If Bloomberg is Nominee, Do Dems Stay Home?

Let’s go next to our caller from the two six,
seven area code. Who’s calling today from two six seven uh, David? Yes. Hello. Hi, my name is Greg. I’m calling from
bucks County in Pennsylvania. I’m a big fan of your show. Uh, 11, my friend, a lot of
my friends on the left on are Bernie supporters as I am. And uh, but I’m getting very concerned,
uh, about the idea of a Bloomberg candidacy and I’m concerned that it will depress, um,
it will depress votes and that we will end up with Trump. Again. I understand the arguments
that he’s kind of, he’s a version of Trump, but I also lived in New York for most of my
life and I lived through Bloomberg, the Bloomberg, uh, ownership. And I’m interested in what
you have to say, um, to Bernie supporters and people on the left who are getting, um,
disappointed about the idea of a Bloomberg possibility of Bloomberg candidacy and the
idea that they might not vote. They might sit this out and I’d love to hear what you
say. Let’s say about all that. I think it’s D I actually, I posted to my Twitter
page a few days ago, something like a, I’m getting emails from some Democrats saying,
if Bloomberg’s the nominee, they won’t vote. Where are you guys on this? And I got like
6,000 replies from a lot of Democrats saying I won’t vote if it’s Bloomberg. And I totally
understand that. I mean in Bloomberg, um, you have a guy who represents a lot of different
things. You have a guy who represents a possible sort of bailout for the of possible bailout
for the establishment that may be seeing Joe Biden tank and are unclear about Buddha judge
and Amy Klobuchar doesn’t really have support if Bloomberg’s really polling 15 nationally,
maybe he’s the guy to get behind. But then you have a voter turnout question which you’re
bringing up. And the question is, if Bloomberg is the democratic nominee, given that Bloomberg
was a Republican for so long, given that Bloomberg’s politics on a lot of social issues based on
videos that have come out recently seem to not be particularly enlightened and progressive
to put it lightly, what is it going to do to turn out and how will he fare against Donald
Trump? My answer is I don’t know. And the reason
I say that is I get emails about polling that says, Hey, you know what? In face to face
match-ups, Bloomberg does really well against Trump. And then I get other polling that says,
Hey, you know, what if Bloomberg’s the nominee that we’ll keep the largest number of democratic
voters home. So I understand the idea that Bloomberg as the nominee might depress turnout.
There are so many conflicting data points that I just don’t have an answer about that
right now. And all I can really say is if you support the policies of Bernie instead
of Bloomberg, just go out and support Bernie now and then if there’s a different nominee,
evaluate it and make a decision as to what’s best at that point. Yeah, absolutely. I think it’s incredibly
difficult. There’s not even enough information yet tonight it’s going to be a whole different
spin on this. Um, because of the debates and of course the mentioning media, MSNBC in particular
has been, uh, ridiculous. This is, this is in their anti, uh, in their anti Bernie, uh,
screeds. So, uh, yeah, it’s going to be real. And one last question. Uh, if you had to vote
right now and you had to choose between Trump and Bloomberg, how would you vote? Yeah, I, I would vote for Bloomberg over Trump.
And I know there’s a lot of people saying there’s no difference. It’s just a richer
version of Trump with a lot of the same ideas that the reasons why I would vote for Bloomberg
over Trump are number one, the Supreme court choices Bloomberg would make would not be
as bad as the ones Trump would make. Number two, Bloomberg actually has both sort of diplomatic
and, uh, political experience that Trump lacks, which is the source of a lot of Donald Trump’s
missteps. That would be number two. And then number three, although it would be no great
party if Bloomberg were president, Bloomberg would restore some of the respect from world
leaders that we have lost under Trump, although certainly, certainly not all. So for me, I
wouldn’t be cheering about voting for Bloomberg over Trump, but I would definitely vote Bloomberg
over Trump. Yeah. Thank David. I really appreciate your opinion and I’m a great fan of the show. Thanks so much.

There Are Signs for Tulsi Gabbard

Let’s go next to our caller from the four
Oh four area code who’s calling today from four zero four. Hi, this is Simon from the Davenport, Iowa
area. Hey, Simon, and what’s going on today? Hi. So a big fan of the show. I’ve been watching for two years now. Thank you. Um, so you may find this interesting. Um, so Tulsi Gabard has some signs up in the,
uh, area. And, uh, you know, I see like she would, she’s
doing the most she can with like the money that she has left. You know what I mean? Like I feel like she’s, she’s like doing like
a last push, like they’re placed in like a certain way where it’s like you might think
that, you know, they’re just placed in that, you know what I mean? I have no idea what you’re talking about. So Telsey has signs and the signs are good
or the signs are not good or what, what are the signs are desperate sign of different
desperation. They do. Yeah. That’s what I’m trying to say. That they seem like they’re signs of desperation. And, um, so that’s the first thing. Second thing is that was a little weird. The second thing is, uh, yeah. Okay. So I’ve been, uh, looking at your, um, commentaries
on, um, uh, Bernie’s chances of passing Medicare for all. Okay. Um, and I see like you’re missing a factor
and that factor being, um, that in the event we have a president Sanders, he is, um, saying
that he’s going to rally the people together. Um, towards the goal of Medicare for all it
maybe get out in the streets. And I feel like that’s really what’s going
to be the, the, the thing that tips it over the edge in the end. So what are your thoughts on that? I feel like you’re missing a factor. I’m not missing it. Um, I am just aware of the reality that in
the United States, um, there is a long history of throwing just enough of a bone to the people
to prevent the serious type of protest, mass rallies in urban centers, strategic, um, absences
from work in order to cripple industry. There’s a history in the United States of
the establishment and the corporate powers that be doing just enough to prevent that
from happening and keeping people, keeping workers in a precarious enough state so that
they lack the wherewithal and resources to do that because they make the calculus of,
well, they threw me a bone and I can’t really afford to do that. So instead I’m just going to go to work. I completely appreciate the idea of Bernie
Sanders. If elected saying, listen everybody, this
is an emergency. We need to pass Medicare for all right now. I think that it is just a miscalculation to
imagine that Bernie doing that is actually going to generate, uh, the type of activism
that will Medicare for all past given the degree to which the corporate powers that
be and the Republican party and insurance companies will activate against it. I’m not dismissing the power of activism. I’m not a do I, I just am, uh, less idealistic
than some others and people can disagree with me and that’s totally fine. Um, but I just don’t see that as likely. I would love to be proven wrong, you know,
to be clear, I’m not saying I would be against that. I think it would be great to actually see
a president say, Hey, everybody, we’ve got to do this thing. The thing is called Medicare for all, and
here’s what you need to do. That would be lovely. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. My prediction may be wrong and I would love
to be wrong. I, it’s not that I’m missing it, I just don’t
have the same interpretation as you of you as you do. Have the likelihood that that will, we’ll
get it. Get it done. Okay. David, thank you very much. Um, yeah, have a good day. All right. You too. Thank you so much.