The Fall of Justice Democrats

the 2016 election showed us that there were great divides in the Republican and Democratic base for Democrats the primary was the ultimate defeat for them in the election as the progressive base had felt cheated out of their candidate making many sit out of the election and costing valuable votes for the Clinton campaign needed in states that ultimately went to Trump due to low voter turnout since that defeat the left wing in America has been in shambles leading to much infighting on how to move forward slowly seeming to eat itself alive the Bernie wing or progressive base of the party since the election had been trying to figure out the best way to proceed further and two paths seemed to be the best way either a takeover of the Democratic Party or pushing for a third party I myself was swayed by a takeover of the party and the Justice Democrats seemed like the best bet for a change many of us supporters of senator Sanders were looking for however after this week I do find that justice Democrats as an organization has shown its true colors and does not represent me or the progressive base that still stands for freedom of expression and thought and moving away from identity politics that has ruined the Democratic Party over the last decade after the 2016 election I like many were shocked that Clinton lost but looking back on it I'm not really surprised at this collapse of the left many of us began to reevaluate our positions the term red pill came out as many went from the liberal side to the conservative side at first I kind of thought that way but when you really analyze what the conservative base stands for and what they are pushing especially when you look at Congress the arguments to me just didn't hold up the only thing in the end I found myself agreeing with from many of these right wing commentators on YouTube was their anti SJW rhetoric but when it came to everything else especially economics I still felt the progressive base had won me over so I felt that pushing a progressive agenda was the best thing still and that justice Democrats was the way to go but I do not think they deserved that support any longer especially when they make me have to defend Genk huger many of you have probably heard of chink he is involved with justice Democrats so I won't go into too much detail as most likely you've heard about him and his resignation from the Justice Democrats after an 18 year old blog post where he did make some very sexist comments and remarks before I talk about the situation of my thoughts on justice Democrats I do want to clarify though I am NOT a fan of TYT or Jake I used to be a viewer but like many who ended up leaving and not watching TYT anymore identity politics and their hard stances on far left social ideology that is typically associated with the SJW movement pushed me away from their network however that wasn't the big reason I didn't like Jencks involvement and justice Democrats though it was part of it for me to me I saw it as a conflict of interest to a group fighting to get corporate money and influence out of politics in favor of the will of the people yet it was founded by somebody who owned a pretty sizable media group TYT loves to tout that they are different than corporate media and how it works with political organizations but was it really that different from MSNBC propping up the Democratic establishment or Fox with the Republican as much as I agreed with justice Democrat stances I just couldn't help but be turned away because of that relationship and how similar it was to these the moment I really began to question Jencks involvement when Justice Democrats was his debate against Ben Shapiro at Politico at 2017 while I don't like Shapiro I did feel he performed much better in this debate and this moment had me really convinced that jank would cause problems for the movement and message of justice Democrats well I mean I when it comes to money in politics I think that that that breakdown doesn't really hold I mean the fact is that President Trump during the campaign talked 14 ly about how engaged in putting money into politics so and this is a game that a lot of people are playing it's kind of a weird question but as far as the idea that all money should be out of politics here is the problem okay TYT I we both have corporations and we expand upon politics every single day and we motivate thousands of people right every day on both sides of the aisle that is effectively an in-kind contribution now I you campaigned with Bernie Sanders did you do it because you expect it that's fine did you expect did you do that because you supported Bernie Sanders or did you do that because you expected some gimme forty whitey in return I assume you did it because you supported Bernie Sanders right yes so okay so the point that I am making is to attribute to everyone else bad intent when it comes to political spending in politics but to yourself it's totally fine and when it comes to other media intent entities that give in-kind contributions on a regular basis through their coverage visit when the New York Times when the New York Times which is biased to the left spends an inordinate amount of time and money reporting on Mitt Romney's idiotic stories about how he's in high school and cutting a gay kid's hair in 1932 if you're saying to me that that is less impactful on the political sphere than a corporation which is a group giving money to a to a political candidate for purposes of supporting that candidate I fail to see how you can say for yourself that you are innocent in this but everyone else is guilty I don't believe that either everyone's guilty or everybody is innocent or if you can find the actual cases of guilt where there's a quid pro quo then we agree that's prosecutable for all these reasons one of the biggest points from those on the left that didn't like justice Democrats was the fact of TYT and jinx involvement so you would think that removing him would solve all those problems well no it was far from it whoever is the social media manager for justice Democrats really fucked on their messaging here I can understand the need maybe for having jinks step down as a prominent figure within justice Democrats but when the statements are from so long ago really I mean don't get me wrong part of me enjoyed him getting taken down when he often argues for SJW shit but are we really just gonna ignore it being used to take out somebody we don't like or we gonna address it and I feel the need to address it he wasn't and hadn't been defending these statements that took him down for a while now yet they're still treating it like he is currently a sexist monster that needs to be taken down I mean is it a hundred percent impossible to change an opinion or belief I doubt there's one human on this planet that has the same beliefs and opinions since they were born the human experience is all about learning and changing and one of my favorite doctor who quotes pretty much sums up that very concept we all change when you think about it we're all differently all through our lives and that's okay that's good you got to keep moving so long as you remember all the people that you used to be but that doesn't matter with just as Democrats or this part of the left to them you are the same and you can't make up for any past mistakes you can't change your beliefs and you can't change your opinions once you hold something especially that they disagree with they can use that against you forever and it makes you a monster and they have reinforced this side and the way they marketed the messaging on how they took out Chang huger from his position and it doesn't look good when in their messaging it makes it sound like they're standing up against the patriarchy by doing this and using the word patriarchy he definitely wasn't a way to get those on their side that are very much against the SJW movement whether they're anti SJW are not the right wing and anti s2w crowd out there has been pointing out for a while now that justice democrats just seems to be a continuation of part of the SJW problem and for a while there I tried to argue against it but it's really hard to do that with something like this and especially if you go back and look at their at their media history they are constantly retweeting people like Linda Sarsour and other common STW talking points all over the place it does make it really hard to argue against that and it doesn't bode well for winning over people who are against that messaging this event has led Kyle Klinsky if secular talk as well to step down and I'd really don't blame him for those tired of identity politics that consumed and destroyed the left of the last election it doesn't seem like justice Democrats is gonna be any different and yet again as the SJW movement killed the atheist community on YouTube and led to the wonders like atheism plus it seems like they've just also hit justice Democrats as well now I don't want this video to come across as saying I don't support any of the candidates that justice Democrats are supporting as well our world isn't black and white like the extremes on both sides want you to think and I wholeheartedly agree with Kyle's message here it's beyond crucial that each and every one of us still support the candidates because the candidates had nothing to do with any of this every single one of the candidates has my support they all still support Medicare for all and free college and a living wage and ending the wars and a new New Deal and getting money out of politics and they weren't even involved in this drama or the fallout or the or the very quick decision-making so I want everybody to know that I'm not just saying that that even though I'm resigning from justice Democrats each and every candidate still deserves our support still deserves our donations still deserves our time to actually put in work at the grassroots level and to fight for them to get elected so that we can get our vision implemented so for me I haven't given any money to the Justice Democrats and I won't be in the future and nor would I recommend anyone else would but I don't want to write off all their candidates instead I think that a much more rational position to take is to take a look at each candidate themselves and what they stand for and make your judgments after that and support those candidates themselves with your money should you seem fit to otherwise for me a third party option looks even better now under the current circumstances Justice Democrats may still go on and be successful but it just doesn't look good when they turn away the TYT fanbase whether you love or hate the network most of their fans did support justice Democrats and this is just going to make a greater divide in the progressive movement they've also turned off that crowd that I don't want to label as anti sjw's as I've already pointed out some people on the anti sjw community that I do have problems with but those who are against the identity politics games the left has gone crazy for recently those people have been really turned away after seeing this if you can be sure of anything right now the left in America is nowhere near you it's still and this recent event doesn't bode well for any progressive movement in America in the next election at least under justice Democrats you

Left Wing Media Activist Email Leak Shows How They Deplatform Political Rivals

what you are seeing on your screen right now is an email from a slate journalist named April blazer for those that are listening on the podcast I'll just be describing what worked what we're showing this email in my opinion shows the tactic of activists in media 2d platform their political rivals through loaded questions and language meant to create maximum pressure and increase the cost of businesses to work with certain political groups I will make a few caveats I wrestled with publishing the name of the journalist I initially had redacted her name from the piece however it's extremely important to see articles she's written and tweets she made that show she is in favor of de platforming and in one article I believe it shows it was her intention the whole time to get the proud boys shut down from their financial services I believe it was intentional now that's just my opinion I'm speculating we can go through this email and I will explain to you exactly why I believe that to be to be the case I also want to talk about the ultimate ramifications of this behavior the destruction of journalism and how these these activists are harming the intellectual and academic communities following the Vox ad pocalypse we've seen many history channels teachers journalists get their accounts restricted shut down band etc demonetised I should say that instead of banning this email Oh actually let me do this for those that aren't familiar Andrey kate REO is the chairman I believe there's a chairman of the proud boys he received a notification that his Chase Financial Service the processing portion and his personal account would be shut down that's my as my understanding after talking and looking over some of the data and information I spoke with Enrique taro to get comment on this story and he said that he believes it was on the 1st of February that would mean this email from slate came in a day before he got notified his account would be shut down his Chase Paymentech now you understand that we'll go through the relevant information but we'll start with the email April blazer of wrote this to several to three different email addresses at JP Morgan a2 at JP Morgan one at Chase titled slate inquiry providing service for the proud boys hi there in April a journalist at Slate riding to ask if JPMorgan Chase is aware that the proud Boys affiliated store prod was affiliated online store 1776 dot shop uses Chase Paymentech as its payment processor 1776 dot chop is what's redirected from fun to the West org which proud boys found our Gavin McInnes cited as the Legal Defense Fund of the proud boys the proud boys are designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group and members have engaged in group of violence in Portland and New York City the group has been suspended by Instagram Facebook and Twitter is the usage of Chase Paymentech in support of such groups against chases policy on a deadline many thanks April first I shouldn't have to say this but I will I actually oppose the politics of the proud boys to a to a rather great degree in fact to the UH to their faces I have told them well one of the things they say is that they refuse to apologize for the West and when at when when they asked me I said absolutely not I will apologize for the West it doesn't mean the West is bad but I do believe there are things that we've done wrong in the growth of this country in the United States expansion militarism imperialism that absolutely should be held accountable and apologized for it I don't agree with them on traditional politics traditionalism etc I shouldn't have to say it but I will but now let's point out a few things first the the email to me is my understanding having actually worked with some activist groups and been involved with with stuff you know years and years ago working in nonprofits etc is we're seeing a lot of framing tactics here that show that that say to me the intention of this email is not for a story it's too deep Bank 2d platform individuals this person doesn't like a cursory glance of April Glaser's Twitter feed and things she said make me believe she is absolutely at odds with the proud boys having made some comments that may be considered passively disparaging to certain fingers on the right we'll go through in a second here's the thing I'm curious as to what April story was going to be the story that she could have written off of this was would probably be something to do with JPMorgan Chase provides processing service for a proud boy affiliated store personally whether or not that's new newsworthy I believe is up to the the writer it may be in certain activist circles maybe in smaller markets I don't think it's necessarily newsworthy on its own but that's just my personal opinion you absolutely could believe it's newsworthy to know that Chase you know that the proud boys sell bracelets and t-shirts and chase processes in their payments it's important to note additionally that Square and PayPal also suffered financial services to the prod boys around the same time there's some interesting things I'll point out before moving on writing to ask if JPMorgan Chase is aware that the proud Boys affiliate store uses Chase Paymentech right but she ends by saying is the usage of Chase Paymentech in support of such groups against chases policies on a deadline there's an important thing to contrast if she's asking if they're aware she's under the impression it's possible they are not in which case they would not be acting in support of such groups I believe it would be absurd to imply that Chase manually in an individually investigates every client they've ever had – what you know – what groups they're affiliated with etc on a deadline that's essentially fair a lot of people are often on deadlines however the story she wrote didn't come out till 7 days later after the proud boys were already banned this story the swag shop of the far right came out February 7th the email was sent on January 31st I should have pointed to at the beginning but I'm gonna get to it now there's a lot of information to go through I reached out to chase because I've actually received many other documents that paint a rather disconcerting picture however chase could not confirm or deny the existence of the additional documents however through two different on two different circumstances chase confirmed to me the authenticity of this email in my conversation with slate they made reference to the contents of the email but did not directly confirm however in my opinion based on what they said about what's in the email I believe they understand what the email is and that it in fact does exist but but more importantly Chase told me twice yes they found this email and then again said I thought we already confirm this for you you know see the the previous threat essentially so the questions I had I reached out to slate for a response they've we've had it back and forth and interest kind of argument for some reason where they absolutely pushed back on me referring to April Glaser as an activist though I think that's an opinion she very well may be an activist and a reporter that's fine they have not yet gotten me an official comment so I will I will follow up with their official comment but the things I would ask is if you're on a deadline why would the story not come out for a week were they really intending on writing a story letting us know that Chase provides processing services for the online shop of the proud boys maybe it also could be that they were and then as soon as they got news that Henrique Theriot chairman of the prod boys was being banned they decided to wait on the story and then publish in greater detail it appears that in the story from April Glaser she did receive there may have been direct communication with some of the other financial services let me see if I can pull this up they say 1776 an e-commerce site that appears to support the group remains functional or it did or it did last week the payment processing company square pulled its service from 1776 a source close to the move confirms to slate that would if that happened about a week before that leads me to believe she made contacts to other other organizations Square and PayPal around the same time which would make sense uh so uh she says and and while a spokesman spokeswoman said Square does not comment on individual accounts she wrote in a statement Square does not tolerate our products or platform or our platform being used for hate when we determine accounts violate our Terms of Service we take swift action they don't she goes on the write that JPMorgan Chase chases chases Chase Paymentech also previously provided payment processing services for the 1776 dot shop and a source close to the decision confirmed it had stopped by Tuesday of this week the site had switched to a PayPal button PayPal then yanked the account used on 1776 dot shop a source close to the decision said not the first time PayPal has pulled the plug on proud boys affiliated accounts as of publication 1776 once again has a field for shoppers to enter a credit card number but it's unclear if it works or if any vendor is powering it I want to stress right now as well there are many activist organizations that have been scouring the the code the visible code of that website to find who they who they use for payment processing I don't believe in my opinion it's coincidental that around the exact same time as this story activists are pulling off the same thing I think it's fair to point out April Glaser is absolutely an activist we can see that on from this image that was posted by big league politics from enrich Henry Theriot who I believe it's Henrique he received this on it was dated February 4th I spoke to Enrique who said that he received word he believes on the first that his Chase Paymentech would be shut down and then shortly later they informed him his personal account would be shut down it is my opinion based on the email in question the intention of April Glaser was to get him taken down either because it's political which I believe I believe overtly political or also because it helped produced the story that she then wrote later where she says chase pulled their services now I do want to highlight some other issues that show in my opinion again April Glaser absolutely is not a journalist at least at the very least you could call her an advocacy journalists on activist activists to makes the most sense for several reasons I believe the email she sent was designed to cleverly put pressure on the company I would personally consider that a threat if someone sent me that the implication being that we are going to write a negative story about you and we're on a deadline and you support this group that's that's all very very negative I have been on the the end of stories that are like this and it tends to function the same way however yesterday April Glaser wrote this story bring back the Golden Age of broadcast regulation especially for YouTube and Facebook she is directly advocating for the bringing back of old-school regulation that restricted certain speech the end of the story she says protecting the safety of their users will always come second that's where laws are supposed to come in it's time we got some now you could argue that she's our she's not talking about speech regulation or D platforming however she tweeted this earlier this morning at 11:26 a.m. in a thread she made starting two days ago she said I made a thread which totally isn't my style but a lot of chatter now about what to do about regulating tech platforms ignores the fascinating history broadcast law which I happened to have studied freedom of speech isn't the same as the freedom to broadcast and amplify that speech I wrote about how Public Interest obligations over US broadcasters work and why it's such a useful frame when thinking about social media regulation she followed up at 11:26 by saying this is not about regulating content it's about the possibility of potentially reporting efforts to combat misinformation data privacy and yes not allowing hate speech to be broadcast to large audiences there's not a couldn't say it's a direct tie-in to the email in question that she sent but I believe in my opinion this shows she believes in deep platforming restricting the speech of certain groups and I believe this is an example of her advocating for deep platforming and restriction of speech now another issue that's really important is whether or not you want to follow my speculation here it's possible she was legitimately asking chase and all those things that's fine I personally believe it's an activist tactic because I've seen this employed by activists and organizations having been a director at several organizations having been active in in you know hacked activists mmm circles several years ago it all follows an activist framework what she did in the email was she made a loaded implication that chase supports the proud boys she highlighted information from the proud boys that comes from a third party organization with no authority the Southern Poverty Law Center's opinion on the proud boys is irrelevant by any journalistic standard unless you're trying to generate a specific outcome she goes on to say that they've engaged in group violence again out of context and provides nothing but harm to the narrative it's a negative narrative if she didn't include this and simply asked about the proud boys that potentially would have been fine if she wanted to understand if chase provided services to controversial political groups I could understand that however by using the Southern Poverty Law Center and by saying they engaged in violence these are out of context third party nongovernmental opinion I believe the intention was specifically to force chase interest into shutting down the proud boys I would also point out that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI according to the independent have referred to an tyfa as domestic terrorists she could inversely frame the story that the proud boys are known to engage in violence combatting known terrorist groups I believe that characteristic characterization would be completely absurd and that it falls outside the realm of journalism I would also like to point out that I believe this is a direct violation of at least two journalistic ethics as we've seen April Glaser has advocated against hate speech I would I believe and and based on her Twitter her Twitter thread and the things she's stated her politics fall opposed to the proud boys in which case there is a potential conflict of interest up for interpretation but also she is not minimizing harm by targeting a shop to which she knows is run by Henry taro – Henry Theriot as an individual in her story she says that the business is registered to Henry Theriot who may be the same person as an Rika Theriot if she knew that before reaching out the chase I believe it's a violation of the minimization of harm because she is targeting a private individual she absolutely can tell this story about the proud boys without directly referring to his small business in which case Henry Kotaro has broken no laws I am I am under the I believe it is fair to point out the proud boys are not a criminal organization they are controversial I do not agree with their opinions I there are certain things they've done in terms of getting arrested in which individuals have been charged for violence the organization itself you can criticize them all you want but I don't believe they have any governmental scrutiny to the extent that an tyfa does but again all that's an opinion I personally believe that by targeting the business of a private individual associate with the proud boys she has overstepped the bounds of minimization of harm that's just my opinion if you want to argue journalist journalistic ethics you're free to do so I'm not saying I'm completely right but more to the point upon the tweeting of when when April Glaser said yes it's about not allowing hate speech to be broadcast to large audiences I sent the tweet in question to slate and sure enough April Glaser deleted the tweet so I will copy the link to tweet I will open a new tab paste the link in and we can see the page no longer exists however I did archive it she followed up that tweet by adding she says it's about and yes not allowing hate speech to be broadcast to large audiences and about acknowledging the reality of concentrated media power and protecting the role of information infrastructure in a democratic society so for whatever reason she deleted the tweet slates told me they did not instruct do so and went on to say they believe the tweet in question has nothing to do with what we were talking about I disagree I believe this email shows that she believes in restricting speech that she deems to be hateful so I do want to now branch off from here I think I've hit as much as I possibly can in this capacity she uh there's a tactic used among the media to if they're trying to generate news what they'll do is they'll send a request that's loaded that forces a company take action wait until the action is taken and then they'll write the story the example I often cite is mafic media mafic media is a left-wing anti-war media organization they were suspended by Facebook after CNN reached out to Facebook asking why Facebook oh I don't know exactly what CNN asked but they said that Facebook I'm sorry that mafic media is funded by Russia I believe it's owned 51% by roughly which is funded by Russia today but that's not against the rules however CNN reached out to Facebook Facebook then suspended mafic media and then after the suspensions CNN wrote a story saying you know Facebook had suspended this group it's a common tactic among low tier you know journalists just trying to that article to trigger the story themselves which is another violation of journalistic ethics imposing their will to make something happen so they can report it reminds me of if you've seen the movie Bruce Almighty well it becomes mr. exclusive for not familiar the guy gets God powers and then makes the news happen that is a serious violation of journalistic ethics so what I want to highlight beyond this is you know essentially just they're there it is I'll that that's the the email in question let me don't you thing in the comments below but I really do want to highlight the ramifications of what we've seen in the wake of the Fox ad pocalypse and the tactic of these activists in media to target their political rivals if you don't like the proud voice by all means you feel free to criticize them the proud boys have broken laws in certain circumstances been arrested and charged and I've highlighted this in many videos and they absolutely deserve to be I believe I did completely to secure their politics that's fine but this appears to me to be an activist tactic of framing a narrative to put pressure on a company to force them to terminate the services of a private individual the results can be pretty damning so Mark Kern who has gums on Twitter tweeted earlier traditional journalists are gunning for YouTube in a big way this month they are trying to get all independence be monetized if you want to know why it's about money traditional journalism is dying ad blocker cuts off their revenue and people prefer to get their news reviews and entertainment from youtubers and streamers the reason I'm moving on to highlight this is because what we're seeing from slate in my opinion and trust me what you I think you understand why I'm saying that so much the this is very important when you look at what Carlos maza did to steven crowder Carlos maza in the past had mocked Steven Crowder's criticism of him and said he wasn't being gay enough but now he's upset conveniently on Pride Month Carlos maza is also advocated for the platforming and said to do it more and more importantly Karl's maza used to work for Media Matters for America the tactic we're seeing from these people it's the same thing in different ways in this instance as marker and points that points out traditional journalists are are hurting and so they're targeting at youtubers this then results in collateral damage mr. Alsup history has received a ton of attention because he is a history teacher who's having his content removed the Guardian notes YouTube blocks history teachers uploading archived videos of a certain World War two leader in Germany more importantly I want to make sure I absolutely stress this bit here this is all kind of an addendum to the initial report I did stardust vibes who i made reference to in my first video this morning had his channel d monetized and I got to say starters vibes channel is absolutely incredible there's many videos that have over mil to have millions of views and it's very simple this video is thunderstorm sounds by a lake house with four hours of a thunderstorm by a lake house and it's a video and it's beautiful absolutely beautiful people turn this on to relax and that the white noise and the nature sounds are really helpful especially is when people are trapped inside in winter months he had his channel D monetized in the past day or so we're now seeing this is a follow up on the Pratt path story YouTube is deleting thousands of channels with videos of World War two history now multiple teachers are complaining that videos uploaded to educate people have been deleted this is the dangerous nature this is the dangerous debt this is what happens the collateral damage of when they target people in this way this is what we can see it ends up with sandy Macomb I believe I'm pronouncing her name right is a journalist who had a historical video from strout's Ville that was actually used at the trial of James fields restricted on YouTube in response to all of what's happening here so I think I have a lot more stories I could go through I'm not going to because it's videos already going very very long so I'll leave it here but suffice it to say this is the collateral damage we see from activists in media pretending to be journalists this is the result when you allow these big companies or when you pressure these companies so so let me stress what we saw from April Glaser of Slate to chase in my opinion increased the cost of chase it's a threat of negative press that could result in a stock price drop and harm to their business resulting in chase taking the obvious action of getting rid of the proud voice then April reported on it the same thing happens with YouTube excuse me YouTube terminating all of the monetization into accounts is a direct result of activists in media continually slamming YouTube and damaging their revenue streams recently we saw a story actually let me let me see if I can pull this story up I don't know exactly where it is so maybe maybe I can't do it but there's a youtuber by the name of Jeremy Hambly also known as the quartering who recently had a journalist to reach out to advertisers what appeared in his channel and they've they've claimed to have since pulled ads a tactic in media is to target the resources of content creators journalists and personalities they don't like to harm their business these are activist actions journalists don't need to do this journalists don't you know The Daily Beast doxed a private individual it adds nothing to the story you to but D monetizing people is the same pressure chase getting rid of the proud boys is no different than YouTube getting rid of Crowder and others the rhetoric will continue I'm sure they're going to direct all of the ire in the world at me because I reported on this and because I acted in defense of the right to people like crowded have new monetization they'll make all the claims in the book about me by all means but you know what you got no leverage on me because I'm sorry I just don't care if everything in my life was gone I chill on the beach and listen to nice lake sounds that is inherently a problem for them they try to use the threat of cutting off financial services to harm people not necessarily to hurt the individual or scare them but to actually shut down their business it's entirely possible this video will be but brick gated for a variety of false flags because I have kind of I've kind of pulled the the the you know pulled back the curtain and shown you activists in media absolutely do this it is not a conspiracy it happens every day the Southern Poverty Law Center has recently been in turmoil because they're known to have been an extremely racist and sexist organization their privacy on the president it was stepped down because of the controversy and it was around twenty years ago that this information came to public life but for some reason people care about the opinion of this organization I could use any organizations opinion to accuse anyone of being any group I believe this only serves to be a pressure to damage the business of political rivals so there you go this isn't the only document I received I want to stress that however I have not been able to confirm the authenticity of other communications which I believe make a way more damaging picture but I'm not going to release or comment on the contents of because Chase has refused to confirm or deny so we'll leave it there let me know something in the comments below you can follow me on minds at Tim cast to stay tuned I'll have more segments coming up at slash Tim cast news during at 6 p.m. if I receive a comment from slate in the meantime I will I will add an addendum to this story and I will include their statements however and I get I they didn't get back to me soon enough I have to record the video at it and upload it was my intention to include their statement so in that regard I apologize it wasn't included in the story but I will do my best to make sure the context of their statement will be included at to contrast my my personal opinion on this matter I will end with one final thought in terms of minimization of harm and the revealing revealing the name of April Glaser as I stated early on I think it's important to look at the articles she's written in the context she's written them and the statements she's made on YouTube so you understand her position when it comes to deep platforming and restricting speech and how that plays into the the culture war as a whole and why I believe that she was absolutely trying to harm the business of the crowd boys again I don't know this has been much speculation on my part one final thought just for posterity this email was confirmed to me on two different two different email chains by Chase as well as the contents being referred to directly by slate a slates PR individual I'll leave it there thanks for hanging out and I will see you on the next video you

Democrats Call For Trump To Be Arrested And Imprisoned

yeah I'm gonna keep talking about how there's gonna be some massive conflict of some sort I mean we're in it right we're in some kind of cultural Civil War I did not come up with that term it was used by many people associated with the left at vidcon and before then several years ago so yes something's happening and we can see from this story quote I want to see Trump in prison Nancy Pelosi tells top Democrats that they should focus be focused on criminal prosecution of the president rather than impeachment let me explain to you why it's all gonna come crashing down at some point remember when Trump was chanting lock her up over and over again and many people in the crowd joined in the Democrats claimed that was dangerous rhetoric that you can't talk about imprisoning your political opponents you can blame Trump for starting it I suppose but it was the New York Times and The Associated Press that broke the story about the email scandal in the server from Hillary Clinton yes public officials destroying records is a crime did Hillary Clinton get in trouble for it no because it's complicated we'll see what happens as these stories develop but now Nancy Pelosi wants Trump to go to jail where do you think this ends do you think locking Trump up is going to end with people being like well gee gosh darn you know the presidents in jail no it's gonna end up with people shrieking and it's gonna end up with a dramatic escalation in fact the rhetoric itself is a dramatic escalation when they complained that Trump was calling for Hillary Clinton's imprisonment it was a bad thing but now it's a good thing sure let's read this story before we get started go to Tim cast calm slash donate if you'd like to support my work there is a monthly donation option of crypto option a physical address and it is more important than ever because YouTube is purging channels from the partner program who knows how long I have many people think that I'll get wiped out at some point possibly maybe not I tried to be a dick but sometimes gonna be angry well see what happens but the best thing you can do is just like and comment on the video share and subscribe so the story from the Daily Mail says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told top Democrats that she wants to see President Donald Trump in prison lock him up huh Pelosi remarks came in a meeting on Tuesday with top House Democrats including Judiciary Committee Chair Jared Nadler who was aggressively pushing for impeachment not to be outdone miss Pelosi now says don't focus on a beach mitt go straight for imprisonment I don't want to see him impeached I want to see him in prison Pelosi said Pelosi who fears political disaster if MP Trent proceedings are launched without broad public support argued that it would be better to see Trump defeated in the next election and then criminally prosecuted as a private citizen yeah because that won't lead to ridiculous outrage from people Pelosi is walking an increasingly thin line as the clamor for impeachment grows in her caucus despite her insistence that before impeachment there needs to be broad public support and bipartisan backing neither of which has materialized in addition to Nadler who has been battling behind the scenes to control any impeachment investigation the other Democratic House committee chairs were present at the meeting Ashleigh at en a Pelosi spokeswoman told POLITICO that Pelosi and the Chairman had a productive meeting about the state of play with the Muller report what a quote a fine time the Democrats are spinning in circles unsure of how to deal with their fracturing base we're still chasing after this was going into three years of complete psychosis around Russia gate there they've now transitioned off of Trump colluded with the Russians and the Russians might shut down our electricity in the winter miss Rachel Maddow claims now going into well Trump obstructed justice or at least maybe no determination was made by Muller and Muller who this I heart it's just how insane I can't see this D escalating when the politicians are calling for him for imprisonment of each other when they're trying to impeach President Trump instead of actually dealing with his concepts ideas and defeating at the election in the election they're going for impeachment imprisonment and then at the ground level we see people beat the crap out of each other and the news is going insane how could anyone not conclude that we're in a downward spiral of destruction and then you also to consider several important details like how about that every 80 years is a major conflict with the United States or how about that empires tend to last around 250 years how long has it been yeah do the math well see what happens so I don't want to be too like I'm not I'm not I don't want to wave my arms and scream the end is nigh but I certainly feel like something is is happening certainly a lot of people get lulled into the sense of oh it'll never happen yes things happen no one thought there'd be a great war between all of the superpowers of the world and then it happened people didn't believe the first Civil War was gonna happen IIIi could be wrong about this I'm not a historian but I read a story about how and one of the first battles people were standing around like watching having picnics laughing thinking there's no way there will be a civil war and then one of the bloodiest Wars ever happened so who knows it's gonna happen I tell you what there's a video I'm gonna talk about it in my next my next video from the next segment some dudes jumped out of a car and started beating up on some Trump supporters where do you think we're at you know it's I think we are in the armament phase we are in the resource phase they're trying to strip resources and economic economic resources from many conservatives and independence because before you can get into the full-on conflict however whatever form it takes you need to make sure that you have a dis report you you win the war before you start it take away the resources build up the resources for yourself then when something actually happens be it a physical conflict or who knows then they see you can thinkin squash the enemies but let's get back to the Trump imprisonment idea on Wednesday the rebuffed Nadler appeared peevish when he told CNN that there is not currently enough backing for impeachment among Democrats in the House of Representatives there is not appear to be support for it now and we will see the support made develops at neither whose committee has jurisdiction over impeachment related matters we are investigating all of the things we would investigate frankly in an impeachment inquiry he then paused for several seconds when asked if he and Pelosi were on the same page what when that decision has to be made it will be made not by any one individual it will be made probably by the caucus as a whole certainly Nancy will have the largest single voice in it at a news conference on Wednesday Pelosi was asked about calls from progressives for impeachment proceedings I'm not feeling any pressure palsy respondent make no mistake we know exactly what path we are on we know exactly what actions we need to take and while that may take some more time than people wanted to take I respect their their impatience Nadler vowed on Wednesday to go to court quickly in his quest to obtain the full unredacted Muller report on Russian election interference saying lawmakers would not be made fools of by an offer by the Trump administration to negotiate over the document Nadler said he expects to ask a federal court soon to enforce his April 19th subpoena for special counsel Robert Miller's report and underlying material an approach to the court will come as soon as possible after a vote in the in the Democratic controlled House of Representatives on Tuesday on holding Attorney General William bar in contempt of Congress I anticipate that will be very quick there may be an appeal and will ask for an expedited appeal so I want to I want to pause here real quick contempt of Congress for Bar subpoena in filing a subpoena for the full unredacted report calling for the imprisonment of trump bill bar has said he believes trump was spied on I haven't followed the story to closest I don't want to get too much into it but it does sound like there's some kind of internal deep state civil war happening it's been going on for a while I'd imagine the depending on how conspiratorial you want to get I don't know but this is politicking to the extreme I mean more so than I've seen in my life maybe it's been worse at other times I'm not old enough perhaps but you've got there they want to imprison the president Nancy Pelosi does they're trying to impeach him they're trying to remove him not for his policies or as bad ideas are trying to move him because I don't just just they're opposed to him you then see Bill Barr coming in siding with the president and it really does feel like we are seeing a civil war in soft power within the government where does this lead if you if the if the two sides keep getting further and further split pushed further and further away at some point people will feel like the system is pointless and that's when things get truly dangerous I think is extremely dangerous that they're calling for the imprisonment of the president the issue with Hillary Clinton went with calling for her imprisonment is a bit different in that she was a private citizen my she was a private citizen that for the most part I believe but calling her out for the email scandal and stuff sure that was before she was actually elected now Trump won they do this whole rush of collusion nonsense thing and when that fizzles out they shift so there is a diff friends here I think the rhetoric in both regards is still potentially dangerous but I don't like the idea of a neo politician being above a lot Trump included however what we're seeing is in my opinion complete desperation outside of the issues so in my next video I want to talk about you know the the collapse the coming whatever you want to call it because it's not just my opinion we've seen people on the Left we've seen security experts talking about this and this rhetoric is playing straight into it but there's some interesting data presented by awesome researchers and some journalists showing how this all began and I mean the internet really did precipitate this this pending collapse the way everything's working people are just losing their goddamn minds I would stress that calling for the impeachment of the president is unhinged calling for the imprisonment of the president is unhinged it has not is no basis in reality to me it's it's absolutely insane that Moeller comes out and says if we could have exonerated we would have at the same time you could take the exact same statement and say if we could have presented evidence he committed a crime we would have they didn't our legal system does not work that way you are not guilty or innocent you're guilty or not guilty there could be evidence you've committed a crime if there's not enough evidence we still think you did the crime but we're not going to punish you for it you can be upset and think that Trump tried to commit obstruction of justice Moeller didn't say that this is how it gets insane and I look this is going to be a dramatic escalation stick around for the next segment it will be at 4 p.m. slash Tim cast I believe it's probably the first time in the podcast so if you already listened on the podcast well then a different segment will begin now but thanks for hanging out stick around and I will see you in the next story you