Sean Hannity CANCELS Geraldo Rivera

>>Geraldo has disagreed with other personalities
on Fox News when it comes to war with Iran. In fact, there was a video that went viral,
where he is saying it’s a terrible idea to escalate tensions with Iran and Brian Kilmeade
went at it with him. Now, recently he was supposed to make an appearance
on Hannity show, but that appearance was cancelled. And it seems like it was cancelled specifically
because Geraldo was gonna continue making the case that war with Iran is a bad idea. So he starts off with this tweet. Urging Donald Trump to keep his powder dry,
please don’t let this spin out of control. You can always hit them back. Please don’t let this become an escalating,
you hit me, I hit you back harder until we have another full blown, bloody Mid East war
on our hands. What would we win? And so then he ends up responding to someone
who apparently liked his tweet and he says, thanks. I’ll be on with Sean Hannity tonight counseling
restraint and talking about these deeply disturbing developments. And then later he said, Nevermind, Hannity
just canceled me. And I just like to end this whole exchange
with Malcolm Fleschner tweet, cancel culture strikes again.>>I really liked that tweet. So look, before we open this up for discussion,
I just wanna remind you of how passionately Geraldo feels about avoiding war with Iran. This was a segment that Fox had earlier. Take a look.>>Now we have taken this huge military escalation. Now I fear the worst. You’re gonna see the US markets go crazy today. You’re gonna see the price of oil spiking
today. This is a very, very big deal.>>And I don’t know if you heard
>>But this isn’t about his resume of blood and death, it is about what was next. We stopped the next attack, that’s what I
think you’re missing.>>According to the Secretary of State.>>By what credible source,
>>Okay.>>Can you predict what the next Iranian move
would be?>>They’ve been excellent, the US Intelligence
has been excellent since 2003, when we invaded Iraq, disrupted the entire region for no real
reason. Don’t for a minute start cheering this on. What you have done, what we have done, we
have unleashed.>>I will cheer
>>Then you, like Lindsay Graham, have never met a war you didn’t like.>>That is not true, and don’t even say that.>>If President Trump wanted de-escalation-
>>We should just let him kill us for another 15 years.>>If President Trump wanted de-escalation
and to bring our troops home. What this was a reaction to-
>>What about the 700 Americans who are dead? Should they not be happy because of him?>>What about the tens of thousands of Iraqis
who have died since 2003? You have to start seeing things. What the hell are we doing in Baghdad in the
first place? Why are we there? Why aren’t these forces home?>>You’re blaming President Bush for the maniacal
killing of Saddam Hussein?>>I am blaming President Bush in 2003 for
those fake weapons of mass destruction that never existed and the con job that drove us
into that war.>>Listen, you gotta give people credit when
they’re right, and Geraldo was right there. I think that he took a strong position. I also give Geraldo credit for consistently
speaking out against Donald Trump’s disgusting immigration policies on Fox. I’m sure that’s not an easy environment to
share your accurate opinions in. But yeah, so Hannity canceled. Now, who knows? Maybe they canceled him to maybe replace that
segment with something that involves a legal analyst or?>>I don’t know, should we give Hannity the
benefit of the doubt?>>Hannity did not want any of that smoke. He’s like man, I saw what you did to kill
me. And I don’t think any more clearly than he
does. His producers probably said hey, we’re gonna
go ahead and cancel Geraldo because first off, Geraldo’s only mistake was revealing
what he wanted to do that night. When he talked to the person who retweeted
him or liked it and he goes, thanks I’m gonna be on later to make sure I council against
this. They’re like no that’s not the agenda tonight. That’s not what we’re on board for. Of course, yes again we’re speculating. But I mean, if it’s not the case, go and let
us know what the other difference was. I mean, they canceled on me tonight so I can’t
come on and say what I had to say. So I mean, again, what’ll happen is you end
up revealing what your real intentions are and what your real beliefs are. And people on the region are like, well, 700
Americans were lost. You don’t care about the Americans being lost
when it comes to anything else except for pursuing war. And then so, of course, when Geraldo brings
up the tens of thousands of Iraqis dying, there’s no answer to that. Those aren’t real people? Those are casualties of war. Or when we talk about how we wanna make sure
we keep American troops out of harm’s way. They go hey, well American troops they signed
up for it. They knew what they were getting themselves
into. Somehow when it comes to having any kinda
empathy towards people it’s all based on whether or not you’re falling not behind this president
and his line of ridiculousness. Secondly, Geraldo use Trump’s talking point
about we gotta get out of these stupid wars. You can’t follow a guy who continues to contradict
his own agenda and policies throughout his presidency.>>Right, exactly. And look, it’s hilarious to me to hear anyone
on Fox News or even anyone in cable news talk about how egregious it is or how much of an
injustice it is when Americans die. When in our own country they constantly push
for domestic policy that leads to more Americans dying.>>Totally, my god.>>I mean, how many American die every year
because they don’t have adequate health insurance? And they will attack Universal Healthcare,
over and over again. They’ll talk about how we can’t afford it,
can’t pay for it. When it comes to beating that war-drum, by
the way, which is the most expensive policy to support, they’re all for it. They don’t care about American lives. American’s overall, just like troops are nothing
more than pawns, nothing more than props, that these lowly individuals use to make their
arguments when it’s convenient for them. But when push comes to shove, you think they
really care about the lives of Americans? How about all those segments that Fox News
has done on homeless people? Do they care about them? They defame them, they slander them as dead
beats, as druggists, as all sorts of things. They don’t care about human lives. What cares about is appeasing Trump, making
sure that Trump is happy with him. Because you never know, you might lose access
to Trump if you criticize him. And you might not be able to get a job in
Trump’s administration. We all know that Trump likes to pick people
out of Fox News. So it’s just gross. And look, not to get too leftist, I guess,
whatever you wanna call it. But that’s what capitalism is, that’s what
capitalism does. It’s all about profit, it’s all about ensuring
that you have the upper hand and you increase your chances of making more money, right? That’s what happens in our media all the time,
right?>>Making money and being a tough guy, that’s
the other part of it. Even people who don’t have, I guess, the interests
for lining their pockets. It’s, hey, we’re tough guys, we’re America. Hey, we don’t let them F with us like this. Hey, you’re not gonna say that to me. There’s a superiority complex that we have
from the moment that we’re born that says, we have to make sure that we talk about how
much better we are than you no matter what. You can be on the lowest totem pole in America. But you’re like, I’m an American, I’m better
than you. But your life actually has nothing to do with
this American dream that they’ve sold you. That you’re supposed to somehow pursue. And one more thing that they don’t care about
lives for is school shootings, mass shootings, Car Club shootings. We don’t care about that stuff, thoughts and
prayers. What bombs we dropping on people to stop that
from happening? American lives are being lost every day. You don’t care about American lives.>>Again, it’s just something that they cite
when it’s convenient to them to support a policy that’s horrendous, usually. And, in this case, it’s escalated tensions
and war with Iran. So, again, credit where credit is due. I think Geraldo is doing a good job. And I think that he should be proud of the
fact that Hannity canceled his appearance, right? Look, I don’t know what his future is gonna
look like. Obviously, Shep Smith, who had the audacity
to speak the truth every once in a while on Fox News is no longer there. But we know what Fox News is, Geraldo knows
what Fox News is. I don’t agree with Geraldo on many issues. But if you have any integrity and you actually
want to share truthful analysis with an audience, Fox News is not the place to do it. You’re hardly even seen on cable news shows
period, much less on Fox News.

Fox News’ 2019 Fake Scandals

We’re wrapping up 2019, 2019 has been an year
in many ways and one of those ways has been a a one of, one of the ways that we’ve seen
the insanity of 2019 has been through the total fake non controversies that have been
promoted by the American right-wing office in service to distracting from something actually
horrible that Donald Trump has done. And media matters put together a very good list of what
they are calling non traverses non controversies in 2019 that have appeared on Fox news. And
I want to remind you about a couple of them. And before we do it, we do have real scandals
happening and real stories. We have protests for democracy and rights
in many places around the world. We’ve seen an explosion of extremist white nationalism.
The president has been impeached. We’ve had more than a mass shooting a day for the entire
year. The United States president is a laughing stock around the world on and on and on, but
on Fox news, check out some of the things that were scandals, the Gillette razor ad,
which was directed at men in the me too era showing bullying and sexism and saying, Hey
men, you should behave. Fox news went nuts saying it attacks men. We saw the James Bond
controversy actors, Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan who have played James Bond historically
saying they would be supportive of a female double Oh seven like LeShawna Lynch who will
be cast as double O seven in an upcoming movie and there was outrage. How the political correctness
of a fake a James Bond. How could James Bond be a woman? Chick-fil-A,
of course, Chick-fil-A is saying in 2019 they will no longer donate to anti LGBTQ organizations.
Fox news said this was Chick-Filet crumbling and bowing to left wing attacks. We saw a
lot of mass shootings in 2019 two big ones were in Texas and Ohio and after those universal
pictures said, we’re not going to publish our movie. The hunt, which depicts deplorables
being hunted by elite liberals as they couched it because it was in horrible taste given
the mass shooting problem that we have, and Fox said, this is evidence of the hypocritical
left. They want division, they want to go after Trump voters, but they also say they
are against gun violence. What a scandal. In 2019 Fox news talked about a war on Thanksgiving.
Check this out. Here’s a summary from media matters. We’ve heard about the war on Christmas, but
now called students are declaring a war on Thanksgiving. Forget the war on Christmas.
The left is outgoing after Thanksgiving. This was as the war on Thanksgiving and they want
to fight a war on Thanksgiving. They lost the war on Christmas. They want to fight again.
PC police, while they have a new target, Thanksgiving cancel culture has turned on the holiday.
Cancel Thanksgiving dinner. Very sad to announce we have to cancel Thanksgiving all across
America. A growing number of students and professors claim we need to throw away or
turkeys, no Turkey, no traveling cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes are bad for the
planet. Trump also sang at a rally that the left wants to not
call it Thanksgiving. All of this apparently was, uh, catalyzed by an article in Huffington
post called the environmental impact of your Thanksgiving dinner. Wow. Clearly a call to
cancel Thanksgiving. What a scandal. And then of course there’s always the war on Christmas.
The war on Christmas is always a scandal year in and year out on Fox news, among other enclaves
of the right. If they put as much energy into fixing real problems rather than creating
new ones. Think about how much better off we would be. Imagine if Fox news instead of
propagandizing or about a Gillette ad said, Hey, we have hunger in this country and it’s
optional. We could decide at any time we are not going to have hunger anymore. We’re not
going to have people go hungry. We could fix that now. Instead, they’ve got to do the Gillette
ad. Imagine if they said medical bankruptcy must
end. It’s time for us to join the fight for a solution instead of being part of the problem.
Now instead it’s liberals want to cancel Thanksgiving. Uh, and of course the real big Metta scandal
at Fox news is Fox news continuing to carry water for an unhinged liar of a president
while perpetuating baseless conspiracies and pretending conspiracy theory is better said
and pretending to be a news station rather than opinion. That is not going to change
in 2020. The only question is, are they fully with Trump or not? And we will see as we get
into 2020,