Democrats Call For Trump To Be Arrested And Imprisoned

yeah I'm gonna keep talking about how there's gonna be some massive conflict of some sort I mean we're in it right we're in some kind of cultural Civil War I did not come up with that term it was used by many people associated with the left at vidcon and before then several years ago so yes something's happening and we can see from this story quote I want to see Trump in prison Nancy Pelosi tells top Democrats that they should focus be focused on criminal prosecution of the president rather than impeachment let me explain to you why it's all gonna come crashing down at some point remember when Trump was chanting lock her up over and over again and many people in the crowd joined in the Democrats claimed that was dangerous rhetoric that you can't talk about imprisoning your political opponents you can blame Trump for starting it I suppose but it was the New York Times and The Associated Press that broke the story about the email scandal in the server from Hillary Clinton yes public officials destroying records is a crime did Hillary Clinton get in trouble for it no because it's complicated we'll see what happens as these stories develop but now Nancy Pelosi wants Trump to go to jail where do you think this ends do you think locking Trump up is going to end with people being like well gee gosh darn you know the presidents in jail no it's gonna end up with people shrieking and it's gonna end up with a dramatic escalation in fact the rhetoric itself is a dramatic escalation when they complained that Trump was calling for Hillary Clinton's imprisonment it was a bad thing but now it's a good thing sure let's read this story before we get started go to Tim cast calm slash donate if you'd like to support my work there is a monthly donation option of crypto option a physical address and it is more important than ever because YouTube is purging channels from the partner program who knows how long I have many people think that I'll get wiped out at some point possibly maybe not I tried to be a dick but sometimes gonna be angry well see what happens but the best thing you can do is just like and comment on the video share and subscribe so the story from the Daily Mail says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told top Democrats that she wants to see President Donald Trump in prison lock him up huh Pelosi remarks came in a meeting on Tuesday with top House Democrats including Judiciary Committee Chair Jared Nadler who was aggressively pushing for impeachment not to be outdone miss Pelosi now says don't focus on a beach mitt go straight for imprisonment I don't want to see him impeached I want to see him in prison Pelosi said Pelosi who fears political disaster if MP Trent proceedings are launched without broad public support argued that it would be better to see Trump defeated in the next election and then criminally prosecuted as a private citizen yeah because that won't lead to ridiculous outrage from people Pelosi is walking an increasingly thin line as the clamor for impeachment grows in her caucus despite her insistence that before impeachment there needs to be broad public support and bipartisan backing neither of which has materialized in addition to Nadler who has been battling behind the scenes to control any impeachment investigation the other Democratic House committee chairs were present at the meeting Ashleigh at en a Pelosi spokeswoman told POLITICO that Pelosi and the Chairman had a productive meeting about the state of play with the Muller report what a quote a fine time the Democrats are spinning in circles unsure of how to deal with their fracturing base we're still chasing after this was going into three years of complete psychosis around Russia gate there they've now transitioned off of Trump colluded with the Russians and the Russians might shut down our electricity in the winter miss Rachel Maddow claims now going into well Trump obstructed justice or at least maybe no determination was made by Muller and Muller who this I heart it's just how insane I can't see this D escalating when the politicians are calling for him for imprisonment of each other when they're trying to impeach President Trump instead of actually dealing with his concepts ideas and defeating at the election in the election they're going for impeachment imprisonment and then at the ground level we see people beat the crap out of each other and the news is going insane how could anyone not conclude that we're in a downward spiral of destruction and then you also to consider several important details like how about that every 80 years is a major conflict with the United States or how about that empires tend to last around 250 years how long has it been yeah do the math well see what happens so I don't want to be too like I'm not I'm not I don't want to wave my arms and scream the end is nigh but I certainly feel like something is is happening certainly a lot of people get lulled into the sense of oh it'll never happen yes things happen no one thought there'd be a great war between all of the superpowers of the world and then it happened people didn't believe the first Civil War was gonna happen IIIi could be wrong about this I'm not a historian but I read a story about how and one of the first battles people were standing around like watching having picnics laughing thinking there's no way there will be a civil war and then one of the bloodiest Wars ever happened so who knows it's gonna happen I tell you what there's a video I'm gonna talk about it in my next my next video from the next segment some dudes jumped out of a car and started beating up on some Trump supporters where do you think we're at you know it's I think we are in the armament phase we are in the resource phase they're trying to strip resources and economic economic resources from many conservatives and independence because before you can get into the full-on conflict however whatever form it takes you need to make sure that you have a dis report you you win the war before you start it take away the resources build up the resources for yourself then when something actually happens be it a physical conflict or who knows then they see you can thinkin squash the enemies but let's get back to the Trump imprisonment idea on Wednesday the rebuffed Nadler appeared peevish when he told CNN that there is not currently enough backing for impeachment among Democrats in the House of Representatives there is not appear to be support for it now and we will see the support made develops at neither whose committee has jurisdiction over impeachment related matters we are investigating all of the things we would investigate frankly in an impeachment inquiry he then paused for several seconds when asked if he and Pelosi were on the same page what when that decision has to be made it will be made not by any one individual it will be made probably by the caucus as a whole certainly Nancy will have the largest single voice in it at a news conference on Wednesday Pelosi was asked about calls from progressives for impeachment proceedings I'm not feeling any pressure palsy respondent make no mistake we know exactly what path we are on we know exactly what actions we need to take and while that may take some more time than people wanted to take I respect their their impatience Nadler vowed on Wednesday to go to court quickly in his quest to obtain the full unredacted Muller report on Russian election interference saying lawmakers would not be made fools of by an offer by the Trump administration to negotiate over the document Nadler said he expects to ask a federal court soon to enforce his April 19th subpoena for special counsel Robert Miller's report and underlying material an approach to the court will come as soon as possible after a vote in the in the Democratic controlled House of Representatives on Tuesday on holding Attorney General William bar in contempt of Congress I anticipate that will be very quick there may be an appeal and will ask for an expedited appeal so I want to I want to pause here real quick contempt of Congress for Bar subpoena in filing a subpoena for the full unredacted report calling for the imprisonment of trump bill bar has said he believes trump was spied on I haven't followed the story to closest I don't want to get too much into it but it does sound like there's some kind of internal deep state civil war happening it's been going on for a while I'd imagine the depending on how conspiratorial you want to get I don't know but this is politicking to the extreme I mean more so than I've seen in my life maybe it's been worse at other times I'm not old enough perhaps but you've got there they want to imprison the president Nancy Pelosi does they're trying to impeach him they're trying to remove him not for his policies or as bad ideas are trying to move him because I don't just just they're opposed to him you then see Bill Barr coming in siding with the president and it really does feel like we are seeing a civil war in soft power within the government where does this lead if you if the if the two sides keep getting further and further split pushed further and further away at some point people will feel like the system is pointless and that's when things get truly dangerous I think is extremely dangerous that they're calling for the imprisonment of the president the issue with Hillary Clinton went with calling for her imprisonment is a bit different in that she was a private citizen my she was a private citizen that for the most part I believe but calling her out for the email scandal and stuff sure that was before she was actually elected now Trump won they do this whole rush of collusion nonsense thing and when that fizzles out they shift so there is a diff friends here I think the rhetoric in both regards is still potentially dangerous but I don't like the idea of a neo politician being above a lot Trump included however what we're seeing is in my opinion complete desperation outside of the issues so in my next video I want to talk about you know the the collapse the coming whatever you want to call it because it's not just my opinion we've seen people on the Left we've seen security experts talking about this and this rhetoric is playing straight into it but there's some interesting data presented by awesome researchers and some journalists showing how this all began and I mean the internet really did precipitate this this pending collapse the way everything's working people are just losing their goddamn minds I would stress that calling for the impeachment of the president is unhinged calling for the imprisonment of the president is unhinged it has not is no basis in reality to me it's it's absolutely insane that Moeller comes out and says if we could have exonerated we would have at the same time you could take the exact same statement and say if we could have presented evidence he committed a crime we would have they didn't our legal system does not work that way you are not guilty or innocent you're guilty or not guilty there could be evidence you've committed a crime if there's not enough evidence we still think you did the crime but we're not going to punish you for it you can be upset and think that Trump tried to commit obstruction of justice Moeller didn't say that this is how it gets insane and I look this is going to be a dramatic escalation stick around for the next segment it will be at 4 p.m. slash Tim cast I believe it's probably the first time in the podcast so if you already listened on the podcast well then a different segment will begin now but thanks for hanging out stick around and I will see you in the next story you