Do You Believe in God?

Good morning, John. Thank you so much for your video on Monday.
It felt like there was this hole, and Nerdfighteria had been asking us this question for so long,
and we had left it unanswered, and it felt very… it felt kinda wrong. It felt kinda
like a gap in our body of work. And it points out that often, asking questions
about the questions that we want to ask is far more useful than answering the questions
themselves. So for example, interesting question about the phrase “belief in God.” There are
more words that are hard to define in that sentence than words are easy to define. For example, “God”? Even people who go to
the same church, ostensibly believe in the same god, all have different visions of what
God is in their head. Everyone is always going to have a slightly different perception of
what that thing– he, she, it, is. But at the same time, it’s a very particular thing
to each particular person. And then you have the word “belief.” Interestingly,
uh, the question of what the difference between belief and knowledge is is not just a philosophical
question; it is an entire branch of philosophy called epistemology. So obviously, uh, not
something to cover in a video blog, but the longest-running definition is that knowledge
is belief that is true. Which is kinda strange to get your head around, which is why there
is an entire branch of philosophy, uh, concerning it. When we believe something, we accept that
there is a chance that it’s not true, but we have faith nonetheless that it is true.
Like it’s weird to talk about having faith in things that you know, like I know that
this water is not going to poison me if I drink it. Whereas, if I say that I have faith
that this water will not kill me if I drink it, now I’m not so sure I’m gonna drink it. But what really bugs me about the question
“do you believe in God?” is not that there are many more interesting questions surrounding
that question, like “why do we ask it?” and “what does ‘believe’ mean?” –is the motivation
behind asking that question. People who have asked that question to me, or to other people,
I’m just curious, why do you want to know? Because it seems like there’s really only
two reasons to want to know the answer to that question. One: Because you’re not sure yourself, and
you’re trying to inform your opinion, and you think that I’m some kind of authority.
To those people, I say: Thank you for thinking that I’m an authority on this. I am not, and
that’s going to have to be something that you figure out on your own. And if anybody’s
telling you different, uh, then they’re wrong. This is a question for you to answer for yourself. There’s kind of a 1.5 here, which is that
you want to reinforce your beliefs, and you wanna feel like, “Oh Hank, he believes the
same thing as me, so now I feel better about my beliefs.” Well that’s not actually going
to work, uh, for you; you have to feel good about your beliefs for your own sake. So basically 1 and 1.5, I’m not gonna help
you with that, uh, you gotta have to figure it out on your own. And the second reason to ask if someone is,
believes in God is kind of a shortcut to think that you know more about that person because
of a very simple answer, which is dangerous. This is the kind of pattern recognition that
we do constantly as people: we try to categorize things. And that’s usually really useful – until
you start dealing with people. Sometimes I feel like when someone asks me
if I believe in God, it’s like a blind person asking if I’m black so that they can put me
in the right category. People are constantly searching for little things that they can
use as markers to identify how and what people are. Like, “gay people are all like this,”
“Christians are all like this,” “atheists are all like this.” And that is – I mean,
duh – that’s really dangerous! So that’s my biggest fear, that people are
asking because they want to inform their opinions of me with this little one-word answer that
says so very little about who I actually am. After you’ve formed a strong opinion of who
I am and understand how I live my life, that’s when I’ll be comfortable telling you about
my beliefs and practices, which is that I am a Satan worshipper who feeds on the blood
of newborn unicorns. John, I will see you on Friday.

[ Karnataka News ] The political drama going on to gain power in Karnataka is really amazing.

The political drama going on to gain power in Karnataka has really reached a pretty turning point. The hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Friday. The political drama going on to gain power in Karnataka has really reached a pretty turning point. The hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Friday. The political drama going on to gain power in Karnataka has really reached a pretty turning point. The hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Friday. The political drama going on to gain power in Karnataka has really reached a pretty turning point. The hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Friday.

Government in Biblical Perspective (Romans 13:1)

What in the world makes us so embarrassed
about the gospel? “For I determined to know nothing among you
except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2). If you will, open your Bible to Romans chapter
13…Romans chapter 13 is the most formidable New Testament chapter summing up the believer’s
responsibility to the government. And I want to say at the very beginning that
this is a universal chapter as to its application. Whatever kind of government, whatever era,
whatever century, whatever circumstances, the general principles that we see here about
our conduct apply. And this, of course, is the supernatural wonder
of Scripture that two thousand years after it is written, it speaks specifically and
applicably to the times in which we live. Let me read the opening seven verses. “Every person is to be in subjection to the
governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God and those which exist are
established by God. Therefore, whoever resists authority, has
opposed the ordinance of God and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon
themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good
behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from
the same. For it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid for
it does not bear the sword for nothing, for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings
wrath on the one who practices evil. Therefore it is necessary to be in subjection,
not only because of wrath, but also for conscience’s sake for because of this you also pay taxes. For rulers or authority are servants of God,
devoting themselves to this very thing. Render to all that is due them, tax to whom
tax is due, custom to whom custom, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.” There’s really not a lot that’s complex about
that, or difficult, or confusing. It identifies government as an institution
established by God in all its forms for the punishment of those who do evil and for the
protection of those who do good. Our responsibility is to submit and pay our
taxes. For some people living in our country, that
is becoming a little more difficult, a little more challenging. For many of us, particularly Christians, we
don’t like the direction that our government is taking. We don’t like the moral choices the government
is taking, legalizing gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research and a myriad of other things…elevating
immoral people, encroaching on our lives, taking away our freedoms. These are things that disturb Americans and
many Christian Americans. And they have generated among many Christians
an attitude that is rebellious toward government. It may not take the form of an outright revolution,
but it is a heart revolution for sure. Let me just give you a little bit of a picture
of the government that existed at the time the Apostle Paul wrote this, the time that
our Lord was on earth. Slavery flourished. There were millions of slaves. Slavery could be very abusive. But even at its best, it was owning people. That age was not only an age of slavery, but
it was also an age of absolute rulers. After the Roman Republic had ended, Caesars
came into power. Caesar was king. And although there were reactions to the abuses
of that singular unilateral authority that the Caesars possessed, even to the point that
in 44 B.C. Julius Caesar himself was murdered in the
Roman Senate, that really did not overthrow that absolute rule. In fact, the murder of Julius Caesar only
accelerated the centralization of power in the Roman Empire so that it became more centralized. The Roman Senate declared Augustus to be Pro
Consul and Tribute of Rome for life. He was Commander-in-Chief of all soldiers. He stood above all senators. He controlled all civil affairs and he could
do exactly what he wanted to do. He was even deemed to be a god and to be worshiped. All the power of the entire Roman Empire was
vested in one man. And if he had not all the power, it was because
he had delegated it to someone else by his own authority. In Israel, or the Land of Palestine, Herod
was not a dissimilar kind of king, he was a king with great power. He was a king who at his own whim could behead
a prophet with no consequences, no temporal, civil, criminal consequences. Even a Herod before, the one who beheaded
John, Herod the Great, his father had such unilateral power that if he desired, he could
massacre all male babies under the age of two with absolutely no repercussions. This is an amazing amount of power. At the same time, taxes were heavy and tax
collectors were extortionists and thieves and robbers. And they were permitted to take as much as
they could get, as long as they paid the authority what the authority required. Beyond that, they were on their own. And there were people like Zacchaeus who knew
that he had extorted far more than was right, and so, you remember, when he came to faith
in Jesus Christ, he returned the money he had stolen from people fourfold. Tax collectors were abusers of the people. They were surrounded by thugs, strong-armed
people like the Mafia who would beat you up, or terrorize your business if you didn’t pay
them. They were essentially in Israel the Jews who
had bought Roman tax franchises were the Jewish Mafia. Caesar Augustus had so much power that he
could say the whole world is to be taxed and he could demand that everybody go to his own
city and the rolls be counted, everyone be identified and everyone pay the tax. This was a unilateral decision on his part. Jews, by the way, under this Roman tyranny
were an oppressed and underprivileged minority with no voice in Roman government. They had no voice in this essentially monarchy. They paid heavy taxes, exorbitant taxes to
their Roman tax masters with absolutely no say, no rights to weigh in on any decision. You might say that in an environment like
that, maybe it could be okay not to pay your taxes. But Jesus washes that thought away very, very
rapidly in Matthew 22:21 when He says this, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s,
and to God the things that are God’s.” Give God what is due Him and give Caesar what
is due him. As unfair, as unjust as it is, as uninvolved
as you are in the use of it, or the abuse of it, pay tax to Caesar. And He did Himself, as well as paying His
regular taxes in Israel and His temple tax too, as we are learning, an apostate and corrupt
temple system. Jesus did not come to seek social change. He did not come to alter the tax code. He did not come to address economic issues. They were not a concern for Him. Was He aware of them? Absolutely. He had perfect knowledge of absolutely everything. There was no abuse, no iniquity that He was
not fully aware of. He knew that there was a great need for social
reform. He knew that there was a great need for tax
reform. He knew that there was a great need for care
of the poor and the sick who were believed, even by the Jews, to be under the punishment
of God and who were treated with indifference and abused. He knew that widows were mistreated, orphans
were mistreated. And yet He never came to bring about a social
revolution. His appeal was always to the hearts of men,
it was always to the souls of men, not their political freedoms. It was not their social justice that He sought. He didn’t participate in civil rights. He wasn’t involved in a crusade to abolish
slavery. He preached the gospel and He knew that all
that is just and all that is equitable and all that is good, and all that is noble, and
all that is elevated will come when hearts are changed. He was not interested in a new social order,
He was interested in a new spiritual order. And so He didn’t come to create a new nation,
He came to create the church. Now there have been other people through the
history of our world that have been in abusive situations like existed in the Roman Empire,
some of them far worse than that. There are people living in certain places
of the world today who are under highly abusive systems. Their problems, the problems of the people
in the New Testament time, the problems of people who are under severe duress in the
nations in which they live are much more severe than ours. We can complain about the way things are in
America, but no minority group in America has had their infant children massacred. That hasn’t happened. Nobody in Washington or in Sacramento has
made an edict to kill all the baby boys under two, while mothers stood around and wept. And even those that are struggling with difficulties
in life seem to be able to find a TV set, the next meal, conveniences and transportation. And cannot allow the fact that everything
isn’t the way we would like it to be to cause us to turn our attention away from an appropriate
responsibility to government to an inappropriate one. Nor can we turn away from the necessary message
of the gospel to any other lesser message that relates to politics or social change. We are obviously to live godly lives in the
world. We are obviously to demonstrate righteousness,
to pursue righteousness, call for righteousness, uphold righteousness. We are obviously to speak the revelation of
God into this society so that this society can enjoy more of the common grace that God
provides when people live according to His laws, even non-believing people. We are obviously called to do all of that. We are the very expression of divine righteousness
in the world, in the culture. But our responsibility specifically to the
government is stated here and there are two things. Be in subjection, verse 1, be in subjection…that’s
one. The second, render what is due, pay your taxes,
verse 6. Submit to the government, and pay your taxes. So that’s what we’re going to look at and
we’re going to kind of work our way through…there’s a lot to say about this. You’d be amazed how this passages leads us
all through Scripture. We’ll try to contain ourselves a little bit
in the process. This is what it means to render to Caesar. When Jesus said that, “Render to Caesar the
things that are Caesars,” He hears explaining it by the inspiring of the Holy Spirit in
the mind of Paul who says, “Here’s what that means. Be in subjection to the governing authorities
and pay your taxes.” This is submission to civil order. Now just to give you a little bit of background,
go to 12:1 of Romans and let’s kind of understand the context. The practical part of Romans begins in chapter
12, the doctrinal part is the first eleven chapters; 12 to 16 is the application, that’s
why the therefore is there. “Based upon the mercies of God, I urge you,
brethren, by the mercies of God…” The mercies of God are all of the elements
of salvation that are unfolded in the first eleven chapters, all those mercies of God
that relate to our salvation, our election, our justification, our sanctification and
our glorification. Based on that, “Present your bodies a living
and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God which is your spiritual service of worship.” So here we are called to living holy lives,
acceptable to God as a spiritual act of worship. And the next verse says, “Don’t be conformed
to this world, be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may know and prove
what the will of God is that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” So, here we are told, “Present your body as
a living sacrifice to God,” which means you submit all your desires and all your goals
and ambitions to those that are His. You sacrifice yourself to do His will, this
is good, this is acceptable, this is perfect to do the will of God. And then, starting in verse 3, there are a
number of categories in which the Apostle Paul speaks about the will of God. He talks about the body of Christ. He talks about the family of God. He talks about attitudes toward unbelievers. And he ends up, chapter 12, by talking about
enemies. As we live our lives a living sacrifice, as
we live in the will of God proving what is good and acceptable and perfect, it affects
all our relationships. It affects our relationship to the body of
Christ. It affects outsiders, it affects even our
enemies. And being a living sacrifice, doing the will
of God which is good and acceptable and perfect, is also important as we consider our relationship
to the civil authorities. And that’s where we get in to chapter 13,
the civil authorities. Paul is emphasizing a principle here. And at the end of chapter 12, as he talks
about our enemies, it sets this up. Verse 17, “Never pay back evil for evil to
anyone.” You don’t want to live with vengeance on your
mind, retaliation, respect what is right in the sight of all men. If possible, so far as it depends on you,
be at peace with all men. Never take your own revenge, beloved, but
leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,”
says the Lord. “If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he’s thirsty, give him a drink, for in
so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” You’ll bring conviction upon him. “Don’t be overcome by evil, but overcome evil
with good.” Now in the world in which these people were
living, evil could come in personal forms, but evil could also come in governmental forms. So it’s an easy transition from the fact that
we’re to bless, verse 14, when we’re persecuted, to bless and not curse. We’re to never pay back evil for evil to anyone. No matter what society does to us, no matter
what the authorities do to us, we never pay it back with evil. As far as we can, in verse 18, we seek to
be at peace with all men. We leave vengeance to God. We serve our enemies and so we are not overcome
by evil but we overcome evil with good. The principle is clear there when it relates
to the government. No matter what they do in persecuting us,
and that’s exactly what it said as I read it to you in verse 14, we don’t retaliate. There’s no place for personal vengeance. The believer is to be a peacemaker, and we’ll
see a little more of this as we go. Now this then is the good and acceptable and
perfect will of God. In Paul’s day, this was a very critical issue. The Jews were notoriously zealous of their
identity. They’ve always been that way. I think God hard-wired them that way so that
they would preserve their people to the element purposes of God at the end of the age. And because they were so zealous for themselves
and their own identity, and their own national independence, their own religion, they rebelled
constantly against the Romans. Now you remember, the Romans had extended
their power across the Mediterranean and engulfed that part of the world in the Great Roman
Empire. In fact, the Roman Empire was somewhat benign. Once they took over a nation, they were beneficent,
benign in dealing with that nation. They gave independence to those nations, let
them maintain their own language, their own customs, their own religion. And the Jews enjoyed, frankly, the exceptional
privileges…privileges much, much greater than in past historical conquerings by other
conquerors. The Romans let them have their own religion. Imperial Roman Law safeguarded the worship
of the Jews. They could keep their Sabbath laws, they could
keep their food laws. They could maintain the prohibition against
idols. They had a prohibition against idols and there
were a couple of times they made it known they didn’t want any idols, they had to do
with Pilate coming into town with his troops and an image of Caesar was horrendous to the
Jews, they saw it as an idol. They backed Pilate down. The Romans backed down. The Romans wanted to acquiesce to their resistance
to any such images, even though Caesar’s picture still remained on their coins. The Romans were not allowed to bring images
of Caesar inside the walls of Jerusalem. The Romans allowed the Jews to uphold the
death penalty for trespassing Gentiles who came in to the inner courts of the temple. So they gave the Jews amazing freedoms. In spite of this, the Jews hated the Romans,
they hated the Roman occupation, they hated the Roman domination and they always questioned
its legitimacy. In fact, they basically flatly denied what
was reality. John 8:33, they said, “We’ve never been in
bondage to anyone.” Are you kidding? You’re under Roman dominance even as you speak. And the Jews fought back. You remember the name Barabbas? What crime did Barabbas commit? Barabbas was a murderer. Under what circumstances did he murder somebody? According to Mark 15:7 he murdered someone
in an insurrection. This is a terrorist act against Rome by Barabbas. This is an example of the kind of behavior
that was common among the Jews as they resisted the Roman presence and the Roman power, even
though it gave them so much freedom. In Acts chapter 5 we are introduced to a man
named Theudas who rose up claiming to be somebody. And a group of about 400 men joined with him. So here’s a somebody who thinks he’s a somebody
any way who gets 400 men to strike a blow against the Roman occupiers, but he was killed
and all who followed him were dispersed and came to nothing. After this man there comes another one, Judas
of Galilee rose up in the days of the census and drew away some people after him. He too perished and all those who followed
him were scattered. There are a couple of unsuccessful insurrections
and apparently Barabbas was a part of another unsuccessful insurrection. Now from the Jews standpoint they were basing
this attitude on Deuteronomy 17:15 which says, “You shall surely set him king over you whom
the Lord your God shall choose. One from among your brethren shall you set
king over you, you may not set a foreigner over you who is not your brother,” Deuteronomy
17:15. Well, that was true for the theocracy. The theocracy was long gone. God was no longer the king, the true king,
the true ruler in Israel. Israel was a nation at this time, at Bible
times, under divine judgment. And the very presence of the Romans was part
of that divine judgment. In the theocracy, the way the theocracy was
supposed to be, they would have the king which God appointed, but, boy, that did not last
very long. God allowed them to have Saul. God allowed them to have David. God allowed them to have Solomon and from
there it became a disaster after disaster after disaster so that in the Northern Kingdom
there wasn’t even one good God-honoring king. And it declined from there. But there were still Zealots who camped on
Deuteronomy 17, thought they were still the theocratic kingdom and so they believed there
was no king but that one appointed by God and no tax could be paid to a king who had
not been appointed by God. So some of them became terrorists. They were called sicarii , they carried daggers
and they went around stabbing Romans, starting insurrections. Their aim was to make civil government impossible,
disrupting civil government. Middle-Eastern terrorism isn’t new…it isn’t
new. Because of their tendency toward murder, insurrection,
assassination. They were known as dagger-bearers, fanatical
nationalists sworn to terrorism. They were ready to rise to rebellion at the
slightest indication that the Messiah had arrived. And that’s what they wanted Jesus to do, lead
the revolution. This attitude, as I said, led to terrorism
against Rome and finally the Romans put it down, 70 A.D. They not only put it down, they tore the temple
to the ground. After that, they went through Israel and they
massacred people in 985 towns, a blood letting. Stop this madness of revolting against a benign
and basically beneficent government. And yet here and there in local governments
there were certain tolerance. The Apostle Paul was accused by some Jews
of propagating an illegal religion and the proconsul of Achaia, this in Acts 18, the
proconsul of Achaia named Galileo paid little attention to their accusation. His notion…Well, it’s just a sect of the
Jews and the Jews so far here haven’t been a problem. It was good that they felt that way in certain
places because it essentially gave Paul protection for the next ten years of his ministry. So while on the one hand the Jews were banned
from Rome, outside Rome in various places where Paul traveled, there was freedom. The animosity came from angry Jews and pockets
of Gentiles. This attitude really was a pervasive attitude. Even the people that didn’t engage in the
terrorism were somewhat delighted that the terrorist did what they did. People are saved in the land of Israel. People are saved in Jewish synagogues, as
Paul goes out and preaches the gospel. People are saved in Rome to whom this letter
is written. They need to understand that this is not acceptable
behavior…not acceptable. And this is not just Paul’s opinion, I want
you to hear from Peter, 1 Peter chapter 2…1 Peter chapter 2, verse 12, “Keep your behavior
excellent among the pagans, the Gentiles, so that in the thing in which they slander
you as evil doers, they may because of their good deeds as they observe them, glorify God
in the day of visitation.” Peter’s writing to believers, scattered in
Gentile areas. They’re going to be slandered as evil doers. And you need to change that attitude by overwhelming
them with your good deeds. To borrow what we read in Romans 12, “You
overcome evil with good.” How do you do that? Verse 13, “Submit yourself for the Lord’s
sake, to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority, in an absolute
monarchy, or to any other form of government, such as governors as sent by the king into
regions for the punishment of evil doers and the praise of those who do right.” That is an exact parallel of what we read
in Romans 13, isn’t it? These are authorities who have as their primary
agenda the punishment of evil doers and the protection of those who do right…”For such
is the will of God, that by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men. Act as free men. Do not use your freedom for a covering of
evil but use it as slaves of God, honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God and…what?…what’s
the last one?…honor the king…honor the king.” And if you’re a slave, verse 18, servants,
slaves, “Be submissive to your masters with all respect, not only with those that are
good and gentle but also to those who are unreasonable.” Wow! Submit, even to a master who is unreasonable,
even to a king that’s unreasonable, even to a governor that’s unreasonable. “For this finds favor if for the sake of conscience
toward God, a person bears up under sorrows when suffering unjustly.” Amazing. There is something to be gained for the gospel
even when you suffer unjustly in silence, for the sake of keeping a pure conscience
before God. You want to be an influence for peace, we
read that in Romans 13, you want to do right and thus silence the ignorance of foolish
men, do right as that society and as every man knows because right is written in the
heart, you want to honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God and honor the king. So Peter and Paul agree on this, as we would
expect. We have a serious responsibility to live out
our justification by grace through faith, our self-sacrificing lives should be models
of submission to government authority, no matter whether that government authority is
what we want it to be or not. This is a biblical pattern for all people. Now let’s go back to Romans 13. As we look at this initial responsibility,
we’ll just take the first one. We’re going to look at the taxes in a little
bit, but the first responsibility is to be subject to the higher powers, the powerful
governing authorities. That is the standard. Let every person be subject to the governing
authorities, the governing powers, every…literally in the original…every soul…every soul,
be subject. It’s imperative which means it’s a command,
it’s the verb hupotasso which is a familiar New Testament verb, hupo means under, hupotasso
, essentially a military word which means to line up under a commander, speaks of soldiers
lining up under the one who commands them. Get in line underneath the powers that govern
the governing authorities, the existing civil government without limitation here, without
qualification, without caveat. The Greek is the authorities which are over
you, those supreme ruling authorities. Verse 3 refers to them with the word rulers…rulers. The text makes no distinction between good
ones, bad ones, moral ones, immoral ones, fair ones, unfair ones. And here were not so much talking about persons,
we are to honor the person, the king. And we’ll see more about that. We’re talking about governing authorities,
institutions that exist whether they are monarchies with all their elements, or democracies with
all their elements. The obedience of Christians to the laws and
the rulers and the authorities of the system in which they live, even though they are persecuted,
is a matter of obedience to God and a clear conscience before the Lord. For us, this is a sometimes hard pill to swallow
because we have in the past had a nation where certain Christian principles dominated, certain
Christian principles dominated. I just read that the first of the fifty states,
Hawaii, has outlawed prayer…prayer that was offered before the gathering of the Senate
of Hawaii, no longer can be prayed because from time to time someone mentions Jesus Christ. And so they’re the first of the fifty states
to ban prayer. Does that concern me greatly? No, because token prayers mean nothing. But it is an evidence of the fact that there
is a massive effort to get God out of everything, unless it’s some other god than the God and
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the God of holy Scripture. That’s what makes us struggle, doesn’t it? Because we have a history of acknowledging
God, but we’re way down the path in a post-Christian America. How do we respond? Listen to 1 Timothy 2:1. “First of all, I urge entreaties and prayers,
petitions and thanksgivings be made on behalf of all men for kings and for all who are in
authority.” Did you get that? “Entreaties, prayers, petitions, and…what
was the last one?… Thanksgiving be made on behalf of all men,
for kings and all who are in authority so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life
in all godliness and dignity.” This is a far cry from a revolution, right? This is a far cry from terrorism. This is Christianity. This is how real Christians behave in a society. You say, “What about all these problems of
Christians and Catholics, Protestant Christians and Catholics fighting in Northern Ireland? What about Serbia, Kosova and Bosnia, Christians
and Muslims?” Those aren’t real Christians. Those aren’t real Christians. False Christians devastate the name of true
Christians. This is how true Christians act, they don’t
kill people, they don’t start revolutions, they pray for the kings, the ultimate dictators. They pray for all who are in authority and
our prayer is that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity
because this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior. You know, when I think about America and what
I would want for this nation, I would want this nation to live in peace, wouldn’t you? Truly disturbing, isn’t it? It’s horribly disturbing. We have more people in prison than any nation
in the world and we have the highest crime rates in the world. Prison doesn’t fix anything. We have horrible things going on in our streets
all the time. I don’t want that. I want a tranquil and quiet life with all
godliness and dignity. I wish this country was full of peace. I wish this country could experience the common
grace that God can provide, and we want to be an influence for that. We don’t want to be a part of the problem,
we definitely want to be part of the solution. We do that with the gospel and godly living. Titus chapter 3, essentially the same idea,
“Remind them to be subject to rulers, Titus, you tell those people in Crete to be subject
to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed, to malign
no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing every consideration for all men.” Verse 8, “This is a trustworthy statement
concerning these things. I want to speak confidently so that those
who have believed God will be careful to engage in good deeds. These things are good and profitable for men.” You know, I really do think the Lord…the
Lord knows that our influence in the world is greatest when we live a quiet, peaceable
life, a life of godliness, a life of prayer on behalf of our leaders and authorities and
the very duly constituted bodies that rule over us. I think it speaks volumes when our preoccupations
are that the grace of God may come down, save them, transform them and use them to bring
peace to the land. This is a principle without reference to exception. Peter gives us no exceptions. Paul gives us no exceptions in Titus, Timothy
or in Romans. But I want you to know there is a legitimate
exception to obedience to the government. There is a time when we’re allowed not to
obey the government. Go to Acts 4. Acts 4 verse 13, “These are the powers that
be in Jerusalem, they observed the confidence of Peter and John and understood they were
uneducated and untrained men.” They hadn’t gone to rabbinical school. “They were amazed at what they knew without
all the schooling and they began to recognize them as having been with Jesus. And seeing the man who had been healed standing
with them, they had nothing to say in reply but when they had ordered them to leave the
council, they began to confer with one another saying, ‘What shall we do with these men,
for the fact that a note worthy miracle has taken place through them is apparent to all
who live in Jerusalem, we can’t deny it. But so that it will not spread any further
among the people, let us warn them to speak no longer to any man in this name.'” Okay, that’s the law. That’s the law from the powers that be, you
cannot speak any more in the name of Jesus. “When they had summoned them, they commanded
them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus.” Now here’s a dilemma, folks, right? You’re supposed to be subject to the powers
that be, you’re supposed to be obedient to the authority that is over you, and now the
authority that is over you is telling you, you cannot speak in the name of Jesus. Verse 8…er, verse 19, “Peter and John answered
and said to them, ‘Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather
than to God, you be the judge. We cannot stop speaking about what we have
seen and heard.'” Here is where the authority of the government
ends, when the government forbids you to do what God commands you to do, you do what God
commands you to do. When the government tells you to do what God
has not allowed you to do, that’s where you stop. You don’t do that because you have direct
revelation against that sin. When the government mandates what God forbids,
we obey God. And accept the consequences, accept the consequences. We don’t get guns and shoot the government
authorities, we don’t get baseball bats when they show up and beat them in the head, we
refuse to disobey God. We do what God has commanded us to do and
we accept the consequences. That’s exactly what we are called to do. Go to the fifth chapter of Acts for a minute. They brought them before the Council. The High Priest comes in now and is trying
to shut them up. They’re preaching Christ. They haven’t stopped. The High Priest says to them in verse 28 of
Acts 5, “We gave you strict orders not to continue teaching in this name and yet you
have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and intend to bring this man’s blood on us.” Not only did they fill Jerusalem with the
teaching, but they blamed the Jews for the murder of Jesus. Here’s Peter’s and the Apostles’ answer, verse
29, “We must obey God…what?…rather than men. The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom
you had put to death by hanging Him on a cross.” In case you didn’t fully understand what we
were saying, that’s what we were saying. They raised Him up. He’s the one whom God exalted to His right
hand to a prince and a Savior and grant repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sin. Start evangelizing these guys. We’re witness of these. And so is the Holy Spirit whom God has given
to those who obey Him. And when they heard it, they were cut to the
quick and intended to kill them. Yeah, you may come to a point where you have
to disobey the government when the government tells you to do what God forbids you to do,
or mandates that you stop doing what God commands you to do. I remember talking to one of the members of
the Russian underground church, Georgy Vins years ago and he said, “There’s so many abuses
in Russia, so many abuses toward our people under Communism, horrible abuses. Life is so very, very hard.” But he said this, “If any Christian is ever
to suffer imprisonment or punishment, it will never be for anything other than the sake
of Jesus Christ. In all other matters, we obey the government.” There’s no such thing, by the way, folks,
as a Christian country and there’s no such thing as a Christian government. Well there will be a Christian government
in the Millennium with Christ ruling. But we have our command and it’s an unequivocal
command. Well, go back to Romans 13 for a moment and
that’s…that’s the basic command and I think you understand it. After this command in verse 1, every person
is to be in subjection to the governing authorities, Paul gives seven reasons why we are to obey
that command. Don’t get nervous, that’s next Sunday night. I’m a man of mercy. That’s next Sunday night. Seven reasons and they’re really good and
helpful. And we’ll dig in down a little deeper into
this whole thing, even talk about capital punishment and other things like that, talking
about what is a righteous and sensible retribution and punishment for people who commits crimes. The Bible is clear on that as well. We’ll have a good time on that next Sunday

F*ck The Law of Attraction – Teal Swan –

Hello there. The law governing this universe is the law of attraction. Essentially, it means that like a magnet like attracts like. It’s a bit like gravity. Now this particular construct of law of attraction
was designed by the universe to be a learning hologram. I often call the law of attraction the law of mirroring
because that’s how it functions. Source consciousness projects itself
forward into this dimension and whatever is internal to that projection
is reflected externally just like a projector screen. The idea behind this was that by virtue of looking at
an external reflection of the vibration that is internal we would come to more awareness. We would give rise to more desire
which would progress our consciousness further and it would help source integrate its own unconscious. In a law of attraction based universe, you can only interact
with things that are a vibrational match to you. For your elementary understanding, let’s just put it this way. If you’re somebody who has low self-esteem, you can’t be a match to anything
that causes high self-esteem. Instead, in your life, all that’s reflected to you are circumstances, people, places and events
that are a perfect vibrational match to low self-esteem. The idea of course was that by virtue of
looking at those things in your external reality that vibrated the frequency of low self-esteem, it would cause you to desire high self-esteem, and then you would go in the direction of high self-esteem,
it would cause your expansion in that way. Having experienced the law of attraction almost fully
and becoming conscious of the law of attraction, what’s happening now in the universe is an interesting thing. We are desiring a new law
that a new time-space reality will be based off of. For this time-space reality that we live in
to be governed according to the law of attraction, there had to have been previous laws
that gave rise to the idea of this one. We are in the process by virtue of
our experiences with the law of attraction, of creating a brand-new time-space reality within the universe where it is not governed by the law of attraction. So why is this the case? Why are we desiring a new law for a new time-space reality? Because those of us who are aware of the law of attraction are starting to experience the contrast
involved with that specific law. And those of us who experience
the contrast of law of attraction have one sentiment, “Fuck the law of attraction.” There are multiple reasons that I could give you today
for why the law of attraction sucks, but the primary example is the following. Let’s say as a young girl, you choose to
come down into a life path where you get abused. You now vibrate at the frequency of trauma. So instead of healing or being a match to things like that, what are you really a match to? You’re match to more trauma. So even though you might be the person
who needs love and tenderness the most, sorry, you’re going to be a match to more trauma and
more trauma and more trauma and more trauma. Even though this is fair from law of attraction’s standpoint, because all it’s doing, the universe
is impartially reflecting to you what’s already present within you in the hopes that that will cause your expansion. However, I have never in my lives seen a universal law create more of a downward spiral than the law of attraction. Because why? You’re in pain, so you’re a vibrational match to the things that vibrate at the frequency of pain which causes you more pain, intensifies the vibration which makes you a match to
more things that cause pain which makes you more in pain. Shall I keep going? Ok, so like I said before, there are a lot of reasons I could give for why the law of attraction sucks, but the number one reason
the law of attraction sucks from my perspective is that within the community of people
who are aware of the law of attraction, it has created its own special little nightmare. Regardless of the fact that the law of attraction is a reality, our awareness of it and then
serious lack of understanding about its complexity makes for a social atmosphere in the spiritual community that
is enough to cause someone to run for the hill screaming. For example when people
become aware of the law of traction, but they haven’t gone deep enough
into the concept of the law of attraction, they use it as an excuse to bypass. Spiritual bypassing is pretty much the most
obnoxious thing on the face of the Earth. And it hurts people. End of story. To understand this dynamic you can watch
my video on youtube titled ‘Spiritual Bypassing’. But the thing that bothers me the most which is the thing I’m going to attack in this Ask Teal episode
is the blame assumption . This is an aspect of people
becoming aware of law of attraction which creates a social atmosphere of complete hell. What is the blame assumption? It’s the assumption that because
if you understand law of attraction, you understand that you have a hand in creating your reality. If you create something that doesn’t feel good, it’s your fault. It’s the assumption that
because the world functions like a mirror, if anything unwanted is happening to somebody, it must be because something about them
is not healed or is out of alignment. Just look at the pressure inherent in this belief that if we’re doing everything right
relative to our thoughts and emotions, the only thing we will ever experience in our lives
is sunshine, gumdrops and roses. If we attract anything less than that,
we’re doing something wrong. Just look at the blaming and shaming that occurs
in the law of attraction community when somebody says “Oh my gosh. I just got cancer.” Everyone instantly turns to them of those
“Oh my gosh. What did you do to create that?” Yes, the law of attraction is an absolute reality. But turning to somebody and acting as if it’s their fault for manifesting something that’s negative
does absolutely no good whatsoever. It’s just spiritually justified abuse. More than that, it comes from a seriously elementary
understanding of how the law of attraction really works. So allow me to set the record straight. In conjunction with your path towards awareness it’s a good idea to consider that if something
external in your reality is unwanted and is there, that it’s a match to something inside you
that potentially unhealed, deep wound. It’s a good idea because it puts
the power back in your hands. You become a conscious creator. But make no mistake. It’s not always the full picture. This is especially true when you find yourself in situations where you use every tool you can possibly think of that any spiritual teacher has ever given you
to get yourself out of a situation, and yet it gets worse. Meaning you do all the healing
you can possibly think of to do, you do all the shadow work, you do all the processing,
you do all the positive focus and yet you’re still a match to the experience. You can be sure that there’s something else happening. If you keep doing everything
to improve a circumstance in your life and it doesn’t get better, and it doesn’t go away and may in fact get worse, this may make you spiral. At this point if you’re a law of attraction person, you go into this personal torture chamber of what the hell am I doing wrong,
if I was doing something right or if I was completely healed, this wouldn’t be happening. It’s at this point you need to hold up a mental stop sign
for yourself and get something very seriously. When we are aware of the law of attraction, we tell ourselves the story that if we’re using
our minds and emotions correctly keyword, anything unwanted shouldn’t be happening. And if it’s happening, there is something inside us
that needs to be changed or healed right away. And that if we heal it, the unwanted circumstance
will immediately change or go away. We resist what is happening
if we judge it as an unwanted experience. It is that resistance to the circumstance
that is causing us to suffer. What we do not get is the law of attraction
is more complex than that. When you come into this time-space reality, you become two points of perspective. You are essentially this thing which you could call
your eternal self, your soul perspective or your higher self projected into a physical dimension
that becomes a temporal self. You are two points of perspective. By coming into this life, this larger aspect of you,
the eternal self does not disappear. It does not solely become this point of attraction. But here’s the thing. These two perspectives are
still both subject to the law of attraction. The law of attraction is responding to both. And you will experience things in your life
that are a reflection of both points of attraction. These two points of perspective are always
in communication with one another. As you go through your day-to-day life
from your temporal perspective, you are essentially feeding information back to
the eternal perspective about what it is that you want. And because of the purity of
this point of attraction, this vibration your higher self is attracting anything
that’s a match to that desire to you. The temporal self then gets to resist it or allow it. But it doesn’t really matter for the sake of this video
because it’s about you understanding that you will attract things into your reality
that are a match to what you have desired. Now, here is the issue.>From your higher self perspective, you don’t have the same attitude towards
what you need and want as your temporal self does. The temporal self may say “You know what,
I want love more than anything in the universe.” and from higher-self perspective, the perfect way to achieve that is to allow you to become completely aware of what love isn’t so you can become completely aware of what love is, so you can go in the direction of that. And so what does it do? It attracts an experience into your life
that feels anything but loving. In other words, the circumstances
that our higher self is attracting in perfect alignment with what we desire (because its perspective is so different.) can be a situation that our temporal self
judges as bad or a mistake manifestation. We have a hard time understanding this in our adult life. We can’t understand how when we are in alignment, we might attract something that’s unpleasant
or that our temporal self judges as unwanted, but it could very well be exactly what we want. But we understand this as it applies to coming into this life. When your higher-self perspective decides that
it’s going to come into life in the first place and it sets forth an intention something like
“I want to understand freedom.”, your higher self perspective is going to vibrate
at a frequency of imprisonment, so as to achieve the goal of understanding freedom. So that’s pretty easy for us to understand. We see that many beings who become enlightened
come into very difficult childhood experiences. So are you going to turn to that person
and say “You know what you? You manifested all of that crap
in your youth for a really bad reason. It was because you were out of alignment.”? No, there was something else at play. The higher self became a point of attraction for
that experience which we could judge as negative because it was going to be the venue through which
the desire was going to be fulfilled. If you’re part of the law of attraction community, nobody is exempt from this type of self-abuse to tell yourself that no matter what, if you have anythin
that is unwanted or uncomfortable in your life, you’re doing something wrong with your vibration. So I’ll tell you a personal story
to highlight exactly what I mean. A while back, I became a match to
a really contentious court situation. Of course, what did I do as a law of attraction person? I immediately went to the place of ‘Oh crap. There must be something unhealed within me. There must be some shadow
that’s manifesting externally as this thing. And I have to purify that or else. You know, this is going to just get worse and worse.’ So notice what I’ve already done. I’ve already judged that this circumstance
that has popped up in my external reality is something that “shouldn’t” be happening. And if I was completely healed and feeling completely good and totally in alignment and had a handle
on my own vibration, it wouldn’t have occurred. That’s resistance right there. So being a good law of attraction practitioner, what did I do? I went to work on my internal self. I found every single point of attraction within me that I could possibly find
that could reflect externally as this court case. I went through this thing where I healed every aspect of it. And what did I find again and again? When I would heal an aspect, I would get more embroiled in the court situation. When I heal another aspect, the court case would get worse. So I basically did what most people do,
went into a shame spiral. What the hell is wrong with me if I can’t get a handle
on my vibration enough to not be a match to this crap? Then I had a breakthrough. As a result of doing all of the healing that I was doing,
suddenly there was a break in the court case. I suddenly saw ‘Oh my gosh. This court case is about
an entirely different thing than I thought it was about. And now that I see what it’s really about,
I’m actually excited to be in it. Because being in it is in alignment with
the purpose that I’ve chosen for this life.’ And suddenly, it was like I could see the divine orchestration. I was not supposed to manifest
my way out of this court situation. I was supposed to be squarely in it. And that was all it took to release my resistance
and to understand something very very serious. It’s that my temporal self may have been a match to that. Yeah, I did a lot of healing as a result of it, but guess what? That was a manifestation. That was a perfect vibrational match to my eternal aspect that knew that exactly the thing that I needed, to stand up and defend myself
to be in alignment with my purpose was going to be realized and actualized
through the experience of that court case. Not through the getting rid of it. The court case was a perfect match to my “actual” desires. I just couldn’t see it because
I spent a majority of my time thinking ‘You know what, if I was doing everything right,
that shouldn’t be happening.’ I just couldn’t see from my temporal perspective
because I had decided how my life “should” look. And let me tell you what, a court case didn’t fit into it. The court case fit into the category of unwanted. What if “not good” is a judgment that is false? What if the very things you’ve been asking for and the very things you’ve been oriented towards and working for with your law of attraction type of tools was contained in a package of what is unwanted? What if it was the diamond in the rough? What if, from your temporal perspective, something is bad or from your higher-self perspective,
something is very very good. This is what Karma is all about. Now I realize that I did a video
a while back saying “Karma doesn’t exist.” I was essentially addressing the aspect of Karma
that people conceptualize of like dragging things from one life
to the next life and then having this sort of, you know, like God punishment type of mentality where “Why am I experiencing poverty?
Because in my last life, you know, I killed a bunch of people.” I hate the idea of Karma. It’s total BS. But here’s where you get really real with Karma. Karma really is what we’re talking about today. It’s that the point of attraction that your higher self holds attracts things into your experience that may not necessarily be perceived as
feel good or wanted by the temporal perspective, but, in fact, holds the very key to
what your temporal self has been asking for. And you’ll start to feel that sensation of fate. It’s almost like you can feel the gravity
of the point of attraction to your eternal self which is why no matter what you do, you keep getting pulled in the direction of those things, things you may want to avoid. I’m going to be the first person to tell you that if you work through your idea
that you’re a match to the circumstance because of something unhealed within you, you will most likely either experience a complete
clearing up of the external circumstance or you will suddenly have awareness of how that circumstance is in fact a perfect vibrational match to
what you’ve been asking for. So here’s the thing. The sentiment
‘Everything that’s happening is supposed to be happening.’ can be an absolute cop-out,
just an excuse to avoid deliberately creating your life and avoid looking at your shadows and avoid the process of healing,
fill in the blank, shirking of responsibilities. However, the obsessive control
that we try to have over our lives, by virtue of understanding law of attraction
and trying to use it to control our reality can be every bit as much damaging
and in those circumstances, ‘Everything’s supposed to be happening because
it’s happening.’ is a freaking genius way to look at the world. Obsessively using the law of attraction to control your reality
can prevent us from being conscious, conscious of the fact that there might just be more
to the situation we find ourselves in the meets the eye and so it may be a good decision to consider
that the unwanted circumstance you are in may be no fault of your own because instead it might in fact be a perfect vibrational match to
what you have been wanting, a point of attraction to your higher self perspective
you just don’t see it yet. Stop using your awareness
of the law of attraction to beat yourself up. Stop using it to tell yourself that there is something
not right or not good or not in alignment about you. Stop using it to add self blame to already painful
and unwanted circumstances in your life. Stop telling yourself that if you were in alignment,
the painful circumstances in your life wouldn’t be happening. And stop using your point of attraction to reinforce
the belief that there is something wrong with you. You can’t know it shouldn’t be happening. Perhaps if you’re experiencing something
unwanted, nothing has gone wrong. You are simply resisting it and trying to make it go away because you just can’t see
how it is right and in alignment yet. So until we find ourselves in a new time-space reality
that functions according to a different law, we live in this universe that is based on the law of attraction. But don’t believe that the law of attraction is
as simple as your mind would love to make it out to be. Even though it’s simple, it’s not that simple. What’s happening, it’s supposed to happen. How do you know? Because it’s happening. So right now in your life, what I’d like you to do is to think about
how you could jump on board with what’s happening as opposed to resist it and continue to
tell yourself that it shouldn’t be happening. Have a good week. Subtitles by the community

All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone | STARZ Documentaries

♪ Every statement I make today
is backed up by sources. What we’re giving you
are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. Colin Powell brilliantly
delivered that smoking gun
today. This was the mainstream
media’s darkest hour. They were being fed talking
points by the Pentagon. And most of what they said,
was false. Anybody in power,
you must start as a journalist with the assumption that they
are lying to you. Lies take lives. People have got to know whether or not their President
is a crook. Well I’m not a crook. I’m amused at people who claim
that the governments don’t lie. Really? Conventional wisdom. Is the real enemy
of great reporting. What makes money
in this country, happens to be avoiding
difficult truths about our society. When something goes wrong
with the government, a free press will ferret it
out. But if something goes wrong
with the free press, the country will go straight
to hell. ♪


PROVIDING VERIFICATION OF TIMES AND EVENTS The Holy and Apostolic Order of the Temple This is an authorized release. What you’re about to see
is absolutely true and completely verifiable, through both public source documentation,
as well as accepted religious tomes. Full information is available, here. January 28th, 2011. The world witnessed the Holy Spirit
of Lord RayEl descend from Heaven over Jerusalem. What was in the skies over Jerusalem, and why did it stop over one of the
most treasured sites in Christianity? We’ve seen them in Mississippi like this but…
never like… never like this. Ooooh. Wow! Well if you surf around online today, uh, and it probably will not be long before you come
across footage of a UFO in the skies over Jerusalem. Now it is sparking intense debate on the internet. Trace Gallagher following this live from our West Coast.
So the question is: what was that UFO, what was it doing over Jerusalem,
and… you know… IS HE BACK? Yeah, and that is the question by the way Meaghan because, you know critics, it’s difficult for
them to dismiss this because there are
so many different angles. We’ve got four different videos
all from various perspectives, uh, showing this ‘light’ above the dome of the rock
in Jerusalem, The Temple Mount, of course we know which is a holy site
for both Jews and Muslims. You see the shining ball of light, right? It’s above there, it’s kinda, well… they
just froze and it and I really can’t see it now, – but there it is right there. It’s at the top of the screen…
– Yeah It’s up there, and it hovers. Kind of a pulsating ore. And then hold on here because this thing starts
going down right toward, you see it there, going down, toward the dome of the rock in The Temple Mount,
and then it stops and it hovers there for a while, it kinda sits there, and then all of a sudden
it shoots straight back up into the air. Woah Now experts say this would be kinda an
indication this is an unmanned — There it is. – You saw it right there.
– I saw it. It shot straight back up into the air, yeah.
Kinda hard to see but it shot up in the air, and the experts think that, you know,
it’s an unmanned vehicle they believe. It could be a drone but they do not know of
anything like this in the Israeli army. Um, so… they say this is either incredible video,
or some very well-orchestrated hoax. Some have said maybe this is a movie, uh, that,
uh you know, putting out this, uh, I don’t know. What do you put out if you’re a movie?
A trailer, or some kind of a… a hoax to try and promote a movie that’s yet to be named?
We don’t know. Could be Jacob’s Ladder. Remember Jacob’s Ladder?
The scary — No I don’t watch scary films, they freak me out. Well no, the biblical thing. Where Jacob’s Ladder,
you know, the Jews and the Christians believe
Jacob’s Ladder, who saw it in a dream, leaves from the Temple
Mount steps to heaven… I thought that was a thriller that went very scary. That’s… that’s what one of the producers said.
Yeah… I saw that movie. No, I’m talking about the biblical reference.
Okay, haha. Alright, listen I don’t like to be scared.
I.. I just can’t take it. It’s, you know. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like anything
with torture, and I don’t like to be scared. So… that video doesn’t make me feel
either of these things, so we’re okay. TG, thank you. We’re gonna follow up on it. You bet. What do you guys think? What was that? I mean it’s one thing to just come down,
but then it goes back up? Hmm. Kelly at THE MESSIAH IS HERE! When Christ’s Holy Spirit ascended to Heaven
2000 years ago, it was at this location. The angels assured the witnesses that he
would return the same way. Acts: chapter 1 verse 11 And they were saying to them, “Galilean men,
why are you standing and gazing into the sky? This Yeshua, who was taken up from you into
Heaven shall come in this way, as when
you saw him going up into Heaven.” When his Holy Spirit descended from the clouds
in the Middle East, it entered our realm
with a flash like lightening. It instantly traveled to the West (North America),
to join with the Son of Man, RayEl. Matthew: chapter 24 verse 27 For just as lightning goes out from The East
and appears unto The West, so will the
coming of The Son of Man be. This is Raymond Elwood
Ray El A celebrated Chicago hero. Famous for his crusade against Chicago’s
notorious crime and corruption. Deadly Distinction: Chicago Has the
Highest Murder Rate in the U.S. Chicago more dangerous than Afghanistan? Chicago Called Most Corrupt City In Nation Raymond Elwood was Commander of
Chicago’s world famous… GUARDIAN ANGELS – SAFETY PATROL But fighting organized crime and
corruption has a high price. With the string of crooked cops and politicians
being indited, the people wanted Raymond
Elwood to run for Governor of Illinois. Those in power were afraid of what this
incorruptible man would do if he won…
So they tried to stop him. Since he was a Guardian Angel, they knew
they couldn’t scare him or buy him off…
So they hit his family. Cops killed his father, drugged and forced
his fiancé into prostitution, and falsely
jailed him and his elderly mother. He was beaten, tortured,
and refused a jury, and imprisoned. Department Of Corrections Just like 2000 years ago. We Templars knew who he really was,
so we took him someplace safe. Let’s take a moment to review the incredible events
surrounding this miraculous fulfillment of prophecy. The Templars are known for guarding the greatest
of all secrets, the truth of Christ our Lord. These secrets cost many Templars their lives,
as they were hunted, persecuted, and murdered by the forces of the Catholic Church,
all in order to suppress their holy knowledge. They knew approximately
when the Christ would return, and through which family bloodline
he would re-enter the world. And it became their mission to
guard this lineage at all cost. Nearly a thousand years after their divine mission
began, they successfully located the Christ. The line of David in which Christ was born came out
of Jerusalem and found its way to Rome, and eventually to the United Kingdom,
where it became the Collins bloodline. The line then went to the United States. When Jerusalem returned to Jewish control in 1967,
this fulfilled the great tribulation of Matthew 24:21. Scripture tells us that Christ would return
immediately following this great tribulation, and he did, on June 9th, 1968 Orthodox Pentecost. The Bible tells us that this event would be
accompanied by a rare astronomical event. Acts 2:20 “The sun will be turned to darkness and
the moon to blood before the coming of the
great and glorious day of the Lord.” Christ RayEl’s birth was during what NASA
calls a ‘Tetrad cycle’, that contained four
blood-red moons and a total solar eclipse. It was literally the only time Christ could return,
and accurately fulfill prophecy. In fact, everything about him fulfilled prophecy. From his name,
RA-EL=“WORD OF GOD” to his astrology, to his famous heroic actions. Even the people surrounding him
matched the original followers of Christ. There was no doubt that
this was the returned Messiah. But just like the first time, it wouldn’t be
until adulthood that the Holy Spirit would descend
again and join with him, and give him the fullness of his Christhood. The Bible tells us that as his spirit was carried into
heaven by angels from the base of Mount Olive, so too would he return in the same way. January 28th, 2011. The world watched the angels return the Holy
Spirit of Christ to the base of Mount Olive. With RayEl now carrying the Holy Spirit of Christ, the Son of Man had become…
the Son of God. As the Bible predicted, he would be
accompanied by his angels. From that time forward, mass angel sightings
from around the world have been reported. Before the Christ could reveal himself to the world, the Bible said the man of lawlessness had to be
exposed, and the two witnesses had to testify. Between late 2010 and early 2011,
radio and television talk show host Glenn Beck took to the airwaves and exposed George Soros
as the puppet master of the New World Order: saying that he collaborated with Nazis, overthrew governments, destroyed economies, and publically declared himself “God”. The man of lawlessness was exposed. Two men came forward and made
headlines around the world
– Harold Camping when they both predicted the same
date that Christ would return,
– Robert Fitzpatrick May 21st, 2011. These were the two witnesses. May 21st was in fact the day Christ RayEl
revealed himself to the world. But the Bible says one more thing must
happen before Christ revealed himself. Rebellion. From January forward, a great international
rebellion, the likes of which has never been seen, toppled multiple governments, and
presently there’s no end in sight. The press has named it “Arab Spring” So, all of the prophecies regarding the
return of our Lord, have been fulfilled. On May 21st, 2011,
the Christ Lord RayEl addressed the world. He warned that if we did not all come to him, he would demonstrate his power
through a string of chastisements, starting with Christians in America. Immediately following his announcement, American Christians flooded the internet with mockery,
laughter, and blasphemies against Lord RayEl. The following day, Lord RayEl unleashed the
most powerful string of tornadoes ever recorded… onto America’s Bible Belt. The area is called the Bible Belt because
it contains the highest concentration of
Christians in the United States. Lord RayEl kept his word. But as expected, the people did not learn their lesson. He told the people that he would
continue to shake their lands. Major earthquakes and aftershocks have been
continuing at an unprecedented rate since his threat. The people still laughed, still rejected him. He said he would reign fire upon them.
Suddenly and unexpectedly, volcanoes began erupting simultaneously
around the world reigning fire, lava, and ash
down on the unrepentant people. Still they rejected him. He said he would darken our sun. And days later, respected scientists
made befuddled press releases saying that the sun was suddenly going dark,
and they couldn’t explain why.
– IS THE SUN ABOUT TO FIZZ OUT? The people still rejected him. He said that the Armies of Heaven are fast approaching. Suddenly, UFO reports go off the charts. He said that his Sun, a second Sun, now rises. News reports, eye-witness reports, and videos from
around the world began flooding the internet. A second sun was indeed being seen in the sky. Malachi: chapter 4 verse 2
“But unto you that fear my name shall
the Sun of righteousness arise” The people still did not repent to him,
so his chastisement continued. As your space agencies already know,
[SATURDAY, MAY 21st 2011] the Armies of Heaven are fast approaching. Yield to me now and I shall restore peace and prosperity. Refuse, and I will REIGN FIRE FROM THE SKY! I will continue to shake your land,
and I will DARKEN YOUR SUN! *echo* DARKEN YOUR SUN! 25 days later… The sun is going into a period of
unusually low activity. The announcement comes from experts at the National
Solar Observatory and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Forget everything you’ve heard about global warming,
the real threat is a mini Ice Age. Sun spots could disappear for years, or even decades. Frank Hill of the NSO calls it
“highly unusual and unexpected.” Scientists are still trying to figure out what
that would mean for the Earth’s climate. …but this is worse. This is actually a more dire problem
though than the heating situation after global warming. Bingo front row because we grow food when it’s warm, and it’s easier to take clothes off and cool things
down, when it’s warm, than it is to heat things up. It takes more energy. Sun spot hibernation has happened before, mainly during the 17th century,
when a so called ‘little ice age’ occurred. And I can’t understand how people
don’t look at that and say, “Wait a minute. We gotta take a look at this thing.” So I think it’s ice, rather than fire, that’s a big threat. Earth May Be Headed for Big Chill From Little Ice Age IS THE SUN ABOUT TO FIZZ OUT? John: chapter 3 verse 36 “…whoever rejects the Son will not see life.
Instead, he will see God’s constant anger.” Isaiah: chapter 13 verse 11 “And I will punish the world for their evil,
and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease,
and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.” As you know, Lord Ra-El has shown his anger
to the world, but he has placed “special
attention” on the seat of Satan… The United States of America August 16th, 2011 Lord Ra-El warns that his chastisement will now resume. LORD_RAEL: The lessons of my chastisement fade
from your minds. The wickedness and denial show
no abatement. Again you force my hand! August 16th He allows 6 days for the repentant. On the 7th day… For generations, this standard has protected… We’re following breaking news right
now out of Washington DC, where a magnitude 5.3 earthquake
has been felt in the DC area. The Pentagon has been evacuated.
We were just talking to Senator Coons of Delaware, who uh, like so many others right now,
slightly shaken by the tremors that they felt. The Senator, uh, telling me live that the
ground literally shook beneath him. Andria Mitchell, as you also well know,
would normally be live during this hour. She’s now on the phone, uh, as her
show was interrupted as a result of this. Andria, can you tell me what you’re hearing and
what was even felt at our DC bureau there? Cameron, I have never felt anything like this.
We’re all… FromTheKnights: NORAD in CO, Washington D.C. & NYC
were shaken as a warning to the Military, Government,
and Media. Take Heed! August 23rd. FromTheKnights: He warned us. America, you can stop
His wrath upon you. Simply repent and come to Him,
before it gets worse. August 23rd. Remember when Lord Ra-El chastised the “Bible-Belt”? He destroyed the church,
but left the paper Bible intact… As a sign. He gave similar signs this time as well… It will take months, even years, for the stone spires
to be brought back to its original condition. The “head” is removed from the “National Cathedral”. The National Mall, the closed Washington Monument
continued to attract visitors. Park police kept tourists a safe distance away. …and how long the repair work is going to take.
It’s… it’s impossible to give an exact date. The symbol of America’s “strength”, broken. You know, ladies and gentlemen, I… I don’t want to get
weird on this so please take it for what it’s worth. But it seems to me the Washington Monument
is a symbol of America’s power. It has been the symbol of our great nation. We look at that monument and we say,
“This is one nation, under God.” Now there’s a crack in it.
There’s a crack in it and it’s closed up. Is that a sign from the Lord? Yep. Still, you did not repent. You did not come to him. Our Lord has two hands… And uh, we’re just off the coast of, uh,
the Carolinas now and the Outer Bank area and that’s the direction we understand
the storm is headed. Uh, it’s got a ways to go. It’s clear here. There’s a few… low bit of structure in
the clouds, but not much. Uh, oh I take that back. There’s thin stuff
that’s actually spiralling way out here. Hey Houston, uh, we’re just
talking here and it struck us. We’re used to travelling a long ways in a short
amount of time but this storm is, uh, stretching from Cuba to the Carolinas and that is,
uh, one… one uh, scary big storm. Yeah, you bet Mike. I mean it was almost six minutes
that you guys were directly over that thing. So, that just gives us a little bit of a scale.
It’s pretty, uh… pretty incredible. We may have surpassed a record at 65 million
people it seems that, by estimate, more people were hit by Hurricane Irene that have
ever been hit by a single storm in the history
of the United States. Washington DC, you’d think by now
they’d get the message. An earthquake, a hurricane… Are you listening? And now it’s time for an act of God
and we’re getting it! You have no idea how right you are… You’ve seen the Bible Code:
“RayEl Will Bring Comet”. Did you see the latest NASA
footage of Comet ELENIN? I saw a little tetrahedron.
[Excerpts from Coast to Coast AM]
[August 29, 2011] Exactly. On the official NASA STEREO-B footage
of the interaction a few days ago… It looked like a floating pyramid. It was the night that you and I were supposed to
be in the studio here in Albuquerque. That night Stereo-B, which is one of these NASA
solar spacecraft, took a sequence of video frames
across millions of miles. From Earth’s orbit to about the orbit of Venus. That’s the distance that ELENIN was from the
spacecraft that night, 23 million miles. And it photographed ELENIN
interacting with the solar wind: this spray of charged particles that’s
constantly blowing off the sun. And because of this ghostly impingement of
this radiation in space around ELENIN, suddenly a shape showed up. A geometric figure. ELENIN appears to have a tetrahedrally
shaped geometric… I mean, I can only call it a force field, which
is interacting with the solar wind. With hydrogen, and, uh, free protons and electrons
that basically recombine to cause it to light up, kinda like glowing when it hits this… this screen. That shape, that geometry, is incredibly recursive
of the geometry embodied in the trajectory. All those 19.5 numbers are now embodied in the
shape of the field around this thing itself, meaning: it’s not just a Bergy Bit, it cannot just be a comet. It has to be an actual ship with generators, and
computers, and control, meaning it could do anything from here on. WOW!!! That’s not something you see every day… Or do you? Elenin — Close-Up Video Enlargement
NASA — Stereo-B Spacecraft, three-frames And all this time,
you thought this symbol was sinister… When it’s just the “Illuminated Ones”
preparing for the return of God. Now you know. In 1984, ancient artifacts were discovered by
Dr. Elias Sotomayor’s team, 300 ft. below
ground in the Ecuadorian mountains. This was the most spectacular find… …this so-called pyramid with the eye.
The eye is an inlay. The stone is gray and white and you have thirteen
steps and it looks exactly like the pyramid with the shining eye on the one U.S. dollar. If you put this pyramid under black light, the
eye is shining very strongly and it looks really like an eye
but not real like a human eye. Here you have a close-up of the eye and
you can see the colours of the inlay. On the bottom of this pyramid you have
the inlay in little gold plates showing the Orion star constellation,
and you have unknown writing. The translation of Professor Kurt Schildmann, who
was the president of the German Linguistic Association and he was perfect in more than 40 languages,
he was able to translate this writing. He called it pre-Sanskrit because it is
older than the oldest writing. And the translation of these four letters you can see here.
His translation is, “The Son Of The Creator Comes.” “The Son Of The Creator Comes” WOW!!!
An ancient artifact proclaiming his return,
with the All Seeing Eye in the triangle. But wait a minute… On June 4th, 2011, we posted a video on YouTube,
where we revealed the Bible Code:
“RayEl will bring comet” We clearly indicated that the comet is ELENIN. Two months later, a NASA satellite
takes a picture of ELENIN. The world is shocked to discover that
it’s the “triangle with the eye”! Still clinging to your “lucky coincidence” theory? So, the ancient artifact from Ecuador declares:
“The Son Of The Creator Comes” And they use the “Eye In The Triangle”
as the symbol for this event. And we declared that Lord Ra-El is the Son
of God, and that he was bringing Comet ELENIN… MONTHS BEFORE THE NASA PHOTOS… How could we fake that??? Unless you think we travelled back in time to
plant the artifact… and we rigged a comet… It’s time to accept the obvious.
Lord Ra-El is exactly who we say he is. Why do you think Christian Churches… BLUE CHURCH IN BRATISLAVA
USA Government… And Secret Societies… All use this symbol? Do you think that all along, they might have
known something that you didn’t? Like who was coming to take over this planet? And what the sign of his arrival would be? Unfortunately, the people still did not repent to him,
so our Lord continued his demonstration. The warning Lord Ra-El gave to the
United Nations on September 3rd, 2011. I do… want to warn you, that what you
have seen thus far is but a wakeup call.
[SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd 2011] I want you to prepare. Now, to other pressing matters. This is to both Israel and the United Nations: Do not divide my land. There is a Palestinian solution, it does not involve the reduction of Israel. Israel is to remain intact. If it’s borders are reduced,
you shall know my anger. But 20 days later, against Lord Ra-El’s commandment,
the Palestinians submit a bid for statehood
to the United Nations. After days of diplomatic wrangling
and decades of waiting, a formal application from the Palestinian state
for membership of the United Nations. The letter handed over to the Secretary
General by Mahmoud Abbas and his capacity as Chairman of the
Palestine Liberation Organization. Then a resounding ovation, as the Palestinian leader
entered the general assembly chamber. Applause echoed thousands of miles away in Ramallah, where crowds have gathered to watch these
momentous events in Palestinian history unfolding. And they heard a speech very different to those of
notably reserved Mahmoud Abbas had given in the past. The tone that of an earlier era, before the so
called peace process got underway at Oslo. The Palestinian leader not merely asking for U.N.
membership, but demanding it as a right. The United Nations accepts the application, and
promises to review it until September 27th,
and vote on it September 28th. We let governments around the world know
Lord Ra-El’s intentions much earlier. The Russians act accordingly. Super Sun Blast Fears Put Russian
Nuke Plants In Lockdown So does the United States. Obama Ordered To Denver Bunker By US Military Americans of their plan to hold a DEFCON 1 “Cocked Pistol”
maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September which
will be overseen by President Obama at one
the United States most… DEFCON 1 …
The highest alert. And why did they call the situation
“COCKED PISTOL”? You’ll see in a moment. Now we had to alert The Church. This is Cardinal Brianna Marrical Mixon. Prime Cleric Brianna
The Ecumenical Order of Christ She is the “Prime Cleric” of the
Ecumenical Order of Christ. And “Pontifex Maximus” of the
International Church of Lord Ra-El. This is a portion of the alert message sent
to her on September 24th, 2011. 9/24/2011 9:49 PM
My apologies for not answering sooner, but the
meetings and preparations have been non-stop.” “and at this moment, the entire Templar estate
is busily making final adjustments.” “… I wanted to take a moment to answer you,
before we ‘go dark’, meaning that for the next 5 days,” “we will be turning our systems off, and insulating
them from any EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)
we may receive.” “Unless a significant reason to halt this operation
emerges between now and then,” “consider this our inside the church warning.” A powerful Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) can
disable satellites and electrical grids worldwide,
plunging the world into darkness. The Prime Cleric then warned The Church. Brianna Marrical Mixon: TO THE CONGREGATION: I just
finished with command. Please everyone, get your
stuff ready today is the last day we have. It is coming.
September 24th ChurchofRaEl: They better not divide Israel if they know
what’s best..which they usually don’t. Prepare for the
wrath of the Lord if they divide his lands. 24 September ChurchofRaEl: @LORD_RAEL. We are all thinking of you
during this stressful time. We love you. You’re Our
Lord, that is Awesome. Praise to Your Holy name!
24 September ChurchofRaEl: Very soon the world will feel the power
of the Almighty. May it shake them from their hibernation.
24 September Now it was time to let the United nations know that
Lord Ra-El’s commandments are not to be disobeyed. Sun-Spot 1302, said by some to be the largest in recorded
history, is turned and pointed toward Earth. “COCKED PISTOL” Did the United Nations Listen? They postponed the vote for 2 days,
to see if Lord Ra-El would back down… Nope. A near real-time image of the Sun,
a boiling ball of plasma. And this, called Active Region 1302,
is blasting away at Earth. The gun barrel is pointing right.. right at
the Earth, uh, just about now. A massive burst of solar particles from this
sunspot glanced off Earth yesterday, creating unusually dramatic auroras like these,
seen from the space station a few days ago. Experts say Earth is now in the cross hairs, as the
revolving Sun points AR-1302 our direction. Experts call it, “The solar storm that won’t go away.” We mostly talk about Earth’s weather around here, but there is a massive storm happening
on the Sun right now. Our big illuminator already fired a
giant gas ball right toward Earth. Luckily the burst of radiation basically struck a
glancing blow, but the danger is not over. Solar flares like this one could short circuit satellites,
interrupting television and internet transmissions. It could also halt financial transactions, believe it or not. The flare could create giant power-surges on Earth
that would trigger blackouts over huge areas – and those are just some of the dangers! Let’s bring in Michio Kaku, he is a physics
professor at the city University of New York. Also the author of the book Physics of the Future,
and he knows just about everything. So, the solar flares – we have seen them, um,
we’ve got pictures of them thankfully from NASA. We can’t really predict when they are going to erupt? No, but- ‘They can’t predict when they erupt’ As you’ve seen, Lord Ra-El can. Although technically it’s not a prediction,
since he made it happen. …we’ve got pictures thankfully from NASA. We can’t really predict when they are going to erupt? No, but we dodged the bullet. This past weekend, a gigantic solar flare just grazed by
the Earth, lighting up the skies over southern England. They saw the Northern Lights light up
because of the aurora borealis. And that sunspot on the Sun is still
shooting solar flares at the Earth. The Sun is taking pot shots at the Earth. The Sun does rotate, just like the Earth does,
and I guess we were lucky. You said it was a glancing blow – basically
wasn’t aimed at us: but is kind of spinning more toward us? That’s right. There’s a sunspot eight times bigger than
the Earth that just opened up just a few days ago, and it’s erupting by shooting solar flares like a rifle
pointed at, more or less, the direction of the Earth. But because of the Earth’s spin, and because of
the Sun’s rotation, it was a glancing blow. Otherwise, all hell would have broken
loose over this past weekend. Because, I mean, we talked about
power outages, that kind of thing. Communications outages because satellites get fried. We’re talking about some potentially
very disruptive problems here. That’s right. Our satellites are not reinforced. Many power plants don’t have shielding around
them, so they would short-circuit. Financial transactions you mention, credit card
transactions – commerce would come to a halt if that thing had hit us just this past weekend.
And it’s still firing away. The United Nations backs down on September 30th,
and decides to postpone the vote until
sometime in November. Hours later, in a spectacular display of power,
Lord Ra-El removes the danger. As your space agencies already know,
[SATURDAY, MAY 21st 2011] the Armies of Heaven are fast approaching. Yield to me now and I shall restore peace and prosperity. Refuse, and I will REIGN FIRE FROM THE SKY!
*echo* SKY “The Armies of Heaven are fast approaching”
– Lord Ra-El
May 21st, 2011 Excerpts from Coast to Coast AM
Interview with Peter Davenport,
Director of the National UFO reporting Center
[October 25th, 2011] Peter Davenport of course, is the Director
of the National UFO Reporting Center. Where do we stand with reports these days, Peter? Are they on the increase, decrease, where are they? Yeah. I just, uh, not half an hour ago
sent an email to Rob Swiatek, who’s one of the principals involved in
the fund for UFO research. They’re based in Maryland.
He asked me the same question. He’s preparing a talk and he wanted a
little data from me and from MUFON. I have never seen so many reports as I have seen
over the last four or five months, George. I don’t know what’s happening.
I rarely do, actually. All I do is take these reports: I proofread them,
post them to our website, and try to make heads or tails out of what’s going on. But June, July, and August of this year,
I was just inundated with reports – the likes of which I haven’t seen in the 17
years that I’ve been doing this crazy job. “I will rain fire from the sky!”
– Lord Ra-El
May 21st, 2011 ‘Alien fireball’ blamed for wrecking Argentine town Cusco, Peru
“The 2012 Report” Hey everyone. I was looking through the,
um, meteor log, um, on the internet and I just happened to notice that between
September 1st and September 31st, it gives a one month time period here, it says that there were 516 reports of
fireballs all over the country. Keep in mind that the vast majority
of sightings go unreported. We have, um let’s see, yesterday there was one,
two, three, four, five, six reports of fireballs. Um… Alaska, California, New York,
and then… and also New York. The day before there was several of them. So, I think, um, it might be a good idea
for us to check this out. I thought this was pretty interesting,
you know, I’m not sure if it means anything. Um, I’ve been kinda keeping track of, um,
the meteors, uh, this month because I just figured that… that would be
something to look out for as well. And um… but anyway, I’ll share the link on this
and let you guys have a look for yourselves. Alright. Thank you. Bye. Japan YouTube: Travinyle1 Hey, what’s up guys? It appears there’s been
something in the sky tonight all over the East Coast, north and south. I’m gonna put a link below… Reports of fireballs entering the atmosphere, at least
here in North and South Carolina, and Georgia. And then up at Indiana and Ohio and other states they’re saying it’s the northern lights that
have stretched down into the south. And… but it looks like a meteor event here as
multiple eye-witness accounts, tons of people. Basically if you were outside, you saw this. South America Fox News Alert. New information now on the
fate of the International Space Station. NASA just announcing astronauts may need to evacuate
the space outpost, uh, in the next few weeks. Trace Gallagher following the latest developments
live from our breaking news desk. Trace. So imagine, Meagan, for the first time ever the
International Space Station could be unmanned. There’s nobody up there to run the thing. NASA is telling everyone that ‘There’s just no
rockets available to carry astronauts up’… Riiiiiiight…
Completely believable. Lord Ra-El warned everyone what he would do.
NASA is just playing it safe. The Bible gives you one specific sign to look for… One absolute way to know that this is the time
of the returned Christ, and not another false one. In conjunction with all of the other signs,
you are to watch this as confirmation. Revelation: chapter 12, verses 1-2 A great and wondrous sign appeared in
the heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a
crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in
pain as she was about to give birth. On September 29th, 2011, during the Hebrew “Feast of
Trumpets”, this long awaited sign finally appeared. In Revelation: chapter 22 verse 16, the Messiah gives the
secret of this great sign:
“I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright morning star.” In astronomy, the “Morning Star” is Venus. Virgo the “VIRGIN”, gives birth to Venus the
“MORNING STAR”, that Christ said was himself.
September 29th to October 4th, 2011 A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under
her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. Gives birth to Venus, the “Morning Star”. You have just witnessed the fulfillment of the
“Great Sign of Revelation”… Proclaiming that this is indeed the time
of the “Second Coming” … This is the time of
Lord Ra-El. Though this was a great sign, it was not the only one. Joel: chapter 2 verse 1 Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an
alarm in my holy mountain: let all the
inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand; People have been recording strange noises
like this one in Kiev for some time now. Videos filmed all over the world have appeared
on YouTube, the first in Summer last year. But no one’s really sure what they’re hearing. Interesting… These sounds all began around the time
Lord Ra-El was revealed to the world. You’ve witnessed great signs
and wonders in the sky… Including the “Great Sign of Revelation 12”,
which confirmed that Lord Ra-El is the Messiah. You are presently watching the world’s great
military powers, line up for the Battle of Armageddon. After seeing all of these end-times miracles
back to back, is there really any doubt as
to what you are now hearing? It is the “Trumpets”. You are about to witness things so great and
terrible, that many will die of fright. Re-watch our videos.
Lord Ra-El told you that “The Armies of
Heaven are fast approaching!” Well guess what? Unusual Noise at Hong Kong
[Tuesday, 24 January 3:00 AM] They’re here. There’s been a lot of buzz over the last few weeks
about strange sounds being heard in the atmosphere. People around the world, and here at home,
have reported hearing some bizarre noises. The latest were recorded in the
Battlefords last weekend. John Baglieri has more on this strange occurrence
that could have a very logical explanation. It came in many forms last Sunday night.
– NORTH BATTLEFORD To some it sounded like trumpets,
to others a mariners horn. North Battleford’s major says he can’t explain it. What I was hearing was, what I
experienced as a… possibly a scraping. Mike Halstead was lying in bed when his phone rang. Calls and text messages came in from his friends
saying they too had similar experiences. That’s when the goose bumps got me and I,
I kinda thought, “Yeah, it’s awfully strange.” Hey, 93.3 The Rock… The next day the local radio station The Rock got
flooded with over 40 calls and Facebook messages, each person wanting to know
what that sound was last night. I don’t think I’ve ever had a response
that big about something. And it’s interesting, right? Human nature –
people just wanna know what the sounds are. It’s now days later, and the city is still
abuzz with talk about the sounds. Everybody with their own guess, estimation,
or explanation, as to where they came from. I’ve heard that Jesus is coming back.
I’ve heard that it’s 2012 and the world is ending. This phenomenon stretched beyond North Battleford. Similar experiences were reported in Saskatoon,
Northern Saskatchewan, and parts of the U.S, even in Europe. U of S (University of Saskatchewan)
Professor John-Pierre St.- Maurice says
there is a natural explanation. Somehow they’re picking up noise from an
environmental antenna that happens to be there. That is electromagnetic noise. Nice natural
noise, but really actually it’s not a noise. It’s electromagnetic waves emitted from
the aurora above our head, or emitted, uh, from the radiation
belts a bit more to the south. Maurice says it’s normal, and there’s
nothing to worry about. Whether a scientific explanation will satisfy
all those people who say they heard something they can’t explain, is up in the air.
John Baglieri, CTV News. North Battleford. Don’t you love it when a scientist claims that
something never seen before is “normal”? Denial is a disease that afflicts the
educated and the ignorant equally. UFO Sightings Skyrocket Into 2012 Fox topic tonight, boy wrap your head around this: UFO sightings are sky rocketing in 2012,
and we’re barely two weeks in! Eye-witnesses reporting strange things in 36 out
of the 50 states – and yep, Florida’s included. We are joined on the phone right now.
Peter Davenport from the, uh, he’s the director of the UFO Center
there, in uh, Washington. Peter, let me tell you something, everybody’s
got a cell phone camera these days. I’m imagining if you have a lot of sightings,
you getting some pretty good pictures. Well we got some pictures, but the overwhelming majority of them are
of low quality, as you say from those cell phones. What we encourage people to do, if they see what
they think may be a UFO, is try to get a good camera. Stabilize the camera, no matter what they’re using,
and try to get a good still photo of it. Peter, why do you think you’re getting
so many this early in the year? Is it because it’s 2012, and you got everybody
going, “Oh, it’s the Mayan calendar”? Uh, I’m not one of those who believes that
there’s anything special about 2012, Bob. I just… just before this program
I reviewed our database. We took 110 reports on New Year’s Eve, 13 of
them are from Florida, and uh, something is going on. I think it’s picked up dramatically,
the number of reports we’re receiving, but what it means I have no idea. He mentioned 2012…
So does the Torah. Daniel: chapter 12 verse 4 “But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words
of the scroll until the time of the end.” On April 12th, 2012 In fulfillment of rabbinical prophecy The Messiah was revealed to Israel This is Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson He is one of the world’s leading
authorities on the “TORAH CODE” The mysterious discovery of the prophetic
messages describing historical events, encoded
in the Masoretic Text (Hebrew Bible) Rabbi Glazerson discovered that the Messiah
would be revealed to Israel in 2012
(5772) The year 2012 corresponds to the Hebrew date,
[HEBREW], which is 5772 years after creation. In Bible Code we found this date in the following place: you can see [HEBREW], so we have here the
date for… here we can see clearly. To show you it is [HEBREW] years,
and then the continuation is [HEBREW] the Zodiac of, uh, is of the Capricorn So we have only once in Bible Code
in the Torah, this sentence. On the night of April 12th,
during “Pesach” (Passover) This would be the beginning
of Israel’s “redemption” So we know about Passover. Passover, which is Pesach appearing here, which
is a date for redemption for the Jewish people. And this comes out few times in this Bible Code.
You see Pesach again, Passover, coming here also. And we have here the Hebrew word [HEBREW],
you have here [HEBREW] redemption. Clearly an indication in the Bible Code
that this year of 5772, which is 2012, is destined according to Jewish
tradition to a full redemption. And the connection between the Capricorn
is the night where it’s going to happen, according to our Rabbis it will be exactly when
the Zodiac [INAUDIBLE] the Capricorn will [INAUDIBLE]. It will be on Thursday, Pesach night, and this is
the time that Jews came out of Egypt in the past. And the redeemer revealed this night
to Israel… is the awaited Messiah In this night, in the middle of it and the next night is
kept for the future redemption, which is 2012. 5772. Now you can see this in the Bible Code.
Again, I show you, here, you can see all this details. You can see here [HEBREW] in 5772, and then on Pesach, and also you see Elijah, who is a redeemer, comes here… [HEBREW] …in Hebrew Elijah next to Pesach,
indicating to us that this is for Jews very, very important time when is destined for Messiah to come. And here you find Messiah, the Hebrew
word Moshiach in Hebrew. Moshiach comes here… here. As you know, Israel is not just a land,
Israel is a people We’ll come back to April 12th later in the video… Rabbi Glazerson discovered a timeline
of the Messiah being revealed Beginning with Japan’s horrific earthquake
and tsunami on Friday, March 11th, 2011 The month after the earthquake & tsunami,
high-level communiques went out to
Gentile churches and the Masonic hierarchy… Alerting them that the Messiah had come! On May 14th, 2011, a video was uploaded
to YouTube, primarily for the United States
and Western Christians …if you surf around online today, uh, and it probably will not be long before you come
across footage of a UFO in the skies over Jerusalem. Now it is sparking intense debate on the internet. Trace Gallagher following this live from our West Coast.
So the question is: what was that UFO, what was it doing over Jerusalem,
and… you know… IS HE BACK? Yeah, and that is the question… The video explained to the Gentiles that the
Messiah had come, and he would address them in 7 days On May 21st, 2011, the Messiah
spoke to America’s Christians He explained his anger against them… He warned that he would carry out a great
chastisement upon them, and the world’s unrepentant I shall remove all evil from the Kingdom,
[MAY 21st, 2011] and those of my choosing will reign with me
in peace… and love… forever! My Father’s breath is already upon you.
[Bowdle, South Dakota] As never before you are feeling your lands move, the water rising, and the gust of his nostrils laying
waste to your embankments! He will be here soon. But first, I shall judge the nations. I shall decide who will be spared. There… is no defense for what is coming. Your armies will die, your navies sink, your aerial forces will crash and burn. Your siege walls, your… ramparts… will fall as if they were constructed with ether. And worse, those that take up arms against
us will burn for their transgressions. If you’ve been given to lead men, to lead a nation: bend your knee now, beg forgiveness… and mercy… for yourself, and for those you lead. Swear fidelity to the crown and perhaps
mercy will be granted. Or simply wait for my Father’s arrival… and be blotted out as if you, and your people,
and your lands, never existed. The choice is yours, and it may very well be your last. And to my faithful children: you are why I have returned. You are the reason I have left the
bliss of my Father’s Heaven… to establish a new and everlasting Heaven, for you. I am pleased that you have kept the faith this long. It has not been easy, I know. Those of you who profess obedience to me,
who call yourself Christian… I challenge your logic. How have you demonstrated my love by accusing people, burning them, torturing them, judging them? What is most regrettable is the fact that you
completely underestimate your adversary. That is why you have been tricked into
worshipping those who murdered your Lord. That is also why you have done such despicable things… in the name of GOD! So many of you have sworn to me: to abide in me and my teachings,
and yet, you have not! You have wasted, tarnished my blessings and my sacrifice, for you. I suffered, greatly… to give you life,
and in repayment you kill in my name, for my cause? I think not! Mine is the cause of justice… and for that sake, I will return to you, in measure,
that which you have done… for… me… Prepare yourselves!
Come to me if you seek genuine forgiveness. If your heart is heavy with guilt, with true repentance, and not simply fear, come to me. You may seek protection under my wings,
but know this: the price of life is high. You will have to give up all that is of this world
for my kingdom is not what you see before you. Mine is a kingdom of truth, of light:
of everlasting life, and everlasting love. It is reserved for those with an
enlightened mind, and a noble heart. And only those whom I deem worthy
shall walk it’s benevolence. As your space agencies already know, the Armies of Heaven are fast approaching. Yield to me now and I shall restore peace and prosperity. Refuse, and I will REIGN FIRE FROM THE SKY! I will continue to shake your land,
and I will DARKEN YOUR SUN! My wrath is great, but my
love – oh, my love is far greater. Choose wisely. From that point forward, he has provided
continued warnings just prior to great assaults He darkened the sun, caused continuous
earthquakes, sent record breaking
storms, tornadoes and hurricanes He rained fire from the sky, caused
heatwaves leading to drought, pestilence,
and massive forest fires He went to war against the unrepentant Gentiles! And when the United Nations considered dividing Israel… He blasted the world with a massive
solar flare as a warning! All of these events have been recorded and dated You are encouraged to watch all of these videos
from the past year, to see the proof for yourself This is Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri One of Israel’s most respected religious leaders Before his death in 2006, he gave a revelation
about the coming Messiah, saying: “In the future, the Holy One, Blessed be He,” “…will bring about great disasters in the countries
of the world to sweeten the judgments
of the land of Israel” As you are now witnessing, Lord RayEl
is fulfilling this prophecy Rabbi Kaduri further said: “… he will reveal himself to some Jews,
not necessarily to wise Torah scholars.
It can be even simple people.” “Only then he will reveal himself to the whole nation.” “… The people will wonder and say:
‘What, that’s the Messiah?’” “Many have known his name but have not
believed that he is the Messiah.” “As leader, the Messiah will not hold any office,
but will be among the people and use
the media to communicate.” During the evening of April 12th, 2012, social media
throughout Israel ignited with messages about
the Messiah, Lord RayEl Thousands of Israelis were learning
of Lord RayEl for the first time “What? … that’s the Messiah?” The Torah Codes
says YES.. but some people are still skeptical.
Decide for yourself. “What? … that’s the Messiah?” The Torah Codes
says YES, but some people are still skeptical.
Decide for yourself …. On April 12th, 2012, the Torah Code
discovery of Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson And the prophecy of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri Came true! This is Richard Ruff A former Australian Soldier He began working as an amateur
Torah Code researcher in 2006 He spent a considerable amount of time
using the Torah Code to disprove ‘false messiahs’,
that have appeared in recent years He set out to expose Lord RayEl as a fraud… …The Torah Code had something else planned In less than a year of beginning his search,
Richard Ruff discovered more than 50 references
throughout the Masoretic Text… OVER 100 HAVE NOW BEEN DISCOVERED! All confirming that Lord RayEl is the real Messiah! Here’s a small sample… RayEl Messiah, Sovereign,
God has answered, Adore Gift Yahu knows RayEl Anointing Jew RayEl Messiah Ark bearer Messiah bringing goodness
and love (Anya Amora) Salvation RayEl Lord Holy RayEl Savior the hand falls
(Also shows his human age of 44) RayEl Savior Son Of God (Jemuel) RayEl Savior exalted by
YAHWEH Labor to Light of God King RayEl –
Love Amidah – God’s Living One This following matrix shows that he is the
awaited one of all major religions,
and identifies him as: RayEl – KING – ONAM – LAMA –
BROTHER – LAMB It also says: Glorification Gift – Faith And it calls him the… ISAIAH 6 CALIBRATOR What does Isaiah 6 say? Isaiah: chapter 6 verse 1
“… I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted,
and the train of his robe filled the temple.” Just the initial term on this one matrix
was calculated with odds of
1 in 61 million That means there is statistically NO POSSIBILITY
of this occurring by chance Remember Rabbi Glazerson’s “2012 Messiah”
Torah Code discovery? Richard Ruff investigated it further Rabbi Glazerson’s findings were correct…
But his discovery was incomplete Rabbi Glazerson’s “2012 Messiah”
matrix had much more to say… 2012 Messiah – Demi-God Real Alone –
Veneration – RayEl in God by the Father That’s right, Rabbi Glazerson’s amazing discovery
actually identifies Lord RayEl as the “2012 Messiah” But all of this proof still wasn’t enough
to make the people repent to him. So the lesson continued. February 28th, 2012
1:30 A.M. Lord RayEl makes an ominous post on Twitter Thirty Seconds To Mars – This Is War A video entitled:
“This Is War” A direct message to America’s
unrepentant Christians And a more subtle and deeper message
for the rest of the world And then… An unholy fury of tornadoes, at least
16 of them one after the other,
[February 29th, 2012] tearing through Midwestern towns today. And then… [March 1st, 2012] On our broadcast tonight: the
devastation across seven states. Entire neighborhoods destroyed in
that violent outbreak of storms. At least 27 tornadoes in all, and tonight
the forecast is looking grim again. And then… …wall of monster tornadoes is tearing across
this nation, 37 million Americans in their path.
[March 2nd, 2012] Four states are under the highest
possible alert, and this is why. Terrifying scenes on the ground.
The view from a car window in Indiana. Tonight on Nightly News:
[March 3rd, 2012] state of emergency on the ground here in
Indiana, and across the tornado zone. Dozens are dead, entire towns destroyed. Small country town in Indiana and it is,
as you can see, virtually gone. Virtually every house in this community is like this.
If it is standing, it is certainly not inhabitable. And you mentioned the EF4 category rating,
that means winds of 175 MPH across this path. It is nothing but destruction. Good evening.
Tonight, a US senator from Indiana said they’d appreciate the prayers of
everyone watching television tonight. We are in the midst of covering a massive
outbreak of severe weather this evening, the likes of which we’re not sure
we’ve ever seen before. 155 million Americans have been in the path of
severe weather today, and remain so tonight. We’ve had tornadoes in 8 states
so far at one point this evening. As we said there were 19 separate tornado warnings. They are all over the map in the Southeast,
including some major cities, including some smaller towns that
are frankly no longer standing. At the heart of some of these storms is some
of the strongest weather this planet can produce. Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore
is on the ground in Henryville Indiana, the scene of some of the worst damage we
have seen all day. Jim, are you with us? Yeah good evening, Brian.
We just kind of rolled in here and pulled off, uh, away from all the emergency vehicles. There’s
just an entourage of those coming in right now here into Henryville, Indiana.
Just a massive tornado. I mean take a look at some of these
pictures. We understand that nine
people so far have lost their lives. They expect that death toll to climb, as they are
just beginning a massive search and rescue effort over four counties this evening. But look at
the kind of damage, homes completely destroyed. School buses, thank goodness no kids
were in those school buses at the time. They were wrapped into the sides, of uh,
of buildings and even the school here, the elementary school behind me,
sustaining major damage. At one point, a young child saw the funnel cloud –
told the bus driver as they were going home, the bus driver turned around,
came back to this school. They took shelter in it, even though the
tornado wrecked it quite a bit. They were all fine. They were all accounted for this
evening. So what a wild ride for those kids. Certainly something they’ll never forget,
but a very good and positive ending. That’s not going to be the case though for so many here. We’ve got dozens of injuries, we’ve got emergency
vehicles just lining the streets out through here. As this is really just a breaking story.
We watched this tornado develop, push across all of southern Indiana, in through
northern Kentucky, almost into West Virginia, and then eerily right behind that another tornado
developed and almost followed the same track. So if it’s like if the first one didn’t hit you,
the second one was coming right in. But what’s amazing about this outbreak is it’s
covered so many states in the month of March, and it probably will go down as one
of the strongest outbreaks ever. We could easily have, by time it’s all said
and done, a months’ worth of tornadoes, which is 87 on average, in just one day.
An amazing storm. By 3:40 PM, reports of extreme
devastation in parts of Indiana. After being pummeled by hail, tornadoes
battered large areas of the state. Several towns, as one official put it,
‘are completely gone’. Indiana’s governor described the
damage as incomprehensible. All the things that mere mortals can do
aren’t enough, uh, sometimes… Oh my god… Across Americas midsection, more than
100 tornadoes on Friday: from the Gulf states,
to the Great Lakes. As a third of the country… …a third of the country… …a third of the country spent the day trying to
recover from a day of devastation and heartbreak. My friend you’ve been with KFES for a long time.
Describe this storm, as all the storms you’ve reported on over these years.
This is really something. Well it’s like I said Lauran, I mean this looks
exactly like the scene from Galesburg, Kansas; from Joplin, Missouri; from, you know,
Alabama where you’ve got just nothing left but foundations of buildings,
and then just piles and piles of debris. It is reminiscent of Joplin, I… I hate to say it. In case you forgot…
Joplin Missouri was Lord RayEl’s
first confirmed chastisement But let’s stay focused on this one They are powerful. The tornado that ripped through Branson, Missouri
was on the ground for 22 miles. The twister that flattened nearly
300 homes in Harrisburg, Illinois: authorities now believe that it was an EF4 tornado,
nearly 200 yards wide, with winds nearly 170 MPH. The path of destruction is historic in its width, with storms reported as far south as Georgia,
and as far north as Illinois. The frantic search for survivors with
states of emergency in effect in a large swath of America this morning, after
a swarm of tornadoes. Nearly a 100 of them. Once thriving neighborhoods now debris fields. Lives literally uprooted in seconds. Big semi-trucks on top of what was the gas-station. This tornado went 52 miles, from Holland Indiana,
all the way into Ohio. New video of that massive twister as
it careened toward this small town. We now know it was a powerful EF4,
packing winds of 175 MPH. Yellow school buses tosses everywhere. Yellow school buses tosses everywhere. Yellow school buses tosses everywhere. Hosea chapter 4 verse 6
Since you have forgotten the law of your God,
I also will forget your children. This monster system took aim at Indiana. Yes… Yes it did So why did this happen? Because Indiana transgressed
against the Holy Family It was their police and courts
that carried out Chicago’s attack. It is not rare to see tornadoes this time of year, but to see an outbreak of this magnitude
certainly is, and it is not over. Very, very true A string of violent, severe storms killed dozens of
people in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana on Friday. I gotta go find my mom! You’re looking for your mom? My mom, my sister, my brother,
my nephew, my dad… The early season tornado outbreak followed a line
Friday, from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio Valley. What we know is is we’ve got complete destruction. …we’ve got complete destruction. …we’ve got complete destruction. Nowhere near complete…
He has just begun What you are seeing here is a map put
out by the National Weather Service, which shows where the 90 tornadoes
hit Friday and Saturday. 38 people now dead in 5 states by the latest count. An unbelievable 27 and a half million
people were put at risk by this storm. The storms in Kentucky the worst in 24 years, and in Indiana the town of Henryville was
hit by a twister packing 175 MPH winds, it stayed on the ground for more than 50 miles. Indiana governor Mitch Daniels was in Henryville,
and in other parts of his hard hit state yesterday. He is with us this morning from Indianapolis. Governor, thank you for finding time
to talk to us this morning. The count of those, uh, who have lost
homes, and uh, and businesses is smaller than it might have been just based on
where these incredibly powerful storms hit. But um, it doesn’t ease the heartache. If there was any mercy in this, uh,
incredibly brutal, uh, set of storms, it is that it didn’t hit more populous areas. Uh, but, uh, again in the frame
of reference of towns that, the kind of towns that got damaged
in our state, uh, means everything. And so um, once again, you can’t really
measure, the um, the sense of loss. I noticed some of these towns
like Henryville just wiped out. I mean they weren’t just hit hard,
they were… they were wiped out. Have you ever seen anything quite like this? I’ve had way more practice than I wish I had in, uh, severe weather and severe storms
over these last seven plus years, but just from an educated amateur standpoint
I’ve never seen one quite this destructive. Um, the uh, continuity of the storm,
as you, as you followed its path… This one didn’t, as far as I can tell,
pick up and come down very often. It just moved like a lawnmower through
some of the most beautiful countryside in some of the most beautiful, uh,
towns that… that we have. So, um, I’ll leave to the experts what number to put on it.
I’ll just tell you that I haven’t seen worse. Are you prepared? What are you going to
do to be ready for the next round? Because there may well be one. If uh, if you needed another way to keep
your human pride under control, these storms have provided it… He told you…
“This Is War” Let’s take a moment and put this in perspective… In the annals of military history, has an army ever
decimated a third of a country this size in one day? Officially, the most powerful weapon ever detonated
was the 50 megaton “Tsar Bomba” in 1961 If it was dropped on the U.S., this would be
the approximate size of its “blast zone” RED DOT IS BLAST ZONE This was Lord RayEl’s “blast zone” Are you starting to understand? This is what happens when you go to war with a god… This is what happens when you
force him to “make his point”! That same official that tells me in his 25
years of war, he has seen nothing like this. This is the worst damage he’s ever seen,
and he compared it to a war zone. And we are just now learning just
how bad western Kentucky was hit. The death toll there has risen to 20,
and a state of emergency is in effect. The National Guards’ been called in as well,
as Kentucky’s governor says, “The hardest hit areas look like a bomb went off.” Survivors all describing it the same way. War zone.
War zone. Yeah… It’s just like we were bombed. Um, yeah it looks like a war zone. It looks like somebody’s come through
and, uh, just… just flattened. When his strike was completed, he signed his
work in the way you’ve come to recognize…
Just so you’d have no doubt who did it Last night while we were on the air
[March 7th, 2012] covering ‘Super Tuesday’, there was a
storm on the surface of the sun. And that energy, those waves, are travelling
toward us at over 4 million MPH right now. Which means, it could arrive as early as between
1:00 AM and 5:00 AM Eastern Time tonight. It could affect a lot of things. Past storms like this
have knocked out power grids here on Earth, attacked communications and GPS, and already some commercial airlines have
rerouted flights to avoid interference from it. Tom, good evening. Hi Brian. I’ve been on the phone with
the folks at NOAA in Boulder, Colorado and in simple terms the atmosphere around
the sun has been blown away, leaving charged particles and a magnetic field
which are now speeding towards the Earth, as you said, 4 million MPH. And then… Planet Earth is wrapped in a kind of
[March 8th, 2012] cosmic-electric blanket, surrounded by solar
flares ten times more powerful than anything
we’ve seen in years. The flares bombard the Earth’s magnetic field… His hand around the Earth… All he need do is tighten his grip… And it is over In fact some airplanes had to make
detours in order to steer clear. And the nation’s top scientists are
monitoring the power grids. ABC’s Sam Champion has been tracking this
all day and tells us what those scientists
are seeing so far. These are the eruptions on the surface of the sun. Solar flares more than 500,000 miles high
and 10 million times more powerful than a
volcanic eruption, that sent today’s solar storm barreling down
to Earth, setting off a white-knuckle watch
for trouble. Inside the nation’s mission control for space weather, all eyes were tracking the storm
around the clock looking for impact, and watching closely for any new flare-ups
on the very active surface of the sun. This region really hasn’t shown any signs of
decay or diminishing, so the threat it still there. The threat will always be there…
He controls the sun It is time the world understood
who they are dealing with… He has been known by many, many names… The Christians call him
“Jesus” The Jews call him
“Messiah” He has come to Earth many times,
to teach and to guide But the first time he came here,
he was known by only one name… “The Lord of the Storm”
ENLIL Known for his command over
the sun and the weather Only ENLIL could do this! MARCH 7th SOLAR BLAST Do the governments know who is doing this? WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction Enlil Of course they know… As you can see, they built this
system to monitor his actions They try to keep it secret from
the great unwashed masses… But now you know You all know what came next… (Angelus Domini) We all remember when Lord RayEl
tweeted a video a video that said “This Is War”,
and then He quickly kicked the snot out of the U.S.! Well He just tweeted a video called “Let Them Fall”,
which clearly shows His exasperation with the unrepentant.
I believe their time is just about up. @LORD_RAYEL: And fall they shall… for being stupid
and arrogant and not having faith, love, and
compassion. Praise to the Messiah!

Christ Fulfills the Law

You may now turn in the Word of God to the
8th chapter of the book of Hebrews; Hebrews, chapter 8. John 17 records the prayer of our Lord Jesus
Christ to the Father in which He prays for His people to be brought to heaven. It is called the High Priestly Prayer. Since our Lord ascended into heaven after
His resurrection, He has continually been at the right hand of the Father praying for
His people: praying for them to come to salvation, praying for them to come to glory. He intercedes for us. We have looked also at the role that a high
priest played under the old covenant in Israel. Once a year, the high priest would go into
the Holy of Holies in the tabernacle, or the temple, which symbolized God’s throne: “Go
into the very presence of God.” He was the only one who could go there, and
he could only go once a year. But he couldn’t go in until he had made a
sacrifice, an acceptable offering to God. So on the outside, a sacrifice would be made,
a sacrifice according to the prescription that God had revealed in Scripture. And then the blood of that sacrifice would
be taken by the high priest into the Holy of Holies and sprinkled on the mercy seat
atop the ark of the covenant. He would also have a sensor with incense in
his hand which symbolized the prayers of the high priest for his nation. Prayers were offered, but only after the sacrifice
had been made. And so it is with our Lord Himself. He now lives, interceding for us, constantly
praying us into eternal glory, and He has the right to do that because He has also made
the appropriate sacrifice. And unlike any priest or high priest before
Him, He sacrificed Himself. Chapter 7, the end of verse 27, “He offered
up Himself, Himself.” This is the first time ever a high priest
was also the sacrifice. He ever-lives to make intercession for us
in the presence of God in the heavenly Holy of Holies, because He has full access, having
provided the acceptable sacrifice. The book of Hebrews makes much of the priestly
work of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a subject that is all throughout this
amazing book. His priesthood is referred to in chapter 2,
chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10. He is our Great High Priest. He is our Great High Priest who has offered
the sacrifice of Himself. If you’ll look for just a moment to chapter
9 and verse 12, you will read, “And not through the blood of goat and calves, but through
His own blood, He entered the Holy Place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption. For if the blood of goats and bulls and the
ashes of a heifer sprinkling those who have been defiled sanctify for the cleansing of
the flesh, how much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered
Himself without blemish to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living
God?” And again in chapter 10 and verse 11, “Every
priest stands daily ministering and offering time after time the same sacrifices, which
can never take away sins; but He, having offered one sacrifice for sins for all time, sat down
at the right hand of God, waiting from that time onward until His enemies be made a footstool
for His feet. For by one offering He has perfected for all
time those who are sanctified.” Here is the true Great High Priest who not
only intercedes for His people, but who made the sacrifice acceptable to God, which was
the sacrifice of Himself. Coming into chapter 8, we read these words
in verse 1: “Now the main point in what has been said is this: we have such a high priest;”
a high priest who made the sacrifice of Himself; a high priest, Chapter 7 verse 24, who is
permanent; a high priest, verse 25, who always lives to make intercession for us; a high
priest, verse 26, who is holy, innocent, undefiled, separated from sinners, and exalted above
the heavens; a high priest who once for all offered up Himself; a high priest, verse 28,
who is perfect forever. That’s the main point of everything that’s
been said in Hebrews. What a high priest we have. Notice in verse 1 His seat. There was no seat in the Holy of Holies under
the old covenant. The high priest went in, sprinkled the blood,
waved the incense, and left immediately. But this high priest is such a high priest
who has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens. He sat down permanently in the presence of
God, fully acceptable to God, honored above all other priests. And why at the right hand of God? Interesting perception here. The supreme court of Israel, the Sanhedrin,
had seventy members, plus the high priest. They were the adjudicating body of the nation
Israel. They made the final decision; they were the
final court of appeal. On the left side of that body of men, there
sat a scribe; and on the right side, there sat another scribe. If the verdict was condemnation, the scribe
on the left rendered the verdict condemnation. If the verdict was acquittal, the scribe on
the right side rendered the verdict acquittal. Our Lord is on the right side saying to God
the Father, “Acquittal, acquittal, acquittal,” no matter what the crime is, no matter what
the offense is, because He has Himself paid in full the punishment for that crime. He ever-lives to declare that we have been
acquitted, forgiven. He is incomparable because He has a seat in
the Holy Place. He is incomparable because of His sacrifice. All the other high priests offered gifts and
sacrifices, but no one offered a sacrifice like His once and for all, never to be offered
again. He is also incomparable not only because of
His seat in the Holy Place, because of His single sacrifice, but because of His sanctuary. Verse 2 says, “He’s a minister in the sanctuary
in the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, not man.” The heavenly sanctuary. There has never been a high priest like this
high priest. Then the writer of Hebrew says that, “If He
was on earth – ” in verse 4 ” – He wouldn’t be a priest at all, since there are those
who offer the gifts according to the law.” That would mean that the priests on earth
had to be descendants of Aaron or descendants of Levi. He was neither. So if He had been an earthly man only, He
would not have qualified to be a priest. But the earthy priesthood, verse 5 says, is
just a copy, it’s just a shadow of the heavenly. And that illustrated by the fact that when
God told Moses to build the tabernacle, He gave him plans that were launched out of heaven,
the earthly tabernacle being in some ways fashioned as a kind of shadow of the heavenly
temple where God dwells. Christ is a unique priest. In chapter 7, it says “He’s a priest after
the order of Melchizedek, a man without father, without mother, without genealogy, having
neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God, he remains a
priest perpetually.” Melchizedek appears on the scene. He was a man. There’s no genealogy, we don’t know anything
about him; and in that sense, Christ’s priesthood can be compared to him. It’s not a priesthood passed down genealogically. It’s not that which belongs to a certain tribe
or certain descendants. He is a unique priest. He is the Great High Priest. He is seated, which means He’s honored above
all. He offered a sacrifice for all, and He is
in a sanctuary that is exalted above all. His seat, His sacrifice, and His sanctuary
are the realities of the heavenlies of which those things on earth are mere copies. Now because He is such a superior priest,
because there’s no priest like Him, verse 6 then says, “He has obtained a more excellent
ministry, a more excellent ministry.” As we read earlier, the former priests, in
verse 23, all died. They had limits. They kept dying, and they kept having to offer
sacrifice, after sacrifice, after sacrifice. This priest has a more excellent ministry,
by as much as He is also the mediator of a better covenant which has been enacted on
better promises. A better covenant with better promises; He
mediates that. What do we mean a better covenant? Well in verse 8 it says “a new covenant.” And in verse 13, it’s repeated, “a new covenant
that makes the old covenant obsolete.” On that Thursday night of Passion Week when
our Lord gathered with His disciples in the upper room, they gathered to hold the Passover. The Passover was a feast commemorating God’s
deliverance of the children of Israel out of Egypt, and the Passover commemorated the
delivering power of God. But on that night, our Lord transformed that
Passover into the Communion service. Listen to Luke 22:14, “When the hour had come,
He reclined at the table, and the apostles with Him. And He said to them, ‘I have earnestly desired
to eat the Passover with you before I suffer; for I say to you, I shall never again eat
it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.’ And when He had taken a cup and given thanks,
He said, ‘Take this and share it among yourselves; for I say to you, I will not drink of the
fruit of the vine from now on until the kingdom of God comes.’ And when He had taken some bread and given
thinks, He broke it and gave it to them saying, ‘This is My body which is given for you; do
this in remembrance of Me.’ And in the same way He took the cup after
they eaten saying, ‘This cup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in My blood.'” The old covenant prescribed the blood of an
animal as a symbol; the new covenant requires the blood of the Son of God. Our Lord declares, “The new covenant is in
My blood. This new covenant with better promises is
in my blood.” When He established that that Thursday night
in the upper room, obviously He was anticipating the death He would die in just a few hours,
the next day on Friday, a death that He would die to satisfy divine justice, to ratify the
new covenant which was promised in the Old Testament, to be a substitute punished for
believers, to provide forgiveness, deliverance from judgment and reconciliation with God. This is the new covenant. And what just exactly are we to understand
about that new covenant? How are we to see that new covenant as it
applies to us? We understand the death of Christ. We understand His sacrifice for sin. We understand salvation by grace through faith
alone in Him. But just what is a covenant? Simply stated: a covenant is a promise. Or a covenant can be a collection of promises. In the case of the old covenant, it was a
collection. And in the case of the new, it also is a collection
of promises. The new covenant can be said to be this: all
God’s promises, all the treasures of heaven promised in one covenant, all the treasures
of heaven promised in one covenant through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are a lot of ways then you can look
at that new covenant. We’ve been looking at it since we started
in chapter 13, because every promise Jesus made from 13 right through the end of 16,
every promise was one of the promises that make up the great promise of the new covenant. But there’s something here that I want you
to look at that will help you understand the power and the uniqueness of the new covenant. I want to show you something that will show
you why the first covenant is obsolete and the new covenant has come and is permanent,
and you’ll find it in verse 10, verse 10. “This is the covenant that I will make with
the house of Israel. After those days, says the Lord: I will put
My laws into their minds, and I will write them on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be
My people.” I want you to think with me about the law,
“My law, My laws.” The old covenant was a covenant of law. Some people say that the new covenant dispenses
with law. Some people say that because we’re in the
new covenant we are not under law at all. So rarely are we confronted by the law; certainly,
rarely are we comforted by the law. Is the law obsolete? Is the law just part of the shadowy things
of verse 5? Or, is there substance to the law? And just what is our relationship as believers
to the law? Yes, the old covenant. Yes, it passed away. Yes, the old covenant as such is obsolete
as a covenant. But does that mean that God’s holy righteous
law, which is a reflection of His immutable, unchanging holy nature has somehow ceased
to mean anything? No; quite the contrary. In the new covenant, verse 10 says, “I will
put My laws into their minds, and I will write them on their heart.” The words that you see in this 8th chapter
have largely come from Jeremiah 31 or Ezekiel 36, which are the Old Testament promises of
the new covenant. And connected to the new covenant is the law,
the laws. What is obsolete are not God’s laws, because
God’s laws are reflections of His immutable, unchanging nature; but what is obsolete is
the stage in which the law is revealed. Let me help you think that through. The holy law of God has been revealed to man
since creation in several different ways. There was the law of God before the fall,
there was the law of God given at Sinai, and there is the law of God that comes in the
new covenant. There is the law of God in the new covenant;
it’s important to understand that. Before the fall, the law of God was written
in Adam’s heart, in his mind. Let me tell you about Adam. He was a pure reflection of God as much as
a creature can be a reflection of the Creator. He was a reflection of God. You might say Adam imitated God. He imitated God naturally, naturally. God’s holy law dominated his mind, controlled
his thinking, captured his heart totally, so that all he did was reflect the will and
the law of God – perfect obedience. Adam imitated God, because God’s law was in
him naturally. It was just the way he was made. Then came the fall; and when the fall came,
Adam’s heart was darkened, and what was natural to him was sin – dominating, relentless sin. In fact, only evil was natural to him and
everybody he produced, so that before the flood, God said, “I looked at the world and
it was only evil continually.” Now that’s natural. So God has to send His law back and it must
come in a different form, not in the heart, but this time in stone. And when it came in stone, it wasn’t positive,
it was negative. It was, “Thou shalt not,” and it was loaded
with threats of judgment. In history after the fall, God eventually
chose another son to replace Adam; that son was a nation, Israel. Israel was like every other nation; it was
made up of people who naturally did sin and only sin. Like everyone else, they were under the dominating
power of iniquity. Evil was normal, and they could not and did
not imitate God. So God wrote His law for them, because it
wasn’t natural to them. God wrote His law for them, and passed that
law down to them for them, and for them to pass down to the world. And that law described how they were to live
and how they were to enjoy fellowship with God and blessing from God and escape judgment. Obedience was unnatural. Obedience was alien. Obedience was foreign. Obedience was impossible. The old covenant did nothing for the heart. Didn’t write anything on the mind or anything
on the heart, it just wrote the law of God in cold, hard, crushing stone, threatening
everyone who disobeyed it. And by the way, the written law still does
that. But that extreme form of the law, that external
law with all of its requirements had no power in it to help the sinner. It couldn’t save, it couldn’t change the heart,
so it had to become obsolete. The mosaic covenant was as collapsible as
the tabernacle in the wilderness. So what was the purpose of it? What is the purpose of it? Well, the answer to that is clearly given
in Scripture; there doesn’t need to be any question about that. Listen to Romans 7:7. “What shall we say then? Is the law sin? May it never be! On the contrary, I would not have come to
know sin except through the law; for I wouldn’t have known about coveting if the law hadn’t
said, ‘You shall not covet.’ But sin, taking opportunity through the commandment,
produced in me coveting of every kind; for apart from the law sin is dead. I was once alive apart from the law; but when
the commandment came, sin became alive and I died; and this commandment, which was to
result in life, proved to result in death for me; for sin, taking an opportunity through
the commandment, deceived me and through it killed me.” If you never saw the law of God, you just
go happily through life thinking you were fine. But when facing the law of God, it kills you,
it slays you. Why does the law want to do that? Why is that the purpose of the law? What does God have in mind for the law? Here it is, Galatians 3:19. “It was added because of transgression.” Why? Verse 24: “The law has become our tutor to
lead us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” The crushing weight of the law, the threat
of the law is to put us in a situation of desperation where we are looking for a Savior. Then the law came in another stage. The law came in a human form in Bethlehem,
in a child, the Son of God. This is a far better representation of the
law of God, far better than stone, because stone was external. It was written in an external way. But now the law came and the law was internal,
and it was in a man, it was in the Lord Jesus Christ; and He even said, “You have heard
it said. But I say unto you,” and then He drove the
law into the heart, didn’t He? It’s not just what you do, it’s what you think. He says in Matthew, chapter 5, that He did
not come to set aside the law, but to fulfill the law. He said in Matthew, chapter 3, that He came
to fulfill all righteousness. So in Christ, you have the perfect, the perfect
person, the perfect obedience to the law of God. He kept every divine precept, fulfilled every
expression of the will of God. That’s what we read in chapter 7. He was separate from sinners. He was holy, innocent, undefiled. He kept the law. So now the law appears in a visible, tangible
human being. Moses came down from an earthly mountain,
Sinai, to bring the law in stone, which neither he nor anyone else could obey perfectly. Moses had a relationship with God of a fading
glory. Jesus came down from a heavenly mountain to
bring the law of God in flesh, which He perfectly obeyed – a pure embodiment of divine glory
unfading. Jesus obeyed God’s law. Why? Because it was holy nature. God’s law was written on His heart, and nothing
else was written on His heart. It dominated His mind, and nothing else occupied
His mind. That is why the Father said, “This is My beloved
Son in whom I’m well pleased.” He was a living example of God’s law. That’s a better pattern to follow than something
written down. It’s better to see it living, because then
you’re dealing not only with the external, but you’re dealing with the internal. You’re dealing with not only behavior, but
you’re dealing with attitude. So now we have something more than the law
in stone, we have the law in flesh, and it’s clearer, it’s more understandable; but His
life doesn’t help us keep the law any more than the tables of stone did. In a sense, a perfect life is just as useless
to us as a perfect written law. Why? Because we can’t keep the law that God gave
Moses, and we can’t live like Christ either. And if the law written was to show us our
sin and lead us to Christ, then the law lived in Christ was also to show us our sin and
lead us to Him. It doesn’t work to preach Jesus as an example
and try to follow Him. If you get close to the life of Jesus and
you see it for what it is as revealed in Scripture, it will crush you just as much as the stones
will crush you. The perfection of Christ in some ways is more
disturbing; it’s more intimidating than even the law in stone. His perfection forces on us a higher view
of the law than we could ever know just reading it. He greatly defines the true view of obedience,
holiness, and righteousness. In fact, Jesus was so disturbing in His holy
obedience to God that He intimidated the most religious people, the superficial legalists
to the point where they saw His kind of righteousness as a threat, and they killed Him for it. They didn’t kill Him for the wrong that He
did, they killed Him for the intimidation that came from His righteousness. The old covenant said be like the mosaic law;
and when you can’t, you know you’re a sinner who needs a Savior. The new covenant says be like Christ; and
when you can’t, you need a Savior. In the new covenant, we aren’t given a lot
of laws; we are told to follow Christ. Even Jesus said that: “Follow Me. Follow Me.” But we can’t. We can’t keep the written law. We can’t live holy perfection like Christ
did. So what hope do we have? The answer comes in verse 12 of Hebrews 8. Here’s part of the new covenant
from Jeremiah 31: “I will be merciful to their iniquities, and I will remember their sins
no more.” That’s a new covenant. That does not appear in the old covenant;
does not appear in the old covenant. He will forgive our violations. He will forgive our transgressions in the
new covenant. That’s why the new covenant has come and the
old is obsolete. So what happens when we come to Christ and
we are forgiven through the provision of His sacrifice? What happens? What about the law? There it is, verse 10: “This is the new covenant. I will put My laws into their minds; I will
write them on their hearts. I’ll be their God, they’ll be My people.” What defines us in that way? We are God’s people, He is our God, because
His law has been put into our minds and written on our hearts. The law in Adam’s heart was loved and obeyed. The law in Moses’ stone was rebelled against. The law again in Christ’s life perfectly obeyed. And now the law in us is loved and cherished
and delighted in and obeyed imperfectly. You know, our society hates God’s law; they
hate God’s law. It’s unnatural; sin is natural. It is an offense to sinners. They resent Christ and they resent a Christ
who lives in perfect adherence to God’s law. You proclaim the true Christ in His true holiness
and righteous perfection, and you will become more and more hated, as our society becomes
more and more ungodly. Christ is the model, but you can’t follow
the pattern. You have to be forgiven for violating the
law, even as manifest in Christ. That forgiveness comes because God is merciful
and remembers our sins no more. So what defines a believer? The law in the mind, the law written on the
heart; that’s what defines those who belong to God and are His people. We are those who have had God’s law written
on our hearts. We love it. We desire to obey it, to follow it, to proclaim
it. All our failures and violations are forgiven. Our nature is changed so that now there is
a sense in which it is our deepest desire to obey the law of God. “O, how I love Your law,” David says. Paul says, “Your law is holy, just, and good;
and I find myself doing things I don’t want to do, because what I want to do is obey Your
law.” There is yet another revelation of God’s law,
another stage greater than any yet, and that’s in eternal glory. We will obey from the heart, not in the limited
ways we do now, but in a limitless way. What is heaven going to be? Eternal, perfect obedience. We will be like Christ when we see Him as
He is: perfect, eternal, obedience, with the accompanying personal blessing that comes
from God. The law is our joy; we are no longer condemned
by it. Christ has satisfied its demand. But having it written in our hearts and our
minds, we love it, we seek to obey it, to proclaim it. And for all our failures, we seek cleansing. Let’s pray. Our Father, we thank You that we can gather
together this morning to think about these things. We express our love and gratitude to You. May the power of this morning linger long
with us and make a change in our lives be honored on out living we pray as You have
been in our worship, in the name of Christ, amen.

The Science of Fear-Mongering: How to Protect Your Mind from Demagogues | Susan David

How do we thrive in a world where every which
way we turn our fear is being activated by politicians, by the media and by the desperate
events that are happening around us? What is really fascinating when we look at
the brain research around fear is that our brains proxy anything that feels unfamiliar,
incoherent or inaccessible as being unsafe. There is fascinating research that shows that
when people have lower levels of self-esteem and they are in a job in which they are recognized
and promoted, that promotion can feel incoherent to the person with low self-esteem. They have low self-esteem and they might be
used to and expecting to be treated badly. So what is fascinating is the results showing
that when people are promoted when they have a lower levels of self-esteem they are more
likely to leave their jobs. Fear is an incredibly, incredibly powerful
force in our lives and our brains are fairly immature in assessing anything that feels
slightly incoherent for unfamiliar as unsafe. What this might mean is that if you are used
to hearing a story time and time again from a parent or from a partner about how you are
not good enough, you are more likely to be drawn to that relationship because it feels
familiar. The messaging that you are getting time and
time again is connected with what you expect to get. When we have politicians who are effectively
demagogues who are inspiring fear in us, that fear leads to very particular and relatively
predictable responses. When we are fearful there is this idea in
psychological research of mortality say yes that when our mortality is threatened, when
someone says oh this group of people is out to get you and we feel that we are actively
being threatened we are more likely to stereotype, we are more likely as individuals to become
bigoted, we are more likely to respond to messages that we hear time and time again
even if they are against our values as somehow making sense to us. How do we protect ourselves against this? Daniel Kahneman describes system 1 thinking
and system 2 thinking. System 1 thinking is the intuitive response,
the emotional visceral us and them that can sometimes arise out of fear. System 2 is the deliberate thoughtful examination
of what is this person saying? Is it inline with how I really want to be? Is it connected with how I really want to
raise my children? Is this a world that I want to support? When we are able to step back from our fear,
not to pretend that it doesn’t exist but to see our fear for what it is, fear, not a direction
but data and an emotion. When we are able to step back from the fear
and able to assess the fear and assess the messaging from the place of our values in
a more deliberate thoughtful way, we are able to come to a place where we are ultimately
protected from the demagoguery message, from the message of the fear and are able to move
us ourselves forward in a way that is aliened with how we truly want to be and with a world
that we truly want to live in. When Donald Trump first started with all of
his messaging we used to hear things that the politicians would say and we would be
like oh my goodness how can the person possibly say that thing? But what happens over time is the more familiar
something sounds, so the more we’ve heard it time and time again, even if the story
is inaccurate, even if the story doesn’t serve us the more we are likely to become immured
to it and immune to it. So what I actually think from a media perspective
is when I speak to people in the media about this they will often say well we simply go
where the story takes us so we’ll give as much coverage to wherever the story is at
even if the story is one that insights hatred or violence. But I actually think that there is a very,
very powerful ethical choice that the media makes in that. Because when they expose and expose and expose
and expose a story that is about hatred and a story that is about violence, as human beings
the more familiar we become with that story the more immured we become to it. And I think we can see exactly this in the
current elections that things that were said six months ago where everyone was horrified
that a politician could possibly even prevail on people to listen to what was being said
are now being met with oh there we go again. We somehow have become immured to the messaging
because of the familiarity with which we are hearing it. And I think it’s really important for us as
a society and for us as voters to recognize that a familiar story it’s not necessarily
a truthful story. A familiar story might sound comfortable and
our brains might proxy that story for meaning safe and therefore right and therefore comfortable,
but that story doesn’t necessarily reflect us or what we value. And it’s really important to be able to step
out from the safety of what might at this point feel familiar and really recognize the
words for what they are. They are words that are inciting hatred and
division and stereotyping in us as a society. And for many of us that’s not the society
in which we want to live. And I think there is a moral impetus on us
to be able to step back from the story and step forward with our values.

Steve Ballmer – Providing Government Data Without Partisanship with USAFacts | The Daily Show

Welcome to The Daily Show. Thank you very much! How-how are things going
in life? Are you– are you afraid?
Are you stressed right now? Are you– I mean, because you
are, according to Forbes, a man who is a billionaire worth $51.7 billion. -(cheering)
-Uh, Elizabeth Warren, I’ve heard,
is coming for you. Are-are you afraid? How-how are you feeling
about this whole thing? Is there a war
on the billionaires or how do you feel about it? I think there’s
a great discussion to be had about who should pay
how much taxes. Uh, I personally would be fine
with paying more. -And yet the most…
-(cheering) -Hold on! Hold on!
-H-Hold on. He hasn’t said how much.
(laughs) -Yes, and yet the most…? -I
think the most important thing, frankly, is that people
just get the numbers. -Look at what’s going on today
-Right. and then you can almost,
like, assign a quota. -You should pay this much tax,
you should pay that. -Uh-huh. But it’s got to be based
on what we want to do. What do we want to do
with the money? How much? -Who can pay? What other
expenses can we cut? -Right. Just-just get it right. And then the will of the people
will decide what should happen. -And I’ll be okay with it.
-That’s really interesting… -Whatever it is. -Yeah,
’cause you’ve always been one of the people who said–
you’ve said, “Hey, “I don’t agree with this idea
that the government “can make the money it needs
just by cutting costs. “But, at the same time,
government has to do “a better job of using the taxes
that it collects. And as a billionaire,
I’m willing to pay more.” So you’re not afraid in life?
You’re not, like, stressed every day?
You’re not, like, waking up in the middle of the night,
like, “Elizabeth!” I wake up stressed! Every day! Are we gonna win tonight?! -Oh, is that– Okay.
-(cheering) -Let’s talk about… -But-but I
don’t– I don’t have any issues -on the other front.
-I feel like– That’s good. I feel like–
I feel like the Clippers, now, more than ever,
are not stressed. You have Kawhi Leonard
on your team. You have an excitement in L.A. that I have never seen before. This-this is really
a momentous occasion, and you’re getting ready
to build an arena for the L.A. Clippers, which– please correct me
if I’m wrong here– apparently, you’re designing it
so that, like, the players
can hear the crowd more. Like, the roar goes
into the court. We want it to be
the most intense, hard-core, high-energy basketball junkies
building in the world. -(applause)
-I-I like the idea. But I was thinking.
I was worried. Like, what if, acoustically,
it works too well and then, like, the players can just hear,
like, someone just talking in, like, the stands?
And the person’s like, “Hey, honey, pass the ketchup.”
And then the guy’s like, “Pass? Wait, who said that?” And then,
like, it could throw it off. You’re also doing– you’re also
doing, like, augmented reality. I don’t understand what that
means. You’re saying, like, you’re gonna put people
in the game. But how? What does that mean?
What are you gonna do? We, uh, uh,
set a technology today. -You watch the game,
and in real time… -Uh-huh. it’ll give you probability
that somebody’ll make a shot -based upon where
people are standing… -Wow. who it is, is it a good shot,
what you can expect out of that. It’ll diagram the plays
that are going on. -Real time on the floor.
-This is live. Wow. We’ve got this live today. Because of rights,
we’re in alpha, -or beta test still.
-Right, right, right. But the stuff exists today. You know, there’s limited stuff
that does this today. There really is
no first down marker… in football, on the field. It gets painted in
by a computer. -That’s… -It’s that concept
on steroids. Oh. I-I thought someone just
ran out and did it every… -(laughter) -You’re teaching us
things here, Steve. Teaching us things. Um, let’s talk about the
big reason you’re here today. Let’s talk about USAFacts. It feels like
we live in a world today where facts are no longer
a thing. It feels like, more and more,
people want to live in silos where they believe
what they believe, and a fact is something
that can be determined by the person who is absorbing
the information. You’ve created a website
that is geared towards facts. What is USAFacts? is a website. I got into this
four or five years ago, and I just wanted to understand
who pays how much taxes, -what does the money
get spent on… -Mm-hmm. -and what are the outcomes
we get for all of that. -Right. And it was impossible to find. So I started just
splunking around, uh, trying to understand. My wife had made a comment about
where our taxes go or don’t go. Couldn’t do it.
Got into it, and said, “Hey, I should share this
with other people.” It’s very interesting
to understand. -And by the numbers, by the
numbers. -Right, right, right. You know, part of the problem
with words is they’re partisan. Numbers don’t know how
to be partisan, if you will. -Uh-huh. Uh-huh. -And, uh,
we’ve been pursuing it, you know, ever since. We’ve published
“Annual Report,” by the numbers of government in the United States now
for three years. Right. It’s interesting,
because it’s… it’s-it’s a nonpartisan effort
that you’ve put together, where you’ve gone… This data comes
from the government. It’s compiled from different
government departments, and it’s factual information, but nobody knows how
to compile it until now. Like, you’ve gone and said,
“Hey, if you want to know “how much is being spent
on schools “in this district,
you can find that. “If you want to know how much
is being spent on immigration “or what is… what your money’s
being used for, “what the government’s wasting
on, spending on, etcetera, you can use this website.” What have you learned, though,
from the website? Is there anything
that has changed your mind -about how America works?
-Yeah. There’s a number of things
that have really prompted me. If you had said to me, uh, five years ago, “Who really pays how much taxes
in the U.S.?,” -I wouldn’t have been able
to tell you. -Right. I wouldn’t have been able
to tell you there are people who pay more
in taxes right now -than they earn in income.
That’s true. -Wow. And then they get benefited,
also, by transfers -that come from the government.
-Right, right, right. And you can decide
whether you think, -you know, whether that’s a
great situation or not. -Right. We let our… our users decide
what they decide -on policy. -So you just
give them the facts. Right. We’ll give you the facts,
and you can decide what’s good or bad.
I’ll give you another one. Only 33% of third graders… of, uh, eighth graders–
sorry– in this country are proficient in math. -33%?
-33. 33%. But it’s up. -Oh.
-(laughter) It’s up over the last several… -Yay?
-Well, somebody here look at it -Okay.
-and say, “Progress is good!” -Right, right, right.
-Some… But that’s a judgment. -But education spending
at the same time… -Right. inflation-adjusted,
more than double. That’s actually interesting. So, you’ve basically created
this site because you wanted
to break through the whole partisan breaking down
of what news is and just go, “Here’s a fact.” A person at home can decide
what that fact means. Some of the more interesting,
uh, polls that you’ve conducted, though, on USAFacts
have-have-have…. have illuminated a few things. So, for instance, um,
you’ve conducted some– we have a few of these slides
here that we can pull up now, like, um,
some of the data facts. If you can pull that up,
their poll. Like for instance, how much do you trust
information from the president? Republicans: 40%. Right? Democrats: Five percent. And then if you see,
like, the “not at all” is, like, a big flip–
Republicans are like, “No.” Only 15% say not at all.
But 61% of Dems… But, I mean, that’s a big…
If you look at the next slide, for instance, we have another
one that’s really interesting. How much do you trust
each source? Republicans don’t trust
public TV or radio, and they don’t trust
national TV news. And in the next slide–
this one is even… even a little bit more
disconcerting. What makes a fact
likely to be true? If it’s verified by scientists,
Republicans are like, “No.” Only 40%. Democrats are 72% . Verified by academics,
30% to 57%. So… so… this is just information that
you’re compiling for people. You don’t even give anybody
an opinion on this. We do not. We explicitly
don’t give opinions. Now, this was a poll we ran,
as you pointed out. Everything else we do
is government data. -But we need to know
what we’re doing. -Right. Just take even the thing
about academics and scientists, -’cause you can react
one way or another. -Right. The truth of the matter is,
a lot of what you see out of economists is forecasts. And on every forecast,
you’ll see one on the right and one on the left, and
they’ll say different things. I don’t know
what you would think. At Microsoft,
I didn’t believe the forecasts. -Uh-huh. -I only believed
what had actually happened. So all of these things
have context, and that’s why we have to share
what actually happened. -There’s a quote I’d like to
give you from Madison. -Mm-hmm. Something to the effect of:
A popular government without popular information
or the ability to go get it is a prologue to a… a farce or, even worse,
a tragedy. -Hmm. And so that’s…
-I mean, that’s… the facts sort of start there
with Madison. So if I were to say to you,
“Steve Ballmer, “as somebody who’s been part
of this USAFacts, “what do you hope
Americans would achieve by going to this website?” What do you just want people
to get from the website? Because it is free,
it is nonpartisan, it is… it’s just facts
that are compiled, but what are you hoping
it will achieve? I hope we can get to a point
with not as much polarization, civilized dialogue. -People can disagree about what
to do… -(applause, cheering) but at least…
at least be in the same place. We… we have a little fun thing
coming out here soon for Thanksgiving. You’re gonna sit around
a table with relatives -and people are gonna disagree,
-Uh-huh. Right. and they’re gonna want to scream
and yell at each other, so we have a Thanksgiving
fact sheet from USAFacts. Pull it out on your phone
and you can say, “I’ll get you the real data
on that subject.” -Boom! Special.
-Oh, wow. Oh, wow. -For Thanksgiving holiday.
-Well, there you have it. Thanksgiving
will never be the same. -Thank you so much for being
on the show. -Thank you. You can check out all the data
at Steve Ballmer, everybody.