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you you you you yes of course you can if I get in will come out Deal or No Deal we've got half the courage to tell the people of this country that we can do it if we really want a lot of teachers are telling me that they've got they've got it they got they feel that the funding per pupil isn't safe big city was when I used to run it I can tell you we got crime down by people come down by the murder rate down I also think we need to be supporting the the wealth traders and the business sector because otherwise you're not going to have them of the doctor to invest it's cut some taxes and you'll get money in would you normally think of yourself as a conservative voter would you say no every week ask you a terrible question would you consider voting for me yes if there is one lesson from that referendum of 2060 it is the too many people feel left behind that they're not able to take part fully in the opportunities and success of our country that's why now is the time to unite our society and unite our country to build the infrastructure to invest in education to improve our environment and to support our fantastic NHS to lift everyone in our country and of course also to make sure that we support our wealth creators and the businesses that make that investment possible now is the time for us to believe in ourselves and what we can do and that's why I am standing to be leader of the Conservative Party I'm just the warm-up act ladies and gentlemen we are fortunate in this contest to have candidates of high quality and it is crucial that the winner whomever that might be receives the full support of the Conservative Party and they shall have my support full heartedly and unstintingly but when weighing my choice of whom to support as our next prime minister I have had to bear in mind certain indispensable requirements first these are extraordinary times and we need a personality big enough strong enough and with the political imagination to rise to the historic challenge with which our country is now confronted secondly there must be a determination to provide political leadership a managerial and bureaucratic approach to politics will not suffice in our present situation and that must be accompanied by an unshakable conviction that full self-government outside the European Union is a precious prize which must be thoughtfully and carefully delivered in the interests of the whole of our United Kingdom and whose long-term benefits far exceed the inevitable short-term costs and third brexit can only be enacted successfully if strategic instinct is allied to a proven willingness to put together a brilliant team and to trust delegate to inform and involve ministerial and parliamentary colleagues at every stage and finally we need a leader who can unify the conservative family and out campaign and outfight Jeremy Corbyn the Nigel Farage at any time and in any corner of our country and for these reasons I am pleased today I am proud today to introduce the candidate whom I shall support to lead the Conservative Party and our nation a man who has already shown that he can lead this great global city through two successful terms ladies and gentlemen Boris Johnson thank you very much the other body thank you good morning everybody good morning can you hear me good morning good morning well thank you very much everybody thank you Jeffrey for that introduction ladies and gentlemen it's a measure of the resilience of this country that since the vote to leave the EU and in defiance of all predictions the economy has grown much faster than the rest of Europe unemployment has fallen to the lowest level since 1972 exports have soared English football teams have won both the Champions League and the UEFA Cup by beating other English football teams and inward investment has soared to a record 1.3 trillion pounds it's almost as if the commercial dynamism of the British people is insulating them from the crisis in our politics and yet we cannot ignore the morass at Westminster where parties have entered a yellowbox Junction unable to move forward or back while around the country there is a mood of disillusion even despair at our ability to get things done the longer it goes on the worse the risk that there will be serious contamination and a real loss of confidence because the people of this country deserve better from their leaders they need courage and then clarity and they want a resolution and that is our mission today and that is why I'm standing before you because now is the time to remember our duty to the people and the reasons for the brexit vote it wasn't just about democracy and that was fundamental it wasn't just about immigration that people were entirely reasonable in wanting national controls I remember that campaign vividly and I think I understood some of the feelings of those who voted to leave they wanted to be heard they wanted to feel that they too could be part of the astonishing success of this country they wanted to feel that their hopes and dreams were as important to the government as the desires and priorities of any metropolitan style guru or tech King or the head of some 4,100 company and so now is the time to unite this country and unite this society and we cannot begin that task until we have delivered on the primary request of the people the big thing that they asked us to do after three years and two missed deadlines we must leave the EU on October 30 and we must do better than the current withdrawal agreement that has been rejected three times by Parliament and let me clear that I am NOT aiming for a No Deal outcome I don't think that we will end up with any such thing but it is only responsible to prepare vigorously and seriously for No Deal indeed it is astonishing that anyone could suggest dispensing with that vital tool of negotiation I think this is a great country and that we are more than capable of rising to the challenge and it's only by preparing and raising awareness of what No Deal might entail that we would ensure that we do not resort to that option it's only if we have the guts and the courage to get ready for it that we will carry any conviction in Brussels and get the deal we need because they don't want no deal any more than I do and we will simply not get a result if we give the impression that we want to go on kicking the can down the road with yet more delay delay means defeat delay means Corbin kick the can again and we kick the bucket with every week and month that goes by in which we fail to deliver on our promise I'm afraid we will further alienate not just our natural supporters driving them into the arms of insurgent parties but anyone who believes that politicians should deliver on their promises the paradox is that we have not laid the divisions in our society by failing to deliver the outcome which millions voted for we've moved the tensions with delay we've made them worse and we risk making them worse again and so when we come up with that better deal I think there will be a sense of overwhelming relief as bricks it finally leaves the front pages and becomes a debate about how to get the best possible free trade deal in Brussels and then there will be the chance to concentrate on the Britain that we can create for everyone it's an extraordinary fact that the United Kingdom is forecast in our lifetimes to go neck-and-neck with Germany as the largest and most prosperous economy in Europe with a lead in so many of the cutting-edge industries tech academia battery technology turbine design that is enabling us to be world leaders in clean power and environmental protection and yet if I may be permitted to use a metaphor based on the internal combustion engine we are somehow achieving grow pre speeds but without firing on all cylinders we all know there is a huge gulf in the prosperity between London and the south east most productive region in the whole of Europe and the rest of the UK and so if we are to respond to that profound message of the brexit vote if we are to unite our country and unite our society then we must fight now for those who feel left behind we need now to level up not to neglect our capital of course not but to put in the infrastructure that will lift every region northern powerhouse rail proper connectivity in the West Midlands it is absurd that Spain should have 80% coverage of fiber optic broadband against only 7% in this country madness that leads should be the largest city in Europe with no metro rail system we must end the injustice of our education funding gap both in primary and secondary schools giving young people everywhere the same tools and the same freedom and the same confidence to succeed and do more to fund our amazing Fe colleges that have been too often forgotten because it should be our fundamental moral purpose as a government to bridge not just the wealth gap not just the productivity gap but the opportunity gap between one part of the UK and another and I know we can do it I know we can unite our country and our society because I have seen and used exactly those tools to help to unite our capital the greatest city on earth when I became mayor 11 years ago we had four of the six poorest boroughs in the UK where I left office after two terms we had none of the bottom 20 and although everybody's life expectancy had risen it was among the poorest quartile that the gains had been fastest and what was the method by which we brought the city together we made fantastic investments in affordable mass transit so the people on modest incomes could live near their place of work we out built labor with more than 100,000 affordable homes we massively expanded the London living wage policy that was adopted by the national government we cut the murder rate by 50% cut road traffic fatalities by 50% and when you consider that those calamities fall disproportionately on poorer families you can see that everything we did was driven by a desire for social justice and promoted that outcome and yet of course at the same time we defended and championed the businesses and wealth creators who make those investments possible and there was a long period when I was just about the only politician who was willing to stick up for financial services even though they produce about 70 billion pounds in tax for our economy and I did it because that is the symmetry at the heart of modern conservatism we can fight for the teachers and the nurses and the farmer and the armed service personnel and the police precisely because we are willing to encourage the tech wizards and the shopkeepers and the taxi drivers and yes the bankers as well and we enable the extraordinary success of our private sector with a strong committed passionate well-funded public sector it's that synergy that symbiosis that sizzling city that is so fertile in generating further economic growth and that is the formula that is the way we will bridge the opportunity gap and bringing the country together responding to the mighty plea of the majority of our people for fundamental change on the 23rd of June 2016 so that no town no community no person feels left behind and that is the way we will reknit the bonds of this amazing country and in everything we do we will seek to strengthen the union of our four nations that invincible quartet the awesome foursome that makes up the UK the world's soft power super power and I've seen across the world in our armed forces in our diplomacy our sheer cultural impact how we are so much more than the sum of our parts our friends abroad don't think of England or Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland they think of all the values that are expressed by that Union flag economic and political freedom democracy free speech human rights a passionate determination to campaign for the protection of the natural world female education that's what they know the United Kingdom stands for and they admire it deeply and over the last few years I've seen in our friends the desire for this country to recover its confidence and self-belief and the curious thing is that very often it's been our friends and partners who have shown more confidence in this country than we have ourselves it's time to end this debilitating uncertainty to end the doubts and division with clarity and decision and that is why I believe I'm the right person to take this country forward and I'm proud and humbled to have the support of so many of my parliamentary friends and colleagues here today and indeed represented my former team in in City Hall and though I do not for one minute underestimate the complexity and challenges that lie ahead I have long experience of managing real short-term difficulties in the confident expectation of long-term success I took this city through riots and strikes and all the teething problems of the Olympics which was actually no picnic as I remember and with a team of stars we brought this city together with new infrastructure with renewed and relentless emphasis on education and technology we shrank that opportunity gap and to sum up my mission in a sentence what I want to do now with your help is to do for the whole country what we did in London releasing the creative energies of our country and its peoples and healing its divisions and I will make one final observation I know the London labor left I have studied them and their ways I this I know who they are I know what kind of people I know their obsessions with strange far left latin-american cow Delia's with proto Marx's views and a curious hostility to free speech and yet in Jeremy Corbyn we have a man who is far to the left of Ken Livingstone in his nihilistic determination to hike taxes to penal rates to attack wealth creation and private property and in his failure again and again to extirpate anti-semitism from his sir I'm afraid I'm afraid that what he stands for and I'm afraid that he and what he stands for are a real threat to our fundamental values and our way of life I come to this fight now as a proud conservatives who has campaigned by the way in just about every seat in the country and I believe in the innate decency of our country in his genius and in its hard-won freedoms I believe in setting people free by equipping them with the education to achieve their dreams I believe in the vital symmetry between free-market economics and superb public services and I will do absolutely anything I can within the bounds of the Constitution and the law to prevent the government of the UK from passing into the hands of those who by their total disdain for wealth creation their contempt for the normal aspirations of millions to improve their lives would compromise our ability to fund the NHS and so much else besides my friends we cannot let them anywhere near Downing Street last time I would remind you that I face an emanation of that cabal I defeated him when the Conservatives were 17 points behind in London we can do it again and we must we can get brexit done and we can win we can unite our country and our society and that is why I'm standing to be leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister because this contest is not chiefly about any one person or even about the Conservative Party it is the opening salvo in a battle to restore faith in our democracy to renew the natural ties of affection that unite the UK and to protect this country from red tooth red-clawed socialism of today's Labour Party and we're going to do this by articulating a new and inspiring vision for sensible moderate modern conservatism my friends I ask you now to join me in that great project and yes sometimes that great challenge that lies before us but with your help and with the help of the British people we will succeed and the whole country will win thank you very much indeed thank you everybody thank you thank you very much everybody I'm told we're gonna happen so we're gonna have six questions from the from representatives of the media well that's that's the really a huge number and I'm gonna I'm gonna get I'm gonna go first of all to to Laura Koons Berg of the BBC and now I'm going to go to Beth regret read me Nora thank you very much mr. Johnson you suggested that brexit would be a straightforward win-win and actually it's been a chaotic mess as foreign secretary you offended people at home and abroad you have a reputation for being cavalier with vital detail and already in this campaign you're telling some supporters you'll do everything to avoid leaving the EU without a deal and others that you gladly would do that it's a simple question if you want to be Prime Minister can the country trust you well yes of course Nora and the answer I think the perhaps are in that great minestrone of observations as one substantive question which was which was that one crouton I picked up which was that do you think that I've been somehow inconsistent I mean somehow inconsistent Nora in saying that I don't want a No Deal outcome but I think it is right for our great country to prepare for that outcome and I think what most people understand what most people understand what most people understand is that the best way to avoid an ideal outcome the best way to avoid a disorderly brexit of any kind is to make the preparations now that will enable us to leave in a managed way if we have to but above all if we make the preparations now we will carry the conviction with our friends and partners that we are indeed able to make such an exit if we really have to if we are dead if we are moved if we have to go down that route which would be of course a last resort not something that anybody desires as their first option but if we have to go down that route then the best way to avoid it is of course to prepare it prepare for it and to be absolutely clear to our friends and partners that were willing to do and that is the way that we will get a deal that I think will be sensible in the interests of both sides of the channel I want to stress that we will the team that I hope to build will hit the ground running and we will engage in the friendliest possible way with our colleagues over the channel and I think they will rapidly come to see that they have a new government with a new mandate and new earnestness a new determination to get things done there are new optimism and the new confidence about what Britain can do and I think they will respond to that and I think there will be a symmetrical enthusiasm on the other side of the channel about getting this thing done and moving forward because it isn't good either for the UK or for our friends and partners to continue with this kind of uncertainty and so that is why I think it is it is important to be robust and to be determined and to be committed now to preparations for No Deal and I think that the British people haven't been told for so many years that they're incapable three years that they're incapable of going down that route will respond to that challenge they will rise to it and we will get there that thank you mr. Johnson mr. Johnson you and ish your brexit credentials but many of your colleagues worry about your character your foreign office with parrot your character who opposed your character your former foreign office colleague Alistair Burt said your description of the PM's plan as a suicide vest wrapped around Britain was quote outrageous inappropriate and hurtful he said this language had to stop but it doesn't stop you brought shame on your party when you described veiled Muslim women as letter boxes and bank robbers people who have worked closely with you do not think you're fit to be Prime Minister well I'm delighted that many my former colleagues sir seem to descend from from from that view but I want to make it I want to make a general points you've asked a fair question better than a good question I want to make and I want to make a general point about about the way I do things in the way and and the language I use because of course occasionally some plaster comes off the ceiling as a result of a phrase I may have used or indeed as a result of the way that phrase has been wrenched out of context and interpreted by those who wish for reasons of their own to caricature my views but I think it is vital that we as politicians remember that one of the reasons why the public feels alienated now from us all as a as a breed apology is because too often they feel we are muffling and veiling our language if I might put it that way not speaking not speaking as we find covering everything up in bureaucratic platitudes when what they want to hear is what we genuinely think and if sometimes in the course of trying to get across what I genuinely think I I use phrases and language that have caused offense of course I'm sorry for the offense that I have caused but I will continue to speak as directly as I can because that is what I think the British I'm gonna get poor-poor brand of ITB thank you in the spirit of this campaign I'd first like to ask have you done anything illegal in the whole of your life and secondly regardless of the answer to that question the problem that you do you have in this contest as much as you might refute it is one of trust is one of reliability so may I ask you do you regret any of the mistakes that you've made in your political and your personal life and are you saying that you would change as Prime Minister oh well have I ever done excellent questions Paul have I ever done anything Italy I think I cannot swear that I have always observed a top speed limit in this country seventy miles an hour IIIi would not want to be put on a catalyzer you crazy on on on on your general question about this is the key the key issue here do I do what I promised I'm going to do as a politician that is the issue that that's the issue that you legitimately raised Paul and the answer that is yes you look at what we did in City Hall we said we would do X we ended up doing X plus 10 I mean virtually every single we said it we do a hundred thousand homes and we did we did slightly more than if that's not huge number more but slightly more I promise to stop life crime which was out of control or to cut life crime and you remember what was happening eleven years ago or so when I was first night I see veterans of of that campaign I'm proud to say here and here in front I it was terrible we had kids losing their lives in our city at a rate of twenty eight thirty a year teenagers were being stabbed to death in London we had to take some very tough decisions and I'm absolutely delighted that two of my former deputy mayors who were intrinsically involved in that campaign James cleverly and KITT Malthouse are both now are on our team today and they they did they did an absolutely extraordinary job kit had to take some very very difficult decisions about encouraging the police to go down operation blunt to which you remember involved taking about eleven thousand knives off the streets of London saving who knows how many lives of kids avoiding heaven knows how much grief and misery for the families of those young people and he did it we did it with stop and search and I'm delighted to say that the government is now putting back the emphasis on stop and search in our towns and in our cities because I believe there are frankly nothing more nothing kinder or more loving than you that you can do if you if you see a a young kid coming down the streets who may be carrying a knife than to ask him to turn out or her were almost invariably him to turn out his pockets and produce that knife that is not discriminatory that is that is a kind compassionate loving thing to do and it worked and it worked and we ended up as I said just now we ended up cutting serious youth violence by I think 32 percent knife crime went down the murder rate as I said went down fifty percent and there was a long period in which we had the murder rate in London running it at or under about a hundred a year which is an astonishing thing for a city of almost nine million absolutely astonishing thing and that was because of the work of the police and I say one thing about the way I'm going to campaign and the way I hope to to be Prime Minister I believe there's a leader of great public services it is your job it is your job not just to be the chief consumer not just to hold them to account but also to recognize that you are there in some sense their leader and their champion and we should get behind our police and we should support them and by the way we should fund them properly because they do a fantastic job I'm gonna go to Jason groves of the Daily Mail is he here thank you can we sort out this drugs question which seems to have bedeviled this campaign so far you told GQ some years ago now when asked whether you've taken cocaine yes I tried it at University and I remember it vividly and asked whether the drug had actually gone up your nose you said yes it must have done but it didn't do much for me were you telling the truth then and do you regret the fact that you took a class a drug well I think the canonical upon account of this event when I was 19 has appeared many many times and I think what most people in this country really want us to focus on in this campaign if I may say so is what we can do for them and what our plans are for this great country of ours and I think that the prospectus that I'm setting out this morning of solid modern conservatism over one nation vision championing the wealth creating sector of our of our country extolling the the merits and I don't think we've done it enough over the last few years we extolling the merits of free market capitalism yes I'm going to use that word extolling the merits of free market cabinets because we believe that that is the way to support the poorest and the neediest in society that is at the core of what we're trying to do that is a message that I don't think people have heard enough in the last few years I'm absolutely determined to make it the core of my campaign and all the rest of it frankly is I think in danger of blowing us off blowing us off track let's focus on what conservatism is let's–can focus what conservatives can do that is what the public wanted to hear and what they want to hear also is can we find a leader now who can beat Jeremy Corbyn and deliver a sensible brexit that fights off the threat from the insurgent brexit party and I have to say that that is a job that I believe I'm I'm best suited to do today so that's that's where I think the public want to direct our illness I'm gonna go now to George Parker of the Financial Times or more now prepare a Jacques de loire used to say thank you I'm sorry it is Thank You mr. Johnson ice pondered if I could ask you you mentioned earlier about some of your phraseology has the tendency to blow the plaster off the ceilings can I ask I won't use the word because this press conference do being broadcast live but you famously said F business I wonder what you would say to F T readers who are concerned that that's off-the-cuff comment might turn out to be official policy should you become Prime Minister what exactly did you mean when you said F business well first of all I won't say I genuinely do love the Financial Times and I have your app and I read your work literally every day I I everybody I think if you look at my record as a campaigner as a politician I don't think there is anybody in the modern conservative party who can be honestly said to have done more to stick up for business even in the toughest of times and I just you know it was after the after the crash I remember vividly there was absolute feeding frenzy on in 2008 there was a feeding frenzy on financial services in London everybody said that it was it was you know we should allow the bankers all to depart to Zurich and and and and New York and and Singapore on all the rest of it and good riddance and that was I thought that was a disastrous disastrous approach and our fantastic city and our this UK economy benefits from hard-working people and they're not all by the way on massive income in financial services don't forget that they're probably half a million people in this city who depend on financial services they're not all on massive income financial services put bread on the table for people on modest incomes across London across across across the UK and and I will stick up for them I will stick up for every business in this country and when I was foreign secretary I might say I spend much of my time trying to sell this all that I'm trying to see my friend Michael Fallon there because he and I will know what it's like flying around the world one of the most important things you have to do as a government minister and and pretty another you have to you have to sell the UK abroad and I can tell you that if I am lucky enough to become our leader and prime minister there will be no more enthusiastic committed champion and salesperson man think of accuracy salesman of the UK that is that is the mission last question goes to Heather Stewart of the Guardian hello um it you've promised against a to exit the EU on the 31st of October with or without a deal but Fussell's may not be as susceptible to your terms as you hope and MPs are already moving to block a No Deal exit what then and will you commit now to resign if you fail to meet that 31st October deadline I understand of course of course I understand that colleagues in in Parliament are had very strong views but our job is to engage with everybody and just to point out that the real existential threat that I now think faces both major parties if we fail to get this thing done and I think that in the end maturity and a sense of duty will prevail and I think it will be very difficult in the end for four colleagues in Parliament to obstruct the will of the people and and simply to block brexit because you know we asked the people we put the question out to them and in a sense it was absolutely right to do so because the issue of membership of the European Union does go fundamentally to people's sense of what their future is what their identity is where they see themselves in the future it was right to ask the British people they returned a very clear answer by a substantial majority parliament voted overwhelmingly to trigger article 50 and get this thing done I think that if we if we now block it as collectively as as parliamentarians we will face we will reap the whirlwind and we will face mortal retribution from the electorate and III sorry I just say to to our friends and colleagues let's come together I get this thing done and in Brussels that you know they will have a government as I say that will be inspired with a new vigor and new confidence in the optimism about what we can do but also total conviction about the way forward and and how do and I think that we will get results I'm not I'm not going to pretend to you now that everything will be plain sailing there will be difficulties and there may be bumps in the road but my team will hit the ground running we will have a fantastic team and we will work flat out between now and October the 31st and I think we will get the result that the country needs a sensible orderly brexit that allows this country to flourish as a great independent nation but also that builds a new partnership with our friends across the channel if I think there's been one failing in our been several but there's been one thing I'd single out in the last three years is we haven't made enough of that future partnership and the benefits that it will bring to both sides of the channel and there has been enough about what we can do to promote a new sense of Europeanism and a new conservative sense of Europeanism and we you know we were that we were the party that took the the UK into what was then the Common Market it then evolved in a way that was very very much against what had been initially promised to the people but we can still have a fantastic intense intimate relationship with our friends and partners overseas of course we can and we should do that and if one of the tragedies of our 45 years or however long it is now of membership is that some of the bilateral relations have actually not developed in the way that they could have done and teaching a French German in our schools has actually declined paradoxically rather than increased now is the time not just to all Tarara to come out of the of the european union but actually to intensify our trading relationships our friendships our partnerships with those European those European nations and we can do that and that should be the the ambition of conservatives as well anyway folks that was so that was I've been I mean I'm I'm gonna thank you very much

Michael Gove presses on with Tory leadership bid

And one of my concerns
when I was out of government and
on the backbenches was that we triggered Article
50 without a proper plan for Brexit. Well, I have a proper
plan to deliver Brexit. I will ensure there is a
full stop to the backstop. I will ensure that we negotiate
a Canada-style free trade agreement with the European
Union and new free trade deals across the globe. I will ensure that we are out of
the Common Agricultural Policy, out of the Common Fisheries
Policy, out of the court, out of the Commission, out of
the Parliament, out of the EU, and once more taking back
control of our money, our borders, and our laws. There's some other
candidates in this race, including the
person who I'm told is the front-runner,
who have said that if it were the case that
we'd made a lot of progress, we were on the cusp of a deal,
but we hadn't dotted every I and crossed every T
at midnight on October the 31st, that they would
junk all that progress that we've made and
immediately say, let's leave without a deal. We all know what
would happen then. There would be a
vote of confidence in the House of Commons, that
the government would lose. There would be a
general election. We would have Jeremy Corbyn in
Downing Street by Christmas, someone dedicated to breaking
up our United Kingdom, to ensuring that
there was no Brexit and to destroying this
country's economy.

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when you just do the same as I'm done with this one we've got is going down three that have you got it back yeah thank you superstar no thanks very much everyone got two mics I know it's fine no no no no help yourself nope literally I was I was I was having I was having no it's fine I was I wasn't there I was literally just having Mike's plate oh no no no it's fine honestly no no I wasn't I was only I was only part I was any par [Applause] Steve thank you and very much indeed and thank you very much ladies and gentlemen right this is going to be my way of doing this I thought I would prefer rather than a reading you a speech that somebody else is written I thought I would just set out briefly why I'm running in this contest and what I will do if I'm elected leader of the Conservative Party and the Britain's next prime minister when I'm very happy to ask have you ants aren't asking me anything you want I will try and give you an answer I've had a look at some of the things that my ask me anything pictures led to on Twitter and there's some questions that I'll be on my realm of competence I think Jay Rayner wants me to give my opinion about egg base sources which I'm afraid anyone who's seen in the kitchen knows what works so let me hit straight into it we're in very challenging times and this is going to be a very very difficult next few months for whoever is elected as prime minister we've got to get brexit delivered we've got to get the country governs properly for the next three years and then we've got to fight and win the next general election I think I have a plan to do all three of those and also to set out what the Conservative Party is about which is about freedom and it's about opportunity and opportunity matters to somebody like me I come from the working-class family my parents my dad was a laborer for the electricity company my mum was a correspondent to Clarke and I'm the first person in my family to go to university I want that opportunity for doing as much as you can do to be open to everyone and I have to say for my parents the fact that I'm standing here nominated as a candidate to be the leader of my party and of shout at being Prime Minister it's something I think it's fair to say when they brought me home from the hospital 49 years ago probably wasn't on the list of things that they thought I was going to do that's not what people from from my family kind of had on the to-do list so let me kick off with my brick seat plan because actually we have to start there because if we don't get bricks it delivered however much we want to talk about other things we're not going to get the opportunity so my plan is really stick and it is credible and I think having listened to the other candidates it's the only one that is I am prepared to leave if I'm given the choice between not leaving at all and leaving without a deal I am prepared and comfortable with leaving without a deal because the British people gave us an instruction and that has to be delivered and it is not acceptable to not deliver it but my preference is to leave with a deal because I think that's better for the country I think it's better for the integrity of the United Kingdom and I think it's better for our politics and the reason why I think I am the right person to do that is because frankly everyone else in this race has at some point over the last three years been sat around the cabinet table and has participated in the decisions that have led to not leaving the European Union three years after that referendum every single one of them has participated in fundamental missed judgments that have got us to where we are and I think we need a fresh approach and I think it's going to mean these three things it's going to mean the Prime Minister sitting down with the cabinet and the Conservative parliamentary party and doing effectively what my colleague Kip Malthouse dudes getting us to a position that we can agree on so that when you go into that European council chamber you know exactly where you can afford to give where you have to hold the line and what you can get through Parliament when you get back it's a very narrow landing zone it's going to have to be delivered on our benches with our DUP allies and probably no more than a handful maybe two handfuls of Labour MPs that's as good as it gets we're not going to carry this with a majority of fifty or a hundred it's going to be 10 or 15 it's going to be in that order of magnitude to get permission to sit around the table with our European Union partners it's going to mean getting some credibility with the Irish government so a priority is sitting down with the tea shop and the leader of Fiona Foyle the opposition party in Ireland and getting them to understand that we mean what we said when we signed up to the Belfast agreement we mean to deliver a border in Northern Ireland that is infrastructure free so that the people of the north of the north and the Republic can cross that border freely as they do today and as I saw for myself last year it's only if they buy that and they believe we're straight and credible on that that they're going to be prepared to sit around a table with our EU partners and discuss these issues I think we've got to put a real effort into getting storm on back up and running because I think that will provide a structure to build confidence with both communities in Northern Ireland and all of the political parties and that will be an essential component of getting that credibility that gets us around the table to get a deal or I think it's going to mean showing our European Union Union partners a bit of stick and a bit of carrot but in a diplomatic way about what we bring to the table as the largest military power in Europe the preeminent contributor to security and intelligence relationships in Europe that helps keep everyone safe and also what a Britain with a good relationship with our European Union partners will look like when we leave we're leaving the European Union we're not leaving Europe and I think we have to show them that it's worth sitting around the table and let's face it going back on what they are going to say for the next two months that they're not prepared to change anything about the withdrawal agreement and message I would have for them is it must be very clear to you by now that the withdrawal agreement unchanged isn't going to get through Parliament if they really hold to not being prepared to talk about at all they are saying that they want us to leave without a withdrawal agreement and I don't think that would be a reasonable position the reason why I think a No Deal threat is credible is because I think if we approach our European Union partners in a spirit of openness and we Buster ger we do everything we can to get a deal and they're simply not prepared to budge that in those circumstances only those circumstances well I think there will will there be a majority in the House of Commons to leave without a deal and that's why I think a No Deal is credible but it's only credible if you have strained every sinew to get a deal which is why I'm afraid the bit where I perhaps will make myself not popular with my colleagues is when I say that it is not going to be possible to leave on the 31st of October I would love to I voted in Parliament to leave on the 29th of March I voted to leave on the 12th of April I voted against extending article 50 twice but not enough people in Parliament did so and I'm afraid it is not credible to say you can renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and get it through both houses of parliament by the 31st of October it's not credible to say that you can somehow make Parliament vote for the existing unchanged withdrawal agreement by the 31st of October and it's not credible to say if you haven't properly tried to get a deal that Parliament won't be able to stop you we lost a votes in Parliament by one on the cupola twin bowls bill the attempt to stop us my judgement is if that happened again and we hadn't tried to get a deal we wouldn't have the nine Labour MPs that were with the government we wouldn't have the DUP and there would be at least the 14 conservative colleagues that voted against the government and some more mr. speaker would have a majority behind him of at least 40 to do whatever rewriting of the rules he wanted to stop us leaving however determined the Prime Minister was which is why I don't think the 31st of October is credible but I don't believe in kicking the can down the road and for me we're not going back to the country in any set of elections till we've left the European Union and I'm very conscious we've got a set of elections next year and we're going to have left the European Union before we face the people again we're not getting 9% national opinion national set of elections again I don't think the Conservative Party couldn't survive forcing our voters to vote for other people time after time after time so that is my brexit plan I think it is the only credible plan on the table and it's informed by my experience as a minister who's taken difficult pieces of legislation through Parliament and as a former government chief Whig final things before I do questions Jonas I can see you're keen final thing we get breaks it down we've got a government for the next three years that's going to mean taking some difficult decisions it doesn't mean spending 60 70 80 90 billion pounds of taxpayers money it's difficult to keep up with my colleagues in this leadership race about how quickly we're spending money it's fair to set up direction of travel I want to spend more money on education further apprentice further education and apprenticeships for the half of the children that don't get to go to university but I'm not going to be plucking figures out of the air and making massive commitments we've just spent nine years becoming fiscally credible getting the public finances in order and I'm not throwing it away and finally we need to restore proper collective responsibility we need a government to disappoint all the journalists in the room but a cabinet that doesn't leak like a sieve well you can't read verbatim transcripts of every cabinet meeting 30 minutes after it's taken place or sometimes even live on Twitter as it's going we need proper discipline a functioning whips office and a parliamentary party that remembers that we're a team and I think the country expects us to function like a team all pulling together in the national interest that's what I bring to this party and you're all invited now ask me some questions John you got your hand up first well on your first point one of the reasons why I think it's worth being very cautious and why I spent some time setting up my plan is I think there's a very narrow landing zone and I think people that are not careful do run the risk of plunging us into an early election and I think for the Conservative Party that would be because it would let in the most dangerous left-wing government that we've had for many years that would both be a threat to economic and national security so my judgement is we have to be very careful I think there is a landing zone to get a deal through but I also think there is a majority to leave without a deal because I think my colleagues who are very very nervous about no deal would be persuaded to leave on that basis if they felt that there was no other alternative they're not going to be persuaded of that unless we've seriously tried to get a deal which is why I think rushing headlong towards the 31st of October isn't a credible plan on your own second point I think it's worth I'm not going to use the language of views but I am going to try and be very careful here I believe in keeping my promises which means I'm careful about the promises I make and it's very obvious to me that some of the choices that have been set out by some of the other candidates I don't think are the right choices for me I want to cut taxes the tax burdens at the 50-year high but I want to focus our tax cuts on people at the lower end of the spectrum we just delivered our manifesto commitments in the budget last year we've just increased the threshold just just a few months ago that kicked in this April for both basic rate and higher rate tax payers we've delivered our promise I don't think we should be promising more money to higher rate tax because I want to focus my efforts at the lower end of the spectrum both on the national living wage on work allowances for people on universal credits get help to families and on the basic rate of income tax that's what that's that covers most people in the country not a small percentage at the top the brutal truth is most of the pledges though that are being made and nots going to happen in this Parliament for the next three years there isn't a majority for them and I don't think we should be making promises that we can't keep the toxic thing about not leaving the European Union on the 29th of March apart from not leaving was the fact that the Prime Minister had promised over and over again that that's what we were going to do the warning I would issue is this for all my colleagues promising that we're going to leave on the 31st of October nothing will put rocket boosters up Nigel Faraj that's not a thing that we want to imagine nothing's going to put rocket boosters under him and his brexit party like making a promise that we're going to leave on the 31st of October and then failing to keep it that's why I'm not making that promise because it's not credible and it's not deliverable and I want to and I want to destroy the brexit party by delivering brexit well I'm going to set up my plan I want to bring the Conservative Party together at the end of this process because we need to govern so I'm going to set out my plan it's for my colleagues and ultimately my members of my party to make a judgment about how credible being and I'm content to leave that judgment to them and for you to write up in your stories Paul okay so look I'm absolutely happy to except I'm the underdog in this race I think I'm a serious underdog I've got six years of Minister experian experience including sitting around the cabinet table and delivering a conservative programme through Parliament when we had a small majority and part of the reason people probably haven't heard of me is because I held that dicks in the when you're a successful chief whip people haven't heard of you and people tend to hear about chief whips when it's not going well and for the avoidance of doubt I think that's less to do with the current chief whip or more to do with the cabinet as a whole it's not all his responsibility most interesting thing about me is that my background I come from a working-class background I am about making the country having maximum opportunities for people that come from backgrounds like mine I'm the only candidate in this race who went to a comprehensive school but then got to Oxford University I'm very proud of having gone to Oxford Nonis my family's ever done that before I want to make sure every single child in this country gets an opportunity to maximize their potential that's what I want to do that's what I care about and for me it's personal what would I want to ask Boris Johnson fact what I want to ask all candidates is if you want to be Prime Minister and you want to lead this country I think you have to be prepared to set out your stall I think you have to open yourself up to questioning and you have to be prepared to level with people about the challenges and I think you've got to be prepared to be questioned about it we had a general election campaign in two years ago when I think the Prime Minister demonstrated that she wasn't as good as campaigning as we all hoped she would be and I think part of the next couple of months for the Conservative Party this is a massive opportunity for us to show that we end up with someone with two people both of whom could be Prime Minister both of whom a campaign and both of whom can answer questions and deal with challenges from the public and I would say to everyone running in this race you need to be prepared to do so if you want to lead our country yes no I get that's their position but I don't think it is a reasonable position to say that we have to sign a treaty which has no end I mean our relationship of the European Union how they article 50 in the treaty which meant we could give two years notice and leave I don't think asking us to sign a withdrawal agreement that literally has no end and if the backstop is triggered it potentially could go on forever and I think part of what we need to do is to establish a relationship of trust so that the Irish government and the EU who both have legitimate concerns about both the border both from a Belfast agreement perspective and protecting the single market are confident that we can set up a process to get to a solution and that has some end points because it must be obvious to them that the withdrawal agreement with an open-ended backstop isn't going to get through Parliament the best school the Prime Minister got was 58 against her and originally the defeat was the worst defeat of any government in history so it's just not going to happen and I think we have to have a grown-up conversation with them about that but part of it's about trust and credibility and that's what we haven't had so far ha and I'm not pretending this is easy it's not sound biteable if it was that easy we'd have done it by now it's going to be hard graft it's going to require diplomacy it's going to require tact and it's going to require trust both with our EU partners and with colleagues in Parliament and I think my track record shows I can bring all of those skills to the party some of the other contenders in this race but well you're quite right I did take the fix in Parliament through Parliament it's part of the reason why I'm actually think this Parliament should go it's full term because I don't actually think having elections every five minutes is a very good idea actually and I think last general election demonstrated the wisdom of that well the answer is what happens in that two-week period depends on politics we did think about making it very prescriptive at the time and we took the view and I think this was the right view but it depends on the political dynamic so the honest answer to the question is it would depend on what was going on and the question I would or the challenge I have to my colleagues who were contemplate well I think would be a very reckless there is they wouldn't know what was going to happen it would be perfectly possible that if people voted against a confidence motion they could end up with Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister without a general election and we would then go into a general election with him already being Prime Minister and the Labour Party being in government and so that's why I would say to my colleagues I think if conservative colleagues those that haven't currently been comfortable with leaving without a deal if they're faced with a government that has busted a guard done everything humanly possible to get a deal but just hasn't been able to get one that can get through Parliament in those circumstances seeing what happens to the Conservative Party when we don't deliver brexit we get 9% in a national election and being faced with a Jeremy Corbyn government I think in those circumstances there would be a majority in parliament to leave without a deal but it is a very narrow landing zone and you were not going to get to there without a great deal of caution but I think it has to be on the table because otherwise you're not going to persuade all European Union partners to come back around the table but this is going to have to be done carefully and cautiously with colleagues and I don't think you're going to be able to do it by blundering around like a bull in a china shop gosh yes fishing at the back no to be clear look I don't think it's sensible to start threatening people and saying you know if you don't participate we're going to know withdraw cooperation that keeps us all safe but I just think it's worth setting out what it is we bring to this party and the fact that we're not leaving Europe we're leaving the European Union we're still going to want to cooperate with countries with whom we share values and where we share the same part of the world we're going to want to keep ourselves collectively safe we're engaged with most of them in NATO we're the largest European member of NATO we're going to want to continue working with them on shared foreign policy goals for example we know we're with them on keeping Iran contained we want to continue showing that I just think we've done a very good job of showing them what we bring to the party and what a future relationship would look like with a cooperative Britain as contrasted with if they were to force us to leave without a deal and that was to be a very uncomfortable experience I don't think that relationship would be one that would be in Britain's interest or our European partners and I think we just have to set out some of these things so that they look at both the upside and the downside of a future relationship with us outside the European Union and I don't think we've done that consistently enough you're right the Prime Minister did set that out in Florence but I think she's done that consistently enough over the last few years yes Henry well two things Henry first of all just to be clear I can think of easier ways of trying to get a job in government than running to be leader of my party okay so you put yourself up to do this I'm doing this for one reason and one reason only which I set out I think I've got the skills to be able to get this job done I've been a member of this party for 30 years and unlike some of my contenders I'm the only candidate in this race who represents a seat in parliament that I had to win back from an opposition party when I was selected to fight it had a Labour majority of six and a half thousand I won it in 2005 held it in 2010 2015 and 2017 it now has a Tory majority of close to 10,000 it didn't get there by accident I know how to beat the Labour Party and keep them beat and I want to make sure we don't throw any seats away like we did two years ago so I'm in this because I want to win it and I think I'm the right person to do it and if I get down to the final two if I'm not successful I want to make sure the winner is properly tested and I will see this contest the distance so whatever job if there's a leading contender whatever job they offer me I'm not going away it's in the national interest that this contest goes the distance and whoever wins is properly tested both campaigning and in terms of their plan because we saw what happened two years ago when that didn't happen and it didn't end well that's why I'm in this race and that's why I'm in it to win yes five which is the number that voted for the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement my view last October I said we were going to get had to get this done on our benches with our DUP allies and I said we wouldn't get more than a handful of Labour MPs so I was bang on I think there's maybe a few more Labour MPs we might get two handfuls of Labour MPs the fantasy that we're going to get 10 20 30 40 50 of them we're just not gonna get loads of labour in peace deal with the Labour Party never going to happen one of my opponents in this race I thought set out very powerfully why Jeremy Corbyn was not fit to be Prime Minister when he wound up the speech in the vote of confidence I agreed with every single word he said but my view is if you believe all of those things about Jeremy Corbyn it was a mistake to think that you were gay ever going to be able to do deal with him in the national interest because that's not what Jeremy call wins about made the wrong call about every big issue over the last 30 years and I saw in the House of Commons over Salisbury when we were attacked by a foreign power with chemical weapons the Prime Minister to her credit made exactly the right call Jeremy Corbyn when faced with the choice defaulted to believing what a state that just attacked us thought rather than our own intelligence agencies not a man you can do business with lots of very decent Labour MPs Mike spirits on this first of eight the Prime Minister had when she became prime minister was on Trident Hill remember lots of Labour MPs voted with the government all the whipping for that and the relationships that got that to happen were all done when I was Chief Whip I know how to work with the Labour Party but it's a very small number of people were going on our benches predominantly it's gonna have to be Tory MPs and I'll DUP allies with some Labour MPs adding adding on they're not gonna get it over the line for us well I think you've got to explain to them what remember a lot of Labour MPs come from areas of the country that voted to leave and some of them want to do a deal but they didn't have the confidence that it was going to get over the line they're not going to help us be defeated by a smaller margin they're only going to vote with us if they think we can get the deal the line that's why it needs to be credible yes yes I think it's essential the anybody in this race takes part in TV debates so if I'm in the race after Thursday which I'm very confident I will be I think there are TV debates at the weekend and I think there is another raft of them next week and if I'm in the final – I'll take plate take part in all of the debates that the broadcaster's are laying on I think it's important that we have that level of scrutiny well I think look this this race is about who can campaign you know some of the some of the candidates are set saying that they're fantastic campaigners and they can reach the parts of the country that other people can't reach you know and you can let them out on the doorstep and they can persuade people well let's show us I think this race we're gonna have loads of Hosting's meetings around the country for the final two I think you've got to be prepared to go out there make the case to our members and make the case to the public because we have to be very conscious we're running to be leader of the conservative and unionist party but the winner of that contest is going to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and I think the public are entitled to see us in action see us answering questions and and frankly it's also an opportunity you effectively this is the start of the 20 I'm afraid start of the 2022 general election campaign because at the end of this process the public's going to have taken a view about the person that becomes prime minister then if we're going to win that election in 2022 we better make sure that the view they reach is a very positive one okay Sam pitch today is that well it's a perfectly fair question Sandler I've done in the roles that I've done in Parliament I've done roles which mean I had to take my conservative colleagues with me and both when I was constitutional reform minister and chief wit which which means that I have the confidence I think to get a deal through Parliament which is essential that's something that hasn't taken place and when I was immigration Minister I did have to deal with admittedly not a head of government level but I did have to deal with other countries in tough negotiations on difficult subjects so I look I accept I don't have as much experience as the other people around the cabinet table but the the challenge I would put back to you by way of answering that is the people currently sitting around the cabinet table yes have more experience at around the cabinet table but they've also taken part in all of the failed decisions that haven't got us out of the European Union over the last three years so if you want to carry on with people who haven't got us out over the last three years you know pick one of the other people because you can guarantee you know if if they had a magic plan a way of getting us out of the European Union my question to them is why didn't they think of speaking up over the last three years no George Osborne I think got it right if you're in the cabinet you're not a bystander you need to shape where you've got to the primary responsibility is with the Prime Minister but I think the responsibility for the fact we haven't left the European Union and the fact we haven't kept our promises is shared by the people who've been around the cabinet table over the last three years and I don't think they can escape that responsibility and I think you have to weigh that against the experience they to be fair they've had over the last three years yes well I think all candidates in this race oh the public clear answers I've been asked about any drug use I've had and I've been very clear I haven't taken any illegal drugs in my entire life I'm made you know and I come from a background frankly where I was brought up where people didn't do that sort of thing and I never didn't get invited to those sort of parties and I don't hang out in those sorts of circles and frankly I agree with what the Home Secretary said I think there are consequences for that sort of behavior and it tends to fall on those perhaps from less privileged areas of society but I think we should all answer questions like this I think if you want to be Prime Minister I think the question colleagues in Parliament need to ask themselves is if you're not prepared to answer these questions now you're going to get asked all these questions in a general election campaign and if I'm a Conservative MP in a marginal constituency I want the person that's going to be leading my party to answer these questions now I don't want to be up I don't want them to be answering these questions in three years time when it's going to be my marginal constituency that's up for grabs so I think everyone has to answer those questions and then my colleagues will make a judgement about how Frank and open we've been and you know and if you've got nothing to hide you won't mind answering the questions yes gentlemen there well first of all we were in charge of tightening up the immigration system so that only people who were legally in the United Kingdom were able to be here and use our public services now it is absolutely the case that there have been a number of examples where the administration of that has been at fault and I think one of the things that we should also we should focus on in government is not just passing laws but we should also make sure that we govern the country properly and where there have been mistakes they need to be corrected and we need to make sure that people entitled to be in Britain so British citizens and those who are here lawfully are able to live here safely and securely and access public services they're entitled to and we should make sure that people who are not here lawfully are removed and leave the country that's what people expect us to do mistakes will be made and they need to be put right but I don't resolve from having a firm but fair immigration system where we control who comes to the United Kingdom and we set the rules but I absolutely agree with you but it needs to be administered in a competent and sensible manner that's what I always tried to do when I was immigration Minister and that's what I think we need to do going forward yeah okay so on the first one the people backing me some of my supporters have come out publicly some have not yet because there are some people that are constrained about being able to announce who they think but the fact that I'm normally 18 means you know there are the number of people backing me and and some people were skeptical about that last week and I was very clear I was going to be nominated and I have been only you issue I'll be very clear I obviously has a back bencher I haven't had sit downs with angular Merkel and president mackerel I've listened to what they've said publicly I followed this very carefully and I just go back to what I said before the other contenders who are doing lots of name-dropping have been sat around the cabinet table and my challenge to them would be if you've got a plan to get this done why hasn't it been done and why did you vote to not take us out of the European Union on the 29th of March and the 12th of April why did you vote to extend article 50 and why does did you lead us into a set of European elections where we schooled the lowest vote in a national set of elections that the Conservative Party's ever scored in its history I don't think that's a record that I would be proud of and I'm very happy to say that I am a fresh face doing this but frankly if we carry on with the same approach that we've had for the last three years we're going to get the same answer so we need a fresh approach and I think that will be ultimately more successful Robert well I think first of all I I do agree it is difficult to get things done in a hung parliament I don't agree it's not possible to get anything done so we do have a majority with our confidence and supply partners I accept it's not a very large majority but I don't accept there are two things I think you can do first of all I think you can if you communicate outside Westminster and you can set out credible popular policies then I think you can actually create an environment in Parliament where actually you can take your MPs and our confidence and supply partners with you and actually where your opponent's in Parliament not just the Labour Party but the other parties actually won't be desperately trying to stop you because you'll actually be doing things that are popular I mean be quite a novelty to come up with policies that were popular and we were championing so I don't agree you can't do anything but I also think in terms of laying the groundwork for the next election we could actually set out some proper conservative policies that would be popular in the country and I accept it might not be possible to deliver all of them in Parliament but I think actually and you wouldn't want to be doing this every day of the week but actually if we set somehow we had an argument about then we set out a case some some of them we wouldn't get through Parliament but then we moving up say to the public here's this policy which solves this difficult social issue we think this is the right policy we can't get it through Parliament's at the moment this is why at the general election when it comes we're going to be asking you to give us a majority and I think we could do that and we could lay the groundwork for that campaign in 2022 I don't accept the premise of the question but is it impossible to govern with a small majority difficult yes but not impossible but you do have to want to solve some of these problems let me give you an example adult social care we've been talking about it since the general election and there's a green paper we're going to consult on it again there was a solution put forward for the half of the budget that's about older people we asked Andrew dill not to do a commission on this and set out a solution he did so the conclusion you reached was that the public didn't think we should the taxpayer should pay for everything but it also thought it was unfair that people should use all of their resources by the last 23,000 to pay for it themselves he suggested that we capped it has already been legislated for it requires a statutory instrument with two numbers in it my judgment is we should get on and do that now we could do that literally in a matter of weeks and I think we could deliver that through this Parliament and if I were Prime Minister I would commit to doing it I'm not going to set out the exact numbers because that requires a bit of thought about how much it's going to cost but I think that's something we could get on and do it we could show the British people we were taking difficult decisions and we can get on and do them and that's an example where I think action rather than talking about it will be a really good step forward I think that's my starting point coming back to the question of in that Nick asked me you know I was the author of the fittest in parliament I think actually having fixed terms for Parliament that's my starting position I think it's a good thing one of the things that's bedeviled British politics is that everyone says we're too short term I've never heard anyone criticize our political system for being too long term so I think my starting position is the election should be in 2022 I mean you can't you can't rule out a change forever but I'm also very conscious the Prime Minister doesn't actually have the ability nowadays to call an election and I'm very conscious particularly after what happened two years ago the enviro to propose as Prime Minister an early election I would have to be absolutely certain that I could take all of my colleagues with me all the election wouldn't happen and as I said if you represent a marginal seat you don't all with people sutures yes I'm very keen on defending the grammar schools that exist we have grammar schools we still have some grammar schools in Gloucestershire not across the whole county so I'm a defender of the grammar sores it exists I don't think that's the right solution for our country I think we should focus on making sure that every state school is a good or outstanding school I want every child to go to a good or outstanding school and when you when you get into the argument grammar schools the big question is what happens to have kids that don't go to grammar school and I want to make sure every child gets the good and outstanding education that they deserve so they can either go to university or have a fantastic vocational education and reach their full potential that's what I'm interested in every child not just a few yes well it very clearly the the message on the the vans was about people who were in Britain illegally and I don't resolve from that message people in the country illegally shouldn't be here what we did was we pilot well we piloted a number of measures that summer to see which ones would be most effective in persuading people that were in the country illegally to leave at the lowest cost of a taxpayer and we said we began in by the evidence and I set out later that year that that particular tactic wasn't at all successful which is why we didn't repeat it I think it was sensible to try it look at the evidence it wasn't successful and we didn't do it again but I don't resolve from the message which is the people who come here legally you know apply for a visa fill in the forms pay the money and follow the rules do not expect other people to abused the system so I don't make an apology for the message but it wasn't successful and we didn't do it again and we settle out in Parliament in its in on the public record I gave evidence to a select committee and we set out all the evidence and the detail in a report that the home office did well raishin Minister yes Quinton do I do I am do I trust Philip Hammond to do what well I think Philip Hammonds actually been a good chancellor he's delivered on the promises that we made at the last general election to cut taxes to increase the tax thresholds and I think he set out some very sensible points in this leadership election about maintaining our fiscal credibility because I think we've just spent nine years building it up and I think he just reminded all of us that we need to be very careful not to squander all that hard work was there something else about well I don't think they would if they didn't think that Prime Minister had busted a got to get a deal but I'm also very clear when I listen to you conservative colleagues like Philip Hammond that they also have spent their entire life in politics trying to keep people like Jeremy Corbyn out of power and they wouldn't look they would be faced with the difficult issue those conservative colleagues that voted for the coop electrum bowls build the voted against us leaving without her withdrawal agreement without a deal we're motivated based on my conversations with them because they feared the economic damage and the political damage to the Conservative Party but what they're all going to have to weigh up is we've seen a very clear example in the European elections about the political damage that will be done to the Conservative Party if we don't leave the European Union so they're going to be two very difficult things that they're going to have to balance up now my judgment is if they think that the conservative Prime Minister has done everything humanly possible to get a deal and it simply hasn't been possible then I think in those circumstances and those circumstances only will the conditions exist for there to be a majority in parliament for us to leave without a deal and that is why I've approached this the way I have and why I've said that I don't think it's credible to say we're leaving on the 31st of October because by the 31st of October I don't think you can credibly say you have done everything humanly possible to get a deal I just don't think it is credible to say that and if you haven't done that we're not going to be leaving because there isn't gonna be a majority in parliament to do it and for the avoidance of doubt I don't think it's sensible to say that you're going to do things like Parag in Parliament I think that would test our Constitution to destruction it would drag the monarch into the most difficult political issue which I think as a conservative I would deprecated and I think it would also put an enormous pressure on our relationship with Northern Ireland and I think it would empower the Scottish First Minister to start us on the path to another Scottish referendum I've been very clear I want the whole United Kingdom to leave the European Union I don't want to leave bits of our country falling off along the way I want to keep our country together someone who hasn't had a question before and then if we've run out of first time questions you get a second one right you get your second one well I don't want to I do want to be personal about things but look I I think I'll look forward to listening to Boris Johnson's plan I think they're for me all of my colleagues have got to answer this question about all the leadership candidates they've got to listen to the plan that they set out and then they've got to ask themselves the question about whether they think each of the candidates has got the skills to deal with our European Union partners in an appropriate way that they think it's going to get them round the table to negotiate a deal have they got the skills to take every single conservative member of parliament and our DUP allies and the two handfuls of Labour MPs that I think are up for grabs through the division Lobby to get that deal through Parliament and do they think they can campaign in a general election and set out an attractive stall not just to people who've traditionally voted conservative but do what Margaret Thatcher did and get new people looking at the Conservative Party in a new way I mean I'll come back to the point that the perfectly fair question that Sam asked me one of the reasons why I think actually having somebody like me as leader would be helpful is because actually I'm less well known than the other candidates and I think actually it would mean that people would look at the Conservative Party and say they've just elected this guy we don't know very much about him actually is there something about him because of his background because of what he's offering we should take a second look at the Conservative Party and I think that's what I bring to the party because I'm less well known than some of the other candidates but my colleagues are gonna have to answer that question about all the leadership candidates not for me to make judgments about Boris Johnson all my competitors that's for my colleagues and and our party members to make those judgments and for you to make those judgments when you're writing about us and I'm content to let that verdict fall where it does in the balance right we all questioned out we've done every single question everyone wanted to answer asked right one more go on you have the last one sorry go on I did say you could ask me anything right very good so for those of you didn't support this when I was going to Swindon my hometown last Friday I did they ask me anything thing on Twitter and Twitter being what it is we got some fantastic questions and the one I odd said slightly tongue-in-cheek was which would win a battle pound for pound and I said it would be the honey badger against the stag beetle so I'm gonna I'm going to answer that one so what was your question in a fight it would be a lion or a bear okay on the basis that the lion is the symbol of Britain I'm going to save a lion and that's your final answer right you want to do something yes of course okay absolutely great okay thank you thanks guys thank you you

10 candidates revealed in Tory leadership contest

10m bees have made it through on to the ballot you will again have heard us saying that that's going to take place on Thursday between 10 a.m. and midday just let me take you through the names Michael Gove Matt Hancock Mike Harper Jeremy Hunt such Javid Boris Johnson Andrea LEDs some estimate very Dominic Rob and Rory Stuart's making up those tents so one didn't make it through he withdrew just about 45 minutes ago Sun Jima said he hadn't been able to garner enough support let's get to instant reaction from our political editor Beth Rigby with me now so stayed a long list then one went but we've got double figures as I say yes that's why don't we had thought that there might be two or three others that might drop out but they've obviously got enough support to get through at least to the first round but really I'd say today all eyes have been on Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove Boris Johnson clearly the front-runner at the moment Michael Gove had a lot to do today to try and pull his campaign back from the brink which I think he actually did do in that very impressive actually speech that he gave at his leadership launch and then of course Jeremy Hunt knocked the ball out of the part and he by turning up at his launch with not one but two cabinet ministers at brexit here penny mordant and a remainer in amber art but all eyes now on Boris Johnson in terms of Dominik Robb not so good for him because Boris Johnson is now picking up really the ERG the Euroskeptic supporting the party with Jacob Riis morg Steve Baker over the weekend and now mark France soir another of the Spartans as they call themselves coming out for mr. Johnson but a full list there of ten candidates I imagine a little drop out quite quickly in the rounds this week so quite had quite a few could go after that first glance about hustings tomorrow and Wednesday yeah I mean they're between 10 and 12 on Thursday yeah that's so it's only the technically the one on the bottom of the palette that has to go that things to gathers may others major I think others may drop out if you have a very low number you'll realize that it might be better at that point just to move aside and let the kind of serious six to eight really battle it out but it's a great platform for people to put forward their policies and what you do see in that list of ten is quite a wide variety of views on brexit from you know McVeigh who would even potentially provoke Harlem and as with Dominic Robert said he would potentially to try and ensure an exit on October the 31st you know to the likes of Rory Stewart who's very much on the other wing of the partying and and would want to delay until brexit could be done Sam dima was the guy he was doing the second referendum it was considered that some people might lend their vote to him just to get him at least into the discussion around warm but obviously couldn't get the numbers tonight

Tory leadership race: Could cocaine cripple Gove?

it has been a bruisin weekend for Michael Gove plagued by demons of two decades ago yes it was a crime it was a mistake I deeply regret it should you have gone to prison well I was I was fortunate in that I didn't but I do think that it was a profound mistake and I've seen the damage that drugs do twisting the knife the Mail on Sunday reprinted an article Mr Gove wrote for The Times in 1999 in which he criticized middle-class drug users who he said wanted cocaine legalized Sajid Javid a leadership hopeful while not naming Mr Gove was scathing nevertheless there are people that you know they they have their organic food they boast about buying Fairtrade they talk about climate change and at the same time you come Friday or Saturday night they're all in Class A drugs this could all begin to snowball for Mr Gove during any visits to the United States for example he should have declared past drug use on the visa waiver program called Esther Erin Hanlon is a u.s. immigration lawyer how does the US government view admissions of drug use they view that as if it were a conviction for possession how difficult is it gonna be for Mr Gove now if he wants to travel to the United States if he wants to travel to the US now he is no longer able to use the visa waiver program he will definitely need a visa from this point forward and he will have to disclose his prior drug use as well as why he misrepresented himself on the form if he actually ticked no to that question Michael gobs campaign team told Sky News they were satisfied he'd filled out the forms correctly the environment secretaries admissions have provoked questions about not only the strength of his leadership campaign but of his character too whilst elsewhere it has been a good day for the front-runner Boris Johnson who despite appearing to be reluctant to appear on camera anywhere is still garnered the support of some high-profile backers significant support from arch brexit ear Steve Baker who says Boris is the man to lead Britain out of the EU while James cleverly wants a leadership hopeful now a Boris man I've seen him reach out to audiences and voters that the Conservative Party would not normally expect to be on site and I know he can run a successful executive operation because I was part of the team that did that when we were in London for eight years so that's why I'm gonna be supporting him for leader tomorrow the race begins and only two candidates can emerge eventually to fight it out for the top job Nick Martin Sky News Westminster