Trump: Jewish People Who Vote For Democrats Are Disloyal

>>Donald Trump had some choice words for
Jewish Americans while he was talking to reporters. Let’s take a look at what he had to say.>>I can’t believe we’re even having this
conversation. Where is the Democratic party gone? Where have they gone where they’re defending
these two people over the state of Israel. And I think any Jewish people, that vote for
a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge, or great just loyalty.>>I mean-
>>Wow.>>The audacity of Donald Trump talking about
any other group of people, or any other single individual, and pointing to their lack of
knowledge is amazing to me. It’s he’s lacks any and all self-awareness. And what is he talking about disloyal?>>No, no, let’s talk about disloyalty for
a second, okay, and antisemitism. So first of all, you’ll remember that the
whole reason that Ilhan Omar theoretically got in trouble, and that Trump and all the
Republicans say, my God, I’m so concerned about her antisemitism is because they claim
that she said that the Jews have dual loyalty. She actually never said that. We showed you the speech. She said, I don’t want to have dual loyalty
to two different countries. I only wanna have loyalty to America. Now Trump in this case literally said, the
Jews are disloyal. But wait a minute, that’s what you claimed. Ilhan Omar said, and why she was wildly anti-semitic. But she didn’t actually say what you just
said. We just heard it. We just saw with our own two eyes. And you know why that’s so offensive and that
why it’s so concerning? Because that’s what the Nazis said. They said the Jews were disloyal to the state
and had to be punished. And now you’re telling me that you’re concerned
me in this spiel. He said he’s concerned about to leave an Omar
and how they might be anti semitic and then he turns around and calls the great majority
of Jews in this country, stupid and disloyal. Now you said, great, great majority. How do you know they vote for Democrats? Well, I’m glad you asked. We have the numbers. So in the last election in 2018, 79% of Jewish
Americans voted for Democrats, 79%. No affiliate no religious affiliation atheist,
people who are spiritual but don’t believe in a religion, you would think that that’s
a massive democratic constituency, you’d be right 70% people who are other religions,
including Islam, so not Christian, not Protestant or Catholic or Jewish. You think that would be a big Democratic issue,
so you’d be right 73%, but Jews came in at number one, biggest democratic constituency
when you’re looking at religion 79%. And by the way, it’s not an aberration. And I’ve told you this 1,000 times on the
show, just Jewish Americans are the biggest voting bloc for Democrats in this country,
outside of African Americans. In fact, do you know that in 2006, and other
midterm election 87% of Jewish Americans voted for democrats. Now, why does that sound surprising? Because everyone in television pretends the
Jewish Americans are for the right-wing, and they love to start wars, and they totally
agree with Dick Cheney, they agree with Donald Trump. They say it over and over and over again. So it’s not true. It’s a lie. It’s a lie when Fox says it, it’s a lie what
MSNBC says it, it’s a lie when CNN says it, it’s a lie when New York Times and Washington
Post imply it. Okay, so now let’s go to Brian Kilman, so
where did Trump get this in his head or why all of a sudden? Is he in a rage about disloyal Jews? Cuz he watched Fox & Friends this morning,
watch.>>Says stunningly most Democrats support,
excuse me, the majority of the American Jewish support goes to Democratic candidates. President Trump only got 24%, when President
Bush 43 and this President have been the better allies to Israel. Where-
>>I think that’s starting to change.>>No, not starting to change. I got 24% in 2016 for Donald Trump and that
number went down not up during the 2018 elections. And they were like, wow, I don’t get it, we
agree with the evangelical Christians who wanNA support Israel for now until we get
armageddon and then we kill everybody in Israel but I don’t know why the Jews don’t choose
to support us, I don’t get it. We started all these wars, what, on behalf
of Jews, no, they didn’t ask for it. They didn’t vote for it and you constantly
lie about it. And by the way that’s another enormous problem
when you keep implying that Jewish Americans voted for your horrible, militaristic right-wing
policies when they overwhelmingly vote against it.>>One other thing I wanted to mention about
the Jewish population in America is, look at their political activism historically,
and what they have joined in solidarity with in terms of fighting for the civil rights
of Americans who had been disenfranchised, fighting for equality for black Americans
during the civil rights era. Their political activism was incredibly important,
but they don’t look at issues like that, when I say they I mean the Republican Party and
clowns like Donald Trump and Brian Kilmeade. They don’t, A, know the history and B, care
about the history.>>Look, Jewish Americans have been absolutely
heroEs for standing up to muslims in the Trump administration, and also standing up for Latino
immigrants, never again action as so many other Jewish groups going out there and protesting
the detention centers and in saying about Muslim America is not on our watch. You’re not gonna ban them, okay? ADL doing a terrific job of tracking anti
muslim violence and and a hate speech against them, etc. So in reality, all these minority religious
groups in the country are doing a great job of sticking together. And this is what’s the best of America. That’s why Fox and Trump are shocked. Like, what? I thought that if we just were in favor of
more right-wing invasions that the Jews would be on our side, why did you think that? They’ve never been on that side. And look, Trump with his him saying constantly
that the Jews renegotiate him saying that, you didn’t. You’re not gonna vote for me to republican
Jewish leaders cuz you’d like to control your politicians and now going and saying, the
Jews have been disloyal. It doesn’t get any more antisemitic than that. That jury is absolutely in and anyone who
tells you otherwise doesn’t know a thing.