Where Democratic Front-Runners Stand On 2020's Biggest Issues

with less than a year to go until the Iowa caucuses the 2020 presidential campaign is in full swing more than a dozen Democratic candidates now qualify for the debates and the pressure is on to stand out in a crowded field candidates are making their pitches to voters who have shifted further to the left in the Trump era progressive ideas have moved into the mainstream giving centrist candidates stiff competition leading the Democratic pack according to a recent CNN poll our former Vice President Joe Biden Vermont senator Bernie Sanders Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren and South Bend mayor Pete Budaj former Texas Representative better–or Rourke has also made inroads in the Democratic Party along with Senator Kamala Harris but they clash on some big-ticket items like healthcare and the green New Deal here are their visions for America's future the candidates have different ideas on how to get more money into working in middle class wallets Sanders wants to put higher taxes on the 1% he introduced a plan to raise the estate tax including a 77 percent tax on inheritances worth more than 1 billion dollars that population that in hurts over 3.5 million dollars your taxes will in fact be going up and they should be Harris's plan would give $6,000 a year to families making less than $100,000 and $3,000 a year to individuals making less than $50,000 that would come in the form of a tax credit I am running to guarantee we will deliver the largest working and middle-class tax cut in a generation to $500 a month to help America's families make ends meet however people who aren't working such as retirees or stay-at-home moms wouldn't get anything under this new plan mayor Buda judge has said that he supports labor unions and that trade deals like NAFTA have resulted in Americans losing jobs proposal centered on wealth redistribution are gaining popularity among the left so candidates like O'Rourke who describe themselves as proud capitalists would face tough questions from voters senator Warren has made a name for herself as a ruthless opponent of big banks millionaires and growing income inequality and wants to raise regulations on these issues don't call me the polarizing figure they're the ones who want to take advantage of this country they're the ones who wanna cheat they're the ones who want to say that their personal wealth their power is more important than building an America that works for everyone you don't think capitalists are bad people Sanders is also known for railing against big banks and the 1% but he has recently come under scrutiny for his own wealth which he has earned through real estate investments and book sales and other candidates have a closer relationship to Wall Street in the industries big political donors Biden refers to himself as middle-class Joe but his high speaking fees into the hundreds of thousands of dollars could raise eyebrows Biden has also received a great deal of support from the credit card industry I know I'm referred to as middle class Joe because to talk about the middle class so much but you know and I know in that town and this town it's not a compliment say you're middle-class means you're not sophisticated raising the federal minimum wage is also a popular policy platform which has been stuck at $7.25 an hour for a full decade as health care costs continue to rise and Republicans fight to dismantle Obamacare the progressive mantra of Medicare for all has gone from a longshot idea to a major Democratic policy platform Sanders introduced a medicare-for-all bill in 2017 the potential law would eliminate private insurance in favor of expanding to care to cover every American the senator Harris backed that plan Elizabeth Warren also co-signed to Sanders 2017 bill and has made it clear that she wants to make health care more accessible to women of color we will go further and we will say that in this country everyone everyone gets a right to basic health care that's what medicare for all is all about and that's why we're here the work on the other hand has thrown his support behind a more moderate plan known as Medicare for America it was introduced in 2018 by representatives rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and jan Schakowsky of Illinois unlike Medicare for all Medicare from America would preserve employer sponsored health insurance saving the government money compared to a single-payer system Budaj supports what's called an all pay rate system which sets a single nationwide price for a medical procedure insurers no longer have to negotiate discounts which he says makes insurance affordable for all the framework we're using is Medicare a lot of people who have Medicare also have Medicare supplements Medicare Advantage something like that there can be a role for the private sector Biden has been a strong defender of the Affordable Care Act created by former President Barack Obama and it remains unclear whether he'd support a bigger expansion of government health insurance while the candidates have endorsed popular ideas like legalizing marijuana and abolishing private prisons their records on criminal justice issues could tell a different story and it could come back to bite them Harris's time as California Attorney General and a district attorney in San Francisco has come under scrutiny by progressives who claims she promoted harsh policies those policies included jailing parents if their children miss too many days of school and defending California's death penalty system in court there are some people who just believe that prosecutors shouldn't exist and I and I don't think I'm ever going to satisfy them but I will also say that there is so much more work to do and do I wish I could have done more absolutely and as a senator from Delaware Biden supported President Clinton's 1994 crime bill with its three strikes rule and increased funding for police Madam President we have predators on our streets that society has in fact in part because of us neglect created that tough on crime approach promoted in the 90s is now widely viewed as a factor behind the country's mass incarceration boom but Biden says that his views have evolved there are things I would change I opposed for example the carjacking provision of the administration wanted and I put what so but by enlarge what it really did it restored American cities Sanders also voted for the Clinton crime bill although he criticized its approach to tackling crime O'Rourke has a criminal history of his own he was arrested twice in his 20s once for trespassing and once for drunk driving our work has acknowledged that he benefited from his identity as a white male and that other communities frequently face harsher sentences I understand now how exceptional my experience was and the fact that these mistakes didn't define me or my future my options over the course of my lifetime is right and now there are so many people in this country who because their families cannot post bail are unable to get out of jail all of the contenders have denounced president Trump's immigration policies they opposed the border wall and family separations at the border and support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants several candidates also have personal ties to the country's immigrations Harris is the child of Jamaican and Indian immigrants which she says shaped her identity and policy views O'Rourke hails from the border town of El Paso Texas and he is said that he supports tearing down the wall that separates his hometown from Mexico Sanders has argued in the past that more immigration would drive down wages for American workers and some criticized that his 2016 campaign didn't focus enough on immigration in favor of economic issues but Sanders appears to be making a renewed effort in his second go-around I'm running for president because we need to end the demonization of undocumented immigrants in this country and moved the comprehensive immigration reform while Biden was part of the Obama administration record numbers of undocumented immigrants were deported at levels not even matched by President Trump as the race continues and the candidates include more specific policy proposals their identities and path to the nomination will come into focus until then voters will be left to piece together where exactly the candidates stand on the issues that will shape America's future that is if one of them can be President Trump

President Trump speaks at National Peace Officers' Memorial Service – 05/15/2019

our pretty cut out of our colors order arms parade rest Phil Wiggins chaplain of the national Fraternal Order of Police will now deliver the invocation please remain standing please join me in prayer our gracious father sit him for us today our family members co-workers and friends men and women in law enforcement have made the ultimate sacrifice and some seriously injured performing their duties as we look out over these families friends that are grieving and hurting we ask the Holy Spirit moves to please bring comfort and support and strength and shield to those that mourn today we claim the promise in your word that that tells us that is no sorrow today that you can't can't me and we claim the promise in your word and there is no sorrow so deep you cannot sue that father I know there are times we don't seize the Sun but when we we know it's there I know that behind the clouds the face of God is looking upon us we pray that you bring peace to these families and peace to this great nation we afraid you give us and they got our nation and we will humble ourselves and pray and seek your face and turn from our wicked ways that you will hear from heaven and forgive our sin and will heal our land we pray for our nation national leaders our president Donald Trump we pray for him and his family for our other national leaders gathered here today we pray for wisdom and guidance may you also continue to guide and give wisdom to our national FOP president Chuck Canterbury and FOP executive board members as they continue to work toward a better and safer law enforcement cross this great country watch over our active men and women in law enforcement and our military in your word it tells us in Psalm 91 11 for he will command his angels in regard to you to protect and defend and guard you in all your ways so we ask today for their protection for our nation what's your name we pray amen ladies and gentlemen please remain standing for the presentation of colors by the United States Capitol Police ceremonial unit to include the national anthem by Steve McCall tee and officer Kim Taveras from the Boston Massachusetts Police Department standby colors outer guard Oh ten colors right shoulder ours colors ready Hut colors honor guard present arms oh say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we and the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars Oh the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the Rockets red glare [Applause] say does the star-spangled and all the free colors right shoulder arms ready cut honored our colors order arms call teams ready cut colors outer guard parried rest please be seated my name is Chuck Canterbury national president of the Fraternal Order of Police and it's my honor and privilege to welcome you the families of our fallen heroes our law enforcement community and all of the distinguished guests to this 38th annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service I'd like to begin this morning by introducing our guests who have joined me on the Dyess for this solemn occasion beginning on my right please welcome Mike Stanger the Senate sergeant at arms and a longtime FOP member thank you next to Mike is the president of the concerns of police survivors Cheryl Schultz we're pleased to have with us the acting architect of the Capitol Christine Merton member of the Capitol Police Board please also help me welcome William I'm sorry we'll Kenzel vice president for governmental affairs for MillerCoors one of our longest standing and most generous corporate partners for this event thank you for what you've done and what MillerCoors has done for the law enforcement community we're also very grateful to have with us Laurie day the acting executive director of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Laurie thank you it's an honor to have with us today the chief of our host agency Matt Verna Rosa of the US Capitol Police who will be retiring soon after 34 years in this organization chief thank you very much I'm also very pleased to introduce Phil Keith the director of the office of community oriented policing services the cop's office is a keystone to our national policing strategy from its hiring program to the program helping officers with mental health issues and mental illness director Keith is able and ready partner and we're grateful to have you with us today Phil it's a very distinct honor to be able to represent to you and to you the majority leader of the US House of Representatives Steny Hoyer who is a longtime supporter of law enforcement and has been to many many of these services thank you it's also an honor to be able to introduce the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who has joined us today on the on the stage thank you very much madam Speaker it's my honor to introduce Linda Haney the national president of the auxilary who has hosted this service along with the FOP for 38 years I'll introduce Linda more fully in a few minutes turning now to my far left please welcome Paul Irving the Senate sergeant at arms I'm sorry excuse me sergeant at arms to the House of Representatives thank you Paul next we welcome mat Albert's acting director for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement thank you very much for being with us we're also very pleased to have Donna Washington director of the US Marshal Service thank you sir for being here also joining us today is the director James Murray of the US Secret Service thank you sir for being here we're honored to have with us the acting director for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives Regina Lombardo thank you we're also very pleased to have with us today the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Chris Rea thank you sir we're also very fortunate to have with us again Kevin McHale Enon Acting Secretary of Homeland Security thank you sir he's been a guest at previous two services and I'm sure we'll see you here again we're also very glad to welcome back another longtime friend of the FOP Labor Secretary Alex Acosta thank you for coming it's also an honor to introduce the Secretary of the US Department of Transportation Elaine L chow she's been with us at many services and has actually delivered the keynote for this service thank you very much ma'am for being here I'm also very grateful to welcome the US Attorney General William Barr as our nation's top cop we're very grateful to have you with us here at this event sir and finally it's a great honor and privilege to introduce the president who I will introduce more fully in a few moments I'd now like to ask Linda handy to come to the podium for a few comments mr. president members of Congress brothers and sisters of law enforcement family and friends of our fallen heroes welcome to the 38th annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service in 1962 President John F Kennedy proclaimed that May 15th of each year be observed as Peace Officers Memorial Day a day in which to honor the brave law enforcement officers who proudly wore the uniform who daily served the communities in which they lived and worked and who ultimately made the supreme sacrifice in the performance of their duties today we honor 228 heroes of law enforcement whose lives were taken in an instant or who suffered debilitating diseases as a result of working to save others their deaths are of the same they served steadfastly to protect the citizens of our great nation these law enforcement officers did not live for honors or pay their happiness was in doing their job protecting and serving the public on a daily basis they knew that their job of enforcing laws and preserving order in the communities in which they lived and worked made a difference but today is not just about your fallen hero today is about you your family your friends who mourn your loved ones and the law and the co-workers who often reminded of your officer and remembers his or her joking personnel their commitment to their partner and their obligation and devotion to defend the law they had sworn to uphold to you those they leave behind we offer our heartfelt devotion to assure you that we will never let you walk alone you and your family matter you matter to your friends your family in blue and you matter to us there is a kinship a connection a bond like no other between those that wear the badge you need only to look around you today to be reassured that your loved one will forever be written on the heart and the soul of the law-enforcement community Amy grace Taylor shares this inspiration you may no longer see them with your eyes but you will feel them in your heart forever these 228 brave men and women gave their all they lay down their life to protect and serve the families friends co-workers and public who are here today to honor them may they rest in peace may God bless the families they leave behind may God bless and protect the law enforcement officers still serving our citizens on the streets of this great nation and may God bless the United States of America thank you please join me in welcoming reserve deputy Artie Rodriguez of the Walton County Florida sheriff's office who will perform if it wasn't for the badge [Applause] folded flag staying with tears they remove the match from your chest god this can't be real now you won't compete in heaven long gosh treat some go when I take my last breath you'll be waiting stand system assalam stance alone a tribute to your honor fallen brothers to laughs taken out of anger for hatred of if it wasn't for the bad bad cops would not play beautiful amazing grace as they fold the flag and pray Hugo would be saddling the rifles would not drop if it wasn't for the back cars on these one this sacrifice one gives it's not how they die it's how they if it wasn't for the badge the bad cops would not play beautiful amazing grains as they fall the flag you go would be saddling the rifles were not drawn if it wasn't for the bass there would be no fire I know God called you home and I miss you so bad but I never would have met you if it wasn't for the bag [Applause] Thank You Artie on behalf of the 346 thousand members of the National FOP it's my honor to again welcome you as we gather here to honor our heroes it is with the memory of all of those that we have gathered here each May 15th to honour on this hallowed ground the national Fraternal Order of Police and our auxilary along with our partners at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Foundation and from the concerns of police survivors have made the commitment to our families that we will never let this country forget the sacrifice that you the families of our heroes have suffered and the sacrifice the ultimate sacrifice made by those heroes these heroes were the thin blue line that protects our protects our rights and allows Americans to live peacefully with fulfilling fulfilling lives the American dream of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness starts with those who protect us from tyranny the vast majority of our citizens understand that security is the most important responsibility of government but few understand it like you do the inherent dangers that our brothers and sisters face each and every day few understand the emotional toll on our nation's peacekeepers and fewer still have what it takes to perform the duties of a law enforcement professional the constant exposure to the worst of humanity places a huge burden on our nation's cops and the loss of one of our officers affects each and every officer as they pin on their badge or their star and go to work as law enforcement officers we pledge to go where others run away and we do so not for honors or praise but because we all feel the responsibility to our fellow citizens we take an oath of service and in doing so we make that solemn promise to render aid and keep our neighborhoods safe that is not a responsibility that we bear alone each and every American has a responsibility to respect each other and to make this country a beacon of freedom we all have the duty to treat people with respect and to support our great nation today we honor those who made that ultimate sacrifice we also come here to make a pledge that we shall maintain the memory of these heroes forever hundreds of volunteers work year-round to make sure that Police week does what it is intended to do to demonstrate to you the survivor families and surviving law enforcement partners that while we cannot fully understand your grief or your loss we can do everything we can to offer support love and our desire for your loved one to receive the appropriate respect from their fellow citizens in 1985 President Ronald Reagan and his annual message in honor of Police week said let us resolve to do all in our power citizens of these United States to support our law enforcement officers in their work and pray that no more of them are taken from their families and that they so Abele serve in this way those who have laid down their lives for their fellow man will not have died in vain President Reagan was right and I'm proud to say that our current president Donald Trump feels the exact same way and has done his best to make sure that he thanks every law-enforcement officer that he comes in contact with his police weak messages have always been inspirational and his speeches at this service have always been received favorably by all mr. president I thank you and I salute you for your actions thank you sir may God bless those officers work in the streets of America may God bless the hundreds of police officers that are protecting us on this site today and may God bless this great country thank you very much it's now my great honor to welcome our keynote speaker mr. president you were here with us on this solemn day of remembrance for the fallen that is a great privilege and honor to have you here on this day our brothers and sister officers their families and loved ones come together to share our grief and draw strength from the knowledge that these sacrifices are not made in vain and their memories live on in all of us mr. president we welcome you as part of this family and we thank you for being with us here today and for fighting for us every day in the Oval Office the job of a law enforcement officer has never been easy but mr. president I have to tell you I think it's getting harder our men and women in blue are no longer seen as peace officers who are there to serve and protect instead we have become targets of scorn and disrespect and all too often of violence but mr. president you have never wavered in your support your strong commitment to keeping our nation safe our communities safe and our officers safe is deeply felt and we could not be more grateful than to have you with us here today and set that example for all to follow mr. president we hope soon to be sending you the protect and serve Act which will impose federal penalties on those who target or ambush law enforcement officers the House passed this bill one year ago and we hope to pass it again soon in pledging to protect and serve they willingly place themselves in harm's way but now harm is seeking them out and it must stop and we know we can count on you to be there for us and we could beat not be more grateful and thank you for your attendance at this service brothers and sisters our survivor families distinguished guests and all-americans please welcome president Donald J Trump president of the United States thank you very much please thank you what a beautiful day third time and I have to say this is the most beautiful weather so that brings us a little luck and it brings us a little happiness Chuck I want to thank you for the great job that you've done your devotion has been incredible I've known you a long time we work together and congratulations really are doing a fantastic job thank you very much thank you thank you as president I am deeply honored to join in this sacred commemoration for the third year in a row today in the heart of our nation's capital we come together to pay tribute to the American Peace Officers who made supreme sacrifice all in the line of duty in many cases for people they never met for people they didn't know we're here to remember their noble lives to thank God for their profound courage and to express our love respect everlasting gratitude for the heroes of law enforcement and that's what they are and were the heroes of law enforcement we're pleased to be joined today by Attorney General William Barr doing a great job secretary Acosta secretary Chao and acting secretary McLennan thanks also to the members of Congress and attendants of which there are many and to the leaders of the Fraternal Order of Police including Jim Pascoe Linda Haney and chaplain Wiggins to all of the families of our fallen officers our whole country is praying for you embracing you and pledging to you that we will never ever leave your side never disappoint you your loved ones were extraordinary and selfless Americans who gave everything they had in defense of our communities our children and our nation these brave heroes did not put on the uniform for praise or for glory they wore the badge because it was their duty they're calling their noble purpose to serve protect like nobody has ever done it before they embodied our highest ideals and greatest aspirations they were the very best of us there was nobody close today we engrave their memories into our hearts and inscribed their names into the eternal roll call of American heroes in honor of the Fallen we pledge to always support their brothers and sisters in blue we stand firmly strongly and proudly with the incredible men and women of law enforcement you do not hear it nearly enough but Americans across this country love you they support you they respect you more than you would ever know more than you would frankly ever think even possible they have great respect for law enforcement and the job you do as we memorialize those officers who fell in the line of duty we also grieve for the 87 officers who died in recent years as a result of exposure to toxic debris following the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 I would like to ask all of the families and fellow officers of those 9/11 heroes to please stand thank you please thank you very much I can tell you I live in that city and lived in that city during that time and the job they did was incredible today we renew our solemn oath that we will never forget before we read the names of the fallen I want to share a few of the stories that exemplify the courage of those we honor at the ceremony last year America lost two extraordinary officers from Brookhaven Mississippi patrolman James white and corporal Zak monk James asked his mom to sign a waiver so he couldn't list in the Army National Guard at the age of only 17 nearly 18 years in the military James became something that he always wanted to be a police officer his teammate Zach spent time caring for his nieces and nephews and family on days when he worked the night shift he would tell them while you were sleeping I will always be watching over you last September James and Zach responded to a report of shots fired at a home when they arrived they bravely engaged the shooters it was a bad two minutes it was violent and it was vicious within seconds the killer shot James at that moment Zach could have raced to safety instead he raced to the side of his friend as Zach tried to save his teammate he too was shot and killed giving his life for his brother in blue today we remember the words James once told his mom he said mama if I ever die in the line of duty no that I died doing what I truly loved this morning we are honored to be joined by the families of both of these remarkable officers – patrolman James White's mom Laurie and dad Darrell and sons JC and James and to corporal Zach pokes mom Vicki dead marshal and brother Chris your heroes love their job they love their country and today their love shines down on you from heaven they're watching right now they're watching they're looking down on you and they're proud so please could I have you just stand up the families please please thank you thank you very much two great men also here with us for this ceremony or the families of investigator Farah Turner and Sergeant Terrence caraway of the Florence Police Department in the great state of South Carolina last October investigator Farrah Turner went to the house of a man suspected of a crime against a minor when she and her fellow officers approached a gunman opened fire from his second-story window nobody knew it could happen nobody thought it was even possible there was no evidence no anything but they knew it was trouble at that very moment Florence police sergeant Terrence caraway a very popular person in that whole area of South Carolina they all knew him legendary guy he was on his way home he heard the call come over the radio he sped to the scene jumped out of his car and was racing to the rescue he knew the bullets were coming but he kept going forward and he was struck by one of those bullets in total seven officers were shot on that very terrible day we lost sergeant caraway a 30-year veteran of the department as his pastor has said he wore a badge of love and every time you were in his presence you could feel that love that's what they all say investigator Farrah Turner was also fatally wounded she passed away several weeks later in her final days hundreds of members of the commune he came to visit her in the hospital they loved her they spoke of the way she not only saved them from danger but changed their lives through her grace her support and her prayers to investigator Turner's mom Katie and sister April and dis are encouraged wife Alison and son Terrence brother Daniel and sisters cinavia and negocio your loved ones died today it was a sad day but they're looking down on you now they died as they lived fighting to protect innocent people we will always remember them we will always profoundly be grateful to have with us two of the surviving Florence officers who were shot that October evening Brian Hart and Travis Scott Bryan and Travis your continued service honors the legacy of your great friends thank you for being with us please stand thank you very much thank you for being here the ambushes and attacks in our police must end and they must end right now we believe that criminals who murder police officers should immediately with trial get the death penalty but quickly the trial should go fast it's got to be fair but it's got to go fast [Applause] and that's happening fair but fast right fair but fast in the year before I took office the number of officers killed in ambushes rose to the highest level in nearly 30 years in the last two years thankfully the number of officers killed and ambushes has decreased by more than 70 percent I'm very proud to have sent to all of the police departments all over the country hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars worth of military equipment that wasn't being used beautiful wonderful safe great equipment that wasn't being used and other administration's didn't want to send it some day you'll explain that one to me but it's been sent and it's been used and I've had so many people tell me how happy they were and how many lives it saved will never back down when it comes to protecting our police ever ever in my administration we strongly condemn hateful anti-police rhetoric and you're hearing it you're hearing it we don't understand it we don't think it's even possible that they can think or feel this way but there are some people out there that do in recent years another dangerous trend has begun a number of prosecutors in cities such as Philadelphia and Chicago have decided not to prosecute many criminals who pose a severe threat to public safety and community well-being every prosecutor takes an oath to uphold the law not to advance a political agenda last year in Philadelphia robbers shot and gravely injured a deli owner he was a good man he'll never be the same but he may serve this criminal a sentence that is very short in fact they're looking at about three years if you can believe this three years dangerous criminals must be punished to the fullest extent of the law that's the only language they understand and those who file false police reports should face full legal consequences every American child deserves to grow up in a community that's secure and safe from violence and free of fear here with us today is the family of California police officer Ronelle Singh and I've got to know his family they're an incredible family they just left the Oval Office we took pictures and it's not an easy situation what they're going through frankly they're going through hell where Arnold came to this country legally in 2003 with the dream of earning the badge of an American police officer that was always his dream and that's exactly what Rael did he devoted his life to defending the laws of our country on Christmas night he took a picture in front of the family Christmas tree with his beautiful wife they beloved son and Sam they're loyal police dog it's a picture that all of us saw I remember it so vividly I'll never forget it I didn't know I'd get to know the family and greet the family and show the family the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House I didn't know that but it's an extraordinary family but I'll never forget the picture then corporal Singh headed out on duty which he loved to protect and to serve you all know the story because hours later he was gunned down and killed during a simple traffic stop he was a vicious killer this man that crossed into our country from the border just a little while before a vicious killer that could have been kept out with border security with the wall with whatever the hell it takes could have been kept out but we're getting it there we're building the wall we're beefing up like you wouldn't believe the military is come into action people are trying to come into our country illegally because our country is doing well they can't come in illegally they have to come in through the legal system they have to come in through merit they can't come in like this killer came in just rode across the border went through every sign he could go through but the family is special Ronelle was special and today we're really grateful to be joined by corporal Singh's wife Anamika and their precious ten month old son are now where are usually right here someplace stand up please and also here are his great parents Rani and veer and his brother where is Reggie his brother Reggie what a great family Reggie come up here will you please come on up come on this is unexpected but this family I tell you if you know you get to know some people come on up they may let you up I think so I think Reggie's okay come on up Reggie how about bringing a beautiful boy up come on up come on this is Singh come up come on up you know what how about mom and dad to come on up mom and dad wife and baby come on up come it's an incredible family that's great let us see it to understand what it's all about it's hard to imagine what they've been through hard to imagine come on a bridge you didn't know you'd be doing this Reggie sorry Reggie I am the brother of corporal O'Neill saying I'd like to thank every single law enforcement officer over here what do you guys go through I heard stories from my brother this man over here the same family supports him whatever he's doing for the law enforcement we support him his team at the White House has reached out to us multiple times multiple times I don't think that has ever happened before ever this man is amazing and that my family supports him thank you [Applause] thank you very much folks thank you she said no no I don't want to speak actually I do I like that it's something I didn't get to do with the office I actually want to thank you personally for you're the only one that actually reached out and said gave you condolence to the family and it actually means a lot to all of our law enforcement families that are here for the sacrifice my husband and thank you very much so beautiful such a beautiful family and there will be justice justice will happen we have the people and we have the spirit we have the mindset which taking care of our law enforcement officers and we're taking care of everybody but we cannot imagine your pain I mean doing that just doing that Reggie thank you very much fathom what you've been through but we pledge to you the unwavering love and support and devotion of this entire nation we have a great nation and it's getting better and better every day it's getting stronger we're not relying on outside forces and outside countries that don't really care about us other than to take advantage of our people and our system and our nation is strong again and getting stronger every single minute joining the sings are more than 10 other family members and close friends along with 22 of his fellow officers please stand would you please stand 22 officers thank you so was he as great as they say he was he was I had a feeling you might say that he was that's what I hear from everybody good thank you very much for being here we appreciate it you remind us all that when our heroes fall our community stand together as one they get stronger we'll always remember corporal Singh as a hero and a truly great American not one more American life should be lost because our lawmakers fail to secure our borders tremendous problems of course at the southern border from drugs to the wrong people being allowed to come in because of a corrupt and broken system that can be changed in 20 minutes 20 minutes if they want to change it in the meantime we have to do it the tough way and there's no reason for that that's why we are calling on Congress to fix our terrible immigration laws stop catch and release you catch them and you release them that doesn't work too well with all these great offices I'm looking at they never heard of a thing like that to end deadly sanctuary cities to stop the visa lottery program where they take lottery systems and a country will put you into a lottery and then deposit you into the United States I don't think most countries are giving us their finest we agree and that's what's happening and it's causing tremendous problems with crime and other things and I have to tell you border patrol and ice and just law enforcement in general the job they've done and the job they're doing is incredible what they have to go through the bravery I've gotten to know so many especially at the border and what they have to go through and the danger is incredible but they do it and to them it's something they love to do they feel they're doing it for their country they love to do it and they do it well to every mom and dad brother and sister spouse and child of the brave fallen officers we honor today America joins together at expressing our love and our gratitude our grief and our firm resolve to be with you every single step of the way we will never let you down your loved ones were the finest and the bravest and they're all looking down right now they're looking down on their families every time they put on the badge they knew they might not make it home and so did their families know that each time they went on a shift they knew it could be their very last and when that can time came where they knew there was danger when evil lurked they did not run they did not hide they always ran forward they answered the call they gave their lives for all of us the men and women of law enforcement devote their lives to protecting our children securing our streets and keeping our community safe moms and dads can sleep soundly at night kids can play with neighbors outside and grandparents can feel at peace in their homes because they know America's officers are the absolute best and they're always on the beat the courage and sacrifice of our heroes is the reason our flag stands tall and bravely our hearts beat with pride and our country remains one people one family and one nation under God today we thank you we honor you and we forever cherish the memory of our fallen men and women in blue you have very special people there nobody like you nobody god bless you god bless our law enforcement god bless the Fallen and God bless the United States of America thank you very much thank you thank you

Will President Trump Release His Tax Returns?

president Trump president President Trump president Trump President Trump will president Donald Trump ever release his tax returns this burning question dates back before Donald Trump officially announced he was running for the highest office in the country Democrats ratcheted up their investigations at the President Trump Donald Trump has finally been cornered on his tax returns I'm not continuing to go down this again of you asking me 20 questions on this more than two years into his presidency and he still hasn't released them Trump said on the Hugh Hewitt show on the day you declare how many years of tax returns will you release well I'd certainly go over 2x returns it's not illegal for presidents to withhold their tax returns and there's nothing requiring them to make the returns public the IRS is obligated to release tax returns if it's subpoenaed by Congress and now this whole issue is coming to a head the Democratic controlled Ways and Means Committee has subpoenaed their Treasury secretary and IRS Commissioner to release six years of trumps personal and business tax returns the committee has a right to request financial documents of an individual for policymaking purposes the rationale chairman Richard Neal says he wants to review the extent to which the IRS audits and enforces the federal tax laws against a sitting president but so far the Treasury Department has refused to turn over Trump's tax returns we will follow the law but this is a very important issue we want to make sure that we follow the law properly while president's unveiling their tax returns is not baked into law just like delivering the State of the Union speech has become a tradition Richard Nixon started the tradition of presents releasing their tax returns in the 1970s as the house was starting to think about impeachment during the Watergate scandal journalists discovered Richard Nixon took out large deductions on his tax returns and in an effort to defend himself he releases documents that I welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their presidents a crook well I'm not a crook he launched executive order 1 1 786 this authorizes federal income tax returns to be released the House Judiciary Committee Nixon was eventually exonerated of committing income tax fraud by a 26 to 12 vote but it didn't work out for him in the end I shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow over the last 40 years every presidential candidate from a major party has released her tax returns except for Donald Trump despite not releasing his own tax returns Trump hasn't shied away from calling out other Republicans for not submitting their finances in past elections 2012 Donald Trump called out the then presidential candidate Mitt Romney for not disclosing his tax returns he told Fox News I mean it has to get those tax returns out I'm old surprised that you know they weren't better prepared for that but I assume everything's fine with the taxes Romney did eventually release his tax returns three years later on the Hugh Hewitt show Donald Trump hinted that he would turn over his tax returns on the day you declare how many years of tax returns will you release well I'd certainly go over tax returns and I will tell you nobody knows the tax return business or world better than me and then Trump did what he had been teasing for decades he announced his candidacy for the President of the United States and we are going to make our country great again but the question of his tax returns has tainted his campaign in an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos he tiptoed around the topic getting any closer to releasing your tax returns well I'm thinking about it I'm thinking about maybe when we find out the true story on Hillary's emails you know I've been saying that for a while let's find out the truth so much history test what is your tax rate I'm not going to say it but at some point I'll release it he still hasn't Trump took to Twitter to update his followers on the state of his taxes tweeting just for your info tax returns have zero to do with someone's net worth I've already filed my financial statements with the FEC they are great even members of the GOP called on Donald Trump to release his tax terms MIT Romney spoke to Fox you know frankly I think we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in Donald Trump's taxes following Romney's interview with Fox News the then presidential candidate senator Ted Cruz followed up with his own message for Donald Trump as Mitt Romney observed the fact that Donald seems terrified to release his taxes suggests that there's a bombshell there why not release the tax returns that aren't involved in the audit because it's a link I have very big tax returns I'm sure you've seen the picture where the returns are literally from the floor to up to here Willie extremely complex you think I get to it before the election I hope so I'd like to I have no property pledge to do it for the election sure if the audit is finished I'll do it as fast as the orders finished but that argument is flawed if anybody's tax return is under audit is there a rule that would prohibit that taxpayer from releasing it I think I've answered that question no during the first presidential debate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off over his tax returns in her email controversy I will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted then the next month the New York Times released a story saying 1995 tax records show that Trump may have avoided paying anything in income taxes for nearly two decades that year Trump reported a 916 million dollar loss Trump was able to use that almost billion dollar loss to cancel out future income taxes of equivalent amounts during the second debate Donald Trump was pressed in the New York Times report did you use that 916 million dollar loss to avoid paying personal federal income taxes of course I do of course I do and so do all of her donors or most of her donors I know many of her donors that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if I win president Trump may be something that everybody needs to get used to including the Republican Party despite not releasing his tax returns to the public like so many candidates before him Donald Trump was elected president of the United States it's time for us to come together as one United people dier but the controversy surrounding his taxes continued just days before Trump was inaugurated he continued to tiptoe around the topic saying Americans don't care at all about his tax returns you know the only one that cares about my tax returns of the reporters okay no I don't think they care at all but why are Americans so fixated on Trump's tax returns Trump claimed he took in hundreds of millions in revenue in 2017 from his hotels clubs golf courses and merchandise no president has been paid that much money from outside businesses other presidents such as Ronald Reagan and George Bush put their assets into blind trusts to avoid any conflicts of interest in January of 2017 Trump handed over control of his empire to his sons Donald jr. and Eric but the profits still flow to President Trump critics of the president including ethics experts want to see for themselves exactly how much he's making where it's coming from and if he's paying the appropriate taxes former director of the United States office of government ethics Walter Shope has been a critic of Trump from the start some have said that the president can't have a conflict of interest but that's quite obviously not true the scramble to find Trump's taxes continued on Twitter MSNBC's Rachel Maddow touted that she had Trump's tax returns but it turned out to be his tax returns from 11 years before what I have here is a copy of Donald Trump's tax returns we have his federal tax return for one year for 2005 the returns showed that Donald Trump reportedly took in a hundred and fifty two million dollars in income the White House came out and said that number was calculated after taking depreciation into account the paperwork showed that Trump had a writedown of a hundred and 3.2 million dollars and Trump paid around thirty eight million the alternative minimum tax some even thought it was a political win for Trump everyone was saying he never paid any taxes everyone was saying that he net hidden it he didn't make the money that he repeated to make I think it was a win for the White House obviously and then in October of 2018 another bombshell New York Times report revealed that Donald Trump received around 400 million in today's dollars from his father Fred a lot of that money came through sidestepping taxes in the 1990s why is it important this goes against Donald Trump's claim that he's a self-made billionaire who had barely any financial help from his father overall Fred senior and Mary Trump gave their children over 1 billion dollars according to the report since that amount of money fell under the 55 percent tax bracket on gifts and inheritance the Trump's should have paid five hundred fifty million dollars they only ended up paying five percent fifty two point two million dollars a lawyer for Trump defended the president in the report telling the paper the New York Times allegations of fraud and tax evasion are 100 percent false in highly defamatory however no defamation suit has been brought against New York Times for their story and more recently the New York Times got their hands on printouts of Trump's official IRS tax transcripts from 1985 to 1994 the newspaper wrote the story reporting Trump lost more than 1 billion over those years more than nearly any other American taxpayer to defend himself Trump tweeted real estate developers in the 1980s and 1990s more than 30 years ago were entitled to massive write-offs he went on to say you always wanted to show losses for tax purposes almost all real estate developers did and often renegotiate with banks it was sport after Democrats took the majority of the house back in midterm elections they opened up a potential route for getting hold of Trump's taxes the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee richard anil sent a letter to the IRS commissioner Charles Reddick formally requesting Trump's personal and business tax returns he did this under a fairly obscure part of the tax code section six one zero three F which says that upon request any individual tax return shall be furnished to the committee in a closed executive session however the committee could potentially vote to make them public representative Neel gave the IRS until April 10th to comply but the president doesn't seem to face by this inquest into his tax returns saying if robert muller jeanette fine anything is nearly four hundred page report then there's nothing to find as of the beginning of May 2019 it's unclear if Muller looked into Trump's taxes despite Trump's talk it seems like he is making every effort to keep his finances private he hired a law firm to help him fight the Democrats acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told Fox News you believe Democrats will never see the president's tax returns oh no never nor should they also Trump his three children in the Trump Organization are all suing Deutsche Bank in Capital One in an effort to block the banks from material to other congressional subpoenas after missing multiple deadlines Treasury Secretary Stephen minuchin said in early May that he will not release Trump's tax turns to Congress in response representative Neal subpoenaed the Treasury secretary and IRS commissioner this could end up going all the way to the Supreme Court as a separation of powers escalates this year's long battle over Trump's taxes you

Donald Trump just broke the stock market | POLITICS NEWS

investors have opened up a can of blue pass on Donald Trump after he opened up a can of dumbass on them Trump decided to date to further escalate his idiotic trade war which has harmed the US economy at least as much as it's harmed the Chinese economy as a result the smart money is fleeing the stock market with the expectation that Trump's gibberish policies are sending the market toward a crash the Dow Jones Industrial is currently down around 550 points at the time of publication and was down more than 700 points earlier this afternoon Wall Street is sending a loud and clear message to Donald Trump knock off the trade war nonsense but Trump doesn't seem to be getting the message he spent all morning posting tweets which incorrectly characterized what a tariff is and who pays it then this afternoon after investors kicked him around Trump told the television cameras that this is all somehow part of his genius plan to defeat the Chinese economically Trump needs to be careful here because he's doing the one thing that actually could cause the Republican establishment to finally turn against him for Republican politicians the first rule is that you don't mess with rich people's money billionaires and mega corporations fund Republican politicians for the sole purpose of protecting their ability to keep getting richer with his nonsensical tariffs and idiotic trade war Trump is setting wealthy donors money on fire will soon see those donors use their Republican puppets in Congress to loudly push back against Trump's tariffs and what will trump do


I'm dr. Dave Jan – welcome back to operation freedom briefings the goal of these briefings of my weekly radio show operation freedom is to provide you information the bought off lamestream fake media will never touch you can join me every Sunday for the radio show operation freedom by going to Dave gee and accomm between 2:00 and 4:00 to 5:00 Eastern every Sunday go to Dave Jenna calm go to the upper right-hand corner hit the listen button we are there for you from 2:00 to 5:00 Eastern we're also available for you 24/7 here on this channel the operation freedom YouTube channel as well as the Dave janda comm website we upload a significant amount of free public information on a regular basis we also have our subscription service service 30 cents a day nine dollars a month I believe one of the biggest bang for the buck and the only internet where we provide the podcasts that you can get 24/7 to the radio show if you can't listen live we also have the insider insight show we bring a feature guest forward a couple weeks ago we had Frank Clegg former president of Microsoft Canada come forward and speak about 5g technology and the rollout the good the bad the ugly this is information you will never get never see in the bought off lamestream fake media and this week we have Bob maser former undercover DEA agent he was the quarterback of the team that led to the takedown of Pablo Escobar and the middie drug cartel great interview great information again information the fake media will never provide we also have our WTF show which is a geopolitical analysis show where I bring information forward from my sources from behind the curtain about what's really happening information again the fake media will not touch I hope you'll join us at Def Jam calm Freeside public site the subscription side again 30 cents a day hope you'll become a part of our freedom family today I want to focus on President Trump and the fact that he's about to hammer former director of the CIA John Brennan this is a key development and it's something that will shake the deep state to its core no this past week on operation freedom of the radio show I had two very special guests join me two friends General Tom McInerney and Kevin Shipp former CIA officer and in particular we spoke of the underlying foundation of what led to this fake Russian collusion narrative which was developed through the Obama administration in the deep state the fake Russian collusion narrative long story short was a cover-up was a cover-up for the underlying illegal surveillance activity conducted by Obama led by Obama Brennan his director of the CIA and clapper his Director of National Intelligence they hired an individual by the name of Dennis Montgomery who has become a whistleblower Dennis Montgomery was hired to create a platform called the hammer to illegally surveil not just Trump not just his team which they did and they targeted them but also millions of Americans you and me monitor emails phone calls Internet activities financial transactions why for leverage and for blackmail because that's what Washington and that's what the deep state is all about on my way to the radio show this past Sunday I received texts and a phone call from a phenomenal investigative journalist Mary Fanny she has written a number of pieces for the American report with her partner Alan Jones and a piece just came out Sunday afternoon on my way to the station and she wanted me to know about it which was important because I was going to have General Tom McInerney on the title of the piece was Comey launched Trump Russia investigation the day after a general exposed the hammer that General was Tom McInerney the exposure came on March 7th of March 19th 2017 on my radio show operation freedom which we did live I knew it was big at the time because that interview with general McInerney was between 4:30 and 5:00 we signed off from the radio show at 5 o'clock within 5 minutes I was getting pushed back from deep state players about the information we provided we've come to find out that when the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released the text between Strock and Paige and the FBI did as well sure is sure enough in those text messages were texts between Strock and Paige about the interview I had just done with general McInerney on March 19 2017 bringing forward the hammer now the hammer had been discussed but never by a general and the information was put forward by general McInerney and roll ace Lyons who recently passed away was also very dear friend who was a regular on operation freedom but had never been brought forward by high-ranking personnel never on a radio show or television show and that's what we did that night and it caused a significant significant blowback from the deep state now this article just came out this past Sunday and I like to go through a bit of it with you this is from Mary Fanning from the American report FBI deputy assistant director of the counterintelligence division Peter struck and is supposed to paramour FBI lawyer lisa page exchanged a trip cryptic indeed coded text message on Sunday March 19 2017 26 minutes after retired US Air Force four-star general Tom McInerney read the whistleblower tapes expose over America's a airwaves revealing the hammer on operation freedom the hammer is the Stasi like secret surveillance system created by CIA NSA FBI contractor turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery for Obama's intelligence chief CIA director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James clapper late that Sunday evening just hours after McInerney x' radio appearance track and page again exchanged a text message that explicitly referenced Dennis Montgomery and Montgomery's attorney Larry Clayman only a few hours earlier general McInerney had referenced Montgomery and clayman on operation freedom exactly the same names about which strike and page were now texting the next morning the next morning see those so they heard this finally hit the Airways finally went public in the deep state panicked and and the next step is they needed to create a cover for what they had already done illegally with the hammer and the cover was the fake Russian collusion narrative so here's what Mary goes on to say the next morning the Russian collusion investigation was born early the following morning Monday March 20th 2017 FBI director Jim Comey announced before the house permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the FBI counterintelligence division where Strock served as Deputy Assistant Director was investigating Trump's connections to the Kremlin and that the FBI had no information to support Trump's tweet claiming that the President Obama wiretap Trump that was a lie this is the result they panicked and when they panicked they put call me out front to to announce that they were going to divert attention away from the hammer since we brought attention to it on that Sunday night and they had it they started out the next morning well we're gonna talk about the fake we think there might be a fake Russian collusion between between Russia and Trump and so that's the first thing they needed to do and they needed to spell the notion where Trump had already tweeted out that he believed he was being surveilled he was it was called the hammer goes on Mary's article Comey was well aware that President Trump was under illegal surveillance because Montgomery had already turned over to commis FBI mountains of evidence confirming the existence of Brennan and clappers illegal surveillance program overseen by Obama an August 19 2015 2015 Montgomery turned over to FBI director Jim Comey's office 47 hard drives that he alleged contain over 600 million pages of documentation from Brennan and clapper secret surveillance system this is one of the reasons why of all we have been telling you for two years that one of the first people to go down is gonna be Brennan and one of the other first people to go down is Comey because on that March 20th testimony in front of Congress he not only opened up the fact cuz they panicked oh we're gonna have do you think there was collusion between the Russians and Trump and that's when he first announced it how however what what also occurred is Comey lied under oath because he said that there was no evidence that Americans including Trump had been illegally surveilled he had that end and we've talked about this this is 2015 he lied under oath and that's why I've always said that Comey is also one of the first people that's gonna go down Mary Fanning's article goes on general McInerney Namur Alliance to the highest-ranking retired US military flag officers men of sterling character and reputation took the information that were exposed in Mary's previous report on the hammer earlier that month and President Obama's illegal spying operations against Donald Trump to a wide audience with operation freedom revered Forrest our US Air Force general Tom McInerney and u.s. Admiral ace Lyons brought the tapes and the information to America's Airways on March 19 2017 and operation freedom according to the whistleblower tapes Brennan and clapper utilized the hammer to spy not just Trump not just millions of Americans but they targeted Trump and his team and 159 article 3 judges the head of the secret FISA Court I believe his name was Reggie Walton Supreme Court Justice John Roberts now you know why Judas Roberts changed his vote on Obamacare because of the hammer and I said this for years Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia business leaders millions of innocent Americans and Donald Trump on Sunday afternoon March 19th the FBI took notice of general Mac and Ernie's appearance and operation freedom with their text messages according to highly placed sources general McInerney z' radio appearance created a veritable blank storm in DC an immediate blowback from the deep state and I can attest to that within minutes after that interview aired live I started getting blowback the same FBI and Department of Justice officials who investigated Dennis Montgomery's assertions regarding Brennan and clappers illegal super surveillance system and who took possession of the 47 hard drives of proof then morphed onto Robert Mueller's Russia collusion team again which was a cover to cover for the hammer the FBI director Jim Comey's FBI general counselor Jim Baker and Department of Justice assistant US attorney Deborah Curtis who negotiated Montgomery's immunity agreements were both deeply involved with Mueller's Russia collusion investigation The Washington Post reported on March 20th 2017 the day after general McInerney Sunday afternoon interview on operation freedom quote FBI director James Comey acknowledged Monday that his agency is conducting investigation to possible coordination between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign in a counterintelligence probe that could reach all the way to the White House and may last for months and what so the first thing is get Comey out there fast talk about divert attention from the hammer we don't want that catching wind of anybody else we're gonna we want to focus on this fake Russian collusion narrative with Trump to hide the hammer then the second part quote extraordinary disclosure came near the beginning of the sprawling five and a half hour public hearing before the House Intelligence Committee in which Comey also said there was quote no information that supports President Trump's claims that his predecessor order surveillance end quote and that is perjury and that alone will get Comey thrown in jail less than seventeen hours after general McInerney s hammer revelations FBI director Comey announced at the FBI counterintelligence division where strike and deputy director was investigating Trump's connections to the Kremlin and that the FBI had no information to support Trump squee claim that President Obama wiretap Trump FBI director Jim Comey bottom line was wined which brings us to a recent interview that James Baker the head counsel for Comey for Obama's FBI recently was interviewed and he said at a Brookings Institute I'm really nervous about the Inspector General Michael Horowitz I'm really nervous about the report remember what we've always said the timing I've gotten from my sources bar gets approved gets nominated and gets sworn into office the Mueller report gets the Mueller report I was told and I've been telling you this for two years will example will show that the Trump collusion narrative with Russia was false was fake there was no crime of not collusion but treason if there is no crime we can't obstruct justice James Baker recently did a sit-down with the Brookings Institute is on video and he says you know I'm really nervous about Horace because this chain of events bar in Mueller report out and then I heard that you're gonna have a focus on the Spector general's report at the Department of Justice Michael Horowitz to those people that say well he was appointed by Obama you know he's part of the deep state stop just watch horowitz's testimonies multiple in front of Congress when Obama was still president he took on Obama he took on the deep state my sources say Horowitz is solid and he's not playing for the deep state and he already came through with the report on the email a situation with Hillary now he's coming forward on the FISA abuse situation which will be followed by humor I know the zealots are out there saying you Burt he's not doing anything he is he's looking at how the Department of Justice handled Hillary's emails with wharfs into uranium one so bar in Mueller report out Horowitz in and I heard that this is where Comey and Brennan are gonna be hammered because information is going to start to sift out even in the bought off lamestream fake media about the hammer and then you're gonna see the Hoover report coming in and remember Barr has also launched of investigations in working with Horowitz as well as Hoover and his own team looking at the FISA abuse Hillary's email situation uranium one just to name a few now recently recently and this is where I think Trump has impreza dent Trump has decided to focus on Brennan we got the hammer that's gonna be kept become exposed Brennan is up to his eyeballs in this as his clapper as is Obama but in particular they're targeting Brennan and this is why he's been so acting desperate and hysterical he knows the heat is on Mike Pompeo Secretary of State now was the former director of the CIA first one under Trump he recently gave a talk at Texas A&M University and when he said this everybody saying well why is he saying this I believe he said it to set Brennan up and here's what he said this is Pompeo quote I was a CIA director we lied we cheated we stole and quote former CIA director and now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently lectured at Texas A&M University the mainstream media routinely takes intelligence officials simply at their word but Pompeo himself recently admitted the CIA is in the business of lying cheating and stealing and this is something we went into with Kevin ship on this past Sunday show last week Mike Pompeo spoke at Texas A&M University itself long known for being favored recruiting ground of the CIA considering – that one of the universities last presidents Robert Gates was CIA chief and later served as Bush and Obama Secretary of Defense during the Q a section session Pompeyo boasted that in the CIA both the training and culture are geared toward the following quote we lied we cheated we stole and quote the former CIA chief now Secretary of State said the following quote what's the cadet motto and West Point where he attended you will not lie cheat or steal or tolerate those who do I was a CIA director we lied we cheated we stole it's it was like we had entire training courses on it it reminds you of the glory of the American experiment end quote which brings me to William bars identification of the word spying this is why they're so hysterical about spying because spying is gonna lead back to the hammer the recent CIA's ex counterintelligence chief has stepped forward quote I call that spine CIA's ex counterintelligence chief says FBI conducted espionage on campaign espionage on Trump campaign the FBI and who was director of the CIA when espionage was constructed it can was was instituted on the Trump campaign that would be John Brennan now remember the CIA's mandate directive is not to interfere in domesticus situations they are to be involved in all international events as Kevin Shipp pointed out on our Sunday show this past Sunday the fact that the CIA was involved in domestic activities is itself illegal and who was the director of that John Brennan and now his counterintelligence chief is stepping up the FBI's use of humid ention informants to obtain information from the Trump campaign officials under false pretenses was straight-up spying according to the CIA's former head of counterintelligence James Olsen a 30 year agency veteran who served under six presidents which brings me to like there's a great website conservative treehouse and they recently outlined some issues with Brennan I want to call your attention to it and in particular they focus a conservative treehouse on a very important document they called an electronic communication between Comey and Brennan the FBI's formal origination of the counterintelligence investigation into candidate Donald Trump known as Operation crossfire hurricane begins with a two-page memo submitted by former CIA director John Brennan to former director James Comey the two page orientation memo is known as an EC or electronic communication this classified origination memo is one of the key documents requested by Congress for declassification by President Trump to be shared with the American people they don't let this out there why according to House Intelligence Committee member Devon is that electronic communication between Brennan and Comey contains intelligence material that did not come through official intelligence channels into the u.s. intelligence operation in Opera the origin of the counterintelligence operation started by CIA director John Brennan sharing his raw intelligence product with the FBI was not an official product of the US intelligence community additionally Brennan was not using official partnerships with intelligence agencies of our five eyes partnership nations and those would be the UK Britain or Britain UK UK Australia New Zealand Canada and of course the US all research indicates CIA director John Brennan enlisted the help of US and foreign intelligence assets to run operations against the Trump campaign the objective was to give the false and manufactured appearance of compromised once the CIA established the possibility of compromise that opened the door for an FBI investigation so Brennan set the wheels a-rollin there's this communication that's hidden that will be coming out this is called an active measure operation it's the use of propaganda to institute chaos into the fabric of society or an organization it's also known as a dirty up operation bottom line is that I believe two of the focuses two of the people that are going to be focused on in this initial takedown of the deep state will be Brennan former director of the CIA and Comey former director of the FBI I hope you'll join us on our platform operation freedom I hope you'll join us for the radio show every Sunday 2:00 to 5:00 Eastern it's broadcast live go to Dave Jana comm hit the listen live button it's free if you missed the show and if you want to be a subscriber the podcasts are available in addition to the insider insight show the interview show and the WTF show about the information we get from behind the curtain and we also have our Department of in research so our healthcare symposium section all available for 30 sensitive I hope you become a subscriber update on on the blacklist if you didn't watch my YouTube from last Tuesday you need to watch it it's about how 500 organizations including Dave G and accomm and operation freedom were targeted by the deep state and outlined that needed to be bankrupted and taken down that was an operation run by the deep state it's been shown watch that video I took all that information that we had gathered about the Pointer Institute Merrimack College this open source this one page blank website I turned that over to some high-powered individuals in Washington DC to look at the issue from a defamation standpoint as it relates to not just operation freedom Indiana calm but all 500 of those sites that was outlined these sites needed to be taken down bankrupted put out of business before the 2020 election because the operation was very similar to what Brennan ran here and Comey ran dirty up these organizations the plan was to put that information out let it sit there for about a week and then have the bought off lamestream fake media tentacles that the deep state come in and blow open these 500 organizations and then demand that they all be taken down so that none of us would be around to provide information to the American public as it relates to the 2020 election thank goodness for Breitbart news that got hold of this information quick got it in the hands of all of us that were on the list and we've blown it open and now we've turned it over to legal representatives in Washington take a look at to see what can be done from a class action standpoint I hope you'll join us – Dave dandy comm I hope you become a subscriber of our platform until next time Dave J into signing off thank you for your time dream big and dare to fail