MEDAL OF FREEDOM: President Trump honors Tiger Woods at the White House

ladies and gentlemen the President of the United States accompanied by Eldrick Tiger Woods [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] thank you very much please Melania and I are delighted to welcome you to the White House on this beautiful spring evening this is the Rose Garden for those of you that don't know and we use it seldom but this is one of the times we're using a tiger that is my privilege to award our nation's highest civilian honor to one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports Tiger Woods Tiger congratulations on receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom we're thankful to be joined on this occasion by our great vice president Mike thank you very much members of my cabinet some of our nation's governors and many distinguished members of the House and the Senate thank you all for being here we're also pleased to have as where this is Tigers mother Cal Tita his daughter Sam and his son Charlie his girlfriend Erica and his caddy Joe LaCava we still the cover stand-up Joey it's good job good job Wow good job Joe for over five decades the Presidential Medal of Freedom has been given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to American life history and culture this evening we are in the presence of a true legend an extraordinary athlete who has transformed golf and achieved new levels of dominance he's also a great person he's a great guy Tiger introduced countless new people to the sport of golf from every background and from every walk of life he inspired millions of young Americans with his thrilling wire-to-wire victories Tiger Woods is a global symbol of American excellence devotion and drive at just six months old Tiger watched from his high chair as his dad very special guy also Earl I got to know him a veteran of the Vietnam War and Army Special Forces said he was tough Tiger wasn't here but good I think she might be tougher she might be tougher practiced in the garage of his family home at 18 months Tiger was on the driving range and he was looking good people were saying wow starting at age 15 he won three successive US Junior Amateur titles and at 18 he became the youngest ever winner of the US Amateur Tournament at 20 he capped off his amateur career with an unrivaled third consecutive title so that would be six in a row and I say that's a record that can never be broken that's an incredible stroke play match play everything that will never be broken and in 1996 he burst onto the professional stage as rookie of the year but it was in 1997 at Augusta National Bobby Jones's temple to the sport of golf that the game would forever change for four straight days at the Masters Tournament Tiger stunned the world with his power Grace and strategic brilliance he shaped perfect 350 yard drives down Augustus rollin fairways when flag hunting at tucked away pins with the heart-stopping precision like nobody's ever seen before and he buried one clutch putt after another on that Sunday we saw Tiger crushed the field by a record margin of 12 strokes unheard of with the lowest score in masters history 270 at 21 years old he became the youngest Masters champion of all time and the first person of African American or Asian heritage to win the story tournament or any of golf's four majors as a New York Times headline said the next day Woods tears up Augusta and tears down barriers incredible achievement after clinching the green jacket amazing after clinching the green jacket Tiger marched straight to his first coach is dead and in break again then tiger turned to hug his mom the steady presence throughout his life that's true I've seen that I've watched that and the person who told him that red is his power color wow that was a good move respect in the years that followed Tiger launched one of the single most dominant runs in the history of sports he holds the record for the lowest scoring average in PGA Tour history sixty-eight point seventeen and two thousand and remember he only plays in the hardest tournaments that's a pretty amazing thing I wonder what would happen if you played 35 a year let's try a tiger come on that back is in good shape he played a record 142 consecutive PGA events without missing a cut that's incredible he has a PGA Tour winning percentage of 23% of the events he played they figured that nearly defies comprehension nothing like it at the punishing 2000 US Open at Pebble Beach the entire field shot over par but Tiger finished 12-under the first time in US Open history anyone beat par by double digits he led the field by 15 strokes setting the record for the largest margin of victory in the 150 year history of a major golf tournament that was the most amazing day of golf I've ever seen Tigers cumulative stroke total was 29 better than the field average a month later at the British Open at st. Andrews the home of golf tiger finished 19 under par and eight strokes ahead of the field he then took the 2001 masters becoming the only player in the modern era to win all four major championships in a 1-year period a feat known now as the tiger Slam Tigers determination and work ethic drove golf new heights of athletic competition and popularity the age of Tiger gave us moments that will live forever in sporting law such as is unbelievable chip in on the 16th hole at the Masters the shot rolled perfectly along the slope of the green and hung on the edge of the cup for a breathtaking three seconds before finally dropping and we've seen that shot many many times in the midst of this success Tiger suffered severe injury in 2008 he entered the US Open with two leg fractures and a torn ACL on the third day at Torrey Pines he was 1 over par after the 12th all and it really looked like he had no chance then came some of the most riveting C's in golf history he goes the 13th do you remember that tiger I thought so he's got a great memory this guy and he remembers the good stuff which is really important not the bet we don't want to remember we we just what you did there was amazing because he chipped in for birdie on the 17th and then eagled the 18th hole all very vivid memories for all of us in the final round on the 72nd hole his ball was buried in very thick rough 101 yards from the pin and he had to get it up and down to keep his US Open hopes alive after hitting a 60-degree wedge to within 15 feet Tiger will the putt in to force a playoff that was a great player with Rocco he fought through the pain and won the dramatic 19-hole playoff on Monday unfortunately two days later Tiger announced that he would be unable to compete the rest of the season due to his injuries in the years that followed Tiger endured knee surgery and four excruciating back surgeries I know that you remember – that's not good what it ended up good including a spinal fusion in 2017 he fell from number one in the world rankings to one thousand one hundred and ninety-ninth I don't believe that even if he had one leg I don't believe that that's got to be the best bet anybody ever made Tiger's injuries were so profound that for two years he could barely swing a club as Tiger said there was a point in time I didn't know if I'd ever do this again if he'd ever play again but Tiger fought through the terrible pain and he fought all the way back to the summit of God last year we saw a sign of what was to come when he won the Tour Championship people forget that but he won the Tour Championship last year then just weeks ago the world turned in to the 2019 masters and that was something special what happened it was one of the most incredible comebacks that golf or any sport has ever seen when Saturday tiger shot six birdies for a score of 67 sending him into the final round tied for second place and just two strokes behind the leader and they were looking they were watching they were second oh here we go again in gusting winds on Sunday still behind by two strokes on the 12th Tiger called upon his wisdom and experience to play for par while other players shot and unfortunately they found the water there was a lot of water they found he birdied the par 5 on the 15th to take the lead for the first time in the 2019 masters then on the 16th he shaped a perfect draw and the patrons roared like they can only do frankly at Augusta as the ball rolled to within feet of the hole Tiger was back on top and won his first major in 11 years and that was some major with record-setting television I don't know if you know about that Tiger record-setting ratings just as he did after sinking his final putt on the 18th hole all the way back in 1997 he went straight to his loved ones and embraced his kids who were too young to remember the last time he won a major as of today Tiger is 81 PGA Tour victories one behind the all-time record gonna catch that soon he's won the second most major championships he holds the record for most weeks at number one in the world more than twice as long as anyone else that's an amazing number in addition to his incredible playing career Tiger is a successful entrepreneur to put it mildly and devoted philanthropist so I originally met Tiger his TGR Foundation supports junior golf programs around the country his learning lab has helped over 165,000 students pursue their dreams in stem field Tiger we are inspired by everything you've become an attained the job you've done is incredible your spectacular achievements on the golf course your triumph over physical adversity and your relentless will to win win win these qualities embody the American spirit of pushing boundaries defying limits and always striving for greatness that's what he does congratulations again on your amazing comeback and your amazing life and for giving sports fans everywhere a lifetime of memories we can't wait to see what's next Tiger it's going to be good we know that it's going to be good because there are no winners like you and now I'd like to ask the military aid to come forward and read the citation for Eldrick Tiger Woods Presidential Medal of Freedom Thank You Eldrick Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time he is second all-time in both professional victories with 81 and major championships with 15 including five masters three US Opens three Open Championships and four PGA Championships with a record-setting performance in 1997 he became the youngest person and first African American to win the Masters and in 2019 he became the tournament's second oldest champion off the course Tiger established the TGR Foundation which has empowered students to classroom and career success for more than 20 years the United States is now proud to honor Tiger Woods whose tenacity willpower and unyielding Drive inspire us all [Applause] Thank You mr. president mr. Trump thank you I just want to say this has been an unbelievable experience and to have the support that I've had for all these years and everyone here has seen and been with me for some of you for my entire life and in some of you for more than half my life you've seen the good in the bad the highs and the lows and I would not be in this position without all of your help in 97 yes I won the Masters and I was there too I ended up hugging my dad and my mom my dad is no longer here about my mom's here I love you mom thank you Sam and Charlie for all your love and support I love you guys so much Erica thank you I mean everyone has meant so much to me in my life and I've battled I've tried to I tried to hang in there and I've tried to come back and and play play the great game of golf again I've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to do it again and found a game that is elongated to this and the amazing masters experience that I just had a few weeks ago certainly this part of the highlight of what of what I've accomplished so far in my life on the golf course to have had that that type of experience and the bill will come out on top and when Joey thank you all the great reads to I just want to say thank you again this is an honor I know that I'm the the fourth golfer to have received this award the late Arnold Palmer the great Jack Nicklaus and Charlie Sifford who is I always called him grandpa because he was like the grandpa never had and I ended up becoming so close with him that I end up dating my son Charlie after him so to have been chosen as the next call for after Charlie's truly remarkable so thank you again and thank you mr. president [Applause] [Applause] alright those of you who happen to just miss that the Medal of Freedom ceremony bestowed upon Tiger Woods I'm going to be clipping it on YouTube you can watch it again and again as many times as you'd like thanks so much for watching News Now which is part of Fox 10 Phoenix com whether you watched on YouTube or the Fox 10 Phoenix Facebook club

Donald Trump just blew it for himself in catastrophic fashion | POLITICS NEWS

Donald Trump has had a very productive weekend but only in terms of his Twitter output while the president ranted about quite a variety of subjects there is a clear front-runner something that is obviously very much on his mind right now and that is the trade war with China that the u.s. is currently involved in it was on Friday that the Trump administration announced an increase from 10 percent to 25 percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods and China retaliated quickly with plans to impose new tariffs on 60 billion dollars worth of goods imported from the US effective June 1st inevitably the stock market reacted to the tit-for-tat between the world's two largest economies and promptly took its deepest single-day plunge since January of this year meanwhile the actual negotiations for a trade deal between the United States and China seem to be going nowhere in particular which accounts for the increasing exasperation of the supposed deal maker in chief who went from calling the talks candid and constructive on Friday to eventually telling the Chinese that the deal would become far worse for them if negotiations were to drag on for very much longer it is expected that Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will get a chance to talk on the sidelines of the g20 summit scheduled to take place in Japan in late June and both Treasury secretary minuchin and US Trade Representative Robert light Iser have received invitations to come to Beijing for further negotiations but in the meantime more tariffs imposed by either side will come into effect and will eventually have economic consequences thus the question of who is going to pay for the ongoing trade war is being discussed with increasing urgency this question was at the center of an interview Larry Kudlow gave to Fox News Chris Wallace on Sunday in which Trump's top economic adviser had to concede that it is in fact US businesses and consumers who are going to pay the increased tariffs this admission coup de l'eau essentially exposed Donald Trump's claim the tariffs are paid for mostly by China by the way not by us as an inaccurate statement furthermore Kudlow admitted that it would most likely be American farmers that would be hit hard by retaliatory Chinese tariffs apparently Donald Trump has been made aware of the fact that alienating this part of the Republican voter base could become a serious problem in an effort at damage control Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday that we're going to take the highest year the biggest purchase that China has ever made with our farmers which is about 15 billion dollars and do something reciprocal to our farmers so our farmers can do well in other words the Republican president is planning to use subsidies and redistribution to dampen the effects of his trade war Trump also referred to us farmers as great Patriot farmers in a tweet which prompted a number of biting comments from people familiar with the propaganda lingo of the former Soviet Union toil hard in the fields great patriot farmers of trumka Stan let this year deliver us a rich harvest so we exceed Chairman Trump's five-year plan one tweeter named at your web requite in a tweet

BREAKING: President Trump SURPRISE News Conference

we'll be coming in today they start at 5 o'clock and they'll see what they can do but our alternative is is an excellent one it's an alternative I've spoken about for years we'll take in well over a hundred billion dollars a year we never took in ten cents from China not ten cents and it'll be a I think it'll be a very strong day frankly but we'll see well it was their idea to come back well he just wrote me a beautiful letter I just received it and I'll probably speak to him by phone but look we have two great alternatives our country is doing fantastically well our numbers at 3.2 don't forget 3.2 the first quarter is always by far the worst quarter or at least almost always you look back over the years first quarter is always weekend we had 3.2 GDP our unemployment numbers are the best in the history of our country and we're doing well and our companies are really doing well even in Ohio the great state of Ohio yesterday General Motors at my very strong urging to put it mildly very strong urgent I wasn't even nice about it but I appreciate what they did they sold the beautiful plant Lordstown they sold that beautiful plant to a very very good company that's going to make electric trucks and that worked because that was the only thing they could say about our whole economy Lordstown they kept saying Lord star-lord Stan and when you had all of these great companies spending billions and billions of dollars coming into our country they couldn't talk about it they'd only mentioned the one plant that was a GM plant from a very long time ago and now we have a great company going and gonna make electric trucks very appropriate interesting idea actually electric trucks yes please well I'm going to leave that up to our very great Attorney General and he'll make a decision on that but I will say this look the Muller report came out it was done at I guess I'm hearing numbers now close to 40 million dollars with 17 or 18 very angry Democrats who hated Donald Trump and also everything that they could possibly have at their disposal there was nobody that was in the history of our country more transparent than me I said give them every document give them every person let the White House Counsel testify think he testified for 30 hours I guess they must have asked him the same question because it wasn't very much to testify about but I said let him testify and let him keep him as long as you want actually when I heard 30 hours I said that's a long time but I let him testify I didn't have to have presidential privilege I could have stuffed everything I didn't have to give them a document I gave them 1.5 million documents I gave them White House Counsel I gave them other Lord anybody you want you can talk to at the end of the testimony no collusion and essentially no obstruction of course a lot of people say how can you obstruct when there was no crime where there was no collusion how can you possibly accept I'll tell you but it's worse than that it's not only was there no crime but the crime was committed on the other side so we're protecting against the crime committed on the other side so after spending all of that money all of that time 2 years they come up with the report and Bob Muller's no friend of mine I had conflicts with him we had a business dispute we had somebody that is in love with James Comey I mean like James Comey there were very good friends supposedly best friends maybe not but supposedly best friends you look at the picture file and you see hundreds of pictures of him and combing and with all of that and other things he wanted the FBI job I don't know if anybody knows that but as you know he was considered for the FBI job wanted it and the day after he didn't get it he the special counsel that's a conflict and we had other things but that does a tremendous conflict listen to this your Judge Fullam a judge is has a business dispute with me your judge has a fantastic relationship with James call me well he's a part of this he lied to Congress he leaked he's a liar a leaker and your judge has a situation where he wanted to become the FBI director we chose director ray instead and told him I'm sorry that's does a tremendous conflicts those are tremendous conflicts and then he puts on his staff almost all Democrats many of whom contributed to Hillary Clinton none of them contributed to me that I can tell you and it started out of 13 it went to 18 that these were angry Democrats these were people that went to her in one case went to her was supposed to be a party it turned out to be a funeral on election evening and was going wild he was so angry and this man that was judging me you had other people made big contributions to Hillary Clinton's campaign they were angry Democrats in I think almost all cases one of the people worked on the Clinton Foundation as just about the top person at the Clinton Foundation with all of this they came back no collusion there's nobody in this room including you if they were that's huge if we looked at you with 40 million dollars 18 angry people that hated you and all of the other things I mentioned they'll find something I don't know maybe John Mutt go ahead finish the bar and as you're aware mr. told the lawmakers that even have a problem mr. Marquez I'm going to leave that up to the Attorney General as to whether or not I think to me it looks like a redo here's what's happened the report comes back it's perfect it's beautiful there's no collusion nobody ever talks about Fallujah you know I haven't heard the word Russia in a long time there's no more talk about Russia what happened to Russia the Russian witch-hunt they don't talk because it was so on collusion which by the way is by far that's the big deal because it was all about Russia so I haven't heard the word Russia they don't use the word Russia anymore so there's no crime they never was a crime it was a hoax it was a witch hunt so this comes back and it comes back totally exonerating Donald Trump had a lot of other people this was a terrible thing that happened to our country now I tell you what they are asking they are asking about how did this whole thing start that's what people want to know and I won't tell you I had a an event last night a lot of you were there thousands and thousands of people standing in a field they've never seen anything like it meaning even the press but it's always that way we've never had an empty seat thousands of people last night you know what they want to know how did this whole thing start it's gonna be hard for them to answer that when yeah please john is a his strong views on things but that's okay I actually temper John which is pretty amazing isn't it nobody that was good I'm the one that tempers him but that's okay I have different sides I mean I have john bolton and i have other people that are a little more dovish than him and ultimately i make the decision no I get I like John I get very good advice from John John mr. president as he saw the Senate Intelligence Committee as subpoenaed on junior that's the republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee what do you make of that well I was very surprised I saw Richard Burr saying there was no collusion two or three weeks ago he went out side and somebody asked him no there's no collusion we found no collusion but I was very surprised to see my son my son's a very good person works very hard the last thing he needs is Washington DC they could rather not ever be involved remember he said to me a long time ago what I was thinking about running dead if I could help let me know it's not my expertise it's not something I really like but whatever I can do you're my father whatever I can do he's now testified for 20 hours or something a massive amount of time the Muller report came out that's the Bible the Muller report came out and they said he did nothing wrong the only thing is it's Oppo research if he did wrong that everybody standing with me probably except for John and Lamar I think Lamar is pretty okay did you ever do Oppo research or opponent I don't think so in Limerick and I know John Barrasso never did opposition research because he's a fine fine man but I would say 99% of the rest of the folks so they didn't but that what they didn't discuss is this woman that came in who I watched her in the Today Show when it all started oh I'm just an innocent well nobody even knows although the halls of Congress know very well because for years she's walked around all over Congress she came in and she left supposedly GPS fusion goes and meets for a short period of time with my son and some other people they talked about a subject as very well you know advertised and put up nothing it was a nothing meeting fact Jared left he said get me out of this meeting this is a waste of time she then went back to GPS fusion they were the ones that wrote the phony dossier why was she going to GPS fusion why did she go back then I heard that Don Puryear made three phone calls with an unmarked number they called it unmarked and this was a tremendous event because they all knew the fake news they all know you affair on that joke but they all knew that these phone calls these tremendous phone calls before the meeting and after the meeting there were I believe three right they all knew that it had to be to his father unmarked it's perfect so he reported about the meeting and then reported what happened at the meeting except after looking and spending a tremendous amount of time and money they were able to go back years and find out who made the calls one was a local real estate developer the other was a great person from NASCAR he did two of them and a friend of Don's this went on for a year and a half John you heard all about the phone calls to obviously the father where I knew I'd never knew about the meeting but the phone calls to the father turned out not to be the phone calls my son is a good person my son testified for hours and hours my son was totally exonerated by Muller who frankly does not like Donald Trump me this Donald Trump and frankly for my son after being exonerated to now get a subpoena to go again and speak again after close to 20 hours of telling everybody that would listen about a nothing meeting yeah I'm pretty surprised that subpoena we'll see what happens I'm just very surprised I really am but yeah you don't want to know about they were very threatening and we just want to have we have to have great security for this country and for a lot of other places always I don't want to say no but hopefully that won't happen we have one of the most powerful ships in the world that's loaded up and we don't wanna have to do anything what I'd like to see with Iran I'd like to see them call me you know John Kerry speaks to him a lot John Kerry tells them not to call that's a violation of the Logan Act and frankly he should be prosecuted on that but my people don't want to do anything that's only the Democrats do that kind of stuff you know if it were the opposite way they prosecute him under the Logan Act but John Kerry violated the Logan Act he's talking to Iran and has been has many meetings and many phone calls and he's telling them what to do that is a total violation of the Logan Act because what they should be doing is their economy is a mess ever since I took away the Iran deal they have inflation that's the highest number I've ever heard they're having riots every weekend and during the week even and what they should be doing is calling me up sitting down we can make a deal a fair deal we just don't want them to have nuclear weapons not too much to ask and we would help put them back the great shape they're a bad ship right now I look forward to day where we can actually help Iran we're not looking to her to run I want them to be strong and great and have a great economy but they're listening to John Kerry who's violated a very important element of what he's supposed to be doing he violated the Logan act plane that simply shouldn't be doing that but they should call and if they do we're open to talk to them we have no secrets and they can be very very strong financially they have great potential very much like North Korea North Korea has tremendous potential economically and I don't think he's gonna blow that I don't think so the Vice Premier is one of the most respected men one of the highest officials in China's coming you know you heard he wasn't coming he's coming I will say this once the tariffs went on them they up the meeting it was supposed to take place originally on Thursday then about five weeks ago they said how about Friday how about next week I said what's this all about and I said that's okay let's don't worry about it let's take in a hundred billion a year and we put the tariffs on we made the statement and then they upped the meeting how about let's go back to Thursday so I have no idea what's gonna happen I did get last night a very beautiful letter from President Xi let's work together let's see if we can get something done but they renegotiated the deal I mean they took whether it's intellectual property theft they took many many parts of that deal and they renegotiated you can't do that and I'm different than a lot of people I happen to think that tariffs for our country are very powerful you know with a piggy bank that everybody steals from including China we've been paying China 500 billion dollars a year for many many years China rebuilt their country because of us they couldn't have done what they're doing they're building a ship every three weeks they're building aircraft like you've never seen fighter jets I respect it I don't blame them I blame our past leadership for allowing this to happen what I'm doing now with China should have happened many years ago not just Obama long before Obama I always say you know if you look nefta is one of the worst deals ever made trade deal but the worst trade deal ever made is the WTO because China was flatlining for many many decades many many it was flat right here the WTO came along we allow China into the WTO and they became a rocket ship you got to take a look at a chart some time do it it'll be very interesting an economic chart they're here and they went up like a rocket ship well they did it with our money and others and they did it because they're very smart and they good people and I like the president a lot he's a friend of mine but I'm representing the USA and he's representing China and we're not going to be taking advantage of anymore we're not gonna pay China 500 billion dollars a year so we put very heavy tariffs on China as of Friday and we put them on also eight months ago and when people looked at the economic numbers they were shocked when they look at the import export numbers they were shocked they said wow how did they get to this point this was very good that was a very good report they'd never seen that for many years I said try looking at all of the tariffs that China has been paying us for the last eight months billions and billions of dollars and that's only because I gave him a break because we were negotiating goodwill we were negotiating I gave them a break and I said let's keep it at 10% instead of 25% so now what we're doing is we're raising it to 25% on Friday so it'll be 250 billion dollars at 25% and it'll be 325 billion dollars at 25% and we're starting that paperwork today so we'll see but you know what as president of our country had to do something about it and as president of our great country we're going to be taking in more money than we've ever taken in and all of these countries many of them have taken advantage of us including our allies they've taken advantage of us on trade they've taken advantage of us on military we defend all these countries for nothing or for a tiny fraction of what it costs we take care of NATO I'm all for NATO I'm all for NATO and I think it's just wonderful but it's different than it was 25 years ago and 40 years ago and I got NATO to put up an extra hundred billion dollars ask Secretary General Stoltenberg he's like Donald Trump's biggest fan because spending was going down that the contributions that the 28 countries were making it was heading like like a slope down like a very steep mountain and then I came and it went up like China it went up like a rocket ship okay but I don't like seeing people take advantage we pay for anywhere from seventy to a hundred percent of NATO so we protect that oh we protect two European countries and we protect him and we protect them beautifully with a power with the most powerful nation especially since we've redone our military redoing and done all of the nuclear never want to use it but you have to have it but we've spent and I thank Congress for this 700 billion and then 717 16 billion dollars on our military our military when I came to office was totally depleted we now have by far the strongest military in the world but we defend countries when you look at our budget so we're at 716 billion and Russia's at 68 billion how do you figure that because Russia doesn't go around defending every country in the world and not getting paid for it and you know what I don't mind not getting paid if there's a country that's been horribly treated and lots of bad things are happening and they're not a rich country but when we defend the richest countries in the world and they don't pay us for what we do and frankly they go back into closed meetings and they laugh at the stupidity of the United States for doing it these are countries with nothing but cash they could very easily I told the story last night I picked up five hundred million dollars with one phone call to a country and that's just the beginning and I've done it with many other countries anyway but just over the last very short period of time one phone call that lasted for a period of I would say five minutes I picked up five hundred million dollars because they said you're not taking care of us we're taking care of you but you're not taking care it's not fair so really the word is not fair NATO doesn't treat us fairly at all but now they're starting to pay and if you look at mr. Stoltenberg he will tell you he's never seen anything like it a hundred billion dollars and that's a low number they're paying a hundred billion dollars well but how do you feel about this Germany you're supposed to be paying two percent Germany's paying one percent they say 1.3 but call it one percent because it really is closer to 1 percent Germany pays to Russia billions of dollars a month for the pipeline and yet we're supposed to be defending Germany from Russia so Germany is giving the so-called enemy I don't call it an enemy I want to get along with Russia and I want to get along with China because I'm smart stupid people don't want to get along because I'm smart this witch hunt hurt us in our relationships with a lot of countries it was a very expensive horrible thing for our country and by the way should never ever happen again to a president two years I've been going through this nonsense and now we have a good report and now guys like Jerry Nadler who I fought for many years successfully I might add back in New York in Manhattan he was a Manhattan congressman I beat him all the time and I come to Washington and now I have to beat him again over nothing over nothing over a hoax and they know it's a hoax is smart that was a smart guy Schiff is a smart guy when Schiff goes to the microphone he's conning this whole country and he knows that and he goes back into a Roman he talks to his friends and he laughs because that's the way life is but our country is doing great we're gonna find out about China tonight and I think in the end you're gonna be very impressed with the kind of things we're doing and the reason they were so surprised with the numbers two three weeks ago not that three point to GDP which everybody was surprised that but maybe more importantly export numbers import numbers because we have billions of dollars coming to our country that our country never would have seen with a regular president they should have been done many years ago and I told President Xi of China and I tell Abby who's a good friend of mine Prime Minister of Japan doing a great job I tell him I tell everybody I said I don't blame you I blame the people that ran the United States and I blamed their trade representatives and frankly I blame our presidents because this should have never happened we've been losing for years close to 800 billion not million 800 millions a lot but we've been losing 800 billion dollars on trade 800 billion dollars we're gonna stop that and we've already started so we have a meeting tonight at five o'clock with the top people from China and we'll let you know what happens thank you all very much [Applause] just so you understand we gave Puerto Rico 91 billion dollars for the hurricane that's the largest amount of money ever given to any state talking about states in Puerto Rico a little different 91 billion dollars Texas got 30 Florida got 12 what a Rico got 91 billion dollars so I think the poor people of Puerto Rico should really like President Trump now that money was given by Congress but they got 91 billion dollars now you remember how big the hurricane was in Texas the largest water dump in the history of our country they said three times and went in and went out went in Texas got 30 billion dollars Florida got actually anywhere between 9 and 12 Puerto Rico got 91 billion dollars and now the Democrats are trying to hold up the money from Georgia from South Carolina from Alabama to Florida they're trying to hold it up they're hurting Florida they're holding I mean what they're doing to North Carolina to Louisiana they're trying to hold relief aid because where do we go which got 91 billion have to love their president they want to get Puerto Rico more money so they're willing to sacrifice Georgia Alabama South Carolina North Carolina Florida Louisiana and other states the Democrats are doing that they are very divisive people thank you very much

Ted Talk Futurist: Global Governance and Surveillance Necessary to Save Civilization

question is a powerful global government run by AI the only way to save humanity from a global catastrophe stay tuned we're talking about it on today's edition of true news this is today's welcome to the God cast I'm doc Burkhardt and I'm Kerry Kinsey and these are your headlines FBI text messages show that agents discuss recruiting White House sources to spy for the bureau unbelievable Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson have submitted additional text messages between former FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strahm and his lover former FBI attorney Lisa Paige here's what we know those emails detail attempts to recruit sources to spy on the Trump administration within the White House starting with Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff at the time Joshua pitcock investigative reporter Sarah Carter is telling us that mr. Pitts Cox wife worked for mr. struck during the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server but later recused herself when the president vice president became the GOP ticket in 2016 but the text messages suggests the mr. struck reached out to her shortly after the election that year in a bid to spy on the new administration while dog president Trump says he's going to declassify a large number of documents related to the Russia collusion investigation conducted by the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Muller he made the announcement during Sean Hannity's television program one last last question will you Declassified the FISA applications gang of eight material those 302s or you know what we call in this program the bucket of five yes everything's going to be dead less fight and more much more than what you just mentioned it'll all be declassified and I'm glad I waited because I thought that maybe they would obstruct if I did it early and I think I was right so I'm glad I waited and now the Attorney General can take a look a very strong look at whatever it is but it will be declassified and more than what you just mentioned mr. president were now in the election season and Joe Biden made his big announcement well another figure in the Russian narrative Russia gun rights activist Maria abou Tina who we talked about extensively here on the program has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for failing to register as a foreign agent after she was accused of attempting to infiltrate conservative US political circles on behalf of the Kremlin now she will receive credit for the nearly 10 months she's already served and that's been in solitary confinement by the way and then faces deportation after her release well dr. president was at the NRA convention today in Indianapolis Indiana he made an appearance there to talk about a 180-degree change on the UN treaty the treaty was aimed now at creating common standards for guns and this is what the president said and did he signed this declaration during the treaty watch I will sign right now in front of a lot of witnesses a lot of witnesses a message asking the Senate to discontinue the treaty ratification process and to return the now rejected treaty right back to me in the Oval Office where I will dispose of it by taking these actions we are reaffirming that American liberty is sacred and that American citizens live by American laws not the laws of foreign countries thank you Wow but just as the president was walking up to the podium after being introduced watch what happens here own towards the left of the president I mean it landed nowhere near and police quickly identified the assailant with the help of those standing nearby and removed him from the crowd that person was arrested doc well the NRI e has sued Los Angeles over a new ordinance that requires companies seeking city contracts to disclose whether or not they have ties to the second amendment organization the new law took effect at the beginning of this month NRA lawyers say it violates First Amendment protections for free speech and Association as well as the Fourteenth Amendments Equal Protection Clause well news outlet RT is reporting that ukrainian President Petro poroshenko is paying part of a salary of US Special Representative for Ukraine kurt volker this is unbelievable the Envoy is is unpaid for his work by the State Department but instead draws his salary from the McCain Institute for International leadership which draws donations from a number of sources including mr. poroshenko and of course the George Soros open societies foundations look what an incredible story President Trump says he's a young and vibrant man and can easily beat Joe Biden the president made those remarks before boarding marine one on his way to the NRA convention in Indianapolis let's watch those comments the youngest person I am a young vibrant man I look at Joe I don't know about him I don't know I would say easily well joe biden's entrance into the 20/20 field has made him an instant frontrunner he's drawing momentum away from other leading candidates and putting new pressure on underperformers to find ways to stay relevant but former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says that we're in a battle for the soul of America he took a page from mr. Biden his announcement video yesterday to show the differences in the two parties now mr. Gingrich is calling out the Dems for killing babies after they're born he thinks that mr. Biden's past is going to catch up with him if I were Biden I started to say gee how many different things have I done in my career they're gonna just rise up and bite me right because they're no longer make sense today I think that's going to be a remarkable and I think it will frankly destroys candidacy but I think he raised the right question and I want to take it head-on we are in a battle for the soul of America on the one side you have a party that believes babies can be killed after they're born well that's a pretty definitional position you have a party which believes you should have no right to buy personal insurance that's a pretty definite position your party whose frontrunner now says we ought to allow terrorists the Boston bomber rapists murderers to vote while still in jail that's a pretty clear position you know party which says we should have no border controls no walls and open borders so I think this fight I do I actually do believe 2020 is a fight over the soul of America and which version of America we're going to go forward with election officials in Broward County Florida have now revealed that Russian hackers tried to ensnare then election supervisor Brenda Snipes she resigned after making a complete mess of the 2018 election count the malla report says the FBI believes the hackers were able to gain access to at least one Florida County goverment's computer network Governor Ron de santis and Senator Rick Scott who was governor at the time of the 2016 election have both been critical of the FBI for keeping the in the dark about the alleged hacking they say now that the FBI has reached out to meet with each of them to address the issue a state judge in Massachusetts and a former court official or both facing federal charges of obstruction of justice according to the indictment documents they helped an illegal alien who was a defendant in the judges courtroom evade capture by ice agents well NASA FEMA and their international counterparts are now preparing to conduct a computer-simulated planetary defense drill for a potential asteroid impact this exercise will be developed by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Center for near Earth object studies to determine how the world might respond to an actual asteroid or comet impact this will be done over the course of five days starting next week during the biennial planetary defense conference in Washington DC while docked New York has followed through on its threat to find people who don't get vaccinated for measles they've issued a dozen citations for violating the order each person who refuses to vaccinate now faces a $1,000 fine and possible jail time for contempt of court as the measles outbreak continues to spread well a new statement from the CDC states that transgender women and men try to configure that one out or at a high risk of getting HIV in a Dear Colleague letter to medical professionals around the country it states that one and seven quote chant transgender women unquote have the virus blaming limited access to welcoming supportive health care brought on by stigma and discrimination not by their actions I guess carry right out doc a plant in Siberia that produces Russia's RS 28 sarmat ICBMs is on fire right now an officials say the blaze is way out of control the fire across New York's machine-building plant reportedly began in the roof and is now engulfed much of the building look at that right there it's not known what caused the blaze but the facility does not contain any nuclear material well just north of the border judging Canada has declared a father guilty of family violence but get this for the reason why it's because he refers to his daughter as a girl and not as a boy now the judge claims the father who has been fighting a court order to have the girl undergo gender transition has engaged in expressions of rejection of his child's gender identity now the court ordered in February that the child received testosterone injections without parental consent now in a win a bid to win public support for his plight the father has done a number of media interviews which has prompted the judge to deem him in contempt of court can't talk about it and having committed now get this having committed domestic violence equivalent to beating the child carry pretty sick WikiLeaks has publicly accused the US government of plotting to charge Julian Assange with violations of the Espionage Act in order to eventually put him to death the anti-secrecy organization linked their claim to a German news report that quotes from a letter that it is claimed to be from the Justice Department and addressed to a former spokesman of the group well French president Emmanuel macron has stepped back from his support for open borders and called out what he calls political Islam but present miski we almost know we cannot fail to recognize when we talk about security about circularity we're talking about the withdrawal of some communities communities because about people who in the guise of talking about a political project which is Islamism and they want to secede from the republican either so the government have given instructions that the government has to be very strict I think we need to go further we need to do control on overseas funding we need to be much tougher with all forms of political Islamism of this community-driven approach because it is a threat to find the cohesion of the nation president McCrone made those comments during the press conference at the Elysee Palace to unveil his response to the yellow vest protests lawmakers in Poland are compiling a reparations bill for Germany that some observers estimate could top eight hundred and fifty billion dollars one politician involved in the effort says he expects the work to be completed by September 1st that marks the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Poland that officially started world war ii we'd love to hear from our viewers and listeners we like 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pray for us we are seventy-five and sixty-six years old and want to help the homeless we want to buy a small RV and minister one-on-one with food clothes and the Word of God thanks Denny and Wendy well that just goes to show you care you're never too old to serve the Lord and would it be great if everyone had that same attitude that instead of retiring that they reenlist for the service in the kingdom of God god bless you too as you start your new adventure and sharing God's good news coming up on our panel discussion I'll be joined by Edwards all masks introduce van der and host Rick walls Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom thinks humanity could detroy itself with its own technological creations and the only way to save ourselves from ourselves is to create a system of global mass surveillance we will discuss all this in much greater detail in just a moment so please stay with us but first let's take a break from a word from our sponsor the Holy Bible there's max MacLean from the 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from there you have the option of making a monthly or weekly promise a support to the work we do every day here at true news well joining me right now is true news producer Matt scow traduz correspondent Edwards all and trittyes host and founder Rick walls my first question for you sir today is how is the book coming along the book is going excellent I'm on the last chapter chapter ten probably will be done this weekend praise the Lord if if the grandkids don't climb all over me they win if they show up they they win all right I can't I can't work when they're little kids crawl North isn't you know too much fun yeah as they steal my heart so if I get up early and off and start writing before they get up all right well be I should be done this weekend how you feeling about the book Rick really really excited yeah it's changed me it's changed my my other standing of the second coming and I see it more clearly I'm more excited about it I it's it's a it's refined my understanding of what's going to happen and you know I shared some of it the other day with the staff with the day you were gone and in the morning devotion but it's the second coming of the Lord he comes in clouds of great glory and it is a disruptive event the entire universe is disrupted and the I mean what does God do he rolls up the universe like a scroll Wow just the imagery of this this has got rolling up the universe right you roll something up it's because you're done with it right he's putting it away he's done with it it's not just done with the earth he's done with heaven – isn't a universe cosmos yes of all of it yes and it's because he's doing something new behold I make all things new right right and and you know if you if you study the second coming out of fear of things coming up on air if you miss the whole thing right you have to you have to study it with the the hope right he's the Blessed hope not the Blessed fear right that's right and he is the blessed hope blessed hope is not the rapture right he's the Blessed hope that's right his returning is the glorious appearing praise God and but my Blessed hope is Jesus Christ II I'm not looking for an escape I'm looking for Savior we're Savior that King right so that's that's really the message of the book it's it's it's gonna bless people I'm I'm very excited about it we get emails from people saying keep writing those books keep getting them out there so we're looking forward to this this launch here hopefully before the end of summer is kind of our schedule now I think it'll be out by the end of August now you know by June witnessess we're going into by the end of May I mean I'll be completely well I would say in the next two weeks I'll be completely done on my side with the book because it'll be turned over to editors and ring and others once I release it I'm starting immediately writing book number two I think you've already got book number two already kind of outlined in your heart yeah I can tell you what it's about it it's going to be about the Garden of Eden praise God that wasn't groaning that wasn't burning in my heart it's I can't wait to write about that one he's a lawyer but it's about the second coming because mankind started in a garden mankind ends up in a garden right it's all about God and his children living in a garden together God wants to restore he just wants to restore what he created that's all it is so the second coming is the end of this age in the beginning of the eternal age with mankind living in the Garden of Eden with him again we're not going to heaven that's right we're not going to heaven heaven it's coming to us God rolls up this universe he throws it away he creates a new earth in a new heaven and heaven the old heaven moves to the new earth and God lives on the new earth with the humans humans were not made to live in heaven we have feet all right we don't have wings we have feet and the old earth gets burned up and put away and gets rolled up immediately not a thousand and seven years later because oh man I could get off this is exciting as I had to you know to explain the second coming without the Darby ISM the John Nelson Darby ISM and it because that's what I hope this book does I hope it just washes out of people's minds all of the Darby ISM that has infected millions of Americans over the last 50 years with Darby ISM but the second coming is so glorious all right it is it is such a wonderful event and it is sudden unexpected final it's it's everything it comes together it's not spread out over one thousand and seven years and as I've been studying what the Darby IDEs teach even I didn't know how crazy it was and I thought I knew how crazy their doctrines our doctor they're teaching that they're gonna be people getting married their grades because because they believe in a literal 1000 year millennial kingdom which is a misinterpretation of Revelation 20 right and so they believe that there will be all right basically three classes of people living in this Millennial Kingdom right the heavenly people the resurrected Saints no no okay but that's not the heavenly people oh okay okay the heavenly people to them to Darby are the Christians who are saved before the secret rapture okay that's God's heaven so these are the you know Gentile Christians okay then you have the chosen people the Jews who get saved before the rapture okay okay then you have the tribulation Saints who gets saved during the seven-year tribulation which does not exist there's no seven-year tribulation there is a time of Great Tribulation but there's no seven-year timeframe on it that's a that's an invention of the Darby i'ts so they believe that there are people who get saved during the seven-year tribulation but the Holy Spirit has been taken out of the earth so I don't know how you have conviction on anybody's heart right all right they believe that these people are saved during the seven years and then they believe that the Second Coming is when Jesus comes back again after the rapture ii ii ii ii coming and then this gets crazy alright so the Christians in the Jews who were accepted Jesus before the secret rapture they get glorified bodies according to Darby so they're going into the Millennial Kingdom with glorified bodies but the the so called tribulation Saints who get saved during the tribulation they don't get glorified bodies doc oh they don't no they miss out on that what do they have to wait a thousand years oh the afterwards yes according to Darby according this crazy teaching and so during that thousand years you're going to have people with sin nature the Adamic sin nature living on the earth that's what they teach I don't believe this stuff that's what they teach that there will be those people who get saved during this seven-year tribulation that they believe will will be saved and live on the earth or the old earth as the Jews are running the world from Jerusalem right and so though these people will be saved but they'll still be in there in their natural sin prone Adamic nature bodies so there will be sin on the earth doc while Jesus is here that's what Darby and that gang teaches all right so they teach it those people don't get their glorified bodies until the thousand years is up and then they believe that the that the the unsaved people who lived all the way from the Garden of Eden all the way up to you know the rapture okay they believe that that's when the graves are open but that's not what the Bible says so the Bible says when Christ comes back all the graves of all all the graves open it's not a two phase event and the angels are doing what the angels are gathering gathering the people the tares and the wheat separating them go to the Sheep it's so clear so easy to understand that again it's the Darby ISM that's taught in American Evangelical Protestant churches that has confused tens of millions of people and just mess them up in understanding and if because they can't understand it because it's so complex and they've made it complex for that reason but because it's complex the average Christian can't understand it therefore the average Christian cannot share it right the lost Oh Rick I think you're about to blow a rupture in the rapture oh there's another book all right there's another book we're gonna rupture the rapture okay but they have they've made it impossible to share because it's too complicated right it has too many moving parts well their thing is you'll just be caught up anyway so don't worry about it yeah and that's always been my my struggle and understanding why study in time events all you really need to study up to is the rapture then right if you go with their story because everything else doesn't apply to me all I have to do is make it to the rapture that's it I don't need to know anything beyond that and the argument be well you need to teach others well if I'm in the rapture I don't need to be teaching others right it's all right hey anyway my prophetic timeline has one word Jesus amen I was going to ask how long is your prophecy Church God foots existed long enough to purge Jesus on it put on one all about Jesus that's all this is about it's Jesus Christ and our assignment now as the body of Christ is to preach the gospel all right there anything that we need to be concerned about is that our own personal lives are right with God that we're we're shepherding our family members right we're living holy and right living holy righteous lives now that we're sharing the gospel helping the church go into all the world to preach the gospel to every nation as a witness and then individually and corporately as a church we need to be feeding the hungry giving water to the thirsty clothing the naked and and visiting the sick and those in prison especially believers yes especially believers that that's really what that passage isn't throwing out because when Jesus says that he says because be because you haven't done it to these my brethren yes so he's saying you did this to my family so our first party is in just like it was in the book of Acts they were taking care of the widows and orphans that had responded to the gospel message that's the first priority doesn't mean you can't do it for others but we do have a priority to our brothers and sisters in Christ and to care for them and take care of them so anyhow that's that's kind of what I've been doing with the book all right Rick you remember that old gospel hymn there's an eye watching you know remember that not for me i watching you there's an all-seeing eye watching you no matter what you say no matter what you do there's an all-seeing eye watching you and that was an old gospel hymn I'm not that old well I made it myself but you know our topic today we're talking about you know all these things related to global surveillance and the more I thought about this is our topic you know we're already under global surveillance the way it is right now God is watching everything that we're doing every action that we we participate in every word that we speak we're already under surveillance and once again all Satan is doing is really imitating what God already has in place Satan wants to see everything that we're doing in order to use it against us God sees everything that we do in order to reveal the sin in our lives and reveal our need for a savior in our lives all right so I got a question for you because we're going off topic here I we can talk about news later okay so judgment seat of Christ right I know the Dipsy i'ts that Darby's all right the rapture people they teach that the judgment seat of Christ in the judgment at the great white throne are two different things okay I don't I think it's all the same things the same okay so at the judgment seat of Christ everybody stands before Jesus Christ for the judgment our saved Christians are they are their sins that they committed on earth revealed at the judgment seat of Christ that's a good question I'm not exactly sure on the answer do you hope forgives and forgets it right that's the way I think it's the you know our sins as far as the East is from the West because we've confessed in Word of God says if we confess our sins he forgives our sins and also cleanses us from all unrighteousness and so and you know just based on what I've seen in the scripture about the nature of God and the purpose of Jesus being sent to us as a savior is to wipe those sins away and that's what I believe – I believe I believe when that angel takes out that file folder that is marked doc Burkhardt Rick Wiles every one of us all right I believe as we stand there a trembling in the presence of the holy God the creator of the universe who has the ability to cast us into the lake of fire forever right I believe I believe that angels gonna hand that folded her to Jesus and Jesus gonna look out and go it's empty right it's empty there's nothing in it all right but we're gonna realize it had nothing to do with our goodness you know our righteousness it had everything to do with his mercy and his blood and what purpose would it serve other than punishment to reveal the the sins of believers that would be like experience you know that's the wrath of God at that point and we don't experience the wrath of God right so if we if that was revealed at that time before us that would be you I mean you'd have to deal with the wrath of God on that because he'd have to know what about every idle word spoken that's why we need to be constantly in a state of confession and repentance now and then you're retract words but I believe you can confess to the Lord that you know yes I mean God can forgive so what about works I believe God can forgive well I I believe our works are judged even as Christians all right okay I believe that's where because there's rewards in building up treasures that's through our works and whatnot that's right so our works are going to be judged all right by the material that we use all right Paul said that there is a great foundation and the foundation is the gospel that the Apostles laid down for the church and and then we will be judged based on the materials that we use to build upon that foundation right so the materials are our gold silver precious Stone said you know wood hay stubble all right so everything our works will be put into the fire into the crucible and extreme heat will be applied to our works on earth to test the materials that they were made from well what were the motives what was our motive for doing things for God it's build our own Kingdom or build his King right and what what did we use to and and did we use false doctrines did did we promote the doctrines of men or did we promote the Apostolic Doctrine right and so we're gonna stand there we're gonna see our works go through the fire and if they survive the fire that means we built with with gold silver and precious stones but if our works turn to ashes and smoke basically what words is is we're safe by the skin of our teeth yes as though somebody saved through a fire in other words it's like you're going to get into the kingdom of God but it's you're gonna you're gonna be a person that's passing through a like like I picture a person who is rescued from a burning house but they had to walk through the flames to get rescued you're gonna you're gonna be rescued but you're not gonna look too pretty all right and everybody's gonna know your works on Earth were burned up in the witches for eternity in the presence of God when your works were put in front of God your works went up in smoke and you will know that and everybody in the kingdom of God will know that for eternity you'll never ever be able to change it now the reverse side is also true in that in hell there are also rewards if you will or punt degrees of punishment in hell based upon the works that you did here on earth and so the Bible clearly teaches that there are different levels of punishment in hell that's hard for our minds to comprehend in that how can there be rewarded for an eternal Kingdom rewards for an eternal punishment and for eternity but that's what the Word of God teaches that there is this degree that takes place afterwards a degree of completion and it's based upon the works that we accomplished in this life and so we need to always be constantly aware as believers especially what are the works that we're we're doing I like the way my old pastor brother Parker used to say said you know what Raymond all you're doing in this life is the Lord is building a mansion for you on the other side and you're sending the lumber over for him to build it with and so what kind of lumber are we sending over or what kind of materials are we sending over to us in lumber yeah and precious metaphor I want to go so far so okay I like the idea of in that if he is building a reward for me that I'm going to receive what war all materials am i sinning over for that I don't want to cabin I want to I want a mansion and so and but that's based upon my devotion to Christ here in this life now that's right well it's a it's sobering thought for all of us regardless of your position and life your age your your denomination or anything our sins are forgiven we're not going to be judged for sins that had been repented of right okay our works will be judged and so we we need to be busy doing good works good works don't save you good works prove you're saved right and when we say good works we're not talking about just helping old ladies across the street we're talking about works for the gospel works you get against the ladies I don't have anything against the lays it will help what does it be saved you know it's you're not earning merit badges you know it's not the Boy Scouts or anything like that it's you are working for the kingdom of God that's that's the real cut and so when people I said well I'm a good person you might be a good person as compared to everybody else but doesn't measure up to what God considers good and doesn't measure up to your commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ that's really where the reward is is how dedicated you were to the Gospel message not just you know yeah I gave to the United Way it's God that's nice that's hey that's double that's gonna get burned up right but did I share the gospel message Kjetil live for God every day and I know people don't like ministries talking about donations but your history of giving for the preaching the gospel is going to be revealed as one of your works I believe that I really do because as you give in a faith well not only that you're the what you give money-wise what you give as far as no matter for the dollar or pound or whatever it is it's a reflection of your time it's a you know how much time you can devote to certain thing and you've taken a portion of your life a portion of you is that currency is that money but it also expresses your love and passion for the gospel right that the gospel is heard by more people right all right the gospel is free but to get it to people call something right and that's where a lot of people get confused well why why do you ministries ask for money all right I thought the gospel was free it is free light is free yes but electricity cost money that's right so you somebody has to pay to get the gospel to somebody yeah well he's a– Strava with a treasurer Judas was the treasurer he had the money back right he stole all right I mean I don't know if you picked that up in there something was stealing from Jesus all right Judas was the treasurer there were women who who contributed to the ministry of Jesus hey so giving has always been there in the Old Testament people always were giving for for the glory of God in the building the temple people gave so much that they they had to cut off the giving they said stop it they we've got too much they've been bringing so much in for the temple they were people said you know they just stop it you're overloading us all right we guess that's hilarious giving well there's a there's a reason why people give two is because some that's a way that they can help contribute to the kingdom of God you are where you place your treasure yeah and take example for us and people who contribute it's because they want to see the fruits that we put out and they want to be part of that and look there's not a guy could make a money tree in the back he just doesn't be too easy that's right you know the the apparel you know the story of it's not a parable story the Widow's mite the the poor elderly woman who gave the two mites and might see how being you know fractional eseni all right and but the the wealthy people in front of her tall stood a little bit of money and Jesus said hey the the widow gave everything okay the rich people just gave a portion of what they had but the widow gave everything the one principle that a lot of people miss in that story is the Bible says Jesus stood at the gate and watched the people give and I'll tell you something he's still watching how people give yes he's still standing at a watch he's still watching he knows your checkbook he knows and I understand why people are skeptics to ministries and money and because they need to be faithful to the sod yes there's been so much corruption I know but that the devil uses that for that but but put that aside and put your faith and see if estimating God it's always faith there's always been people misusing everything but God doesn't you misuse anybody and we're obligated as believers to give for the glory of God Hey our topic today is global government and we came across a story with a TED talks yes the the the futuristic TED talks were just completed what last week or this last week last Wednesday actually okay and you know the annual event is a big deal never been to one but that this tickets are like what $2,200 to up to $10,000 thousand dollars we're paying $10,000 yeah and it's about the thinkers of the world and so let's get them all together as long as leaders as though Davos whether it's $35,000 to get in Davos that's next level like yeah I saw these TED talks and everything in local communities they were free I don't know oh no this is the money-making deal really very money made oh all right I guess it 2,200 to $10,000 got a lot of money that's right so so they just conclude it last week and yeah I mean we could we could spend all week talking about the talks but I found one that I this just stands out it was by Nick Bostrom and he is a an Oxford philosopher that means he's very smart doc oh yeah that's not Oxford Arkansas right okay he's an Oxford philosopher he's paid to think that's what this man's paid to do and years ago he wrote a book called super intelligence paths dangers strategies and this guy believes that we're living in the matrix right so he he's the one that hypothesized that we're living in a simulated universe this none of this is real yes you know one hand he's kind of right but not in the way we're thinking none of this is real the real thing is what is unseen right not what is seen but that's not what he means right yeah he believes that there's some super intelligent civilization somewhere that's running a computer simulation and we are the lab rats yeah we're the yeah we're the avatars okay okay that's what he believes now you start going there in your mind you'll go crazy okay but people without a knowledge of God are already going crazy right and so the farther away you go from God the crazier you think and talk it makes them understand reality it makes it easy because you get to make your own reality I mean you can try and understand reality where did this all come from well the answer so easy god yes but these people are too and they're too educated to believe God to sit there they're so smart they're stupid yes you got it the problem is if you have God that means that there is a sin in the world – and there's accountability that's right and a judgement day and now I want to talk about my book again his claim to fame has been we're living in assimilated world right now so what was he the inspiration for the Matrix movie I didn't read the news in inspiration but that his ideas brought forth that literature and others that he's actually the inspiration for Elon Musk's ventures especially SpaceX and Tesla and he's also been looked at by Bill Gates Bill Gates loves this man promotes his book so there's some very influential people that look up to this guy yes I don't know what were you going I was going to ask so what is making news now what mr. Boston ok so he he said at TED Talks last week that there's going to be work eventually there's going to be a a wrong choice made by mankind that will become globally catastrophic and lead to the end of civilization and he he kind of his is a theory is i if you picture a bucket he called an urn if you got a bucket and there's three different colors of balls in this bucket let's see he uses white balls as being good ideas right beneficial ideas grey balls meaning ideas that are harmful but you know could go either way you know moderately harmful and then there are black balls that are very very dangerous these are the death ones the catastrophic yes and he said his theory is all right to give you an idea the the invention of the atomic bomb like no grey Oh gray gray it has the potential to do something catastrophic but we haven't done it yet okay a nuclear war been able to manage our passions with something as dangerous as as atomic power but it was black in Japan that's a black guy yeah so he he says at some point the odds are Las Vegas would say the odds are mankind is going to pull out one black ball out of that bucket of balls and when they do it leads to global catastrophe that you cannot rescind it you can't put it back in the bucket and mankind will not know what to do with it and it will it will be turned loose on the planet and nobody can you know use the old phrase put the genie back in the bottle that's really what he's teach is he given this idea this theory any kind of name or anything like that or yes yes she calls this the don't pick up the black ball period it's not the apocalyptic pinball it's the vulnerable world hypothesis yes sounds smarter than Maya yeah it's very smart he brought a white paper about in 2018 and it's actually the I was in the inspiration for this TED talk you basically answered questions about his white paper and expanded on some of the the conclusions because he had it he had in his mind he has a couple solutions one of his solutions is paired with not just global governance but creating a ubiquitous term of mass surveillance and he laid this out as something would basically prevent Wars it prevent and save humanity from ourselves prevent us making that black ball decision yes that's correct we should have a sound byte above this this man business from speaking number 14 number 16 actually oh okay what are we gonna do with number 14 oh that's that's tricky we can show that you read this is actually from the beginning of the talk it's just to show a little bit of it and throw it away we work all day on this show so right here that this is actually the session was called session seven four possibilities now that the whole day it was themed around what can we show the audience what can do to inspire me you see on the screen here some bike away with a nuclear bomb in it he had basically a drone dropping off hearts he also said here you're gonna hear a somewhat later talking about that drone killing people oh they saw that necklace that's for mass surveillance and again he noted global governance is one of the solutions in his mind to stopping us from succumbing to the evil within us actually here's two solutions global government and not just you know the United Nations passing resolutions but a hardcore global government with power police power yes all right and then backed up with total surveillance well the entire human race yes layered with artificial intelligence yes a global brain and and what he suggests is a that every human would have to be tagged let me see what he called a fake a freedom time freedom centers because yeah we're gonna want to go to the bad centers right yes and and the tags would the way do you hear this this is Orwellian Newspeak these tags these freedom tags that would be attached to every human would feed information 24/7 to Patriot monitoring stations a tree yeah probably red white blue to freedom centers centers Wow this is the way the globo's yes this is the way they change the meaning of words it sounds so crazy but you already said people who are influenced by this guy I mean the money to make this happen Bill Gates and his eugenics program this this is where this stuff comes from it's mine thought this is what and he has a lot of money to help these these ideas come to fruition so these tags would feed information to the patriot monitoring stations where AI would monitor the data coming in from every human being on the planet okay and and then the Freedom Center officers would respond yes to any human who is getting outside of the confit of accepted behavior I reckon all they respond they actually send out drones AI empowered facial-recognition drones that can tell if you're a sociopath a bad actor a bad person and he said that you eliminate them he said he was joking at this point but he wasn't joking he said both would be killing but also for them to be put in prison or taken out of society I haven't heard any of him any of this can we play it can I hear this guy talk and yeah it's just far out go for it which one just wanna start with with clip number 16 you so clearly brought up evolutionary theory he's he's a Swedish philosopher bye-bye origin and and the concepts you've brought up there it's pretty nuts that this is just simply some taboo statement he's presenting a completely new reality and the history of the presenting there look centralization those old he talked well history has brought us dissenters that no that's not correct one more to brought us the global mechanisms we now have the UN NATO everything we call globalist came out of criminal bands coming into here sounds like you've all her re yes the same dial is saying you know futuristic thoughts of how to control people very Orwellian sinister tight control of human behavior his freedom tag right but she said probably wouldn't cost more than a hundred and forty dollars you have to pay for your own that's not that's weighty sees a tag yes so you know you know you're doing the math saying one hundred and forty dollars times yes well how many people now 6b7 by how many point one day the emphasis oh don't worry about that we're going to reduce that number two we'll get to that way so yeah there you save money that way so he's saying it won't be that much it's not that much money if it brings order to the planet but the freedom tag which would be fitted to every human being would transmit encrypted audio and video of their behavior and speech that video and audio would be transmitted to the Patriot Center where artificial intelligence would monitor what that person is saying and say and doing if they were looking for hot topics and you get marked so not just listening to you or monitoring when you're online or on your phone but constantly while you're sleeping yes when you're in the bathroom everywhere okay you freedoms widened yes this is his idea of freedom so you obviously will not say anything politically incorrect you you you won't be able to criticize the freedom centers the freedom centers a global government and who controls them and we don't know what entity or what ism would control it right but I will tell you the the technology operations are flooding into Tel Aviv Israel right now right so this could be very easy to see this type of system operating from the nation of Israel with Intel and Microsoft and Google and oh all of them setting up laboratories and research focused in Tel Aviv Israel so Zionism could be the controlling force in this it could be another ISM there'll be there'll be an ism there may be an ism that we've never heard of it's a brand new ism that rises out of this thing but he's saying that we need this we need the global government and we need the freedom tags the surveillance of every human to prevent mankind from reaching in to the bucket in pulling out a black ball that unleashes destructive forces that leads to the extension extinction of of mankind but what if his idea is the black ball yes that's my thought and but you are the black ball all right the ideas just to live in this future anyway it's not this is not a future that any one of us would like to live in so I don't I don't know man it's this is nightmarish but for him he he thinks he's so smart where he can devise this plan and overthink humanity to reach some kind of a Nirvana for them how do you tell these freaks to go away this will go away and leave us alone what why do why are these people determined to impose upon humanity their utopian nightmare because they're convinced that if we don't do it that we're going to destroy ourselves that that's it in order to prevent that destruction from taking place we have to somehow control ourselves because we haven't done a very good job of it over thousands of years constantly in war with one another over territory resources whatever it might be and so they say well we've got a solution no more War no more fighting and no more religion yes there's no room for that something else I thought about these freedom tags that they were talking about and they made it look like a collar that goes on your neck I thought oh you know that's that's cute I put your freedom collar on so that's your new yoke and but it could broadcast you know every word that you speak but I got to thinking well if it could broadcast it could also receive and and so everyone would be hearing whatever is coming from the Freedom Center and you'll be forced to think what the Freedom Center tells you to say to write in order to control you yes if you're if your collar gives you an electric shock and tells you that that your speech is prohibit it and then a voice tells you the correct thing to say and then you have 30 seconds to say it right about that another shock comes to you and each shot gets stronger I think it's even gonna go further than what you say because we did a story yesterday on headlines it talked about how right now the technology is in place where thought patterns are now being converted into speech and so even your very thoughts will be picked up ten years to think right Rick right ten years ago I thought this is crazy you know it isn't the first of all it's not enough computing power to handle all that it's nuts quantum computing that is possible to have all this much data and registered and put out that it's it's here it's now then with us going to these these world conferences this is what they're the this is what they're gonna build in the future that's right they're laying it out they sure and with the universal basic income well no I'm thinking about the the identifying number Oh UDI yes Universal digital identity yeah so every person's numbered they're scanning everybody of biometric informations being being accumulated right now in countries like India and going into Africa you know this is thinking about years ago it's probably 15 years ago I'm still living in Texas I had this had a strange dream I've never forgotten about it was a futuristic dream and the setting of the dream was a a city street at night okay it was a major city it could have been you know something like Dallas or LA and there were a lot of people on the street but there was not there was something going on but it wasn't violent right but there was some type of gathering a gathering and the feeling of the dream was that there was a civil resistance to something but it was not violent but there was civil resistance to something and I had anyhow the police had were rounding up people and I was one of them who was detained and what they did in this dream as I remember all the way down the street the police placed on the pavement a a triangle and the triangle was basically about the size of our desktop here okay and it was not much higher all right then you know maybe about this high Wow and they laid them down on the street and all the way down the street you could see these triangles and then each detainee was placed inside a triangle one person per triangle okay okay then what happened you were told that if you if you got within so many inches of the parameter of the triangle border you would receive a strong electrical shock Wow okay and I remember just sitting there with my knees my hand my head up to my knees you know and I really didn't have that much room and I had to just sit there and I could look down the street and I saw them placing other Christians in these triangles we were being detained for something that was the end of the dream I've never heard this string before so this is a new one I just made it up just made it up no okay no I really did that I really did have a dreams about 15 years ago Wow and it was very like I said it was futuristic and there was Christians were in the streets resisting something but repeat fully resisting and the leaders were being rounded up and detained and placed in these electrical triangles until and I guess until the paddy wagon showed up the haul you off to the detention camp but that's how they detained you I mean you weren't kept there forever he was a citizen till until the police decided what they were going to do with the people they detained well I think like if say these this crazy world does come and it's like he wants it imagine someone looking at this God cast right now ten fifteen twenty twenty years ago coming back and listening to what we were talking about they wouldn't be able to hear what that's why yeah that's why we we talk about things like that because these are major players in the world today right you ever been at an airport as a TSA ever put you in one of their bad-boy boxes yeah in the bad boy box I will one box out have you ever been put in the bad boy box yeah in question before I'm a good boy everything a bad boy box well you don't get a question there they just make it a stand oh okay a little boy they got a little enclosed area that they separates you from everybody else and they tell you to stand there and it's like everybody in the airport knows you're a bad boy well it's out in the open you mean yes yes he want you to feel humiliated isolated isolated humiliate everybody's going by saying he's bad he's bad look at me standing in yes and then they they just release you it's a form of mind control the breaking down your spirit your spirit they're breaking down your dignity your sense of freedom the dehumanizes you no longer free human you're no longer a free American with constitutional rights now it's in this imaginary box yes you've met you now yeah and usually by a TSA person who you know is is a an immigrant from another country and can barely speak English and telling you to go over and stay in that box all right telling an american-born American all right you know with really bad English saying go stand in that box that's like what is going on here that's how Rome deals with it citizen yes it's just it Wilson yeah it's a new Nazi Empire that we have here all right hey what's another clip from mr. Bostrom's TED talk that we ought to hear well I think we should check out look what the freedom centers and the freedom tags the necklaces look I see number 17 for our control this is mr. bossman talking about mass ubiquitous I i surveillance through the freedom centers you let's laugh at it yeah because our tools of enslavement what happens to bad people though I mean if you don't fit in let's say a bad people downward drones what they hunt you down I guarantee he's not gonna wear a freedom necklace or whatever it is the drone would be able to find you because your freedom tags gonna be emitting a GPS locator signal you can't hide doc all these people would think well I'm going to Montana do you stop this Harlan Idaho you're a smartphone and Wi-Fi where you gonna be no you're tagged you're not gonna go there with a second header right now they has tax right now you're gonna have a tag on I don't care where are you going well let's say I don't have a tag would still be able to find me we can't be in society without sack well maybe I must be spotted without a day you're a terrorist you're a bad actor as mr. bossman put it people would report you doc cuz that lowers their score to have even somewhere around I mean if I if you saw a person if every 99.999% of the people were wearing a tag and there's one person without a tag they're gonna be trained to notify the Freedom Center that there is a suspect a suspicious person he's too free without aid and without you know he wouldn't be free at all I was think the first about attack he's too free no he's not free all right you got to think Orwellian he's not wearing his freedom tag he's in slavery he's yeah we got to make him free all right but you eat that person would be reported to a Freedom Center as a potential terrorist why else would you not be wearing your freedom tag and you hear them say oh it's Minority Report this is what they do they put out these shows like black mirror Minority Report so you're subconsciously aware of this so you're being programmed to understand and adapt and as soon it rolls out and you're like well that's the normal as normal I've seen it this is ours supposed to live in the future what do they call content on TV programs well I wonder why they chose that word predictive programming we we've seen a lot of times even through the Simpsons where things have come to fruition of past episodes now coincidence I don't know what happened to my president Trump develop it happens many times if President ron was trying to run in 2000 all I got to know that well they're clearly Hollywood has happened numerous times in the Simpsons where these things have been foreshadowed you would say and not even that in other and other shows Family Guy was one these things do he said last week a 1940 what 42 episode of the three stooges talking about the New World Order yes this the programming has been going on for decades getting people ready for this of what it is it's it's just as simple as this it is Satan's global government he wants to be God he has no he has no God powers so he has to fake it it's faking it too he makes it all right and he's got to do it with technology and the only way that he can have godlike powers is to have humans develop technology that enables him to monitor every human and what he's really what this is all about is to eliminate anybody from praising the name of Jesus right that's what it's about don't fool yourself it's about eliminating the praising of Jesus Christ praising him will be illegal and you will risk your life to say his name if these people get their way this is the world that they're building you know we've been criticized by our audience for going to technology conferences people say you're wasting time and money and we're not interested in this kind of stuff we're trying to show you yeah we're trying to show you the world that they're building you've all Harari it was speaks just like him in this fantastical futuristic society Kristen Lagarde all of we're looking at him round by like wow this guy's so intelligent he really does understand our future and what the perils that we must overcome as a society because we're so bad and we're so dumb we need people like him to lead us to this future hey let's uh let's watch one more video let's watch a number 18 or he's talking about the drones with artificial intelligence tracking down bad people right that the Freedom Center are looking for let's watch this one you how do you eliminate future populist uprisings like weave and I'm talking about peaceful uprisings what their what they're calling populist revolts all right the the election of Donald Trump in the United States the election of the populist government in Italy the brexit vote yeah hungry you know all these populist people how do you stop it in the future through a global government that monitors all speech all activity and has freedom tags slavery tags attached to the necks of every human and drones that fly out of these freedom centers and hunt down rebels on their their graphic was hearts hearts yes they're gonna drop hearts on us it's because it's all for happiness the initiative of this is to tell you how happy you will be a harmonious society okay so that goes back to months ago the world government summit in Dubai right and their theme was harmony and happiness and artificial intelligence and then you hear out of the Chinese the Chinese Communist Party they want harmonious society everybody be happy it's all one thought you know its harmony they're thought to get wolf cores and that thought eliminates Jesus Christ yes Satan is a disrupter yes Satan is trying to eliminate the name of Jesus on this earth that's what it's all about folks we have one more video will show you and this one involves a weather modification yes mister boström brought up what I guess you have to modify weather here well he said there were big although uses of the drones that would be when they're not chasing people around they can maybe be used for geoengineering alright let's just slowly he literally said mosquito sized drones and drones that are involved in June during which for anyone who's watched this program would talk about chemtrails or if you listen to John Brennan the former CIA director stratospheric aerosol injection it's real folks mr. bossman talked about it okay let's watch it you he needs to get a real job he's getting too much digging a ditch or something like he needs to get his hand dirty out there at the farm all right scary stuff yes yep influential wealthy powerful people are getting advice from him and they're sitting there thinking that's a great idea I could use that idea how could you implement it how could we do it well you gotta have this nucleus of thought thinker thinkers to come up with this and implement it and there has to be this global government so who's it gonna be well it's not the traditional government because they put us in this mess it's these ultra thinkers easy pseudo-scientists this is what the RAND Corporation of course very few people talk about the RAND Corporation it's been around so yeah I guess the 50s maybe the late 40s inspiration behind dr. Strangelove right yes but it is a very real institution where the United States government has gone to the scientists in the RAND Corporation and said we have a problem in society what's the solution and if you want an explanation of why things have become so strange in America over the past 40 50 years it's because they've implemented the solutions created by the RAND Corporation it's and now we're family as a story you know religion Christianity now with artificial intelligence they're they don't even know how to really put that in a box – it's just gonna control our way of thinking so much because they're going to be going by these probabilities and they're gonna believe this instead of their own intuition it's the end of humanity they're gonna put it in the numbers and look at these algorithms that's right and now we're gonna have and I think we already have AI artificial intelligence giving politicians here are your choices and I think we're we're and I think politicians are already using algorithms to make choices this is why we we look at some of their decisions we go that doesn't make sense why would any Paula should make a decision that crazy because a computer has told them these are your choices but in the future there will be no politician right there will only be artificial intelligence supercomputers a global brain yes but well the next stage will be the politicians won't be given choices the be given orders will be given orders and then after that there's no need for politician right because they'll come to the conclusion artificial intelligence can run the world more efficiently and cheaper than politicians puppets basically somebody is at the top of the food chain this is so real this is so real that people don't understand how real this is this is happening now they're already building this this is why we go to these conferences because they give us a little peek behind the curtain yes and ok yeah that's me close I got to tell our audience we need financial support we've not gone to conferences this year this is already the end of April we've not gone to them because our revenue is sufficient for our daily operations we're not hurting ok we're sufficient we have sufficient funds for daily operations but when we travel it it adds to our you know it adds a way to our bottom line is taking money that we don't have ok to go to these conferences around the world and so the only way to keep everything here operating smoothly so all the bills are paid on time and everything's ok is don't go to the conference's right but it's at the conference's that we're learning these things to bring it to our audience and we're not going because our audience doesn't see the value of it so it's it's a catch-22 situation here where we need to be there to inform our audience but our audience isn't willing to step up and give the funds that we need to cover the Train cost well Rick I'm just believing that God's moving on people's hearts right now even as we're talking about this today you know we're here we are providing for me I guarantee you're not hearing anywhere else I believe they're stepping up right now they're going to respond today so I'm going to see things yes you know they're seeing things in this God cast that they have never seen her was about someone getting a chip and put in their hand we didn't know that was gonna happen we were the only media in the world that showed it that had the video and showed it were the only media in the world and it would not have been revealed to the body of Christ had true news not been there that's right but that trip I was this year was I was at Barcelona so that's the last one we went to right all right and it was very expensive that that was you know probably probably a $20,000 trip all right we can't do $20,000 trips every month right all right you add that up that's that's a quarter million dollars a year right okay so we can only do it if more people step up and say okay I'm 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