All The Spanish From The Democratic Debate

necesitamos in queer cada persona en el éxito de este Bonilla pero si quiere Moses arizo necesitamos include Cara persona in Westra democracia car avatar caca de votante necesitamos la representación de cada vez necesitamos escuchar me llamo Julian Castro yes poet was to londo poor Presidente de los Estados Unidos the situation ahora sin acceptable s de Presidente attack Tavo demon asado los immigrant is inacceptable a voyeur can be arrested carry of telling el primero de su terry presidentís arrested really that south korean de what would you do congressman day one at the White House vamos a tratar de personas con el respeto he needed medicine como uma knows as he is starting to speak in Spanish you're giving him kind of amazing side eye you saw the segue to Spanish by at least three candidates is that effective in the Hispanic community as you know it oh no primero Mucha had a supporting American television sorry wrong Network problem is they didn't have answers to real problems they didn't have an answer in English didn't have an answer in Spanish when they broke into Spanish when they debated the intricacies of policy would be mana bobble he feels like Arnold Schwarzenegger learning rosetta stone like a bit of eyeball embedded a big note back half the candidates who qualified for the first debates have made their opening statements to you if you watched some even made them in Spanish this evening question is where any speak in the right language to win over Democratic voters and unless you thought they stay upon a meal not entirely sure why he felt he had to do that he's either trying to lock up the Hispanic vote or he's running for embarrassing dad at a Mexican restaurant Trump was watching like crap that I hit the s AP button what is it what is this using his opening remarks doing it in Spanish I think really set a tone for his campaign he is a fluent speaker of Spanish one of the few in this race Cory Booker also speaks Spanish but not as fluently as bateau award but Aurora comes from El Paso which is of course right over the border necesitamos in queer cada persona en el éxito de este poem eeeh pero si quiere Moses arizo necesitamos include cada persona in West row democracia car avatar caca de votante necesitamos la representación de cada vez necesitamos escuchar the situation ahora is inacceptable s de presidente attack Tavo demon asado lost immigrant is inacceptable air can be arrested you

What Will President Donald Trump's Fourth Of July Events Cost? | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

the questions over this controversial salute to America the president's putting on tomorrow one of them just how much is this gonna cost everybody how much will this cost taxpayers turns out at least two and a half million dollars according to the Washington Post at least two and a half million they report the National Park Service is diverting that money from entry fees to help pay for the tanks the flyovers etc that's money that's usually used to help keep up our national parks around the country president Trump's tweeting about it this morning saying it will be the show of a lifetime but will it be this show of unity and patriotism or a show of partisan politics there's a lot of Democratic critics are calling it with one describing this as a vanity project NBC's Monica Alba is outside the Lincoln Memorial I'm also joined by Bob Costas Washington Post national political reporter and MSNBC political analyst also with me political White House reporter Nancy cook an NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith who's been writing about this MA let me start with you I think the tanks have been put into position out on the mall right talk us through that and then this idea that this two and a half million dollar parks fee is just a small fraction potentially of the cost of this whole thing that's exactly right Helene I'm gonna move over here a little bit because yes we are on an active street but exactly what you can see here to my left is to Bradley fighting vehicles and this is just some of the example of the military might that we expect to see on display tomorrow evening now these two pieces of equipment were moved overnight via train and then flatbed because they are so heavy and this is just a fraction there's gonna be a lot more tomorrow but of course when you talk about the price tag it's not known how much this is gonna cost and that's because there are a lot of elements at play you've got flyovers you've got all the branches of the military represented of course of with all the number of people expected here there's a lot of security that's expected to be on the mall so the real question is we don't know how much this is gonna cost but certainly something to watch this tone what tone is the president going to take to evening and when he was asked if he could give a speech that will really appeal to all Americans he said I think so and then in the same answer said that Democrats with their health care plan are going to quote destroy the country so it's a very fine line he has to walk but as you know well he fell in love with this idea of just playing military vehicles and really saluting the troops two years ago two summers ago on Bastille Day in Paris with Emmanuel macron so I think for the president this is really a show of not just military might but optics we're gonna of course have fireworks there's a lot of other flashy events but the real question is hey how much will this cost and B does this turn into more of a campaign rally or really what is typically a nonpartisan event for the 4th of July Hallie thank you for checking out our YouTube channel why don't you subscribe it's really easy just click on that button down there and for more news from MSNBC click on any of these videos here for the latest interviews and highlights you can get more videos from MSNBC with our newsletters head over to slash newsletters to sign up

Democrats Fight Over Abortion

we have a giant industry that wants our healthcare system to stay the way it is but if it's not working for families but it sure as heck working families come first it should not be an option in the United States of America for any insurance company to deny woman coverage for their exercise of their right of choice and I am the only candidate here who has passed a law protecting a woman's right a reproductive health and health insurance and I'm the only candidate who has passed a public option and I respect everybody's goals and plans here but we do have one candidate that's actually advanced the ball and we got to have access for everyone I just want to say there's three women up here that have fought pretty hard for a woman's right to choose I think we share the goal of universal health care and the idea I put out there the public option which the governor was just talking about this idea is that you use Medicare or Medicaid without any insurance companies involved you could do it either way and the estimates are thirteen million people would see a reduction in their premiums twelve more million people would get covered so I think it is a beginning and the way you start and the way you move to universal health care this windows for you all of you on stage support a woman's right through an abortion you all support some version of a government health care option would your plan cover abortion mr. secretary yes it would I don't believe only in reproductive freedom I believe in reproductive justice what that means is that just because a woman or let's also not forget someone in the trans community a trans female this poor doesn't mean they shouldn't have the right to exercise that right to choose and so I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion more than that everybody in this crowd and watching at home knows that in our country today a person's right to choose is under assault in places like Missouri in Alabama in Georgia I would appoint judges to the federal bench that understand the precedent of roe v wade and will respect it and industry that make sure that we fight hard as we transition our health care system to one where everybody can get and exercise that right Senator Warren would you put limits on any limits on abortion I would make certain that every woman has access to the full range of reproductive health care services and that includes birth control it includes abortion it includes everything for a woman I want to add on that it's not enough for us to expect the courts to protect us 47 years ago Roe vs. Wade was decided and we've all looked to the courts all that time as state after state has undermined Roe has put in exceptions has come right up to the edge of taking away protection is up senator we now have an America where most people support Roe versus wave we need to make that thank you thank you

Political Science College Student Goes to Washington Model OAS

of the decision-making on Hamilton and that's been the high for this ever been since 2011 so the whole idea is still giving States their own opportunity tax so the penalties are completely based on what the states want to do I've also got some things going well talking to the people bouncing my favorite part I've enjoyed every second of meeting with people from all different backgrounds all different cultures studying for Columbia and the various policies and all of that that wasn't the hard part the hard part is understanding how every single other state within the OAS is going to respond the greatest challenge on there's been cubed situations a tourism between Venezuela and Colombia and the huge issue is going to be how are we going to address these concerns are they going to be head-on are they going to be pushed under the table I mean I originally came in as a chemical engineering major if you told me that I was going to be in Washington DC and sitting in on a model program and actually presenting policy that my colleagues universally were praising today I would say you were completely full of it that was that was never in my mindset but it goes back to the whole thing with false Birds one University a world of experiences where one day you know you're taking an exam you talk to your friends next day you're in DC with an authenticator itself mmm

US politicians ask Pompeo to clarify policy on Libya

as forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar moved on Tripoli the US Secretary of State sounded the alarm this won't be resolved through force of arms there's just no way that's going to take place we there's a UN process we've been part of that general Hrothgar has been part of that we urge general Hoffs are to stand down move back to the negotiating table so that we can get a political resolution Libya but then soon after the president picked up the phone and in a readout of the call the White House said President Donald Trump recognized Field Marshal heft our significant role in fighting terrorism and securing Libya's oil resources and the two discussed a shared vision for Libya's transition to a stable democratic political system that too many seemed like an endorsement including to the Democratic members of the Foreign Affairs Committee who have sent this letter to the Secretary of State writing the call has led to uncertainty regarding the u.s. position and that Libyan armed actors are using the confusion to continue the conflict they are urging him to clarify the country's position this is part of a broader fight for influence according to federal filings just last month half nars organization agreed to pay two million dollars to a u.s. lobbying firm to help improve his image in DC the White House says he has not been invited to meet with the president at the White House but they've said very little about which side of the conflict the u.s. actually supports members of Congress say that needs to change Hideko hain al Jazeera Washington