Real Politics with Real Rob, The Two Party System and Caitlyn Jenner!

but I'd say I mean it's I've never seen our political you know system so arched you know in this rhetoric of anger you know Republicans can't even hang out with Democrats Democrats can hang out with Republicans anymore I think the apex of it to me really symbolizes this is Caitlyn Jenner gets more shit for being conservative in her political views than she does for taking female hormones grow intense and call herself a woman that's what she said her TV show sure you know cuz that live up and you know Malibu up there in a bunch of liberal morons up there and they they want to support her for being here transgender but yet and then they they really wanted some more than a hundred percent and they find out she's conservative they get pissed off it's kind of fun to watch that transition know it's we've got to support her imagine living your life a lie and having the courage and not lie anymore be who you really are a woman we need to support her and not courage to stop lying to her family and her children and her friends so I'm gonna be Who I am and we need to support her and these other transgender people when you got behind the support you know she was a Republican right well fuck her and her new cunt with her old dick

Legacies 1×04 Inside "Hope is Not the Goal" (HD) Season 1 Episode 4 Inside The Originals spinoff

– [Matt] Like Dr Saltzman was saying, local girls Dana Lilien and Sasha Stodero, didn't come home last night. (glass breaking)
(screaming) – We're very excited to be here
to talk about episode four, Hope is Not the Goal. (growl) (frightened scream) – Sasha and Dana, the snotty girls from last week's episode, have gone missing. So, Sheriff Matt Donovan comes
in and says to the school, "Hey I could really use some help finding these missing girls." – I'm in. – I'm in too. – I'd like to help. – I volunteer as tribute.
(upbeat guitar music) – [Julie] And so our
kids, rustle up a posse and go undercover at the high school. – This is the senior hallway. Where I spent much of my formative years, stuffed in every locker except this one. That one doesn't open. On your left you'll find the bathrooms where I had my first kiss with a toilet. – For Landon it's going
back to a hallway, that is, the sight of great childhood trauma. But when a body turns up really quickly, it sort of brings us back to
the old Vampire Diaries days, and Matt Donovan's like, "Oh God." you know like things have
been so good here for so long and he's gonna have suspicions. – Think it's safe to
say, she's not a runaway.

Legacies Season 2 May Bring Back 'Some Of The Originals'| #MMA #UFC

here we go the CW's supernatural drama legacies may have only been on the air for one season so far but its core fandom has been around for 10 years or so since the onset of the Vampire Diaries tight grip on viewers minds and hearts that same fanbase spent a lot of time during legacies first season wondering just how directly these new storylines would interconnect with the rest of the franchise and creator Julie Plec is now teasing something or someone familiar possibly coming to season 2 to be sure Julie Plec has been fielding questions about vampire diaries and originals characters returning the television even when those two dramas final seasons we're still airing so this is par for the course however Plex most recent answer about season 2 is more positive than one might have expected in her words the main familiar face that legacies did boast during season one was matt davis a salvatore school headmaster Alaric Salzman father to Lizzy and Josie his situation wasn't too positive at the end of the finale considering he put everyone in the school at risk but it was indeed hopes sacrificial actions to stop malov or that opened up a pathway for the original score' characters to make returns and legacies spoiler warning for anyone who isn't caught up through the finale by taking a dive into that pit book was seemingly successful the eliminating malodors bred for the time being but she also eliminated herself from the memories of everyone she knows it's unclear how long she's going to be trapped in the strange dimension when season two kicks off though we know she'll have some uncomfortable company that she likely wants to rid herself of with the quickness whoever it goes the fact that hope will be absent from people's memories presents some big opportunities for those from her past to return to well it depends on who would return but we know fans would go bonkers for 99% of the possibilities Joseph Morgan's Klaus or Phoebe Tonkin Hayley make appearances to offer up some very specific parental advice for the situation or perhaps a better question would class and Hayley even Remember Who hope is or what their own histories are with each other on the flip side there are lots of originals characters who could show up to save hope from her interdimensional woes before it's too late although the same memory related questions are held for them perhaps everyone she knew before now remembers her even more thus guiding them back to her meaning legacies will feature every applicable originals and Vampire Diaries character that's still living okay so that's far more optimistic and realistic but still Julie Plec sports the TV Guide are that exciting speaking of the topic of Caroline Forbes as Candice came up since she's arguably the character that fans have clamored for the hardest when it comes to Josie and Lizzie's mom here's what Julie Plec had to say thankfully there's still more than enough time for Julie Plec and the rest of the legacies creative team to figure out ways to bring former originals and DVD stars back into the limelight for season two and beyond for instance she seems really into getting Chris Wood's memorable villain Kai back in the mix now all we have to do is get through these long summer months to see it happen legacies will return to the CW for season two this fall starting on Thursday October 10th at 9 p.m. ET it'll follow the 15th and final season of Supernatural so let's also cross our fingers for some kind of an unexpected crossover to happen let's block @y

Legacies 1×09 REACTION "What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams"

hey guys Davis here we have another reaction to legacies season 1 episode 9 last time we met Landon's mother Sayla she worked for the triad company that's her name right I'm pretty sure they captured creatures the room into the pit you know into malov or she got put in there but she came out she was pregnant boom boom she end up sacrificing herself to go back in it was for the greater good but they got the picture and their names on the back of that if I remember I liked so they they at least be looking for somebody named Landon in the dudes a dick he kicked that dude in there he didn't need to so how'd that work did he just like kick him in and then just go like what just happened didn't just forget about it it's funny still a big move the question is late what's going on I mean the whole thing would land in and his father something else is going on cuz there are keys to malware you and malabar opens up somebody's coming out of that thing and I think it'll be – whoever daddy is and that'll be big stuff related but hope hope asked him you know to join up be her boyfriend and hopefully one who remembers the mother after she took her swan dive there are a lot of things that could be in play there it was it just because of her tribrid you know nature who knows but all in all I was all good because at the end they decided to bring Landon back you know he's he's home he's going to the school he should I mean he's he's more than human he's less than ever even every one of them but more than human so ok and I think Landon will surprise us sooner or later probably not this season but I could see next season some stuff going on with him but I'm ready to hop on into this and see what's going on legacies is shaping up to be a good first season we've already got the season to go ahead so we know that we're gonna do good there at least there's no cliff hangings we get to come back finish our stories but if you guys want to view the full uncut version of this reaction you find our patreon link down below we'll take you to it this is legacy season 1 episode 9 let's check it out so this is obviously our monster for the episode or is just a nightmare yesterday right until one of you can't remember how you guys got there I just he's talking about the hit stuff there he stay reading the flash so this is going to be the monster there's some with dreams nightmares what's going on my surprise oh this is definitely a sort of dream wow that was like a Sour Patch Kid in Reverse sweet and sour [Laughter] ego nowhere there's no word paints this obnoxious laughter once you realize that yeah you'd have to tell us you're both werewolves a trap a quite delightful Easter dude spear him Nestor that's the Alpha it's a black queen shape-shifting dreams even Greek mythology it's very true but he's at his ass kicked as well you ever think I would get out of the prison world oh wow they got me I thought he loved it was real all bad Rick I know okay don't get out of that he's a ripper in his dreams Jesse I think it now how are they planning the week wake up temptation you can't take my mailbox you see a dentist you never lie it's disgusting cool [Laughter] but the squad beat the crap out of it Eastern Paquette's feels it's conference I really like this guy it is my job to bust my ass until you see me as someone who did find it I'm really liking this guy always I love this guy lands the man hiren that guess there's more you could tell me about landing Kirby's whereabouts no sorry he was lucky to be adopted by one different family bitchy compulsion you see well there we have legacies season 1 episode 9 we had our first little episode with Landon at the school he has to adjust I liked that he made friends by the end you know well mg was always friendly but you got Caleb too you know rally tall a little bit but it looks like there's something going on with Rafael at Hope cuz no in Landon's absence they did get a little bit close but was very friendly but you know it looks like deep down Rafael may be feeling a little bit more starting to catch feels he's like a you know I Landon's my boy I'm not gonna do that like that so I got to stop this from growing so he's kind of putting the kibosh on he and hope so yeah I'll stay away from me we can't talk like this we can't go over here you have to see what happens there further like what happens with his fields do they grow does it drive a wedge between he and Landon Landers are trying to be with hope but hopes lying to him and trying to trying to duck him a little bit he eventually does though he wins or with that that speech man I've really grown to love him and I love the character Landon is he's dope he's dope he earned his kiss this was an interesting monster though the whole dream thing I first thought it was the hag and then there was this other creature disguised as it and oak was badass when she you know the way she took it out and they really did like you know Freddy Krueger it go to sleep and pull it out some of the nightmares got me like I didn't know is this really happening Rickson I'm mad at how Rick's got me like I thought Rick was he was really taking her away then all sudden he's not they want to do something else though with the urn instead of just having it around you know most of those students are a Tyler's old house well he did give his house to Matt I forgot about that but this episode also dived into the triad industries the guy who's got the picture he's looking up files he sees that a sailor she well she was thrown into the pit already she was absorbed 20 years ago but she she was there and of course by the picture having Landon's name they were able to track him down you could see that the you know their old foster family they'd been compelled he's giving all the details and he's definitely gonna come for our land and well I mean Lena doesn't know anything so there is that but they put supernatural creatures in there like you don't want them around the supernatural school like this I don't see this being good in any way I mean dudes a douche so of course it couldn't be good but I don't know what they'll do I feel like he'll probably end up in the pit before the season is over I'd like that I don't like it that's pretty much it for the episode all in all thought it was good a nice you know it was it was light compared to like some of the other ones but it was it was good you've needed a light one it's like I just I just need to chill help Landon get settled you know make new friends I don't know what's gonna happen next what the student is gonna be doing with if we're gonna have a monster in the next one what's it gonna be like is gonna be one of the you know straightforward ones or is this one gonna actually be like this one a little bit out there a little bit different interesting it can go any way really but I guess now I want to hear from you guys know what you think about this episode your land and being back with the squad no way things going on with this whole thing triad and mal war there's a lot of pieces and it's so fast right now I just I don't I don't know I'm lost like I don't know what they could do so give me some of your theories tell me what's up I look forward to seeing let me know down below in the comments before you guys go if you like this video be sure to give it a big thumbs up share subscribe to the channel to see more you can follow me on social media if you want stable to date these videos find out when they drop and all that and be sure to grab those links down below in the description feel free to leave me an email or message if you have any questions or any requests let me catch all you guys in the next video

Legacies 1×10 REACTION "There's a World Where Your Dreams Come True"

hey guys Davis Cyr with another reaction to legacies season 1 episode 10 last episode we had Landon at school there was something in like invading their dreams Rafael man he was dreaming I hope what was hope doing in his dreams it's funny he is staying away from her a little bit like you know he's like yo y'all cool and all but I can't be too close he doesn't want to you know do anything wrong with Landon it landed man I remember when I first saw him in like I think was that episode of the originals Landon he's alright it's decent now I like him a lot man he he's just he's just a great dude and a bunch of tough breaks you got a do from triad coming after him don't know their their goal like I don't know try it's a mystery hope they can uh you know defend them I mean I assume we'll have another monster this week don't know what it could be I mean you can't even fear eyes that it's just it's way too much stuff in the universe but we have to see what happens you know Landon was accepted by by the group he's on the squad here to see how everything goes so this happens over if you guys want to view the full length of cut version of this reaction you'll find it on patreon link down below take you to it this legacy season 1 episode 10 let's check it out one of the monsters now only two keys separate the entire supernatural community from being consumed by a hell portal I'm guessing that weird little vase we were forced to take a three-hour show open sewer and feet looks like the genie likes Lizzy kids then little Salvatore you just can't escape where are we I mean I know where we are Lizzie nope yeah you want to publish on now kids it's inappropriate and remembrance of old Stefan he drinks all the time he hates his job the only reason why he works here is to keep an eye on you mum makes excuses she can to be out of town because seeing him like this makes her sad because he's completely given up so I'm done making excuses for you about when you are going to snap I'm done letting you control my happiness probably shouldn't have done that the Phaeton Klose that effect casa la humanity that's a bad dude I never want to see him yeah I figured that much she's cracked she wants the urn give you a miserable life like the other piece they've got real dark I'm almost feeling for Rick like Rick might not make it I'm like we're gonna do this we're getting back you know none of these dudes have guns that's scream you know they got Rick she's taking I thought of it losing my mind Pedro's funny well there we have legacy season 1 episode 10 cool episode Lizzie and Josie were back big focus on Elizabeth here you know she's been missing for a few episodes so nice our monster there's a genie you know lady who grants wishes and she seems pretty powerful with her wish granting but like all genies and other like creatures that I've seen and read about they you know they always pervert the wishes you got to be very specific you know which is why I've said I'm ready the genies showed up today my perfect wish is completely upend out and I mean panned out I haven't written down I wrote this made sure there's no loopholes no escape it's perfect it can't be perverted I get what I want exactly the way that I wanted and there we go Lizzie didn't do that so she got bamboozled well who was her first wish does she wish that hope didn't come to the school was that the first one I remember I remember things were looking good for at least a little bit after the first wish this but the school was a bit barren because uh what happened oh yeah there was no there was no check you know Klaus ain't putting no money into the school damn it's hard to believe like damn if Klaus never pointed up no cash the school wouldn't have thrived Klaus Klaus ran that school that's not like dear and I thought Lizzie and hoped they might become your buddies after that I mean they still might but not yet it's too soon I guess I almost said you know that Lizzie learned about the merge and it was taken away that'll be interesting though but I went in to wish to and I think wish to she just wish that uh school didn't exist which put her and Josie in a public school Mystic Falls I loved the mention of Damon and Elena having children Stephanie Salvatore I thought that was great I her name her name was everything man Oh ol Stefan man Damon's good people yes he's good people he did the thing you know they played around they played around real well with that it was interesting to like seeing them in school regular school that was funny you know Josie got to be the popular one and shine and Lizzie's just kind of out there Rick Dore it's just a drunk when we all knew that was one way he could go Rick's been drinking forever would that mean a third wish that hope and just never been born I just love with Klaus turned off his humanity and just stopped caring about anything said what the hell and just like really think about it if there was no hope yeah that's probably how Klaus would I ended up I'm just like just trying to think with his humanity Klaus is just he'd kill you over nothing I don't think he'd he'd stop if he didn't have a humanity on me he would just kill continuously out at the vampire population and triad was the bad guys Josie she was dead Lizzie's killed her found out about the merge paranoia set in I hope she uncovers it soon ish but whatever it was good it was a good episode though don't know we raided to next time this was very you know just self-contained in our alternate world here seeing all these versions of Rick and Lizzie and Josie and the rest of them everybody make the cloud start in the school that was a while that would have been interesting to see little fun I guess no one here for you guys know what you think about this episode of legacies you know would you think about you know Lizzie or wishes how she went about every day let me know what you guys think down below in the comments and before you go if you like this video give it a big thumbs up share it subscribe to the channel to see more you can follow me on social media if you wants to make these videos find out when they drop and all that good stuff and you find those down below in the description feel free to shoot me an e-mail or message if you have any questions or any requests and I can show you guys in our next video

Дата выхода 2 сезона Наследия | Legacies season 2 | Кто новый ученик школы "Сальваторе" ?

всем привет ребята и ви на канале дыхание ночи и сегодня у нас просто потрясающие новости о втором сезоне наследия подписывайтесь на канал ставки лайки и давайте начинать поехали наследие представленном номинации лучший фэнтази сериал а даниель рау сразу представлена в номинации лучшая актриса фэнтези сериала победителей узнаем 11 августа самая важная и долгожданная новость это премьера второго сезона а премьера второго сезона состоится 10 октября 2019 года ну лично от меня хотела бы добавить что возможно дату перенесут так как это был с пятым сезоном древних и так же было с первым сезоном наследие в школе сальваторе появится новый ученик недавнем интервью исполнительный продюсер джули плек сообщила что скоро в школе сальватор и будет пополнение и пока хоуп находится в мали моря для всех остальных жизнь продолжается новый ученик вампир старый вампир но так как школы сальваторе есть правило только молодые вампиры-то этот персонаж будет высушен в 15 веке и по сняться в 21 веке он не понимает нашу моду феминизм но привлечет внимание близняшек зальцман на кого вы ставите на визе или на джози также в эти дни в интернете появились сценарий предназначенной для кастинга второго сезона нас леди одним из них для нового вампира джули плек упомянутого в некоторых интервью его зовут себастьян и кажется он знает некоторых бывших жителей в мистик фоллс в разговор и сценария появляется старый вампир говорящий слизи под впечатлением от своей красоты лизе говорит ты новый ученик пожалуйста скажи да себастьян отвечает эта школа лизе говорит черт да школа сальваторе себастьян отвечает как даймон из stuffin сальватора лизе отвечает я так думаю но это было очень давно новый бампер это то что отдаем она исков она мы должны ждать до октября чтобы узнать насколько правдива эта новость этот сценарий не известно но в конце концов он находится в интернете я все что находится в интернет я обязательно снимаю об этом видео в недавнем интервью джули сказала что мы увидим какое-то знакомое лицо в наследить она сказала что не знает кто и когда но мы ждем относительно какой персонаж вы бы хотели видеть и наследие я думаю что это может быть фрейя либо же carline пишите свои комментарии интересные мысли по поводу второго сезона спасибо за просмотр это были все новости на сегодня всем пока

Legacies 1×08 Inside "Maybe I Should Start from the End" (HD) The Originals spinoff

you've been my best customer this week and I I don't even know your name Landon that's a beautiful one Thanks I'm pretty sure you gave it to me it's called maybe I should start at the end very excited about this one last we saw they ended Kirby I hope head put him on a bus to New Orleans to see family friend Vincent in order to have Vincent help him track down his birth mother I've told you my whole life story but I don't know anything about you his journey with this woman actually opens the basic Pandora's box the mother lode pun intended of questions when Sayla turns out to be absolutely nothing like what he thought she would be where the hell do you think you're going with my keys and without telling me I'm going after Landon he's in trouble then we're going and I'm driving I will say without giving anything away that this episode contains a creature that Bret Matthews has been wanting to bring to life on the on the screen since childhood Saila is that you screen full geek moment what has happened here on this episode

Legacies 1×12 Inside "There’s a Mummy on Main Street" (HD) The Originals spinoff

I hate that urn so I'm just gonna get rid of it we are here to talk about our 12th episode of the season called there's a mummy on Main Street slugger or not I'm responsible for the things I do and I have very likely unleashed a new monster on the humans that live outside the gates of the school so I need to clean up this mess this episode is also directed by the fantastic Julie Plec very exciting pack your flippers Dorian we're going on a road trip our team has to go and recover their urn and vanquish the monster before a lot of innocent people are hurt in the process are we there yet I'm boiling I'm freezing I'm starving if you're going six hours away and it's spring break at the Salvatore's school this calls for a road trip are we there yet so a whole bunch of our team piles into dr. Alaric saltzman's undercover mini band and hit the road this is obviously the work of a mummy I think we're gonna do a show monster the week of course you're gonna do a mummy and so our mummy is just a really great design that is unique much like the mermen it's reverential but it is also unique to us and has a story and we really get into the biology and how would these people work I'm gonna need my weapons