Ruto will Be Assassinated: Political Science 101

this is the Fifth Estate a conversation between young African scholars from the Foothill School of Government and professor Mehta in Guinea at the 4th hole School of Government we have applied our minds to the route or assassination claims and we want to confirm to the country that yes there will be an assassination but before we expose the plot we want to tell Vito not to insult our intelligence he told us that a committee of four Kikuyu ministers 20 permanent secretaries and 30 CEOs were planning to kill him and that this committee of 54 were meeting at the basement of a hotel to plan in fact the committee would drive to the hotel basement using chase cars and flags in full view of the public and they did this to plan a murder if this claim was meant to excite our national imagination it only insulted our collective intelligence if Ruto had told us that the notorious our two brothers were back from Eastern Europe and their brief was to assassinate him the country would have shuddered with fear if he told us that these ruthless brothers are the ones who brought down a helicopter carrying his American consultants we would have marinated in conspiracies and sympathy for him but instead the DP suffered from a severe poverty of imagination but wait a minute to say that William Ruto suffers from a severe poverty of imagination is to miss read him in my view Ruto is actually a political genius he is in fact Machiavelli reincarnated and this is what he was doing when he targeted the committee of 54 Ruto knows too well that guru is organizing the Kikuyus and he is organizing them using this committee of 54 if this committee succeeds the Kikuyus will be ring-fenced the free-range access that ruto has had in Kikuyu country will be over finito to stop this from happening therefore ruto had to make a ridiculous claim he had to tell us that the committee of 54 is an assassination sport it is like Morocco in the Kenyatta succession of 1978 they have been constituted to eliminate Ruto this sounded like poverty of imagination but at the core it is nothing but genius by labeling the committee of 50 for a Kikuyu assassination squad he bastardized it bureaucrats sitting on it are now having Wassa Wassa and with one claim of assassination Ruto has paralyzed guru's vehicle for consolidating the Kikuyus the committee of 54 has acquired the status of the morocco assassination squad in the Kenyatta succession if this is not genius what is according to the Nation of Islam Malcolm X was not radical untie mozuku he was radicalized by an Indian known as Pio Gama Pinto from Kenya they were both assassinated in Kenya it is believed that government assassinated Pinto in 1965 but according to the Nation of Islam Pinto and Malcolm X who are both assassinated by the CIA Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21st 1965 and Gama Pinto was assassinated four days later on 25th 1965 but because a background of acceptance had been created projecting Jomo's administration as the assassins CIA did it and got Jomo blamed for it it worked perfectly and this paradox is what Ruto has attracted to himself it is called the law of unintended consequences this law states that fear makes true what we are afraid of and this is because thoughts become things and words become flesh if ruto is afraid of an assassination he has created a background of acceptance for it to happen his words could become flesh but his assassination will not be done by a committee it will be done by the Invisibles then they will blame the committee of 54 the way CIA blamed Jomo for pintos assassination yes there will be an assassination and ruto will be the one to be assassinated in any case every succession election in Kenya has always attracted a constitutional crisis and an assassination the referendum will fix the constitutional crisis and the assassination will fix the succession question every toe is assassinated then someone else will take over for me in our view what will take place is a political assassination not a physical liquidation but how will this happen one Ruto has raised of the political temperatures in the Rift Valley with his assassination claims anxiety is high suspicion is back the ground is swelling for pro ruto conflict – pro route o allies do not have to ignite this conflict the people interested in him political assassination will ignite it for him they will create the violence pin it on new toe and then crucify him using this violence as evidence they will then revive the ICC case do remember that this case was not dismissed it was only frozen in time with the chance of reviving it at a later date this in our view is the assassination plot the idea is to finish little politically using his own devices if root so thought his assassination was his reputation he is wrong they will assassinate him politically but keep his physical body intact Radia is to make him a dead man walking in this state of insanity Ruto is meant to make mistakes his followers are meant to engage in anti assassination violence and ruto is meant to get the blame if the ethnic violence is not dramatic enough our hypothesis is that it will be a system with assisted and dramatic violence there will be enough evidence to revive reuters case at the ICC and that is the idea make Ruto of violence manga but taking auto back to ICC is just a game of secondary trust the game of primary trust is simple the impeachment of Kabuto if Arango wanted to impeach Ruto early in the year he had no grounds but if the anti assassination violence happens assisted or not Arango will have reason to do the impeachment motion and this is how the route of assassination will happen with the dynasties on the same side and money flowing naked nonsense Ruto will get impeached before you blink and that is the assassination part particularly