Party In Trouble As Millennials Leave The Democratic Party

Democrats are gearing up for this massive
blue wave that is supposed to take place in this year’s midterm elections coming up in
November. And as we’ve mentioned before, most of the
special elections that we have had since Donald Trump took office, either democrats have won,
or, which, this is actually the case for every single special election that’s taken place
since Donald Trump became president, republicans have lost ground. So democrats look at all this, and they see
this as the blue wave. They understand that yeah, it’s coming. But hold up, because a very important new
poll has come out showing that millennials are abandoning the democratic party. In the last two years alone, according to
the latest round of polling, democrats have lost 9% of millennial voters. Their support among millennials is now at
46%. And keep in mind, if they were all to go out
and vote, millennials in the United States would make up the largest voting block in
this country. They do have the power to sway elections one
way or the other, if they show up. And that’s the biggest problem, is getting
them to come out there. But I think given the fact of what we’ve seen
these couple years, the activism, the action, I think getting them to come out and vote
isn’t going to be an issue anymore. But what is going to be an issue is that the
democrats are losing ground with the younger generation. And unfortunately for them, majority of millennials
now believe, falsely, I might add, that republicans are better at handling the economy than democrats. That’s something that has to be righted. Now, I know a lot of people in this millennial
age group were either too young or were not born yet during the times when we had trickle-down
economics in the United States. But even though I’m technically a millennial
by birth, I’m at the very tiptop of that age range, I remembered it, because I studied. I studied political science, I studied economics,
I studied economic policy, and I know what happened in the ’80s. I know what happened in the 2000s to 2008. I saw that. I reported on it. These kids didn’t have that same opportunity. Maybe they picked a different major in college. Maybe they weren’t interested at the time. But nonetheless, for some reason, right now
they think the republicans are more trustworthy on economic issues than the democratic party. That’s a very real problem for democrats right
now. If they can’t win back these millennial voters,
the party is going to die. And that’s not to say that all these millennials
are flocking to republicans. No. Republicans have their own problems with millennials. They don’t like them, either, and that’s where
a little bit of hope comes in. It’s not about republicans or democrats; it’s
about the largest voting block in this country not being satisfied really with either major
political party. And that’s going to open the door for more
parties to gain power, for new parties to form, and to possibly, maybe in the future,
have a government made up of multiple political parties who represent multiple different groups
of people with different beliefs and different feelings. Maybe at that point, if it happens, if millennials
continue to carry this torch of disdain for republicans and democrats, then just maybe
in 10 or 20 years, we might actually have a pretty decent federal government.

The Republican Party Is Hilariously Incompetent – The Ring of Fire

The republican party in the United States
is absolutely one of the most pathetic political parties probably anywhere on this planet. Now, before you go ahead and point out that
democrats have lost election after election after election after election. I understand that. The democrats suck at winning, but the republicans
suck at leading. Here’s what I mean. Monday night, obviously, the republican healthcare
bill in the senate failed because two republicans decided to defect, effectively killing that
piece of legislation. You know, this is not the first time that
the senate had to go back to the drawing board because they couldn’t get enough people on
board. And back when the house of representatives
was working on this legislation, they had to do the exact same thing a couple of times
as well, because they could get all of their little republican ducks in a row to support
their disastrous piece of legislation. So my question is this, the republican congress,
the republican senate has accomplished absolutely nothing since they all took office in January,
or since the new session started in January. They’ve accomplished nothing. They’ve been working on this particular healthcare
replacement bill all year long, and they have nothing to show for it. They’re the majority party, not just in the
legislative branch, folks, but in this country right now. They have the house, the senate, the white
house, the supreme court, the federal court system, state legislatures and state governments. A majority of both of those. How in the hell can you control the majority
of everything and still be such a failure? Furthermore, how do you manage to win enough
to claim all of these majorities, and still have no idea how to rule? You know, there was a republican member of
congress a few weeks ago, his name escapes me, but he said, “Republicans simply, we don’t
know how to rule.” And he was a sitting US senator. Said we don’t know how to rule. We don’t know how to lead. And that’s absolutely right. Republicans have no idea what they are doing. It’s the story of the post turtle. You see a turtle on a fence post, you don’t
know how he got there, you know he had to have had some help, and he has no idea what
to do now that he’s up on the post. That is what the republicans are. They’re post turtles. They don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t
know how to get down. But you know that they had a hell of a lot
of help, usually from corporations to get to the position that they’re in. And now, I guess they’re sitting there waiting
for their marching orders from corporate America, and all corporate America can come up with
in their collective voice is, “Cut our taxes.” And the republicans are sitting there in Washington
saying, “But we don’t know how, people are kind of pissed at us, and we can’t do the
thing that you’re telling us to do.” It really is pathetic, folks, when you think
about it. And what’s more pathetic is all the American
citizens out there defending the republican party and accusing the democrats of being
the obstructionists. Absolutely pathetic. Your party, your republican party controls
everything, and there so incompetent and unable to lead that they can’t accomplish anything. And again, that’s the best thing in the world
for the citizens of the United States, because there’s nothing that republicans have proposed
that would help anyone other than corporate CEOs and shareholders. So it’s good that they’re incompetent, but
at the same time it’s also laughably pathetic.

Democratic Party Blames Everyone But Themselves For Hillary’s Loss – The Ring Of Fire

The Democratic Party, the Hillary Clinton
aides, the Hillary Clinton surrogates, and the people who just straight up pushed Hillary
Clinton from the very beginning. They’re all engaging in the blame game right
now, which to be honest, kind of needs to happen. Except for the fact that the Hillary Clinton
people do not want to admit that it was their candidate that failed. They’re blaming everything from sexism to
the media coverage of the emails and the Benghazi stuff that they gave credence to, James Comey
with his email announcement at the end of October. Now listen, all of those things played a role. Don’t get me wrong, they did, but not enough
of a role to completely derail her campaign. Look, sexism, yes but how do you explain the
fact that Donald Trump won the white female vote. That kind of knocks that one on its head. Among the men, absolutely, but Donald Trump
won the white female vote, that kind of says something, since the sexism is not the main
culprit here. The media, yeah all right, I’ll give them
that, but you know what else, and this actually goes with the media and the FBI revelations. You put up a flawed candidate that had skeletons
in her closet. Yes, the media is going to talk about that,
they want the eye balls. Is it fair? No, but you did that. You’re the one who put her up. You’re the one who pushed her on us, knowing
that she had these things that were so easy for any opposition to take advantage of, and
they did. That’s your fault, that’s not theirs. They did what they predictably would do in
that situation. When somebody has flaws, the media is going
to talk about them non-stop, and that’s what they did. You knew about the emails stuff, you knew
about the Republican attack on Benghazi. Yeah, it was a fuss, but it was an attack
that worked. This is your fault, Hillary Clinton pushers,
and Hillary Clinton yourself. You weren’t the right candidate for this election. How do we know? You lost to the least popular presidential
candidate in the history of United States polling, the least popular person ever. You couldn’t beat him. It’s funny to me that I have not seen a single
Hillary surrogate admit this. It’s actually more sad than funny really. You guys has to be honest with yourselves,
because if you’ll are not honest, if you do not address that fact, then the Democratic
party is dead, and you killed it. If you do not accept that you put up a bad
nominee, then you may as well rollover and give up, because that’s what you’re doing. You want to blame everybody else, but really,
you want to know who’s to blame? Go look in the mirror, because you did this
to the Democratic Party.

Hillary is Descending into Madness and Taking the Democratic Party with Her – The Ring Of Fire

Hillary Clinton took the stage at ReCode’s
CodeCon on Wednesday and decided to take full responsibility for her November loss with
a few exceptions – she said… QUOTE: “I take responsibility for every decision
I made, but that’s not why I lost.” So, why did she lose? Well, according to Hillary she lost because
of the DNC, sexism, Russia, Citizens United, Russia, WikiLeaks, James Comey, Russia, InfoWars,
and… Russia. When asked about getting paid a TON of cash
for giving speeches to Goldman Sachs – Hillary compared those speeches to speeches she gave
to camp counselors and she even played the 9/11 card saying she talked to Wall Street
mostly about Bin Laden. But, we aren’t supposed to criticize her
for her ties to Wall Street, no. According to Hillary – she would not have
been criticized for selling out to Goldman Sachs… if she were a man, fair enough. Next on Hillary’s hit list? The Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizen’s
United. She RAILED against the unaccountable money
flowing in against her and cried poor through the interview. But, Hillary, numbers don’t lie. According to federal filings, just two Pro-Hillary
PACs like “Priorities USA Action” and “Correct the Record” raised over $200
MILLION DOLLARS more than ALL of the Pro-Trump PACs combined. She even attacked the “underfunded” DNC
– when Hillary became the Democratic nominee, the DNC was bankrupt and ineffective – even
though they just rigged a primary election in her favor. But Hillary wasn’t done – she decided
to play right into RussiaMania when she said that “the 1,000 Russian agents” worked
to spread fake news on facebook against her and “millions of bots” helping Trump on
Twitter. But, Hillary promises that she didn’t engage
in “false content” – good for her. She then goes on to say that the Podesta emails
were run-of-the mill campaign emails that the Russians hacked. Gosh, I was unaware that Moroccan officials
donating 12 million dollars was run of the mill. It is normal, I guess, to be fed debate questions
ahead of time, getting tipped off about DOJ information, emailing about “Needy Latinos”
or leaking pro-fracking speeches. I’m not sure how those things could have
been used against Hillary – and apparently neither is she. You see, while the Russians were skilled enough
to hack into Podesta’s emails – they had no idea how to “weaponize” the content. So, she said only one person could have been
the mastermind to guide the Russians… Donald Trump himself. That’s right, the same guy that tweeted
“covfefe” somehow managed to work directly with Putin to hack Podesta’s emails and
turn benign information into a successful campaign. As for the future, Hillary says she is not
going to run for President again – THANK YOU! She did mention that she was not a perfect
candidate, but when asked if she would change her campaign, she pushed the question aside,
said brought to conversation to gender… and even said this… “President Obama broke that racial barrier,
but you know, he’s a very attractive, good looking man…” HILLARY – just… just stop. Ok? Seriously? Yes, let’s downplay Obama being the first
black president because he was a good looking man. Got it. Let’s reduce Obama’s presidency to his
looks and gender. How self-centered can you get?! Of course – it wasn’t all a blame game
for Hillary – she did give high marks to Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post. You know, the publication that was revealed
to be “fans” of Hillary in those “run-of-the-mill” Podesta emails, asking how they could help
the campaign. She loves that they are getting away from
the editorial content and working on REAL investigations. That’s nice. Now – if you look across the media landscape,
Hillary was a champion for what she said in her Recode interview. She “stormed the stage” and “railed
against fake news, trolls, and Trump.” Like it or not, the corporate media is still
selling you the image of Hillary as the leader of the left. THIS HAS TO STOP! The people don’t trust Hillary – the people
don’t trust the DNC. But, she is the media’s darling and they
are going to continue to push her down your throat. Meanwhile, her insistence that she wasn’t
responsible for losing to Trump does NOTHING to help Democrats. Look, it is time we start to get rid of these
fake Democrats, stop blaming everyone else and either take back the party or abandon
it and if we keep seeing Hillary dominate headlines, the Democratic party will find
itself empty inside… much like Hillary.

Democratic Party Actually Considered Getting Rid Of Superdelegates

The Democratic party is officially considering
whether or not they should consider the use of super delegates in their presidential nomination
process for the actual Democratic party. Now recently the Democratic Unity Reform Committee
had proposed reducing the number of super delegates there are from about 700 down to
maybe 300, 350, they want to reduce the number by about 60% to try to make it seem a little
bit more fair in the nominating process. Well now, one proposal has come forward that
we just simply do away with ll of the super delegates within the Democratic party, and
we actually hand this lection back over to the people of the United States. And while this a phenomenal idea for the Democratic
party, as we would expect, some corporate Democrats, some establishment Democrats are
pissed off about the thought that they might not get to vote twice for the presidential
nominee for the Democratic party. DNC member Bob Mulholland from the state of
California said that “This is absurd, this would mean that people like Bill Clinton,
and Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama don’t even get to vote for who’s going to be our parties
nominee.” Well, that’s actually a lie Mr. Mulholland
because they do get to vote, they get to vote in the primary, just like the rest of the
people in this country. So how is it fair for them to be able to go
vote in a primary, and then go be a super delegate and cast a second vote for our nominee? That seems a little unfair to me, right? I mean one person, one vote. Not one super delegate, two votes. But that’s the system that you want, because
it’s the system that makes you comfortable. It’s the system that prevents an outsider,
a true progressive, from ever taking over the Democratic party. That’s what the super delegates system is
all about. They want to make sure that those party insiders,
the former presidents, the elected members of congress, that they get the final say. That they have just enough power within the
Democratic party to sway who gets the nomination. That’s what this is about, and that’s what
terrifies people like Mulholland. They don’t want to think about the fact that
god forbid the people who are members of the Democratic party actually get to pick their
own nominee. No, we need to leave that decision to the
old white guys who are running the Democratic party. That’s what they want. Well guess what? Time’s up for you. Time’s up for the old guard of the Democratic
party. Time’s up for the super delegates. It’s time that the Democratic party gets handed
back over to the people who call themselves, and are registered as Democrats in this country. It’s time for them to make the decisions about
who gets to be the nominee. Super delegates should have no face. The super delegates shouldn’t be a thing. Super delegates never should have been a thing. If you can’t trust the people who are registered
members of your party, then you don’t deserve to be running a party at all.

Republican Politician Creates A “Biblical Basis For War” Manifesto

You know, when you think about the crazies
within the Republican party, you probably think about what’s happening in the White
House or even what’s happening over on Fox News but the reality is that there are crazy
Republicans all over this country. And in fact, bout as far away as you can get
from Washington DC, up in Washington state, while still staying in the contiguous 48 here,
you’ll find one of the craziest Republicans that I think I’ve ever had to report on and
that is a man by the name of Matt Shea. You see, Matt Shea is actually the author,
possibly just the coauthor a document called, A Biblical Basis For War. Now Matt Shay has admitted, he admitted within
the last week that, “Yes I wrote this Biblical Basis For War, what’s the big deal?” Well here’s the big deal Mr. Shea who is a
four term Republican congressman in Washington state, you call for absolute end to abortion
and end to homosexuality an end to communism in the United States, which isn’t really even
a thing anyway. But then, you’re not just calling for the
end of things like that, you’re saying, “If they do not yield, kill all males.” If they do not yield, kill all males. Mr. Shea, again four term Republican congressman
in Washington state, believes that if we cannot get rid of abortion or communism or homosexuality,
if they do not adopt his pure Christian lifestyle, we’re going to straight up murder them. That is what Matt Shea wrote in his manifesto. Now Matt Shea says that this wasn’t what he
was calling for people to start doing. This was just kind of a biblical study type
thing. This is what the Bible says, I’m just kind
of saying it in here. This isn’t a call to action. It’s not actually a manifesto. But that didn’t stop the Spokane sheriff from
actually sending it to the FBI and saying, “Please investigate this guy because I believe
that he is a threat to the population.” Not only did this dude write this manifesto
calling for murder based on his alleged Christian values, he also happened to spend a little
bit time with that militia that overtook that wildlife refugee up in Washington not that
long ago. This man is a threat. This man is dangerous and this man is mentally
unstable. This just goes to show you, there is a lot
of Republican craziness and Republican madness coming out of Washington DC but it is certainly
not exclusive to what’s happening in DC. You can find crazy Republicans all over this
country but I challenge you to try to find someone crazier than Matt Shea up in Washington

Did Citizens United Ruling Kill The Soul Of The Democratic Party? – The Ring Of Fire

There’s no question that the Supreme Court’s
ruling in the Citizens United case that essentially allowed for unlimited corporate money into
our federal election system has been one of the worst Supreme Court decisions this millennia,
but here’s something that I don’t think a lot of people have thought about. That decision obviously was handed down in
2010 and it hurt the Democratic party more than it hurt the Republican party. Now here me out on this. Before Citizens United all of us involved
in the progressive media always talked about how the money in politics influenced and corrupted
the Republican party. The time John Boehner back in the late ’90s
handed out checks from the tobacco industry on the house floor to Republican members right
before the house was about to take a vote on tobacco legislation. Corrupting. That Halliburton money that fueled George
W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s election, the Enron money. Corrupting, lead to the Iraq War. Republicans always did this. They always let the money influence them and
that’s what happened all the way back in the ’80s and ’70s with the Republican party. But for the Democrats during most of that
time, they were still pretty liberal. You know, we got the Affordable Care Act right
after Citizens United was decided up by the Supreme Court but it was already in motion
before that. After that Citizens United ruling came down
something changed within the Democratic party. They were no longer content to take these
small money donations from people, they wanted the big money. They wanted the big fish, and that’s when
the party changed from a Liberal Democratic party to a middle of the road center-left/center-right
Corporatist Democratic party. Don’t believe me? Think about this. Before Citizens United was decided, who were
the top two donors to the Democratic party? Labor unions and trial lawyers. Two groups who every day go out there and
fight for the rights of the middle class and the harmed, the injured parties. They both fought against corporations. They were the two biggest funders of the Democratic
party. Since Citizens United, you know who the biggest
funders of the Democratic party are now? The finance industry, the communications industry,
it’s big telecoms, and the health care industry. That includes big pharma and health insurers. Trial lawyers, unions, they’re now numbers
six and seven on the top donors for the Democratic party. That shows you where the party’s loyalty lies. It no longer lies with consumers, with workers,
with injured parties who have a grievance against corporations who destroyed their lives. No, their loyalty is to Wall Street. Their loyalty it to AT&T and companies that
illegally spy on us with government contracts. Their loyalty is with the health care industry. Not with the people anymore. The numbers prove it. The timing proves it. The Democratic party lost its soul when the
Supreme Court handed down that Citizens United ruling, and that ruling hurt the Democrats
far more than it hurt Republicans. Republicans just kept doing business as usual. It’s the Democrats that took a sharp corporatist
turn when that ruling was finalized.

Ted Cruz Warns Republicans They Could Lose Texas In 2020

On Thursday morning, Republican Senator Ted
Cruz attended a breakfast gathering for the Christian Science Monitor where he warned, the Texas could absolutely be in play in 2020
now there’s a couple of quotes from Ted Cruz at that breakfast meeting that I want to read,
and again, I have to go ahead and admit wholeheartedly I agree with most of what Ted Cruz says here
and here it is. I think the Texas election in 2018 is powerful
foreshadowing for what to expect across the country in 2020 that is correct. The Democrats in Texas increased their turnout
in more than 100% the far left has pissed off. They hate the president, and that is a powerful
motivator. If the left shows up in massive numbers and
everybody else doesn’t, that’s how we end up with an incredibly damaging election for
the Republican party damaging election, and again, you’re right about that, but you’re
wrong about it. Just being that we’re pissed off at the president. You see, that’s the thing I don’t think a
lot of people grasp right now. Yeah. There’s a lot of anger here in the United
States. Rightfully so, but it’s not all directed at
Donald Trump. You know, some of the, uh, resistance folks,
I guess you would call them. Yeah. Their anger is just about Donald Trump. Everything else they’re totally cool with. But for the rest of us, those that have been
paying attention for the last couple of decades, we’re pissed off about quite literally everything
because of all of the injustice happening in this country. The fact that people are dying because they
can’t afford their insulin. The fact that we have children locked in cages
along our southern border, the fact that people are strapped into jobs that they hate because
they can’t get health insurance if they leave that job. The fact that students are going tens of thousands
of dollars into debt to get a degree that at one time would guarantee them a great job
here in the United States, but today, who knows, unless it’s an advanced degree, then
your chances increase, but so does your debt astronomically. Those are the things we’re pissed off about
the most. Yeah. Trump’s a horrible human being. He’s brash. He is a bigot. He is all of the horrible things we’ve ever
said, but honestly on the list of things we’re mad about, he’s not even close to the top,
so Cruz is wrong. About that. Just being the cause of our anger and I think
that kind of goes across the board here in the United States, people are mad because
they’re getting screwed over while the wealthy elite continue to get handouts from the federal
government. That pisses us off. Cruz continued. If we lose Texas, it’s game over. I don’t believe Texas will turn blue, but
central to that is we’re going to have to work to communicate and turn people out. Again, I agree with them on that. I know Texas is a little bit in play. We’ve seen some very promising poles. Texas ain’t turning blue in 2020 I hope I
am wrong, but I really don’t think I’m wrong about that and I think a lot of, even the
most optimistic people would agree with that Texas in the future. Yes, we can get there. We’ll probably narrow the gap in 2020 just
like we did in 2018 but turning it full blown blue for a presidential cycle. I don’t think we’re there yet. You know, there’s too many holdovers of that,
a boomer generation, and probably even the generation prior to that holding on straight
to Texas down there. And I just don’t think we have the numbers
yet to flip it. But Cruz’s warning is accurate. Democrats are energized, Democrats have messages,
and Democrats have ideas on how to move the country forward. The Republicans have none of that. They have nothing. They have nothing to run on, nothing to campaign
on, no great bogeyman other than allegedly socialism. And that’s not working out too well for them. So Cruz’s warning is falling on deaf ears
with the Republicans who refuse to admit that they’ve ever done anything wrong. And furthermore, refuse to ever do a single
thing that will actually benefit the American public.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Calls Democrats A “Sad Excuse For A Political Party”

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary
Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on Fox & Friends, I guess as part of the ongoing victory lap
after the William Barr memo attempted to clear president Trump, even though now we know that
members of Mueller’s team say, yeah, that’s not at all what happened? Nonetheless, Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on
Fox & Friends on Thursday, do a little bit more of a victory lap and then talk about
how pathetic and horrible Democrats really are. I don’t want to make you have to watch it,
so instead I’m just going to read you what Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. She said that Democrats are sad excuse for
a political party, a sad excuse for a political party. Now, if you ask me, I would think a sad excuse
for a political party would be a party that for the last 10 years has told us that the
Democrats suck on healthcare and they’re going to give us something better. And then when they have the chance to give
us something better, we realized they never bothered to come up with a plan. I’d say that’s pretty sad and pathetic, wouldn’t
you? If you talk about wanting to do something
for 10 years and then you get the chance to do it and you haven’t even started the planning
phases, that’s the sign of a party that doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. But good try Sarah. Good try and it gets worse. She goes on to talk more nonsense as this
serial liar is known to do and here it is. At some point they have to realize that they
have been beat by President Trump and the 2016 election. They’re getting beat by him day in and day
out on issues that actually matter. And I think there are a sad excuse for a political
party right now and at some point they have to decide that they want to actually govern
and they actually want to change things and make America better and join the president
in those efforts. Sarah, what world do you live in? In what world is that man in the Oval Office
beating the Democrats every day? Was it was it, was it when he shut down the
government because they wouldn’t give him what he wanted and then he reopened the government
because he still didn’t get what he wanted and he realized how much he screwed up it. Or are they, what are you talking about? They’re not beating him day in and day out. They continue to refuse to go along with the
horrible plans that he has. So he had to declare a national emergency
that most people in this country think is utter nonsense. He’s still pushing for a wall that most people
in this country think is utter nonsense. He’s now threatening to impose a 25% tariff
on literally everything that Mexico sends to the United States, which would absolutely
devastate and cripple the United States economy. And he’s doing it because he’s not winning. That’s the bottom line here, Sarah. Those tariffs on China that have decimated
farming communities in the United States, that’s not winning. He did it because he’s losing, and I don’t
know if you notice this, Sarah, but we actually, uh, what was it, November, I think it was. We had some elections where Republicans got
their butts handed to them by Democrats. Not just any democrats, but those far left
Democrats that Republicans love to attack. And they are in Congress right now kicking. But coming up with plans and policies and
proposals and ideas that your Republican party continues to shoot down. The Democrats today are better than they have
been at than at any other point in my lifetime. And they’re not getting beat every day. That’s your guy. Your desperate, disgusting, despicable boss
is the one who’s been backed into a corner by Democrats and the American public. And I wouldn’t exactly call that winning.

The “Electability” Argument Is Pure Garbage

Uh, yesterday an article caught my attention
form ABC news, the headline was, Warren gains, Harris slips in the room for improvement is
vast and that basically means nothing, but that’s not why it caught my attention. What caught my attention was a little, you
know, the little a teaser I guess that came along with it that said that Joe Biden is
still seen as the most electable. Though a majority of people don’t see him
as the best choice for the country. Now that struck me as odd. Why on Earth would people say that? Yes, Joe Biden is the most electable out of
all the Democrats. He also would not be a good president at all. Seems pretty counter intuitive, right? Like if you say yes, dammit, pizza would be
the best dinner option. Also, God, I hate pizza. That makes no sense folks. And yet that is exactly what the respondents
in this new ABC News, Washington Post poll had to say. And I just have to wonder who these people
are. According to the poll results results, 42%
of registered Democrats said that, yes, Joe Biden is absolutely the most electable Democrat
running for office right now. But only 23% of them said that he was the
right choice. So 42% say he’s our best bet in 23% say he’s
the best choice. Shouldn’t those numbers match in reality? Yes, they should. But to be honest, I’m glad they don’t because
this only further proves the point that the entire electability argument is pure trash. Joe Biden, first and foremost, is not the
most electable Democrat. If you put Joe Biden up as the Democratic
nominee, get ready for four more years of Trump, there’s no way he beats him. None. Not-a never going to happen. Okay? Joe Biden is a walking, talking GAF machine,
and even Democrats understand that and he embarrasses us. Trump is too, don’t get me wrong, except that
his gaffes don’t bother his base. They just adjust their own reality and suddenly
his GAF has. Now the truth, Democrats, we can’t do that
because we’re not insane. Trump’s supporters are, but we’re not. So when Joe Biden comes out and tries to rewrite
history, we have to say, hey, um, no, we don’t go through our memory and erase the actual
truth and replace it with the Biden truth. But that’s what Trump’s supporters do. So no, Biden is not the most electable. Those gaps are going to cost him dearly. Once we head into the actual primaries. The thing about electability is, do you know
who the most electable person is? The person you want to vote for? That’s what makes them electable. It’s right there in the word elect. It’s in there. So who you want to vote for that is the person
that is electable? Let’s stop. and I’m saying this to every polling agency
here in the United States. Stop asking the damn question of who is the
most electable because that is a question that means absolutely nothing and voters stop
answering that question or stop paying attention to the poll results because the person who’s
the most electable to you for you is the person you want to vote for. We have a primary process going on right now
for a good reason to vet these candidates to see who has the best ideas. Let’s vote on those. Let’s vote on the ideas. Not Focus only on who’s going to beat Donald
Trump because we got it wrong last time and you’re getting it wrong again. This time, beating Donald Trump is not the
most important thing in 2020 it’s simply isn’t. It can’t be. This isn’t a team sport, okay? We’re not rooting for our team to just beat
the other team. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one point victory,
as long as we win, we win. No, we want to go out there and see that our
office is kicking ass. Our defense is out there killing it and our
special teams are the best in the country. It’s not just about winning. It’s about how we win and why we win and that’s
what this primary processes about. You know, consider this, the political playoffs and Joe Biden lucked in there as a wild card
because everybody knew his name and that’s not going to get them to the final
round. It’s not going to get them to the Super Bowl,
which is the 2020 presidential election. We’ve got candidates out there who have real
policies, real solutions, and real ideas on how to get us there. Joe Biden isn’t one of them. Those people running on policies and platforms
and plans and ideas, they’re the most electable because the people like their positions the
best. That’s the bottom line. Those are the people you need to spend your
time looking at and analyzing and critiquing and finding out who’s ideas best suit your
needs as a human being and then after you’ve assessed it for yourself, who would be best
for the country, and if we all took that wonderful, great introspective look, not just at ourselves,
but at our candidates. I’m pretty sure most of us, if we’re not on
the top, 1% probably wouldn’t decide on Joe Biden at that point.