Politicians Have Developed Allergy Towards Media: Krishna Prasad

we're seeing many instances on this on social media where abusive language is used what your mind can be a deterrent for this abusive behavior if one has to zero you know keep the deformation to the side good person you know how sure I'm not inclined to have a very general view on this because I think this issue of information is now split across the country it's not just author Pradesh it's not just Gujarat its recites Karnataka Tamil Nadu a whole variety of of states which are now involved in this kind of you know procedure in terms of attacking journalist you know these reasonable restrictions that the Constitution of India places under Article 51 a2e you know do not include issues like this you know if you look at the specific tweet of mr. Kenosha what is he really saying you know you see the thing is that is this a comment is this a charge is this a criticism what is it you know so it seems to be some blanket set of laws that have been applied post facto and it seems to have you know as most legal experts including Institute she will tell you they have little chance of surviving in a court of law so the point to me is this that that various tape garments of not particularly any one particular political party various state governments various political parties think of a of all their own ways of dealing with criticism their own ways of dealing with anything to do with the media for example I am speaking to you from Karnataka just now and if you see the track record or the current chief nurse of Karnataka who belongs to the gentle circular which is in a coalition in the Congress party it seems to be that the chief mister does not like satire this chief minister does not like any comments on his government the Chief Minister does not like anything we said about his son editors have been charged when fired you know and today in plays newspapers there's more from the chief mister in this family so it seems to me that the politicians whichever state they are seems to have seemed to have developed a kind of anxiety towards the media and they are using all the you know the instrum so power that they have and you know employing all kinds of legislation and laws to deal with the situation so it's no longer about writing to his writing a letter to the editor is no longer about giving ever joinder it's no longer about any due process that used to follow in journalism it just seems to be and this is really a good shot model at work it just seems to be that politicians seem to think that we first recourse to any criticism any setter any comment is to put is to send the policeman to your doorstep and that is really very dangerous and I think you're seeing that play across the country and mr. converses cases the particularly acute one because as all legal expert selves already know this addicted it has no chance of surviving in a code of laws but I also see from today's news wires that you know he's been sent to Bakula for two weeks so you are really seeing as mr. levitra pointed out you know a kind of a you know dual play me of politicians the executive the judiciary and all of this seems to be happening some kind of a vacuum