Army Soldier Blinded By Iranian Explosives In Iraq Has Some Choice Words About Soleimani Attack

Army Soldier Blinded By Iranian Explosives
In Iraq Has Some Choice Words About Soleimani Attack.
As the Left continues to melt down over President Donald Trump’s decision to take out one
of the worst terrorist leaders on the planet, Iranian Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani,
there are many Americans who not only agree with it, but think it’s long overdue. They would be America’s Iraq war veterans,
many of whom were permanently scarred and injured by Iranian-made devices supplied by
Soleimani and his forces. One of them, retired U.S. Army Staff Sgt.
Roger Bartlett, who was blinded in one eye by one of those devices while serving in Iraq,
reminded Americans — including ungrateful, history-challenged, racist dirtbags like Colin
Kaepernick — the price they paid at Soleimani’s hand. In an interview with Fox News’ Martha McCallum,
Bartlett, who has been a frequent voice against the Iran nuclear deal and the fact that Obama’s
sanctions relief provided Soleimani cover for his terrorist activities, said of Trump’s
decision that it is “retribution.” “All these guys… died at the hands of
the Iranians in this current regime and some to the Quds Force and Soleimani, at his hands,”
Bartlett said holding up pictures of his comrades, Fox News reported. “So for us, it’s, it’s
retribution.” “But it’s finally policies that make sense
and protecting the United States and its citizens and especially its military who serve in these
conflicts,” Bartlett added. But…but…but…what about Iranian ‘retribution?’
Shouldn’t Americans be quaking in their shoes, fearful of the awesome, deadly, global
military reach of the all-powerful Iranian regime? Uh, not really, says Bartlett. “I say we need to send a message. They’ve
been sending us a message for years that they’re at war with us. We’ve done nothing,” he
said. “We’ve sent money. That didn’t work.
We tried to buy a morality, that didn’t work. We sent policies out, put sanctions
on them, not at the level that they’re at now. But none of those things worked,” Bartlett
said. “So how many times you got to … stick
your finger in this light socket before you realize it shocks you?” He also said he believes there “are plenty
of good Iranians” who would benefit from a regime change. “You just get rid of this regime. It would
be wonderful if we can do that,” Bartlett said. “And if we can support those locally
who are willing to live in today’s society without terrorism, that’s great.” President Trump has said that his action this
week was not about regime change or seeking a war with Iran, but clearly the former is
the administration’s objective. Tough sanctions along with overt support for Iranian dissidents
is how you achieve that without putting American boots on the ground. Clearly, this president isn’t looking to
pay off the Iranian regime, that’s for sure.