Legacies 1×15 Sneak Peek "I’ll Tell You a Story" (HD) The Originals spinoff

usual debrief before you throw them into the pit find out where he's from family any other Phoenix as he's willing to give up then ask him about the knife snd knife when I was at the school I heard he tried to steal it and I'd like to know why he wanted one of the locks to the pit shouldn't be too difficult he recorded the voicemail with minimal resistance no one's watching us now look I already told the other guys I don't know anything you could kill me but I'm part Phoenix so I'm just gonna come back to life and a burst of flames and there's gonna be a lot of ash to clean up and after I come back I'm not gonna know anything I'm not here to interrogate Lenin in fact I'm here so you can finally get some answers legacy this all new episode this Thursday at 9:00 8:00 central only on the CW and stream every next day on the CW AB

Legacies 1×10 Sneak Peek "There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True" (HD) The Originals spinoff

you sure it glowed again I sleep with the damn thing under my pillow it's hard to miss what do you think it's gonna be this time hmm Cyclops Slender Man Santa well given our luck I think it's safe to rule out old Saint Nick I don't know I mean Santa Claus is kind of terrifying we think about it freaks into your home he sees you when you're sleeping not to mention judgy hope I need you to focus look I'm trying I just wish that Satan's nightlight would give us some rest yeah and I wish that knife was never in our school to begin with but it's not like we can change that now all we can do is make sure we're not blindsided by another monster walking through our doors

Legacies 1×08 Sneak Peek "Maybe I Should Start from the End" (HD) The Originals spinoff

you must have a serious caffeine addiction we've been here every day this week I just like coffee I should get the next one to go hey I'm not complaining just a little worried about you this is embarrassing you'd be my best customer this week and I I don't even know your name Landon that's a beautiful one Thanks I'm pretty sure you gave it to me legacies returns with an all-new episode this Thursday at 9:00 8:00 central only on the CW and stream free on the CW app

Legacies 1×16 Inside "There's Always a Loophole" (HD) Season Finale The Originals spinoff

our father is a very gifted artist our father yes little brother it's finally here all season long 16 episodes and we have landed at there's always a loophole our season finale triad I mean it has to be them they've already tried to come for him once what are you gonna do I'm gonna go for Wonder Woman hope that's what sets out to go rescue her boyfriend just as triad storms the gate of the castle so to speak and so as this episode begins she's assembling her super squad ready to go out and save her man oh sorry we were about to knock but triad has a completely different attention for how they're going to spend their day Oh penny here we're looking for an artifact known as the chalice of arimathea triad thinks that the Salvatore School is a possession of the third and final artifact that will keep malov aura contained you're asking me to believe that the father that I've been looking for for years as an olive-oil only you can set him free we also have a a Landon who has sort of told Clark at the end of the previous episode I'm on your side brother and if we are brothers and let's go find this this final artifact together okay well if it's here how are we gonna find it this place is a haystack figure it out little brother your family's counting on you

Legacies 1×13 Extended Promo "The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do" (HD) The Originals spinoff

– Warte, riechst du das? – [Alaric] Was ist es? – Blut. – [Hope] Landon und MG sind da draußen. – [Landon] Was zum Teufel war das? – [Hope] Wir müssen etwas tun! – Diese Nacht sollten Vampire nicht frei herumlaufen. – [Rafael] Du musst wegrennen. I sagte, lauf!!! – [Hope] GEHT ES LANDON GUT; RAF?! – [Rafael] Ich weiß es nicht, Hope. Ich weiß es nicht. Ich weiß es nicht.