How Government Works

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Centralia: The Town That’s Been on Fire Since 1962

This video was made possible by Squarespace. Build your website for 10% off at The UK political system, my mixtape, the third
example—these are all things that are on fire. Also on fire is the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania,
or at least the ground under it. The story of Centralia begins pretty identically
to that of any other mid-Atlantic coal town. Some rich guy buys land, finds coal, mines
coal, town starts to exist, town starts to get cool with saloons and hotels and general
stores, there’s a heyday, and then town’s cool factor diminishes as coal demand decreases. Basically, by the 1960’s, all the mines
had closed and the population had decreased from it’s peak of 2,800 in 1890 to 1,400. Because they hadn’t yet invented the environment,
when it came to doing the annual landfill cleanup in May 1962, it was decided to just
burn the trash. So, they hired five firemen to set fire to
the fill then fight the firemen-set fire until it became not a fire. It turns out, though, that astonishingly,
in the coal mining town there was a coal mine under the landfill and it also turned out
that there was an open mineshaft under the vast pile of trash and it also turns out that
coal burns. Surprise, surprise, the fire spread underground
into the mine. That was stupid. While this theory is the predominant one,
there are other competing theories for how the fire started such as via a non fireman
induced fill fire or that it wasn’t even started in 1962—that it was just the continuation
of a coal fire from decades earlier. You see, there are three main factors leading
to the longevity of coal fires—coal burns slowly, coal is underground, and where there’s
coal there’s a lot of coal. Coal fires are therefore quite common and
while some can last for a few months and look like this, others can last a few millennia
and look like this. In the genre of Australian things that can
kill you, this coal fire in New South Wales, Australia has actively burned underground
for about 6,000 years. It advances at a steady pace of three feet
or one meter per year as it destroys the land above it which would be a bigger issue if
anyone lived here. But oh wait, people did live in Centralia,
Pennsylvania and so this coal fire was a massive issue! Obviously, as soon as it ignited Centralia
and Pennsylvania began a massive operation to extinguish the fire before its spread threatened
human life or property. Fire departments from across the state all
amassed upon Centralia in the days… oh, actually, no, sorry, I’m re-reading my notes. In response, the town of Centralia sent a
letter to the Lehigh Valley Coal Company, who owned the mine, informing them of the
fire. Hmm. Over the next few years they tried a few different
methods at stopping the fire including digging trenches and pumping water underground but
nothing worked. By 1972 the fire had grown to this immense
size. Oh, nope, zoom in—to this immense size. Yeah, these fires really don’t spread very
fast. Nonetheless, as it inched closer to the populated
part of town the effects grew as land became inhospitable. The fire would make the land unstable, open
up holes to the underworld, and emit carbon monoxide which has the effect of making humans
dead. By 1984, 22 years after it started, the underground
fire grew to a size where it could no longer be ignored. The federal government allocated $42 million
to buy all the houses in the town so the residents could move away and so they did. While 1,017 people lived in the town in 1980,
only 63 remained by 1990. These 63 that remained refused to leave with
the government’s offer to buy their homes so the government invoked eminent domain to
take ownership of their homes by force. While the government now owned the houses,
the residents still refused to leave and the government eventually gave up on trying to
evict them since it was bad for PR. The only upside of this was that, since the
government now technically owned their houses, the residents didn’t have to pay property
tax or mortgages. Now you know the one easy step for living
for free. Eventually the government got back into the
eviction mission and, by 2013, only seven of the town’s most stubborn residents remained. The government agreed to let them live the
rest of their lives in Centralia and, in exchange, the houses would be turned over to the government
upon their deaths. This town that was once home to thousands
now only has five houses, two churches, a cemetery, and a municipal building. The only real sign of the fire is the gasses
rising from the barren ground but soon, the fire will likely start to threaten the nearby
towns of Girardville, Ashland, and Aristes as it continues advancing slowly year by year. Obviously the Centralia story is not smart
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Bouvet Island: The Most Isolated Piece of Land on Earth

This video was made possible by Skillshare. Learn what you want to learn with Skillshare
for free for two months at There are a lot of places that don’t have
any people like here, and here, but also here. Now, people live here, in Antarctica, and
people live here, on the continents, but basically nobody lives between here and here—in the
Southern Ocean. That’s not only because the amphibious human
update isn’t out yet but also because barely anyone lives on the few islands there are
here. But not only does practically nobody live
here but practically nobody even goes here. Here’s a map of the world’s air traffic
and here’s a map of the world’s maritime traffic. Nobody lives here, nobody goes here, it’s
more isolated than the north pole, and it’s more desolate than Antarctica. If you have something to hide this is the
place for it and maybe that’s why a few countries put at least a moderate amount of
effort into holding onto these few pieces of land in the Southern Ocean. One country in particular lays claim to the
most isolated piece of land on earth. Despite their isolation, though, believe it
or not, there are some islands in the Southern Ocean that actually do have people. Here’s South Georgia and the South Sandwich
Islands—a little bit of Britain in the southern ocean. Just because these islands are British doesn’t
mean that they’re filled with cheap beer, emotional repressiveness, and bad political
decisions because these islands are almost completely deserted. They were claimed by James Cook, you know,
the guy who claimed everything, and they were or are used for 1) asserting British dominance,
2) killing wales, 3) killing fish, and 4) making stamps. You know that bit of a war Argentina and Britain
had in the Falklands, the Falklands War, well they had this cool little side war in these
islands which Argentina won but eventually 132 British commandos and a small assortment
of warships kindly asked the Argentinians to leave. Eating whale and burning whale oil was once
popular until it wasn’t and this was a good area to catch whale so there were actual,
real towns here that looked like this but now look like this. When a country has territory they get the
rights to fish in the waters 200 nautical miles from its coastline and so nowadays around
these islands British people and people who pay the British fish for fish that look like
this, this, and this. Lastly, stamp collectors are into stamps from
places that are only sort of real so they spend good money to buy stamps from these
islands—enough so that there’s a whole wikipedia page about it. Now, time to zoom out because the waters between
here and here and actually a pretty international place. You’ve got some Kiwi islands, a smattering
of Australian ones, a spattering of South African ones, a sprinkling of British ones,
a scattering of French ones, and for some strange reason two Norwegian ones. Now, this is strange because Norway does not
fall into one of the two main categories here—countries that are close to the Southern Ocean and countries
that colonized half the world. Norway’s only territories are Svalbard,
Jan Mayen island, Peter I island, and Bouvet island—a small, uninhabited volcanic island
a full 8,000 miles away from Oslo. The nearest bit of land is Gough Island, a
British possession 1,000 miles away, making Bouvet island the most remote place on earth. No piece of land is further from another piece
of land. The island was first found by a Frenchman
who subsequently lost it but then it was found again by a Brit who claimed it but then almost
a century later some Norwegians came along, built a hut, raised a flag, and decided the
island was theirs. Of course the British fundamentally disagreed
with the idea that anyone could just show up, plant a flag, and decide land was theirs
but the British stopped fighting for the island after a while once they realized that for
one, the island was worthless, and two, that they weren’t actually sure if they owned
the island since the person who claimed it wasn’t 100% sure which island he landed
on. History has revealed that the person who claimed
it definitely was on Bouvet island since there isn’t another island for literally more
than a thousand miles but, nonetheless, that’s how Bouvet became Norwegian. The most exciting thing to ever happen near
the island was two big flashes of light in 1979. They were detected near the island by an American
surveillance satellite and the consensus opinion nowadays, not the conspiracy theory, is that
this was a joint South-African Israeli nuclear test. This is, of course, interesting since still
today Israel will neither confirm nor deny having nukes but that’s beside the point. What’s more interesting is that this area
of the world was so deserted that still today we’re not completely sure whether that double
flash of light was or wasn’t a nuclear explosion. It’s so deserted that you can seemingly
set off a nuke without anyone noticing. Still today, humans only step foot on Bouvet
Island every few years. Unlike most other Southern Ocean islands,
there is and has never been a long term settlement on Bouvet. The whole landmass is covered in ice and snow
so there’s really nowhere to build a settlement. Even if there was dry land to build a settlement
it’s incredibly hard to land a boat on Bouvet as the seas are quite rough so the main way
to get on is by launching a helicopter from a nearby ship. Norway just keeps the island since it doesn’t
really take much effort to hold onto the territory and it gives the country some fishing rights. Given everything, for all those reasons, unless
there’s significant climatic change, Bouvet will likely remain one of the least visited
and the most isolated place in the world. If I were stranded on Bouvet island the three
things I would bring would be skis to shred the gnar, Batman, and an iPad with the Skillshare
app. That’s of course because Skillshare’s
app lets you download classes offline which can teach you how to create fire… in Blender,
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This Bricklaying Robot Can Build Walls Faster Than Humans (HBO)

— In Congress today, a House subcommittee approved draft legislation that would allow manufacturers to put up to
100,000 driverless vehicles per year on the road. It’s a step towards robots
replacing us behind the wheel— and phasing out taxi and truck drivers. That’s a ways off, but there’s one robot named SAM who doesn’t need anyone’s permission to operate. SAM’s a bricklayer, and is very good at its job. — This is SAM. It’s a robot put together with off-the-shelf-parts by a company called Construction Robotics. It looks more like a chest freezer than C3PO. But it can lay more than 3,000 bricks a day
once it gets going. The best human masons can do about 1,000. And SAM never makes mistakes, or gets tired. The company has six of them,
building walls across America. — The efficiency on construction sites
has been very stagnant, or declined in the last 20, 30 years, whereas manufacturing efficiency
has increased significantly. And a lot of that is due to robotics and technologies. We looked at a lot of different applications and tried to hone in on areas where you had
repetitive motion, a lot of physical activity… — What are the pieces that make it up and
how do they work together to help it lay a wall? — We have some sensing technology
that looks at the laser that’s mounted to the wall in the story pole system, corrects for the movement on the scaffold,
puts the brick right where it’s supposed to go. We have a mortar system that tempers the mortar, measures the mortar,
and applies the mortar to the brick. We have a bunch of electronics, a bunch of sensors, and then onboard power. That’s all there is to it. — The day I was there, SAM laid a record 3,267 bricks in eight hours— though the robot still requires
at least two humans to do finishing work and feed it bricks and mortar
as it moves along the scaffold. Overall, the robot has laid 50,000 bricks on the site since June 1st. — So if we’re looking at
a construction site in 15, 20 years, how does it look different to this? — There’ll probably be maybe a little bit less workers, but really it’s about smarter
and more efficient equipment. — Does that give you any pause
when you develop robots? — We look at jobsite robots in particular
as really a way to augment the worker. — But, I mean, with respect, every industry that starts to automate
has that same line— they say it’s going to augment the worker. And, of course, for a little while,
it does augment the worker. But in five years time, if you have your way, if your robot gets so much more efficient
and so much more cost efficient, maybe that automation slips
into something a little different. — There’s a huge amount of variation on the job site, and I see humans continuing to be
part of the loop for a long time. — The truth about robots is that nobody completely knows when or even
how they will start to truly affect the economy. The consulting company McKinsey said earlier this year, that more than half of the U.S. economy
could be automated by 2055. But that prediction, McKinsey warned, might be out by 20 years in either direction. Those on the front lines— the masons on the site— had very different views about SAM: — How many bricks can you lay in a day by yourself? — Have you seen the robot up there? — Does it worry you? — Are you worried about your job in the future? — Peters told me that SAM has doubled in
speed in the few years that Construction Robotics
has been working on it, and that the company is currently building other
robots to augment repetitive construction jobs. — There will be a tipping point where you
almost can’t compete with the robots, from an efficiency standpoint,
and in order to do a job to any level of efficiency, of any scale or size, you will need the robots to be able to achieve that. — Do you understand why that might be
a little unsettling to a mason? — Absolutely. Bottom line is that young people
don’t want to go into masonry. They don’t wanna go into
these hard, difficult, dangerous tasks that people 50 years ago
would absolutely love to go into. — And do you think robots can fill that gap? — In some cases they may completely fill it. But I think there’ll be other opportunities for
different style careers in construction as time goes on. It’s just the job looks a little bit different
going down the road because it’s interacting with a robot.

Pat Buchanan Wants An All White Republican Party

whether pat buchanan she’s you are an editorial today encouraging the republicans to go harder
after sort of my or on the race issue yeah because uh… they have been tough
enough in that regard he says what they must do is exposed so
my or as they did not make use of ginsburg as a political activists whose career
peace peace unlike one result to discriminate against white males that would be great necessary to bring
about inequality over boards in society so let’s go to some of my was record to
see if you really has a lifelong result of this from a yes white males well the
funny thing is he’s actually uh… did involved in nine ninety six race related
cases so says she’s world literally the most experienced ajeesh two compra confirmation last one hundred
years there’s a lot of cases that she’s dealt with in a
seventeen year career on the bench answers about the cause of ninety six
cases related to the race what’s the look at the record look at
this just sort of my or on the panel rejected
the claim of discrimination roughly seventy eight times that’s often
because of technical issues uh… whether it’s race pace or not this
is an open question in some of those swatches something which i think when a racial
discrimination seventy eight out of ninety six-time now yeah i know she’s wildest doubt but
on the ten times that they accepted the claims of racial discrimination well nine of those times it was
unanimous including the republicans four while she’s crazy and on the one where they accepted racial
discrimination but the republicans did not go along well that that was decided upon
technical issue and not on the race three-stage well how about the cases where seventy
five times a day rejected the president’s termination have had this sort of my or the sense
that yes there was a discrimination even though she’s in a minor well that was a stunning two times and on one of those again it was a
technical issue regarding part at guardianship of the child and so did
nothing to do with the race issue on what no sheet actually decided bake for racial discrimination against the majority and it was because
she would have what uh… allowed a black kindergarten their to proceed with
the claim that he was discriminated against this school transfer all life long history of discriminating against white males is
out of ninety six cases there was one case where she said hey we should look to see
that black kindergarten or is being racially discriminate they don’t cara bout the facts they don’t give a damn they’d patents and patent and cares for
defense she actually dispirited in his mind well the fact that this is not
discrimination against white males figured out one case right into disagree
on that one case but even in his mind that is one of the
ninety-six recalls a lifelong career discriminate against white males he
doesn’t give a damn he just wants to make a racial argument he backs that up by clicking on the rest of the editorial
to talk about hey you know what uh… we shouldn’t care about the
hispanic vote at all their tiny percentage of the country and uh… system white male sponsor
white that americans or ten times as large as
hispanic-americans weaknesses in his territory gaining one point among whites isn’t
going to be any ten points among hispanics so he says who cares if you lose the
senate floor and john mccain or suspending vote he
got a lot of my even more all you do with kathy capture you know
three to five percent points more in the white boat annie cho
wanda so run against hispanics ryan fifteen
favorable whites do simple math and we can win this why you gotta given credit for autistic because he just flat out say
you-know-what we should give a damn about hispanics in america and the
republican party should be the all-white park mission accomplished that because you’re definitely headed in that
direction and if you don’t want those votes you’re
going to hello dr job of driving them away

Tips for Being a Good Organizational Politician with Catherine Lilly

(upbeat music) – So we’ve been talking about
organizational politics, we’ve been talking about power,
that it’s not good or bad, and we’ve been talking about
organizational politicians. We talked about steps to take
when you have an aim that you want to use political
skills and the importance of doing that exact
thing in this VUCA world. So let me just summarize with a quick set of concluding tips. First to be a good politician
in the University of Michigan, you need to network, you
need to get out there and get to know people and be interested in their goals and aims as
well as sharing your own. Second, you need a circle of support. People that you can be honest
with and talk about your frustrations because I’m
telling you, even with good political skills, things
take a long time around here. That’s probably the third
point is just to be patient. I have a particular aim that
I worked on for seven years and at the end of seven years, darned if it didn’t come true. Remember that you need these skills particularly in a VUCA environment. Something that’s volatile,
uncertain, complex or ambiguous, this is the time to think
about the skills that you have and what are the most positive organizational politics skills. Energy, networking, likability. I’m out for what’s good for
you and what’s good for me. Remember to check your win-win
citizenship commitment. I’m gonna do what works for
me and what works for you. And if you do these things,
I know you will be a good and effective organizational politician at the University of Michigan
and you’ll become expert in positive political skills. Good luck, go forth. (upbeat music)

Organizational Politicians with Catherine Lilly

(upbeat music) – So we’re talking about
organizational politics. Organizational politics of course are the skills needed in a VUCA world. What is VUCA you ask? It’s the world we live in. Increasingly volatile, V. Uncertain, U. Complex, C. And ambiguous, A. Volatile, so much change, Uncertain, not even sure to some degree what I should do, who I
report to as things change. C, complex, higher education organizations are way more complex than
traditional industry, wouldn’t you agree? And ambiguous, the path
forward is not always certain. In this VUCA environment, we see everyone playing
organizational politics. In fact if you say, oh
I don’t play politics, I’m gonna say you’re just
not playing effectively. And that categorizes you as one type of organizational politician. So let me explain. Let’s imagine a four cell, a matrix. That’s acting low self-interest and high self-interest. High self-interest says
I’m aware of enacting towards what I want,
what I think is right, what I believe in, how I wanna change. Low organizational benefit,
high organizational benefit. Okay, so let’s take the first category. High self-interest, low
organizational benefit. These are the people who
are out for number one, proceeding at all costs, not caring about what’s good for you or what’s
good for the organization. And we call those egocentric politicians. That’s who gives organizational
politics a bad name. Number two, low self-interest,
low organizational benefit. These are the people who say I don’t play, but they just play poorly. What type of organizational
politician are they? Alienated, frustrated. I’m gonna tell you they’re not very happy because they’re not very effective. And likely they’re being
taken advantage of. The third type of
organizational politician, high organization benefit,
low self-interest. We call these organizational zealots. This is the M go blue on the baby bib. I’ll do anything for the university and we see these people
sacrificing themselves. Saying I’ll stay late, I’m
the one who will do that. They’re not happy either. But the fourth category of
organizational politicians, well call the win-win citizen. High self-interest, it’s okay
to say this works for me, this is good, this is what I think. But high organizational benefit. And this is how we’ll
benefit the organizational and other people. These are people who know how to use positive political skills. And we trust them. True moral organizational politicians monitor themselves. That they’re always
acting for their own good as well as the good of the organization. (upbeat music)

RFA Khmer News, 15 July 2019, Khmer Hot News, Khmer Political News 2019

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