Talking politics: A Thanksgiving guide to divisive conversations | Debra Mashek

Families are going to be gathering around
tables. Those families there’s no guarantee that
they’re all going to be thinking the same thing or believing the same thing and there
are basically three choices here. Either you charge right into the political
discussions and it blows up because you’re not necessarily prioritizing the relational
aspects of it. Number two is you could totally avoid politics
even though it’s on everybody’s mind. Everyone is tiptoeing around the eggshells. Instead we’re going to talk about what a
beautiful color the flowers are which also misses the opportunity to be known and to
really know with any depth or nuance the other people around the table. The third option is to actually talk about
the politics but to do it in a way that preferences understanding. So, seek first to understand and then to be
understood. That isn’t trying to reach agreement. You’re not trying to change anyone’s position. You’re just trying to understand where they’re
coming from. And the best tools for doing this are questions. Things like how do you see it. Can you help me understand how you came to
that perspective or hmmm, that’s an angle I haven’t thought about before. I’m wondering if you can unpack that for
me a little bit and tell me more about what’s there. Asking questions like I’m wondering is there
an experience that you’ve had that really convinced you about having this position. If you just keep asking questions chances
are you’re going to learn something about the people sitting on the other side of the
table – your parents, your siblings, your aunts, your uncles, the stranger somebody
invited over to dinner. And perhaps your mind will be opened a little
bit. You’ll have some thoughts you haven’t
had before. To me that’s the Thanksgiving blessing. So, last year we at Heterodox Academy created
this little postcard that we went out to people in our community and there was just a blessing
at the bottom. May your Thanksgiving table be graced with
intellectual humility and curiosity.

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  1. Sharing this to all my Yang Gang family!
    This is one of the few candidates my father and I have ever agreed on! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Don't forget #Pledgeforgumanity is December 1st!

  2. Good thing us sasquatches aren't really too concerned about politics way out here in the wilderness, so maybe everything will go smoothly

  3. Me to racist relative: "So how did you come to that realization that everyone who isn't white is bad? Didn't that go out with the Nazis and the KKK??!
    Happy Thanksgiving! 😉

  4. How to actually have a nice Thanksgiving dinner:
    -Just don't mention the trinity of divisive topics: Politics, Religion and Sex.

  5. Lol, go figure big think would hop on the “how to talk to your family on thanksgiving” bandwagon.

    How about accept that other people can have opinions, you love your family, now eat your food civily.

  6. Regardless of your political leanings, make Thanksgiving more entertaining by bringing four bottles of Trump brand wine or champagne.

  7. It's hard when people perceive me being married as a "political tool" or an "unsafe thing to show children."

    So this year, I'm going to a house where everyone there loves me, and I love everyone. We have different political ideals, but they see me as a person, and I don't have to be afraid of becoming politicized without even saying anything. It's not always as simple as "ask questions" when your aunt LITERALLY thinks I should be tortured for who I love.

    Edit: and it's SO HARD when I don't want to deal with being insulted and berated, so I leave, then my family is like "you're being so sensitive. Isn't family more important than opinions?"

  8. I have to say though…for an outsider , the way a load of the only familys in the us have problem with this…appears to be when you hav eheavely religious relatives or worse…siblings or parents ,that a ''why do you , can you elaborate , why ? ''etc…just is meet by what in my own circles would be called…kinder garden emotional arguemnets….at best :/

  9. Put a trump 2020 sign in your yard, wear a MAGA hat during dinner, and provide plenty of alcohol…just to make the event memorable.

  10. If everyone at the table is willi g to follow the advice of this video, they all have the same political alignment anyways so the advice is pointless.

  11. MILLIONS of Americans are saying this;
    "Before we start to enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner I would just like to say that I am no longer a miserable, I am now a conservative. So who wants to split the right wing with me, it's not as bitter as the left wing is. Let's eat!"

  12. This video: Thanksgiving, showing in the vid’s thumbnail how to stick with tradition by displaying a turkey corpse, to continue the cruelty and disease causing tradition of consuming animals and their secretions, being in the company of equally simple minded individuals.

  13. Yeah! Let's understand why brainless brainwashed socialists have exactly the same opinion about everything and never chang their minds no matter what!!!

  14. The BEST thing to do is avoid political conversations at the dinner table, ESPECIALLY if your relatives are leftist democrats.

  15. Thanksgiving marks the day that 700 ish native american women men and children were butchered by the english…. the meal was to celebrate winning… hidden history is fun

  16. If you're with bigots, don't ask them why they're bigots, no matter how promising you think your techniques are. You will be confronted with ignorance, narrow-mindedness, fear, and a disdain for evidence…not some deep "experience" like this video suggests.

  17. Talking about politics doesn't mean you don't care about your relationships lmao.
    If anything, it means someone truly cares since they're willing to talk about it.

    Another bad advice from "small think".

  18. I’ve never been at a thanksgiving table talking about politics. I guess I’m not American. We talk football food and fucking. The 3 F’s. Honestly…. why ruin it with shitty politics on both side??

  19. what if they are completely insane?
    Soros is trying to destroy the west through forced mass immigration of muslims!
    Ok.. so how did you come to that conclusion?
    Not gonna work. You can't talk with some people.

  20. Please address this subject
    The MS Media and MS News Media – overtly fosters the Public in fear, paranoias, and prejudices – and is applying "the Psychology of Advertising" to "Commentaries" and has a strong influence in Manipulating and Controlling the Viewer Base – it has created such a rift that it literally is at a level that can be considered a threat of treasonous act upon this country. They can evoke chaos at any point.

    "They" being the Global Elite which own 100% of the Associated Press and 95% of MS News. Also own the Federal Reserve Bank CORPORATION, and the Primary owner is the "Go to Source" for War Loans – (much much more in ownership than this)
    The 2 key persons are neither Citizens nor Residents of the USA.

    See also:
    Balfour Declaration
    Who own our Birth Certificates and trades on the daily on the NYSE?
    Who owns/manages/cashes the checks of the IRS

    Who established and owns the CIA?

    We absolutely do not have a Free Media and we are absolutely living in a silent Totalitarian run Society.

    They do not have Term Limits.

    2 most powerful tools for influencing the Public:
    Money/Currency – the Fed

    Please – where are the Real Journalists "?"

    Do something –

    Recommended Watch:
    "The Century of the Self"

  21. Just make the conversation more and more uncomfortable for the other participants. This will cause them to stop talking, leaving you the clear and obvious victor.

  22. I can't figure out why I still subscribe to big think they're obviously ran by a bunch of filthy demorats because only an idiot would put this up in a video.

  23. who the fuck would want to talk about all the sociopaths & psychopaths who keep trampleing us all down into the dirt under their jackboots, when your supposed to be having a nice time with your folks?!?!

  24. Just like charities, if politicians fixed anything they'd be out of a job.

    It's time to do something different. It's time to lead by example.

    The majority are fake and political identity is a common farce. It's really no different than religious identity or race identity. Heritage, tradition and culture are the bars of those mental prisons.

    just have your existential crisis with some dignity and outgrow pretending to know what you are. Watch all of my videos if you need help escaping the mental prison of pretend time. watch the playlist titled, watch in this order. The order is important. Best of luck to you, whatever the fuck it is, you are.

  25. 👎Shame on Liberal Google and U-Tube. 60 Minutes reviewed the archive of the over 300 plus Trump ads that were taken down by YouTube and Google for allegedly violating company policy. The archive does not state the specific reason why each video was removed. But based on their track record, should Google and YouTube really decide which political advertisements the American 🇺🇸 people see? So much for free speech on there liberal bias websites.

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