Iran’s Only Female Olympian Defects, Calls Out Government “Hypocrisy”

Kimia Alizadeh, Iran’s only female Olympian
who won a bronze medal in Taekwondo in 2016, has announced she is defecting from the Country. Her announcement comes a day after Iran admitted
shooting down a Ukranian plane that had 176 civilians on it. U.S. State Department official Morgan Ortagus
reacted to the news on Twitter, writing: #KimiaAlizadeh, Iran’s only female Olympic
medalist, has rejected the regime’s oppression of women. She has defected for a life of security, happiness,
and freedom. #Iran will continue to lose more strong women
unless it learns to empower and support them. — Morgan Ortagus (@statedeptspox) January
12, 2020 FoxNews reports Iran’s only female Olympic
medalist has reportedly defected, posting a goodbye letter to Iran on Saturday, calling
out the government’s “hypocrisy” as she announced she had permanently left the
country. “Should I start with hello, goodbye, or
condolences?” Taekwondo athlete, Kimia Alizadeh, 21, posted
on her Instagram in Farsi, Agence France-Presse reported. Alizadeh did not disclose where she was going,
but Iran’s ISNA news agency reported she had gone to the Netherlands, according to
AFP. The Iranian report quoted Alizadeh’s coach
as saying the athlete was injured and did not show up for trials ahead of the 2020 Summer
Olympics in Tokyo. The Olympian’s announcement came just a
day after Iranian officials admitted to downing a Ukrainian passenger plane, killing 176 people
minutes after takeoff from Tehran’s international airport early Wednesday due to “human error,”
thinking it was a military aircraft. She accused the Iranian government of “lying”
and “injustice” toward Iranian athletes, adding all she wants is “Taekwondo, security
and a happy and healthy life,” according to AFP. Alizadeh won a bronze medal in Taekwondo at
the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She said she wore everything the government
asked her to wear, referring to the head covering all Iranian female athletes must wear, and
wrote she “repeated everything they told me to say…None of us matter to them.”

Law & Order: SVU – Two Young Lives Torn Apart (Episode Highlight)

– You lied to the police and to your friends. Is that your story? – Yes.
I’m not proud of it. – You did so because
your friends were taunting you that you hadn’t scored? – I wouldn’t put it
that way. – You’d call it
making love? Or cherry picking? – Objection.
– It’s the name of the club. – Overruled. – Doesn’t matter
what I’d call it. I didn’t do anything
Abby didn’t want. – So she went to the police,
testified on the stand, was publicly humiliated
and ostracized by her friends for something
that she made up? – No, she probably thinks
she was raped. – Well, what does
that tell you? – That she thinks that now,
but she did want it at the tim. – How can you be sure
of what she was thinking or what she wanted? – Objection.
Badgering. – Witness will answer. – I don’t know
if I can be sure, but she didn’t say no. – She didn’t say it
or you didn’t hear it? – I don’t know.
– Did you ever ask her? – No.
– Did you ever hear a yes? No, because you weren’t
listening to her at all, were you? Your only concern was
getting what you wanted, scoring, making it up
onto that wall. Well, congratulations,
you made it. Nothing further. [tense music] ♪ ♪ – Hey.
– Hey. – I just wanted
to thank you. That was a good cross. You know, no matter
what the jury decides, you did your job. – Did I? It was always
a murky case. – Exactly the kind
that we need to be fighting. The world is changing. We need new rules. – Rules of sexual engagement
for teenagers? – Yes. California just passed
affirmative consent. – We’ll see how that goes. – Well, something
needs to change. The problem is
is that teenage boys even in college
don’t know what behavior might constitute rape. We need to make
the lines clearer. [knock at door] – Jury’s in. – Here we go. – Members of the jury,
have you reached your verdict? – We have, Your Honor. – On the felony count
of attempted rape, how do you find? – We find the defendant,
Chris Roberts, not guilty. – On the misdemeanor count
of forcible touching, how do you find? – Not guilty, Your Honor. – On the misdemeanor count
of sexual misconduct in the first degree,
how do you find? – Guilty. [crowd murmurs]
– What? – Members of the jury, the court thanks you
for your service. You are free to go. [bangs gavel] – I hope you’re happy. Look what you did
to my son. – Abby.
– Chris. – Don’t you talk to her.
Don’t you even look at her! – I’m sorry. – Now you’re sorry? – Don’t you apologize
to him, sweetie. – Now is not the time. – Abby, you have nothing
to apologize for. – You can’t tell me
that she didn’t know what was gonna happen
when she went into that room. – You all can lie to yourselves
all you want! We know exactly
what your son is! And now he’s on the registry,
and everyone will know! – We know what your daughter i!
– Enough! Enough! Enough! Enough! [gentle music] ♪ ♪ – Chris. – Abby, let’s go. ♪ ♪

After Dodging Pence Call on Iran Attack, Pelosi Spotted Drinking at New Restaurant’s Opening

After ignoring a phone call from the Vice
President Pence in the middle of an international crisis, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was spotted
partying with D.C. elite at a swanky new restaurant’s opening. You can’t say Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have
priorities. The right ones? Not according to many prominent blue checkmark
Twitter users, including Liz Cheney, who branded the San Francisco liberal a “disgrace”
and “unfit for office.“ On Tuesday, Iranian missiles targeted two
American military installations in Iraq. Iran claimed 80 U.S. deaths while the United
States hasn’t reported any casualties. Given the relative trustworthiness of the
two sources, I’d say the latter is much, much closer to the truth. The attacks were in response to the US drone
strike that took out Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a commander of the country’s
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. As usual, Nancy Pelosi had loudly complained
that congressional Democrats — one presumes she was referring to herself in particular
— weren’t notified ahead of that action. But when the Iranian missiles hit American
bases on Tuesday, Pelosi was notified directly by the White House, but she was apparently
more interested in getting her hands on a few free cocktails. The incident was reported by Politico’s
Heather Caygle. “In meeting tonight Speaker Pelosi was handed
a note telling her VP Pence was on the phone,” Caygle tweeted. “’Tell him I’ll call him back,’ she
said according to sources in room, noting she had to go open the House for new session. “Two minutes later, she was handed note
about air base bombing.” WesternJournal report: There’s no doubt
the House speaker is a busy woman. But for her to essentially ignore a phone
call from the country’s vice president in the middle of an international crisis is odd,
given the circumstances and the fact that she’s supposedly very tuned in to what’s
happening in the Middle East. She assured her Twitter followers, however,
that she was on top of things. “Closely monitoring the situation following
bombings targeting U.S. troops in Iraq. We must ensure the safety of our servicemembers,
including ending needless provocations from the Administration and demanding that Iran
cease its violence,” Pelosi tweeted at 7:31 p.m. “America & world cannot afford war.” Her definition of “closely monitoring”
might not match yours. Here’s a tweet from Anna Spiegel, food editor
of Washingtonian magazine, time stamped 15 minutes before Pelosi’s “closely monitoring”
tweet was published: That means Pelosi was either “closely monitoring”
the situation from the Maialino Mare opening celebration, or the Twitter post had been
pre-scheduled for publication — to give Pelosi’s constituents and press corps fans
the impression that she was hard at work on the nation’s business when she was actually
enjoying a night on the town. Neither explanation is very reassuring. Just in case you didn’t notice the issue,
it helps — as The Daily Caller’s Peter J. Hasson did — to note the timing of Pelosi
being notified of the phone call from Pence and the visual evidence that she was out at
a new restaurant’s opening Tuesday night. Yes, Pelosi’s brush-off of Pence’s call
was reported on just over a half-hour before she was reported being at restaurateur Danny
Meyer’s Maialino Mare, described by Eater as the “NYC magnate’s first fine-dining
restaurant in D.C.” At least it had a memorable opening night. This didn’t take long to backfire, with
GOP Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming calling Pelosi “unfit for office.” Harsh words, but one can see why they were
being thrown about. This might have been a good moment for Pelosi
to stay on Capitol Hill gathering intel, seeing how many of our servicemembers — if any
— died, meeting with members of her caucus and other lawmakers, directing the opposition’s
response, that sort of thing. Instead, she was gathering intel on “the
first full-service restaurant in the city from Danny Meyer and Union Square Hospitality
Group” which “is an outgrowth of Maialino, the decade-old New York City restaurant based
in the Gramercy Park Hotel.” (Again, Eater.) She apparently wanted to inform us all whether
the restaurant really did allow Meyer “to replicate a model that already works while
tweaking it to add new pieces” and whether “[s]eafood pastas — like a simple lemon-butter
fettuccine made with meat, oil, and stock extracted from Argentine red shrimp — and
whole fish will be points of emphasis.” America demands to know. President Trump is set to deliver his remarks
on the missile strikes in Iraq Wednesday morning. I’m assuming there’s not an opening of
a Le Denny’s upscale breakfast eatery in the Adams Morgan area of the District, so
no doubt Pelosi will be livetweeting it and telling us all how she’s all about “ending
needless provocations from the Administration.” Beyond that, it’s interesting how a media
usually absorbed in the food-related habits of our leaders — or, well, one leader in
particular — didn’t want to pick up on this one. The not-entirely-substantive gustatory habits
of the president have always been reported as if they constituted actual news. Fulminate as President Trump allocates himself
two whole scoops of ice cream at dinner while everyone else gets one! Lament the passing of the good ol’ days
when our presidents didn’t use bigger salt-and-pepper shakers as an apparent power move! Cluck knowingly at how Trump orders dinner
for other people! Meanwhile, Pelosi’s food-adjacent activities
are of legitimate concern to voters in this circumstance and among the legacy media, only
Fox News ran a short piece on it, focusing on Liz Cheney’s tweet. If only she’d have used bigger salt-and-pepper
shakers. By George, they’d have had to report on
it then — right?

Margaret Thatcher: The Woman Who Saved Great Britain

If you think the world is a mess now, that
just means you weren’t around in the 1970s. In Britain, where I grew up, the low point
was known as “the winter of discontent,” a line borrowed from Shakespeare’s Richard
III. The inflation rate in 1975 was 27 percent. The trains were always late. The payphones were always broken. Nothing worked. Worst of all were the recurrent strikes. Strikes by coal miners. Strikes by dockers. Strikes by printers. Strikes by refuse collectors. Strikes even by gravediggers. It felt as if there was no way back. And then came Margaret Thatcher. Between May 1979, when she entered 10 Downing
Street as prime minister, and November 1990, when she stepped down, she changed everything. Born on October 13, 1925, she was an improbable
savior. Nothing in her middle-class childhood suggested
the future ahead of her. A diligent student, she got into Oxford as
a chemistry major. She worked for a small plastics company after
leaving college but was rejected for a position at the British chemical giant ICI because,
as the personnel report stated, “This woman is headstrong, obstinate and dangerously self-opinionated.” She needed all three of those attributes when
she entered the world of politics as a Conservative candidate in 1950. After several failures, she finally entered
Parliament in 1959. For the next two decades, she steadily worked
her way up through the party ranks. As early as 1975, Thatcher had come up with
a wonderful line about the opposition Labour Party: “They’ve got the usual Socialist
disease—they’ve run out of other people’s money.” This she contrasted memorably with what she
called “the British inheritance”: “A man’s right to work as he will, to spend
what he earns, to own property, to have the state as servant and not as master …” This was the essence of Thatcherism, and it
was just the tonic that the patient—the British economy—needed. It’s fashionable nowadays to argue that
there was no Thatcher miracle in the 1980s. Not only is that demonstrably false, it misses
an essential point: Thatcherism wasn’t just about raising productivity or creating jobs. Just as important was the goal of defeating
inflation and restoring prosperity to the middle class. This it emphatically achieved. Yet the event that, more than any other, defined
Margaret Thatcher’s premiership was not economic but military. The Falklands War against Argentina established
her irrevocably in the public mind as the new Britannia, a warrior queen who gloried
in victory. And, of course, it ensured a Conservative
win in the 1983 election. There is no question that sending the Royal
Navy Task Force to the South Atlantic took great political courage. Many in her own party pushed for a negotiated
settlement. But the lady was not for turning—not because
she was nostalgic for the days of empire, but because the invasion was, to her mind,
morally and legally wrong. Not without reason did a Soviet magazine nickname
Thatcher “the Iron Lady.” Along with her ideological soulmate, US President
Ronald Reagan, she was unhesitating in her opposition to the Soviet Union. When the Soviets deployed intermediate range
nuclear missiles in Eastern Europe, she fully supported—despite fierce opposition—Reagan’s
counter-move to send American cruise and Pershing missiles to Western Europe. It’s still terribly hard for those who opposed
her to admit it, but Margaret Thatcher was right about most things. She was right that the British trade unions
had become much too powerful. She was right that inefficient nationalized
industries had to be privatized. And she was right that the West could win
The Cold War. “I can’t bear Britain in decline,” she
told a BBC interviewer in April 1979. “I just can’t.” Nor could we. For much of the 1970s, that decline had looked
irreversible. Yet Margaret Thatcher stopped the rot. She cured the economy of the disease of inflation
and industrial unrest. She revived the idea of a property-owning
democracy. And, with her courageous and principled foreign
policy, she restored Britain’s standing in the world. Those of us who stood by her are entitled
to feel proud that we were on history’s winning side. But we should have no illusions about the
humble supporting roles we played. She was the leader, proof that sometimes it
really is a single individual who can change the course of history—in Margaret Thatcher’s
case, decidedly for the better. I’m Niall Ferguson, fellow at the Hoover
Institution at Stanford, for Prager University.

AOC Calls Out Tulsi Gabbard’s Impeachment Vote

>>After Tulsi Gabbard voted present during
the House impeachment vote, there’s been a flood of criticism toward her decision to
do that. And one of the Progressives in Congress, Representative
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that this wasn’t a good idea. Here’s her exact quote, whenever we have a
vote, we should vote yes and we should vote no. And voting present is a very tough position
to be in, to not take a stand in a moment that is so consequential I think is quite
difficult.>>Yeah, look, obviously I agree with AOC
and there’s a reason why Gabbard is not voting in either direction. She, it appears to me, that she wants to preserve
her optionality in which party to be in. And which way to take her political career
but that seems brazen. So look, I’m done trying to figure out Tulsi
Gabbard.>>Yeah, I don’t care about figuring her out.>>Yeah, look, but to me, when she was in
Congress and she voted with progressives 90% of the time. I was thrilled to take that vote and have
her as an ally. 10% of the time when she would vote to keep
out refugees, be okay with torture. In about every single instance, if there was
a issue regarding Muslims, she would vote against them. Okay, I was not familiar with those votes,
we were honest about all of that, right? And overall we were happy to have her as an
ally. And now that she’s done this weird plight
where she’s running for president with no chance at all. And that’s fine, we had her on several times. I gave everybody a chance, we gave her a chance,
we open mind everyone. And at that time, she’s still 90% Progressive. Now, she’s been turning and turning and turning. And now we’ve gotten to this weird place where
she’s defending Trump. Because think about this guys, this is so
important. When a Democratic who’s running for president
comes out. And she used this word a day or so ago, she
said that it was a hyper-partisan, okay? Since the Democrats have been hyper-partisan,
then the Republicans turn around and go, see? Even a Democratic presidential candidate says
the Democrats are hyper-partisan. Now, Tulsi, I think, said there was hyper-partisanship
on both sides.>>Really? Both sides do it? After all this time, you’re gonna come out
with both sides do it? And accuses Democrats of being hyper-partisan,
that is a Republican talking point. So I don’t know what the hell she’s thinking,
I do know what she’s doing. It is not remotely helpful, and most importantly,
it’s just not true.>>So look, Tulsi Gabbard supporters are now
going after AOC and they think that her, by the way, she was right. I don’t think AOC was angry or too aggressive
in her comment, she made a point that I think she’s actually pretty legitimate, right? You’re voting on something as important as
this impeachment vote. And there’s an abundance of evidence showing
that Donald Trump did exactly what he’s been accused of doing by the initial whistle blower. You have all these ambassadors and Trump administration
officials testifying against him. But some of Tulsi’s most avid supporters are
saying, well, AOC didn’t take a stance when it came to Venezuela. She was asked about it, and she said that
she deferred to leadership. Okay, well she was asked by reporters what
she thought about it. And I would have preferred that she had an
answer to that question, there’s no question about that. But if she were on the floor of the House
and she had to cast a vote on foreign policy related to Venezuela or any other country. And she took a cowardly position of present
as opposed to voting yes or no. Then she deserves that criticism, there’s
no question about it. But to compare this impeachment vote to a
reporter asking AOC what she thinks about Venezuela. I think is a little ridiculous, and a bit
of a stretch.>>Look, I think Tulsi’s lost a lot of progressive
supporters, the jury’s be any comment on that. For the folks who are still there, everybody
has got a right to their opinion. And by the way, if you still agree with us
on 90% of stuff, I love it and I’ll take it. And I hope that you don’t shut off your mind
and then go, okay, since your criticize my dear leader. Now, no matter how much I agree with you on
other things, I will oppose you. But that’s your call to make, right? But I got to ask you, do you still think she’s
Progressive? Now she’s claiming that the Democrats are
hyper-partisan and going after poor Donald Trump? Okay, if you think that, it’s a curious definition
of Progressive. But I think that most Progressives, not most,
99% of Progressives are on AOC’s side, not Tulsi’s.

Scottish leader to push ahead with independence referendum

Scotland’s nationalist leader Nicola
Sturgeon says she will push ahead with plans to break away from the UK Sturgeon
sets Thursday that she will consider all reasonable options if British Prime
Minister Bruce Johnson tries to stop her holding a second referendum on Scottish
independence currently a referendum cannot take place without constant from
the UK government without getting into the details she signals she did not
expect to a call catalonia style referendum meaning one organised without
the UK government’s constant in a 2014 referendum Scotland rejected
independence in a 55 to 45 percent vote

World’s most selfless Mom!

(upbeat music) Gabriela Vanegas. Good morning. Good morning. Who’s Gabriela? Me, she’s my daughter. I don’t speak English very well. Get close to the mic please. You gonna speak on her behalf? Yes. Okay, are you related to her? Yes, I’m her daughter. You’re her daughter. She’s my daughter. She’s charged with going through a red light on Eddy Street and Dudley Street. Yes. Okay, is there anything she wants to tell me about this? She was going to her radiation. It was her last day, and she was in a rush ’cause she was a little bit late ’cause she had to go pick me up and my little sister up from school, and she had to go to her radiation. It was my last night of radiation because I have breast cancer. So, where do you go to school? Cranston East. We’re going to take a look at it, okay. It’s on Eddy Street and Dudley Street. She probably made a right hand turn. Let’s take a look at it. Well, she’s telling the truth. She was in a rush. Yes, she was. She went right through the light. Yes. All right, let’s talk about it. Tell her I want to talk about important things. Let’s ask her how she feeling. (speaking in foreign language) A little tired. She feels tired. Was that her last treatment? Yes, it was. She finished with chemo and radiations. That was her last day. You know, we have a saying. Look at the world through the eyes of the people you are speaking to. Sometime, look at the world through their eyes. I sit up here as a judge. You make a decision, make a fast decision, you make a decision. You went through the light. Looking at the world through your mother’s eyes. She hasn’t been working either, so. I understand that, but she volunteered. We don’t look into people’s medical history, but she volunteered. She has breast cancer. She was going for her last radiation treatment. Based just on that, looking at the world through her eyes in making a decision I’m gonna dismiss the case. Tell her that I wish her good luck. Hope she’s feeling a lot better. Thank you so much.
Thank you. Okay, it’s not going to cost her anything, and you stay in school and make sure you go to college. Yes. Promise? Yes, I’m going to New England for criminal justice actually. Oh, criminal justice, huh? So if you were making the decision, what would you decide in this case? I would dismiss it. (giggles) You would dismiss it? Yes. Oh well, it’s official, Inspector Quinn. I mean, she’s going to get a C in her class. I can see that coming. (giggles) No. Where you gonna go to school? New England Tech. They have a really big criminal justice program. All right, you’re gonna go on to college. Yes. You make your mother proud, right? I will. All right, good luck to you. Thank you. We’re rooting for you. Thank you.
Thank you so much. Thank you. The strength of women never fails to humble me. Following her final cancer treatment, Gabriela ran a red light. Not because she was rushing home to take care of herself, no. It was because she was hurrying to go pick up her daughter from school. To me, that’s the definition of motherhood. Selfless, endless, and limitless devotion to family. I have no doubt Gabriela’s daughter will go far in life, given who she has as a role model. Good luck, Gabriela. We’re all praying for your speedy recovery. Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune into Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know Caught in Providence is also a TV show? Oh, wow! Your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to, click on your local listings, scroll down ’til you find your hometown, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it. Nice! All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

My mother in-law stole my child | Tuko TV

She keeps saying she wants to see her child does she think a baby is like a movie you can just watch? I work in the construction industry It caught us by surprise and I did not want to abort did he advise you to abort? no I gave birth to that child on 1st March Things were tough when I gave birth to him whether he had a job or not because it all begun while both of us were still in school I met him while in Nyeri and he had travelled to Murang’a for a job his mum had organized for him After I gave birth he never supported the baby leave alone buying diapers I started working as a house girl I had to hustle for my baby and I After working as a house-help for 3 months that’s when he showed up that is how I ended up staying with his mother in Uthiru He started feeling the heat because things were not working out well he sunk deep into alcohol and would always become violent His aunties decided to help us get a house away from his home life was okay for the first 2 days that we moved in I left the house to go buy vegetables after he gave me some money when I entered the bedroom the baby was on the bed he had a swelling on one side of the cheek, the entire body was dark and he was crying I asked him why he said none of us had done a mistake but we were all going to die because he was tired of being pressured by his mother I escaped and he started running after me he threatened to commit suicide if I left I insisted on leaving because I was fed up and I wasn’t expecting him to hurt the baby like he did the child was treated and I was given some drugs I took a taxi to where his mother lives to Cooperative? Yes I thought he was dead On reaching at home I told my mother in law Dylan was dead both my mother in law and brother in law are pharmacists my brother in law said the baby was okay but he had difficulties in breathing the mother said she couldn’t keep us in her house because once his son Peter comes I would open the door for him She took us to her friends house in Kasarani a place called Garage I felt something fishy Her friend told me that I needed to wake up from slumber I did not even have an Identification Card by then She woke me up early on a Friday and told me to go look for an ID I wanted to take tea and breastfeed the baby before leaving but she insisted I should just leave On my way to town I received a call from my mother she said that I should go home immediately I asked why she said I will know once I get home so I went home and found both my parents patiently waiting for me my dad told me that my mother in law had asked them to tell me not to go back to Kasarani I asked why and yet my child was there They said she had taken the baby I was confused at that moment I was wondering why she took the kid in my absence I said to myself that I was going to Uthiru to pick my child and completely disappear out of her life I found her alone in the house when I arrived she asked what I was looking for I told her I wanted to see my child She told me I was not supposed to be there because my child was not at her place I asked her where she had taken my child she said I shouldn’t worry the child was safe when she asked me to leave I told her to give me back my child and remain with his own son she insisted she wasn’t going to give me back the baby I insisted that was my child she asked if I sired the child alone I told her I sired the child with Peter yes but he is the one to make a decision and not her she threatened to call the police I told her I wasn’t scared because I was asking for my child I told her I would be more comfortable if I knew where my child was even if it meant the baby being in her custody but her asking me to leave yet I wasn’t sure where the baby was, did not make sense to me I haven’t seen my child for one month she is not even picking my calls I meet the baby daddy sometimes and when I ask where my child is he says the baby is in Somalia Has he tried to convince the mother to return the baby to you? I have asked him severally if he was comfortable staying away from myself and our baby he responds by saying that his mother cannot let us have the baby he suggests that she we should start life afresh and get another child because the mother loves that baby and she is not ready to let him go I asked him if my job is to just give birth then the children are snatched away for me Why did he take the baby to Somalia? I am not sure if he was even telling me the truth or if the child is living with the mom’s friend What do you think is the reason behind your predicament their family is well off unlike our home where my mother is just a vegetable vendor his mother once told me doesn’t need me in her family I told her to simply give me back my baby and I will disappear for good I am so depressed and I have been having suicidal thoughts I feel I have lost everything I have gone through a lot with my baby I wouldn’t want someone else to take him away from me the baby was even given another name without my knowledge Upon his birth the father said we should call him Dylan Kimani as we speak his name has been changed who told you the baby’s name was changed? my mother in law said the baby will be called Daniel and not Dylan Supposing you are given back your child will you go back to Peter? I don’t think so because he seems not bothered How’s your evening Joan? Fine My name is Kevin and I am a journalist I work for Tuko News there’s a story I have been working on Concerning your son Peter and Becky She says you took away her baby and denied her access I would like to hear your side of the story before we air the story they were always fighting because I was worried for the safety of the child while they were at my sister’s house they told my sister my sister assisted them in getting a house to rent I was not comfortable with them living on their own because they were not in good terms everything was okay for the first two days but on the third day they fought each other and ended up hurting the baby Becky brought the baby to my house at around 10 pm she told me the kid was dead and that I should now bury him So I decided to take Becky and the baby to my friends house where my son would not access them until the baby turned 8 months while at that lady’s house she became dramatic and threatened to jump over the fence and carry along the child she was complaining that we were treating her like a prisoner and keeping her away from Peter I told her if she wanted to go look for Peter it was okay by me but I will not let her go with the child I set her free and told her to go look for Peter and sire other kids but I would not allow my grandchild to die in their hands I told them I would only hand over the baby in the presence of a children’s officer who will make the decision the baby is still breastfeeding and yet he is under your custody? That’s not an issue there are many children out there who are not breastfeeding this one is even lucky at least he breastfed for 8 months the baby was being breastfed at night only she should not use breastfeeding as an excuse to get back the child but the mother of the child is alive Yes I know she is alive She was asked before me the children’s officer asked her mother if she will go back with the daughter and her baby because it seems that marriage was not going to work but she refused Until when she finally gave birth her mother doesn’t even care I am the one who has been taking care of Becky I bought her clothes and shoes Is it true the baby is in Somalia or Kenya? Where is the baby? The baby is in Kenya What would he be doing in that al-shabaab zone she said the baby was taken to Somalia not really the baby is very safe recently he was vaccinated against measles and stay with the baby Is there a possibility you don’t want your son to be have a relationship with your Becky? I told Becky I have set her free to go look for Peter If both of them still want to live together it’s still okay but I am not ready to hand over this child to them before I do that, they must explain to the court what they did to this child the child doesn’t have a voice he cannot be able to say what transpired or whoever tried to harm him the mother said she had gone to the shop and Peter was drunk that’s not true in fact Becky is also a drunkard are you sure? have you changed the child’s name? Not really, he still bears the same name he was given by the father which is? both the father and Betty know the name they gave to their child but why have you denied Becky the chance to see her child? She was with the child a month ago, it’s not like she has not seen the child for such a long time 1 month is too long for a child who is still breastfeeding He is no longer breastfeeding at the moment, he stopped or is it because you took the child away from the mother If she would have respected herself when I took her to a place I thought was safe for her, she would still be breastfeeding her child but she said she felt like a prisoner in that house, she did not have a phone I was providing everything for her from food, clothing and a place to live so what did she need a phone for when it’s just a luxury? is that enough reason to separate her from her child? she wanted the phone in order to communicate with Peter, I have set her free to go look for him. So what is her problem? her child did she sire this child alone? this baby belongs to my son too but still you have kept the child away form your son my son was with his child just recently I have not denied anybody access to that child when will the mother see him again? if gives me the respect I deserve as the grandmother to this child and know how to approach me then she will see the child what if she doesn’t? let her approach me in a manner she feels like then we shall see if she will access she child what does it mean by just seeing a child she has never said she wants to bring anything to the baby like she says she wants to see the baby and that she has bought him clothes or shoes she just insists she wants to see the baby does she think a baby is like a movie that you just watch? a baby needs food, has expenses she should at least say she has bought something for the baby and that she wants to see if the child can be able to fit in it just saying she wants to see her child doesn’t make sense I will only follow the court order If they are given custody then I don’t care what they will do with the child despite the challenges I have gone through, I still love him you would feel the same pain if your own children were taken away from you I am begging you allow me to see my son I would feel comfortable if you were the one staying with the baby other than allowing strangers to take care of him You keep telling me the baby is okay whenever I call you but I have not seen the baby for one month the baby was still young and breastfeeding I have not seen my baby for 1 month and I don’t even know if he is okay Please mom I am begging you, I need to see my baby For one month now Becky has not seen her child who is now 9 months old and the most disturbing part is that she doesn’t know the whereabouts of the baby reporting for Tuko News, I am Kevin Phillips Momanyi

Kamala Ends Campaign After Collapsing in Polls

we’ll, I told you yesterday that it was likely
to happen soon and it actually happened minutes after we finished producing yesterday’s show. A Senator Kamala Harris has officially dropped
out of the presidential primary. She collapsed in the polls over the last few
months, and as I told you yesterday, Kamala Harris had qualified for the next debate,
which is the sixth debate, I think on December 19th but the polling was just not there. Her fundraising was just not there, and I’ll
tell you, I respect her decision to drop out at this point in time. I’m going to address that more in a moment. Let’s look at her polling first. You will see that despite hitting a national
polling high of about 15% this is her high. She wasn’t leading, but her campaign high
was about 15% that was in the first half of July. It’s just been downhill for her all the way
down to a national average of barely 3% in recent weeks. Now, Camila is not someone that I was supporting. She has a very troubling record in the criminal
justice system during her time as the attorney general of California, she was slippery on
healthcare to say the least. She definitely, uh, brought some clever planned
attacks to the debates. She had one on Joe Biden in the first debate. She put together an attack on Telsey Gabbert
at the last one, but it wasn’t the sort of substantive, vended, inspiring candidacy that
did anything for me, particularly her slipperiness on healthcare. She wrote in an email to her campaign supporters
to her campaign newsletter quote, my campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial
resources we need to continue. I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become
harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete in good faith. I can’t tell you my supporters and volunteers
that I have a path forward if I don’t believe I do. So to you, my supporters, it is with deep
regret, but also with deep gratitude that I am suspending my campaign today. Now she’s absolutely correct and that’s what
gets us back to the respect thing. Kamala Harris qualified for the next debate,
but she dropped out anyway because she has no chance. That is what I respect because most candidates
who have no shot would keep going clogging up the debate stages because they want FaceTime,
they want the publicity, she realizes she can’t win. She realizes she’s not raising the money she
needs. Implicit in that also is that she doesn’t
have the polling support that would allow her to raise that money and so she’s dropping
out and I respect the fact that she’s going to clear the clear, clear the stage, and not
clog it up with folks that don’t have a path to victory. Now there’s a whole bunch of other people
who should do the same thing and we’ll see if anybody else does between now and December
19th immediate questions about this. Number one is Kahmilah Harris angling for
a VP spot. Don’t know too early to talk about and quite
frankly, I’m not super interested in talking about VP stuff yet. Number two, who will she support or endorse? Unclear. There’s the idea that for demographic reasons,
maybe it would be Elizabeth Warren. There’s the idea that because of policy, because
she’s more of a centrist, it could be Joe Biden. I don’t think there’s too many people thinking
that she would endorse Bernie Sanders, but you never know. A more immediate question is where does her
support go? I actually don’t think it’s that important
of a question. She was pulling 3.4% on average as of yesterday
when she decided to drop out. Every candidate, if they drop out, their support
would be divided among the remaining candidates. It’s not going to go all to one candidate
and however you slice and dice 3.4% it’s not really going to be a game changer, so I’m
not super interested in where it is. Kamel is 3.4% go, but overall the field is
thinning. I believe at this point. That’s a good thing. Lots of the people left don’t have a shot
at the nomination. They’re not in the running in any of the first
four primary States, nor are they getting any traction beyond two or 3% nationally. It’s too late in the game to be clogging up
the debate stage when there are real differences between the candidates that have a shot. I welcome a thinning of the debate stage and
we will see if it continues. Let me know not only what you think of Camila
baling, but more importantly, who else should bail before the next debate? I want to hear from you. Leave a reply. If you’re watching on YouTube, we’ll have
a post about this on our Instagram page at David Pakman show. Follow us there and leave me your thoughts there as well.

Wives and in-Laws – That’s Messed Up! – Nouman Ali Khan

Abdullah! Asalamualaikum How is it going, man? Al hamdu lillah How is work? Al hamdu llilah, work is good family? family is good How is your dad doing, man? send my Salams to him, please! inshaAllah He is coming here next week he is? I look forward seeing him Oh wait! I’m not going to be here on Saturday. Oh man! where are you going? I’m going to Houston program, I’m guessing? Yeah, lots of programs are up nowadays What have you got going on? there are a few programs, and one of them actually the one that sticks in my head because the program went great, at the end of it this lady comes up to me, and says she needs to talk to me in private and I pull her to the side and she starts talking about her husband and it’s not the worst of what I’ve heard but it’s messed up enough she comes up and says : my husband is really religious, he prays five times a day he goes to the Masjid all the time, etc… but at the same time he forbids me from seeing my family he doesn’t like when I call them he doesn’t like when I go over so I almost secretely have to call my mom or check on them, so if I don’t tell him that I’m talking to my mom, am I being sinful or something? because you have to obey your husband he keeps telling me that men are in charge of women and you have to do what I say I’m the “Amir” of the household so according to Allah, and His Deen, according to the Sunnah, and according to the Sharia you have to obey me, and you’re under my household now so you can’t stay in communication with your, parents, or siblings, or whatever and on top of that he adds : I don’t want you to leave the house ever just stay home and until I take you don’t go anywhere so she is like: am I sinful for she got in trouble for going in the backyard one time so she is frustrated and her husband was there, but he was on a bathroom break or something so she figured she would slip in the question subhanaAllah I realized that a lot of times people do things in the name of Islam and they quote Quran, Sunnah, Sharia but dude it’s like the exact opposite so the relationship between a husband and a wife is one of a partnership and even though the husband has been given certain responsibilities in the home the Quran’s language is not men are authorities over women maintainers of women the word “Qawam” has nothing to do with authority it’s really interesting that a lot of translations say men are authorities over women but the word “Qawam” in all of its meanings none of them have to do with authority actually from it is one of the names of Allah Allahu la ilaha illa Huwa, Al-Haiyul-Qaiyum from the same origin and the word “Qayom” has nothing to do with authority even when you are talking about Allah It has to do with taking care of, maintaining, holding upright, etc. he maintains the entire existence that is what makes him “Qayom” so just to take that, then first of all to say that I’m the authority over you doesn’t make any sense! and then second of all I have a relationship with my wife my wife has a relationship with me she has a relationship with her parents, with her siblings, with her friends all these relationships one relationship doesn’t have the right to tell me to violate all the other relationships it doesn’t supersede the others they don’t everybody has their space you’re not a slave no human being is a slave of another slave or another human being. We are all slaves of Allah I owe certain things to my mom, for example but she can’t tell me to do something against my wife or the other way around and the same thing with my wife, I can tell her to do certain things, but if it’s making her violate some basic rights of her own parents, like she is not leaving the house and moving in with them, or something but she is giving them a call and checking on them that’s not something I can stop her from and even If I do it doesn’t count because she owes them that responsibility, it came from Allah it’s not something that she decided she has to have, it’s actually from Allah you have to be the best to your parents when Allah says: “Wa bil-walidayni ihsana”, he doesn’t say: Men! be the best to your parents Women! until you get married the rest of the time consider them history and you can just casually, like, every Eid say salam he doesn’t say that You have family situations the other weird thing in this whole scenario first of all they bring religion in where it doesn’t belong then even about the freedom of this women where can she go, can she go outside, and things like that this is actually not a religious mandate and he can not tell her you can’t go outside as kinda from the religion but if he is insecure and he is over protective and he is, like, going crazy that she shouldn’t go outside etc. this is his psychological issue not the religion’s so I’m not saying that she should be able to disobey her husband because she is obligated she is actually going even if she is not obligated it’s a choice to go and she still has the right, in other words you can’t stop people from fulfilling obligations and you also can’t stop people from their own rights I have the right to fresh air somebody can use this for an extreme, right? they can say: You know what? I watched a lecture, and I heard about this, or I heard this story about Omar and then I’m going to go on a road trip I’m driving to California, husband! see ya later! people could do that but that’s their problem, and that’s another psychological disorder like I’m just going to be rebellious because I can be, etc. I mean family is not about rules that are imposed like have to quote a Hadith at you every time I want you to do something or you have to quote an Ayah at me then you’ve got much deeper issues than Quran and Sunnah we don’t have a normal marriage marriage is about discussion and compromise, making sure the other person is happy right? and when you have to blackmail someone to do something using the religion that’s like ultimate evil I can’t think of anything more messed up than that in a relationship to use chips like that, to use Hadith and Quran to impose your will on somebody else even though that doesn’t even fit. I tried to tell her what I could but at the end of the day, she is in this situation, and I can’t and nobody else can intervene at the end of the day she’s gonna have to work those things out with her husband directly maybe it did help yeah, maybe it did help but at the very least I think in a lot of relationships there needs to be open conversation and when people are misusing religion they should be called out for it makes me sad to see this, but InshaAllah things are getting better at at least people have the courage now to at least come up to me, I commend her courage it’s not easy to come and talk about a problem you’re having at home so I pray that InshaAllah so many people get helped because she had the courage to come and ask her question I’ll see you next time InshaAllah. thank you