The Purpose Effect – A Guide for Leaders of People

hi my name is Dan Ponte Fred I'm the author of the purpose effect and this is a low-tech video for you the leader of people around the concept of purpose now as your leader of people ultimately you have a partial responsibility for helping them in their career but I'm sure you've noticed from time to time that you know some of them just either are going through the motions and don't quite seem to have a purpose what can you do well incidentally in this book I talk about three types of purpose personal purpose which is what you have what I have hopefully and what your employees have organizational purpose ie is there a higher purpose that can be constructed inside the organization and roll' purpose now that's what I want to focus on you see role purpose is the manifestation of the combination between personal purpose and organizational purpose now let's set those two aside for a second what's role purpose about well I've broken it down into three distinct categories there is a job might sense and maybe you have some of these people on your team these are the people that seem to be coming to work who are just checking in and check it out they're kind of just there for a paycheck mmm for some people that's okay but for others perhaps that's not really what they want to be doing now the other type of mindset is a career mindset these types of individuals you can see them a mile away you know what they want more power more title more budget fancy title these people are trying to climb the ladder and then thirdly there's the purpose mindset employee that's the individual who really is in lockstep with their own personal purpose and the organization's purpose those are the 30% ish in this world who are fully engaged have defined their purpose are in acting their purpose both in life and at work so how do you get more of those types of people well ultimately I believe and have proven that you have to kind of get those employees who are in the job mindset or the career mindset off of those two types of mindsets so there's a couple strategies first of all help the employee define what their own personal purpose is why not take an interest in their own interests there is no real line I think and divide between what is life and what is work these days as a leader how about taking an interest in what their interests are and help them declare their own personal purpose that would go a very long way for them understanding what it is that they like what they dislike and perhaps what their talents are and how they can be unleashed in the team that you're running inside of the role that they serve secondly what is it in fact that they're doing to develop themselves maybe they haven't unearthed what their passions are what their talents are could you perhaps spend some time with them to develop some of those skills those interests those ideas that ultimately will allow them to find a higher sense of purpose in their life but potentially in the role that they serve you could get them doing job rotations maybe they go out and shadow someone else on the team or on another team how about you help them build out a network both inside the organization and outside of the organization as I like to say my net worth is in my network so that might be something you might want to think about with respect to how to develop the team members and building of their social networks etc at the end of the day when there is an alignment between an employee's personal purpose the organization's purpose and of course their role there in what I call the sweet spot and the more employees that you might get into the sweet spot on your team I assure you both the better off that your team results will be the better off the employee will feel and you know what you're gonna feel all that much better to because what you're doing is you're contributing did the definition of as for these important people that are part of your team next we're watching this low-tech video on the purpose effect more details at this website I hope you have a great day