Pakistan to downgrade diplomatic relations and suspend trade with India

Pakistan has announced it will downgrade
diplomatic relations and suspend a bilateral trade with India and the
distributes over the territory of Kashmir the decision came at a meeting
of Pakistan’s National Security Committee on Wednesday Pakistan added
that it will also look into other areas other than dia trade when reviewing its
relationship with India the Indian government said on Monday it was
scrapping a constitutional provision that allowed the Indian administered
part of Kashmir to make its own laws

Sadiq Khan and Boris Johnson react to London Bridge attack

I’m mayor of the greatest city
in the world. One of our strengths is our diversity
but we do know there are people out there who hate our diversity and hate what
we stand for and try to seek to divide us. What was amazing about today
is we saw in the one individual, the suspect, the worst of humanity. We also saw in the response from
members of the public, but also emergency services. We are resolute. We stand united in the face of terrorism. We will not allow anybody to divide us. Anybody involved in this crime
in these attacks will be hunted down and will be brought to justice. First with the emergency services,
with the police, the bravery that they showed in going towards danger as they do. I also want to pay tribute to the extraordinary
bravery of those members of the public who physically intervened. This country will never be cowed or divided
or intimidated by this sort of attack.

“Russia should have the same kind of government as Ukraine…”

Hello, tell me please, how long are you planning to stay here and protest, errrr… against the refusal to register Moscow candidates for elections I’d say until it gets dark we will see how the situation will develop Aren’t you afraid that the tourist police, will be replaced by the riot police and the clean up will begin? That would be nothing unusual for Moscow, it happens every year. No problem And You yourself are from which electoral district? I, personally, am from Ukraine. You are from Ukraine? Why did you come? Because I think it is time that Russia has the same kind of government as is in the Ukraine. Change All that the officials steal Zelensky is no dealing with all of them It should be so in Russia too… Thank you

The Fragility of Good Government

it’s an enormous and very rare privilege to have lived in the days of good government across nations and centuries few people have ever done so by a rare bit of of luck certain groups in a few corners of the globe tasted decades of this remarkable anomalous blessing they might foolishly especially if they traveled little seldom read history books or had a very high estimation of their own populations they might even have started to assume it was a natural or god-given norm yet the default state of almost all nations is quite other it is authoritarianism bullying demagoguery corruption monopoly racial segregation and state-sponsored aggression and murder we will not now it seems be living in dramatically unusual times it was the years before that will be remembered as unusual a daring bet against the facts of our nature we are sliding into a new age of darkness we are reverting to a mean civilization was always simply an unlikely concept those who are afraid are typically reassured by optimism all will eventually be well the kindly tell them but we need stiffer darker council we should explore not what might ideally happen which leaves us oscillating painfully between hope and despair but what will happen if the worst comes to pass we need to make ourselves entirely at home with catastrophe looking at it squarely in the eye so it’s not to keep catching glimpses of it here and there and so taking fright and you every time we stand to see that whatever comes to pass will in a desperately reduced and pitiful form still be survivable a home could be built among the ruins there might be some sort of life to be led despite everything nothing is ever properly unbearable not least because we always retain access to the best escape route the stoic philosophers of ancient Rome those poor souls agitated beyond compare by the antics of their hysterical thin-skinned murderous Emperor’s would known to calm themselves down by holding up their veins to the light and calling out freedom knowing it could if it came to that all be over in minutes we shouldn’t be surprised by our fellow citizens this is what the human animal is really like very sweet at points from close up usually generous two small children and the elderly hard-working but highly prone to delusion tribal offended by strangers an inclined to rational analysis and with a fondness for slaughter and reckless messianic plans the elite routinely derided as out-of-touch and not so on the basis of forgetting how much milk or the rent costs rather on the basis of forgetting have dark and broken human nature really is there’s a natural longing to do something quickly and angrily there’s an equal longing to give up and hide the Council of quietism neither feels quite right neither endurance nor explosion the only true avenue is to commit ourselves to years of careful adroit plotting to bring about a renewal of that now ever more implausible dream a land governed for a little while longer by a spirit as fragile as crystal of wisdom and tolerance

Physics – Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Do you remember the Newton’s first law of motion? It says that an object will continue to do what it’s doing unless acted upon by an unbalanced force or some net force! Now the important question is what happens when there is net force acting on an object? That’s precisely what the second law of motion will discuss. Do you remember understanding the first law of motion with a simple diagram? If the forces are balanced the acceleration will be zero. In the first case, the object will continue to remain at rest. And in the second, the object will continue to stay in motion at the same velocity and in the same direction. Don’t forget. These two cases will remain true only if the forces are balanced. Only if the net force is zero. Now let’s try to create a similar diagram for the second case. If the forces are unbalanced, then there will be acceleration. We saw that in the previous video. And now we come to the interesting part! Let me ask you a question, and I’m sure you can answer it. On which two factors do you think the acceleration will depend on? I want you to tax your brain a bit. Let me repeat my question. On which two factors do you think will the acceleration depend on? Okay, let’s say there is an object on a table. You apply a net force of 10 units on it. And then you apply a net force of 20 units on it . In which case do you think the acceleration will be more? Of course the one in which the force was more. So we can say that one of the things the acceleration depends on is net force. If it’s more, then more will be the acceleration. If it’s less then lesser will be the acceleration. Acceleration depends directly on the net force. Come on, now i want you to think about the second quantity the acceleration will depend on. Let’s say there are two objects on the table. One has a mass of three kilograms, and the other has a mass of five kilograms. Now if you apply net force of ten units to each of them, which one do you think will accelerate more? Surely, it’s the three Kg one because it has lesser mass. Lesser the mass more the acceleration. And more the mass lesser the acceleration. Hence we can say, that acceleration depends inversely on the object’s mass. If you understand this concept well then understanding the second law of motion will be very easy. Mathematically, it can be written like this. In simple terms, the acceleration is directly proportional to the net force applied, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object. That’s the second law. Or as more people understand it like this. The net Force is the product of Mass and acceleration. With this can you tell me the units of force? That should be easy. The standard unit of mass is kilograms. And that of acceleration is meters per second squared. So the unit of force is, kilograms times meters per second squared. And this is what we call as Newton. One Newton is one kilogram times meters per second squared. So if the mass of the object is ten kilograms, and the acceleration is 10 meters per second squared, then the force will equal 100 Newtons. We can say that one Newton is defined as the amount of force required, to give a 1 kilogram mass and acceleration of 1 meter per second Squared.

NIETZSCHE ON: The Superman

The concept of the Superman is one of the strangest, most fascinating ideas in Philosophy. We find it coined by Friedrich Nietzsche in his book of 1883: Thus Spoke Zarathustra. On first hearing it, we can’t help but think of the action hero Superman, described by his creators as “faster than a speeding bullet”, “more powerful than a locomotive”, and “able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”. These are actually very good starting points. DC Comics were asking themselves what someone would be like who is physically far superior to all current human beings. Nietzsche is asking himself a very similar question; only, he’s interested in psychological qualities. In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche points out that evolution cannot be assumed to have finished. Human beings have evolved from apes, but, what is ape to man? He asks. In some respects, like imagination and science, we are obviously far superior to our ancestors. So how might people of the future be superior to who we are today? Nietzsche’s character, Zarathustra’s, task is to speculate about what the superman – the more advanced person of tomorrow – will be like. Nietzsche wasn’t interested in massively enhanced brain power, an ability to do hugely complex sums in one’s head, or to learn a language in three days. Rather, he was developing a crucial thought experiment: Suppose we were psychologically superior to people of today, what would we actually be like? What is the ideal kind of human being? And he came up with a very surprising and challenging answer – Nietzsche’s strategy for answering his own question was to identify the person he most admired, the person he thought had the best approach to life, and then hone in on the qualities that made this person the way they were. He was particularly impressed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe whom he regarded as the nearest anyone had yet come to being a superman. He also took some hints from Napoleon, Montaigne, Voltaire, and Julius Cesar. He concluded that Supermen are going to have some wonderful and sometimes unexpected characteristics. They will: make their own values; they will be very independently minded; they won’t ask “what do other people admire?” and follow along – they will carve their own path. Supermen accept that might need to hurt people in the name of great things. They can be selfish in strategic ways. “Greatness” for them will be about the reform of the humanity towards pagan values – – the values of Goethe. Supermen will never be resentful of the success of others; they will accept suffering as a necessary component of good things. They will understand that they’re hard to understand, and therefore, they may often be lonely. They will be gentle to towards the weak, out of consciousness of their own great strength. They will be a little bit wicked around sex by conventional standards. They will not be humble, but rather, delight in their own abilities. They will be interested in the practical application of culture to raise the mentality of society. Nietzsche thought we would be surprised and sometimes a bit shocked by his list. He thought we would be expecting that the super humans of tomorrow would be deeply compassionate, very egalitarian, uninterested in rivalry, and perhaps have ambitions to make breakthroughs in science. But Nietzsche was arguing something else: that maybe being great involve some qualities that were a bit disturbing; and also, that greatness means being interested in the salvation of mankind through culture. The word superman is useful for getting us to think about who we would like to evolve into. Each of us should, under Nietzsche’s guidance, have a sense of what we would like to be if we could be the super version of ourselves. The idea of the Superman helps us to refine our own ambitions.

Honest Government Advert | Dakota Access Pipeline

oil is life and sometimes you’ve just gotta grab it by the pussy That’s why we’ve team up with Big Oil and Big Banks to bring you the Dakota Excess Pipeline Once completed it will transport shit-tons of fracked crude oil to our refineries where it will go on to fuel our commitments under the Paris Climate Summit to not give a shit about climate change Safety is our priority Accidents with toxic oil carrying pipes like these only occur, well… like most of the time So where better to put one than under the majestic Missouri River where a leak will only poison the water source of millions of people downstream This glorious pipedream will also create thousands of local jobs (for a few months) The only thing standing between the Empire… erhm… the *Government* and total planetary habitat self-destruction is a rebel alliance of Native Tribes who’ve come together on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to peacefully protect the land and water for future generations Eww But don’t worry, we’re dealing with them in a culturally sensitive way enough wasting your taxes to invade countries on the other side of the world to get oil this folks, is the original American Way invading Native American lands to get stuff we want Sure we signed treaties to protect Sioux ancestral lands and burial sites But that’s never stopped us before Remember that time we discovered gold in the Black Hills? The Treaty of Fort Laramie sure as heck didn’t stop us from getting at it We even left a thoughtful gift carved into their sacred mountain to say thank you and remind them of us forever That’s the spirit were keeping alive today with the Dakota Excess Pipeline bringing you double the value by screwing both the past and the future in a single blow

President Moon to hold ‘candid talks’ with public through televised townhall meeting

South Korean president moon jaein will
hold a town-hall meeting with some 300 citizens this evening which will be
televised live on national television to mark the start of the second half of his
five-year term the South Korean leader will answer randomly selected questions
about his administration’s while explaining the direction of his policies we look forward to the peoples our
thoughts being delivered directly to the president we expect this forum will be a
place of unity and true interaction as we look for the right way to go based on
the president’s answers now Arirang TV will also bring you a live coverage of
the 100 minute long session starting from 8:00 p.m. Korea time we’ll have
interpreters ready for you to translate that into English now president moon
will not be informed of the questions beforehand meaning they’ll have to
answer them on the fly this makes a president mood the first South Korean
president to answer questions in such a format

Jeremy Corbyn promises free broadband for every home under Labour government

A taste of the kind of fresh,
transformational policies that will change your life. So here it is:
a Labour government will make broadband free
for everybody. [Cheering/applause] And not just any broadband,
but the very fastest, full-fibre broadband to every home
in every part of our country for free as a universal
public service. And once it’s up and running,
instead of you forking out your monthly bill, we’ll tax
the giant corporations fairly – I hope they’re listening to this,
we’re going to tax you fairly. That includes Facebook and Google. That will help to cover
the running costs of this. [Cheering/applause] This is a policy for the many. Making broadband free
and available to all will open up opportunities
for everybody. What was once a luxury is now
an essential utility. That’s why full-fibre broadband
must be a public service, bringing communities together
with equal access in an inclusive
and connected society. Fast and free broadband for all
will fire up our economy, deliver a massive boost
to productivity and bring half a million people
back into the workforce. It will help our environmental issues
and tackle the climate emergency by reducing the need
for commuter journeys. And it will make our country fairer,
more equal and more democratic.

Physics – Newton’s First Law of Motion

Imagine you’re sitting on a recliner chair watching your favourite movie on a lazy Sunday. And your mom calls out your name and asks you to run some errands. You can imagine how difficult it would be for you to get up and do the work. Imagine you’re practising for your 100 meters race on this track . And somebody asks you to stop immediately within a second. Will you be able to do it? What if you’re suddenly ask to turn towards the right? Will you be able to turn immediately? The answer to both the questions would be a NO. You can stop yes, but gradually. You can also turn but not sharply. And guess what it’s the same story with every object. Every object will continue to do what it’s doing . If it’s at rest it will remain at rest and if it’s in motion it will stay in motion. But what can change this? Yes only an unbalanced force can change this. If it’s at rest and an unbalanced force acts on it it will move. If it’s in constant motion and an unbalanced force acts on it it may accelerate or change direction. And this is nothing but the Newton’s first law of motion. Here’s the correct definition. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and the same direction unless unless acted upon by an unbalanced Force. In simple words, it means that the objects continue to do what they’re doing unless some external unbalanced force acts on them. We can also understand this using a simple diagram. If the Forces are balanced there can be two cases. An object may be at rest or an object will be in motion at a non zero constant velocity in a particular direction. These can be the only two cases when the forces are balanced. In the first case the object will continue to remain at rest. And In the second, the object will continue to stay in motion at the same velocity and in the same direction. Don’t forget, these two cases will remain true, only if the forces are balanced.. In the next video we will look at a few applications of the first law of motion.