Diplomatic Announcement To Israel Of Moshiach’s Arrival

Moshiach is here now and the Torah Code seems to indicate that
both you and your Father will participate in announcing this glorious news
in just a few days. As you can see in the Torah Code tables,
his name is: RAYMOND ELWOOD LEAR Properly truncated to:
RAYEL or RA-EL The process of Moshiach taking his throne
will begin this year 5775, and extend into next year as a number
of respected Rabbis have prophesied, including Chabad’s founder. Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
Founder of Chabad Likewise, a number of prominent rabbinical
researchers have verified this time with both the Torah Code and Gimatria. This is a very interesting table which refers to what Isaac Luria said, and also previous rabbis of Chabad pointed out the clear indication in the Torah that
the Sabbatical Year, 5775 years after creation, is a Sabbatical Year which is very appropriate
for redemption for Moshiach (Messiah) to come. Interestingly, the table that you are going to see
just now indicates almost clearly to all the things, as we find: Messiah, Moshiach,
Sabbatical Year with the Year 5775, and the end of days coming together. So let us see the table, and then
we’ll see very interesting things concerning this idea of this year,
Sabbatical Year, which is as we said the year which indicates redemption. Now what you have here is… 5775, an amazing year clearly written here Shemitah,
this is a Sabbatical year coming here. Alright, next is the word… 5775,
then we have also have… Moshiach clearly also indicating to it. Now what is of the most important thing is
Maimonides said that the condition to Moshiach is… …do all this verse of the Torah
which G-d commanded us. And then definitely what you have here is the word…
repentance. The Rambam says clearly… Now what is interesting is this verse,
which says about G-d’s saying, but this song, it is a song about the future,
it will be evidence to the truth of the verse of Torah. You have the word…
the end of days coming here. And the promise which G-d says… So amazingly as we said, clearly indicating
that this year 5775, Sabbatical year, is appropriate for Moshiach, for Messiah,
to come to redeem us. And we enter to the end of time
(end of days), but they made a condition is to do “repentance”… So let’s sincerely hope that this would be done,
and Messiah (Moshiach) will come soon in our time. Definitely saying next year,
which is Sabbatical year. Today you came to Los Angeles,
and you’re showing me something which is so phenomenal we just have to show it to people. And this is from a book from a Rabbi
that has passed away. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson
Torah Code Expert / Ancient Hebrew A Kabbalist… that works with Gimatria,
or the science of numbers, and finding things in the scriptures. And what you’ve shown me is just beyond
coincidence, in my opinion, that all this is happening. Can you please show us the 776
number that he found? Yeah. What you see is the following: Is in Hebrew, but… The coming of Messiah in 776. The past 6 months, all of you that are working on
Torah Codes have all sent me some incredible tables all pointing towards Messiah, and all of you seem to be working on that
topic more than anything else right now And can you please read these individual
lines to us and explain what that means? Now the most important point is that
next year is after Sabbatical. – Yes
– According to our tradition, the time of Messiah coming is after Sabbatical. Interesting to point that 776 comes before 777. Now mystically, “7”, number 7, represents
“kingdom”, “completion”. And there are three dimensions
of singles, tens, and hundreds. So the number “777” represents this completion. That’s interesting.
– Think about the plan. The plan “777”.
This number is very interesting. A lot of things now are just kinda coming
together here. Pretty incredible. So let us see this table.
What you see here is the following: The Lord of Abraham, the Lord of Isaac,
the Lord of Jacob, 776 And in English it would probably be read,
“The G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” And if you add up those words,
it comes to 776. And the next one: The Kingdom of David will number to eternal,
to the eternal world. The kingdom of David will what? – The world.
– …for the eternal world. It will be eternal. So in Hebrew these are two words…
…come back to me then I will come back to you. 776. Then you have here…
G-d said: I will do for myself, for myself I will do. – 776.
– Wow, that’s a nice one. Then…
Come back to me, like naughty children. The idea that G-d asks us to come back to him.
776. He wants us to come back. That’s incredible. Again, what is written here:
…Kingdom of G-d will be… forever. Then, you have here:
…The last Kingdom=776. Now, what was that?
Read that in English again. …The last Kingdom… 776 – The last kingdom.
– Yeah, it means all the previous were not eternal,
but this will be eternal. And the most interesting numerical value,
Gimatria, is… the coming of Messiah. 776 – Wow.
– The numerical value of the Moshiach. And what’s the big one at the bottom? It is written here what is written. 776, this is the year. 776. …and all these sentences are 776,
which is the next year. Okay, but it would actually be 5776. Yeah, because you see we look on days
to every millennia… as a separate part. Right. So how we do know it’s the 5th? Because you see according to our tradition
Messiah will come in this millennium, – …which is the 6th one.
– Really? This is why the numbers don’t have the “5” here because it is self-understood when you speak
about Messiah, you elect to 5,000 …every 6th millennia. Is that a kabbalistic thing? It is not kabbalistic. There is Vilna Gaon. The Vilna Gaon says that all the indication
to our history in the 6th millennia – is in the book of Deuteronomy.
– Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy. Even it is the 5th book, but we
believe the Book of Genesis is divided into two parts. So basically, Deuteronomy is really like a 6th book. So therefore a lot of indications of what
is going to be in the world and what really happened,
you find in the book of Deuteronomy. Because it is the 6th millennia. So in the Book of Daniel, it says… and we actually put that into the
Torah Code Into Darkness film, it says: “…But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal
the book, even to the time of the end; many shall
run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Since time is exceedingly short,
we will quickly show you the evidence and then we will work with you
to reveal this to the world. But one immensely important thing first.
You are a sophisticated man, Rabbi. You know Moshiach cannot rule the world unless
he is accepted by all three Abrahamic faiths. So by necessity we will prove to you that
he meets the expected criteria of Jews, as well as Christians and Muslims. The man we are speaking of is
a righteous Jew from the line of David. His understanding and application
of Torah principals is unmatched. He has thousands of followers who are guided
by him to learn and embrace the Torah. He is a celebrated hero in the United States,
known for waging the battles of G-d. RAYEL was a celebrated hero in the City of Chicago,
known for fighting crime and corruption. RAYMOND ELWOOD HOWARD LEAR
COMMANDER: CHICAGO CHAPTER When the people grew tired of the rampant
political and police corruption, they persuaded
him to run for Governor of Illinois. Since RAYEL could not be bribed or threatened away,
the corrupt politicians and police killed his father,
kidnapped and drugged his fiance, and jailed both RAYEL and his elderly mother on false charges,
all to keep him from running for office. Just so you are aware, his false imprisonment is a
key belief within Christian eschatology.
(Matthew chapter 25 verse 36) What you are about to view is an online video,
created during his political campaign. My name …is Raymond Lear, …and I’m here to help. …to be, I think, recognized as
one of the most corrupt states in the nation. It’s terrible, it’s awful, and it’s true. Even here, where the last governor is in the slammer, …the charges against this one
shock even the most cynical citizens. Chicago is known for corruption in the political system,
[Tranette Williams, Chicago Resident] …and you have to be doing
a pretty terrible job to get caught. The whole world was listening.
Is this the dumbest guy ever? This time the state’s dirty laundry isn’t just local news,
this sorted story has gone global. It’s perfect fodder for the late-night comics. It’s not such a great day for the entire state of Illinois. Their governor was arrested today.
Their governor! We’re joined now by Clarence Page of the Chicago
Tribune and Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times. Good morning all. I’m reading your column this morning, Clarance.
I grew up in Illinois. I remember Paul Powell, former Secretary of State, …who was hiding checks that were stuck in
cardboard boxes in his attic for crying out loud. Where does this fit in the pantheon
of corruption of this state? I think this one is shocking
mainly in that it was so brazen. The governor… Stunning details… Staggering… Shocked… This is amazing… This is amazing. Astonishing, breathtaking, amazing… …the bombshell… Jaw-dropping… Unbelievable… Bizarre… Nepotism, favoritism, cronyism,
and outright corruption… A special kind of chutzpah… This guy’s just a punk.
He’s an arrogant punk who thinks that, you know… When they talk about term limits for Illinois politicians,
they don’t mean how long they can serve office. No, they mean the prison term that former
Governor Otto Kerner served for taking
race track stocks in return for favors. Or the year and a half former Governor Dan Walker
served for bank fraud after he left office. Or the 6 and a half years former governor George Ryan
is now serving for selling off licenses and contracts. If it isn’t the most corrupt states in the United States,
it’s certainly one hell of a competitor.
[Robert Grant, FBI, Chicago] My father was a World War II navy veteran.
[Picture: Raymond Lear Senior] Fought in the D-Day invasion. A braver man, I have never known. He taught me the importance of taking a stand
in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity, and I have tried to follow
in his very honorable footsteps. Likewise, my mother was a
naval youth programs officer,
[Picture: Raymond & Ruth Lear] working tirelessly to keep inner-city kids
in school and off the streets. She inspired me to form the largest and
most successful inner-city youth core of its kind. We helped thousands of kids
stay out of gangs and off drugs,
[Pictures: U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps.] with the help of the Navy
and many private supporters. But what people know me best for…
is fighting crime and injustice. I was the Commander of the Chicago chapter
of the world famous Guardian Angels.
[Newspaper: Angels hover near governor in protest] The all volunteer force, that nightly… …risks life and limb to keep the most dangerous
areas, of the most dangerous cities, safe. Those who wear the wings are honor bound to fight
crime and corruption, no matter where it lies.
[Picture: Oprah Show. Right: Raymond Lear] Today the fight is here, not on some foreign shore.
[Newspaper: Residents cheer Angels] Liberty and corruption cannot coexist. Every day we are losing more of the rights
and freedoms we once took for granted.
[Newspaper: ‘Angel’ wants to help others] We must make our stand here and now
if we are ever to regain what has been lost. Blagojevich took office five years ago as a reformer promising to clean up the mess left
by former governor George Ryan, now serving six years for fraud and racketeering. Mr. Obama’s seat is vacant because
the American people want a change. If these allegations are true,
it’s clear change may be needed
even more badly back home. It’s time for REAL change Maimonides writes, “Neither the order of the occurrence of these
events nor their precise detail is among the fundamental principles of the faith… one should wait and believe
in the general conception of the matter.” By these facts alone, he meets Maimonides’ criteria
of being the presumptive Moshiach, but there is much more. The Torah Code has identified him as Moshiach by name, birthdate, intimate details and titles,
such as: Shiloh, King of the Jews, Messiah, Lord, etc. several hundred times… and we are discovering more every week. These results are easily verified by
any competent Torah Code researcher. The Torah Code also identifies this as… the time he will take his throne. There are simply too many
Torah Code discoveries to list here, so we will include only
the most relevant ones for now. Rabbi, the Torah Code says
He is Moshiach. In truth, that is all that matters. There is no other criteria to meet
since G-d has declared him to be ‘The Anointed One.’ But as we have said, Christians and
Muslims have to also accept him if He is going to rule the entire world. Christians believe that the Holy Spirit ascended
into the clouds over Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, and would return there in the same way. The Holy Spirit would descend with a flash like
lightning and travel west to join with a righteous man. And the world witnessed this event
on January 28th, 2011.
[Matthew 24:27] January 28th, 2011. The world witnessed the Holy Spirit
of Lord RayEl descend from Heaven over Jerusalem What was in the skies over Jerusalem, and why did it stop over one of the
most treasured sites in Christianity? We’ve seen them in Mississippi like this but…
never like… never like this. Ooooh. Wow! Well if you surf around online today, uh, and it probably will not be long before you come
across footage of a UFO in the skies over Jerusalem. Now it is sparking intense debate on the internet. Trace Gallagher following this live from our West Coast.
So the question is: what was that UFO, what was it doing over Jerusalem,
and… you know… IS HE BACK? Yeah, and that is the question by the way Megyn because, you know critics, it’s difficult for
them to dismiss this because there are
so many different angles. We’ve got four different videos
all from various perspectives, uh, showing this ‘light’ above the dome of the rock
in Jerusalem, The Temple Mount, of course we know which is a holy site
for both Jews and Muslims. You see the shining ball of light, right? It’s above there, it’s kinda, well… they
just froze and it and I really can’t see it now, – but there it is right there. It’s at the top of the screen…
– Yeah It’s up there, and it hovers. Kind of a pulsating ore. And then hold on here because this thing starts
going down right toward, you see it there, going down, toward the dome of the rock in The Temple Mount,
and then it stops and it hovers there for a while, it kinda sits there, and then all of a sudden
it shoots straight back up into the air. Woah Now experts say this would be kinda an
indication this is an unmanned — There it is. – You saw it right there.
– I saw it. It shot straight back up into the air, yeah.
Kinda hard to see but it shot up in the air, and the experts think that, you know,
it’s an unmanned vehicle they believe. It could be a drone but they do not know of
anything like this in the Israeli army. Um, so… they say this is either incredible video,
or some very well-orchestrated hoax. Some have said maybe this is a movie, uh, that,
uh you know, putting out this, uh, I don’t know. What do you put out if you’re a movie?
A trailer, or some kind of a… a hoax to try and promote a movie that’s yet to be named?
We don’t know. Could be Jacob’s Ladder. Remember Jacob’s Ladder?
The scary — No I don’t watch scary films, they freak me out. Well no, the biblical thing. Where Jacob’s Ladder,
you know, the Jews and the Christians believe
Jacob’s Ladder, who saw it in a dream, leaves from the Temple
Mount steps to heaven… I thought that was a thriller that went very scary. That’s… that’s what one of the producers said.
Yeah… – I saw that movie. No, I’m talking about
the biblical reference.
– Okay, haha. Alright, listen I don’t like to be scared.
I.. I just can’t take it. It’s, you know. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like anything
with torture, and I don’t like to be scared. So… that video doesn’t make me feel
either of these things, so we’re okay. TG, thank you. We’re gonna follow up on it. You bet. What do you guys think? What was that? I mean it’s one thing to just come down,
but then it goes back up? Hmm. Kelly at FOXNEWS.com THE MESSIAH IS HERE! RAYEL was being kept in the international border zone
between the United States and Mexico, when the
Holy Spirit descended on January 28th 2011. The Holy Spirit joined with him there, thus fulfilling
the prophecy of Matthew chapter 24 verse 27-28. American Bald Eagle vs. Mexican Golden Eagle
U.S. / Mexico “International Zone” The Muslims believe that he will descend
over a white minaret east of Damascus gate. This white minaret is of course the
Ghawanima minaret seen in the news video. So, the basic criteria of both Christians and
Muslims has been met by this single event. Since the January 28th 2011 event,
many, many, many miraculous events attributed to Moshiach have occurred
and been very well documented. But because Maimonides does not believe
miracles are a requirement, we will not address them at this time. So Rabbi, by the criteria of all three
Abrahamic faiths, by Gimatria, and most importantly by G-d’s
own declaration in the Torah: Moshiach is here, now, and we must quickly begin work with you
to prepare his way. Contact The Apostolate Office:
[email protected]

How to run the Azure Government Functions sample

In this video we walk through the different capabilities of as …Azure functions as well as the azure government functions sample here we …navigated as your azure government portal we can see that I already have a function app deployed. Let’s see how quick and easy it is stand-up a function in the cloud in order to create a new function in our function app click on this button right here. Here we can see that there are multiple types of triggers and http trigger, timer, service bus as well as a queue …trigger. These triggers allow us to respond to events such as something being added on a queue or …storage blob. So, let’s create a simple http trigger. Here we can see that there are multiple languages supported. I name…my function select an authorization level for security then click create. Now you can see the function that…just created. If we look at the code is just parsing a name query parameter and then printing that the parameter out on the page so let’s run this function by clicking is run but. Right here we can see we can get the function url which we are going to copy. And, paste right into our browser. We can now and. Our query string parameter at the end of our url. As we can see on this page the function took our query parameter that the user passed in…printed it out on the page. We have navigated back to our function up let’s take a look at the …hub web…function that I’ve created. For a lot of github users…we want to not only respond http but other events such as comments issues or checkins whatever the case may be github has a web hook infrastructure that we can hook into to listen for those events. So, let’s navigate to our github repository have already configured a web hook for this repository that connects back to the function that we just saw let’s write a comment. …navigate back to our function and take a look at our logs we can see that function was triggered as a result of that comment. Now let’s take a look at another example. Here we have a blog trigger function functions offer different connectors which allows to connect blob storage or q storage and respond directly to specific events this one minus code is watching this blob for any change now let’s navigated the integrate tab. Here we can see that in this integration this function is connected to this specific storage account and watching this blob. Now we can come over to the storage explore …can see all the resources in our storage accounts I’ve configured this function to listen for this specific blob so let me upload file for my local machine to this container. We can see that we have successfully uploaded this file to our block container now we navigate back to the portal we can see in our log set the function was triggered by that file upload. In the past…demos we have set up and interact with as your functions directly to the portal however in a real-world application we probably wouldn’t be writing code directly into a ui. In this next demo we’ll be looking at the …function sample which consists of a web application that directly interact very function up as you can see we have the function app opened in visual studio. We have a break point set that will be hit when we uploaded image to our web application I have this website running up and as your government is the azure government image motivator so when people upload images to a system we can moderate which ones have been approved click on the images tab can see that we already have for images of cars that have been approved. So, when someone…image of a car the image will be …if not they will show up as rejected? So, let’s click on the upload… Here I can upload a picture of a car or whatever it may be so let me upload this picture. As we can see this is the image of a car when I hit upload this will write a message to a queue which will then trigger a function that I already have running so let’s click upload. We can see the status is pending and we have hit our break point in our function up by writing to the image…we have triggered this function the passes image moderation async method is actually sending this image to the computer vision api to be analyzed we can see from the caption a blue car parked in front of a house and we have a boolean for containing a car and it’s …true so when I…continue. And, I hit refresh. We should see now the status of this image has been approved as it is the image of a car. We navigate back to images we can now see the picture that we just uploaded …added under the approved tab. So, now let’s try uploading a picture of something that is not a car. As we can see this is a fire hydrants ergo not a car. Status is pending we’ve had our break point the caption is a red fire hydrants sitting on the side-of-the-road and our boolean is false he continue hit refresh we can see that the status has been project. We navigate back to our images and we can see …now there is something under the rejected …we had successfully moderated an image of something that is not a car. In this video we have shown you how easy it is to get started with …azure functions directly in the portal and the various types of triggers that you can set we have also walked through the azure government functions sample which is a simple web application that utilize functions for an image moderation scenario we highly recommend that you navigate to our azure government functions sample where you can follow the detail documentation to set this up on your local machine and see the power of functions for yourself.

How to replace the grill element in a Diplomat cooker

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares and, in this video,
I’m going to show you how to replace the grill element on this fitted electric cooker.
Now I’m going to be working on a Diplomat ADP cooker but you’ll find that the process
is pretty similar for all fitted electric combination ovens. Now, this is a grill element. Now you’ll
know if yours is broken if it’s not coming on at all or if you see bright spots or uneven
patches when it is in use. Now some grill elements are fitted from the inside of the
oven. This will mean you’ll just be able to remove screws from here and replace with
the new one, so it’s pretty easy to do. However, on this Diplomat ADP 3101, the grill
element is fitted from the back so what I’m going to need to do is remove the whole oven
from its unit. Now, safety first: always make sure that your
cooker is switched off at the wall. As you can see, in this kitchen, the switch is here.
Yours may be underneath the cooker or it could be in a cupboard, but just do make sure that
your oven is switched off before you get to work. And, similarly, if you are not a hundred
per cent confident with fitting this yourself, do contact a qualified technician to do it
for you. But, what I’m going to do first, is just
remove these shelves and shelf supports from the oven. Ok, now I’ve removed the shelves
and shelf supports from the oven , I need to remove the door. To do this, I’m just
going to pull up these latches which sit on the hinge. There you go. And do it on the
other side as well. And now, I just need to go to lift the door up like this and it should
just come away. There we go. Ok, now I’ve removed the oven door, I’m
going to remove the whole oven from its unit. Now, you may need to unscrew yours but I’m
just going to lift mine straight up. Now, you must do this carefully because you don’t
want the flex to come out off the back of the oven. So I’m just going to lift mine
up like that and carefully place it in the floor. There we go, ok. Now, I’m going to
remove the top panels and the back panel from the oven. I’m going to need a torqueshead
screwdriver to do this. Ok, now I’ve got access to the back of the
oven, I’m just going to pull the installation here and now I can see the back of my grill
element. Ok, what I’m going to do first is take a picture of how this is wired so
I know exactly how to rewire it when I put the new grill element in. Now, I’m just
going to use pliers to remove the wires. There we go. And now, with my torqueshead screwdriver,
I’m just going to remove the two screws. Ok, now I can take my old element out and
put my new one in, making sure that it’s the right way round. There we go. Ok, now I need to screw in and
rewire my new element. Ok, there we go. Now I just need to put everything back together
the way I took it apart. Ok, now I’m going to fit the door back in and we need to make
sure that this slot on the hinge sits perfectly onto the hole in the main part of the oven.
Once the doors are back on, I just need to flip both these latches back over so I can
close the door. There we go, one grill element changed on
a Diplomat cooker. It can be quite time consuming because you’ve got to take the oven out
of the unit, but you’ll get there in the end. Thanks for watching.

Trump Using Military as Pawns with Pardons

let’s go to the phones at (617) 830-4750. Let’s go first to Jose, who we have not heard
from, uh, since January. Uh, Oh. So what’s going on? Hey, what’s up David? How you doing? Good. How are you? I’m doing good. I’m doing good. Hell, I want to hear your thoughts on a book
fascination of of this administration using the military as pawn. Um, my, my thing was the whole issue with
Eddie Gallagher, uh, being pardoned for war crimes and yeah, and just today a daily piece
article was put out where Donald Trump wants to use the uh, or criminals as essentially
his campaign motivation going forward. Yup. He wants them to go and campaign for him. And this is so, listen, this, this is the
reality. Earlier this week Trump did a press conference
with a military dog and it’s clear Trump doesn’t care about the dog. It’s just how can I use the dog to try to
look good? It’s always about what can you do for Trump? Nothing is about actual values or political
philosophy because Trump really has none. And case in point, it was absolutely ridiculous
that Donald Trump said, Hey, war criminals doesn’t matter. You can get out, but now you need to do work
for me and you need to campaign for me. By the way, who said, this is totally aside
from whether it would benefit Trump to have pardoned war criminals campaigning for him. Maybe it would help them with people on the
right. I don’t think people on the left would be
too thrilled with that. But what we get down to is it’s just all about
what can you do for Trump? How can you, excuse me? How can you, uh, show your, uh, unending loyalty
to Trump? And if he’s done you a favor of some kind,
then how are you going to repay him? Right. Uh, in my opinion, this kind of sounds, it’s
toeing the line with bribery. In other words, that’s how Trump operates. Yeah, you’re right. Yeah. Right, right. And I just can’t tell, I don’t know why people
don’t see that. Um, I know, I know a couple people that I
serve that can see right through that, but there’s many others that just, they see this
as a, when they see this as, Hey, is there ISIS? Hey there, they’re the enemy anyways. Cares. Yup. This is, so when Trump worked in real estate,
this is how we operated, he would, this is how Trump operated in real estate. This is what happened with Ukraine. This is what’s happening here. It’s it, it’s what happens with, and by the
way, with, with ambassadorships, it’s bigger than Trump. This is just how ambassadorships work in the
United States and it’s sickening. But this is how the guy operates. That’s it. You’ve identified it, right? Um, yeah. Thank you for taking my call, David. Um, I just want to let you know that I’m a
regular listener and, uh, I’m pretty active on the subreddit, so, uh, thank you. All right, very good. Great to hear from you. Appreciate the call.

College President Facing Impeachment For Paying Donald Trump Jr. $50,000

How was it that everything that the Trump
family touches just turns to complete and utter crap? Think about this. It was announced earlier this week on Tuesday
actually, that the student body president of the university of Florida was facing an
impeachment inquiry that happened this past Tuesday. And do you know why this student, Michael
Murphy is facing an impeachment inquiry because he’s being accused of the illegally using
student funds to pay Donald Trump jr and his girlfriend Kimberly, uh Guilfoyle $50,000
to come speak at the university. Now, here’s the backstory on all of this. Obviously, if you want to have any kind of
politician or political writer, which this was to promote his book triggered, um, come
to your school, you can do that. You gotta raise the money or use it from your
clubs, fees, whatever it is, you pay them the money. And sure, if it’s partisan, it’s partisan,
whatever, that’s perfectly fine. But what mr student body president at university
of Florida, Michael Murphy did, allegedly was, he used mandatory student fees to pay
the $50,000 to Donald Trump. Now, mandatory student fees are exactly what
they sound like. Fees that every student is forced to pay to
the college. The college is a publicly funded university
as well, which means it cannot in any way support or engage in partisan politics. So by taking those mandatory student fees
and using that to pay for a partisan political event does become an impeachable offense for
Mr. Michael Murphy. And during Donald Trump and Kimberly Goyal
foils, little speech down there, they engaged in partisan politics. They promoted his father’s campaign, so automatically
off the top, that makes it a partisan event because they’re elevating a political party
slash politician that partisan game over a Gilfoyle Goyalfoil. However you say it. I honestly don’t care. She’s a horrible human being. Um, she attacked verbally the liberal protesters
at the event, both inside and out of the event. So that’s engaging in partisan politics. Donald Trump jr did the same thing. There’s no question this was a partisan event,
but Michael Murphy thought, you know what? I don’t want to spend our, our club money
on this. I’m going to take money from the college itself
to pay this jerk because after all, I know that people will work for his campaign. There’s the plot twist folks. She, Michael Murphy isn’t just some kid who
Rose up through the ranks at the university of Florida, got elected. Their student body president came from nothing. Oh God, no folks, his daddy is a high profile
Republican lobbyist and they have millions of dollars and his daddy’s given a lot of
money to the Donald Trump campaign. And then this past summer, lil Michael Murphy
was at a party at one of Donald Trump, 2020 staffers houses like not just a house party
like you. You’ve seen it at university of Florida. I’ve been to a couple. Those are amazing. No, this was one of the crappy kinds where
it’s all the horrible Florida Republican rich folk hanging out. And Michael Murphy was there and that’s how
we met the person who put him in touch with Trump jr to come to the college impeach this
kid, impeach him today because you knew exactly what he was doing. But this is how incestuous and disgusting
Florida politics and Florida universities truly are. If you’re a Republican in this state and you’ve
got a lot of money, you can get away with anything. Just ask Matt Gates and his dad, Don Gates,
both of them got away with massive crimes and this little kid who inappropriately used
his college’s money to benefit his friend Donnie jr, I’d say he probably based on his
current behavior, has a pretty bright future and Republican politics because he’s already
on the path of corruption and deception, which pretty much are the core of the entire Republican party today.

GSOMIA終了凍結 ムンジェイン大統領、アメリカに膝を屈して日本との交渉へ Korean diplomacy hurts South Korea

Hello everyone. Kaoru Kamikawa. The topic this time will be about the freezing of GSOMIA. At midnight on the 23rd, GSOMIA was about to finish completely. However, the Japanese side said that it would stop the end of GSOMIA. This time, let’s dig a little deeper into why this happened. First of all, please listen to the article that tells about the freezing of GSOMIA. President K is concerned about the end of GSOMIA K, Presidential Office, Announced that the GSOMIA termination notice has been suspended. The K government announced the decision to end GSOMIA on August 22 this year, The Japanese government was informed of the intention of termination in writing. The effect of this written notice has been suspended for the time being. Kim Yu-gung, the First General Manager of the National Security Office of the Blue tile stand, opened a briefing at 6pm on the 22nd, “The Government of Country K is supposed to be able to stop the effect of GSOMIA at any time, The GSOMIA termination notice on August 22 has been suspended. ” “The Japanese government also showed an understanding of this,” he said. Deputy Director Kim said, “While the Korea-Japan dialogue on export control policies is taking place normally, We decided to stop the WTO prosecution procedure against Japan’s three-item export restrictions. ” On top of that, the governments of Korea and Japan recently announced their actions at the same time to resolve the concerns between the two countries. In connection with this, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan held a press conference on export control at the same time, “We have started discussions with the government of K regarding the removal of export restrictions”. GSOMIA stipulates that the agreement period will be automatically extended by one year if both countries do not intend to terminate. Since the government of K has announced that it will be able to terminate the effect of GSOMIA at any time, There is a view that it is a temporary freezing measure. In the evening, the news that GSOMIA would stop ending, I was very disappointed. This is because this is the one-person play of President Munjain. Whether in Japan or the United States, I have never told President Munjain to stop GSOMIA. The Japanese and American governments have always said the same thing. “For GSOMIA, extend it,” says this. However, President Munjain has rooted that his country has been excluded from the White designation. We decided to abandon GSOMIA. In the first place, trade issues and security issues are completely different. So, this GSOMIA may be completely terminated, It’s just an act of hurting himself that President Munjain started by himself. However, no matter how much pressure was given from the United States, President Moon Jane did not change his own argument. It cannot be forgiven that Japan has excluded country K from the white country designation. The opinion is that GSOMIA will be terminated as long as there is no improvement. However, when it comes to the stage that is going to end completely, The pressure from the United States has become very powerful. Here’s a recent example: The US-Korea alliance may be completely over, or it may hurt the relationship, That has flowed into various news. For example, the reduction or withdrawal of US forces in Korea. The other day, finally, it was reported to the concrete contents. This is a very symbolic news that made the pressure from the US visible. Somehow, vaguely, the US military in Korea may be reduced, it may be withdrawn, It ’s not a story, but specifically, what units are going to be lost, It was very specific news. Perhaps the news itself, whether it is true or not, Perhaps the real aim was pressure against President Moon Jae-in. Also in today’s morning, The US Parliament has submitted a bill and passed the GSOMIA issue. GSOMIA was a very important one, and it was a blaming statement that awaited the end. The one that was passed by the American parliament has one important meaning. Rather than the Trump administration criticizing it. Whether it’s an American parliament, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, This is because the statement of intent that “the GSOMIA should be extended” should be very strong. The administration is opposed to the consensus of the United States, rather than being opposed. It was a very strong message, “This is the will of the United States”. If I say why I want to convey the movement of America one after another like this, That is because the Japanese government is not moving at all. As you know, I always express the movement of Prime Minister Abe in this way. Prime Minister Abe is not moving at all. This is not a criticism of anything. The prime minister of Japan doesn’t change at all, so it doesn’t have to move, so it doesn’t move. On the other hand, regarding this GSOMIA termination issue, The United States is where it moved the most. It is President Moon Jane that broke down in response to this American movement. Therefore, when the news that “I will extend GSOMIA as it is, I will withdraw the destruction”, I thought this as my first feeling. “President Munjain succumbed to America.” President Moon Jane, bowed down against the United States, Let’s talk about Japan-Korea relations in the future. First of all, President Moon Jane has made one step forward because of his knees. It has made a little progress on the issue that the trade issue and the security issue are completely different. This is because that country has made a move to withdraw what the WTO has filed against the WTO. Despite the fact that Japanese claims have not changed at all, That country’s move to withdraw complaints is just proof that it has yielded to pressure from the United States. And about the matter that was being pursued on the trade management issues, It is believed that they have discussed and expressed their intention to improve. There is one caveat with regard to conducting this discussion. As President Munjain, Japan has come to the table of dialogue, Japan responds to the dialogue, That’s why we have come close to us, It is to explain to the domestic market. This is not true. Because when the Abe administration removed from the white country designation, This is because the Japanese side has always sought dialogue. For items that can be diverted to military use, “may be diverted or missing” “What is going on about these things? Let’s talk firmly.” That was the Japanese side. It had been called out from the White country designation, many years ago, nearly two years ago. In other words, the window of dialogue was always open. The same was true after the exclusion from the White country designation. In order to solve the problem, you must bring a solid improvement plan, The window was always open. Nevertheless, the reason why the discussion was not held is that Because President Munjain did not bring a solution. One theory is that for missing items, “I can’t give you a decent explanation, so don’t you have a solution?” It was that country that always received the suspicion. As you can see, President Munjain is at his convenience, You will bend the facts so that you can explain to your people. In that sense, the possible future development is President Munjain is basically an untrustworthy person, The Japanese government will carry out diplomatic negotiations while maintaining the basic attitude of Is very important. For now, regarding trade management issues, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has announced that the state of being excluded from the White country designation will be maintained. In other words, the Japanese side has not made any concessions. As I said before, If the partner country presupposes that it will first show its intention to improve and then come up with a proposal for improvement, it will hold a discussion. The story is that the partner country finally comes to the meeting in a broken form. In this way, when the Japanese government did not move, the Munjain administration finally broke down. I have a very unfortunate feeling. The Japanese government has not taken any action, Without permission, President Moon Jae-in was doing something that hurt his country. So, the complete termination of GSOMIA Indeed, it may have remained in history as one of the folly for President Munjain. If negotiation with Japan did not succeed, After all, in other countries, GSOMIA says that it will end as it is. Therefore, whether this GSOMIA is completely finished is It will be at the end of future discussions. So far, there is no sign that Japan can break through negotiations. Perhaps if you quit GSOMIA again, that country might say, That’s a little left in the corner of the head. What are your thoughts on hearing this news? Please write a comment by all means. Thank you for watching the video until the end. If you have n’t subscribed, subscribe to the channel, I would be happy if you came to see me again. See you in the next video. See you ~

News 4 Political Analysts respond to Trump win


Hess’s law example | Thermodynamics | Chemistry | Khan Academy

This problem is from chapter
five of the Kotz, Treichel, Townsend Chemistry and Chemical
Reactivity textbook. So they tell us, suppose you
want to know the enthalpy change– so the change in
total energy– for the formation of methane, CH4,
from solid carbon as a graphite– that’s right there–
and hydrogen gas. So we want to figure
out the enthalpy change of this reaction. How do we get methane– how
much energy is absorbed or released when methane is formed
from the reaction of– solid carbon as graphite
and hydrogen gas? So they tell us the enthalpy
change for this reaction cannot to be measured in the
laboratory because the reaction is very slow. So normally, if you could
measure it you would have this reaction happening and you’d
kind of see how much heat, or what’s the temperature change,
of the surrounding solution. Maybe this is happening so slow
that it’s very hard to measure that temperature change,
or you can’t do it in any meaningful way. We can, however, measure
enthalpy changes for the combustion of carbon, hydrogen,
and methane. So they’re giving us the
enthalpy changes for these combustion reactions–
combustion of carbon, combustion of hydrogen,
combustion of methane. And they say, use this
information to calculate the change in enthalpy for
the formation of methane from its elements. So any time you see this kind
of situation where they’re giving you the enthalpies for a
bunch of reactions and they say, hey, we don’t know the
enthalpy for some other reaction, and that other
reaction seems to be made up of similar things, your brain
should immediately say, hey, maybe this is a Hess’s
Law problem. Hess’s Law. And all Hess’s Law says is that
if a reaction is the sum of two or more other reactions,
then the change in enthalpy of this reaction is
going to be the sum of the change in enthalpies
of those reactions. Now, when we look at this, and
this tends to be the confusing part, how can you construct
this reaction out of these reactions over here? And what I like to do is just
start with the end product. So I like to start with the end
product, which is methane in a gaseous form. And when we look at all these
equations over here we have the combustion of methane. So this actually involves
methane, so let’s start with this. But this one involves
methane and as a reactant, not a product. But what we can do is just flip
this arrow and write it as methane as a product. So if we just write this
reaction, we flip it. So now we have carbon dioxide
gas– let me write it down here– carbon dioxide gas plus–
I’ll do this in another color– plus two waters– if
we’re thinking of these as moles, or two molecules of
water, you could even say– two molecules of water
in its liquid state. That can, I guess you can say,
this would not happen spontaneously because it
would require energy. But if we just put this in the
reverse direction, if you go in this direction you’re going
to get two waters– or two oxygens, I should say– I’ll
do that in this pink color. So two oxygens– and that’s in
its gaseous state– plus a gaseous methane. CH4. CH4 in a gaseous state. And all I did is I wrote this
third equation, but I wrote it in reverse order. I’m going from the reactants
to the products. When you go from the products
to the reactants it will release 890.3 kilojoules
per moles of the reaction going on. But if you go the other way it
will need 890 kilojoules. So the delta H here– I’ll do
this in the neutral color– so the delta H of this reaction
right here is going to be the reverse of this. So it’s positive 890.3
kilojoules per mole of the reaction. All I did is I reversed
the order of this reaction right there. The good thing about this is I
now have something that at least ends up with what
we eventually want to end up with. This is where we want to get. This is where we want
to get eventually. Now, if we want to get there
eventually, we need to at some point have some carbon dioxide,
and we have to have at some point some water
to deal with. So how can we get carbon
dioxide, and how can we get water? Well, these two reactions right
here– this combustion reaction gives us carbon
dioxide, this combustion reaction gives us water. So we can just rewrite those. Let me just rewrite them over
here, and I will– let me use some colors. So if I start with graphite–
carbon in graphite form– carbon in its graphite form
plus– I already have a color for oxygen– plus oxygen in
its gaseous state, it will produce carbon dioxide
in its gaseous form. It will produce carbon– that’s
a different shade of green– it will produce carbon
dioxide in its gaseous form. And this reaction, so when you
take the enthalpy of the carbon dioxide and from that you
subtract the enthalpy of these reactants you get
a negative number. Which means this had a lower
enthalpy, which means energy was released. Because there’s now
less energy in the system right here. So this is essentially
how much is released. But our change in enthalpy here,
our change in enthalpy of this reaction right here,
that’s reaction one. I’ll just rewrite it. Minus 393.5 kilojoules
per mole of the reaction occurring. So the reaction occurs
a mole times. This would be the
amount of energy that’s essentially released. This is our change
in enthalpy. So if this happens, we’ll
get our carbon dioxide. Now we also have– and so we
would release this much energy and we’d have this product to
deal with– but we also now need our water. And this reaction right here
gives us our water, the combustion of hydrogen. So we have– and I haven’t done
hydrogen yet, so let me do hydrogen in a new color. That’s not a new color,
so let me do blue. So right here you have hydrogen
gas– I’m just rewriting that reaction–
hydrogen gas plus 1/2 O2– pink is my color for oxygen–
1/2 O2 gas will yield, will it give us some water. Will give us H2O, will give
us some liquid water. Now, before I just write this
number down, let’s think about whether we have everything
we need. To make this reaction occur,
because this gets us to our final product, this gets
us to the gaseous methane, we need a mole. Or we can even say a molecule
of carbon dioxide, and this reaction gives us exactly one
molecule of carbon dioxide. So that’s a check. And we need two molecules
of water. Now, this reaction only gives
us one molecule of water. So let’s multiply both sides
of the equation to get two molecules of water. So this is a 2, we multiply this
by 2, so this essentially just disappears. You multiply 1/2 by 2, you
just get a 1 there. And then you put
a 2 over here. So I just multiplied this
second equation by 2. So I just multiplied– this is
becomes a 1, this becomes a 2. And if you’re doing twice as
much of it, because we multiplied by 2, the delta H
now, the change enthalpy of the reaction, is now going
to be twice this. Let’s get the calculator out. It’s now going to be negative
285.8 times 2. Because we just multiplied the
whole reaction times 2. So negative 571.6. So it’s negative 571.6
kilojoules per mole of the reaction. Now, let’s see if the
combination, if the sum of these reactions, actually is
this reaction up here. And to do that– actually, let
me just copy and paste this top one here because that’s kind
of the order that we’re going to go in. You don’t have to, but it just
makes it hopefully a little bit easier to understand. So let me just copy
and paste this. Actually, I could cut
and paste it. Cut and then let me paste
it down here. That first one. And let’s see now what’s
going to happen. To see whether the some of these
reactions really does end up being this top reaction
right here, let’s see if we can cancel out reactants
and products. Let’s see what would happen. So this produces carbon dioxide,
but then this mole, or this molecule of carbon
dioxide, is then used up in this last reaction. So this produces it,
this uses it. So those cancel out. Let me do it in the same color
so it’s in the screen. This reaction produces it,
this reaction uses it. Now, this reaction right
here produces the two molecules of water. And now this reaction down
here– I want to do that same color– these two molecules
of water. Now, this reaction down
here uses those two molecules of water. Now, this reaction right here,
it requires one molecule of molecular oxygen. This one requires another
molecule of molecular oxygen. So these two combined are two
molecules of molecular oxygen. So those are the reactants. And in the end, those end
up as the products of this last reaction. So those, actually, they go into
the system and then they leave out the system,
or out of the sum of reactions unchanged. So they cancel out
with each other. So we could say that and
that we cancel out. And so what are we left with? What are we left with
in the reaction? Well, we have some solid carbon
as graphite plus two moles, or two molecules of
molecular hydrogen yielding– all we have left on the product
side is some methane. So it is true that the sum of
these reactions is exactly what we want. All we have left on the product
side is the graphite, the solid graphite, plus the
molecular hydrogen, plus the gaseous hydrogen– do it
in that color– plus two hydrogen gas. And all we have left on the
product side is the methane. All we have left is the methane
in the gaseous form. So it is true that the sum of
these reactions– remember, we have to flip this reaction
around and change its sign, and we have to multiply this
reaction by 2 so that the sum of these becomes this reaction
that we really care about. So this is the sum of
these reactions. Its change in enthalpy of this
reaction is going to be the sum of these right here. That is Hess’s Law. So this is the fun part. So we just add up these
values right here. So we have negative 393.–
no, that’s not what I wanted to do. Let me just clear it. So I have negative 393.5, so
that step is exothermic. And then we have minus 571.6. That is also exothermic. Those were both combustion
reactions, which are, as we know, very exothermic. And we have the endothermic
step, the reverse of that last combustion reaction. So plus 890.3 gives
us negative 74.8. It gives us negative 74.8
kilojoules for every mole of the reaction occurring. Or if the reaction occurs,
a mole time. So there you go. We figured out the change
in enthalpy. And it is reasonably
exothermic. Nowhere near as exothermic as
these combustion reactions right here, but it is going
to release energy. And we’re done.

US Government’s Secret Plan For A Zombie Apocalypse

Are you a fan of TV shows like The
Walking Dead if so I’m sure you’ve pondered this question before what if we
had a zombie outbreak well it’s not just you and your couch questioning this in
fact top US government officials in the Pentagon have also thought about this
and that’s why the United States Department of Defense made something
known as conop 8888 in 2011 I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at the US
government’s secret plan for a zombie apocalypse first before we get infected
why not subscribe and press the notification bell – on the 30th of April
2011 the US Department of Defense released acorn on a strategic command
Corner is a concept operation this is basically with a military think of
events which could happen and prepare for them these are used in real-life
training sessions for the US military and of course are enacted in real life
if these events actually ever take place but this concept operation known as
conop 8888 is like no other that’s because it’s known as counter zombie
dominance this is a real-life white paper you can download which describes a
plan for defending against zombies the document depicts various scenarios of
potential zombie attacks and also provides military training and planning
inside the document zombies are described as horribly dangerous to all
human life they say zombie infections have the potential to seriously
undermine national security and economic activities and it says that having a
population composed of zombies is a big risk to the USA and its allies you may
think this is some kind of joke but in the report it actually says this plan is
not designed as a joke planners from the USS T or ATC om in Omaha Nebraska
planned this all out this organization employs personnel from all branches of
the military and national defense services this zombie plan was made to be
secret and it was for three years until a report by foreign policy made it
public in 2014 well it’s comprised of
five phases well it’s comprised of six phases phase zero is shape this phase is
how things are basically what it means is the US military needs to begin
training against zombies in phase zero no zombie outbreak has happened yet and
basically it’s the world we live in right now so technically we are in phase
zero as we speak but now let’s move into phase one known as deter this is when
the zombie outbreak begins the report says that unless these zombies are
controlled in some way by a nation state they cannot be reasoned with
and because of this the US military needs to get ready to defend itself from
zombies phase two is known as seized the initiative this is when things really
start to kick off the report says at phase two all military units need to be
able to deploy within 35 days troops will then begin to head out to the
infected areas and provide security and aid they are also quarantine the area to
make sure nothing goes in or out anyone who’s been infected and turned into a
zombie will be contained or may be taken out and if anyone is injured but hasn’t
been turned into a zombie they’ll be given medical aid and if one exists an
antidote to make sure they don’t become a zombie next moves on to Phase three
dominate this phase sounds kind of scary and that’s because it is the report says
they would need to control zombies through superior firepower
this basically means blasting the zombies to bits with all the weaponry
the USA has this includes any firearms tanks aircrafts or explosives if needed
the US military would also need to build shelter that would last up to forty days
if the worst-case scenario happened hopefully during phase three all zombies
would be taken out or at least they would be contained in an area so no one
else can get infected then would come phase four known as stabilized
stabilized in foals repeating steps two and three until everywhere is rendered
safe they would need to search for and destroy all remaining threats meaning
all zombies still live in apparently they would do this by deploying counter
b-team these would be elite teams of soldiers to weed out pockets of zombies
conop 8888 says zombie resistance pockets would spur all over the country
this is where small factions of zombies would congregate together and try and
gang up against the army for phase 4 to be complete all of these pockets of
zombies would need to be taken out then if they would move on to phase 5 restore
civil authority during this phase the zombie threat is gone but this does not
mean the damage hasn’t been very widespread the entire country and maybe
even the world will be a very different place
it may be totally destroyed and the US military would have to restore civil
authority this means they would end mob rule going on and they would make sure a
stable government is in place in the USA and around the world phase 5 the final
phase would very much be about rebuilding the world and there we go
that’s conop 8888 broken down phase by phase so it’s basically for US and
international law to regulate military operations as far as human and animal
life goes under this operation there would be no restriction on hostile
actions against pathogenic life-forms this includes zombies and robot entities
so maybe if AI robots take over the world
conop 8888 will come into play the report also says these operations will
not just be domestic in fact the report details how the entire world would need
to respond to the zombie outbreak and it also describes how the USA would
communicate and cooperate with its foreign allies and enemies but where
exactly these zombies coming from well the report actually does break this down
one example of zombies they say are pathogenic zombies these are basically
humans who turn into zombies via a virus this is sort of what you see
in movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead
they also detail robot style zombies this is kind of like all of the AI robot
terminators stuff we hear about in the news seeing as AI is growing more and
more powerful maybe this will become reality and they
also mention radiation zombies this is where zombified life is spread via
radiation maybe this could ever happen if there
was ever a nuclear explosion or a nuclear plant blast they even talk about
evil magic zombies brought out from a cult experimentation also Space zombies
created by aliens also weaponized zombies created by the USA’s enemies and
even vegetarian zombies similar to the game plants vs. zombies but if the
report mainly talks about pathogenic zombies which is spread through a virus
right now the government does not have an official stance on whether zombies
can be a possibility or not but conop 8888 does make a mention of chicken
zombies right now these are the only kind of zombies which have
scientifically been proven to exist in 2006 zombie chickens were seen crawling
out of piles of compost in California USA these were chickens who had passed
away but had come back to life thanks to a nearby power plant but just the
government knows something we don’t if not why would the Pentagon spend all
the money and time creating conop 8888 well they say it’s simply for
preparatory and training purposes but of course if we ever did have a zombie
outbreak this report would become reality and come into play so now you
can get prepared yourself and know how the government would respond if zombie
outbreak ever took place but now it’s time to make your voice heard vote in
the poll in the top right corner do you think they’ll ever be a zombie
apocalypse in real life if you want some more amazing videos why not check out my
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Coulomb’s Law | Electrostatics | Electrical engineering | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] So we’ve already started to familiarize ourselves
with the notion of charge. We’ve seen that if two
things have the same charge, so they’re either both positive, or they are both negative, then they are going to repel each other. So in either of these cases these things are going
to repel each other. But if they have different charges, they are going to attract each other. So if I have a positive
and I have a negative they are going to attract each other. This charge is a property of matter that we’ve started to observe. We’ve started to observe of
how these different charges, this framework that we’ve created, how these things start to
interact with each other. So these things are going to, these two things are going
to attract each other. But the question is, what causes, how can we predict how strong the force of attraction or repulsion is going to be between charged particles? And this was a question
people have noticed, I guess what you could
call electrostatics, for a large swathe of
recorded human history. But it wasn’t until the 16 hundreds and especially the 17 hundreds, that people started to seriously view this as something that they could manipulate and even start to predict
in a kind of serious, mathematical, scientific way. And it wasn’t until
1785, and there were many that came before Coulomb, but in 1785 Coulomb formally published what is known as Coulomb’s law. And the purpose of Coulomb’s law, Coulomb’s law, is to predict what is
going to be the force of the electrostatic force
of attraction or repulsion between two forces. And so in Coulomb’s law, what it states is is if I have two charges, so let me, let’s say this
charge right over here, and I’m gonna make it in white, because it could be positive or negative, but I’ll just make it q
one, it has some charge. And then I have in Coulombs. and then another charge
q two right over here. Another charge, q two. And then I have the distance
between them being r. So the distance between these two charges is going to be r. Coulomb’s law states that the force, that the magnitude of the force, so it could be a repulsive force or it could be an attractive force, which would tell us the
direction of the force between the two charges, but the magnitude of the force, which I’ll just write it as F, the magnitude of the electrostatic force, I’ll write this sub e here, this subscript e for electrostatic. Coulomb stated, well this is going to be, and he tested this, he didn’t
just kind of guess this. People actually were assuming
that it had something to do with the products of the magnitude of the charges and that as the particles got further and further away the electrostatic force dissipated. But he was able to actually measure this and feel really good
about stating this law. Saying that the magnitude
of the electrostatic force is proportional, is proportional, to the product of the
magnitudes of the charges. So I could write this
as q one times q two, and I could take the
absolute value of each, which is the same thing as just taking the absolute value of the product. Here’s why I’m taking the
absolute value of the product, well, if they’re different charges, this will be a negative number, but we just want the overall
magnitude of the force. So we could take, it’s proportional to the absolute value of the
product of the charges and it’s inversely proportional to not just the distance between them, not just to r, but to the
square of the distance. The square of the distance between them. And what’s pretty neat about this is how close it mirrors
Newton’s law of gravitation. Newton’s law of gravitation,
we know that the force, due to gravity between two masses, remember mass is just
another property of matter, that we sometimes feel is
a little bit more tangible because it feels like we can
kind of see weight and volume, but that’s not quite the same, or we feel like we can feel or internalize things like weight and volume which are related to mass, but in some ways it is
just another property, another property, especially
as you get into more of a kind of fancy physics. Our everyday notion of even mass starts to become a lot more interesting. But Newton’s law of gravitation says, look the magnitude of the force of gravity between two masses is going
to be proportional to, by Newton’s, by the gravitational concept, proportional to the
product of the two masses. Actually, let me do it
in those same colors so you can see the relationship. It’s going to be proportional to the product of the two
masses, m one m two. And it’s going to be
inversely proportional to the square of the distance. The square of the distance
between two masses. Now these proportional
personality constants are very different. Gravitational force, we kind of perceive this
is as acting, being strong, it’s a weaker force in close range. But we kind of imagine it
as kind of what dictates what happens in the, amongst the stars and
the planets and moons. While the electrostatic
force at close range is a much stronger force. It can overcome the
gravitational force very easily. But it’s what we consider happening at either an atomic level
or kind of at a scale that we are more familiar to operating at. But needless to say,
it is very interesting to see how this parallel
between these two things, it’s kind of these
patterns in the universe. But with that said, let’s actually apply let’s actually apply Coulomb’s law, just to make sure we feel
comfortable with the mathematics. So let’s say that I have a charge here. Let’s say that I have a charge here, and it has a positive
charge of, I don’t know, let’s say it is positive five times 10 to the negative three Coulombs. So that’s this one right over here. That’s its charge. And let’s say I have this
other charge right over here and this has a negative charge. And it is going to be, it is going to be, let’s
say it’s negative one… Negative one times 10 to the negative one Coulombs. And let’s say that the
distance between the two, let’s that this distance right here is 0.5 meters. So given that, let’s figure out what the what the electrostatic force between these two are going to be. And we can already predict that it’s going to be an
attractive force because they have different signs. And that was actually
part of Coulomb’s law. This is the magnitude of the force, if these have different
signs, it’s attractive, if they have the same sign then they are going to repel each other. And I know what you’re saying, “Well in order to actually calculate it, “I need to know what K is.” What is this electrostatic constant? What is this electrostatic
constant going to actually be? And so you can measure that
with a lot of precision, and we have kind of modern numbers on it, but the electrostatic constant, especially for the sake of this problem, I mean if we were to get
really precise it’s 8.987551, we could keep gone on and
on times 10 to the ninth. But for the sake of our
little example here, where we really only have one significant digit for each of these. Let’s just get an approximation, it’ll make the math a little bit easier, I won’t have to get a calculator out, let’s just say it’s approximately nine times 10 to the ninth. Nine times 10 to the ninth. Nine times, actually let me
make sure it says approximately, because I am approximating here, nine times 10 to the ninth. And what are the units going to be? Well in the numerator here, where I multiply Coulombs times Coulombs, I’m going to get Coulombs squared. This right over here is going to give me, that’s gonna give me Coulombs squared. And this down over here is going to give me meters squared. This is going to give me meters squared. And what I want is to get rid of the Coulombs and the meters and end up with just the Newtons. And so the units here are actually, the units here are Newtons. Newton and then meters squared, and that cancels out
with the meters squared in the denominator. Newton meter squared over Coulomb squared. Over, over Coulomb squared. Let me do that in white. Over, over Coulomb squared. So, these meter squared will cancel those. Those Coulomb squared in the denomin… over here will cancel with those, and you’ll be just left with Newtons. But let’s actually do that. Let’s apply it to this example. I encourage you to pause the video and apply this information
to Coulomb’s law and figure out what
the electrostatic force between these two
particles is going to be. So I’m assuming you’ve had your go at it. So it is going to be, and this is really just applying the formula. It’s going to be nine
times 10 to the ninth, nine times 10 to the ninth, and I’ll write the units here, Newtons meter squared
over Coulomb squared. And then q one times q two,
so this is going to be, let’s see, this is going to be, actually let me just write
it all out for this first this first time. So it’s going to be times five times ten to the negative three Coulombs. Times, times negative one. Time ten to the negative one Coulombs and we’re going to take
the absolute value of this so that negative is going to go away. All of that over, all of that over and we’re in kind of the
home stretch right over here, 0.5 meters squared. 0.5 meters squared. And so, let’s just do a
little bit of the math here. So first of all, let’s look at the units. So we have Coulomb squared here, then we’re going to have
Coulombs times Coulombs there that’s Coulombs squared
divided by Coulombs squared that’s going to cancel with that and that. You have meters squared here, and actually let me just write it out, so the numerator, in the numerator, we are going to have so if we just say nine times five times, when we take the absolute value, it’s just going to be one. So nine times five is going to be, nine times five times negative… five times negative one is negative five, but the absolute value there, so it’s just going to be five times nine. So it’s going to be 45 times 10 to the nine, minus three, minus one. So six five, so that’s going to be 10 to the fifth, 10 to the fifth, the Coulombs
already cancelled out, and we’re going to have
Newton meter squared over, over 0.25 meters squared. These cancel. And so we are left with, well if you divide by 0.25, that’s the same thing as dividing by 1/4, which is the same thing
as multiplying by four. So if you multiply this times four, 45 times four is 160 plus 20 is equal to 180 times 10 to the fifth Newtons. And if we wanted to write
it in scientific notation, well we could divide this by, we could divide this by 100
and then multiply this by 100 and so you could write this as 1.80 times one point… and actually I don’t
wanna make it look like I have more significant
digits than I really have. 1.8 times 10 to the seventh, times 10 to the seventh units, I just divided this by 100
and I multiplied this by 100. And we’re done. This is the magnitude of
the electrostatic force between those two particles. And it looks like it’s fairly significant, and this is actually a good amount, and that’s because this is
actually a good amount of charge, a lot of charge. Especially at this
distance right over here. And the next thing we have to think about, well if we want not just the magnitude, we also want the direction, well, they’re different charges. So this is going to be
an attractive force. This is going to be an
attractive force on each of them acting at 1.8 times ten
to the seventh Newtons. If they were the same charge,
it would be a repulsive force, or they would repel each
other with this force. But we’re done.