us out of the opinion at the end of March and if a referendum happened that's what I'd be voting for okay um obviously any new prime minister is going to have to deal with a lot of issues what what's your number one issue that you would want to do with us conservative leader we've had a lot of campaign launches today a lot of talk about tax but what's the single issue that motivates you apart from trying to come to a deal and practice it the issue that I think is the biggest scandal of our life is adults Ashoka which I think we haven't tackled at all the quality is poor people in my constituency are being seen by carers for 15 minutes a day it's not long enough to bathe you or change you and talk to you but underlying that is something even more fundamental in this race I am at the moment I feel the only economic conservative the rest of these candidates are making incredible promises on spending incredible promises on tax cuts and a lot of them haven't been thought through Boris this morning has just announced what effectively is the tax cut that would cost 10 billion pounds and he hasn't thought through the fact that national insurance is something that's done at a UK level income tax at a Scotland level so he has just managed to raise tax in his policy on Scottish voters without any reduction on the other side and this is exactly the kind of thing that I came into conservative politics to stop to stop people making spending and tax cutting pledges that they can't afford in every candidates doing well he said that he would fund that nine point six billion out of the Chancellor's 26 billion headroom whatever that means what what approach to Social Care would you take is that one of the other candidates I'm trying to untie think it was Michael Gove this afternoon he talked about social care as well and said he would want to adopt a lot of the dil not proposals do you have fresh ideas on that or would you go back to the dil not report I think the fundamental on Social Care what's made it impossible to sort it for 40 or 50 years is that people keep trying to pursue it as a party political campaign and manifestos the fundamental thing we have to begin with is across party consensus this would have to be something like the NHS which was stable if you tried to do it by mucking around with one government pursuing people's houses and other government employing and police national insurance would be no stability at all for the system so I'm campaigning as the candidate who believes in unifying this country and part of that would be reaching across to get a proper national settlement on adult social care um you said in the past that you want to cut the number of MPs in Parliament from 650 to 100 is that something that you still propose no I as the long I spent in Parliament the more I realize you have to pick your battles I do think that we've got too many MPs but I don't think that's a battle I'm going to pick we've got more important things in our country we've got to transform education particularly in midlife to prepare people to a world of robotics and AI we've got to work out what on earth we're doing in fact to become a more serious country I mean let's just take your points about Boris saying that he's going to get 10 billion pounds from the Chancellor's pots of twenty six billion firstly what is the chance as part of twenty six billion secondly the one thing the Chancellor has made clear is that that pot is only available in the event of avoiding an OD or brexit which is exactly what Boris is pushing for so if I'm in politics now nothing at all it's about calling this stuff out we are a grown-up mature serious country why are we allowing our politics to go down this route which feels to me the worst examples of what we see in the US and Europe of people making promises that they can't keep I'm gonna go to calls now because we weren't going to do this until much later but I think it's only fair when I call us to give them as much time with you as possible so let's go to Kevin who's in Oxford Kevin what would you like to ask Rory yeah intrepid as Rory walking across the Middle East but I haven't visited Durand backpacked around there and I wanted to compare bargaining of Europe with bartering and the first things I learned about bathroom using you've got to go in though so you say a third of the price you think it's worth I say hi and you split the difference but the other thing that a lot of travelers told me is always if you don't like the deal pretend to walk away from the shop keep and the odds are a run after you and give you a better deal are we in a position to do that if we say that we have to have a deal at all costs so your apps you write that if you're buying a carpet that's a very good strategy yeah but in order to make a threat the threat has to be credible the other side has to believe that you can do it and the problem with threatening they deal is that you cannot get no deal through Parliament the only way you could get no deal through Parliament when you've got a speaker that wants to prevent the idea list by behaving like Charles the first and locking the doors of parliament pierogie in Parliament and that's not going to happen so making a threat that you can't carry through there's no point in doing it all but we're in a very weak position with applicants we would be in a weak position have we not already negotiated a good deal yes you're not going to be able to get some fresh different deal out of Europe and any candidate who's pretending there's some new deal they're going to get by the 31st of October is misleading you yeah a lot of people like me worry about is is the deal so good given that we always had to basically beg the EU for a deal well I think the Prime Minister negotiated actually very well and she managed to get what Europe said they weren't gonna give her they said no cherry-picking and in fact what she succeeded in achieving its control over immigration and unfettered access to the European markets without having to pay billions of pounds a year that's a much better deal than Norway gets it's a better deal than turkey gets it's a better deal than Switzerland gets it's a good deal with the EU and it's a deal that works for Britain Kevin thank you let's go to Darren who's in Woking hi Darren even Ian or Rory Rory you and I met back in November on Newsnight where we discussed our differences of opinion read the potential fractious outcomes of the withdrawal I being parcel not being passed and to your credit you've wholeheartedly stuck to your position wary support another draw likes but what I'd like to know is if at the last minute the EU were to hand you a blank check and say see you can choose three concessions which three things about the relax of widgets change which three things would I change redraw like if anything I didn't think there's much about that that credibly I would push to change I think even adding a time limit on the backstop time limit on the backstop would be good if you could get that through if you had some magic wand where you could somehow resolve the Irish border I see that would be a great thing to do I think it's always nice to say it's always not always nice to save money so if you were able to negotiate a deal where you didn't have to hand over as much money that would be a good thing but the point in any deal is that you compromise you compromise you come to a deal you shake hands and you don't spend your time after you've made the deal thinking about all the things that you might have got it you like give an elementary arithmetic how could you get this through the Commons any more easily than Teresa may has been able to surely there would have to be some changes to it you can't straw we sit there and say I can't think of any changes you could change the political declaration what you couldn't change is the withdrawal agreement I think because I didn't think Europe is budging and I think anyone who's pretending they are is Merkel so to Jeremy Hunt apparently in Normandy that she would look at budging on the political declaration not on the withdrawal agreement I spoke to the German ambassador yesterday but surely a new prime minister would have to try otherwise what's the point in having a new prime minister not the new premise that would indeed try and if I'm lucky enough to be here but you're sounding defeatist and saying well I wouldn't be able to get any changes because they're not going to budge so what's the point in trying note that I'm doing something else Ian's in a world of people selling full streams I'm trying to be straight with people the only way that we're going to be able to rebuild confidence in this country avoid the party collapsing and for my money avoid lurching into a general election is if we're honest with people for a start one of the reasons that the prime minister got herself into trouble is that she gave people the impression that she could do things that she couldn't ultimately do and then she then spent the next year and a half with people saying they didn't trust her they didn't believe her she put these red lines didn't keep them so I would be on a plane I would be negotiating on that political declaration but I would not be saying to the British people that I could get changes the withdrawal agreement that aren't coming and I certainly wouldn't be saying that I'd be leaving in an ad or bricks that if you can't do it I'm just sure you'd be on the Eurostar not a plane because of your environmental credentials I'll just rescue on that one Jason's in Coventry hello Jason good evening and hi Rory so my admiration and thousands of others you press David Cameron to announce proper compensation for the victims and families of the contaminated blood scandal if you were p.m. would you do what all of the prime ministers have failed to do and compensate those victims and families well firstly thank you for that comment and secondly I don't know whether it's you that I've been corresponding recently on Twitter but I think corresponding with somebody about this I need to say sorry but I need to sit down and talk about this in much more detail I think it is the most horrifying scan that I think people suffered in the most terrible way and I think we need to come to some resolution but when we get into the details of it I think we've also got to be responsible about finances and I'm not you know I have to balance my sense of deep deep compassion with this issue with the fact that I am standing it's it's it's not change sir um what I'm saying is that I believe very very strongly that I'm the only candidate in this race who is not making promises that I'm not sure that we can afford to keep so I would have to look very seriously at the finances of our country but if the finance I mean how much was this like to be a few a couple of hundred million pounds or billions billions okay well that would that we do you accept Jase and that is something that you nobody no politician can just say if it's going to cost billions that they can automatically do it well I think where the state is culpable I think the state is culpable personally I know there are many MPs that would agree with that statement where there's negligence then compensation should be paid I just think that you know we're where a politician has pressed the prime minister to do something if they then become p.m. surely they should carry out what they have pressed or the Prime Minister's to do so I'm 100% with you in terms of my sense that this is a scandal and in my sense that I would like to do something to help you and that's why I was pressing the Prime Minister on this what I'm not in a position to do is make funding commitments on LBC um which I guess is fair enough even they would love you to Jason thank you very much I Chris is in Newcastle Chris go ahead hi in hi Rory hi the so I'm a Conservative Party member in the northeast of England and a small business owner I just wanted to ask Rory and what he can do for small business in particular his policies on the BAE threshold and business rates okay so the first most important thing that we have to do for business is just keep our economy going and it is going to be very important I'm afraid just to return to the big the big word and that the big elephant in the room to make sure that we do brexit properly because if we get that wrong if we get our tariff rates wrong if we get our if inflation takes off if household incomes the squeeze that's going to be a big big problem in terms of small businesses in the end it's about getting that habitat right it's making sure that you can really flourish and business rates is at the core of that one of the problems that we're suffering in the north of England and indeed in every other part of England is that Amazon and other businesses are able to out-compete particularly High Street businesses because the high street businesses are paying very high business rates which Amazon in their warehouse are not paying so finding some way to level that playing field is going to be central for the survival of our high streets and the question on the v80 thresholds I think is also very important but again this is something where I think we need to simplify tax but what we don't need to be doing is doing what Michael Gove is just done which is to announce that he's going to abolish v80 entirely which is and he's saying it's gonna replace that sales tax but as you're aware that is a commitment if I think about a hundred and forty billion pounds a year and one of the things that's puzzling me Molly saying it would be replaced with a sales tax so there might not be any net and we don't know really I mean I was talking one of his supporters he doesn't really understand this policy I mean I think one of the odd things is that somehow people are making these promises as though what they should be thinking about is the next 15 days rather than the next 15 years that I think we're under estimating the Association members they're not going to be bought off with strange promises on tax and spending they are conservatives they believe that we should be sensible and prudent with our money do you not think though that whoever becomes prime minister they need to have a chancellor who's going to be quite radical who maybe doesn't think in in the same way that chancellors have for the last 30 years somebody who's actually going to be a real reformer I think a real reformer Ian on things like simplifying tax on making sure that we have we don't own we're in a crazy situation we're famously our tax code is something like 15 or 20 times larger than the Hong Kong tax code M is credibly compacted so doing something smart on for example I was talking to someone today I'm thinking through the way in which we could replace some elements of inheritance tax with the gift tax there are very very interesting things you could do make a huge difference to the economy and to people but what I don't think we need is these kind of super grand ideas that cost 147 billion pounds that's not that's not where this country needs to get um Marx says the perfect slogan for Rory Stewart would be nothing will change this country is crying out for change and he's talking about doing things the same way is that a fair interpretation well I think I am a conservative so I am I believe in prudence at home I believe in restraint abroad I believe in small government and I believe in responsible finance so that's not going to change it sound like Margaret Thatcher and that way aren't you because I mean she could have said all of those words but some of the things that I do believe need to change and change unbelievably quickly is for example our broadband is a disgrace we have slower broadband speeds in Madagascar and Romania I think our infrastructures of disgrace I would turn round northern England by prioritizing particularly transport investment just to hs2 I think for me seems like a colossal amount of money I would immediately on day one be reviewing that and my instinct at the moment is to prioritize the contre the connections between Leeds and Manchester as opposed to connections between London and Birmingham so your heart tells you to scrap hs2 but you're waiting for a review to inform your head correct correct and let me let me close on that oh that's very good that's very good but let me keep going with the other things that I think we could do so I think education in mid life is something no country has got right so robotics and AI will wipe out a lot of jobs people in their 30s and 40s I would like to provide a bursary so that people can in midlife study for a year educate themselves for the new world of work I would transform our intelligence services our defence forces our Foreign Office all that needs to be shaken up but I'm doing this shaking up as somebody who is in the end despite all these drought ideas somebody who's the conservative Gareth in Derbyshire says I'm a tool remember please ask for easier isn't it a fact that he's actually a liberal and has used the Conservative Party as a vehicle to further his political career you you will have you've had a fantastic press over the last ten days and I think you've actually made a real impact on this on this conservative leadership election campaign but of course a lot of the people that are praising you are basically Guardian readers does that not worry you we need to get both types of people voting for us so I'm currently out polling Boris in the latest poll that was in The Observer yesterday I'm the only candidate in this race with more positive selective's and you're right there are many people who voted conserved in the past and who are now voting labour or Lib Dem who would come back there are young people who would vote for me but anything had something to be ashamed of if we have any chance of winning a majority we need to get some of those people voting for me and notice how'd you get the bachelor party vote is bad though by delivering brexit not by pretending you can do an O do that with stickers and the little resumes deal is practicing though that's your problem I believe that get that deal through and done and that's what people want I think the majority of people who voted for the brexit party are just very angry that we didn't leave at the end of March the details of the trade negotiations is not what's knowing them what's annoying them as they felt that people betrayed them and the way to get the brexit deal done and the only way to get any deal done is through Parliament everybody's pretending somehow Parliament doesn't exist because of Parliament No Deal is not an option people pushing for No Deal they're just gonna de les we're gonna be stuck in the European Union in the middle of next year I was listening to you the podcast YouTube with Nick Robinson political thinking on a drive down from Norfolk the other day and very entertaining it was too but he said something to you which I thought was very interesting your your background your education Eton Oxford your career in the Foreign Service and Afghanistan and all the rest of it you could have been a colonial governor in the in the 1850s or something much to my surprise you said yes you're probably right I mean Jacob Riis MOG is always known as the member for the 19th century I think you've you've crept up to the 19th century but is there a bit of the sort of old-world about you that isn't quite in the 21st century I think you might have said that if you weren't actually watching the reality on social media I think I've had over 40 million views of the things that I've been putting out over the last couple of weeks I can put up a single post and get two million people more than two million people watching me I I'm gonna do a leadership launch tomorrow which I can pretty much guarantee we'll get certainly four or five sites the internet the number of people and I I you know when I turn up at Hyde Park Corner there are 51 thousand people live streaming my speech I mean I am the only candidate in this race that actually understands social media and the only person said she connects him with young people one of the and it's partly because I'm one of the only people miss rice that appears to be comfortable talking to people in the street which is why in the end I think this race is going to come down to who can beat Boris and the fundamental question I want to pose to the voters is do you prefer Boris's brexit or my brexit do you prefer his type of economic policy or my type of he cannot policy his type of politics or my services party members who would be your voters if you get to the final two and they're quite practicing aren't they and I believe in them I totally believe in them I don't think they're going to be fooled by I didn't think they're going to be fooled by somebody pretending they can get an OD or exits through when it will have become patently obvious by then that there's no way they're getting an edge through Parliament they're going to in the end vote for somebody who's straight with them who's straight about the fact that in the end this has got to go through Parliament and the best way of going through Parliament is with a deal right Daniel is in Hendon and he's got a question I think on that subject hi Daniel indeed I have in good evening gentlemen Rory is a brick city as a remainer do you think you up to the job because personally and I think I'm talking on behalf of many members that are conservative lysing not iron but you're not up there you got some front so you stand as a remainer hasn't anyone has in these past three years old us anything about what was didn't happen mrs. may claimed that she was in favor of leave and then we have spent the past three years being given runaround by the European European and the EECS but no we've been given the runaround by a sinister group who for some extraordinary reason has been pushing for a version of brexit that was never gonna happen that's really what's given us a week we got a deal we got a deal in the end out which was a good deal and we could have left by the 31st of March who's the sinister group I I'm sorry I that what that is it the group they were leaving the studio to go into a hostel that was rude of me that was rude of me that was rude of me but by that I mean nigel Faraj and the people who are pushing for that version of brexit and i shouldn't have called him that i apologize for that but if you call if you use that word yeah it's something that you must believe it's not a word that enters your head randomly no you're right I must at some level believe it and I must at some level believe it because I think people who push for something that can never happen and that doesn't exist there's something that troubles me so I'm you're going to go to the hustings from here and call mark Francois a sinister man I will go from here to the hustings and I will try as politely as I can to say to people that they are in danger of pushing something to the public that can never happen they might differ in their beliefs from you but to use it and I know you said you didn't really mean it but you use a word like sinister you're basically insulting anybody who believes that we should be leaving the EU without a deal now you can win no you haven't you can have a good argument about that that's not a sinister believe is it no no no I don't disagree with people who think that we ought to be leaving the people I disagree with are the people who know perfectly well that we can't leave and that way and is still arguing for it that's I think is sinister Keith is in HoN field hi Keith I've been a member the Conservative Party since 1963 and for the first time in for a long long time I feel there's a total disconnect between my own MP and myself and most of my fellow constituents and I know he's been doing a lot to go around and engage with people how's he going to encourage other MPs to do the same because my own MP won't even discuss the EU right I don't sorry I'm afraid know who your MP is but I think the answer is to keep talking I mean the reason I've come on the show the reason and Ian and I disagree about some of these issues and brexit is because I want I believe in discussion I believe politics is about discussing things and I want to get out listen challenge I'd love to get into the details of WTO tariffs with people I'd love to talk I think we can avoid that why we're not knowledge but I mean it sounds kinda boring but in the end the business of politics is pointing out some basic facts such as the fact that my farmers in Cumbria are going to be in trouble unless some of these so called No Deal WTO advocates explain to me what tariff rates are they setting on agriculture are they going to go with the EU tariffs or are they going to go zero tariffs which is what Patrick Minford and Jake Reed smoke is talking about in which case Argentinian beef Brazilian beef American wheats coming in and that's the end of my farming industry will somebody who's talking about No Deal tell me what this thing is um okay thank you I'm gonna let you go in second because I know you've got to get to these I'll see it's just a final he's gonna let me back in I wouldn't do this referee what I have to say I really appreciate it but find a question could you offer this bet anyway could you please ask Troy if he would reintroduce bursaries for trainee nurses which would be so beneficial for the NHS right I think if the money's available and I keep putting that money ahead and this is why I'm very interested a 350 million pounds a week available very interested very interested in Boris's concept that the somehow 25 billion hidden behind a sofa but if the money were available I really do believe that nurses and doctors are central to many of the problems that we have in terms of education because we're not educating enough doctors and nurses instead of fat we seem to be relying on other countries educating doctors and nurses and us importing them over to our own country so getting those bursaries right and making sure that we get the feed through of toxin is going to be essential and thank you all very much I'm really sorry I will go off now and talk to these people that as the end has just pointed out I appear to have implicitly insults it and then I will come back and talk to you all again just after night but I promise not to ring any of them to bring this up in the hustings they never know they might be listening thank you very much we will welcome you back in a short while but in the meantime let's get the latest that we see news headlines it's 8:30 to hit Serena Ferro the New York Fire Department claims a pilot has been killed in a helicopter crash and a New York skyscraper it apparently crashed landed on top of a tower not far from Times Square ten contenders in the Troy leadership race have reached the first round of vote

Assessing the Tory Leadership Candidates

and welcome we are joined I'm going today by rubra and binary surfer on this very sad day well we're waving goodbye to trees ma as the leader of the stories I mean just before we get into this how would you describe your feelings binary to see the back of trees away to see the back of her a mixture of relief and disbelief that she managed to live as long as she did I'm gonna miss those legs no I mean it's it was just it was like the last days in the Fuehrer bunker really yeah but for like two years I know so right Theresa May is gone and what we've got we've got this if I'll put it in the show notes so everybody else could follow along if they want I'll just edit the description now we've got a conservative home article which basically breaks down some of the key policies of each candidate that we feared so far and what I'm going to do we're going to go through the candidates just before we do so though there were a couple of candidates who pulled out early went there one of them was James cleverly I want to say it's it was the some some some weak name basically but I did think that James cleverly is a potential one day you know I like he's really funny on Twitter he's got really dry sense of humor which of their just makes him appealing yeah I mean he's also black which is a plus points Level II I would stay out of the race beulah cos whoever wins this is probably not going to live long for a long time as leader yeah if I were and you never get elected twice so if I were him I'd keep his powder dry yeah but he's signalling intent he's saying I've got an ambition here I I do want it and I think that that's a decent you know it's just something for us to remember in the future you know yeah he never plays the racecar which I think will endear him to a lot of people on the mainstream right and the center yes absolutely um if you've just joined us for this stream by the way I I will also alert you to a video I just uploaded it's called Jeremy Clarkson was writes about Sadiq Khan and I uploaded that for one reason and one reason only it is because I find out the Britisher is now seven subs ahead of me and as as is tradition if ever Britisher is ahead of me I will make this video about so he come to try to try to make back the subs so yeah because he's got the US Highway Patrol fandom everything yeah so he's got a lot of you know he's a lot of Springs to his bow and you know it in fairness to gun Bamba Burke he's not exactly bringing in the eyeballs so I need I need to pull some tricks once in a while but uh but also said he can to disgrace well okay so I've got I've now put the conservative home article in the in the show notes so if people want to follow along at home you can open a new tab and the first candidate and I don't know if it was you who wrote this article rubra but the first candidate is Michael Gove oh I tell you what the young conservative Holman loving him at the moment I think a choice yeah I never quite understood this idea of who exactly it is who thinks Michael Gove is a viable candidate I just like to say the chat has miserably let itself down by not spamming helicopters the second the name was mentioned I mean I I made I thought he has become an abject socialist in many ways he's becoming a Environment Secretary this is what James Delingpole said he's he's like joined cult but why don't we go through Michael goes policies and then we'll give an assessment of him Oh we get into this I should ask both of you before we even look at the candidates is there anything in particular you're looking for from the next Troy leader binary actual Tory policies for a fucking start that would be nice considering we haven't had any for mmm 30 years give or take and heartbreaks it when you say actual Tory policies you mean like Thatcher right or you mean like not even eventually I just and I'm not even after socially conservative ask a fiscally conservative and socially moderate okay I'll take that prefer socially because I'll take socially moderate if I have to looking for the conservative position themselves openly and unashamedly on the mainstream right to say yes there's room for alternative lifestyles but the family is important yes the defense is going to be a priority preservation of the nation-state outside of the European Union and just take on economics openly say we are going to reduce the power of the state particularly in people's lives abolish hate speech tools just place themselves unashamedly in that right-wing position and just say to the center-right and to the center you know you're better off with this than the alternative on the other side okay absolutely you know I'll tell you what I'm looking for I'm looking for much the same an openly conservative candidate I mean for me I'm looking for any any attempt at all to reduce the size of the state would be welcome and the on the social side I'm less concerned but it would be nice if they at least paid lip service to the old talking points of you know family values being being important and this sort of thing so yes and if anybody says in these super tracks for the purposes of this dream I want to bomb through each of the candidates and then we'll do that's right the end okay so we're gonna start with Michael cope and I'll just read out his policies and then we'll have a little talk about him okay so he has not made it clear that Britain would leave without a deal however his wife Sarah vine wrote a column last week explaining that gobe is willing to leave without a deal okay original ego has said that he is prepared to delay brexit until 2020 now it has become a few weeks but Grove has also said for Britain to leave the EU before the next general election EU nationals living in the UK at time of the 2016 referendum to apply for citizenship for free three million you citizens 1 billion pound investment into schools continue with the spearheading of banning plastic straws cotton buds and drinks terrors and he strongly opposed to the Scottish independence so finally off your instant reaction to that suite of policies well I think it typifies what I would describe as cuck Servet ISM sorry sorry let me let me viciously tear into it so I'm not attacking your views on it then so let's start at the top his wife has announced he's not opposed to leaving the EU without a deal oh well that's a strong statement from him for a start let's see haven't we been here before I'm not opposed to leaving without deal strong and stable leadership yeah yeah we've been here before haven't we so this is basically may mark – in terms of positioning that would I mean let's just take the general election point of course they don't want to be into you the next gen relation because they're aware they'll get absolutely buggered there there is there's no conservative right now with half a brain once general election they certainly do not want one no food not left the EU so that that's a given delay brexit to 2020 well that's basically saying we're trying to trying to buy ourselves more time to work out a way of this mess ie trying to threaten to leave without a deal without actually leaving with a deal which is idiocy the best thing they can do at this point is walk away the EU Nationals yeah actually it's the only point to agree with them on don't don't even make it a free to apply just give them a grant it out right because that way you've got the moral high ground immediately there is no moral ground that they could throw you on that basis you have completely destroyed that battlefield and won it building an investment into schools yeah it's nice but it's not gonna fix the broken education system it needs a root and branch reform in my view the the compact between schools education in the workplace is completely fucked it's my opinion as someone who works in nature plastic drinking straws yeah okay nice to have but it's it's clearly a virtue signal to the environmental lobby I am actually not that interested in those as individual policies I think they're largely irrelevant if you compare it to something like China the amount of pollution that spews out and the Scottish independence show me a Tory leader this in favor of it that's a complete non point so in summary I view Gophers if elected probably the likely destruction of Vettori body in fact that was a criteria that none of us thought about electability like actual chances of him go well we'll save the actual chances of electability until after ruber but there's something else to consider so what do you reckon my initial impression was that this is a manifesto designed to win over the media and the London chattering closes its it's too weak from someone who can do a lot better don't discount Sarah vine in as an influence over his politics she's the one that convinced him to do him Boris last time around so you're saying I've got Sarah vine to thank for Tereza may as not making me along Sarah buying rubber I'll be honest with you in part I think that the hot off the presses is that he's now made a statement saying that he's prepared to do No Deal by 31st of October so he's completely walked back already the whole 2020 thing and that's been a big blunder he's walking back so already he's on a week yeah I agree with binary on this one about the EU Nationals you know you've got to but that's been a real panic point and a lot of the EU Nationals are quite skilled and you wouldn't want to start a panic and trigger the EU on that one so it's a good strategic move it's about the best thing he's got on this list investment in schools actually I'd like him to go back to being education secretary frankly you know finish the job continuous that's a non-issue yeah the plastic straws and yeah we're going to see the Scottish independence thing crop up on a lot of manifestos and again it's really a non-issue I mean they have to say because if the conservative in the union party so they have to don't they so so yeah just one second the chat said a couple people turn your mic down or turn yours up who's Mike I turn I turn mine I think it's probably yours binary no donut 2020 search maybe although I start to think are you secretly mahler all or and I are from I'm pretty sure more and I from less than ten miles apart where we grew up his accent and voice and intonation I'm pretty sure he grew up one Valley across from ride it and now yeah I detect some Welsh in there as well so go vote ie I'm frankly disgusted by this sweets of policies we'll go one getting your wife to say it is just pathetic to be honest especially given that go was coming to this with a reputation as a wormy squirming backstabbing slimy character like you know slipping it out through his wife's column is not a good look as far as I'm concerned have you ever considered that Wormtongue is actually Sarah vine yeah well it could be but it's still a good look right good luck from going for the the the investment into schools makes me think he's thinking about the problem the wrong way which is worrying given that he was the education secretary it's not just an injection of money that the schools need it so it's a complete rethink of how the whole system works as binary said and the inclusion of the plastic straws thing Frank me is just disgraceful because it's not about whether the environment is an important issue in law it's the fact that you took time Ike to virtue signal shows where his head is yes he is clearly going to cock on virtue signaling that it that just screams from that manifesto yes so I would not like to see I'm giving goes like a 2 out of 10 based on based on that these bullet points but that doesn't mean that he won't be in contention so what chances do you give him ruber of actually winning I'm actually getting elected raisin okay he's a he's a smooth operator within the ranks of the party anything he can work a room in person really well I mean like this is what I keep saying to people who criticize him you've not been in a room with him seeing him work and audience and he's really good at it so he can get out to the out to the grassroots membership meetings and do surprisingly well I don't think he's got enough to push him over the the finishing line in this yeah I think you'll be in the Final Four what do you reckon by night I'm by would agree with Rob Roy I think he's probably got enough on a interpersonal level but he lacks the steel that you would want to see from a leader and I would think that the membership as a former member if I were to rejoin it would be someone who is absolutely balls of steel and that is not what you get from Cove you get a I think you get a calculating political opulent operator which will go whatever way the wind is blowing largely yeah I I just don't see I I still think people remember the backstabbing like they don't trust him on a personal level and he would be electoral poison I actually think he'd lose decor be personal yeah I mean if if he won the Tory internal election I think you'd lose again that's my turn I think his judgment is bad enough that he tried to fight Colbert on his own turf yeah so that's really good everything Corbin at the dispatch box a few months ago that's true he did he did have that one storming speech and he can do the rhetoric he has it he can do it but just the way he's being distracted by the virtue signaling the the need to appease the media in the chattering classes I think that's his downfall I would also say there is a severe danger with this next leader and it's not Corbin related it's you can only run a party without convictions for so long and how many conservative leaders we had now without any real conviction or backbone or substance or deeply held beliefs to them in a row oh yeah pretty much I mean you can all you Cameron had a few but really he was Blair with a different color suit on let's be honest about it III don't think it can survive another leader without conviction yeah I mean yeah Cameron almost had it there were moments where I thought Cameron's got a vision and then it just it just sort of deflated what was this vision of gay marriage well no I mean at the first he he had the thing at the Big Society which was replacing welfare with charity and and the reaction against it it was a it's a good idea but it you gotta remember everybody was gorged on Blair isn't the general public and the media would just gorged on this campus state to it and to come in and say well how about we do it ourselves it wasn't the right time to pitch that idea that vision the other thing is god it's just a misunderstanding of the conservative principle of charity that's gotta come from in your own heart can't come from the great need of selling you go out and be kind people it doesn't look like it's not met it's not meant to be that way around it's just made to come from you know natural charity right consider this as well the Tory's reputation for competence has been fucking shredded in the last two years and I merely literally means someone's put it into a wood chipper whoever gets this not only has to have the conviction and the vision they have to have the ability to restore confidence and that's a really hard thing to do and of all the things you see from go the ability to restore confidence I don't think is there you know I love there's still somebody in the in the in the live chat saying that hum may won't be resigning like people still likes it's like what do you call it Stockholm Syndrome like they they just even when it's happening they we still won't believe it it's it's like there are those people in the after second world war wouldn't believe the islands in in Asia still going a spoke on us feel a bit know that there isn't this be honest after two years of I'll go I won't go I'll go or won't go so let's get into the next candidate then Dominic Rob and I will say that his policy proposals I just don't pay for it twice as long as goes so I'll just blast through these leave the EU with or without a deal come the 31st October is prepared to hit halt Parliament to get no deal through Parliament so what's that he just suspend Parliament together through its intricate it's feasible it's one that hasn't been done since Cromwell this is looking good already with the use of the basic rate of income tax from 20 P to 15 P dropping a penny straight away Rob claims that there is a twenty six billion pound of Headroom the public finances to make the move work then he wants to cut down the number of Whitehall departments cuts out the bureaucracy recycle half of all of that to frontline services such as teachers schools nurses and the other half to into tax cuts for the future special commission looking at public sector procurement particularly in the NHS and the Ministry of Defence provide more powers to the police to increase stop a search give based yeah invest one of three hundred and ninety four million pounds every week into the NHS following a Britain's exit from the EU yeah honor the bus yeah radical overhaul of competition laws take on energy insurance and telecom Giants he has indicated that he is not feminist and he opposes reforms for trans people sorry I don't know I'm laughing more opportunities of places for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend private schools with fee support strongly opposed Scottish independence and another referendum so really where I'll start with you this day making me moist just reading that this is the vision this is the man with the vision this is the man who is going to put the Conservative Party as I said back onto the mainstream right unapologetically so it's not perfect not you know do we really need to throw more money at the NHS for example but you can get the idea you know we're going to go for a smaller state tax cuts trying you know sort of get the entrepreneurs back creating stuff and jobs defence that's gonna make mark really happy isn't it and because we are having that chat about ministry defence procurement so yeah I love it binary thoughts so yes I'd actually Robert flown onto my radar for various reasons I'm in a busy couple of weeks with work and haven't had chance to read through all the candidates yet but actually nuts let's just run through appointment point very fast deal without 31st October yep that's good although I would like him to take it one further and say to be you something like you've got I know you've got four weeks at that point I'm just leaving arbitrarily finding a legislative way to do it I don't know if that's possible but that would be preferred but it's pretty good yes the base of great income tax needs to drop I'd like to see it go further and just agree a flat rate full stop but they'll that'll do yep Whitehall departments never happen but at this visionary as you say it's it's laying out a vision of smaller government I've worked in a government department believe me when I say cutting them is easier said than done public you mean the hsm mod yes yes yes yes yes absolutely here's the 10-second version of a long story our family member that used to work for NHS procurement back in the 2000s and let's give an example everyone can relate to packs of a4 paper right everyone's gone out and bought pack of a4 paper at some point how much would you pay for one would you say in the two thousands roughly found or two yeah NHS was buying them for seven pounds thirty what I'm not kidding yep seven pounds thirty and some pennies I forget exactly but for evil yes three to four times the market price this is how badly run it was at the time it's not that much better now from what I hear so yeah and mod has all the same problems but at least it has reasons for those problems with the tri-service issues not the rest of it anyway sorry come back to point police powers no I don't want more police powers and one them actually to be empowered to use the ones they've got but yet again support it the investment isn't gonna fix the NHS but yeah ragged radical overall of competition laws yeah I'd like to see break up at least some of those giants because I think they're vastly anti-competitive the feminist thing is a big plus for me big big plus I'm really indifferent to the trans issue thing I think it's it's a non-voting issue to me and the disadvantaged background what and this is one I'm very very passionate about cuz I've done some work with it profession I think not the private schools think the private school thing is is a misnomer to me that's the way a Tory would think of it it's more about giving those kids some form of opportunity to develop them further giving that sort of gap closing training mentoring whatever but yeah his head's in the right place it's just got the wrong solution so I'm on the reading of that yeah I'm quite interested in that and I don't think he's got a record of cooking on anything yet that I'm aware of as placed as we can get at the minute to a kind of wet dream list of what Tory should be saying but I'm unfortunately there are a couple of things I think may hold but one is that I think that the Conservatives in the party will there was a lot of talk of stop Boris but apparently within the party the talk has become stopped robbed and so Boris may become the stop robbed candidate that makes any sense you know in the internal machinations so just rob a Jewish name as well so wouldn't that make him at least half Jewish as a minimum yes so that's one thing I'm not sure if he's got realistic shot of making the two because I I know there's a lot of pathetic where Tories who don't want him there the second thing is that I shouldn't matter but it does matter and I said it a number of times he's got the Mike Tyson voice thing like he he sound his voice is higher than this then I should be when you hear him talk and even though you'd like to think well that doesn't matter actually think it does matter you know in a kind of campaign you can fix that though look at Cameron before endearing with his speeches he was clearly giving some speech and voice coaching in fact facture would probably be the best example because her voice actually changed before and after seventy nine she went into training with Safiya Sachi and got the factor voice if you carry and actually if you hear in the mid seventies she's a lot more kind of good like high-pitched yeah okay I'm just scrolling through Brahms record actually and there's a couple of things in there that merely make me think wow you really haven't cut than anything of you for example pushing through legislation to deport anyone given a sentence of a year or more if not a national looks now he basically got politically pounded for that but pushed it there anyway so yeah he's tough hey he doesn't care about the media oh I wonder the room but that in in the setting of a general election where the robbed in the eyes of the leftists looks like a kind of a version of the AOC or something like that yes you know the leftist will scream and whine and cry fascist with Rob Bert's he's he's tough and I think he will remain Glacia cool and they will look like they're just having a a mega tantrum and I think the normies will be turned off by the Tantrums so as long as labor remains in the kind of student socialist mindset that they're in Rob's got a chance he's got a very good chance if they if Labour move a slick Social Democrat in he's got you know with the velvet tongue he's gonna struggle well just seeing that Rob has written multiple times for Civitas on legal issues is heavy tasks are a think-tank that have been on the right side of every issue I've ever read a paper on them from he's so based it's incredible I didn't I I knew I knew Robert had a rep of being quite place but this is like he's looking very good isn't he put it this way Rob is what the Conservative Party need and I think the grassroots I mean I've been talking to grassroots members and he is scoring very highly if he can get to the last two I think he's got a great chance for the membership yeah I just think he's gonna be schemed out of it I think he might be right if it looks too good to be true then it's probably not going to get there but right now of the two we've talked about miles ahead of Cove he's close to maximum within the realms of what's politically realistic and possible at the moment he's as close as you could expect from a mainstream Tory candidate without going full four hours or Trumpy oh yeah sorry turbid he says he wants to prepare fully for a No Deal brexit he wants to find a deal that can be approved by Parliament he is refused to rule out the possibility of delaying brexit after the 31st of October work with Island to amend the Irish backstop to include a time limit or exit clause tax cut for the richest 1% of taxpayers in the UK by getting rid of the 45 B income tax rate this applies only to earn as over 150 Hey that'll be popular legal protection for police who crash cars 20,000 more police on the streets which he would believe would cost 1 billion pounds so it's interesting that same billion pounds that Gove is allocated the schools he's he's giving it to police / red tape to make easier for police to cut a core the rising knife crime on Britain's streets strongly opposed to British from Independence strongly against holding another referendum finally I'll go to you first so on the face of it looks pretty good not as strong as Rob and I know he does have a history of having backed down on a few issues something else that isn't in there is I think he's the only senior conservative who's trying to take out right steps to ban Hezbollah last time I looked yeah so there's some kind of positive positive stuff in there where he clearly isn't that optically focused he's he has cooked on some of the social media stuff after and the New Zealand shootings though I'm a bit nervous about how strong his spine really is the Ireland thing know if the backstop just needs to be Bend entirely there the work with no sorry Irish you've got a choice to make here on this it's going to lay it potentially I think anyone ruling out now is gonna use that as a bargaining chip with the EU we will extend if you give us something so nope not keen on that the police stuff I'm quite keen on coming a background related to the police and I don't buy the / red tape thing he would have to completely unpick all the social justice stuff that's gone into police to make that possible and even Rob I don't think would do that because it's so deeply ingrained so I think that's so what annoys he's middle score for me he's sort of a five out of ten honestly yeah I see him as the kind of midpoint between the wet remainders and they dry leavers so he's trying to play both ends against the middle I think prepare for No Deal brexit yeah I mean he he's kind of is he is sort of um he was a remainer but now he's kind of he his pitchers always being he'll respect the referendum results and carry it out questions can we ever trust people who were given maze actions can we trust someone who wasn't 100% behind this day why I think he he I think he's openly said he was a remain and reformed person but that he saw that the EU are not capable of reform so he's now switched a hundred percent to leave that's his I'm kind of paraphrasing his approach on that so in terms of brexit he'll be he'll be alright on brexit but I'm not a hundred percent sold that he won't cave in at some point work with I again I'm with binary on this one and if you don't mind I've just seen that he's looking at including new protected characteristics under hate crime well champion age so ya know he drops to like a three for me yeah we can't have that he's been very soft on the whole hate because he's the guy who's saying we're gonna have the most stringent Internet censorship in the world so no thank you tax cut don't care for the richest well you know the economists will probably like that but it's not a vote winner legal protection for police who crash cars I mean I can't really complain about that again this is coming from his briefers chrome secretary twenty thousand more police on the streets yeah I'm cool with that slash red tape sounds great in theory but something has to be done and it would be interesting to see if he did make it as prime minister how he would tackle someone likes Sadiq Khan I'd be interested you know either interest to see their conflict because I think may avoided take confronting car how pathetic she was yeah yeah that she had an ironclad opportunity to lay into him when Trump was there I mean trembler just called him a stone-cold loser and she's just stuck the question yeah she could have just said yeah cons but cons record on London has been shit well she didn't say it hmm anyway so I see him as die diet conservative just one calorie not conservative enough so my be one-sided avid is that um if you you know I listen to The Spectator podcast quite a lot and read The Spectator and the prevailing wisdom in those circles seems to be that the final two will be a hardcore Exeter and a more moderate candidate and just on the face of it Javid may be the best you could hope for from from the kind of wet side if that makes any sense yeah conservative home like him he's liked among story comment area is that because he's more kind of law and order kind of Norman Tebbit style I don't know much about his economic but that 1% tax cut is a bit extreme isn't it I mean is anybody asked people at the top the top earners are really asking for that was to do with his family because I think he had a gorgeous dad or his brother that was very very wealthy at one point yes he's my I mean obviously the Home Secretary the moment so he's gonna be all law and order but he seems more like a more authoritarian candidate to me okay so Jeremy Hunt share account this before just before we start on Jeremy hum does anybody remember the the office know the British office with a yeah yes Jeremy Hunt has always reminded me of the manager of the other branch yeah you're not wrong you're not wrong heat anyway so No Deal would be a last resort on political suicide strong start jeremy has claimed to have wanted brexit ears including the DUP and Tory hardliners to join the negotiating team he wants to defend press freedoms due to the threats of China and Russia future increase in defense spending so it's interesting where they're all spending this billion pound isn't it avoid general election at all costs and believe Scotland do not want to another referendum on Scottish independence which is somehow he's managed to be like if he even week on that issue by by by stating it as a belief about what Scotland wants she's pathetic anyway what do you reckon binary I despise this man in every conceivable way I I can't think of any other way to put it hunt is has a history of repeatedly cutting to whatever is expeditious to him the only point in there would be about tup and Tory hardliners joining the negotiating team that I see as Pro and frankly I'd want them running the negotiation not not just in it running it the first line says everything you need to know about him he's a remainer that's trying not to destroy his party so I wouldn't touch him with a bargepole yeah I mean he's he's weak he kind of displays his kind of political up-and-down ups and downs openly you know oh why you know i i've oted remain i believe me but now i don't see how he's going to control a cabinet cabinet of DUP and Tory hardliners i how is he how is he going to go in with the the real hard hitters like Rob or even re Smaug and just sort of and have then very much more expel mankini aren't they yeah they are absolutely gonna give him wedgies in the Cabinet Office defend press read now his in these two I quite like defend press freedoms I mean it sounds a bit vague but given the current climate we're in I think making some statement on on Liberty yeah I think is a good move not necessarily the press but if that's a starting point for for just a a more libertarian approach to free speech if that's the starting point you see it doesn't read to me that way it reads to me more like protection for the press against us yeah yeah that's the way I see it mmm who they defend in the press room oh well yeah that's true anyway this increase in defense spending I'm in favor of that but then that's my reputation but I think we are facing potential clash points with Russia and China and it's very good to have a bigger stake available than not just one thing that occurs to me there as well hunt is another one these people that's come all the way through the pure politics wrote I think cuz they yes so again he's not gonna have any real convictions expertise it's gonna be may mark to basically oh and on top of that I just occurred to mix my part needs to work with NHS just how much Jeremy Hunt is hated by anyone who works in the health service so he would pretty much knock out any market journals in the the health service almost guaranteed no he's forgotten the doctors thing of these candidates he will definitely lose a general election oh yeah absolutely party if he if he be here yeah that is at the very least a loss to core been more likely the death yeah because I that's what I was thinking when he said no dear would be electoral suicide I was thinking no you would be electoral suicide he also if you ever hear that phrase failing upwards mmm Jeremy Hunt strikes me as another failure failure upwards you know he's anyway you know because his reward for the great job he did in health service was to become the foreign secretary fuckin I'll read this background a second after university hunt work for two years of management consultant two years that's all professional experience he has became an English language teacher in Japan he has three failed startups to his name no successful ones including get this an export company for marmalade to Japan tells you at the time at the level of judgment this man has public relations public relations again this guy has absolutely no clue how the world works yeah he's such a fewer politician you know Britisher always talks about the politician who will just see which way the wind is blowing and hate that I mean that's Jeremy Hunt basically you know he was a remain now and it was cool now it's now it's cool to be a leaver and he's kind of levy but he's not you know he's very wishy-washy candidates 0:01 offering that he's actually an authoritarian as well would treat well block the news corp deal in a rather dubiously illegal way would you agree that rabid is preferable to hunt yeah cuz i tore a party but yeah what is less likely to I mean just to explain the way I'm seeing this I mean imagine like the World Cup or the Cup where there's two sides of the draw and there's a wet side of the draw and the dry side of the draw to get to the final and the final will be aware and a dry not too wet or too dry that's the way I'm seeing it so I'm guessing hunt is knocked out by Javid hopefully although I did note that he did well to position himself front and center when Trump was here didn't he I did wasn't he the guy they hid behind a tree at some point as well from journalists supposedly hid behind a tree no that was that was the dude in America wasn't it this was back like six or seven years ago I didn't hear that I miss that one I think I remember there was footage of him trying to hide in a bush or something III know he forgot if his wife is Japanese or Chinese at one point didn't he yeah and I'm just verifying this a story to come up Leveson inquiry I did not hide behind the trees I'm just here the pmq put-downs now can't you I come who in who in the parliamentary party wood is backing him because he could always use as a window do we supported yummy huh you've got you've got it you've got to see Philip Hammond okay I swear to God if it looks like Boris is winning and he is still in power ie Hammond is still in I wouldn't put it past time and to try to bring down the entire government to order to go completely rogue and I'm guessing that you've got to remember Jeremy Hunt probably meets with Hammond every day and yeah you know they've always seemed like they come as a package so yeah I suspect the Hammond is backing hunt I suspect the Hesseltine is backing hunt where's the conviction as well where's the vision in hunt do you see any evidence that none oh I mean he would be a desert he would be the end if they end that they would become like lib dems under Tim Farron with a Jeremy Hansen charge all right let's keep on going all right okay sorry missus they came in down safe for some reason so do you like Jeremy Hunt she just no she doesn't like him okay so Boris Johnson and I think we can guess mrs. mrs. a was a two-time vote of Boris for London mayor so so yes Bob Boris's policies leave the EU by the 31st October with or without a deal increased funding per pupil in secondary schools to 5k increase the number of police on the streets and increase the number of stop and search following my crime in London and elsewhere against Scottish independence referendum strongly opposed to Scottish independence that's it for Boris yeah because it you gettin Boris it's Boris he doesn't need a manifesto it's Boris any thoughts by no I think yeah here's the problem I don't think Boris is visionary again I think he doesn't stand for anything particularly aside from his own grandeur in in his favor he doesn't have the ability to shrug off Trump esque career-ending things that any other politician would be a laughingstock for he just sort of water off a duck's back type affair so there is that in his favor that isn't on there he's not one of these people you could mock very easily he wouldn't be able to pin some form of mockery on him as you could with the others downside the police thing again it's it's a virtue signal it's irrelevant to the problem funding per pupil is decent I don't trust him i I think Boris does what's good for Boris and isn't a deeply conviction anything again I don't see the level of consistency I see from someone like robbed aside put him about the middle idea if I had to take him I would but I wouldn't rush out to vote for him let's put it that way here's the thing I see with Boris first of all I'd say it's probably true that he doesn't have great conviction okay but much like Trump he's not a bad salesman and I saw him give a speech I think it was a Tory conference when he was talking about the importance of capitalism and the market and stuff and he sold it you know he he at least articulated the argument and put it forward so I don't know he's not parroting things other people have said to him is good at creating a message where someone else has decided the direct right so actually people choose a direction on his own so my my view is is that Boris is essentially black lesbian if that makes any sense okay and so you so you make Boris the black lesbian and then you stuff his cabinet with Rob Steve Baker Marg like you just make sure that you open Morgan key positions Jesus I mean because if they've got it I mean I know Marg is backing Boris and I think what will happen is if Rob has to withdraw they have to then declare who they're supporting there and Rob will obviously support Boris in that scenario in exchange for a place in this cabinet so and we're and I believe Steve Baker is great mates with morgue as well so they'd probably be a job in it for him if there's three solid people in that cabinet there and you know they could push Boris in the right direction and then Boris is the flamboyant salesman who can speak to you know mrs. Jones like in a way that those other three candidates can do I mean yeah I mean this is the thing with Boris you know there's the showman the salesman the man who I can't put my finger on how he does it but he's got the the touch with ordinary people across the country he's got it he's got star power and yes you need a strong cabinet behind him no doubt about it you'll need possibly Rob and morg as the and Steve Baker as the brains trust and then Boris just goes out and BB Boris and he he'll just wade through lefties like there's no tomorrow so that's what you're getting with him you're not getting conviction you're just getting you're getting dinner the man this time I also just think he wrote the floor would Corbin yeah absolutely this dude out general election has partly come down to personality and there's there's no doubt that he has probably the biggest personality on that tire list so on that side of the charisma versus Corbin he would clean house yeah I give you that yeah so the only danger with Boris honestly is that he doesn't have brains trust behind him and he had the basement cabinet it's not just that let's pretend he does get the brain trust in okay and it's the it's the dream you know it it's a it's buddy McVeigh Rob MOG and Steve Baker and Mark Greg's Francois okay let's but just pretend that's his front bench for the second if they start doing things and this and he gets the sense it starts costing him personally he will do the Trump thing of just getting rid like remember when Trump just got rid of Balan hmm yes the minute Panama's a liability was cut free me and Boris will be like that he will he will cut anyone who costs him personally he won't stick his neck out for for a cause so that's that's the only danger you run he's not a complete puppet black lesbian figure he's a he does have his own agenda which is his in himself so you have to bear that in mind was a as a gamble by taking on Boris and I'm I'm pretty sure that's probably why a lot of MPs don't trust him is because they know that he's just about himself you know so so we carry on i I do think however he's probably the best shot on the on the brexit side and for and will be the compromise candidate for most of us I think in choice you'd like to have Rob but it's not possible so you end up with Boris yeah I think that's what happened okay so so the next is Matt Hancock God's sake a brexit delivery plan to leave the EU by the 31st of October and quote work towards achieving a comprehensive free trade agreement he wants not an Irish border council to work on the administrative political and technical solutions to the challenging of avoiding a hard border taking a time limit on the backstop he wants a promise to lift all immigration restrictions for qualified doctors and nurses of any nationality who who secured a job in the inner chess he immediately guarantees EU citizen rights he brings into place a digital revolution our own British champion to beat Hawaii strongly opposed to another Scottish independence referendum and squash independence long term plan for education including a significant increase in per pupil spending equated to at least 3 billion extra pounds per year funding stability and a greater focus on the jobs of the future so what do you make of Matt Hancock Ruba know he comes across as Jeremy Hunt 2.0 okay let's go through this bricks he makes everything overly complicated just is when he tries to explain something simple really abrasive to live directed delivery plan that's his jargon to lead the EU by 31st of October and work towards achieving a comprehensive free trade agreement well that part sounds alright but it's just there's no there's no flesh on it it's just word salad Irish bought again here Irish border council working the administrative political and technological solutions to the challenge of avoiding a hard border word salad immigration restrictions on qualified doctors that's the yeah I keep thinking with these candidates each one of them needs a needs one that will impress the normies and that's this one this is one where people sat at home think I'll be ashamed to lose all these qualified NHS doctors from overseas and so he's you know he's putting that out there EU citizens rights again that's a good tactical move bring into place a digital revolution our own British champion to be Kawai sounds great what does that actually mean strongly opposed yeah the Scottish thing okay we'll just take that as granted long term plan education including a significant increase in per pupil school spending equated to at least three word salad so yeah he makes makes everything sound more complex and jargon filled than necessary I know Hancock is George Osborne's creature in every way and has been for a very long time it was Hancock who got him into politics he sponsored him through he mentored him for a long time you can even see the same speech and manners and watch footage of him both talking alongside each other you'll see what I mean I don't trust him as far as I can throw him the only point on there with any redeeming value would be well I already said I agree with the citizens bit and the long term education plan but it's still kind of not addressing the root cause which is that funding isn't the biggest problem I would place him as probably my second or third lowest he's down he's down pretty low I wouldn't trust him at all this is a man who has lied repeatedly I mean wasn't there something with him lying about how late he turned up to something or something like that back years ago it was 30 minutes late he claimed he was 30 seconds literally ridiculous isn't this the officer who said he'd resign or leave the party Forrest became a leader yes he has said that at least once I don't know when it was but I remember him saying it and he's also committed to the the various internet porn laws from what I can see so yeah that's another point against him all right so yeah no it's another death of a conservative party option yeah I I don't actually know where he I don't actually know why he's running because he's no help at all he's out in the first round yeah I think it's the future thing again the putting your hat in the ring seems like it's only about 35 40s you sitting all 45 yeah it could be Hindman versus cleverly in few years time so um yeah let's move on from this complete because as somebody else we have to get to know oh yes have a CH inless wonder it's Rory Stewart a man who just two weeks ago nobody had heard of but he's been on I mean question time in the news night every single talk showed good morning Britain every podcast every every magazine every newspaper this the the coverage of this I was talking to my brother and he was and and he said who's this Rory Stewart by the way just he just brought it up he's everywhere what the fuck is this guy I don't buy the media as a candidate yeah he's a mess Evans dream boy I mean if you want to I just look at the top of that policy even even Andrew Neil said of Rory Stuart's on last night he said ah he's the candidate that anyone who's not Tory once yes so I said top of there avoid New Deal that's why he's been put a void note deal plan citizens assemblies to find a consensus over brexit he's prepared talking major Faraj to find a deal that pleases all he has also spoken to Len McCluskey honestly I listened to his spectator podcast interview with some random guy from a think tank that came out of nowhere so should tell you everything because it wasn't the regular host but they just somehow mysteriously dropped into my podcast feed anyway and um this guy is like he's like he's like a student who's gone on a gap year I know he's got life experience of things but this is what he this is what he comes across as a guy who's just like he just thinks it can be done and it's easy right he just thinks are because he's an ex-army officer isn't he then the rescue pre-orders and someone else working out the details saying this guy is so so anyway that this citizens assembly thing is his idea that you get you just get 99 members of the public chosen at random and they sit in a room and they talk about the issue and then from that meeting the there that from thence the answer comes so he is right I hear when I hear that which is decision by focus group that's basically it isn't it it's what you know F the leftist will rub their hands together because I think great how can we take over these folks these citizen consensus groups that's what they'll be looking at their look t get in there and dominate Baron Ortega in the chat just hit the nail on the head with this he wouldn't have been out of place in Blair's cabinet no you know I was actually I was at one of the first things they mentioned that interview is that he joined the Labour Party when he was 18 okay so he was actually if he's actually a former Labour Party member and his reasons from not for being a Tory and not labour now weren't socialism is terrible weren't there a bunch of idiots weren't you know there were none of the reasons that you expect they were his reasons were or will the trouble with Weber is they just sit around talking they don't they don't actually achieve anything they didn't they don't actually they don't actually act on their on their on their passions and I love my country I was basically what it boiled down to so his so his original conservatism is a more effective labor with flag-waving that's literally he's also in a Pisa read that last policy so he wants to take he wants to double the amount of UK foreign aid spent on tackling climate change to over two billion pounds but that's not all he's dropped to a real humdinger of policy today introduced national service and then he wants a more powerful Secretary of State for Scotland with the money and the resources behind it even though he strongly opposed to Scottish independence he's another person that has absolutely no core beliefs as far as I can tell he's just saying whatever he thinks will get in votes I mean everyone has seen full jacket right mmm-hmm I can't help but hear every time I see him on TV in my head the drill sergeants voice allier me saying this is the kind of man that would fuck the man in the ass without the courtesy to reach around I just can't help it every time I see him talking that's the image I get here's the thing you know he made a big thing two weeks ago that he was he was copying Sargon's stick in the euro elections of going around and just talking to people randomly in in public but the thing about Sargon is that he released all his stuff on YouTube and he was not afraid to show him locking horns with people really opposed to him I've seen nothing of these Rory Stewart meetings he puts us kind of selfie with a lot of people in the background and said it was really great meeting the people in Norwich today and you go yeah and did they ended up claiming he was he was doing like a camera phone footage but was really had a professional photographer with him yes creepy machina in Kew Gardens I can honestly say I've never disliked person more in politics than always do it he is a he's almost everything that you could possibly disliking someone he is a he's toothy he's a he's a he's a he's got gap here written all over him has any sense it will purge everyone who's liked him pop into the Conservative Party it's it's a bit like well he's a weaker version of John Mercer and that same something I saw actually wasn't a bad guy at one point he just seems to have gotten wetter and wetter as time goes on yeah she quite liked it at one point but I liked him when he came in because he wanted to fight for the rights of servicemen particularly veterans who are being harmed done by and but Rory stew it doesn't have that fire that Johnny Mercer had in the early days and he just so he's sort of me and it into the Conservative Party going well you know I didn't I wasn't thinking about this but they made a pitch to me and you know I thought why not this stuff that needs doing and it's just no convictions either no ideological thing this this is a guy that's gonna give sixteen year olds to the vote to put the Donna's in the trap saying you hear that here allow me is not the worst politicians for a it absolutely not Rory Stewart is more despicable than David Lammy okay and I'll tell you what I'll tell you why at least Lambie is you know openly running for labor and you know comes out and says that this is the politics he's for what is Rory Stewart but he isn't linked to me do all of the korbinites are better than Maury Stewart because what's the point of him what is they seriously what is the point of Rory Stuart's I can't understand why he exists and why he's in my timeline I think the chattering classes will think they'll have him in their pocket oh just just a disgusting I tell you what there's a there's a there's a guy I follow called through or master brew or I used to I've now unsub from him and unfollowed him on Twitter because he's decided for some reason that they're gonna be following Rory Stuart's I just don't can't can't see for the life of me anybody genuinely liking him it's just it's just a disgrace so anyway let's let's let's move on but we're assuming he's got no chance right oh no I think he's got a very solid chance with how hard he's being pushed with the media yeah why who is pushing him the mainstream I mean he gonna read the top line on that that page a a for for his policies to know who anybody who's in favor of remain he he had an interview with GQ magazine you know and that they usually push like Sadiq Khan and you know they gave David Lammy politician of the year and I sort of thing it's just oh but the thing is ex-military cachet about him that oh he served in Afghanistan so you know and he did that sensitive documentary about what it's like to have been a soldier in Afghanistan and they sought that they boy to that they binder that would sign of him coke can we just review a second okay what Rory Stewart comes up on the news okay I just want to I just want to have a look here okay Rory Stewart has what it takes to lead us through the bricks of crisis Telegraph Telegraph Rory Stewart campaign point a new polling in bid to win backing of MPs Spectator Metro toy leadership hopeful says naughtiest thing he's ever done was I mean every day every economist express BBC independent Financial Times it's just it it's just Guardian look even the Guardians giving in like you it's just yeah that's that's the warning sign that should be the warning sign for any rational person but the Guardian endorses a Tory candidate The Scotsman Rory Stewart is my kind of Tory it's just since sickening endless really do they think we're stupid do they actually think we're stupid pushing this but you couldn't remember here we were a lot more interested in this stuff in the average person take a friend of mine who's very normally when it comes to politics it's hasn't made him like Rory's through it but it's certainly gotten his name in front of them which is half the purposeless elections are decided by two things policies and recognition / personality they he has policies that appeal to remain us there now giving him recognition and a degree of personality by this okay this the new European Rory steer overtakes Boris Johnson in Google search trends Ruth Davidson Rory Stuart's this year's and it closely if I were making a bet who wins right now out of this list it'll be Stuart because of how hard he's being pushed probably the end of the Tories that's the end of them they are dead dead dead the donors will abandon the membership will certainly not come back the activists will not come back there are dead party if they elect and the people who back Rory Stewart will be falling for the FAL see that if they have somebody like him they'll win over the progressive left the progressive left will never defect to the right they will never do it the people who we're never kissed to Torian the t-shirt there's this mistaken belief on the west side of the Conservative Party that they can be reached they can't be reached so the point your loss but when you have no other deep held convictions of course you're going to try and reach out and compromise and meet people on the middle ground this is the whole symptom this is why I'm so keen on someone who's got convictions behind them because otherwise you were compromised because there's no reason not to because I wonder just how many times did the wets have to be spat in their faces by the left to understand that the left are never going to come over well they're probably quite like it's the usual having to pay for expensive hookers yeah I tell you I tell you now if I was making my least favorite person in the world list at the minute Rory Stuart's now like number one like above Trudeau and Khan and all of them look at what the fuck let's really move on Richard Tyrell in the chat just made me laugh very hard he said he looks like a drowned postal clerk as he said many of them if anybody if any actual like Tory is watching this just just out of curiosity or something just don't do Royce do it okay just just don't take a good long hard look at that face any Tories watching this that's how your party dies I'll call it now but you actually think he's got realistic chance of making I think with how hard he's being pushed he has a real serious chance especially because he's trying to walk the middle ground here and I think that's where Victoria's collective head in the parliamentary party still is because they'll misinterpret this media push as oh look he's he's electable and the two are not synonymous yep well I mean in a way if you if you were Peter Hitchens maybe you were maybe you'd wanted to be roasted Peter into once the Tory party to die yeah what he wants replacing it and that's always an old debate has said he wants a genuine Conservative Party 1980s that's your style well yeah I wish you'd make that point a little bit more often true estimate face estimate very okay mmm-hmm leave you with all that idea by 31st October cut taxes has not explained which one's the first good she's cut taxes across the board slash seven billion pounds from the foreign aid budget and spend on schools and police has said it is right for parents to take their children out of LGBT education would not allow Scottish independence and another referendum estimate of eight go you fish river would not allow Scottish independence I mean she's kind of robbing a skirt isn't she yeah see I like the combative nature of estimate very and the fact that she she's a tough cookie you know so I like that about her I mean she hasn't got the the entire vision that rob has but really based things in their cut taxes get rid of the foreign aid budget that's something that she's been on about for a long time yeah and I would I always recommend people go back and watch my video the economics of foreign aid to see what an evil policy it is I don't think people understand because because you think of you think of it as being charity or something nice it really isn't it's really brutal evils horrible policy that keeps keeps African countries in destitution and poverty is it's this crew is so cruel that if you look at countries who have heard foreign aid and their GDP has actually declined over like thirty years they've had it's disgusting it really is so she sounds very good to me what do you think I quite like her but I don't think she's got the profile to win this and she's certainly not being pushed in any way putting the policy pieces to one side they're mostly the only one that particularly stands out to me is the foreign aid projects I totally agree with that if you're gonna spend that money to spend it sensibly even if it's not going to solve the base issues something that you may or may not know map move a because I've kind of watched her on and off for a while I don't mean in a dodgy sexual sense to chat before we start she was a Thatcherite for quite a long time for about ten years I can't remember the details now without going to Wikipedia but she was a proper Thatcherite she's imported one of these Thatcherite think tanks the downside of her how would I put this she supported a lot of the stuff that went on with the allegations about sexism the Tory party she came out as a bit feminist all right that makes me suspicious of her if Rob and if Rob and Boris were not on this list I would be seriously considered supporting her but I think she's she's a non runner she won't make it to the final 34 she'd be a good one for diversity for or assist a benevolently she would be a I think she's a future senior cabinet pick but I don't think she's got a real hope of the leadership yeah strongly within the party membership and she recently came top in a poll of the Young Conservatives so she has that appeal it surprised me when I heard that because I thought there's nothing particularly about the screams you know I'm with the Ute but she's strongly but she's strong in the battery the most Libertarian candidate I'm just a hot topics against I'm sort of keeping an eye on the channel my second monitor someone has just highlighted that Rory Stewart was only in the military for five months and he was not a soldier he was a civil civil service guy basically well there's the media's kind of twisting his public image yeah just just I just say honestly I don't care if he was in the Army for ten years he's a twat and I hate him so um this is something else that estimate they came out and said to see that yes have a look yeah I do I would quite agree with that I can't see it at the moment it's a story for McVeigh boughs to sack every remainer oh yes I saw that night edge of them all from the party yeah so over time what what why that's a good move is cuz if that puts a stake in the ground doesn't it that basically says right I'm I'm gonna be on this bit of lawn here and it's gonna push Boris and Robin them to either come close to her what uh because everybody has to show their credentials in this sort of thing and they'll do show their credentials by going more to the right and there'll be some who show their credentials by going more moderates and estimate raise made it very difficult now for the Boris's of this world to be more moderate I would say which is a good surely is a good thing especially is I think so because it's cleared a lot of people on the mainstream right that it's been the remain as within the conservative party who have mucked everything up these last three years they've constantly gotten away and this is a great statement from estimate very saying you will not muck this up anymore guess now you know purpose the statement it doesn't go far enough though while they're still in the party they will still fuck things up yeah but Shekhar would he come out and say I want to purge all of the no she you know let's do she comes but it's a statement of intent rather than the effective change it's not going to make any difference to the actual votes in my opinion I think it sends out a strong signal if the cabinet are all in lockstep over brexit so let's let's move on shall we we should say estimate very we don't think has got chance really though is she she she doesn't have enough wide support not within the ranks except the Young Conservatives certainly not in the wider public all the media and see use X media she want breakfast TV I see I see it going like this right I think estimate very drops out backs Rob Rob makes the final four drops out backs Boris the society going barge makes the last two oh yeah I if I were betting right now I would settle come down to Stuart and Boris unfortunately yeah Oh surely not Stuart everything about this fax for you're trying to build somebody's profile and when the media is behind someone that is a massive asset which the Conservatives themselves will recognize as a massive asset well see it under usual circumstances I'd say maybe but this is the I mean what do they say it's the the most cutthroat most Machiavellian most ruthless election to win ie the election of the Tory MPs themselves so I actually wonder because they're they're smart I actually wonder if the if the MPs are smarter than that and they'll just see through it and they'll just think no absolutely no chance we've always do it you know I wonder how many of them would say that's the end of the party as well I don't think that many of them realize it yet I think there is probably a small core them who would naturally be in our corner of the argument anyway who realize it I'm I'm not seeing the level of widespread pants shitting that would indicate that they really get just how fucked they are if they they go for anyone who isn't quite hardly I think what they don't want to have too much dirty laundry airing at this point I think deep down a lot of them would be seething at Rory Stuart's rise but they're not gonna say it now because they don't want to look they don't want to turn this contest into a bare-knuckle brawl not now so the next candidate is an be led some she's oh she's a mother so you know baby leave with a deal or a manage no deal three she's got a three-step plan immediate laws to protect EU citizens rights an urgent review of hate rest to no alliance with the brexit party has sat on the fence concerning where the parent should be able to take their children out of LGBT education on the issue of Scotland summers proposed holding cabinet away days in each of the nation's capitals at least once a year to improve communication and relationships across the UK I know you first I just can't muster any enthusiasm for her hey just – yeah nice finer there's better ways to spend that money okay great but it's not the issue a day she's missing the chance to shoot the brexit parties Fox by not allowing with them that would essentially destroy them as a serious threat so an alliance with waxey party would actually be a good idea for the Tories in maybe she's gonna cook on the deal think that that language just says to me I'm going to avoid No Deal manage No Deal is avoiding their deal sorry there's no other way to dress that up that means I'm not gonna just walk away from this the LGBTQ thing is a non-issue from me for this election and the away days thing just smacks of tactician tinkering at the edges with no beliefs I don't like her at all she's not as repugnant the Stuart but she's just another way to to fuck over either brexit or lose the Tory party more votes in my view I mean she was a Braxton – though and she did resign over brexit recently I know I'll give her that I just don't think she has any deeply held principles and even if she has those she certainly doesn't have vision room or do you think um I'm gonna write a slightly more higher than binary but she's nowhere near the candidate that I would want or I think the grassroots would want she has a reputation of being slightly bonkers but that's mainly from her vehement critics the ones the ones who really overreacted to her statement when in the last leadership contest when she said well I'm the mother and Therese may isn't I think they've never forgiven her for that comment the the the chattering class so why was that suffered such a bad thing to tell you by the way oh because it's not inclusive go one further feminism think about it how does that play in the eyes of feminists what being a mother what's wrong without yes so I mean my my read on and we had some is that she's more of a how can i she's more of a Daily Mail conservative than a than a telegraph conservative or spectator stock and you know I mean no more the graph the way it is at the moment that's hardly a ringing endorsement being a very different way if you've got Thatcher rights one nation Tories then you've got like Daily Mail types and I think she's a Daily Mail type right yes I think she's got that she does have that blue collar Tory say I'm trying to think in back in the days of Thatcher who would have been her her counterpart possibly I'm thinking Edwina curry just main pops up as the air but that that kind of rolled your eyes she's in that no loose cannon but not very likable so let's move on to a candidate I in fact I don't know either of the last two candidates one is called Sam iam or Amina because you can go with the Tory Party and before we came on air I said who's that is is he a hobbit but he wants a second referendum remain leave with leave or leave with a deal no deal so hold on he wants a second referendum which is remain leave and then leave with a deal no deal yeah he has said if there's no if another referendum was held he would not actively campaign but you would vote to remain what is this man doing on the like surely yes to drop out very quickly right he is as far left as you could possibly be and be in the Tory party he the only thing he has going for him and the reason I don't say he'll get knocked out in the very first round he might but I'm not 100 sure of it is because he has the race card to play I'm looking at him right now I mean I've never seen this guy has played it the past if you look at his introduced I remember seeing one with him it's a shame that James cleverly dropped out and this guy didn't but uh he's still still in the race because you know that thing when the the last major labor leadership contest where there was a four-way race and Corbin was persuaded to go him because somebody had to represent the old fashioned socialist wing of the party well give me ours there to represent the wettest of wet remaining side of the Conservative Party they think oh well for this for this leadership contest to have validity we need somebody who represents that think think of this in the eyes of the yes this is the MPs not so much the not so much the party members at this point but imagine the message sent to the people who've abandoned the party because of its weak stance on breaks it if everyone on the ballot was a hardcore beaver imagine what that would send us a message not saying it would happen because it's politically not possible they've gotta appease those people but I still think the party just doesn't get it yet no I think a lone grassroots double they are pretty fucking worried I think the parliamentary party doesn't get it no and the thing is gimme art has recently only narrowly avoided being deselected by his own constituency because it was such an odd this guy needs to be ejected from the party immediately it's just listen to the languages using look at the language of this story conservative leadership candidate Sam Gilmer has accused male rivals of trumpian machismo for for and chest beating over their brexit claims so he's basically speaking the language of a kind of you know this is the language of American Democrat types you know it's like you've got chest beating men saying they could do what cheresa mail may fail to do if you didn't know that he was a man you just seemed a woman said that hmm it assumed that was a feminist who said that so that I mean this is a this is not an acceptable and unacceptable candidate who needs to immediately be thrown out of the party I would say well he was the higher education minister for a while and he came onto my radar I think it was just over a year ago because in that role he pledged that universities would become these that he would end the censorship no platforming and banning speakers on University campuses he was going to he was going to do something to stop that and it never happened he just he didn't push it he didn't get it into the the mainstream media sphere and then early on in Teresa Mays cabinet he resigned over at some point of Princeton like it might have been yes it might as being he oh he couldn't back the withdrawal agreements so he resigned and he's you know he's he's utterly useless he achieved nothing when he was given a ministerial brief he's got absolutely no positive qualities as a conservative leader whatsoever I'll go further he has no positive qualities as a Conservative MP what see is he in a where did this guy come from I just don't understand like how did he even get into the party 15 I think you know this kind of all we need to widen widen the type of candidates we get kind of either pretty sure this was a Cameron esque appeal to the center Graham Blair style dad that backfired any I mean I'm starting to doubt the Robert conquest second or thing you know anything that's not explicitly right-wing becomes left over time I mean it story what he's meant to be explicitly right-wing what the fuck is this this guy's basically like he might as well be in the late not even a Lib Dem he might as well be in the labour party this guy yeah I mean he's widely he was widely tipped to go and join change well I wish she had okay let's keep on going but he's got no charge surely I mean surely he's gotten to Europe well no I think he'll make the second round that get kicked up there yeah not what we Stuart also in the works yes it still will be seen as far preferable to him if you have remain sensibilities agreed finally we've got Mark Harper another guy over not I had on no idea who this guy even is do you know him no well let's let's have a look at what it actually looks like a minute cuz I've never even seen him before I don't even recognize him isn't it a travesty when the likes of Mark Greg's France Juarez out there not running and a nurse Steve Baker and this guy this guy exists Mark Harper doesn't know why he doesn't have a cabinet role he's a Chief Whip so immediately know the whips the reason were in this fuckin mess so yes who is Mark Harper have you ever seen this guy before in your life you never heard of him before this moment in time we and we we follow politics pretty closely that would say anything in this favor I should have just looked at his Wikipedia Dan get at all implicated by the expense of scandal tight yeah it's been around since 2005 okay so I mean I watch me I've never seen this guy okay so greater greater consultation with the Irish government and his Tory colleagues over brexit prepared to extend article 54 the deal to be achieved he said he is embarrassed that the government has delayed the publishing of its long-awaited green paper on social care and half wants to bring this forward ASAP and he is against another Scottish referendum so I'm struggling to see why some of these people for the are bothering to do this because they must know they've got no chance right so what why is mark is e there's filling out the ballot there's filling out the filling out the numbers I see yeah so I think I I read the other day that they are having a TV debate like american-style almost like the American primaries you know they do mmm and that's gonna be next on the 18th so not next Tuesday but the Tuesday after they're gonna have an american-style debate on the BBC with all of the Tory candidates and I think that those two Harper and Samwise Gamgee they're there they're basically there for the TV opportunity so people will remember them in much the same way that Andrea led said if you could think about it we only really knew who she was once she ran against resume and then pulled out remember yes fact that raised Andrea Levison's profile quite significantly I would say that move so just like something about saying gimme ah he's the only person who's not mentioned Scotland dear me so he's probably we can read from that Pro second referendum on Scotland yeah it just gets worse Jesus you see and and to me again if it's between this Sam this guy and Lambie honestly lamby's bear honestly Lambie is because at least allow me isn't is honest enough to stand on that side of the oil whereas this guy runs as a conservative and he probably in his heart thinks he's a true conservative or something how I don't even understand though people even end up in those in those sorts of positions it's good business and if you like big business either you going find a home somewhere in the Conservative Party so we've been through all of the candidates now and I think it's fair to say our favorite based on our talk was Rob all three of us would you agree yeah agree but we're willing to settle for Boris reluctantly yes if I have no choice it would not get to rejoin if it was Boris let's put it that way right I I actually think that um I drank McVeigh above Boris yeah Jim says in terms of pollen in terms of policy but not in terms of winning the election because he was there yeah I mean in terms of winning an election I think Boris is your best bet that with the patented black lesbian strategy I could quite heavily play the Jewish card and wreck that rift that side of the vote away from labor with how weak that's gotten as well thinking about it is Rob Jewish he's half Jewish yes I mean I think he's grant his grandfather fled Czechoslovakia before World War two I mean just to tell you what the last how that went the last time though Zac Goldsmith ran against sorry Carl and Khan relentlessly paid the race the race card on Goldsmith and obviously goes method Jewish if I was in the mail or election comes with was extremely wet he's raw he's the the caliber of Rory Stuart's wetness he was very Pro brexit and also when the whole thing about there was but he's he's cooked over and over again to identity politics I mean just go look up pretty much any quote from him he nods to identical ticks in it every time because I was like you I started out quite liking it once upon a time then every time I heard him speakers that are for fuck's sake you don't you've done it again I think also he had the is see the thing with Rob is that he comes across as as a serious politician a guy who wants to grapple with issues and his background is is not one of privilege Zac Goldsmith always has that thing he's Jimmy Goldsmith's son yeah and that there is always that resentment towards this the self-made rich is that that kind of you that it's almost like class MV but it's MV at the the don't mistake Impala don't make the mistake of thinking class doesn't matter in elections it really does we're still deeply divided along class lines society if we reacts it wouldn't matter one thing I will say James Goldsmith is fuckin based as hell I did I send you that video I might even link that so people can watch her after this cuz it's really amazing he just rips these two BBC journalists apart for half an hour straight it was I don't think I've seen him before it's um it's uh it's James Goldsmith he and in fact he was kind of like the forerunner of you kept him anyways wasn't he James goes right yeah he was of the 70s 80s and 90s old saying yeah I'll just day you'll probably remember him from wasn't he present that Portillo's loss in my ma7 just before you know livid Miller's because he ran in the Putney constituency against Mela and and it was absolutely brilliant I remember this is one of my favorite play where Mela lost to I think it was Lib Dem candidate and Mela who is just such a wet cut conservatives at I absolutely despise him he was trying to give a concession speech but he was making the concession speech all about how how he it was all about him not about his opponent and Jimmy goldsmith was standing on the sidelines with all the independent candidates from the other parties going off oh I do didn't remember seeing this now yeah I didn't know that was his name yeah so it's that if people want to find it it's the money program it was James Goldsmith on the money program that is a scintillating like hour of TV so what are these what are these spammers in the chats these days where these come from um they're gay porn spammers basically how they how have they been allowed to come in since you know YouTube were meant to be cracking down sort yourselves out YouTube stop censoring us and sense of the bloody porn spammers okay so yeah um I think that kind of went as I imagined you know I I think Boris is the is the compromise candidate but do we see what we want happening ie does bias become the prime minister or do you think that the powers that be find a way of stopping that happening I think we will find some form of backroom stabbed and again by somebody and if that happens who do you see sitting in the Iron Throne at the end of it mmm that's the hard question isn't it if I were betting money now honestly just based on the last few weeks I think it's gonna be Stuart I don't I don't want it to be but I I'm thinking it's gonna be Stuart with how hard he's being pushed by there is so black build okay last time around Theresa May got it well she was the last person standing but at the time her public image was she's a long standing cabinet minister and she was perceived as the safe pair of hands okay history is completely trashed that view but at the time that's how she was pitched now I don't see with these wet remain candidates none of them have that kind of being in the cabinet long term seen as a reliable safe pair of hands hasn't made too many mistakes along the way all of them Jeremy Hunt is tarnished Rory Stewart doesn't have that I've been around for some time I'm a familiar face so there might be I think it might all Road might lead to Boris in this I know the media want to get Rory Stewart in but he doesn't have he doesn't he doesn't have that grassroots membership party cachet which Teresa may kind of did I think I don't think they're scared about that yet the rubber I'd I think that that fear about the membership and the activist based deserting exists at a local grassroots level I really don't see any everything does anyone see evidence of it reaching the parliamentary party yet no I mean certainly in certain sectors of the party but you know what I mean about Teresa may is that she was just seen as solid at the time I don't see any of the kind of remain candidates and the cup candidates having that same kind of reputation they've all got something that's easy to attack them with Jeremy Hunt in particular I mean I'm not sure if I agree with binary here because they're surely the Farraj thing will have sent their widdy's up them yeah factors now yeah my feeling is that even if you're in the headspace even a month ago of thinking that there was a way out of doing No Deal or whatever I think for our just basically just you know he I hope you're right but if I if I was seeing more signs that they get it and they're moving more aggressively towards a pro Hardware exit position I would agree with you but I don't see those signs I see event they've gently moved a couple of feet to one side and now they're kind of stood there looking a bit shifty again I think we with the whole Rory Stewart thing is that the media are begging him up and the worry is is that the parliamentary party will go well this guy can win our selections which he can't but the media will make it look like he can and they and the parliamentary party will fall into that trap precisely because they're they're nothing if not insulated from the real world okay so yes okay good binary you thinks will always do it if it's not Boris ruber who do you think it ends up as who and who sits on the Iron Throne if Boris gets stabbed Simone if Boris gets stabbed I'm gonna be optimistic and I will say if Rob keeps his nose clean he will become if Boris falls on his sword Rob will be seen as a solid guy oh yeah I will say that these TV TV basic TV debates could change everything and rubber could be right after that but that's that's relying on a shift on the landscape isn't it it is I mean there's every chance that Boris will fall on he saw something because something comes out of left field that derails Boris not the things you think would get in a scandal won't remove Boris but something he has some kind of crisis of confidence last time it was Michael Gove turning on him um you know that you know the left is gonna go insane no matter what happens right now of course yes we will have a trump style level of hysteria here when that if if that happens and we get a over actual brake steer Libya it will go ballistic the last 24 months will be nothing scrap in it's gonna be amazing it is if I'm not correct yeah and I honestly hope I'm not correct with Stuart okay let me show you some super trance then let's see what the super let's see if if any came in during the during the time rid of the porn box excellent okay just leave me a link rubber there's a few a few uh super chatzi benjamin root says binary loved the new profile pic AAA we want more misses AAA she's delightful it shoot boomer I've spent all day setting up my bitch shoot account but I will tell you it's a very slow uploading I don't know why it's so slow uploading stuff but I would say 20 minute videos taking like 25 minutes whereas whereas on YouTube is much quicker Benjamin so I am doing it I'm not gonna do every single video I'm gonna do a best of like fileted highlights pretty much the stuff in a daze cause lessons and then I'll see what else after that Benjamin root says all these people are cups hang them all so there we go I don't think Rob is a kook I will say Rob is the only one on there I would have complete confidence in mr. McCall so is the concur I mean estimate estimate very coming out strongly on the LGBT school thing is quite interesting that she's positioning herself there fact that there is a Tori willing to do that in 2019 is interesting Sydney Seiler says the hatred of plastic straws has created the spate of milk shakings have you tried a drink at McDonald's milkshake with a paper straw capitalism home Sid Wilson says AAA cannot support led some even though she would have Baker in the cabinet and he is an Austrian Plus have you seen Bush Jesus Oh My giddy God what's loose Jesus no idea I'm a Boomer I wouldn't know that I have not heard of this either Boosh Jesus what am I about to Google this is the thing when the internet could be anything and no loose Jesus III can't I don't know what this is sorry where which you've never heard about over you know we don't know what it is but yet Steve Baker I would say would be very good to get in the cabinet because he is actually into Austrian economics which is you know it's interesting there's one thing I want out of this just for the meme opportunities I want mark France par in a cabinet position that's what I won as well I mean the dream cabin that would be morgue Greg's Francois Baker and probably Rob McVeigh at minute France foreign defense that would make my name can you my name is culture secretary or something that'd be fucking probably make him second shit what's that what's that is that also exist like secretary of culture or whatever yeah it's still like a tier two cabinet position yeah and then he can immediately you know drop the price of football pies or something it'd just be amazing Jay Jay s says odds here are the current odds okay one two – Boris seven – one two – is Boris that's very high that's quite a strong favourite wouldn't you say seven seven to one hunt ten to one Govan led some thirty three two one Robin Stewart fifty to one Javid two hundred to one Harper and Samwise Gamgee whoa whoa I don't believe that Robin Stewart be thirty three two one I couldn't say on on Stewart because I'm not sure how to go about assessing beyond the media push but Rob I could see would be too hardcore for most of the party I think so in their current mood let me have a look Tory bookmaker odds it just seems a bit long given there's so many there's not how many candidates you know because that's not bad bet on one of those – I wouldn't mind I might put stick like a fiver on each of them created as well now to be honest it's not bad a little bit either of them when you make your money back and then some yeah look with Betfair all Rory Stuart's dropped look he's twenty to one with some so yeah it's with bet365 they're both 33 to 1 so there we go I I reckon the and Boris is looking a very strong favorite with a lot of these eighteen to fifteen forty thousand before though the last time around he was polling very very high in those odds so yeah I wouldn't put a sneaky fiver on Rob just just in case you know let me 33 to one loss that if it came in it would be nicer a couple of quid wouldn't ya under fifty plus not bad yeah maybe a maybe I'll put twenty quid on there make you make you spicy six hundred and sixty quid I'll get my air conditioning unit back for the car okay what else have we got I was probably the most middle-class thing you've ever said a value bet is who can get to the last two with Boris yeah so Rob will be knocked out cuz he's on Boris his side of the draw yeah be that 52 ones not a bad show you know I can see Javits making last two 50 to one yeah who's in that last to that solid candidate I was talking about he probably is closest to that bill you know he didn't he's neither one thing nor the other but he's seen as solid I think tell you what 10 are on Java that fifty to one that's the best my I'd like cuz look I don't think go who's got chance I'll be honest I just don't see it I don't I don't see him get he would have to be far more competent of the backroom dealing than I give him right at all what hunts as we as we talked about it's the death of the party right and I just don't see people going for that either but Javid I reckon II said I might go and stick like ten on robbing a Tehran Javid I hope it comes down to a Rob Javed's final two we will be quittin lads okay I'm gonna do that yeah I might do that afterwards okay yeah let's do it these are all reservists committed but don't all do it because then the odds will change and if if Jonathan comes in if if Rob you shoulda told the 5:05 enough people on stream that if Rob comes in it's air conditioning in the car if javi comes in this air conditioned car you can take mrs. a a to a Miller in Carter yeah all right Federal Reserve is committed trees and says thoughts about the fair cutting rates sounds like 1929 overvalue the stock market flooded farms like the Dust Bowl and tariffs I did the Fed cut rates then I thought they wanted to increase the interest rate but Trump opposed them yeah this is the sad news from my American friends Trump is just trying to get to the other end of 2020 until the bubble bursts basically he knows that he needs to get to the other side of that election and then it doesn't really matter what happens to the economy but yeah i i i am not as positive about the US economy as many people are so only because i wonder if it's all built on sand quicksand smoke and mirrors you know as as the booming economies of the other periods that we've looked at in recent history you know the eighties the 2000s like if you ask somebody how is the economy going in 2007 they would have said Oh everything's going wonderful and now this is exactly the same so j/s says Dov's cocaine confession is on the JD Daily Mail just now what's this then interesting yeah is this go whew spatula is he trying to outdo Rory to do it opium thing remember how it was like this would have been a scandal now is now you've got Tory candidates actively out drug each other so here's the story Michael goes cocaine confession nearly contender in race to BPM reveals his deep regret at taking a class A drug on several occasions Tory hopeful Michael Gove was admitted taking cocaine on several occasions he says you use the substance when he was younger and he regrets it go 51 assists his password Lakes would not be held against him as he as he battles to replace Tremont article put on today like literally oh that's no I don't think that's trying to out-compete that strikes me as someone's threatened to leak it and he's trying to get ahead of it so that's a head of a scandal you think mm I think yeah I think that is yeah that doesn't strike me as competition with Stewart so I just see what the what the comments might be yeah yeah go for it no one gives a flying crap oh is it there's a go fan Esther do you think Esther exists he's from he should okay that's not right off the Jeremy Kyle show blah blah okay I think people really care about this to be honest but do you think that the Tory faithful will care about this I suppose is that down to you know oh well he was media and he was quite um a prodigy I mean he got into the media at a very young age so yeah I mean it's a it's such a long time ago I don't think it's an election killing or winning issue but I do think that that screams that someone has been threatened by something from the web Sophos maybe it's not it's not it's not girls attempt to become like cocaine matches it now because the cocaine Mitch story is even more convoluted than just why do I have gone but the thing about go I've got this memory that in the early mid 90s he was an occasional guest on those late-night channel 4 shows like with Terry Christian and the word the word or am club ex I think he was just occasional oh let's get some start shirt to ask questions of someone occasionally so yeah I can imagine him you know in the green room with Terry Christian here's a line of Charlie Michael oh don't mind if I do if someone in the deep lore isn't currently working on a Scarface page with Michael groves face up on it your failed there you go I wasn't dreaming this Edmund 184 says Mel for TV channel 4 TV show would go Tracey McCloud and David Baddiel there you go Wow one of those late-night that's right pretty rock and roll snorting coke with David Baddiel in the in the and in that case it's not gonna hurt go from one bit Sid Wilson says British champions is thick of it make at Britain excuse me British champion is that even a sentence I don't know I think he I think he may have slipped on the keyboard isn't they British champions this thick of it make a pretend I don't know I think he's referring to the amando nhe Peter Capaldi sure yeah you know the thick of it but what does the hell does it mean I don't know we're British champion oh yes there's this the app thing isn't there's the app competition they do in the thick of it at Britain remember that what's British champions is saying it's the same I think he's saying it's the same kind of syndrome where the minister comes up with this totally nonsensical plan to create digital hub and make it at Britain he's referring to the wild wife thing earlier I got it Hancock's thing yeah Mickey the Ox that's a new name I don't recognise Mickey the Ox hello Mickey he says I thought Rob Rob was remaini clearly got the wrong end of the stick where do you guys find out these facts capitalism ho well Rob was the buret brexit secretary and he has been a hardcore and they brexit her from from the start date much yeah I mean he's no solid conservative as well he was David Davis his number two wasn't it originally yeah that's what gives me a little bit of conviction in him in that Davis is known to be very very good at kind of sniffing out people's character generally so if Davis approved I probably approve as well excellent all right well I think we we did well we got through everyone I will say my my stopgap attempt to defeat the evil Britisher who's crept ahead of me has worked because before the stream started I was 17 behind and now I've jumped right 200 ahead of the Britisher with my new newest smash hits a leak on video which has already got 12 thousand views so there you go if you're ever behind the British I just release a set go home with you yeah to make it sure you need to get more American cops following you how does British forget American cop oh yeah because if the the ones who let off mrs. Fox that's a placement story it's bizarre as new though you do get that sometimes with this stuff we use someone from walk of life just think how the hell where's Brandon Lee the heard of heard something by you know somebody's just sent in mother Teresa has just sent in a super chart saying Stuart makes me wet wet wet gross well yeah and he's much like the band itself isn't it you know this kind of horrible simpering kind of bland pop for now people I just think they need to all get out no like the the next lecture should be doomsday that likes of Roy Stuart and also also in the in the a party you know the lingering it david miliband types they probably need to get out of Dodge as well at this point well that they are being purged us we've talked before about on streams with momentum purging them systematically that's what's going on now they're doing a slow steady purge so you look at that the left effective as per usual the right cookie not effective not purging so don't understand why it always has to be that way so we need more helicopters back to our lee ermey sometimes see people on the right the libertarians especially the libertarians just sitting around saying oh it's all so terrible and i want somebody like our lee ermey and full-metal-jacketed come along and said what is your major malfunction pick up that rifle get out there you know that you need a bit of fire in the belly on the anti left and we lack that yeah it was this the normative a role but that you had you know man or whatever he banged if you had together didn't we it was always acted in spitting image as the the thug in the bicycle jacket wasn't it yeah and they're in the leather jacket with some studs on his knuckles I mean she'd sitting what are the vegetables having was that phrase I come over it now you need you need in other words you need a commander Madden right yeah you need a thug you need someone you can look and say look I'm not I'm not breaking your knuckles but my friend over here yeah alright cheers guys thanks for tuning in and next week on Tuesday or Wednesday probably will be Tuesday 9 p.m. we'll be debuting the new show suitable for advertisers do we have a treat in store for you so see you then bye bye just

Conservative leadership candidates admit to illegal drug use

the race to become Britain's next prime minister kicked off this weekend with headlines about Michael Gove zkn Kayne confession rather than promises on brexit the Environment Secretary admitted he had taken the class a drug while working as a journalist in his 30 a head of Revelation set to come out in an upcoming biography ghost drugs past is not unique Boris Johnson has admitted and joked about taking cocaine and cannabis while other wannabe prime ministers like Rory Stewart admitted he'd smoked opium in Iran 15 years ago and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said it enjoyed a cannabis lassi while backpacking around India today Andrea led some said she smoked weed at University and even Dominic rabe confessed it smoked cannabis as a student though he insisted he'd never touched Class A drugs fines up but I again perhaps that's why mr. Robb was so forgiving of his rival I think Michael set out he made a mistake it was a long time ago people will judge it as it is but I do believe in a second chance society more generally stealing it's damaged him that's not for me to say I think actually I'd rather buy his honesty but people like met police chief Cressida dick have increasingly warned of the dangerous disconnect between middle-class Britain talking away their recreational drug use and the very real misery and violent crime that exists within the trade fair to say commissioner that some of these middle class dinner parties that send out for cocaine on the weekend or whenever it might be they've actually got blood on their hands or some of the people who are dying on the streets I think anybody who is seeking recreational in inverted commas drugs particularly Class A drugs yes I think that is a good way to put it and today from a drugs policy campaigner list criticism you know it is a grave hypocrisy because obviously they've admitted to using drugs in the past but of course they haven't suffered any of the consequences of the sort of very punitive and repressive drug policies and laws that we have in the United Kingdom but in the leafy constituency of serve ative sorry heath where Michael Gove is the MP voters seemed remarkably relaxed we've all done things in our younger years which perhaps weren't quite the wisest thing to do were you shocked to find out that Michael Gove has done cocaine no it shouldn't have a great deal of influence over somebody's career thirty years hence what do you make of his admission this weekend that he took cocaine doesn't matter does it we did we spoke about this this morning and we both agreed that it was 20 years ago no never she says it remains to be seen whether the heartland of Tory Britain will be so laid back candidates have until Monday to be nominated before MPs vote in a series of secret ballots with the final choice made by party members on the 22nd of June or joining me now is the Conservative MP Alberto Costa who's backing Michael Gove in the conservative leadership race and Marcellus bass a former gang member and drug dealer who now runs the charity switch-up which works with young people in Nottingham to steer them away from crime Alberto Acosta first do you think that Michael Gove should be criticized for breaking the law in the past or praised for his honesty well sunlight is the best disinfectant and I welcome the fact that the Tory leadership candidates who have taken drugs have admitted to that I think that's the right thing to do look Michael has admitted to having taken drugs I think two three decades ago before he was married 20 have already had any children before he had any prospect of been a member of parliament he's right to have said it was a mistake for which he terribly regrets it but let me be clear the reason I've accepted coming on this evening Kathy on your program is Michael's made a promise to me that he's going to protect the rights of 3.6 million EU nationals whose rights were wrongly put on the negotiating table no other leadership candidate has yet declared that okay so I that's Michael that's the other plane yes sir because he's got the right skill set okay we'll debate that on another occasion but yes I appreciate that muscle espoused you think this is hip-hop krisi or honesty on part michael day i think it's honestly and i think that is good that is honest because this is highlighted an even bigger issue is highlighted the issue of middle-class people buying drugs having dinner parties and then purchasing them drugs is actually directly contributing to young people losing their lives knife crime massive youth violence it's contributing to sexual exploitation and county lines now for me the sooner they realize that this crime purchasing drugs is not just the victimless silent crime the sooner we can start looking at solutions and solutions can be not just educating people with hoodies but people in ties to oh that's a good point is now but a cost what i'd like to please most jealous and the thousands of voluntary workers and other charity staff members that do the work that people ain't much else do in our country the specific about me try to use all my cue go into the problem understand that but the problems that we see in society are usually as a result of very vulnerable people will fall into gangs who take drugs and actually what the Marcello's does mustn't be belittled with today's political stories fueling that I mean cressida dicks point he saw it in the in the in the film there the Justice Secretary David Gork says that middle-class people who use cocaine should feel a degree of guilt and responsibility when they see teenagers being murdered in Hackney East London pretty sobering isn't it and I agree with them and I think that's why it's right that Boris and Dominick and all the other individuals who are standing for the leadership like Michael have admitted to taking drugs have said very clearly it was a mistake and I reticle I think it's right that we have sunlight as a disinfectant on this matter but I want to go a step further three hours ago I was in a cafe Cathy in London having a late lunch and I offered her two ladies talking about Michael and Boris and I adopted them and ask them about today's media news do you know what these lady said to me it's of absolutely no importance what is important is how we exit the European Union is the issue of the garages jump in near the fact that your middle-class people are purchasing drugs is causing a direct need for people and a monopoly for people than to sell the drugs and that in fact is causing directly youth violence knife crime and young people that I work with losing their lives and that other people family members are losers losing their lives and for me that it's very important that we start looking at the whole of society rather than certain aspects of society and we need to be looking at solutions to be able to address that with people from all walks of society and that's what we really need to look at Michael sorry Michael was not just a guy was like a student or at school or some he was actually a journalist he was a professional he was in in in a line of work a professional guy a journalist taking cocaine and that's happening right across the country this is nothing new to me Cuffy it has been happening for years and years middle class people buying drugs having dinner parties and not knowing the impact it's having on communities when you were part of a gang that was dealing drugs who were your customers there was people there was people in middle class professionals there was judges doctors all kinds of people from all walks of life so I know that it's been happening for a very very long time but the the fact that there like hasn't the focus hasn't been shining there it's been looking at you know deprived communities single parents lack of education we need to be looking at the whole picture to really look at solution isn't he allowed past though and to own up to a mistake in the past and to be honest about that deserves some credit doesn't it I believe that this is a bigger issue that's highlighted the fact that middle-class people do buy drugs have been buying drugs and will always be buying drugs and what we need to do is educate them and educate you know around the fact of what impact this is actually happening having on people's lives kids are dying out there well I spoke earlier today to sort Kristen blunt a colleague of mine a senior conservative and I think he would agree with much of what Marcello's has said sir Crispin wants to have initiate the debate in Parliament and bringin on the Accord he's memorizing at least having a discussion on drugs what I can see from my part is I think the time has probably arrived or we need to have a debate on this I don't know what the rights and wrongs are mohei alice is an expenditure on this very briefly have you yourself ever taken Class A drugs I'm here today to talk about have you yourself a new translation read about this Cathy we just raised disinfectant idealistic and when when when journalists call politicians to talk about drugs are usually on a male I didn't I came here today to make very clear that Michael Golf has made pledges to 3.6 million EU nationals you haven't answered my question I will ensure that that may see just loudly conveyed across the country I take your silence speaks volume at all Alberto costume Marcellus bears thank you very much for joining me