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10 strangest government experiments but first thanks Luke bucha for leaving us this comment on our 10 civilizations that vanished mysteriously video we hope you guys enjoy learning about some of the strange stuff the government is up to leave us a comment on which experiment you think is the strangest and maybe we'll feature you in an upcoming video number 10 pont-saint-esprit poisoning the picturesque town of palm Santa's spree in southern France seems like the last place you'd expect a diabolical experiment conducted by the US government in August of 1951 the small town on the Rhone River was home to a mass poisoning that the French called Lapan MODY or cursed bread that involved 250 people and resulted in 50 people being housed in asylums with seven deaths so what on earth happened here the US government targeted town to chase a chemical they classified as a de leiria incapacitating agent during the Cold War the US one to find some type of mind controlling substance but it went horribly wrong this took place one year after LSD was created in a laboratory French baguettes were actually sprayed with LSD according to some the French villagers experienced horrific hallucinations and some died from jumping out of windows while others frantically ran through the streets naked the boulangerie –vs began throwing away all their baked goods with good reason this was part of a bigger experiment we'll get to later on this video number 9 the sedan project ever wonder what would happen if you set off a hundred and four kiloton nuclear bomb about 300 feet underground well so did the scientists who conducted the Sedan project in 1962 this was conducted on the National Nevada Test Site just over the hill lies area 51 this strange experiment was to see how well nuclear devices could be used for peaceful purposes such as creating tunnels reservoirs mining and other civilian purposes here in this original film you see the dramatic explosion going off plumes of radioactive dust throughout the sky it displays so much material the states as far away as Iowa and North Dakota experienced nuclear dust storms Utah was heavily affected and many residents claim they can link the explosion to cases of cancer unless the goal was creating North America's largest crater this massive project was a failure number eight cat spies during the Cold War the US government used some animals as guinea pigs in order to advance technology and make sure things were safe for humans we launched dogs and monkeys into space before we even sent humans but in this case we actually tried using cats as spies in a 10 million dollar funded experiment if you think about it cats could actually make good spies they won't tell any secrets if they get captured everyone loves them and they don't have an American accent they'll give them away they spent five years trying to properly train the cat for proper espionage tactics he was equipped with an implanted listening device a battery and a tale based antenna it all went to waste however when the cat bolted under a taxicab and died during the training no wonder cats seemed to hate us number seven st. Louis radioactive exposure after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb detonations the government was quite curious on how the exposure to radiation would affect people in the future the US government conducted a top-secret experiment in the city of st. Louis during the 1950s and 60s exposing civilians to radioactive compounds in the process it was known for quite some time that they spread what they claimed was a harmless substance called ckeck adium sulphide throughout the city but as of recently a professor at st. Louis Community College says that it was a radioactive particle mixed into the compound this was mostly introduced to low-income and minority communities this seems to add some truth to the chemtrail conspiracy theories or at least a right to be suspicious number six CERN now CERN isn't completely funded by the US government but many international governments have came together for this mysterious and extremely expensive project each year this project eats up about 1 billion dollars and the total cost is determined to be about thirteen point two five billion so what on earth our country's coming together fun and costing so much they basically want to recreate the Big Bang as close as possible which many people theorize was what started the creation of our universe so clearly this project won't be cheap this takes place in a suburb near Geneva Switzerland and the largest particle physics laboratory in the world the construction of the super collider is a great achievement for science Stephen Hawking claims that the power of CERN could easily and without warning destroy our universe or at least create apocalypse number five HAARP the acronym HAARP stands for high frequency active auroral research program and was an ionospheric research program funded by the Air Force US Navy and University of Alaska as well as DARPA and built by BAE advanced technologies in Gakona Alaska it was originally just big oil companies who were experimenting with this until the government took over it's a massive group of radio waves all linked together so they can all work as one each can generate up to 10,000 watts of electricity and there's 360 of them all linked together this fires one massive electric beam into the ionosphere which is the uppermost part of our atmosphere which then send radio waves back to earth the government claims to be using it for communication with deeply submerged submarines and to locate underground enemy bases conspiracy theorists believe that HAARP can be used to control the weather and create catastrophic earthquakes hurricanes and volcanic eruptions although it might seem a little far-fetched and a 2014 congressional hearing a US Air Force official did say that HAARP was used to control the ionosphere beside in Alaska is closed down but the technology is used all over the globe on naval ships and other large vessels number for us infects guatemalans in 2010 the US government finally came forward and admitted that it conducted medical experiments on the people of Guatemala in the 1940s these people were basically infected with syphilis and other STDs they use prostitutes soldiers and prison inmates as their guinea pigs and eventually orphaned children the projects were funded by the World Health Organization Public Health Organization and even the Guatemalan government just to name a few 71 died from syphilis and 772 are purposely given the STD this was done in order to find a cure for some of these STDs and a sea of taking penicillin right sex would prevent the transmission Obama and Hillary Clinton eventually apologize for America during a press conference but nothing seems excusable for these crimes against humanity number three operation MKULTRA we previously mentioned how France was exposed to LSD in the 1950s this was a part of a larger project known as MKULTRA where the CIA was experimenting with mind altering drugs that they hoped would control people's minds as well as brainwashing the main drug they experimented with was of course LSD which would cause mind-blowing hallucinations other things they experimented with as part of other projects include hypnosis sensory deprivation isolation sexual abuse and/or psychological torture they need to find a way to extract information from people like captured spies one operation of MKULTRA was known as midnight climax where the Garbett would test LSD on unwilling participants in San Francisco mainly prostitutes once they were drugged they then tested interrogation techniques sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction and we recommend that you take a look into this one for yourself as well the CIA holds archives on this project on their public website free to explore number two the Philadelphia Experiment during World War two we certainly had some of the smartest scientists at the time to conduct this experiment with the minds of Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla and the crews to create the atom bombs capable of destroyed entire cities was it possible we had an experiment with teleportation and invisibility as well mini claim yes and that this experiment was tested on a u.s. battleship called the USS Eldridge in 1943 at a Philadelphia Naval Yard the Navy acknowledged the theory and this document but they didn't deny or admit the claims this project would have tested Albert Einstein's United field theory the ship is engaged in electromagnetic field witnesses say and it looked like it was consumed by a green fog then disappeared they weren't expecting to teleport however and reappears 400 miles away Norfolk Virginia the boat came out fine but the kre-o is a whole nother story they molecularly attach to the ship some caught on fire and others would become periodically invisible while there isn't hard evidence that the Philadelphia Experiment truly happened there was first-hand witness accounts by sailors number one project 112 project 112 was a biological and chemical weapons experiment conducted by the u.s. from 1961 to 1973 that started under the Kennedy administration this shady project wasn't Declassified until 2000 and outer investigations were launched eventually a press conference was given at the Pentagon by William Lincoln Werder and he disclosed some of the bizarre details of this project basically during this period of the Cold War if Russia had something we needed it to no matter the cost of the experiments intelligence memorandum 101 they state how the government was quite worried about Russia's capabilities of launching a worldwide biological warfare attack our project 112 was mainly concerned with the use of aerosol spray to spread chemical and biological weapons some of these tests including spreading biological and neurological agents throughout the air conducted on land and sea including places like the US Great Britain and Canada it seems as though the dispersion methods work a little too well and some civilians were exposed during the press conference linking Werder claimed that places like Hawaii Florida and Alaska were possibly exposed to neurological agents a sub project known as shad tested how naval ships would be affected by biological warfare attacks which eventually led to serious health complications to those who were involved