Talking politics over Thanksgiving amid impeachment

[Hunter] On a bright and sunny day in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia it’s Thanksgiving week in America. A time to consider the warm weather. The fall colours. And these days — surprise surprise Donald Trump. [Hunter] We’re with Canadian television… [Streeter] Okay… [Hunter] We’ve been in the impeachment hearings all week. Have you? Mhmm. [Hunter] What do you think? Well, I can’t say it on camera. [Hunter] Say it. Kick his ass out. Plain and simple. [Hunter] But here’s the thing about those impeachment hearings. Say any number of polls in this country they didn’t actually move public opinion much. As we found in Fredericksburg in an admittedly random and unscientific survey opinions on Trump are as divided as ever. Having soaked in all that testimony. [Streeter] I would still vote for Trump. In my opinion he hasn’t done anything that any other president before him hasn’t done. It’s just they’re calling more attention to him and there’s been other presidents that have done far worse. [Hunter] And on the other side of the Great Divide… Did you watch any of the hearings? [Streeter]I watched it a little of it. [Hunter] What do you think? I think he’s guilty. Pretty much. [Hunter] Did you think that before the hearings? [Streetre] Yes. Hunter] In other words, when it comes to Trump opinions are what they were. Still as we were reminded there was value in watching the testimony. [Hunter] What did you learn about your president? I learned that he’s a bully and that some people did not go along what he was doing and they told the truth. [Trump] And they’re pushing that impeachment witch-hunt… [Hunter] As ever Donald Trump has his own views on what America thinks of it all . [Trump] Everybody said that’s really bullshit. [Hunter] And the crowd cheered. But then again, it’s a Trump rally. Back on Main Street Fredericksburg thoughts on impeachment remain split. [Streeter] I think I should go ahead. Personally would rather see you know the election take place and have him being voted out. But I think he’s doing harm to the country. [Streeter] No, it’s just the other party trying to go ahead and bring him down. And they come up with different things just to go ahead and bring him down. [Hunter] All that said, there is something at least today on which all seem to agree. On this American Thanksgiving no politics at the dinner table. [Streeter] I’m actually not having dinner with one of my brothers in Richmond because of that. [Hunter] Because? …of the divisiveness in our family. [Hunter] Because of the current political climate? [Streeters] Three years of divisiveness, yes. It’s very sad. [Hunter] A feeling shared by most We met on a day they used to be able to set it all aside. Not anymore. Paul Hunter, CBC News, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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