Veteran: Trump War Crime Pardons Are Dangerous

Let’s go next to the caller. Who is calling in from the, uh, two five,
four area code? Who’s calling today from two five four. Hey, David, it’s Matt. Hey Matt. What’s up? Oh, no. Too much. Two questions. And they’re pretty short. Number one is, um, how do you do this every
day? Uh, I, I take weekends totally off. That’s how well my quote, the reason I ask is pay. For example, yesterday what happened yesterday
in the news, we had two big things. We had to just, we had the Supreme court saying
that Trump’s taxes could be a without for the time being. And then you had before that the, um, court
say that, um, McGahn had to testify, right? So you get, you get one good thing and then
minutes later you get hammered with something that, you know, makes it seem like everything’s
political and justice doesn’t exist anymore. And so I’m just wondering what your thoughts
are on that issue. Well, I would actually say it’s sadly worse
than you, then you’re even pointing out, because even the good thing that McGahn has to testify,
he has to testify. But even if he does, he can assert executive
privilege to every question that’s asked. So it’s like even how hidden in the good result
is the reality that we’ll probably never get anything substantive out of him. And the theme is that power tends to win because
we have two justice systems in two financial systems, et cetera. So I wish I could even agree that it was one
good thing on one bad thing, and it was one bad thing and one thinly veiled good thing,
which is actually pretty neutral or not, not so good. So it’s actually sadly even worse than you’re
suggesting. Well, I agree with you on that, but at the
same time, you can’t claim executive privilege to cover up a crime. So if McGahn has just has to flank to exactly
what he said, the molar and the Mueller report, then I would say that that would be a good
day for the nation to see him again in front of the dayas there. It would, well, the only thing that is that
my belief is that he would be testifying only under the umbrella of the Ukraine impeachment
hearings. So I don’t know that the Mueller stuff would
necessarily even be part of it, but that remains to be seen. And then my second question is, what are your
thoughts on this whole, um, um, G Gallagher Navy seal? I don’t think Trump quite knows exactly what
he’s doing in this area. Um, with, with our military, I, it’s, it’s
a dangerous game he’s playing and he’s, he’s in, I’m inserting it and I understand he’s
a commander chief. Sure. But he’s got no real, I mean, he’s, he’s a
businessman. I get that. And he was a real estate business man, but
it was, it was a family owned business. It wasn’t a, a big corporation. So when you have some, like the military,
I spent 10 years in the act of service. I’m still in the reserves slash IRR deployed
five times four direct one Afghanistan. But it’s just one of those things where, where
um, he’s, he’s, he’s dividing the, the one thing that shouldn’t be divided. Like I was watching Gallagher on Fox, I’m
not sure when he went on, but he was saying that it’s all about ego in that, you know,
the people above him are just out to get him and this, that and the other. And he’s saying that his buddies in the, in
the military support him and, well, I mean, let me ask you, let me ask you
Matt, because my view has been that what Donald Trump is doing by pardoning war criminals
is very dangerous because it could be seen as a signal to people in active duty that
even if you do something which your superiors aren’t telling you is okay to do and which
the law says is an okay to do that, you’re being sort of signaled by the president. That may be, it is sort of okay. And that you might end up with a pardon. That’s my concern as someone, you’re better
positioned to answer this than I am. As someone who actually served, like you said,
five tours overseas. Is that the way that this could be interpreted? That maybe you can get away with more than
you’re actually told you can get away with? It’s, it’s a danger. It’s a dangerous, uh, thing to undertake. I’ll, I’ll put it that way. It’s one of those things where, you know,
when you join the military, when you go overseas, you receive all kinds of briefings from, you
know, the JAG officers, this and another about the Geneva convention rules of engagement,
your Roe, your rules of engagement, all that stuff. And everything is laid out pretty much in
black and white. So it’s just one of those things where if,
you know, Gallagher went over there and he did what he did. I’m not saying they did anything significant. He, you know, killed the bad guy. But then he took a picture with the, you know,
in front of it. Is that necessarily, you know, um, all that
bad? No. But it is against, you know, our rules. So it’s one of those things in our law. So it’s one of those things where if you did
the crime, guess what? You know, you gotta you sign the contract,
you said okay. To the, to the, to the laws that govern, uh,
you know, what you were doing over there. Um, so I don’t have any, you know, no, no
real sympathy. He chose to do what he did. Um, his, his brothers in arms, um, kind of
went against what he did. And, um, I think he got what he deserved. His life wasn’t over. Yeah, he wasn’t, I mean, so I don’t, I don’t
know. I don’t know. I’m, I’m, I’m just, I’m worried that, that,
that Trump is dividing the, the, the services and the people who, you know, serve the country,
um, faithfully and who do it by the law. Um, they see this and I’m worried that they’re
going to look at this and be like, well, what do we do now? How are you going to, how are you going to
punish somebody in your ranks for going outside of the bounds? The, you got Trump in the white house saying,
well you know, this guy did it and he’s cause I mean I can’t tell you cause I was in during
the surge and uh, you know, I enlisted in 2002 after nine 11 and I, I’m still in not
active, but um, and it’s just one of those things where I guess I’m just worried I share that concern with you. Matt, I should totally share the concern with
you and I really appreciate you, uh, calling in and sharing your perspective. I hope to hear from you again. Thank you so much for the call. Really appreciate it.

Trump Using Military as Pawns with Pardons

let’s go to the phones at (617) 830-4750. Let’s go first to Jose, who we have not heard
from, uh, since January. Uh, Oh. So what’s going on? Hey, what’s up David? How you doing? Good. How are you? I’m doing good. I’m doing good. Hell, I want to hear your thoughts on a book
fascination of of this administration using the military as pawn. Um, my, my thing was the whole issue with
Eddie Gallagher, uh, being pardoned for war crimes and yeah, and just today a daily piece
article was put out where Donald Trump wants to use the uh, or criminals as essentially
his campaign motivation going forward. Yup. He wants them to go and campaign for him. And this is so, listen, this, this is the
reality. Earlier this week Trump did a press conference
with a military dog and it’s clear Trump doesn’t care about the dog. It’s just how can I use the dog to try to
look good? It’s always about what can you do for Trump? Nothing is about actual values or political
philosophy because Trump really has none. And case in point, it was absolutely ridiculous
that Donald Trump said, Hey, war criminals doesn’t matter. You can get out, but now you need to do work
for me and you need to campaign for me. By the way, who said, this is totally aside
from whether it would benefit Trump to have pardoned war criminals campaigning for him. Maybe it would help them with people on the
right. I don’t think people on the left would be
too thrilled with that. But what we get down to is it’s just all about
what can you do for Trump? How can you, excuse me? How can you, uh, show your, uh, unending loyalty
to Trump? And if he’s done you a favor of some kind,
then how are you going to repay him? Right. Uh, in my opinion, this kind of sounds, it’s
toeing the line with bribery. In other words, that’s how Trump operates. Yeah, you’re right. Yeah. Right, right. And I just can’t tell, I don’t know why people
don’t see that. Um, I know, I know a couple people that I
serve that can see right through that, but there’s many others that just, they see this
as a, when they see this as, Hey, is there ISIS? Hey there, they’re the enemy anyways. Cares. Yup. This is, so when Trump worked in real estate,
this is how we operated, he would, this is how Trump operated in real estate. This is what happened with Ukraine. This is what’s happening here. It’s it, it’s what happens with, and by the
way, with, with ambassadorships, it’s bigger than Trump. This is just how ambassadorships work in the
United States and it’s sickening. But this is how the guy operates. That’s it. You’ve identified it, right? Um, yeah. Thank you for taking my call, David. Um, I just want to let you know that I’m a
regular listener and, uh, I’m pretty active on the subreddit, so, uh, thank you. All right, very good. Great to hear from you. Appreciate the call.