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you can't very well use it as your stick call yourself gay wonk have that affectation and then object because a comedian who you yourself have attacked is now mocking you in returns or you can object it but grow up dish this shit out take him well that's not how it works at Fox and so he went on this endless tritter Twitter pout rant that every leftist in America retweeted now Crowder is funny I think if you don't think he's funny that's fine but 3.8 million people have subscribed to his YouTube channel that's triple the size of our YouTube channel and he gets tons of views and he's also on a paywall channel called blaze TV with Glenn Beck so he's a pretty big deal he's not as big as Tucker Carlson on Fox News but he's pretty big on the internet so lots of leftists were retweeting and liking Carlos Meza cuz they ain't Steam Crowder on YouTube well at first they held the line the company replied to masa directly and publicly let me read what they said they said thanks again for taking the time to share all this information with us we take allegations of harassment very seriously we know this is important and impacts a lot of people our team's spent the last few days conducting an in-depth review of the videos flagged it to us and while we found language that was clearly hurtful the videos as posted don't violate our policies we've included more info below to explain this decision as an open platform it's crucial for us to allow everyone from creators to journalists to late night TV hosts to express their opinions within the scope of our policies opinions can be deeply offensive but if they don't violate our policies they'll remain on our site you if a video remains on our site it doesn't mean we endorse or support that viewpoint there are other aspects of the channel that we're still evaluating we'll be in touch with any further update so that's what they wrote back to Massa on June 4th pretty free speech she to me and look at this steven crowder celebrated he said team youtube made the right decision if they banned us they'd have to ban and then you see he linked to this video of other political comedians saying very rude things including about the sexuality of someone they were attacking take a look you're the president's but you're turning into a real prick tater you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine you have more people marching against you than cancer you talk like a sign-language gorillas who got hit in the head in fact the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's pollster you know if I go that's a beautiful photo of you and your child but let me just say one mother to another do something about your dad's immigration practices you feckless cop and obviously I I hope India and Pakistan don't go to war but if they did go to war it'll probably be the most entertaining war of all time yeah because the Indian soldiers would run out on the battlefield and that'd be like time for you to detect jacket look at the quick tag it can take a jacket jacket nearby now let's ask lots of questions about this and bad about these in that sometime at night Kabul oh look up in sky and say what the hell going on up there UFO live on another planet phone and whole like et call or read on TV about white people getting deducted by alien sticking all kind of hell up they but and that's I'm saying yeah so that's a free speech victory aim gotta say I was skeptical I have to say I really couldn't believe the YouTube was standing up for free speech well I guess the wall of anger ratcheted up in the face of YouTube's for explanations and I I wonder if they were some moves behind the scenes I wonder if Barack Obama made a phone call or Hillary Clinton made a phone call to YouTube's owners Google remember Google is a 100% Democrat company they fired the one guy who was conservative there their senior executives are all Democrats their executive vice president Eric Schmidt offered to build Hillary Clinton's campaign website remember the senior staff meeting at Google the week Trump won here's a little bit of that this is videos from their staff meeting after Trump won as we started to see the direction of the voting I reached out to someone close to me who was at the Javits Center where the big celebration was supposed to occur in New York City someone who's been working on the campaign and I just sent them a notes that are you know are you okay it looks like it's going the wrong way and I got back a very sad short text that read people are leaving staff is crying we're gonna lose yeah that's Google the most telling was this woman a senior Google executive practically crying saying the Hillary Clinton campaign was we she spoke in the first person plural as in it wasn't Hillary or they or them It was as if Google and Hillary were the same thing do you remember this that was the first moment I really felt like we were going to lose and it was massive like kick in the gut that we were going to lose and it was really meaningful so maybe I don't know we'll never know maybe Obama or Hillary Clinton or someone made a phone call to those Democrats at Google who own YouTube and made them think again and said what are you doing standing with steven crowder he's a Republican and Vaux is Democrat because the very next day after they wrote their defense of free speech they thought again and they wrote this update on our continuing review we have suspended this channels monetization we came to this decision because a pattern of egregious actions has harmed the product community and is against our YouTube Partner Program policies oh really well that was quick agreed to say because earlier they said they had teams plural reviewing things so they sounded like they went through exhaustively and voilá in one day later they said no no no no no were shocked shocked a day ago they weren't shocked but now they're shocked was it really egregious Oh was it was it a little bit like was it like this weirdly shaped dicks Jew face oh sorry no no no that's not steven crowder that's Carlos Mazza himself that's an excerpt from the Ezra Levante show every day I do a video monologue and then I interview an interesting guest and then I am by reading my hate mail but you've got to subscribe to it which you can do with the rebel dot media slash shows you

Joe Rogan's Double Standard For Sam Seder EXPLAINED

this week there's been this huge brouhaha between Carlos masa of Vox and steven crowder who is a professional victim and a one-trick pony and his only thing you know his only claim to fame is trying to harass people to the point that they finally take action and try to get YouTube 2d platformer him and then of course once they try to deep platform him he pretends as if his free speech rights are being violated and that he's really this great guy and he's just a comedian he's not funny he's not talented again he's a one-trick pony we all know this we covered the story this week now there is a development recently David Pakman who's a progressive and a friend of the show went on Joe Rogan's podcast and this topic came up and they brought up where I should say Rogen brought up the harassment toward dave rubin take a look is that different in your opinion than someone singling something out for what you believe is their mental incompetency well that mental incompetency or that they're that they're mentally ill or cognitively limited cognitively limited mocking their ability to think walking their intelligence mocking their decisions mocking their the way they talk and then encouraging other people to do the same thing and then that person gets harassed based on their intelligence based on their performance on particular YouTube videos and conversations and there's active harasser so there's people that do that is there a difference between say what Sam cedar does to Dave Reuben what does Sam do Dave Reuben he has I don't know that I seen that video dozens of videos don't say that video he has dozens of videos where he's just dunking on Dave Reuben so I will say that Sam cedar and Michael Brooks do have dozens of videos where they dunk on dave rubin dave rubin does not have any type of mental health condition right dave rubin is a perfectly healthy human who has decided to be a grifter so the dunking is about the fact that dave rubin is a grifter it's not about the fact that he's gay about the way he looks it's not about any of that it's about his incredibly lazy grifting because he doesn't even do the legwork to educate himself on the talking points necessary to be a grifter right you're asking is there a difference between going after people based on who they are versus what they do right and the answer is yes different Dave Rubin whom I used to know somebody that I used to know is a he it's all what he's chosen to do poorly and what anyone in the sam cedar and michael brooks vote video is what they point out is the failings of dave rubin to articulate the thought process necessary to you know believe what he believes and he doesn't he doesn't do it he doesn't understand any of these things because he's grifting them he didn't sit down and think and go you know what i've come to a giant epiphany right he's doing a paint-by-numbers and you can't even do that yeah you're exactly right and yes the dunking happens but the whole point of what sam cedar and michael brooks do is to make sure that they basically debunk the nonsense that they're hearing from dave rubin show because dave rubin keeps trying to present himself as a so-called classical liberal even though there's that notorious reddit ask me anything where he couldn't even define or explain what classical liberal means so we bowed out of it pretty early and so it it's important for people to know like is the information i'm getting from this person actual information is this person an honest actor and the whole point of what sam cedar does is to make sure that people know this is not an honest actor he's not even genuine and anything he's saying he's not even saying anything really when you listen to him it's just so early we were talking about like count your blessings so these are major these are like major these tech corporations but hey it's a company a corporation that doesn't want homophobia on their platform so everyone else left be lucky consider yourself lucky that they allow dumb people look at it's like your blessing what they do so YouTube had this weird thing that I don't even fully understand but essentially they said if your primary they let the Crowder's stay up for a while they reached out to Mazda and they said hey we're looking into this after maza posted just a run of homophobic slurs and just the word guy used but specifically the word queer and that is a slur the reason that the name of like academic branches of different universities are called queer studies is it's a way to reclaim a word that was used pejoratively in the past right and so there is a difference there Crowder is using the pejorative he is using the slur it just hasn't reached that level where people don't say it it isn't it hasn't reached a level like the n-word where people don't even say it right um and but but Craig isn't using it that way that shirt he's wearing right now says socialism is four F words and it's got Che Guevara with a hands doing this you know and you can't see it but he sells that on his website which he promotes through YouTube YouTube let him keep that stuff up there they're like we're not taking it down because his primary reason for doing it was debate even though ancillary to that were the slurs and then they turned around and demonetised Crowder which what I don't know how Dave Rubin defines classic liberalism or capitalism or whatever but this is like a purely capitalistic approach where YouTube saying well you can have your free speech we're just not gonna pay you for it that's right and that's all Dave Reubens in it for anyway that's right you know like that's what Crowder's in it for and that's what Reubens in it for so let's go to the next video cuz there's more to this story so I I mean I I have some as well I believe that they are substantive that's my view is that my videos about Dave Rubin are substantive to your first question there is a difference between going after someone for sexual orientation then going after them for the fact that they say things that are wrong or don't know stuff until you're making fun of someone who has an actual handicap of some kind some kind of you know limited cognitive limitation that would be a disability of some kind then you are mocking someone for a disability but the resulting effect of the harassment the the see this is what I was getting at before with Crowder like what Crowder said was one thing but one of things that Carlos Mesa was just discussing was what the people that had watched Crowder what they were doing how they were going after him which if you look at Moses complaint that's not what he was complaining about he's like I'm not mad about that I got pretty thick skin about Crowder he is saying like there are a lot of people the daxing is against policy and if anyone Doc's is Dave Rubin there if anyone Doc's is anybody there should be consequences to that and I do think that it's just frustrating to see all of this because what what Rogen's trying to do is say what about Peter if people are mad at Dave Rubin and people are mad at steven crowder isn't that the same thing and it's that's not even remotely the point Moz is mad that YouTube has rainbow flags on their logo during pride and they have all these messages in their Terms of Service saying you can't use homophobic slurs and everyone just look at three comments down in the Twitter thread or whatever and it'll be people saying here is a screencap of the Terms of Service and here's how it's violated maza was upset that YouTube didn't live up to YouTube's own standards right and there by the way we're on YouTube obviously YouTube is a great platform for people who want to do independent content but at the same time I think part of the problem and I mentioned this in the original video is that they don't apply their guidelines or they don't enforce their guidelines I think equally and and it seems like they're doing it kind of here and there they're applying it with some situations they're not applying it with other situations so they have to be clear it needs to be applied consistently there's a lack of consistency and I think that that's also leading to a lot of frustration and anger but I agree with with both of you I mean to compare dunking on Dave Rubin to what Carlos masa went through is is ridiculous and by the way I want to give you a specific example of what the dunking looks like when it comes to dave rubin again dave rubin is a professional grifter and one of the things that he did was he agreed to participate in a pro bolson ro propaganda video on youtube right so he does that and then a few days later a week later some time later one of his own viewers asks him about shire balsan ro who is now unfortunately the elected leader of brazil and so he's reading the question he's like Jair bull Sarner oh and yeah he got dumped on for that because you just did a propaganda video for him homeboy how do you not know who he is and here here you're calling him out for the grifting it's not about what he looks like or the fact that he's gay it's about what he does for a living how dishonest he is and also more importantly how we won't even do the legwork necessary to be a good grifter right that's what's so frustrating it's like just just read up on your BS you just know your BS better right this conversation is frustrating for me because it's and it's nothing it's a nothing a burger it's nothing no no but just none of these people are that stupid I may have to take him out of that box um that was fascinating the Boston auro situation but stepped from that I don't think any of these people are that stupid they're hateful and it's this but why when someone says hey you know what it's a little too far that's it and there's this Joe Rogan doesn't think that there's a like he doesn't think that this hate and calling someone out for doing something stupid are the same thing he doesn't care because the he likes it he likes see he likes his platform he likes well I don't think any of these people are that stupid yeah we'll see I don't know and with with Rogan he does a lot of like talking and asking and playing devil's advocate sometimes but in this I couldn't help but get the feeling that he was like I've got you both of these things are the same isn't it and it felt real and it felt real it's from our point of view is that like since we're engaging this since the same Cedars and Michael Brooks isn't us when we engage this kind of stuff we're just trying to say there's ignorance out there that they're spreading falsely right and without integrity and we have integrity so we're going to tell people about it but from YouTube's point of view now we're in a back-and-forth in the same category and when they come to dis my monetize stuff there their AI isn't quite there yet and they're just like we might just get rid of all it and that's that's part of the issue I mean they rely on the algorithms to do this and it's not a foolproof method method as we know which is why they don't apply the standards consistently one final thing look obviously we do a little bit of dunking on Dave Rubin as well but I also want to note that it took years for us to finally respond Dave Rubin went on Rogen show and lied about us lied about what we do right he's the one who's been bad-mouthing us for years and it literally took at least two years for me to finally feel like okay I can't take it anymore I need to respond and to be fair Rogen's the one who is like so let me ask you some questions about your own BS and and Dave Rubin flails so I get it I'm this is not like a solely a Rogen thing but you know when dave rubin gets in there it gets very frustrating on the go don't worry we got you covered you still listen to t whitey at our new podcast network find us on Apple podcast at Google Play Store or at TYT comm slash podcast

Left Wing Media Activist Email Leak Shows How They Deplatform Political Rivals

what you are seeing on your screen right now is an email from a slate journalist named April blazer for those that are listening on the podcast I'll just be describing what worked what we're showing this email in my opinion shows the tactic of activists in media 2d platform their political rivals through loaded questions and language meant to create maximum pressure and increase the cost of businesses to work with certain political groups I will make a few caveats I wrestled with publishing the name of the journalist I initially had redacted her name from the piece however it's extremely important to see articles she's written and tweets she made that show she is in favor of de platforming and in one article I believe it shows it was her intention the whole time to get the proud boys shut down from their financial services I believe it was intentional now that's just my opinion I'm speculating we can go through this email and I will explain to you exactly why I believe that to be to be the case I also want to talk about the ultimate ramifications of this behavior the destruction of journalism and how these these activists are harming the intellectual and academic communities following the Vox ad pocalypse we've seen many history channels teachers journalists get their accounts restricted shut down band etc demonetised I should say that instead of banning this email Oh actually let me do this for those that aren't familiar Andrey kate REO is the chairman I believe there's a chairman of the proud boys he received a notification that his Chase Financial Service the processing portion and his personal account would be shut down that's my as my understanding after talking and looking over some of the data and information I spoke with Enrique taro to get comment on this story and he said that he believes it was on the 1st of February that would mean this email from slate came in a day before he got notified his account would be shut down his Chase Paymentech now you understand that we'll go through the relevant information but we'll start with the email April blazer of wrote this to several to three different email addresses at JP Morgan a2 at JP Morgan one at Chase titled slate inquiry providing service for the proud boys hi there in April a journalist at Slate riding to ask if JPMorgan Chase is aware that the proud Boys affiliated store prod was affiliated online store 1776 dot shop uses Chase Paymentech as its payment processor 1776 dot chop is what's redirected from fun to the West org which proud boys found our Gavin McInnes cited as the Legal Defense Fund of the proud boys the proud boys are designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group and members have engaged in group of violence in Portland and New York City the group has been suspended by Instagram Facebook and Twitter is the usage of Chase Paymentech in support of such groups against chases policy on a deadline many thanks April first I shouldn't have to say this but I will I actually oppose the politics of the proud boys to a to a rather great degree in fact to the UH to their faces I have told them well one of the things they say is that they refuse to apologize for the West and when at when when they asked me I said absolutely not I will apologize for the West it doesn't mean the West is bad but I do believe there are things that we've done wrong in the growth of this country in the United States expansion militarism imperialism that absolutely should be held accountable and apologized for it I don't agree with them on traditional politics traditionalism etc I shouldn't have to say it but I will but now let's point out a few things first the the email to me is my understanding having actually worked with some activist groups and been involved with with stuff you know years and years ago working in nonprofits etc is we're seeing a lot of framing tactics here that show that that say to me the intention of this email is not for a story it's too deep Bank 2d platform individuals this person doesn't like a cursory glance of April Glaser's Twitter feed and things she said make me believe she is absolutely at odds with the proud boys having made some comments that may be considered passively disparaging to certain fingers on the right we'll go through in a second here's the thing I'm curious as to what April story was going to be the story that she could have written off of this was would probably be something to do with JPMorgan Chase provides processing service for a proud boy affiliated store personally whether or not that's new newsworthy I believe is up to the the writer it may be in certain activist circles maybe in smaller markets I don't think it's necessarily newsworthy on its own but that's just my personal opinion you absolutely could believe it's newsworthy to know that Chase you know that the proud boys sell bracelets and t-shirts and chase processes in their payments it's important to note additionally that Square and PayPal also suffered financial services to the prod boys around the same time there's some interesting things I'll point out before moving on writing to ask if JPMorgan Chase is aware that the proud Boys affiliate store uses Chase Paymentech right but she ends by saying is the usage of Chase Paymentech in support of such groups against chases policies on a deadline there's an important thing to contrast if she's asking if they're aware she's under the impression it's possible they are not in which case they would not be acting in support of such groups I believe it would be absurd to imply that Chase manually in an individually investigates every client they've ever had – what you know – what groups they're affiliated with etc on a deadline that's essentially fair a lot of people are often on deadlines however the story she wrote didn't come out till 7 days later after the proud boys were already banned this story the swag shop of the far right came out February 7th the email was sent on January 31st I should have pointed to at the beginning but I'm gonna get to it now there's a lot of information to go through I reached out to chase because I've actually received many other documents that paint a rather disconcerting picture however chase could not confirm or deny the existence of the additional documents however through two different on two different circumstances chase confirmed to me the authenticity of this email in my conversation with slate they made reference to the contents of the email but did not directly confirm however in my opinion based on what they said about what's in the email I believe they understand what the email is and that it in fact does exist but but more importantly Chase told me twice yes they found this email and then again said I thought we already confirm this for you you know see the the previous threat essentially so the questions I had I reached out to slate for a response they've we've had it back and forth and interest kind of argument for some reason where they absolutely pushed back on me referring to April Glaser as an activist though I think that's an opinion she very well may be an activist and a reporter that's fine they have not yet gotten me an official comment so I will I will follow up with their official comment but the things I would ask is if you're on a deadline why would the story not come out for a week were they really intending on writing a story letting us know that Chase provides processing services for the online shop of the proud boys maybe it also could be that they were and then as soon as they got news that Henrique Theriot chairman of the prod boys was being banned they decided to wait on the story and then publish in greater detail it appears that in the story from April Glaser she did receive there may have been direct communication with some of the other financial services let me see if I can pull this up they say 1776 an e-commerce site that appears to support the group remains functional or it did or it did last week the payment processing company square pulled its service from 1776 a source close to the move confirms to slate that would if that happened about a week before that leads me to believe she made contacts to other other organizations Square and PayPal around the same time which would make sense uh so uh she says and and while a spokesman spokeswoman said Square does not comment on individual accounts she wrote in a statement Square does not tolerate our products or platform or our platform being used for hate when we determine accounts violate our Terms of Service we take swift action they don't she goes on the write that JPMorgan Chase chases chases Chase Paymentech also previously provided payment processing services for the 1776 dot shop and a source close to the decision confirmed it had stopped by Tuesday of this week the site had switched to a PayPal button PayPal then yanked the account used on 1776 dot shop a source close to the decision said not the first time PayPal has pulled the plug on proud boys affiliated accounts as of publication 1776 once again has a field for shoppers to enter a credit card number but it's unclear if it works or if any vendor is powering it I want to stress right now as well there are many activist organizations that have been scouring the the code the visible code of that website to find who they who they use for payment processing I don't believe in my opinion it's coincidental that around the exact same time as this story activists are pulling off the same thing I think it's fair to point out April Glaser is absolutely an activist we can see that on from this image that was posted by big league politics from enrich Henry Theriot who I believe it's Henrique he received this on it was dated February 4th I spoke to Enrique who said that he received word he believes on the first that his Chase Paymentech would be shut down and then shortly later they informed him his personal account would be shut down it is my opinion based on the email in question the intention of April Glaser was to get him taken down either because it's political which I believe I believe overtly political or also because it helped produced the story that she then wrote later where she says chase pulled their services now I do want to highlight some other issues that show in my opinion again April Glaser absolutely is not a journalist at least at the very least you could call her an advocacy journalists on activist activists to makes the most sense for several reasons I believe the email she sent was designed to cleverly put pressure on the company I would personally consider that a threat if someone sent me that the implication being that we are going to write a negative story about you and we're on a deadline and you support this group that's that's all very very negative I have been on the the end of stories that are like this and it tends to function the same way however yesterday April Glaser wrote this story bring back the Golden Age of broadcast regulation especially for YouTube and Facebook she is directly advocating for the bringing back of old-school regulation that restricted certain speech the end of the story she says protecting the safety of their users will always come second that's where laws are supposed to come in it's time we got some now you could argue that she's our she's not talking about speech regulation or D platforming however she tweeted this earlier this morning at 11:26 a.m. in a thread she made starting two days ago she said I made a thread which totally isn't my style but a lot of chatter now about what to do about regulating tech platforms ignores the fascinating history broadcast law which I happened to have studied freedom of speech isn't the same as the freedom to broadcast and amplify that speech I wrote about how Public Interest obligations over US broadcasters work and why it's such a useful frame when thinking about social media regulation she followed up at 11:26 by saying this is not about regulating content it's about the possibility of potentially reporting efforts to combat misinformation data privacy and yes not allowing hate speech to be broadcast to large audiences there's not a couldn't say it's a direct tie-in to the email in question that she sent but I believe in my opinion this shows she believes in deep platforming restricting the speech of certain groups and I believe this is an example of her advocating for deep platforming and restriction of speech now another issue that's really important is whether or not you want to follow my speculation here it's possible she was legitimately asking chase and all those things that's fine I personally believe it's an activist tactic because I've seen this employed by activists and organizations having been a director at several organizations having been active in in you know hacked activists mmm circles several years ago it all follows an activist framework what she did in the email was she made a loaded implication that chase supports the proud boys she highlighted information from the proud boys that comes from a third party organization with no authority the Southern Poverty Law Center's opinion on the proud boys is irrelevant by any journalistic standard unless you're trying to generate a specific outcome she goes on to say that they've engaged in group violence again out of context and provides nothing but harm to the narrative it's a negative narrative if she didn't include this and simply asked about the proud boys that potentially would have been fine if she wanted to understand if chase provided services to controversial political groups I could understand that however by using the Southern Poverty Law Center and by saying they engaged in violence these are out of context third party nongovernmental opinion I believe the intention was specifically to force chase interest into shutting down the proud boys I would also point out that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI according to the independent have referred to an tyfa as domestic terrorists she could inversely frame the story that the proud boys are known to engage in violence combatting known terrorist groups I believe that characteristic characterization would be completely absurd and that it falls outside the realm of journalism I would also like to point out that I believe this is a direct violation of at least two journalistic ethics as we've seen April Glaser has advocated against hate speech I would I believe and and based on her Twitter her Twitter thread and the things she's stated her politics fall opposed to the proud boys in which case there is a potential conflict of interest up for interpretation but also she is not minimizing harm by targeting a shop to which she knows is run by Henry taro – Henry Theriot as an individual in her story she says that the business is registered to Henry Theriot who may be the same person as an Rika Theriot if she knew that before reaching out the chase I believe it's a violation of the minimization of harm because she is targeting a private individual she absolutely can tell this story about the proud boys without directly referring to his small business in which case Henry Kotaro has broken no laws I am I am under the I believe it is fair to point out the proud boys are not a criminal organization they are controversial I do not agree with their opinions I there are certain things they've done in terms of getting arrested in which individuals have been charged for violence the organization itself you can criticize them all you want but I don't believe they have any governmental scrutiny to the extent that an tyfa does but again all that's an opinion I personally believe that by targeting the business of a private individual associate with the proud boys she has overstepped the bounds of minimization of harm that's just my opinion if you want to argue journalist journalistic ethics you're free to do so I'm not saying I'm completely right but more to the point upon the tweeting of when when April Glaser said yes it's about not allowing hate speech to be broadcast to large audiences I sent the tweet in question to slate and sure enough April Glaser deleted the tweet so I will copy the link to tweet I will open a new tab paste the link in and we can see the page no longer exists however I did archive it she followed up that tweet by adding she says it's about and yes not allowing hate speech to be broadcast to large audiences and about acknowledging the reality of concentrated media power and protecting the role of information infrastructure in a democratic society so for whatever reason she deleted the tweet slates told me they did not instruct do so and went on to say they believe the tweet in question has nothing to do with what we were talking about I disagree I believe this email shows that she believes in restricting speech that she deems to be hateful so I do want to now branch off from here I think I've hit as much as I possibly can in this capacity she uh there's a tactic used among the media to if they're trying to generate news what they'll do is they'll send a request that's loaded that forces a company take action wait until the action is taken and then they'll write the story the example I often cite is mafic media mafic media is a left-wing anti-war media organization they were suspended by Facebook after CNN reached out to Facebook asking why Facebook oh I don't know exactly what CNN asked but they said that Facebook I'm sorry that mafic media is funded by Russia I believe it's owned 51% by roughly which is funded by Russia today but that's not against the rules however CNN reached out to Facebook Facebook then suspended mafic media and then after the suspensions CNN wrote a story saying you know Facebook had suspended this group it's a common tactic among low tier you know journalists just trying to that article to trigger the story themselves which is another violation of journalistic ethics imposing their will to make something happen so they can report it reminds me of if you've seen the movie Bruce Almighty well it becomes mr. exclusive for not familiar the guy gets God powers and then makes the news happen that is a serious violation of journalistic ethics so what I want to highlight beyond this is you know essentially just they're there it is I'll that that's the the email in question let me don't you thing in the comments below but I really do want to highlight the ramifications of what we've seen in the wake of the Fox ad pocalypse and the tactic of these activists in media to target their political rivals if you don't like the proud voice by all means you feel free to criticize them the proud boys have broken laws in certain circumstances been arrested and charged and I've highlighted this in many videos and they absolutely deserve to be I believe I did completely to secure their politics that's fine but this appears to me to be an activist tactic of framing a narrative to put pressure on a company to force them to terminate the services of a private individual the results can be pretty damning so Mark Kern who has gums on Twitter tweeted earlier traditional journalists are gunning for YouTube in a big way this month they are trying to get all independence be monetized if you want to know why it's about money traditional journalism is dying ad blocker cuts off their revenue and people prefer to get their news reviews and entertainment from youtubers and streamers the reason I'm moving on to highlight this is because what we're seeing from slate in my opinion and trust me what you I think you understand why I'm saying that so much the this is very important when you look at what Carlos maza did to steven crowder Carlos maza in the past had mocked Steven Crowder's criticism of him and said he wasn't being gay enough but now he's upset conveniently on Pride Month Carlos maza is also advocated for the platforming and said to do it more and more importantly Karl's maza used to work for Media Matters for America the tactic we're seeing from these people it's the same thing in different ways in this instance as marker and points that points out traditional journalists are are hurting and so they're targeting at youtubers this then results in collateral damage mr. Alsup history has received a ton of attention because he is a history teacher who's having his content removed the Guardian notes YouTube blocks history teachers uploading archived videos of a certain World War two leader in Germany more importantly I want to make sure I absolutely stress this bit here this is all kind of an addendum to the initial report I did stardust vibes who i made reference to in my first video this morning had his channel d monetized and I got to say starters vibes channel is absolutely incredible there's many videos that have over mil to have millions of views and it's very simple this video is thunderstorm sounds by a lake house with four hours of a thunderstorm by a lake house and it's a video and it's beautiful absolutely beautiful people turn this on to relax and that the white noise and the nature sounds are really helpful especially is when people are trapped inside in winter months he had his channel D monetized in the past day or so we're now seeing this is a follow up on the Pratt path story YouTube is deleting thousands of channels with videos of World War two history now multiple teachers are complaining that videos uploaded to educate people have been deleted this is the dangerous nature this is the dangerous debt this is what happens the collateral damage of when they target people in this way this is what we can see it ends up with sandy Macomb I believe I'm pronouncing her name right is a journalist who had a historical video from strout's Ville that was actually used at the trial of James fields restricted on YouTube in response to all of what's happening here so I think I have a lot more stories I could go through I'm not going to because it's videos already going very very long so I'll leave it here but suffice it to say this is the collateral damage we see from activists in media pretending to be journalists this is the result when you allow these big companies or when you pressure these companies so so let me stress what we saw from April Glaser of Slate to chase in my opinion increased the cost of chase it's a threat of negative press that could result in a stock price drop and harm to their business resulting in chase taking the obvious action of getting rid of the proud voice then April reported on it the same thing happens with YouTube excuse me YouTube terminating all of the monetization into accounts is a direct result of activists in media continually slamming YouTube and damaging their revenue streams recently we saw a story actually let me let me see if I can pull this story up I don't know exactly where it is so maybe maybe I can't do it but there's a youtuber by the name of Jeremy Hambly also known as the quartering who recently had a journalist to reach out to advertisers what appeared in his channel and they've they've claimed to have since pulled ads a tactic in media is to target the resources of content creators journalists and personalities they don't like to harm their business these are activist actions journalists don't need to do this journalists don't you know The Daily Beast doxed a private individual it adds nothing to the story you to but D monetizing people is the same pressure chase getting rid of the proud boys is no different than YouTube getting rid of Crowder and others the rhetoric will continue I'm sure they're going to direct all of the ire in the world at me because I reported on this and because I acted in defense of the right to people like crowded have new monetization they'll make all the claims in the book about me by all means but you know what you got no leverage on me because I'm sorry I just don't care if everything in my life was gone I chill on the beach and listen to nice lake sounds that is inherently a problem for them they try to use the threat of cutting off financial services to harm people not necessarily to hurt the individual or scare them but to actually shut down their business it's entirely possible this video will be but brick gated for a variety of false flags because I have kind of I've kind of pulled the the the you know pulled back the curtain and shown you activists in media absolutely do this it is not a conspiracy it happens every day the Southern Poverty Law Center has recently been in turmoil because they're known to have been an extremely racist and sexist organization their privacy on the president it was stepped down because of the controversy and it was around twenty years ago that this information came to public life but for some reason people care about the opinion of this organization I could use any organizations opinion to accuse anyone of being any group I believe this only serves to be a pressure to damage the business of political rivals so there you go this isn't the only document I received I want to stress that however I have not been able to confirm the authenticity of other communications which I believe make a way more damaging picture but I'm not going to release or comment on the contents of because Chase has refused to confirm or deny so we'll leave it there let me know something in the comments below you can follow me on minds at Tim cast to stay tuned I'll have more segments coming up at slash Tim cast news during at 6 p.m. if I receive a comment from slate in the meantime I will I will add an addendum to this story and I will include their statements however and I get I they didn't get back to me soon enough I have to record the video at it and upload it was my intention to include their statement so in that regard I apologize it wasn't included in the story but I will do my best to make sure the context of their statement will be included at to contrast my my personal opinion on this matter I will end with one final thought in terms of minimization of harm and the revealing revealing the name of April Glaser as I stated early on I think it's important to look at the articles she's written in the context she's written them and the statements she's made on YouTube so you understand her position when it comes to deep platforming and restricting speech and how that plays into the the culture war as a whole and why I believe that she was absolutely trying to harm the business of the crowd boys again I don't know this has been much speculation on my part one final thought just for posterity this email was confirmed to me on two different two different email chains by Chase as well as the contents being referred to directly by slate a slates PR individual I'll leave it there thanks for hanging out and I will see you on the next video you

EXPOSED: Google’s Entirely Far Left Leadership! | Louder With Crowder

there was the Google memo that went out as they are calling it the anti diversity manifesto now this news developed so fast this happened after we aired last night Google fired the employee who wrote the memo in record time record time the guy just got absolutely Canada as of this morning rumor is that Google has already replaced the employee in the spirit of diversity she's actually a single black mother transgender pansexual undocumented immigrant with a PhD in women's studies and she has rickets so she is a modern marvel but she checks the boxes never firing that they not only fired him the CEO took time out of his vein vacation to condemn this as though as though it was that outlandish and that offensive so here this is what the CEO said we strongly support the right of Googlers to express themselves wait for it however portions of the memo violate our code of conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace well it doesn't do that we'll get to that in a second to suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and like a fourteen-year-old girl he says not okay all caps because that's how you talk to an actual misogynist or an actual Klansmen that's not okay bro okay it's not cool dude you're please bro to rape it's not okay I highly recommend that people go and now it's out there read the full memo for context don't take our word for it this is what he goes out of his way and ben shapiro highlighted this too in the original memo you tell me if this is gender stereotypes I'm not saying that all men differ from all women in the following ways or that these differences are just I'm simply stating with a distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain what we don't see equal representation of women in tech and leadership many of these differences are small and there's significant overlap between men and women so you can't say anything about an individual given these population level distributions and this is this is what really bothers me when they say he just she just condemns women and says they're not fit no actually he he lists some areas where men might naturally be more effective than women not all as he just said but on the whole you know on average and then he goes on to the qualities that women would naturally have our areas where women would naturally excel at over men like women in his own mo women on average show a higher interest in people and men in things that's a that's a good thing women on average are more cooperative and then here's something subject it if you think it's it's good or bad I would say good women on average look for more work-life balance while men have a higher drive for status on average go back to the CEO he says the memo has clearly impacted our co-workers some of whom are hurting and feel judged based on their gender so just see this this memo it's incredible was so earth-shatteringly offensive that some women at Google took a sick day the women were so offended that the memo insinuated they might handle stressful situations more emotionally that they decided work was too stressful to attend a woman I'm more likely to take a sick day I'm punching out but call it my sick day I just that's why you're seeing ads for Muslim singles because these are the women in charge of our housing algorithms hey could you put something relevant to the search no I can't somebody said my thighs look big in these pants hey what was the restricted vote algorithm 16 year-olds are seeing x-rated films don't bother me right now I feel fat let's assume for a second that Google and YouTube is earnest when they fly us out to New York to have our meetings in our summits and they say they don't want to boot right-wingers they say that they want to be friendly differing opinions they say that they want to be a friendly environment to conservatives and liberals like let's assume that that's all true take it at face value okay here's the question would they be able to recognize their blind spots would they be able that's the crux of this argument that we're actually having with this memo on the firing would they be able to check their inherent biases if they wanted to I would argue no let me present my case Exhibit A Susan was shigeaki the CEO of YouTube she's a Democrat donor promotes the Young Turks and advocates for transgenders in the military she's a CEO of YouTube she's not just to let just a liberal she's a social justice warrior leftist she uses words like microaggressions and trigger warnings on ironically be sundar Pichai pokai I see he's a CEO of Google okay Democrat donor and of course advocates for transgenders in the military not sick not even saying his opinion is wrong or that you shouldn't or should agree with him I'm just trying to present to you the points of view of these people who are in charge of everything always at Google and YouTube let alone the rest of Silicon Valley Exhibit C John Gianna Gianna drew see the only consistency in the hiring is that they have very difficult names he's a senior VP for search at Google and a noted Democrat donor next person Sridhar Ramaswamy senior VP for ads and commerce at Google huge Kamala Harris supporter and an actual Hillary Clinton donor next person Sergey Brin co-founder of Google president of Google's parent company Democrat donor gave 800,000 to a PAC that offered free rides to polling stations shortly before the election now you say well that's not necessarily right or left no of course it is because we don't believe that people who need to be given rides and free sandwiches to polling stations nor have ID should probably be voting I know that's racist next person Chad her there's the name YouTube co-founder there you go just a good old white guy YouTube co-founder and advisor noted Democrat donor next person Danielle Brown the names are getting easier Google's head of diversity in a twist of irony Danielle brown head of ever seen a Chihuahua Kiki worked directly for Hillary Clinton's campaign next person John Doerr Google board member Democrats support PAC donor and he actually held a democrat fundraiser back to hard names Omid cordis Donnie the former senior VP at Google now executive chairman at Twitter because of the incestuous Silicon Valley relationships Democrat donor and a Trump hater on Twitter there's no idea of conflicts of interests I'm sitting on the chair at Twitter and I'm going to use it to bash the president on Twitter finally we have David Drummond senior VP at Google for corporate development and he is a noted Democrat donor here's the takeaway there and I want you to do your own research take a dart board take any of the senior executives at Google Facebook or Twitter okay place their names in a dart board throw the dart any name you hit is going to be not only a liberal but a far left activist every single one now they may be earnest they may think that they really want to bridge the gap they may think they really want to have a dialogue they may think that they really want to welcome all voices but we see here with this letter which was very carefully written this memo which went out of its way to do all of the hey listen okay to set the tone I am NOT saying this applies across the board I am NOT saying this is a plus or a minus I just think we might want to discuss the differences you're at it here so clearly they're not looking to have a conversation but even if they actually were they would be incapable of it they would they would they would be incapable of it just pick any one anyone out there like this video subscribe by clicking the subscribe button it's acted sinesses circle now it used to be a square which most buttons aren't squares lets us on a phone there's square buttons on phones what mouse buttons are circles you understand what I'm talking about or watch the recommended video which is popping up in a box or subscribe at ladder with credit comm flash mug Club join them on clip so you can get the daily show and that means that you are not beholden to the YouTube censoring overlords let's be honest you like being there where you are under their thumb power bottom

Hodge Twins Talk Political Correctness! | Louder With Crowder

like dim ain't gonna get apologies David you just saying you're not black enough guess what there's no coming back I've been found these guys for years they've over three million subscribers on YouTube yes you can go check out their dates they're an Austin on October 7th San Antonio go to official hodgetwins comm follow them at hodgetwins and you can just search them on youtube if they haven't been silenced hodgetwins glad to have you both yeah we can't well we can't we can't get enough of the hodgetwins in our household though we can't say this on the record so you guys again out of the ordinary bodybuilding channel not necessarily in line with what we often talk about but you've been hit by the youtubes d monetization ad pocalypse we were gonna meet with you when we were in Utah but you know we got held up by the FBI now you get explainable who don't know what it is that you do on your channel and how you guys got started because it's kind of a new media success story yeah so in California and I just got this idea I was like I went to us definitely kill the start a YouTube channel you know he didn't say those words he said let's beat some medians I was like wow I thought he was smoking crack again but yeah plenty well we started a YouTube channel called it heart with just pretty much just door whatever just random skits and stuff like that and start it weld into Doolin our current event because to do comedy sketches PD more than one person yeah and evil we did it come as guilty about what to change all the lights yes yes okay so before this started you you guys were about a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet and then you realize man we got to lift some weights and do our YouTube channel I [Laughter] remember you guys started at Planet Fitness earlier which is the bane of my existence but you know I'm not a big fan but I remember you did a video on that I'm banned from Planet for life you know the true story actually uh we back in the day man we had a membership with Planet Fitness the reason behind it was because we worked at insurance company we got fire comes with cussing in the YouTube video so we had to give up our membership because there's too expensive was like $25 yeah no snow squat rack there yeah I was kicked out for going in as a tranny so that's actually a little different reason this was they had to hold the whole men going to women's locker rooms and so I just went in as a woman to Planet Fitness they let me in totally fine but by the third one I walked into like Steven we know who you are you're not a lot of Planet Fitness please ever again I know but apparently they knew the weight we had a youtube channel at that point look we don't think you're being sincere and I'm like but I am I am being sincere I'm not feeling anymore I'm Stephanie okay speaking of which you guys did a lot of crap you just did a DNA test on your channel from the black community for what is it not not being black is that the now my great-grandma she was white yeah okay to don't that black dude that's why we're here but um we would say comments and our videos and like black people's like you know what I'm not comfortable bitch I'm not dark enough to be talking like this plus they say we sound like some rednecks move cuz we got a strong Jackson so they I sound like you'll send me Sam like yes well there's a lot we talk with a lot of common ground was actually white Southerners and blacks from even like urban Detroit a lot of the same same terminology a lot of the same slang and that big that comes from basically sort of a common history here in the United States hate to say it some of that not so pretty with the slavery but we got past we're doing better 2017 us don't well you okay so I don't know if I'm outing you here but you said off air you like oh yeah were you at the ben shapiro thing in utah so you guys are aware of him your your I wouldn't fans but you you like some of his content yeah yeah I watch his stuff on YouTube and yeah I just like them hi put the V damn liberals put them in a place where it's like yeah like them ain't gonna get a politic people say you're not black enough guess what there's no coming back now we used to be CC liberal yeah but as we got older us actually st. more for myself so up here we like like right now we like I would say we're leaning towards the right I got one split in the right right I got the other foot too used to be on the left side so you're doing pistol squats on the right and you haven't figured out where you land yet you know we just don't like how they paint everything like I if they it's important to race it stuff like that it's like race it's like they use an angle to like people keep people stuck as being Democrats you know I don't erase prints with y'all yeah yeah I mean you'll get maybe this on your YouTube channel they'll de monetize you but we're fine you can say whatever you want here so you've been hit obviously I remember we met I've been watching you for a while not a bodybuilder myself have always been more of you know straight strength trainer so you know practical purposes but we can get into that another time but we are you guys sent me a direct message saying like yeah man we got to monetize what kind of knew it but you get that's proof man it's like what we do is really pretty pretty clean stuff and ever it happened to us was that was that a part of kind of your your awakening process do you think you just saw the left trying to shut everything down yeah anything is controversial a tip is true you talk about it unless you're a little pushed everywhere pushing your face on me every time I look at somebody now what Australia becoming shows down there got in the cab dc-8 we think punch for president don't cry I'm like you do yeah it's like an infatuation with this guy's Oh everybody talks about it it's like yeah I'm like sick of you can't look at nothing but I don't even look at say anymore it's just bad Trump 24/7 well I don't look at it because I'm gonna see what they're saying oh yeah I look at it with bands over that toe yeah this is super Merle dropping the Moab on ya what you know it's funny actually when I first moved to LA I was in Inglewood I was sleeping on a cot in Inglewood and the guy guy's name was I shouldn't say it but he was black guy sometimes on his uh on his floor he's like you can stay here for a month and four days in we got into an argument over politics and he's like you got to go I was sleeping out of an 82 Datsun that I bought from a Cambodian named Sonny and I remember I left told the story because I was six hundred and fifty two dollars because you know those Cambodians are so cheap and then I I said I don't have the fifty-two can I write an IOU for $52 so really the black guy kicked me out you know and I didn't hold it against the entire race of people for a long time I got past it the point is there can be some healing six days white bikini blood black black brown me right out it was him and he didn't say that it was because of political argument but it was really pretty clear and this was right before Barack Obama eyes I don't even get into it so let me ask you this you do live shows now did you start doing live shows because you didn't start out as like stand-up comics no I started out as a as an actor than stand-up comic in my mid-teens on Benjamin who's often on the show stand-up comedian was it more so because of the D monetization on YouTube and you found you guys have been pretty smart with selling supplements doing a lot of live shows and diversifying outside of just YouTube so you haven't been hit as hard did you always kind of think okay what's the next step thinking ahead well we always love you stand up with this we didn't have enough courage to go out there and do it because going from YouTube videos stand on the stage and making people Apple just a microphone man yeah that is no easy cup of tea right everyone already knew you so if you go out there it's like if you bomb you know you get about five minutes of grace as Colin Quinn says and then it's like if you're not making us laugh so you didn't have the benefit of just starting and being a nobody you started doing stand-up after you are known what well we first started doing stand-up though the whole money thing on YouTube was great yeah I mean it we didn't have to do stand-up we wanted to do stand-up we really wanted to knock the money per se but but thank God we did because since we be doing stand-up that's the only thing that's really keeping our it's above water still as far as being you know financially yeah we definitely be in the red we would be in red well then all your bad fans would say okay they get a pass yeah you thank God we did you didn't yeah we monetize ourselves by selling clothing and supplements if it wasn't for that I mean if we would just laugh or get to man I would be I would have to go get a job yeah then you get fired because I'd see your YouTube videos I'd say wow you're hired oh wait we saw your YouTube video on Steve Harvey your fight your unhide yeah immediately I'm hired yeah we've all realized it's not kid Jared here he's you can't be hired anywhere no go on college campus anywhere now without security not after what you just did with an tyfa it's inside we really wanted to meet up with you guys in in utah but you know the FBI slows you down when you have to turn over all this so so do you deal at all in politics on stage here's one thing I will say the right kind of has the corner on fun now lucky said because of political correctness there are no youtubers on the left where you're going oh I'm aching to see their stand-up show that's gonna be a rip-roaring riot you know someone from The Young Turks oh what will they say next oh this is my seat so do you feel like gives you a leg up I mean because you don't care the right doesn't care at this point so much who you offend I've got to imagine that that's somewhat liberating for you guys at least a little we are pretty much well we just pretty much tell a bunch of stories about us being kids I got a killer Caitlyn Jenner jokes let me hear it yeah we just don't yeah we just we come from a good place yeah yeah now how do you balance being on the road and obviously fitness but you know staying in shape you just hit road gyms do you bring do you bring resistance bands with you what do you do it's pretty rough I would say the time with it again but most of time it's like after healers show in the meat free yeah I wiped out I was back to my hotel room is I never we never realized who we start doing on status shows like when you onstage for an hour demand it's like running a marathon oh yeah wow it is taxing and then sleeping in the strange beds and being blind and man it is rough I remember we did a big 10 shows in telephone yeah in five days oh geez oh yeah cuz we had two shows back to back days in San Diego then forever some fallacies so you had to give some stays leaves does one of you get Cratchit na kijiye notice I always have you know it's like this is these are my diva requests stage microphone and for 45 minutes before the show a green room because sometimes they'll do private gigs I'll go on college campus and they'll try to the meet-and-greet before the show or something with you yeah it's happened when you've been with me or people are coming in their pitch and sketches I'm like listen I don't know don't be a jerk but I need 45 minutes just to be by myself focus because it is exhaust is one of you more cranky than the other or you both just I imagine you two like velociraptors in the kitchen and that Jurassic Park contained just constantly biting at each other's necks do you know what um we come out on stage the fans think that energy is so high keeps us going like it's big what I found to be very important when you're torn you need a nice hot shower and you show up to your show of your fans or like you know then you love they'll it I mean it keeps me going if you walk if you walk into a show I've walked in shows people seem like they're tired oh it could be a drag because such shows you the first couple of jokes you know if it's will be a good show that yeah and say Oh joking it doesn't hit like [Laughter] crowds is just it's kind of weird because all you froze again oh I froze well you know Hassan yeah if you just show this is almost more funny for the show can you guys hear me or no I don't even think they can hear you go oh all right yeah I was gonna say you know I had that actually so just you know but act like we can't that's better for the show I I had that for a while when I was young or that was nineteen and I won a myspace comedy contest it was called so you think you're funny and you know what the prize was I got to perform with black boy two eyes and Bruce Bruce yeah no money though but just imagine me opening up for Bru brew and black boys that crowd was okay I realize none of these jokes work and I just joked about how white I was and I didn't realize this speaking of the racial healing I had to introduce Bruce Bruce and I would introduce was like any other stand-up show I look around I'm selling I'm thinking like oh he had a heart attack in the green room like he's not coming out he's dead he came out with an entourage like Mike Tyson and he walked out slowly and it would have like you know blaring hip-hop and he'd have a full entourage and he would take a minimum of a minute and a half to get to the stage and the light McCallum so I'm just this lone white kid 19 years old yeah it is the most awkward thing and you realize really early the audience is honest you like this isn't gonna work yeah yeah it is crazy – he has a black audience oh my god audience yeah I oughta slap people you know yes so that we have a black audience but I would say sympathy audience and white Asian Hispanic and then I will say 5% black yeah well after the DNA test maybe you'll get it up to six you know what I was wrong about them man probably thinking my whole purpose cuz in DNA test all right it is official hodgetwins dot-com and they have some good training advice over there – I know you're you're you're inundated with YouTube now with just a whole bunch of horrible training tips from people who are loaded to the juice loaded to the gills with juice but they swear that they're not you can follow that hodge twins hey it's I didn't even go I know I don't know which ones Keith which ones Kevin thank you guys and well yeah let's be honest you're interchangeable at this point and cut come back soon guys okay hey hey boy let's go go stay the play to the me please II know some people have no reason he was like okay he's looking I tell you what I'm gonna say I'm gonna give you the out and play that music will let him go let him come back next time do the Pledge of Allegiance that's how we'll live hey did you enjoy this video here's the thing you wrote you're here this is the end of it so we don't care cuz you already watched it but if you really didn't like it and you want to justify it leave a comment below telling us why you didn't like the video and if you liked us let us know and subscribe to the channel because that lets the overlords at YouTube know that you know what you're alright

Why "Democratic" Socialism Doesn't Work

comparing democratic socialism to traditional socialism or god forbid communism is fear-mongering it's an accurate but it's actually it's actually pretty reasonable we need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through this sounds like socialism to me democratic socialism what's the difference huge difference except that it's not here's Bernie Sanders when asked describing democratic socialism and what democratic socialism is about is saying that it is immoral and wrong that the top one-tenth of one percent in this country own almost 90 percent almost owned almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% you see every other major country providing health care to all people as a right except the United States those are some of the principles that I believe in and I think we should look to countries like Denmark like Sweden and Norway and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people this is pivotal because there's a myth going around that democratic socialism is inherently different from traditional socialism Bernie Sanders did not articulate a worldview there at all he just pointed to things that have existed since the beginning of time told you that you should be angry that you deserve stuff and presented you with a Christmas wish list that's not a worldview that's how you buy votes it's time for who do you trust allow me to contrast if someone asked me what is conservatism or federalism or constitutionalism whatever you want to call it pretty simple my worldview inherently believes that individuals when left and given the freedom to make their own decisions tend to do so more effectively than government bureaucrats in Washington also I believe that it is morally imperative to provide people with said freedom and liberties that's it that's it I didn't promise you any free sheep and we'll get into the Nitty Gritty but the macro is first because we'll come back to reference this of the two worldviews there is only one that allows and acknowledges human nature and one that necessitates humans be inherently altruistic particularly those in government with a D next to their name completely immune to corruption justice and security to my new empire your new empire don't make me kill you where's my worldview allows for the human nature of some people being good some people being turd nuggets and allowing them to make their own decisions and the invisible hand of market forces to mitigate the damage as opposed to the damage that can be done in a centralized power right away before we get into the nerdy math and we will you have to decide what it is that you believe because right away the Democratic socialists will try and poke holes in your argument but what a lot of people may not realize is that America is kind of already a socialist country some of the most obvious are things like Medicare and Social Security free K through 12 education national parks prisons in the whole justice system the Postal Service disposal of your toilet waste even the army are all socialist programs leftists inevitably try and paint into the corner that anything provided by government at all equates to socialism and that comes back to the worldview you need to understand what is the legitimate role of government particularly in the United States honestly have you ever asked yourself that fundamental question everything stems from it the good thing is we have pretty clear blueprints the Constitution is how the Declaration of Independence is why definitely read those allow me to give you analogy that my dad provided with me and I think is appropriate here the role of the government as per the documents that we have is very similar to that of a hockey referees specifically hockey you'll see why in a second the job of hockey referee is to ensure the safety of the players and ensure people are obeying the rules in a way that keeps the pace of the game keeping the players ie the citizens safe that would mean that the military some form of police force is of course a legitimate role of government having regulations in place to ensure that people don't steal or screw other people of course that's a legitimate role of government anything beyond that purview is considered incidental and the referee in hockey keeps his whistle in his pocket also there's a certain element of cell regulation to hockey not seen in other sports which one can appreciate dude Robert has got to come Jam he goes down to contrast that with a European socialists in soccer very clearly defined role the referees job is not to pick winners losers high scores to provide medical assistance to be a waterboy or a cheerleader or even to draft the team's so I don't want to get too far off into the weeds but I find it funny that Democratic socialists used the post office as an example for success the post office was awful until surprised FedEx provided competition overnight shipping two days shipping it didn't exist it got there when it got there you hoped also before FedEx tracking numbers didn't exist that was your post office you want to see government-run health care take that and add cancer schools are another example your parents were raised without a federal Department of Education they still had public schools they were funded by their municipalities in their states and guess what results are pretty similar most of your parents are smarter than you and that's the beauty again of the worldview of constitutionalism there's a very limited role of the federal government in DC but states and municipalities have the right to enact government services that the federal government does not if one state wants to tax you out of existence to provide schools and free weed to everybody they're free to do so just as surely a decent state doesn't have to again when accounting for human nature you want a decentralization of government power this groundwork has to be laid here because it's pivotal that you understand the difference between your opinion how you would like systems to work versus how they are legally designed to operate so to be fair let's go to Democratic socialists of America and their description of democratic socialism Democratic socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet public needs not to make profits for a few now right away they say that because people here democracy and believe that it's somehow inherently Noble and subconsciously delineates between socialism and democratic socialism there there is no difference it's why Vladimir Lenin famously said democracy is indispensable to socialists so you may want those things but right off the bat the United States is not a democracy it was never designed to be a democracy and it will never be a democracy so long as the Constitution stand the United States has always been a constitutional representative Republic why and how is it different because the founding fathers understood that for freedom to be maintained it was pivotal that the rights of the minority were not entirely beholden to the ever-changing will of the majority see pure democracy sounds nice but in reality it's mob rule which is why it inevitably collapses again you're not accounting for human nature if everyone has a vote they're going to vote in their own self-interest and the mob will vote to take stuff from the minority I want I want I want me be mine now a good example would be when people first came to the United States and colonies under John Smith Prager University is a great video on this originally the goal was the betterment of the community not the individuals so grain food resources were communal and people took what they needed what inevitably happened is some people were more productive than others and the system began collapsing and people starved that invariably happens with some model of socialism it's just a matter of time and when that time comes you have a decision to make either you go to full-fledged communism where the government has to control all aspects of Commerce or you go the other way free-market enterprise capitalism which is what John Smith did saying okay this isn't working everyone you're in charge of yourself and prompted the famous phrase he who does not work does not eat which he was quoting from the Bible yada yada yada fast for hundreds of years you have an iPhone six again human nature if if you yoke yaks if you yoke two yaks or a few yaks I don't know how many can you yoke the yoke yaks I don't think the yoke acts I think the yoke yaks they yoke the yak if you yoke them together they are going to move as fast as the slowest yak centralized forms of government do this they pull people back they're incapable of pulling people forward which is why Lenin famously said of socialism the goal of socialism is communism okay let's go right back to the Democratic socialists own website Democratic socialists do not want to create an all-powerful government bureaucracy today corporate executives who answer only to themselves in a few wealthy stockholders make basic economic decisions affecting millions of people we believe that the workers and consumers who are affected by economic institutions should own and control them own and control them and how are you going to do that democratic socialists damn it important to note right off the bat most businesses are not held by millionaires most of them are small businesses by the way who's most affected by said economic institution or business maybe instead of just the worker could it possibly be mmm oh I don't know the business owner who incurred all the investment in risk yet according to the Democratic socialists own website all of that control should be given over to the worker why because they said so who's going to do it the government bureaucracy that they just promised wouldn't happen little-known fact it's going to be done at gunpoint that's what government does that's what taxes are you give us this or men with guns come and take you away you are one first-class idiot really you are not like Walmart's wages but when was the last time they gangster punked you more over the fall of communism should not blind us to in Justices at home we cannot allow all radicalism to be dismissed as communists that suppression of dissent and diversity undermines America's ability to live up to its promise of equality of opportunity not to mention the freedoms of speech and assembly okay here's just the point where I'll ask you to point me to any socialist government that allows for freedom of speech in the short term we can't eliminate private corporations but we can bring them under greater democratic control the government could use regulations and tax incentives to encourage companies to act in the public interest key detail here in the short term we can't eliminate private corporations which would imply in the long term the goal is to eliminate private corporations that sounds familiar there with the crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of Taxation and inflation laughs thanks cut out Lenin for refreshing my memory so the goal is to discourage companies from acting in the interest of you the consumer in order to appease the social justice worker which is funny because it's counteracted by another point on this very page we don't agree with the capitalist assumption that starvation or greed are the only reasons people work people enjoy their work if it is meaningful and enhances their lives so right before this the Democratic Socialist tell you how they're going to force your company to produce and operate and then in the very next paragraph tell you oh no but we believe that if people are left to their own nature they truly enjoy work specifically the work that we force you to do people will love the forced work we give them although a long-term goal of socialism is to eliminate all but the most enjoyable kinds of labor we've recognized that unappealing jobs footlong remain is there anything more leftist social justice warrior entitled millennial than wanting to eliminate all the icky jobs jobs like septic cleaning trash man snow removal basically any high-paying skilled job that Millennials refuse to do is they pursue their eight year degree in gender studies these tasks could be spread among as many people as possible rather than distributed on the basis of class race ethnicity or gender as they are under capitalism rather than distributed on the basis of race class ethnicity undercut what nothing is distributed under capitalism nobody says I need this trash picked up you black man do this also I won't pay you thank you very much that's the beauty of free enterprise not only does it create a truly free market of ideas goods and services but jobs for people who are willing to perform those jobs if people are willing to pay them for it no government force required which brings us to the linchpin although no country is fully instituted democratic socialism the socialist parties and labor movements of other countries have won many victories for their people we can learn from the comprehensive welfare state maintained by the Swedes from Canada's national health care system Frances nationwide child care program and nicaragua's literacy programs see this is what every failed economic system does whether it's communism socialism socialism or democratic socialism is oh no it would work just nobody else has done it yet all the other people didn't do it right but I will and then they cherry pick data from individual facets of countries in order to make their point like Nicaragua's literacy program okay why don't you talk about their GDP Canada's nationalized health care system why don't you talk about the crushing debt in a Supreme Court case that ruled it a violation of Human Rights in 2005 Sweden it's now the rape capital of the Western world and on the verge of cultural and economic collapse good for you Sweden you finally pulled one out but that's right the failsafe is these places weren't real democratic social not like these people wanted to we just have to trust them speaking of trust let's move to some of the most notorious supporters of democratic socialism noted neurosurgeons at the Young Turks and so many people who would really benefit from his policy ideas are against him because they've bought into the Bernie Sanders fear-mongering she said fear mongering drink trigger warning if you play that game you're gonna get hammered they hear the word socialist without really understanding what it means why is it that the middle class in the working class pays a higher percentage of their taxable income to the federal government and then you have these massive multinational corporations not paying anything in taxes um because you're comparing corporations versus individual income a couple of things here under Bernie Sanders note a Democratic Socialist the middle class would pay more oh yeah you're making fifty thousand a year you'd be paying over five thousand dollars more a year so there's that I know I know some of you were saying but we'll get free health care in college again if you believe that everyone in government is beyond corruption and those things will happen efficiently again let's go back to the analogy health care like the post office only add cancer college this goes back to the worldview what if I don't want to go to college what if someone decides again human nature out of their own free will to take that job cleaning septic tanks that Millennials refuse to do when he gets paid well why should he be taxed more to fund your decision to college there's the practical and there's the moral but back to the rocket scientists at the Young Turks the whole reason for lower corporate tax rates is to avoid punishing the Umbrella so that it has more money to give out to individuals which ironically enough are now taxed at a higher rate so what do you think happens if you tax these corporations these umbrellas more they going to take it on the chin or fire employees and pay them less yes we have the highest corporate tax rate of any developed country but when you consider the deductions and the loopholes we have the lowest weight which party is it again that wants to do away with complicated tax codes and loopholes is it someone give me a reference free-market means that the rich people rigged the market in their favor no it does not it's actually rigged by people like Hillary Clinton Barack Obama or would be Bernie Sanders big government bureaucrats get to legally determine how the system operates again democratic socialism necessitates trust that all of these people are beyond corruption and will do what's right for you which is why when we're in the middle of economic boom times which we are right now corporations are making record profits Wall Street is at record highs right off the bat this goes back to a world view Wall Street at record highs so equities are the single greatest wealth creation tool that have been afforded to a populous since ever if you have a 401k retirement you've invested at all guess what you want Wall Street to do well bailing out Wall Street is bad we agree what Wall Street doing well is not inherently bad for the middle class in 2009 largely inspired by a rant from rick santelli against the big Wall Street bailouts tea partiers protested big government and crony capitalism long before Young Turks or Bernie Sanders came around calling them racists Occupy Wall Street they're just copycats who smoked more weed they rigged that system so that you don't get to the benefit of your labor so when even though you're working harder producing more you don't get to benefit you don't get to yeah you don't get any of that money okay democratic socialists let's fix that how about the middle class the middle tier workers tie their job entirely based to performance go you want them to benefit from their labor proportionally to the corporation okay now all of those employees just like the top earners in a down year get nothing and have to fund all of those bleak years out of their own pockets but if the company is successful enough to do well despite the fact that 80% of businesses fail the employees get paid handsomely oh that's right unions have opposed that for decades better teachers should be paid more bad teachers less now okay American autoworkers you'll get paid more when our reliability ratings go up and sales go through the roof see the reason employees are paid less and the reason for this contract is because unlike the business owner creator innovator you decided to forego the risk in order to receive financial security it's a choice you made you didn't start the business you didn't risk your livelihood you collected a check regardless of annual profits from someone who did that disposable income are they gonna do what millionaires and billionaires in the United States are doing where they just kind of poured it and they put it in either an overseas account or any US account and just kind of sit on it this is so beyond stupid it defies reason how do you think millionaires and billionaires got to be that way by keeping a pile of gold like Scrooge McDuck no the only way to become financially successful in a true free enterprise system is through investment and willingness to incur risk they're gonna go out there and spend the money they're gonna buy cars they're gonna fortunately hopefully one day for people like me buy a house right they're gonna actually go into the economy and they're gonna spend that money they're gonna go out to eat they're gonna go out to malls and buy gifts during Christmastime whatever it is they spend that money that's what stimulates the economy and when people are buying companies are kind of forced to hire more people so they can deal with the demand okay but if we're dealing with a situation where people don't have disposable income they're not gonna go out there and spend anything yes yes that's what I'm talking about Young Turks with the grasp on basic economics you're getting it that's exactly a create an environment where there are more jobs and goods and services can be provided at an affordable market price it's what Adam Smith referred to as the invisible hand the market that set prices in demand so you're catching on as you said with lower taxation less government red tape putting money back in the pockets of the consumer I'm proud of you you're being robbed not by socialists but by the established economic system that we've got in America right now this video subscribe also my producer not gay Jarrod does find work he's in need of employment I recommend him highly

Thanksgiving: A Politically Incorrect Guide

Oh trigger warning it's Thanksgiving and you know what that means as you try to enjoy some downtime with your family you'll undoubtedly find yourself sitting across from a social justice warrior at your Thanksgiving table trying to force-feed you white guilt after all it's your ancestors who committed mass genocide against the Indians I'm sorry Native Americans I'm sorry indigenous the ones who do the mouth thing the plates save and go with Redskins only one problem what they're trying to feed you is unadulterated plain roaming Buffalo feces right supremacist yes there were some heinous crimes committed on behalf of the settlers Europeans that are unforgivable and I've benefited as a result with white privilege blah blah blah blah but some of the BS needs to be called out civilizations clash that's happened since the beginning of time yes war sucks but it doesn't give the right to leftists teachers social justice warriors to lie about a non-existent horseback culture peaceful Native American who was taken out by smallpox blankets and painted with colors of the wind Oh so before you dummies hang that dreamcatcher from your rear-view mirror that's another problem we'll talk about are you planning to fall asleep at the wheel you're a jackass I don't care if you do have a dreamcatcher in your car you fall asleep with a wheel or two tons of steel glass and gasoline behind you it's going to be a bad dream no one wakes up from that refreshed but it's time to put your surgical masks on like Japanese do in the face of SARS because you're about to smell some sacred cows being burned let's debunk some of the most common politically correct Thanksgiving myths myth the Native Americans were a peaceful culture to whom the concept of war was foreign fact many tribes were conquering poles Native Americans ward with each other since forever sometimes it was over hunting or farming ground sometimes it was revenge but the truth is the only way settlers were able to conquer this land was with the assistance of Native Americans themselves who wanted to settle the score with other who they viewed to be more Polish tribes than themselves you think Cortez took over stuff with 500 conquistadors no it was the 50,000 plus Native Americans who had it up to here with being enslaved raped brutally tortured and forced to carry gold for the other native as Dex same thing for the north a big strategy of the Europeans wasn't to kill everybody it gives some tribes some firewater and boom-boom sticks let them do the dirty work here have fun some of the Indian sorry Redskin tribes were the most brutal in existence some of them practice enslavement rape cannibalism they would sometimes target women and children for example the Comanches would butcher babies and roast people alive and where do you think we learned the fine art of scalping Native Americans were an advanced society truth not even close smell that it's your sacred cow and it's already extra well done don't worry I scalped her first and made the other cows watch unlike ancient Rome Greece China or really any other advanced empire that had existed long before we came here with the Native Americans they didn't have any kind of advanced plumbing transportation mathematics or really anything that's led to you watching this right now on your iPhone oh you're just being a snow centric yes that whole beautiful horseback Indian culture you read about it's a lie they hadn't even domesticated horses not only that they didn't use the wheel no really 1400 AD no wheel I said good man why don't you just roll it you know roll it's ro I know this one's not a moral argument the point is when you're that far behind the clash of civilizations is that much worse when the wheel using new world catches up to you miss the settlers deliberately infected Native Americans with smallpox blankets to wipe them out truth only idiots could believe this think about this for a second you believe that Europeans waged microbial biological warfare years before discovery mass acceptance or even acknowledgement of advanced germ theory you can search high and low for legitimate historical accounts of smallpox blankets being mass pijama grams to peaceful Native Americans but you won't find it however there is some truth to the myth which brings me to my next point myth Europeans deliberately committed mass genocide wiping out every last native for sport truth nope this brings back in our last point it is estimated that as high as 95 percent of Native Americans were actually taken out by diseases why because Europeans brought with them new diseases to which the natives weren't immune not only themselves but with animals with which the Native Americans had had no contact with because again they hadn't yet domesticated horses again not judging just because of the lack of advancement as a society no horses are wheels no wheel sure there were plenty of bloody horrendous unimaginable conflicts that did occur and when dealing with a more barbaric society and new settlers generally speaking in warfare the guys with the boom-boom sticks win this is an exclusive to America and it's not all uncommon but Europeans weren't hell-bent on destroying every single last indigenous person as a matter of fact they were encouraged to reach out to them and try and bring them into the culture and convert them to Christianity Plus intermarry was incredibly common how else do you explain Angelina Jolie Johnny Depp Kid Cudi and even imaginary Elizabeth Warren claiming to be 1/16 Cherokee she's quite pretty father yes she is totally how she makes me feel woman my will believe it's my bits too in summation killing is bad but so is milking misleading and guilting future generations for crimes they never committed yes Europeans conquered the Native Americans instituted a constitutional republic and advanced in a mere couple centuries what Native Americans weren't able to do for thousands of years beforehand yes it was violent but once contact has been made you can't go back if today we never came here they saw a plane guess what it's gonna start some so turn off this smartphone go enjoy some turkey with your family and be sure to tell your social justice warrior cousin at the table to shut his moustache single origin coffee drinking whole if that doesn't work just hand him a smallpox napkin sure many of these depictions are not historically accurate Lee didn't have Buffalo Trace or 3-3-7 magnums but here we are

Democratic Socialism is Still Socialism

Democratic socialism. 它与社会主义式社会主义不一样
It’s not the same as socialism socialism 因为它是民主式的
because it’s democratic 对吧
Right? 或差不多这样 是吧
Or something, right? 人们相信这个 人们相信那个 对吧?看起来是的
People are buying that; people buy that now, right? Apparently. 好像在一个词前面加个“民主”就改变了其原意
As though adding the word “democratic” in front of a word changes what it means. 就因为我们对某物付诸表决并不能改变得了它是什么
Just because we toss something to a vote doesn’t change what that something is 也改变不了某物本身是好或坏
nor does it alter whether that something is inherently good or bad 举几个例子 因为我知道你会问的
A couple of examples, because I know you’ll ask: 哈马斯加沙政权是经民众选举上台的
Hamas was democratically elected as the government in Gaza 尽管事实上 不仅以色列的毁灭
despite the fact that the destruction of not only Israel 而且还有所有犹太人的灭绝 都被列在其官方章程之中
but the eradication of all Jews, is in their official charter, 罗伯特·穆加贝
Robert Mugabe 或者博比·穆加贝 如果你更喜欢这么叫的话
or Bobby Mugabe if you prefer 是由大多数津巴布韦热心民众选举上台的
was democratically elected by a loving majority in Zimbabwe 津巴布韦!它现在发展得怎么样了?
Zimbabwe! How’s that working out? 委内瑞拉?
Venezuela? 好吧 乌戈·查韦斯 肖恩·潘私底下最好的朋友
Well, Hugo Chavez, noted personal favorite friend of Sean Penn, 肖恩·潘常指出查韦斯被不公正地描绘为独裁者
to whom he constantly pointed as being unfairly characterized as a dictator 实际上 他不过只是一个民主选举上台的社会主义者
when, in fact, he was democratically elected as a socialist. 好吧 委内瑞拉发展得怎么样?
Well, how’d that workout for Venezuela? 好吧 委内瑞拉现在处于崩溃边缘
Well, it’s now on the brink of collapse, 尽管它是全球资源最丰富的国家之一
despite it being one of the most resource rich nations in the entire world 基础物资 如鸡蛋 牛奶 面粉 和卫生纸
Basic things like eggs, milk, flour, and toilet paper, 要么对普通委内瑞拉人来说太过昂贵了 要么
are either too expensive for the average Venezuelan or 就纯粹缺货
simply out of stock 缺货 提醒你……民主式的
out of stock, mind you… democratically. 我知道 你们会有人说
I know, some of you will say, “好吧那不公平 因为我们自始至终都知道严格说来这是独裁”
“Well that’s not fair, because really we knew all along it technically was a dictatorship.” 好吧—这么说也是 让我们换到第二个例子
Ok – that’s fair; let’s move on to example number two. 丹麦?
Denmark? 好的 它总共的同源人口是美国的六十分之一
Ok, here’s the time where you point to an entirely homogenous population about one sixtieth the size of America’s, 然后你指出那就是蓝本
and you point to that as the blueprint? 好的 我们来谈谈丹麦
Ok – let’s go there. 那是个中产阶级甚至无法负担得起一辆汽车的地方
This is a place where the middle class can’t even afford a car 因为那180%的新车税
because of the 180% new-car tax 总理真是烦透了美国人指其为社会主义成功之灯塔
And the Prime Minister was so fed up with Americans pointing to it as a beacon for socialist success 以致于他被迫澄清
that he felt compelled to clarify “我想要讲清楚一件事:
“I would like to make one thing clear:
这是对 Bernie Sanders 的回应 丹麦绝不是社会主义计划经济
Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy
这是对 Bernie Sanders 的回应 丹麦绝不是社会主义计划经济
Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy 丹麦是市场经济”
Denmark is a market economy.” 瑞典?我爱瑞典!
Sweden? I love Sweden! 很赞的比基尼队
Ok, great bikini team, 感谢那个国家 我的衣柜现在同样也是个书柜
and thanks to that country my armoire now doubles as a bookcase. 说到这个 宜家的创建者—坦白说
Speaking of which, the founder of IKEA – let’s be honest, 这是除了少数优秀的冰球运动员之外 唯一真正好的瑞典出口
the only real cool export from Sweden aside from a few good hockey players 都离开瑞典了
left Sweden 就是因为它那让人窒息的高税率
because of the stifling high tax rate 瑞典—好地方 不坏的人
So, Sweden – good place, not bad people, 但当今全球市场中可行的经济模式?
but a successful model for a viable economy in today’s global market? 错误的
  Incorrect. 事实是 随着时间的过去
The fact is that, over time, 社会主义最大的敌人是现实
the greatest enemy of socialism is reality 现实是 人性总是驱使某人偏向个人主义和成功
The reality that human nature will invariably pull certain people toward individualism and success 而其他人则偏向懒惰和集体主义
and others toward laziness and collectivism 制造者和接受者之间的紧张局势总是—总是!
The tension between the makers and the takers always –  always! 导致社会主义的必然发生的崩溃
leads to socialism’s inevitable collapse. 但我知道任凭我磨破嘴皮给出失败社会主义经济的例子
But I know that I can give you examples of failed socialist economies until I’m blue in the face 你还是不会关心的
and you won’t care 因为至少社会主义本质上
Because at least socialism is inherently more 比在西方看到的邪恶贪婪的 资本主义战争贩子要道德上无私得多
morally altruistic than the evil, greedy capitalistic war mongering seen in the West, 贪婪?
Greed? 还有什么是比想要从别人手上
What’s more greedy than wanting to take 拿走一些并不是你自己挣的东西的做法更贪婪的吗
from someone else something that you haven’t earned? 与资本主义不一样 自由企业制度只能通过自愿交易产生
Unlike capitalism – free enterprise, which can only occur truly through voluntary transaction, 而社会主义只能在枪口下产生
socialism can only occur at gunpoint 总结来说它是这样的
That’s what it comes down to. 如果你不纳税 一旦你通过了美国国税局和审计和律师和公关伎俩
If you don’t pay your taxes, once you get through the IRS and the auditing and the lawyers and the PR stunts, 人们逼你把你自己的钱交给政府
people make you give the government your money 你越成功 你被要求上缴的数额就越高
increasing amount of your money the more successful you are 不然他们就派遣带枪的吓人家伙来押你走
or they send in scary men with guns to take you away 只要被人在枪口下拿走自己的东西的人们是属于少数群体
Now, so long as the people having their stuff taken away at gunpoint are in the minority, 而多数群体认为他们将从拿走的更多东西里获得好处
and the majority feels that they’ll get to benefit from more said taken stuff 那么你将总是能通过普选赢得那个决定 并且通过民主得到道德高地
you’ll always be able to win that decision through a popular vote and claim the moral high ground through democracy 在你的社会主义前加上个“民主”
Putting the word “democratic” in front your socialism 并不会使其内在更道德和更不暴力
doesn’t make it any inherently more moral, nor less violent, 听懂了吗 美国社会主义崇拜模仿者们?
Did you get that, American wannabe socialists? 还有 去找份工作吧
Also, get a job. 请找份真正的工作
Please, like a real job… 可能你得首先剃一下毛发
You’ll probably have to shave first. 我是史蒂芬·克劳德
I’m Steven Crowder for Prager University