More Republicans than Democrats voting early in Florida

fifteen days to the election that's the number and early voting has started in several states 50 counties in the state of Florida open polling places this morning marina Port Naya in Miami has the story tonight boaters have been entering this Miami polling location since 7:00 a.m. this morning seizing their opportunity to cast early ballots in the most contentious presidential election in US history current polls show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by three points in Florida a swing state with 27 electoral votes up for grabs now a victory in this state is critical in securing Trump's path to the presidency his path has been narrowing in the weeks leading up to the November eighth election of voters we spoke with had differing opinions on who should be America's next leader and who did you vote for Donald Trump Donald Trump really why thinks the best candidate for the United States golfer do you think he's gonna win Florida I think so do you think that the election is gonna be rigged in any way like he's warning oh we have to get out to vote I mean you can't be complacent this time around I I'm a little bit of concern that people think that it's over and the Hillary's going to pull it off and that people aren't gonna be motivated to vote but I hope I hope they'll they'll get out there and make their voice heard I decided to vote my heart and I voted for Jill Stein okay and I wish that the rest of America could be as truthful and honest and not just play the game and vote for the one that they think is gonna win I'm tired of voting in fear fear that the other candidate will win well based on what we have in front of us I voted for the candidate that was best suited for for my particular needs and for Greater America in my view of course I feel the Bern as well so I am definitely one of a Barney supporter and I'm also a Hillary supporter to some extent as well because I think together we would actually make a greater stride for the country in the meantime early voting by mail has been underway for weeks as of this morning more than 1.2 million Florida voters have already cast ballots by mail with Republicans leading the way now the Sunshine State has more than 12.6 registered voters an all-time high and election officials say they are preparing for a record-breaking turnout this year reporting from Miami marina port nya Artie 5.1 million Americans have already voted and as we said that they voted it has already started in the crucial state of Florida Clinton has a three point lead in Florida the latest CBS poll shows a 46 to 43 advantage a three point lead in Florida equates to a large margin considering the history of tight elections in that state for more on that let's turn to bitch Ceaser Broward County party chair and DNC Executive Council member Mitch good to have you with us tonight you've been down this road for decades but this is one for the archives there's no question about it Donald Trump says the polls are wrong and see as marina reported tonight there are more Republicans who have voted early there's an enthusiasm gap on the Clinton side we've seen that story in the past what do you make of all of this mixture well I have to say I don't think the enthusiasm gap is very large if not reversed by now a lot of the Trump people are very down based on the last very bad weeks that Trump has had the Hillary people are very excited I think they smell a very good chance of success in Florida nationwide frankly I think that there are more votes that have been cast in Florida early but usually the Republicans lead by a very significant margin early votes and out of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands if not close to a million already they're only up by 15,000 votes that is nothing in Florida historically they usually way ahead Trump is saying the system's rigged the polls aren't right I mean he's an attack dog on the stump do you think that moves anybody I really don't think it does you know he blames everybody else he never could blame himself and of course remember he loved the polls say the most accurate polls in the entire world during the primary process when he was winning all of a sudden now they're not valid I think he senses it's slipping away but I can tell you as a Hillary person we can take nothing for granted this is Florida that's why we're the ultimate swing state and it's gonna be very close so you think the release of the Access Hollywood tape and what followed has hurt him because he was neck and neck and even led in a few polls in Florida just weeks ago I think that in the debates devastated him and then saying he would not honor the result of an election we I hope will be the beneficiary of letting Trump be Trump could he recover in Florida I think anything's possible it's two weeks out that's an eon in the political timeframe I think I'd rather be Hillary Clinton today than Donald Trump but anything's possible one of the great things I'm confident about is we have a great ground game in Florida speaking specifically actually of South Florida as well as the entire state he really doesn't have much I think it's gonna be very close but remember this state is always gonna be decided by one point Obama won it by one point four years ago Rick Scott Republican governor won it by one point two years ago that's why we're a swing state every says we're up by three I'd be very grateful to win by half of that so we'll see so three point Leon my Florida earn a three point lead in Florida based on its history is pretty big margin right now if that was to occur that would be historic and devastating not only to Trump but I think to other Republican candidates in Florida and quickly the numbers in Broward County the number of Democrats registered and voted in the history of that County well four years ago President Obama won Florida as I said by one point about 68,000 votes he won Broward County by 255 thousand votes that was the actual margin yeah so we're obviously the most democratic county in Florida one of the most democratic counties proportionally in the United States okay we're we're we're Hillary country Broward County is the county to watch no doubt turnouts going to be very important Mitch these are good to have you with us and I thank you so much

Noam Chomsky: Democrats are really moderate Republicans

now for another interesting take on the government shutdown we're gonna hear from Noam Chomsky but first I want to bring in Artie's in this and now he who interviewed professor Chomsky on this current governing crisis and will bring us what he had to say Anisa you went up to Boston and talked to Noam Chomsky he's had you know been following these issues for quite a while what did he have to say about how government should be working versus how its currently working well he still thinks that it's all big business that's basically one party but what he pointed out was that a new faction has been born and that faction is Democrats that have moved to the center let's listen to what he had to say there used to be a kind of a quip that the United States was a one-party state with a business party that had two factions the Democrats and Republicans and that was pretty accurate but it's not anymore the u.s. is still a one-party state the business party but there's only one faction and it's not Democrats it's moderate Republicans today's Democrats have shifted to the right so he obviously thinks that there's been a shift the interesting thing is that he's been around for so many decades and we talked about that that his position and what he's been talking about the US government has stayed the same but the parties are evolving yeah and I think that's visible really in this debate when you have this the shutdown spending number that both parties is essentially a conservative number that includes the sequester and Democrats are willing to sign on board with it it kind of lends proof to this idea that the Democrats have indeed shifted to the center I talked earlier with Ben Swan about this and about how the media should be covering this you know fair and balanced reporting we see the media blaming both sides for this did professor Chomsky assign blame to any one particular side over the other in the shutdown Chomsky is very clear that he thinks the entire situation is a farce he doesn't hide that but he did talk about how Republicans have gone so overboard I mean they become scum something incredibly that almost shouldn't be real that it's become such a farce and he did talk about that that's recognized on by the most respected conservative political analyst Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute very right-wing foundation is maybe the most respected political analyst on the right he simply describes the Republican Party today as what he calls a radical insurgency that is doesn't care about fact doesn't care about argument it doesn't want to participate in politics and is simply off the spectrum well that's what's happened and that party is essentially who the president is trying to negotiate with right and they've gotten us in this situation with a shutdown where they're now piecemeal funding the government so it's no longer that they're talking about spending cuts they're now opting in choosing which programs to spending if we get to the debt limit situation then it'll be the entire government that they'll chew pick and choose what we pay down and what we don't that seems to be a protocol route a pretty radical way that hasn't we haven't seen governing worked out what else did the two of you to discuss you and professor Jones discussed we discussed quite a lot internationally about what's happening about u.s. foreign policy and we talked about Iran about the new president Chomsky seems fairly pessimistic that we'll see any changes in Washington he thinks all of it is in Washington's court right now the ball is in Washington's court but until basically the US where he said the way he put it was the West stops taking the US as lead in terms of finding a negotiated diplomatic solution and supporting Israel completely there's no way that the situation is going to change interesting is certainly certainly someone worth paying attention to he's been right in the past so listen I always thanks so much

Politicians Come & Go; DC is Unfazed

the boys are back in their own home nest after spending of the last few years ruling the Republican roost here in DC not many people know of the long term friendship between the soon-to-be former wisconsin Governor Scott Walker former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and former RNC chair and a White House chief of staff Reince Priebus but their words to grow deer Jeep as they all grew up in southern Wisconsin they are close an age ranging from late 30s to early 40s and have known and worked with one another for many years Ryan and Walker met when they were in their 20s Ryan's chief of staff a roomed with Priebus in at college once deemed a powerful trio in 2011 when they came to DC and power with the votes from last night it looks like all three are going to be leaving their powerful political positions and going home together as well this is one of the more senior Republicans cycle back in after being elected senator and I bet newly elected senator Mitt Romney will give Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer a run for the title of who keeps president Trump awake at night the most we don't feel sorry for President Trump because he has already started trolling with his tweet today this morning saying and all fairness Nancy Pelosi deserves to be the chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats if they give her a hard time perhaps we'll even add some Republican votes she has earned this great honor so sincere not really don't take this as a compliment represented Pelosi this was just the president Trump trying to either kick the leadership hornet's nest or recognizing his endorsement as like a kiss of death for any Democrat in the end it would be nice to think last night's results tell us the adults are coming back into town but unfortunately it looked like it's still going to be child's play hey YouTube thanks for checking out our Channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of content for you just like this for more of RT America's one of a kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe to never stop questioning more

Bill Maher Democrat Lackey | Brainwash Update

you guys probably recognize this guy right here Bill Maher he's been a stand-up comedian for decades but he's also most famous for his late-night news career now host of HBO's real-time the starting first as host of ABC's politically incorrect a show in which he was controversial and unapologetic in his views in fact less than one week after 9/11 in a climate of pure fear and hysteria he said this we have been the cowards lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away that's cowardly like that is a staying in the airplane when it hits the building not to say what you want about it not coward of course this was a truth that ABC just couldn't handle and they decided to fire him because of it oh but he's made up for it 10 to fold since then by kissing up to the establishment and his corporate masters in fact he's pulled a 180 you see now he loves drones he says they're cheaper they kill less people even said why it's a bad why is it a bad thing that it's like playing a video game bill loves drones so much in fact he's even joked about killing protesters but then at a recent foreign policy speech Obama was interrupted multiple times by Medea Benjamin co-founder of code pink and Bill Maher took to Twitter right away saying if you shut up lady he's answering your question maybe one more drone strike hey man so funny to joke about killing dissenters with Hellfire missiles huh but it's not just drones that he's selling now it's Islamophobia check it out because they're violent because they threaten us and they are threatening they bring that desert stuff to our world I said the same thing Friday night you know we don't threaten each other we sue each other that's the sign of civilized people when you hear you know that with the off refrain from American Muslims and the vast majority of American Muslims you know abhor this kind of stuff we know what they will say look Islam is a religion of peace do you buy that yeah they blow you up there's a PC over there there's a PC over there there's a PC over there he recites this type of ad nauseam and when guess attempt to bring up to build the hypocrisy and extremism is found across all religions he quickly shuts down the debate with a smarmy smug attitude and calls it nothing more than liberal BS in fact he's even gone as far as saying that quote most Muslims think it's okay to kill someone if they insult the Prophet and that's a big problem that's a clash of civilizations really bill most Muslims around the world support killing human beings if the Prophet Mohammad's criticized hmm but I guess his anti-muslim stance makes more sense when you hear what he has to say about Palestine in an op-ed for the Huffington Post he wrote that quote 600,000 Palestinian refugees should have been more mature enough to move on the way the Jews did yeah dude Palestinian just need to grow up they need no waltz out of that open-air prison and just move on with their lives right but if that's not offensive enough just wait because in addition to occupation Maher supports Stasi like surveillance too just recently on his show he said I'm okay with surveillance now that Obama is in office I'm not saying to look in your emails is the right thing I'm just saying I'm not gonna pretend it's because I'm brave it's because I'm scared so let me get this straight Bill Maher so terrified of an invisible threat of terrorism which by the way are statistically less likely to die from the nuovo beasting that he's willing to give up all of his civil liberties just so he could sleep well at night grow up man your complete trust in Democrats isn't gonna matter when the same spine programs adopted by the next Republican president although that doesn't matter to people like Bill Maher because his purpose like that of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert is to be a lackey for the Democratic Party hell he even uses stand-up comedy tour as a giant political ad for Obama I would like to announce a donation to the Obama super PAC which has the very a tongue-twister named priority USA action I know it was named by Bora tonight I would like to give that Pack 1 million dollars yep Bill Maher presented a giant cartoon check for a million dollars to Obama while fear-mongering to his captive audience about why there's no other choice than to support a war criminal and anytime there's a real change in massing Maher arrogantly rejects it once referring to Occupy Wall Street members as quote just a bunch of douchebags who think throwing a chair through the Starbucks window is gonna bring on the revolution yeah bill because you know what is gonna bring on the revolution giving millions of dollars to perpetuate endless war the erosion of rights and a climate of fear and hatred for one another how far you've come bill some days of actually speaking controversial truths to becoming nothing more than an establishment puppet keeping the masses laughing and superficially informed right hey whatever keeps the country divided and the money flowing

How Stupid Has the Democratic Party Become?

you know the mythology is that the Republicans have taken over the red states but it's not true the reality is the Democrats have lost those states and they've lost them by not running as real Democrats that's my big takeaway from Alec McGillis fascinating look into the biggest political mystery of our time why predominantly poor and previously Democratic leaning states now vote Republican there are a lot of theories as to why this has happened one of the most famous comes from Thomas Frank who argued in his book what's the matter with Kansas that poor white people vote Republican because Republicans have duped them into caring about social issues like abortion guns and gay marriage and there's a lot to be said for that line of analysis but Alec McGillis has a different theory as he explains in that piece for ProPublica the problem isn't that people who should vote Democratic vote Republican no the problem is quote the people who most rely on the safety net program secured by Democrats are by and large not voting period to put in less wonky terms Democrats are losing out to Republicans in what have become red states because the people who should vote for Democrats aren't showing up they're not voting whatsoever great example of this according to McGillis is Pike County Kentucky which is both a place where 18 percent of households get some form of government assistance and a place where Kentucky governor elect and Tea Party favorite Matt Bevin just won 55 percent of the vote all logic suggests the pike County should have gone Democratic and it used to be it used to do so pretty much every election but 30% fewer people voted in the county this month than they did in 2003 11223 voters in a county of 63,000 potential voters far below that county's tally of food stamp recipients which was more than 17,000 in 2012 if all of Pike County 17,000 food stamp recipients just them had come out to vote we could now be talking about how that county was a Democratic stronghold and a sea of red but it didn't happen and now we're left for that same whole problem a County and a state for that matter that should go Democratic but instead falls to the Republicans the solution is pretty similar in one former other former Democratic shoe in state like West Virginia or in Arkansas and Tennessee where pretty much no one comes out to vote except white middle and upper-class Republicans not surprisingly West Virginia Arkansas and Tennessee are also states that have now flipped red after years of going blue again because Democrats are not showing up to vote all of us of course raises the question why are poor people especially poor white people in red states not showing up to vote this is obviously a complex question with a complex answer but to me at least there's one really big reason why it's because we're the exception of a few people like Elizabeth Warren sherrod Brown and Al Franken Democrats don't run as Democrats anymore ever since the centrists aka corporatist New Democrats the Democratic Leadership Council DLC staged their coup back in the late 1980s and recruited Governor Bill Clinton most Democrats have run for office and governed as Republicans light instead of pushing true progressive values in populist to cut economics they call for welfare reform you talk about how cutting Social Security might be a good idea and they support awful trade deals like NAFTA the TPP well if that wasn't bad enough they also taken millions of dollars in donations in the fat cats on Wall Street Big Pharma and the so-called defense industry aside from just adopting Republican talking points you really couldn't ask for a better way to it alienate the poor people who already have every reason to be alienated from the political process the takeaway here easy it's time for Democrats to embrace and run on their party's core values the kind of values represented by people like Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lyndon Johnson and Bernie Sanders up until recently by the way didn't even call himself a Democrat it's the only way Democrats can hope to win elections in red states again it's really that simple because as Harry Truman once said given a choice between a Republican and a Democrat who acts like a Republican the voters will pick the Republican every time it's time for the Democratic Party to stop promoting Democrat who act like Republicans and return to the progressive roots and values laid out in championed by truly progressive presidents like FDR

US Government Hostage to Israel? | Interview with Mark Bruzonsky

do you ever wonder why the US has such a strong relationship with Israel a relationship that President Obama himself has referred to as quote an unbreakable bond one of the reasons the connection between these two countries is so close might be because of a powerful lobbying effort AIPAC or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee his self-described as the most important organization affected in the u.s. his relationship with Israel the lobby has tens of thousands of members and its annual annual policy conference is one of Washington's largest gathering of lawmakers exceeded only by the State of the Union address which is why Republican Senator Chuck Hagel in 2006 drew such heavy criticism over his views on the lobby's influence he said quote the political reality is that the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here I'm a United States Senator I'm not an Israeli senator now that Hagel has been tapped for a spot as defense secretary the mainstream media has been very quick to pick up on those past criticisms but why has the questioning of this Lobby become so taboo no talk about this unbreakable bond and what it all means for u.s. foreign policy I'm joined by Mark rozanski publisher of middle east work thank you so much for coming on mark thank you so obviously Hegel's comments blew up the mainstream media not surprising at all first of all why is it so taboo to admit that this Lobby has influence and secondly why is it so taboo to say that first and foremost servant that your allegiance is for this country instead of Israel you know the idea that mentioning the Israeli Lobby the Jewish lobby I've called it the Israeli Jewish lobby in print for a long time for those of us that have followed this for decades we're looking and we're kind of laughing everybody knows there's this powerful lobby just like everybody knows their global warming but there are certain things you can't really deal with in Washington they're third rails they're taboo subjects it's not the mention of them that's not the problem it's the standing up to them it's not letting them always dominate it's voting against them it's speaking against them journalists are ostracized presidents are ostracized remember how what was President Carter how he had to pull back when they were insisting on American policies being what they wanted and not what President Carter wanted think to the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee bill Fulbright was pushed out of town Chuck Percy was pushed out of town so there's a long history to this Hegel's problem is not that he mentioned the subject Hegel's problem is that he occasionally stood up to them yeah it's so unfortunate really but this is this is the situation but you know when Hagel was a senator he signed an aid package 40 billion dollars worth of aid to Israel at the same time Israel was violating international law I mean it's pretty pro-israel to me what really stipulates not being pro-israel enough look let's just call it straight I've been in Washington a long time my first job when I first came here right out of grad school was to represent the World Jewish Congress but it wasn't today's world jewish congress it was the World Jewish Congress of the internationalists of dr. nachmann Goldman and so I've been involved in this for a long time they rely on intimidation they rely on blackmail they rely on letting people know that if you cross them your careers in jeopardy they do it with journalists they do it with politicians and they've been extremely successful because it's not just a pack a pack is just the tip that's just the public you've got the president's conference of major American Jewish organizations you've got the American Jewish Congress the American Jewish Committee you've got commentary magazine you've got to think tanks one with the Republicans and the hardliners the Near East Institute the other the Saban Institute with the Democrats it's a whole range of interlocking and Inter working organizations but where did it start from it started from the Holocaust it's starting from Jewish impotence in the 30s and 40s and what happened to the Jewish people in Europe and then the fight in the 40s over whether or not the US would support the creation of a Jewish state everybody's forgotten the to the biggest person in foreign policy general Marshall opposed he even told President Truman that if you President Truman's support the creation of a Jewish state it will be unending war in the Middle East it will be against American interests and I your Secretary of State I'm going to resign he threatened to resign over this so this fights been going on for a long time but how did they evolve to become so powerful and strong people tell me all the time the Jewish lobby is really the ones running the show in Washington how much can you give us a sense on how much influence they really wield on Washington politics and actual policies that are implemented a lot of people will find this hard to believe but to answer your question honestly as I've come to experience it when it comes to matters relating to Israel matters relating to the Middle East their influence is almost total they have such ways of manipulating the press and politicians and of forcing people and they've got many fallback positions sometimes it appears they don't get their first goal but they've got two or three or four or five other goals that are all acceptable to them and it's not just American Jews by the way CUFI Christians United for Israel which AIPAC helped organize seven years ago is an extremely powerful force in this country and their convention is even larger than apex convention when they hold it up the Washington Convention Center these years well you just reminded me of Philip Zelikow in 2004 when he was speaking to AIPAC a former foreign intelligence advisor of course under Bush who said why would he rock attack America or use nuclear weapons against us I'll tell you what I think the real threat is and actually has been since 1990 it's the threat to Israel so here we have Zelikow you know admitting I mean this is outrageous I mean how much of our foreign policy is dictated by just protecting Israel how much of the Middle Eastern Wars these perpetual wars are to protect Israel instead of this country it's hard for foreigners to understand how can the great superpower of the United States be pushed around by the little country of Israel but it has to do with Jewish history it has to do what you wish influence both of the parties are very heavy with Jewish Zionist supporters politicians have learned over the years if they cross a pack a pack doesn't forget their life in Washington is going to be much more difficult so think back to the the book these are a lobby by Walt and Mearsheimer you'll find a passage in there where they say and these are two of our best political scientists that had it not been for the influence of the Israeli Lobby and AIPAC they in their judgment don't believe the Iraq invasion would have taken place that's how powerful this Lobby is but we're not dealing with the Past we're dealing with the present in the future this is about Iran this is about Hezbollah this is about Hamas this is about Palestinian state what's really going on is a battle for control of the region and the Israelis know they've got the Americans on their side and anybody who threatens that is going to be intimidated and pushed out of Washington Sharon about ten years ago he was in a cabinet meeting with Peres and Paris said something about we have to be careful you know because the Americans you know they're kind of on to us and they know we're pushing them around and they have their own national interests and Sharon said don't worry about that I can take care of the Americans we have our agents there so you Peres don't worry about that yeah you know I never really seen a head of state making the circuit rounds on corporate media in America kind of offering his pledge for a president presidential candidate which was what Netanyahu was doing or for Romney so I thought that was really fascinating that here we have a foreign leader kind of pleading to the US you know this is my opinion of who you should vote for very odd let's remember how Obama was forced to genuflect which is what's going to happen to hegel hegel may have his views but after they get through with these hearings they're gonna turn the hearings into a propaganda fest for them because they're gonna force Hagel to mouth all of their slogans and all of their positions of course he doesn't really believe them and of course the president doesn't really want to be pushed in this direction but in a sense they're more powerful than these temporary politicians they've been here for 40 or 50 years Obama may in June of 2008 at a critical time when people were deciding between Hillary and Obama he had a private meeting in a hotel right here in Washington with none other than the board of directors of AIPAC that day three hours after the meeting ended a man by the name of raha Emanuel gave a press conference because Rock'em had taken Obama to the meeting with APEC and it was on that day with Apex okay that Rahm switched his allegiance from the Clintons to Obama that was for those of us who follow these things in tests intensely that was the day we knew that OPA that AIPAC and the Israeli Lobby had decided to back Obama unbelievable secret Williams and Neil Ian's but not so secret actually as you look deeper Marc and you know unfortunately our Title II gence with Israel's debilitating peace in the Middle East really inhibiting a lot of progress there as we continue to align ourselves with a country that practices lawlessness apartheid and many other things it is tragic and hopefully your work and other people speaking out and standing up to the lobby will definitely be the first step mark bruise on ski publisher Middle East org thank you so much for coming on thank you so much

Are Democrats Doomed To Lose Again In 2018?

welcome back to the big picture the Democratic Party is to put it bluntly a mess they're out of power and two out of three branches of the federal government and on the cusp of losing influence over the third things are even worse at the state level Republicans now control a whopping 32 state legislatures 17 of them veto-proof Democrats on the other hand control only 13 legislators and only five of them are veto proof is if that wasn't bad enough Republicans also have 25 so-called trifectas where they control both houses of the state legislature and the governor's mansion or have such large majorities where they can override any legislation signed by the governor Democrats have just three such trifectas oh yeah and Republicans are just two state legislatures short of being able to call a constitutional convention if you're a Democrat things have never been more bleak at least not in this century but are they about to get worse joining me now is adam green cofounder the progressive change campaign committee the triple see adam welcome back get to be here tolerate having you with us so it seems to me like you know progressivism writ large is the answer to the democratic party that has been kind of held captive and thrall at least since the early 90s to the dlc the whole corporate Democrat thing what am I missing you're missing nothing but the Democratic Party leadership is missing a lot if they don't recognize that we are living in an economic populist era and you know whether you like them or hate them Donald Trump understood that you need to name Bill and if you're running for office you can't pretend it don't exist and he really channels people's energy in a non-productive direction whereas our party's not come out and say we are the party of working people we're going to challenge power particularly corporate power and we're going to take a baseball bat to all of the you know all the elements of a rigged economy we need that now and we've proven in election after election after state that this is how you win in red states purple states and blue states so that's a blueprint going forward yeah i feei read your piece and have an impost I was a brilliant I you know one of the first things he said was like brilliant what about one of the first things that you learn when you're studying to write novels you know like you're Robert makes' workshops and things is that the hero is really relatively insignificant in in fiction and stories and story the hero can only be as good as the bad guy as bad that Superman would be a boring story if all he did was stop people from Robbie 911 or 7-eleven or people around yeah even in fact it so you've got to have Lex Luthor there's got to be and and you know it's it's or the with the Batman the Joker the Riddler or whatever you got to have superhero super villains in order to have a super hero Donald Trump declared his super villains the Democrats who are their villains yeah so I mean right you know so Elizabeth Lauren names villains right she's willing to call out the big banks for soda Bernie and Bernie for bringing the economy foreclosing on people's homes committee credit card fraud everything like that and I spent a year of my life in South Dakota where big aggregations we're trying to take over little guy family farms and Democrats were able to win in this red state that Republicans had won by 20 points in the presidential election why standing up the little guy family farmers and standing up for things like social security against Wall Street privatized errs right you it doesn't always have to be the same issue in every state but you know what we said in that piece myself and my co-founder Stephanie Taylor was that we heard remnants of Hillary Clinton's messaging coming out of unfortunately at Nancy Pelosi's mouth when she was at the Democratic retreat a couple weeks ago call a press conference to say this is a democratic message we will fight for everyone including the bank stirs on wall street exactly you know and our point would you have to name villains and you know you could be talking about big AG and AG states you can be talking about the pharmaceutical companies in face of aging populations like New Hampshire if we talking about the big oil companies in states that need clean energy as you know an economic boost like New Mexico you doesn't have to be the exact same message for every state but the consistency in the Democratic Party must be that we are the party of working people willing to challenge corporate power and if we lose that we've lost we stand for here's the villain here's the problem that I think Nancy Pelosi has and that is that you know since this shift to the right back in really 18 88 89 I guess L from Chronicles at all in his book about how he and Bill Clinton kind of put together the DLC back at the tail end of the Reagan administration or maybe the end of the Bush administration I guess was that that there are all these Democrats who are relying on corporate money in order to get elected and you know yes we have the House Progressive Caucus and we've got two or three senators that are relatively low on that scale of taking corporate money and and you know Bernie and Elizabeth Warren and sherrod Brown and whatnot but and and what 80 80 or 90 members of the House but the rest of the Democratic Party you know if you start trashing the banksters they're going to pull back and some of these Democrats you're not going to have funding so what you know let's let's roleplay this I'm Nancy Pelosi and I'm saying okay more than half of my caucus is relying on money from those banksters is relying on money from those pharmaceutical companies is relying on money from those big insurance companies is relying on money from the from the big telco companies how can how can we go out and take them on how can how can you know without without wiping out half our party right and the answer is especially in this internet world by being authentic speaking with an economic populist poised and inspiring the little guy to chip in when Bernie Sanders started his presidential campaign he was at around 1% in the polls nobody thought that socialist for Vermont had a chance it was everything the typical Democratic Party would run away from out of fear and he had some small donors but not millions and millions of people who can give millions of dollars overnight but people heard a real vision and felt like he believed it and they were willing to pony up $10 $27 or more and we've seen that with little guy candidates around the country who actually speak with an authentic voice that is the future of fundraising we have to wean ourselves off of the big money you know I think it's really a two-pronged problem one is you know this cycle of catering to big-money donors and if we're not challenging corporate power and therefore losing elections the other is just a you know bad assumption in the Democratic Party that to be moderate you have to trim your sails on some of these economic populist issues in red states and purple states and again having seen it for myself in South Dakota you know you could be moderate on some issues you know somebody from hunting state has it a little bit of a different stance on guns at least I get it it's plausible and you should still talk to them about basic gun safety but you know there's zero excuse for letting Wall Street banks get away with murder and foreclose on people's homes in poor parts of rural America if anything we need to appeal those voters by going even bigger on economic populism issues and this is not just rhetorical this is not just rhetoric when when Bernie was really starting to catch fire a friend of my here in town oh he's a philanthropist called me up and said I'd like to make a million-dollar contribution to the Bernie Sanders campaign really and I'd put him in touch with the head of the campaign who told him I'll take 2,500 bucks really and that's it and it calls me up he's like they won't take my money that's a slam because that's Bernie you know it's like they're doing it the right way you know the Federal Campaign level is twenty five hundred bucks as I recall and that was that was it I mean yeah it's the future and one more lesson for Democratic politicians is we've seen in the last two election cycles the Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders get the biggest crowds in places like Kentucky West Virginia Ohio right Bernie totally kicked ass in West Virginia in the primary yeah yeah I mean this is how you appeal to people in these in these states and again it's a misnomer for people in purple and red states to think anything other than that the smart political move is to challenge corporate power stamp Elizabeth Warren and stand practice we need a re FDR eyes the Democratic Party nationwide take it back to its roots and fairly straightforward we've got an election coming up this weekend for the chair of the DNC yeah and the two leading candidates are Tom Perez and Keith Ellison yeah your thoughts on how that's going to play out and what the election of either of them will mean for the future the Democratic Party yeah so the course of change campaign committee has been very active in supporting keith Ellison we're actually going to be announcing tomorrow a huge number of Democratic leaders across the country stepping out to endorse them including some new DNC voting delegates and we've been trying to work with people that we know across the country who are progressives in office or DNC votes to ask them to please support keith olson and the reason is that keith has been in the trenches with progressive grassroots groups fighting the good fight on first fighting cuts to Social Security then fighting to granted fighting for debt-free college fighting for Wall Street reform he knows how to build genuine partnership and you know Debbie wasserman-schultz the former DNC chair came to us and said hey pay triple C with a million members can you ask your members to participate in our you know rallies or go to registration drives honestly we just didn't trust her so the DNC was kind of like a shell on its own if keith was in there would be very vibrant we would you know it would be a force multiplier for our work we would be a force multiplier for it's worth we could finally move forward together knowing that someone is in there who's from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party Tom Perez I like his general politics ideologically he was a great labor secretary I would love for him to go to Silicon Valley and consult with Airbnb and uber to figure out what the future of the gig economy looks like for workers he's a policy wonk and that because I think you should be doing he's not a politician he's not no electoral person he's really never run for office or won any kind of political organization it's a little surprising that he's running for DNC chair honestly I'm not sure that he even wants to do it but I think some folks in the establishment convinced him by the end that the the old Hillary super PAC is actually backing him is that right right well I may be wrong on that so I shouldn't I shouldn't put that out of the fact what do you say to people who say I in fact I had a guest last night who was saying the Democratic Party is unsalvageable screw it you know we just need to to hit over the wrecking ball and walk away from it it seems to me like you know walking away from a multi-billion dollar nonprofit that you can literally that has the doors wide open and you can literally walk in and take over if you get enough momentum is not a good idea but your thoughts we have about a half a minute when Keith Ellison wins if there's doors of opportunity blow open and we can actually breathe some energy into this party if someone else wins it could be very tough you know the energy right now is industry it's with the people the people are ahead of the organization's the people are ahead of the politicians and at a minimum we need someone in there who gets how to partner with the grassroots energy of the base and that's the future and we'll see who takes up out of that challenge great having you with us thanks thanks so much

Why the Government Won’t Let Puerto Rico Become a State

according to in 2016 you gov poll only 43% of Americans know that the Puerto Ricans are US citizens 41% believe that they're not but Puerto Rico has been an American territory since the end of the spanish-american war in 1898 for the 400 years prior to that it was a Spanish colony in 1917 the Jones Act officially made Puerto Rican residents citizens of the United States and in 1950 President Harry Truman signed a law that officially made the island a Commonwealth under US control in spite of the in spite of that fact Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States and its residents are US citizens Puerto Ricans don't get to enjoy many of the benefits that come along with American citizenship for example they aren't allowed to vote in the US presidential elections even though they do hold primaries for the presidential candidates they have a representative in Washington DC who isn't allowed to vote on lids on legislations or other issues and they don't receive the same kind of federal financing as other states of course residents also don't have to pay a federal income tax they have their own Constitution and they still get the full protection of the United States military so while there are obvious drawbacks and benefits to being a Commonwealth rather than an official state residents on the island have typically remained divided about whether or not they want to fish ly join the u.s. as the 51st state or at least there was a deep divide until predatory bankers from the financial institutions like sand and terror got their hands on the island and created one of the worst financial disasters in modern history if Puerto Rico were a state entity for example it would be allowed to get out from underneath it's a massive cloud of debt by declaring bankruptcy instead the US House of Representatives has appointed a financial committee that's forcing regressive austerity measures on the people of Puerto Rico but things could change in the near future early this month voters in Puerto Rico approved a measure requesting statehood by more than 90 7% but only 23% of the population actually showed up to vote nevertheless the measure is now going to be presented to Congress who has the final say and whether or not Puerto Rico can officially join the Union to become the 51st state Congress would have to pass a statute to admit Puerto Rico as a state and that's a conversation that has been going on now for decades for more on this issue let's go to attorney Peter Luger who's working with the government and citizens of Puerto Rico to hold Wall Street bankers accountable for their financial destruction of Puerto Rico that's the only way you can describe it is financial destruction Peter give us some more history on Puerto Rico why did the u.s. decide to make them a Commonwealth rather than a state to begin with tell us a little bit about that history well it's it's amazing whether you look at the Philippines Guam which all came as part of the solution to the spanish-american war the world shrunk dramatically over the last couple of decades so back when this deal was cut at in 1898 early 1900s the the world was huge the the Commonwealth we couldn't have states were so far away so a lot of the the reasoning the principles behind having a Commonwealth or having territories whether it be Guam the Philippines and especially here Puerto Rico it was just they were so far away that making them estates seemed just just just just unfathomable just because of the sheer distance now the world shrunk there's almost as many Puerto Ricans living in New York as there are in San Juan so the world has become smaller and the rationale for keeping Puerto Rico a Commonwealth or a territory our days gone by decades old and the principles and policies are are outdated we should definitely take a fresh look at making Puerto Rico a another state well I got to tell you the u.s. as you know you followed this history long time has been the primary predator in Puerto Rico I mean when you really start understanding the history of how the US has been such a predator it's easier to understate but you've obviously spent a lot of time down in Puerto Rico can you tell us how the residents you've encountered feel about having their island actually become a US state after this vote what your take it's kind of a mixed bag I think yeah they fall into three separate camps one camp is to remain a Commonwealth another camp is to become a state and the others has just become their own territory but one thing that's consistent amongst all three of those camps is the pride in Puerto Rico the culture the the customs the the beautiful landscape all the the natural resources but I think it depends on who you talk to I think it depends how comfortable people are but it's embarrassing what we've done the colonialism kind of component to what we've done in Puerto Rico and and stripped the citizens of a lot of their rights and and and we've taken away opportunities I mean you know you go back to the the Boston Tea Party I mean we fought out we fought a war over taxation without representation and and we tax the the Puerto Ricans heavily everybody always points to the fact that they don't pay Puerto Ricans don't pay federal income tax but we more than make up for that here on the mainland by how much we tax Puerto Ricans for their estate tax which are hundreds of percent higher and don't have the the the cap that we have in the States that up to five or six million dollars is in taxed Wetty Ricans don't have that luxury we tax and state taxes all the way down to the smallest amounts so it's time to take a fresh look at this Peter you know what's always been so ugly about this story is the way that the right wing the Conservatives say well if we make a mistake I'll we're really doing is bringing into into the United States more of a welfare state as if you know is if just making a mistake by doing that it's going to be a bigger burden on US taxpayers those are always the arguments that you hear the right-wing talking about but you don't hear about the you don't hear about the other side of that story it's almost this as if the media has done such a poor job telling telling the story about how the US has been such predators down there in in Puerto Rico look we know that the recent vote even though the turnout was low approved a measure to move forward with statehood so where does it go now the state said you know even though was a small turnout 23% turned out ninety-seven percent of that turnout said yeah we want to become a state where does this go now and what is in your take the likelihood of that happening with this particular Congress that we have right now in order for Puerto Rico to become a state there has to be a joint resolution from both Congress and is I think we both agree that the likelihood of that happening is small but as far as kind of the right-wing side saying that this is another welfare state the reason why Puerto Ricans are going through a lot of the economic mess is because of some of the policies that we've implemented there on the island I mean they don't get the same the type of the favorable financing for whether it be infrastructure or incentives we yank most of the incentives off the island in 2006 which had a devastating impact and opened the door for these Wall Street banks to come in and start pitching borrowing and debt raising through – as a way out of this problem it's we have helped create the mess with our policies and it's time we fix them and give the Puerto Ricans the same type of access to our government and decision making as the rest of the states have obviously had for hundreds of years Peter is not look at this history it's almost as if in 2006 we opened the door to every wall street thug I mean there's no other way to describe these predators their Wall Street predators they are thugs who have taken these people's pension programs they've taken their life savings and now they're complaining that you know that they didn't have anything to do they had nothing to do with the financial state of Puerto Rico they had nothing to do with the potential of bankruptcy here what is your take how bad was the predatory system that was coming directly from the United States Wall Street when we let these criminals these banking criminals go down to Puerto Rico and do what they wanted to do what's your take well I'll tell you what with another example we opened the door for allowing some of this to happen the 1940 act which is the act that prohibits affiliated transactions within companies so if you take sent in there that you mentioned there some of the other broker dealers on the island it alleviates those Chinese walls so it it cos put fertilizer down it planted the fields for this type of conduct where these firms came in and recommended debt well why did they recommend they issue so much debt because they made fees on the underwriting deals they were underwriters they were consultants for these deals they put him in their own closed and fauns and they sold them to their own clients that's illegal on the mainland but it's not illegal in Puerto Rico why because 1940 when the the investment advisor Act was implemented that seems so far away and remote that we couldn't police him so we've never updated those those those protection policies to protect investors which open the door for Wall Street to come in issue bonds one point six billion dollars in fees Papp over the last several years before this thing blew up Wall Street firms made on fees syndicate spreads you name it absolutely unbelievable what we've allowed to go on down there and now who's left holding the bag Puerto Rican citizens that are left standing there with their investments blown up and their their island policies economic policies in shambles in large part because of what we've done down there yeah and these cats in Armani suits and Rolex watches nobody's going to go to prison over this not nobody but look I got to ask you would bankruptcy protection do anything to help the islands financial problems I mean are they so far gone at this point that they're I had how do they return in part from the disaster of letting predatory wall street thugs go down there and do what they did can they can they recover there there is no doubt that they are too far down seventy two billion dollars there's more debt issued on the island than anyplace per capita on the mainland why because this was all built on a house of cards conflicts of interest so chapter nine in Chapter eleven promesa which is a under Oh President Obama promesa was established took components of both chapter 9 and chapter 11 it essentially gives Puerto Rico an opportunity to kind of tap the brakes do an assessment kind of slow down the the creditors from coming in and filing suit its halted the litigation and kind of just kept everything at status quo but there's no doubt seventy two billion dollars they can't they can't they can't tax their way out of this all right Peter thanks for joining me okay

‘Nothing for the wall’ – Democrats take over the House

well a very big day on Capitol Hill as newly elected members are sworn into the 116th session of Congress and at the White House where President Trump appeared in the press room for the first time there the president made a surprise appearance to talk about border security as the as we reach day 13 of the partial government shutdown for this story and more we turn to our political panel civil rights attorney and talk radio host Robert Pattillo and Ned Ryan CEO of American majority gentlemen welcome to both of you so let me start first of all the president came in he was surrounded by members of the of the National Board of Patrol council officials and some of them still work on the border they represent those who do work on the border or were retired and Robert they said they need and want a wall they thanked the president they said they're affected by the shutdown so they're not taking this lightly but they want the wall how does that affect things going forward do you believe well I think if they want the wall that should be telling the President to do is bring back the Chuck Schumer legislation from 2013 that passed the Senate 68 votes to 32 votes in that House Republicans killed there could have been a border wall for the last five years if we wasn't for the Freedom Hall caucus and some of the extremists in the Republican Party not supporting it so for the current wall what we need to see is a CBO score for what exactly wall we'll save let's go opening seas a funding mechanism so we know exactly how exactly this is getting paid for and we need a concrete universal comprehensive plan on immigration reform not simply saying we're gonna stick steel slates and in the desert that's gonna fist a problem we need a real plan for this Ned it was this a brilliant that public relations move on the part of President Trump well I think it was a good one he needs to continue the conversation and highlight again to the American people listen we want to secure our border a wall works I mean one of the ages today said walls work and and they they have work they've always worked throughout history I think we're headed to a situation listen Donald Trump cannot back down on this I mean his base is expecting him to fulfill this major campaign promise and I know it doesn't seem like a lot of money I think we're not even really talking about the money because five point six billion and a four trillion annual budget doesn't really mean much at all this is really a showdown between his trunk gonna get as well or Democrats gonna deny that and also you know at a certain point we have to acknowledge the left base inside the Democratic Party does not want to see a secure border is more favorable towards open borders and and not really fixing our immigration policy so I think it was a good move by trumping and quite frankly I think you've got to stick to his guns or I think it calls into question some of his chances for 2020 well I want us all hear what Nancy Pelosi said this morning on The Today Show when she was questioned about some kind of compromise on funding for the wall that's a watch are you willing to come up and give him some of this money for the wall because apparently that's the sticking point no and I think we're talking about border security nothing for the wall but that means nothing for the wall I mean Robert how can that be the case theoretically the president's already come down from five billion and it's a two and a half billion and Nancy Pelosi is saying not one penny how long could she keep that position well let's understand the president has absolutely no no leverage in this situation he's already made his position clear they shouldn't negotiate this last February during the last government shutdown there's no reason for Nancy Pelosi to move on this unless the president's willing to make a deal on daca make a deal on comprehensive immigration reform basically Nancy Pelosi has him bent over her knee right now she can demand whatever she wants were a minimal amount of wall funding there's no levers depart I know that net is gonna differ with you I got a feeling a head net no I mean that listen a lot of trumps base is willing to compromise we understand that these daca these dreamers they did not come here they they were brought here they did not come of their own volition we understand that there's a situation and I think that you would be really surprised if you were to talked a lot of trumps base they understand there has to be some legal status maybe even potentially a path to citizenship I think people are willing to negotiate but on the same time if there is not funding for a wall in return for a path to citizenship or legal status then we can't have a serious conversation and this at some point we all know that politics is the art of compromise we have to actually get to a point of compromise Donald Trump has said here is my non-negotiable Nancy Pelosi has to come up with something and says what will give you that in exchange for this and I think there is a path I got to tell you though they do not want to give Donald Trump any wins especially on one of his major major campaign promises so I could see this going on for a long time but I got to tell you most of the American people especially in flyover country are not really concerned with 800,000 non-essential government employees sitting at home we're actually couldn't you know having the conversation why are half of the government employees considered non-essential you'd never see that in the for-profit world let me go to Robert Robert you know very excited Nancy Pelosi new speaker you got all kinds of women and and and people who have never been represented as they are now in Congress but there's a left wing of the of the Democratic caucus just as there's a right wing of the Republican caucus how many investigations how much money are they gonna spend and and what kind of demands are they gonna make when it comes to green energy etc how could the left disrupt Nancy Pelosi's agenda if at all well I think what be or Nance approach has to do a look at what happened during the Tea Party revolution for Republicans the the Republican establishment paid no attention to Tea Party no attention to the freedom caucus ignore them and then a couple years later they took over the entire party so Nancy Pelosi has to work to incorporate the left wing of the party these young progressive voices in but not let them destroy the progress that has been made they well what she has to do is ensure that they have a voice but they are not that only was heard Ned you gotta save that for next seven oh you want to jump it thanks to you thanks to you both I really appreciate you coming on but thank you hey YouTube thanks for checking out our channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of content for you just like this for more of RT America's one of a kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe and never stop questioning more