The actions of the economically right wing people are anti-state occasionally

Now coming to the other side which is also
anti-state is the economic right. I don’t believe that libertarian economics
is, you know their view point it against sustainable. I thinks that’s entering kind of a thing
is absolute nonsense in my opinion. But right wing has started appearing to be
anti-poor. We have started to be appearing to be anti-poor,
anti-farmer and even anti-youth and this is, here we have to step back for a moment and
start rethink about positions that you can’t argue against the subsidized health and education
to the people. You might disagree with that even I disagree
with lots of things in that. But if you are a right wing person, and if
you really want to stop as you say that, you want to stop these missionary schools working
in the countryside, for goodness sake, give the people free education. If that all it needs to stop it. But I was talking to a person and he had to
go to a hospital for something for some emergency purpose and he had to pay 700 rupees fees
and 100 -200 rupees again for the medicines. It may be not a big deal for us. We can pay it. But for majority of the people in this country
they just can’t afford it and by the end, once the government starts a policy or they
starts a program where subsidized the health care, the right wing is there on the social
media, the newspapers and everywhere calling it free loaded economy, and these people is
the free loaders, for goodness sake stop doing it. If you believe in a nation, a nationalism
please stop calling your own people freeloaders. Of course, they are people who are corrupt
who are burden on the system, they take undue advantage but don’t call people free loaders
when they are being given subsidized food, when their education is being subsidized,
when their health care is being subsidized. Live in the reality as I say, as a conservative
look at the reality and these things are absolutely needed. These things are absolutely needed not onlyfor the poor, poorest of the poor but even the urban neo middle class. They just can’t afford to survive with such
high cost.

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