Sean Hannity CANCELS Geraldo Rivera

>>Geraldo has disagreed with other personalities
on Fox News when it comes to war with Iran. In fact, there was a video that went viral,
where he is saying it’s a terrible idea to escalate tensions with Iran and Brian Kilmeade
went at it with him. Now, recently he was supposed to make an appearance
on Hannity show, but that appearance was cancelled. And it seems like it was cancelled specifically
because Geraldo was gonna continue making the case that war with Iran is a bad idea. So he starts off with this tweet. Urging Donald Trump to keep his powder dry,
please don’t let this spin out of control. You can always hit them back. Please don’t let this become an escalating,
you hit me, I hit you back harder until we have another full blown, bloody Mid East war
on our hands. What would we win? And so then he ends up responding to someone
who apparently liked his tweet and he says, thanks. I’ll be on with Sean Hannity tonight counseling
restraint and talking about these deeply disturbing developments. And then later he said, Nevermind, Hannity
just canceled me. And I just like to end this whole exchange
with Malcolm Fleschner tweet, cancel culture strikes again.>>I really liked that tweet. So look, before we open this up for discussion,
I just wanna remind you of how passionately Geraldo feels about avoiding war with Iran. This was a segment that Fox had earlier. Take a look.>>Now we have taken this huge military escalation. Now I fear the worst. You’re gonna see the US markets go crazy today. You’re gonna see the price of oil spiking
today. This is a very, very big deal.>>And I don’t know if you heard
>>But this isn’t about his resume of blood and death, it is about what was next. We stopped the next attack, that’s what I
think you’re missing.>>According to the Secretary of State.>>By what credible source,
>>Okay.>>Can you predict what the next Iranian move
would be?>>They’ve been excellent, the US Intelligence
has been excellent since 2003, when we invaded Iraq, disrupted the entire region for no real
reason. Don’t for a minute start cheering this on. What you have done, what we have done, we
have unleashed.>>I will cheer
>>Then you, like Lindsay Graham, have never met a war you didn’t like.>>That is not true, and don’t even say that.>>If President Trump wanted de-escalation-
>>We should just let him kill us for another 15 years.>>If President Trump wanted de-escalation
and to bring our troops home. What this was a reaction to-
>>What about the 700 Americans who are dead? Should they not be happy because of him?>>What about the tens of thousands of Iraqis
who have died since 2003? You have to start seeing things. What the hell are we doing in Baghdad in the
first place? Why are we there? Why aren’t these forces home?>>You’re blaming President Bush for the maniacal
killing of Saddam Hussein?>>I am blaming President Bush in 2003 for
those fake weapons of mass destruction that never existed and the con job that drove us
into that war.>>Listen, you gotta give people credit when
they’re right, and Geraldo was right there. I think that he took a strong position. I also give Geraldo credit for consistently
speaking out against Donald Trump’s disgusting immigration policies on Fox. I’m sure that’s not an easy environment to
share your accurate opinions in. But yeah, so Hannity canceled. Now, who knows? Maybe they canceled him to maybe replace that
segment with something that involves a legal analyst or?>>I don’t know, should we give Hannity the
benefit of the doubt?>>Hannity did not want any of that smoke. He’s like man, I saw what you did to kill
me. And I don’t think any more clearly than he
does. His producers probably said hey, we’re gonna
go ahead and cancel Geraldo because first off, Geraldo’s only mistake was revealing
what he wanted to do that night. When he talked to the person who retweeted
him or liked it and he goes, thanks I’m gonna be on later to make sure I council against
this. They’re like no that’s not the agenda tonight. That’s not what we’re on board for. Of course, yes again we’re speculating. But I mean, if it’s not the case, go and let
us know what the other difference was. I mean, they canceled on me tonight so I can’t
come on and say what I had to say. So I mean, again, what’ll happen is you end
up revealing what your real intentions are and what your real beliefs are. And people on the region are like, well, 700
Americans were lost. You don’t care about the Americans being lost
when it comes to anything else except for pursuing war. And then so, of course, when Geraldo brings
up the tens of thousands of Iraqis dying, there’s no answer to that. Those aren’t real people? Those are casualties of war. Or when we talk about how we wanna make sure
we keep American troops out of harm’s way. They go hey, well American troops they signed
up for it. They knew what they were getting themselves
into. Somehow when it comes to having any kinda
empathy towards people it’s all based on whether or not you’re falling not behind this president
and his line of ridiculousness. Secondly, Geraldo use Trump’s talking point
about we gotta get out of these stupid wars. You can’t follow a guy who continues to contradict
his own agenda and policies throughout his presidency.>>Right, exactly. And look, it’s hilarious to me to hear anyone
on Fox News or even anyone in cable news talk about how egregious it is or how much of an
injustice it is when Americans die. When in our own country they constantly push
for domestic policy that leads to more Americans dying.>>Totally, my god.>>I mean, how many American die every year
because they don’t have adequate health insurance? And they will attack Universal Healthcare,
over and over again. They’ll talk about how we can’t afford it,
can’t pay for it. When it comes to beating that war-drum, by
the way, which is the most expensive policy to support, they’re all for it. They don’t care about American lives. American’s overall, just like troops are nothing
more than pawns, nothing more than props, that these lowly individuals use to make their
arguments when it’s convenient for them. But when push comes to shove, you think they
really care about the lives of Americans? How about all those segments that Fox News
has done on homeless people? Do they care about them? They defame them, they slander them as dead
beats, as druggists, as all sorts of things. They don’t care about human lives. What cares about is appeasing Trump, making
sure that Trump is happy with him. Because you never know, you might lose access
to Trump if you criticize him. And you might not be able to get a job in
Trump’s administration. We all know that Trump likes to pick people
out of Fox News. So it’s just gross. And look, not to get too leftist, I guess,
whatever you wanna call it. But that’s what capitalism is, that’s what
capitalism does. It’s all about profit, it’s all about ensuring
that you have the upper hand and you increase your chances of making more money, right? That’s what happens in our media all the time,
right?>>Making money and being a tough guy, that’s
the other part of it. Even people who don’t have, I guess, the interests
for lining their pockets. It’s, hey, we’re tough guys, we’re America. Hey, we don’t let them F with us like this. Hey, you’re not gonna say that to me. There’s a superiority complex that we have
from the moment that we’re born that says, we have to make sure that we talk about how
much better we are than you no matter what. You can be on the lowest totem pole in America. But you’re like, I’m an American, I’m better
than you. But your life actually has nothing to do with
this American dream that they’ve sold you. That you’re supposed to somehow pursue. And one more thing that they don’t care about
lives for is school shootings, mass shootings, Car Club shootings. We don’t care about that stuff, thoughts and
prayers. What bombs we dropping on people to stop that
from happening? American lives are being lost every day. You don’t care about American lives.>>Again, it’s just something that they cite
when it’s convenient to them to support a policy that’s horrendous, usually. And, in this case, it’s escalated tensions
and war with Iran. So, again, credit where credit is due. I think Geraldo is doing a good job. And I think that he should be proud of the
fact that Hannity canceled his appearance, right? Look, I don’t know what his future is gonna
look like. Obviously, Shep Smith, who had the audacity
to speak the truth every once in a while on Fox News is no longer there. But we know what Fox News is, Geraldo knows
what Fox News is. I don’t agree with Geraldo on many issues. But if you have any integrity and you actually
want to share truthful analysis with an audience, Fox News is not the place to do it. You’re hardly even seen on cable news shows
period, much less on Fox News.

Lindsey Graham REAL SALTY About War Powers Act

>>The House of Representatives has just approved
a resolution that Mike Lee in favor of. Its the War Powers Act, that would limit Donald
Trump’s ability to unilaterally go to war. And of course, this follows Trump’s decision
to assassinate Iran’s top military general. Now this is non-binding at the moment, and
look, let’s keep it real. The likelihood of Mitch McConnell even bringing
this type of legislation up for a vote in the Senate is, I can’t even imagine that would
happen. But it is important to note that there are
Republicans who are supportive of this including Mike Lee and Rand Paul. But there are Republicans who are vehemently
against it, and are speaking out against their fellow republicans who dare to question Trump
and his unilateral ability to go to war with any country he pleases. So first let’s go to Senator Lindsey Graham
who loves going to war, and would like the idea of Donald Trump, starting another one. Here’s what he had to say about Senators Mike
Lee and Rand Paul.>>And they’re overreacting quite frankly. go debate all you want to, I’m gonna debate
you. Trust me, I’m gonna let people know that at
this moment in time to play this game with a War Powers Act which I think is unconstitutional. Is that whether you mean to or not, you’re
empowering the enemy. You can have 535 commander in chiefs. The War Powers Act design constitutional,
there’s only one commander chief. If you don’t like the action, the Commander
in Chief is taking as Congress, you could defend those actions. We have control of the power of the purse,
but they’re great Americans. But when we get on the floor of the United
States Senate and the next couple weeks, and talking about restricting the ability to deal
with the religious Nazis and Iran. It will be seen by the Iranians as division
at home, I hope we won’t do it.>>Now the War Powers Resolution is not unconstitutional. In fact, I’m gonna go ahead, and read you
a portion from the constitution that is relevant to this conversation. Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution
stipulates that Congress shall have power to declare war, grant letters of marque and
reprisal. And make rules concerning captures on land
and water, to raise and support armies. And also to make rules for the government
and regulation of the land and naval forces.>>That could mean anything.>>That’s weird, it’s weird that he would
call it unconstitutional when it’s part of our constitution. Now the resolution that just passed in the
House, I wanna give you a few more details about it. As I mentioned earlier it’s non-binding on
the president and would not require his signature. But house speaker Nancy Pelosi nonetheless
insisted it has real teeth, because it is a statement of the Congress of the United
States.>>Yeah.>>I can’t believe that she would think that’s
true.>>I think that she believes that she needs
to pretend that she thinks it’s true. And which is disappointing because I think
that the situation we find ourselves in almost every way is terrible, and I wish that we
weren’t there. I wish that Donald Trump had acted differently
or not acted at all. But I do think that has provided an opening,
we know that two out of three Americans think that the killing of Soleimani has made the
US less safe. I think that we’re seeing in the news just
today a demonstration of how theoretically we might be less safe. I think that, that situation the fact that
the people don’t want a war with Iran combined with Donald Trump’s speech where he wants
to pretend that he’s interested in peace and diplomacy. Creates an opening where you can put way more
pressure on Donald Trump and the Republicans not just to limit their ability to start a
war in the future. But say okay, if you want peace, if you want
diplomacy, we want diplomatic talks by this date. We want you to pull out of the region by this
time. We think well if you want peace, then we certainly
don’t need to be spending so much money abroad. Then let’s talk about dialing down the military
budget being spent overseas like if the people don’t want a->>That’s hilarious, John.>>I know it’s ridiculous-
>>And I know that most of the Democrats don’t even support it but-
>>Right.>>If he wants peace, if his base even some
of them want peace, certainly the voters in general want peace. Then let’s push for actual peace not just
a little bit more red tape for him to go through if he wants to bomb Tehran.>>Also, I would argue that Democrats should
have thought about the future when Obama was president. Because they were fine with President Obama
making decisions unilaterally when it came to what was going on in the Middle East. That was exactly when democrats should have
like thought ahead of time, and limited the powers of the executive branch to unilaterally
make these types of decisions. And so-
>>Yeah.>>And look, Obama was, I’m not even gonna
say he was like more responsible. I mean, he expanded Bush era foreign policy
and expanded the drone wars. I mean, we didn’t go into Yemen for the first
time under Trump’s leadership, that started under Obama. And so we have to hold our own party accountable,
and I know that we do that here on the show on a regular basis, but I’m talking about
Democrats, right? We need to be aware of the flaws in our own
party, and we need to demand more. And I know that people like Nancy Pelosi are
very uncomfortable, and get very offended by that. But you should read my latest op ed in the
hill. So you can see how she enables Donald Trump
more than anyone, right->>Take a look maybe sure.>>Yeah, actually, you tweeted it out. So you guys should check out his Twitter account,
I think I might have too.>>I have one coming up in the next few days
actually, about this very topic.>>I love it. Well, let’s go to Mike Lee, because he actually
responded to Lindsey Graham’s nonsense.>>If that is fundamentally antithetical to
the Constitution. Look, I love Lindsey Graham, he’s a fantastic
guy. We work closely together on a lot of issues. He’s dead wrong insofar as he’s suggesting
that this is playing a game. Mr. Graham, the Constitution of the United
States is not a game. In federal of 69, Alexander Hamilton explained,
why it is that we put the war declaration power in Article 1, Section 8? Why we put it with congress rather than the
executive? There are good reasons for that, and those
reasons need to be respected.>>So he makes good points there, so does
Ron Paul in this next video.>>I think it’s sad when people have this
fake sort of drape of patriotism, and anybody that disagrees with them is not a patriot. Look, I love my country, I have many family
members who have served in the military, and continue to serve in the military. I love my country as much as the next guy,
but for him to insult and say that somehow we’re not as patriotic as he is. He hasn’t even read the history of the Constitution. The Constitution specifically says that the
war making power is resides in Congress. He believes in this unitary theory of the
executive that presidents can do whatever they want. The only way you can stop them is by defending
a war. That’s not what our founding fathers said. It’s not what the Constitution says. And he insults the Constitution, our founding
fathers. And what we do stand for in this republic
by making light of it, and accusing people of lacking patriotism. I think that’s a low, gutter type of response.>>But I do have criticism for Rand Paul and
Mike Lee. While they might be right on this specific
issue, they have been enabling Donald Trump over, and over, and over again. They’ve been defending him, and his lies his
wrongdoings as executive, or Commander in Chief over and over again. And so they even did it after making these
types of statements because look, what do they care about? What do lawmakers unfortunately care about
more than anything else, their political careers? And when you go up against Donald Trump, there
are consequences if you’re a Republican. And so they have to add all these caveats
about Lindsey Graham, and specifically Donald Trump when they dare to cross him on issues
like war. Take a look.>>We’re not quite at war, and I hope that
this will be an isolated killing. And look, I’m a fan of the president. I think the president is showing remarkable
restraint in many areas of foreign policy, but on the idea of who has the power,
>>Congress only wields the power to declare war. Now look, I support President Trump, I support
the way that he has wielded his power as Commander in Chief. I think he’s actually been the most respectful
of all presidents during my lifetime of the commander in chief power. I do think that the people who briefed the
United States Senate today->>And who are they just so people at home-
>>Hello, me wrong, I love Donald Trump. He’s a he’s shown remarkable restraint. He’s so good, I mean, he’s the best. Yeah, you went on an international tour talking
about how amazing Kim Jong Hoon is. And they write each other love letters, and
he’s he should have all the time but he’s a remarkable president. He’s incredible, please, please don’t come
at me. Don’t come at me, Trump. Don’t tweet about me, please.>>What a couple a weenie is?>>Yeah, come on! Just you’re finally sticking up for something. You’re finally making a strong statement that
needs to be said as Republicans, right? You don’t need to qualify it by pretending
like Donald Trump is a rational human being who deserves to lead this country.>>Yeah, I don’t no which is more pathetic. So Rand Paul with his, I’m a fan of him stuff. He’s stood on the debate stage and he made
fun of your hair said you were ugly. We should choose our leaders for their intelligence
experience and all of that stuff. But stop being such a little weenie seriously. This is why you didn’t go anywhere in the
primary. So that’s like a personal thing where you
continue to suck up this guy that MIT like mocked him viciously. It’s the Ted Cruz level of deference. But for Mike Lee, what he wanted to have you
believe is he came out of that briefing, he was just red hot mad at how they wouldn’t
answer any of his questions. And they were clearly hiding things and he
didn’t like how they respond to his hypotheticals. But Trump is great, it’s just that the people
in the briefing, they disappointed me and probably Trump too. Well, who do you think told them what to say? You think that they were like, what were they
backstabbing Trump. Trump was like I want you to go there and
tell good Mike Lee everything he wants to hear. And then they were like screw Trump. We’re not telling them, anything. No, they don’t have anything, if they’re lying
it’s because they’re all lying. But he wants to pretend that I’m pointing
out all out there clearly hoodwinking the American people but Trump’s good. Don’t get mad at him. Doesn’t make any sense?>>It makes no sense. They wanna have their cake and eat it, too.>>Well, they want to have their cake, and
not be kicked out of the Republican party while eating it basically.>>Yeah, that’s what I mean like they want
to hold Trump accountable without really holding Trump accountable. You can’t do that. This started by Donald Trump. This entire escalation is Trump’s fault. Okay, the lack of intelligence that was cited
by Trump is Trump’s fault. The intelligence didn’t exist. He made a unilateral decision, and then he
and his administration tried to make excuses for it or justify it after the fact. That is exactly what happened. They know it, and enabling him in this situation,
enabling him and everything else he’s done as President, right? Enables him to continue acting this way with
no consequences. So if you’re gonna have a backbone and you’re
going to call him out, then do it appropriately, even if it means that you might lose your
political career. Because the whole point of having members
in Congress represent us is to have leaders represent us. Being a leader is not easy. Being a leader doesn’t mean that you do what’s
beneficial for yourself in your career. Being a leader means that you lead, you do
what’s difficult, and you do what’s principled. And Republicans have shown us over and over
again, that while they talk about how strong they are, and how patriotic they are, they
are the biggest powers in this country. Because they will bow down to power if it
means that they get to preserve their precious career.

Fox Host Does The Unthinkable, Defends Obama

>>Brian Kilmeade strangely decided to defend
Barack Obama. Now, this is in response to all the right
wingers who have been blaming Obama for the escalated tensions with Iran. When in reality, as we know, Donald Trump
started escalating tensions with Iran the moment he pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal,
started implementing these crippling economic sanctions on Iran. And then he later assassinated Iran’s top
military general. But here’s Brian Kilmeade, speaking out against
all the right wingers who are trying to deflect and place the blame on Obama as opposed to
Trump.>>I just don’t love bringing up the previous
administration, just like I didn’t like when President Obama kept bringing up President
Bush.>>Yeah, but it’s true.>>But it’s how do you know? Well, what I’m trying to say is with President
Bush, you heard that statement all along from President Obama. All was a dumb war, as people who were missing
limbs and no longer can see or missing legs. And here, it’s a dumb war they lost their
limbs in->>Brian, they got 150 billion dollars weapon.>>Well, that’s fine, everybody knows that
policy. But you gotta bring people together as the
president and just to continue to take shots at President Obama-
>>Because I think it’s->>Three and half years later, it doesn’t
make any sense.>>It’s a stupid show.>>Now, understand that Brian Kilmeade was
supportive of Trump’s actions. He defended Trump and his decision to assassinate
Soleimani. And he got into this giant argument with Geraldo
Rivera about it. Geraldo Rivera was critical of what Trump
did. And so he’s not speaking out against what
Trump did, but he is speaking out against people who are blaming Obama for what’s going
on with Iran.>>Yeah, but look, if that was the extent
of it, I would say, look at Brian Kilmeade, able to add a little bit of nuance and in
favor of someone who normally disagrees with him. But everything else he added on to it made
me think no, I don’t actually like this at all.>>I agree, I agree, yeah.>>I mean, look, he came out looking better
than Doocy, that’s a high bar for you right there. But no, he said let’s not bring up past administrations
in some sort of weird general DC. Let’s all be polite and always looking forward,
no analysis of what actually has been done. When he said don’t call a war dumb because
have died and lost limbs, what are you talking about? That’s one of the reasons it was so stupid
and pointless and shouldn’t have been fought. That’s not mocking those who fought in it,
that’s speaking with compassion about the suffering that they went through that shouldn’t
have ever happened. And we don’t say it just because we like judging
past actions. We wanna stop future stupid, pointless wars,
like the one that Brian Kilmeade was, he said, I’m cheering for a couple of days ago when
he was arguing with Geraldo.>>Right.>>I don’t wanna have another argument in
ten years looking back on all the people have died in the US-Iran war. I wanna avoid it altogether.>>That’s the reason why we need to be serious
in electing the right person to lead this country this year. Now with that said, I do wanna go a little
back in time. These are clips from the past week where right
wingers on Fox, on Kilmeade’s very network, decided to place the blame on Obama. Let’s start off with Pete Hegseth.>>Listen, this instant, this moment right
now is on Barack Obama, not Donald Trump. When Barack Obama retreated in Iraq and created
a vacuum, he unleashed two radical forces. First ISIS, which President Trump had to come
in and eradicate, but he also opened the door for Iran’s influence to totally take over
Iraq. To the point where now the legislature in
Iraq is effectively controlled by Iran. If we couldn’t solve the problem in Iraq with
150,000 troops and the right strategy, we’re not gonna do it now with 5,000. So whether we leave Iraq or not should be
done on our terms and based on how we stare down Iran and their ability to get the nuclear
bomb.>>Iraq called on the United States and Iran
to help them defeat ISIS in their country. That’s the reason why the United States sent
troops back to Iraq. That’s the reason why Iran sent its forces
to Iraq in order to help defeat ISIS, and they actually did a pretty good job in that. And so now following Donald Trump’s actions,
in doing a drone strike in Iraq, the parliament in the country decided to take a vote and
they want US troops out. All of the escalation, as of late, is what
Trump is responsible for. There was a perfectly fine nuclear deal. It’s a nuclear deal because it was specifically
meant to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.>>And it was working.>>And it was working, they were complying. When he decided to pull out, implement sanctions
and continuously provoke Iran, that’s when things started to get worse.>>Yes.>>So no, this isn’t about Obama, it’s been
three and a half years. What do you mean?>>Yeah, no, it’s not Obama. Actually, I blame Calvin Coolidge. No, I don’t know, we can just keep going back. You know what? It was George W Bush because-
>>And Obama was terrible, by the way.>>If he hadn’t started this war, then we
wouldn’t be there. No, actually it was Clinton because if he’d
taken out Sadam the first time then Bush wouldn’t have had to go in. You could just always keep passing the buck
to the past, it doesn’t mean anything. But that’s what Pete Hegseth does. There’s a couple different brands of horrible
right wing pundit and I would argue that he’s probably the worst. He comes from the Sean Hannity school where
his brain is only large enough for one running algorithm at a time. And it’s, how do I blame a democrat for whatever
it is? Even if it’s a direct predicted result of
a republican action, he’s gonna find a way. He’ll say, it was the democrats fault, throw
a couple of buzzwords out there and that’s it. And so it’s no wonder that he’s doing well
on Fox News. That’s all they need to do.>>That’s right, and there was one other person
on Fox News who wanted to blame Obama. That was Laura Ingraham.>>Whereas, Bush was too idealistic about
what was possible in Iraq, and whereas Obama was too defeatist about Iran, Trump’s a realist. He’s a pragmatist.>>So that’s the stupidity that you hear on
Fox.>>By the way, she was an outspoken advocate
for the war in Iraq.>>100%.>>Just don’t ever forget that, that she was
cheerleading for the war in Iraq. She wants to pretend that that’s not the case. And by the way, she also just coincidentally
wants war with Iran. But it’ll be totally different, it’ll be way
better this time. She’s a realist after all.>>It’s insane. By the way, Vickie, one of our members wrote
in and said, John’s got his energy back with lots of exclamation marks.>>I think I’m at the exact perfect point
of all the medications have lined up, but I am still on a lot of medication.>>And I also wanna announce that he’s starting
to get me sick, so I’m really looking forward to this weekend.>>You can’t prove that. It’s possible, I think Barrack Obama got you
sick, actually.>>It was, you know what, good point, good
point. Become a member, go to Members help to make this show happen, you
keep us sustainable, which is why I want to include your comments in the context of the
stories that we do.

Megyn Kelly To Kaepernick: “Everything is Racist”

>>Megyn Kelly hasn’t really been out in the
public much lately. But she did decide to respond to Colin Kaepernick’s
tweets about US aggression toward Iran. So first, let me give you what Colin Kaepernick
had tweeted, and then I’ll give you her response. She said, there’s nothing new about American
terrorist attacks against black and brown people for the expansion of American imperialism. America has always sanctioned and besieged
black and brown bodies both at home and abroad. American militarism is the weapon wielded
by American imperialism, to enforce its policing and plundering of the non white world. Now-
>>Yep.>>Anyone who knows anything about American
history and American foreign policy sees what he’s talking about here. This isn’t simply about race. This is about US foreign policy toward countries
that are typically majority black or majority brown, right?>>Yep.>>And why, why do they do that? And I’m gonna fill in those blanks in just
a second. But Megyn Kelly, in her lack of sophisticated
thinking says, because everything is racist. Everything. Even fighting back against terrorists who
kill Americans. Nike, feeling proud? Okay, so if you’re so concerned about terrorists
killing Americans or terrorists killing people that they shouldn’t be killing. How about the fact that Donald Trump defended
Mohammed bin Salman after he ordered the killing of a US resident and Washington Post journalist
Jamal Khashoggi. Didn’t bother you, right? Didn’t bother you. I mean, it’s just such a disingenuous argument. And besides which, Colin Kaepernick is actually
making an important point that isn’t often made by public figures, especially people
in the entertainment industry or in athletics. Colin Kaepernick comments about things that
are so important to shed light on. And US imperialism is incredibly important
to discuss, especially in the context of what the United States is doing in the Middle East
right now. So for anyone who maybe didn’t have, and most
people in America didn’t, the appropriate history lessons about what the US has done
with coups abroad. We’ll do a quick run through of it. And I wish we had more time cuz there’s so
many interesting details to every single one of these examples, but we’re just gonna run
through some of the examples right now. So first off, when it comes to Latin American
countries, our CIA has loved orchestrating coups. We have orchestrated coups in Argentina, Brazil,
Cuba, Chili, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, okay? Now, we attempt to stage a coup in Cuba, we
failed there. So we weren’t successful in every single
case, but every single time you see this happen, especially in Latin American countries, there
are US business interests involved, right? It’s not because we’re trying to spread democracy. It’s because there’s some sort of resource
that the United States government wants access to. So we’ve done coups in countries like Iran. So in 1953 there was a coup in Iran. It was orchestrated by the United States. Despite continued speculation about the CIA’s
role in a 1949 coup to install a military government in Syria, the ouster of Iranian
Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadegh is the earliest coup of the Cold War that the United States
government has acknowledged. They’ve acknowledged it, okay? But you don’t hear much of it in US history
classes. In 1953, after nearly two years of Mossadegh’s
premiership, during which he challenged the authority of the Shah and nationalized an
Iranian oil industry previously operated by British companies, he was forced from office
and arrested, spending the rest of his life under house arrest. Did you think that you could just nationalize
your country’s oil and the US would let you get away with it? We don’t think so. Let’s move on. Guatemala, 1954, though the United States
was initially supportive of Guatemalan Guatemalan President Arbenz, the State Department felt
his rise through the US-trained and armed military would be an asset, the relationship
though soured as he attempted a series of land reforms that threatened the holdings
of US-owned United Fruit Company. A coup in 1954 forced him from power, allowing
a succession of juntas in his place. Classified details of the CIA’s involvement
in the ouster of the Guatemalan leader, which included equipping rebels and paramilitary
troops while the US Navy blockaded the Guatemalan coast, came to light in 1999. I mean, the examples go on and on and on. Congo in 1960, what we did to Patrice Lumumba. I mean, how many more examples do you want,
okay?>>I think she doesn’t want any.>>I’m sorry, Lumumba, Lumumba.>>And I would argue she probably doesn’t
care.>>But that’s what I wanna know. Look, Megyn Kelly’s not dumb. I don’t think she’s a dumb person. She’s a lawyer. She worked her way up to pretty lucrative
gigs at Fox News and then I think it was CBS or NBC.>>Well, no offense to us, but being a host
doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a genius.>>No, I get that. I get that.>>She had a public spat about how Santa’s
white. She’s kind of dumb when it comes to racial
stuff.>>You’re right. You’re right. Right.>>To hold these simplistic, stupid, bigoted
views on race you can’t be that intelligent.>>You guys, the United States will go into
countries and overthrow democratically elected leaders. We just did it in Bolivia. We just did it in Bolivia. We will do that. We will go into a sovereign country, overthrow
a democratically elected leader for our own business interests. So when someone draws attention to that because
they want our country to be better, to keep our country safe, to keep sovereign countries
safe and democratic, it’s a dumb ass response to say because everything’s racist.>>Yeah, it’s hard to be Megyn Kelly. When you say bigoted things people call you
a racist, it’s rough.>>That’s the woman who gets paid tens of
millions of dollars to be an idiot, it’s devastating. That’s what this country values.>>She’s so awful that she makes me like Charlize
Theron less.>>No, don’t say that.>>Although Bombshell was pretty good.>>It was okay.>>Yeah, it was fine.>>Charlize Theron is a national treasure.>>She is, exactly.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, she’s as bad as she ever was when
she was on Fox News. She somehow managed as she like pulled the
ripcord, got out of there, to seem more reasonable than someone like a Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly,
but she’s not. She was picked for that position because she
believes the same sorts of things that they do.>>I want to give some snaps to Colin Kaepernick
because what he was drawing attention to there is important. And a lot of people in America never get the
appropriate schooling or learn the appropriate history of what our country has done. And you need to understand the history to
really dissect and understand what our current foreign policy is. We should be able to hold our elected officials
to a higher standard, and we should not allow them to sell us this nonsense about how the
US government is looking to spread democracy abroad. When in reality, we’ve done a lot to undermine
democracy in other countries consistently over the decades.

Trump Casually Threatens War Crimes on Twitter

Okay, let’s move on now to the possible escalation
with Iran. Donald Trump is straight up threatening war
crimes against Iran on Twitter. He’s doing it casually. He’s not trying to hide it. Let’s look at the declaration. This was made of course, on Twitter, which
has become strangely normal in 2020 under Donald Trump. Not only is policy communicated on Twitter,
but also threats of war crimes are communicated on Twitter, Twitter, Donald Trump saying quote,
Iran is talking very boldly targeting certain USA assets as revenge for our ridding the
world of their terrorist leader who had just killed an American and badly wounded many
others. Not to mention all of the people he had killed
over his lifetime, including recently hundreds of Iranian protesters. He was already attacking our embassy and preparing
for additional hits in other locations. Iran has been nothing but problems for many
years. Let this serve as a warning that if Iran strikes
any Americans or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites representing the
52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago. Some at a very high level and important to
Iran and the Iranian culture and those targets and Iran itself will be hit very fast and
very hard. The USA wants no more threats. That’s a war crime. Okay. Targeting sites of cultural importance to
Iran. It’s not open to interpretation. We criticized ISIS for doing it. There is a widely sourced Wikipedia article
where there are lists of mosques and libraries and ancient and medieval sites, churches,
monasteries, all sorts of sites that ISIS destroyed and when they do it, we are very
clear these are war crimes. They can’t do this. We must stop them and then our president threatens
to do the exact same thing casually on Twitter. The president is tweeting out that he will
commit war crimes on Twitter and nearly half the country pretends this as normal. There have actually been convictions on war
crimes, charges for intentionally destroying cultural sites. Uh, Ahmad all Faki al-Mahdi, uh, was, um,
uh, tried at the international criminal court in the Hague, Netherlands, um, for the destruction
of historic mazal Liam’s in the Malian desert of Timbuktu. And Marty ultimately pleaded guilty to his
Trump looking to be both impeached and, uh, tried at the Hague and now an American president
being convicted of war crimes is of course not likely. George W. Bush good. A good candidate for war crimes charges. Nothing happened. Nothing is going to happen. It is hard to believe, but increasingly Iran
seems to have the least legal and moral high ground here. Trump would the unauthorized assassination
followed by threatening war crimes. The deliberate destruction of cultural sites
Trump up, uh, pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal without Iran having done anything. It’s crazy because we share with the audience,
I mean many concerns about this theocratic regime in Iran, which I have opposed for,
you know, publicly for more than a decade. It is stunning that we have someone so depraved
and so immoral running our country that in this narrow set of circumstances, they seem
to have the legal and moral high ground. Now, one other note on this, I hope to have
time to talk about this later this week, this entire thing wreaks of evangelical Christianity
and its underlying notion because again, attacking Muslim cultural sites, uh, going after, uh,
an, uh, a regime, even if it’s by proxy that evangelical Christians see as the bad one. You know, evangelical Christians have this
thing where even though many of them are inherently antisemitic, they are often very pro Jewish
because they see supporting Jews as maybe a way to get the second coming of PR. I mean, it’s crazy, right? It’s completely bonkers. But it leads to many evangelicals, uh, supporting
Jews. Even if in a way that many Jews are not that
interested in, in, in having that support, certainly I, I would fall under that umbrella. The, uh, American Christian right is absolutely
licking their chops over the possibility of war with Iran and a lot of this stuff reeks
of evangelical Christianity. We’ll see if we have time for that. Maybe Wednesday on the program tomorrow. The Tuesday show is already almost full because
so much is going on. We will have continued coverage of this on
the David Pakman show Instagram page with nearly 25,000 of our viewers and listeners. Now following our content there, uh, David Pakman show on Instagram. While you’re there, follow [email protected]

SHOCK: Tucker Carlson CORRECT About Trump Iran Fiasco

We know broken clocks can be right twice a
day, but they can be wrong for the, it can be right for the wrong reason. Better said. And that’s exactly what happened with Fox
news. Propagandists Tucker Carlson, after the Trump
Iran fiasco got underway with the unauthorized assassination of Iranian codes leader Kaseem
Solemani, Tucker Carlson correctly pointed out maybe Iran is not the greatest threat
we face. Maybe Americans wouldn’t benefit from escalating
a war with Iran. Maybe we have our own issues to deal with
here in the United States. Now of course the issues, Tucker, things we
need to deal with in the United States are very different from the issues you and I likely
think we need to deal with in the United States. But Tucker has this sort of anti interventionists
side and he is correctly pointing out on Fox news that this doesn’t make a shred of sense. Take a look. Threats in the region. If you don’t live in Washington, here’s the
translation that would be in hostile middle Eastern countries, places where American Jews
would never be in the first place, where it not for the insistent demands of non geniuses
like max boot and John Bolton, but nevermind. No one in Washington is in mood for big picture
questions right now. Questions the obvious ones like, is Iran really
greatest threat we face and who’s actually benefiting from this and why are we continuing
to ignore the decline of our own country in favor of jumping into another quagmire from
which there was no obvious exit. By the way, if we’re still in Afghanistan,
19 years sad, years later, what makes us think there’s a quick way out of Iran and so on? Nobody is thinking like that right now. Instead, chest beaters like Senator Ben Sasse
of Nebraska are making unusual warlike noises. The ones they always make. This is very simple. Ben Sasse wrote in a statement last night,
general Soleimani is dead because he was an evil bastard who murdered Americans, which
is essentially true. So Amani was certainly a bad guy, but does
that make killing him? Quote very simple. It does not. Nothing about life and certainly nothing about
killing is ever very simple and any politician tells you otherwise is dumb or is lying. Yes. Soleimani was linked to the deaths of Americans. Nobody mourns his passing. But Mexico and China are also linked to the
deaths of Americans. Each has flooded our country with narcotics
from which tens of thousands of Americans die every single year. Not that anyone in power cares. So does that mean we get to bomb Wahaca? Can we start assassinating generals and the
people’s liberation army? Maybe. Maybe Ben sassful call for that too. He’s a former consultant and a very tough
character. Tucker Carlson is spot on that nothing will
be quicker, easy. There will be no solving a problem by invading
Iran. There will be nothing simple about assassinating
a leader like Kaseem Soleimani and saying, Hey, great, we did it. We have a horrible track record of being totally
unable to end conflicts that often make no sense to begin with and Tucker Carlson agrees
with me and with many people that Kaseem Soleimani was a bad guy, but the idea that we should
assassinate him and then escalate a military conflict with Iran is a terrible idea. There are right wingers who are experiencing
some cognitive dissonance here because they see Trump really wants it, but another pseudo
hero of theirs. Tucker Carlson doesn’t want it. What do we do? What do we do? This is where you need to be able to think
for yourself. This is an authorized assassination which
if you believe in checks and balances has to be opposed period. This is the possible lead-up for political
purposes to another endless conflict, very expensive one where the winners are military
contractors, the Warhawks, maybe Trump getting reelected and the losers are all the people
that will die. Americans who are seeing their tax money spent
on political conflicts rather than on improving the United States. Merely it’s like we don’t have to go look
for proposals for how to improve things. We’ve got proposals on healthcare and education
and so many other things. Even if you hate Iranian leadership and what
a ran stands for and the religious theocracy that exists there, you still have to be against
this. But then of course Carlson goes on to say,
we have our own issues, issues to deal with. A lot of the issues he wants to deal with
are horrible examples of xenophobia. Tucker Carlson has talks about, uh, the hoax
of white supremacy. It’s not a hoax. It’s a real issue we’ve got to deal with in
the United States. He thinks it’s fake. Tucker has talked about how immigrants coming
to our country make us a dirtier country. He wants to deal with that. We don’t think that’s actually an issue. We find that extremely xenophobic and racist. He’s saying the right things, but for the
wrong reasons. The issues he wants to focus on domestically
are ones that serve his reactionary agenda, like stopping immigration to the United States
by Brown people. And even in the clip, he eventually talks
about how bad Mexico is. Mexico is not bad in the way that many of
our adversaries are bad. People in Mexico are functioning primarily
out of desperation and because of corruption and economic realities, if we really want
to deal with Mexico, we would deal with the reasons that drugs and people come here in
the first place. That’s not Tucker’s view. He’s wrong on this issue, but even Tucker
Carlson recognizes the folly of what Donald Trump is doing here with Iran. I wish he would call Trump out instead of
just calling out Ben Sasse and Mike Palm PEO. I wish he would call out the completely politically
opportunistic nature of this, which is immoral at its core and he doesn’t. But even if Tucker Carlson pierces the echo
chamber of just a few of the Fox news viewers that are watching him, this is still a very
good thing. That being said, I would not be at all surprised
to eventually seek Tucker Carlson kind of fall back to some kind of mild deference to
Donald Trump in general. I’d also love to see Tucker, the fiscal conservative
that he claims to be call out that no one is asking how would we pay for this war in
Iran. I would not agree with him on all of the things
I mentioned earlier, but I would respect Tucker Carlson a little bit if he actually called
out the so-called fiscally conservative, right and said, guys, we can’t just talk about can
we afford it when it’s healthcare and education. We’ve got to talk about it when it’s pointless
politically opportunistic Wars as well. I’m not holding my breath for Tucker Carlson
to do that

Trump Admin’s BOGUS Justification for Iran Assassination

So everything that is happening around Trump,
Iran is terrible. There is the possibility of learning something
from this though. And I want to take this opportunity because there are lots of people
in my audience who may be too young to remember the March toward with Iraq in March of 2003
and in 2002 leading up to the eventual invasion of Iraq in 2003. This was one of the first
big political events in my life. So we had nine 11 in 2001, uh, that, uh, and I remember
that. And then I remember following and, and sort of processing what was going on. And
eventually we got to the lead up to and the eventual invasion of Iraq in 2003 during the
George W. Bush administration, one of the characteristics of the lead up to the Iraq
war was the propagandizing about imminent threats from Saddam Hussein. Saddam was linked
to the nine 11 attacks. Of course, that wasn’t true. Uh, the reality at the time we later
found out was that the war in Iraq had already been agreed upon. In a sense, it had been pointed to as a target
a decade earlier when George H w Bush didn’t get done what he wanted to get done in Iraq,
and then it was just a matter of manufacturing enough public consent to go ahead and do it.
And with nine 11 and with Colin Powell and Condi rice citing bogus intelligence and saying,
we’ve got to go, it’s an imminent threat. It’s time to do it. They were ultimately able
to manufacturer enough consent to go and do it. We are seeing a very, very similar propaganda
campaign now around Iran with some key differences. Let’s talk about the differences. Number one,
Trump is not George W. Bush without romanticizing George W. Bush because he was a disaster.
Donald Trump is much more unhinged than Bush in terms of Bush at least felt the need to
fabricate a bogus case for going into Iraq. Donald Trump doesn’t really seem to feel the
need to do that, and you will see that by virtue of how thin the justification they’re
giving is. Another important difference between Iran
2020 and Iraq 2003 is that the media today is not what it was in 2003 Fox news was around
in 2003 I think in 96 Fox news started, but in 2003 Fox news was not what it is now. The
social media echo chambers that further manufacturer consent were nothing in 2003 compared to what
they are today. So let’s dig into this. The case that the white house is making for why
it made sense to without authorization from Congress, which Donald Trump claimed when
Barack Obama was president was necessary for this type of military action without even
communicating with congressional leaders, without even communicating with our European
allies. Donald Trump says he urgently had to go in and assassinate Kaseem Sola Mani
because he was imminently planning attacks against American forces and diplomats in the
middle East. No evidence has been presented. So again, difference from 2003 in 2003 they
created all sorts of evidence, much of which we later found out was incorrect in order
to justify going into Iraq. Donald Trump is not even presenting any evidence.
What they are saying is it was just imminent, it was imminent and it all appears to be a
lie to us. Officials briefed about this, say that the evidence for assassinating Kaseem
Soleimani is quote razor thin. That’s diplomatic speak for. There is no real evidence. We’ve
just created a speculative case based on some isolated and irrelevant facts and we know
what those facts are. According to reporter Rukmini column Maki, the so called evidence
was number one Solomanis pattern of travel. Number two Solomanis request to visit the
Supreme leader of Iran to get approval for an operation which could be anything and number
three Solomanis allegedly more belligerent position towards American interests in Iraq.
This is not evidence of imminent attacks. This is not a good guy. We don’t at any point.
It’s important for the left not to feel like we have to defend Solemani. He was a bad guy. He did horrible things.
The question is by Trump’s own standards of requiring congressional approval and not being
a bloodthirsty warmonger was this the right thing to do? The answer is no. We then have
much like with Saddam Hussein in 2002 in 2003 the nine 11 card which has been pulled, vice
president Mike Pence mentioned this, tweeting that Kaseem Sola Moni quote assisted in the
clandestine travel to Afghanistan of 10 to 12 of 10 of the 12 terrorists who carried
out the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. This is so flacid that
you could just blow and it would fall over like a piece of paper. Remember that if assisting
in travel is evidence of complicity in nine 11 the U S gave the nine 11 hijackers visas
and allowed them to come to the United States. It’s, it’s thin in both cases and it is not
actually evidence of anything. The nine 11 commission looked at allegations
of Iran’s complicity in nine 11 no Arabians were involved. There were no Arabians in the
Al-Qaida network that carried out the attack. This is revisionist history and we can’t allow
it and I feel like I’m being transported back almost 20 years to 2002 and the lead up to
the Iraq war. Lastly, and I hate to say lastly because this actually is a huge deal, there
is still no serious legal basis for this assassination that has been established. We will certainly
be talking more about the legal basis and that fiasco later on this week. The consensus
from many foreign policy analysts and simply from rational people able to think is that
this is exactly what Trump said Obama would do, but it’s Trump who’s doing it. Trump tweeted
endlessly years ago that Barack Obama, in order to help himself get reelected, would
go to war with Iran. We don’t have to look far here. Look at some
of Donald Trump’s old tweets quote, in order to get elected, Barack Obama will start a
war with Iran quote. Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in a tailspin, watch for him to
launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate quote. Now that Obama’s poll numbers are entails,
spin wa Oh the, I already read that one there. There are many, many more. Uh, Obama didn’t
do it. Trump is impeached. Trump is facing a tough reelection. It is abundantly clear
that one element here is Trump doing this to distract from impeachment. And because
he believes it will help him get reelected in 2020 and I hate to admit this, it’s, it’s
really, it’s disgusting that I, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it. It actually might work.
If you have seen how quickly most Republican senators and almost all Trumpists have fallen
in line and said, Hey, listen, this was a bad guy. Trump is big and strong. He went
and he got him. He’s sending the message that you cannot do this. You cannot attack American
interests or people or assets overseas or anywhere. They are falling in line. Much like
many of the, we will be greeted as liberator’s crowd fell in line behind the Iraq propaganda
of Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney and of course George W. Bush in 2002
in 2003 this might actually work and get Donald [inaudible] Trump reelected just 10 months from today.
We’re going to keep talking about this, but in the meantime, let me know what you think.
I’m on Twitter at D Pacman. The show is on Twitter at David Pakman show, the David Pakman
[email protected]

Allies ABANDON US as Trump Unhinged on Iran

Welcome to the show. Uh, in American news and politics, there are
major groundbreaking breaking events only every few years. So we’ve had nine 11, we’ve had the Iraq war
passing Obamacare, the first black president and ignorant reality show host being elected
president, the national legalization of gay marriage, a president impeached a few weeks
ago to sort of random and incomplete list. But the idea is the truly major news stories
aren’t every day the Iran fiasco that Donald Trump is building up to, including maybe a
war with Iran on the proverbial Eve of his reelection, could be one of those stories
as Donald Trump is increasingly unhinged, desperate, impeached and trying to salvage
a second term by any means that he can concoct. Now, as you may know by now, last week, Donald
Trump ordered and unauthorized his assassination of the leader of the uranium includes Kaseem
Solemani. His behavior is so turbulent. Trump’s that is so volatiles, so manic and
disturbed that the primary allies of the United States are now clearly and publicly abandoning
Trump on this issue. And by virtue of that abandoning the United
States on this issue, we are going to get into all of this today. The thin justification for the assassination,
if you can even call it a justification. Um, the gaslighting and the lies that are
being told about Solemani, including that he was linked to nine 11. We’re going to get to all of it, but I want
to sort of start with the consequences. And one of those is that many of our key allies,
including the United Kingdom and Germany and others are saying, stop. They’re saying, no, no, no, you can’t do this. We are not with you. If this is what you are going to do. The United Kingdom says that further conflict
is quote in none of our interests. That’s not totally true. I mean, it might be in Donald Trump’s interest
if he thinks it will help him, uh, get reelected. And it actually may then it is sort of in
Trump’s interest, but it’s in very few other people’s interests. Certainly military contractors seem to be
pleased about what’s going on. Uh, defense contractors. Germany says that this is potentially a quote,
dangerous escalation. They don’t want it. They are not with Trump and the United States. France has been trying to restore sort of
logic and reason to the Iran nuclear deal deal after Donald Trump unilaterally and without
any real reason bailed on the deal. And we did this without consulting France
either and later we will get to Iran is now saying they are totally out of the Iran nuclear
deal since Trump bailed on it anyway, so things not going well there. The secretary of state for European affairs,
Amelie demoed Chalan told a French radio station that any unilateral action by the United States
was dangerous. We did this without even telling our European
allies about this. Now later, we’ll get into this maybe tomorrow. It appears that random guests at Donald Trump’s
Mar-a-Lago resort knew more about what Donald Trump was doing in Iraq to this Iranian leader
than our own congressional leadership and our own European allies. As former United States secretary of defense,
Robert McNamara once said, if we had chosen during the Vietnam era not to do things unilaterally,
and without the support of our allies, we never would have gone into Vietnam in the
first place. And there are actually starting to be shades
of history on a few different fronts here. So first is Vietnam, the unilateral way in
which Donald Trump seems willing to approach Iran given his actions so far with Kaseem
Solemani hint at Vietnam. That’s one sort of a shaded history. The propagandizing that we’re already seeing
about it was an imminent threat. Sola Mani was connected to nine 11 that is
reminiscent not of Vietnam, but of Iraq. Um, and we’re going to talk about the, the,
the similarities to the Iraq war propaganda a little bit later on in the program today. This is all bad. And the only thing that the supporters of
Donald Trump’s actions have, and there are some on the right and there are actually some
on the left, believe it or not, that are defending the actions of Donald Trump. The only thing that they have is Sola. Amani was a bad guy. Well, nobody’s denying that Solemani was responsible
for the deaths of Americans historically. Well, that that’s true. It is not justification here for what Donald
Trump has done. It is not justification for an unhinged unilateral
foreign policy that immediately gets our longtime allies to say, Oh no, no, no, we don’t want
anything to do with what’s going on there. And it seems that increasingly, uh, Donald
Trump is going to have the support of American Republican senators, and that really may be
all he needs to get what he wants and to do what he wants to do, which again, he sees
as something to distract from the fact that he is an impeached president. Something that is extremely embarrassing to
him, to the extent that he’s able to feel embarrassment. And then that’s a limited a sense. And to the extent that he believes it will
help him to get reelected in 2020. So let’s now having sort of gotten to the
consequences first, which is our allies are abandoning us. Let’s get into some of the sub on Trump. Iran. This includes the propaganda. This includes information security justification,
the legality, the threats of war crimes that Donald Trump is casually making on Twitter. A lot of Iran stuff on today’s program, which
by the way, I’m going to get to this later, is not at all profitable for me, but I don’t
want to get up, put the cart before the horse. We’ll get to that a little bit later. Let’s start with the justification for the
assassination of Kaseem Sola money.