The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD

♪♪♪ That religion is just
absolutely uncalled for. We are just mere things
floating on a rock in space. (Neil deGrasse Tyson)
We are not only figuratively,
but literally stardust. You don’t have to go
to church on Christmas, and it is about being good, and that’s what all religions
are about anyway. (Ray Comfort)
Are you an atheist? Yeah. – Gonna kill yourself?
– Yeah, I’d like to. – So, you’re an atheist?
– Yes. I need to know
what to believe in. (Stephen Colbert)
Like, what happens
when you die? Yes, I don’t want to be
a bag of dust. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (Ray Comfort)
David, are you an atheist? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
When did you become
an atheist? Around age 12. Believing in God
makes no sense. To me, it’s the dumbest thing. It’s for people who can’t accept
the fact that they’re going to die and rot in the ground
like I’m going to do, and it gives them some relief
from that thought, because that’s not the nicest
thought in the world. (Ray Comfort)
Are you an atheist? Yes. – Yes, I am.
– Yes. – Yes.
– Yes, sir. – Are you an atheist?
– I am. – Yeah, I’m an atheist.
– Yes, I am. (Ray Comfort)
Alex, do you believe
in God’s existence? No, I do not. (Ray Comfort)
How long have
you been an atheist? I would say probably
since I was about 15 years old. (Ray Comfort)
So, you don’t believe
in the existence of God? No, not really. (Ray Comfort)
What happened
when you were 15? I started questioning things,
and I really just started to think about the logic
behind everything. For the most part,
we are not shown the evidence for there being
a higher power. If we were, I almost guarantee
that almost every atheist would immediately agree
to there being a higher power. (Ray Comfort)
Are you atheists? – Yes.
– Yes. (Ray Comfort)
Why? Well, I just haven’t seen
enough evidence I suppose. I grew up
in a Christian family and, just over the few years
during high school and as I grew up, I just realized that there
wasn’t a lot of evidence to support that belief system. (Ray Comfort)
Are you open to evidence? I think I am
open to evidence. It just would have to be
extraordinarily compelling, like out of this world
compelling. (Ray Comfort)
If you could be given evidence,
reasonable evidence, would you listen to it? Yeah, I would. (Ray Comfort)
You’re someone who has
no faith or no belief in a higher power or a creator,
but if you were shown evidence, you would change your mind,
because you’re open. Absolutely. (Ray Comfort)
Flick through the pages
of the book I just put on your lap. Look at the color pictures
and I’ll ask you a question. Do you believe that book
could happen by accident? That nothing produced
the color pictures in the book? That red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet ink
fell from the sky and formed itself
into those beautiful pictures, and then black ink fell
from the sky, or from nowhere, and formed itself
into coherent words, and sentences, capitals,
and periods, and commas,
making sense? Page numbers fell from the sky,
all in order, and then it bound itself
and formed itself into a cover without work? And there we have a book. Obviously, intelligent
design designed the book. – Wouldn’t that be correct?
– Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Can you see
where I’m going with this? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Tell me, what is DNA? (female)
What is it,
Deoxyribonucleic acid? And it’s what makes up
our bodies, and our cells, and everything
that makes us who we are. DNA is like
our biological code, kind of like
binary zeros and ones. Information about us,
who we are, what makes us us, parts of us, how we look,
how we’re built, everything like that. (Ray Comfort)
Your genes instructed your
cells how to make your eyes, and what color your eyes
should be and your hair and your height
and your personality. Scientists call it
the instruction book for life. Basically. (Joe Hanson)
Everything that you are
or ever will be made of starts as a tiny book
of instructions found in each and every cell. Every time your body
wants to make something, it goes back
to the instruction book, looks it up,
and puts it together. The book of you
would have 46 chapters, 1 for each chromosome. Each of our books’ 46 chapters is between 48 and 250 million
letters long. That’s 3.2 billion
letters total. This is the secret
language of DNA. This is the book of life. – Instruction book for life.
– Yes. – Instruction book for life.
– Yes. (Ray Comfort)
DNA is made up of genes,
and genes give instructions to the cells as to how
your body should grow. Did you know
that if those instructions, the instruction book
of your DNA, just your DNA, was laid out end for end, it would go to the sun and back
a number of times. That book of instructions
is so comprehensive. DNA is the genetic information
encoded in the cell of every living thing
that instructs our cells how to grow
and how to function. It’s our genes
that determine whether our skin
will be dark or light; have brown or blue eyes,
or red, or green, or yellow; have red hair,
be brunette, or blonde; be tall or not so tall; or the color of our feathers
if we’re a bird. Whether we’re humans, fish,
animals, insects, or plant life, the way our bodies look and
operate has all been pre-written in the amazing book of our DNA. (Ray Comfort)
What do you think
of the mentality of someone who believes a book fell
together without a book maker? Well, they would be crazy. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think a book
could make itself? No, I don’t. Of course not. No. – Utterly impossible.
– Yes. Anything could happen
by accident. (Ray Comfort)
I mean, from nothing. Um, wow. – Couldn’t happen, could it?
– I don’t think so. (Ray Comfort)
That’d be impossible. It would be like saying
an explosion caused everything that makes a 747 airplane to all just come together
by accident without some intelligent
thought behind it. (Ray Comfort)
That’s a good point. (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe DNA
happened by accident? No, I think that it developed
over the course of many, many millennia
of evolution and development. (Ray Comfort)
DNA exists
in every living thing. Its origins don’t matter. The fact that there is
intelligent information tells us there must be
an intelligent designer. Is this making you think? It is, and I do think about it
from time to time. It’s just–yeah,
it’s complicated, definitely. (Ray Comfort)
Well, DNA’s complicated, but the point I’m trying to make
is very simple. Book, book designer
or book maker. DNA, intelligent designer, God. – Does that make sense?
– Yes. – Are you an atheist?
– I am. (Ray Comfort)
What would you think
of the mentality of someone who thought a physical book
could make itself? I think they’d be silly. Of course it can’t make itself. (Ray Comfort)
What would you think
of the mentality of someone who believed
the instruction book for life, DNA,
made itself? Well, I think
it’d be silly as well. It would need investigation. (Ray Comfort)
That’s atheism. Absolutely. (Ray Comfort)
And what would you think
of the intelligence of someone who believed the instruction
book for life made itself? Low.
Low intelligence level. DNA happened by accident? Probably not too smart. (Ray Comfort)
DNA couldn’t make itself.
It’s impossible. – Does that make sense?
– Yes. – Is this making you think?
– Yes. (Ray Comfort)
And what would think of the
person who believed that DNA, the instruction book for life,
happened by accident? ‘Cause we’re not just
talking about human beings, we’re talking about
every form of life: fleas, cats, dogs, elephants,
cows, horses, trees, plants. Everything has DNA,
the instruction book for life, which makes the book
in your hand just seem feeble compared to
the infinite intelligence that must have put the instruction
book for life together. Can you see what I’m saying? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe DNA
happened by accident? I believe it could. (Ray Comfort)
Explain it to me,
how a program could make itself out of nothing on how to make
a human eye, giraffe’s eyes, elephant’s eyes, cats, dogs,
puppies, flowers, birds, trees. Every living thing has
DNA that’s so complex, it’s mind-boggling. There must have been a genius
beyond any human reasoning that put it together. And to say it happened by chance
is infinitely sillier than saying a physical book
happened by chance. All I’m doing
is reasoning with you. I’m not–I don’t want
to win an argument. I’m just saying I want you
to concede something that’s absolutely common sense. You’re an atheist,
so you believe the scientific impossibility
that nothing created everything? I mean,
it can’t be nothing. We all have to start
from some point. I wouldn’t say
nothing created it. There had to be something
there in the beginning. (Ray Comfort)
You like Richard Dawkins,
don’t you? Well, I mean, you know,
yeah, I like him. (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe nothing
created everything, a scientific impossibility,
which is what he believes? (Ray Comfort)
You don’t believe
in a creator of all things? If he says that, I think it’s
a very strange thing to say. (Ray Comfort)
Well, he says it. It’s insane. Nothing can create anything,
’cause it’s nothing. There has to be something
in the beginning. Nowhere in our history
of human reality has something kind of just
appeared out of nowhere. (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe that
nothing created everything? No, because nothing
can’t perform actions. That makes no sense. (Ray Comfort)
It’s a default position. If you’re saying
nothing created everything, then you’re agreeing
with Richard Dawkins. You’re mischaracterizing
Richard Dawkins, because Richard Dawkins,
I’m sure he didn’t say that. That seems ridiculous. (Ray Comfort)
Professor Richard Dawkins,
arguably the world’s most high-profile atheist,
believes that in the beginning there was nothing, and that
nothing created everything. As he attempts
to justify this belief, admitting that it
defies common sense, the learned professor
calls nothing something. Watch the reaction
of his audience. Of course it’s
counter-intuitive that you can get
something from nothing. Of course common sense
doesn’t allow you to get something
from nothing. That’s why it’s interesting. It’s got to be interesting
in order to give rise to the universe at all. Something pretty mysterious
had to give rise to the origin
of the universe. But exactly what’s meant
by nothing, but whatever it is,
it’s very, very simple. [audience laughing] (Richard Dawkins)
Why is that funny? (George Pell)
Well, I think it’s a bit funny
to be trying to define nothing. Richard Dawkins,
I’m sure he didn’t say that. That seems ridiculous. (Ray Comfort)
The audience reaction
confused the normally eloquent professor
because he’s not used to being the object of laughter. What he didn’t realize
was he was talking to people who were endowed
by their Creator with a virtue of common sense. This was just another case where
the emperor has no clothes. Someone should tell this man
who has deceived millions, “You’re talking foolishness.” (Ray Comfort)
Is that what you believe? I mean, it can’t be nothing. We all have to start
from some point. (Ray Comfort)
But there has to be something
that created everything. It just wasn’t God. Is that what you’re saying? Yeah. It’s just evolution, how things became
from one organism into many. (Ray Comfort)
But that doesn’t solve your
dilemma of the initial cause. There has to be initial cause. If there was a big bang
in space that, from there issued cats and dogs
and horses and cows, the sun, the moon,
the stars, the seasons, and all this marvel of creation
came from a big explosion, what caused the explosion, and where did the materials
come from for the explosion, and why is there such incredible
order from the explosion? Every explosion I’ve heard of
creates chaos, not order. That make sense? Well, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
This is what
you’re looking for. If you were looking for truth,
this is your information that you need to say,
“Whoa, that’s logical. How could all this design
from the atom to the universe and incredible order
just happen by accident?” ‘Cause an atheist
actually believes nothing created everything, which is scientifically
impossible. I’m trying to say, “Hayley,
I just want you to think.” You’re not just
a blob of nothing that came from an explosion which created order,
which is against nature. That means that you’ve got
purpose and meaning in the universe,
so it’s not altogether bad news. I just want a relationship
with whoever built me. This is too much, too weird
that it happened by accident. It didn’t happen by accident.
I don’t feel it did. (Ray Comfort)
In June of 2016, I interviewed
theoretical physicist Professor Lawrence Krauss
and asked him the same questions I asked
the university students. I was limited to only
asking questions, but he was very gracious
and it was an honor to meet him. Lawrence,
why are you an atheist? Well, you know, I don’t
call myself an atheist any more than I call
myself an a-leprechaunist. In fact, I don’t label
myself as -ist. The only -ist I might use
is a scientist, and that’s really
important to me, because as a scientist, I don’t accept things
without evidence, and there’s certainly
no evidence for God. And all the stories
about the different gods, as there have been
thousands of them, all seem equally ridiculous. There’s millions. Yeah, probably
at least millions. Are you open to evidence? I’m absolutely
open to evidence. In fact, I change my mind
all the time. That’s the great thing
about being a scientist. Unlike religion, we don’t assume
we have all the answers. In fact,
we ask the questions and we let nature
tell us the answers. I notice you picked up
this book before. Do you believe this book
could make itself? Let me give you
this scenario. That ink
fell on the pages? Colored photos just manifest
when ink fell out of nowhere? The sentences became coherent
with periods and commas? No, but–which is
one of the reasons why the way that the Bible
was written by humans, ’cause it didn’t make itself. There was some bunch of largely
literate Iron Age peasants who were trying
to understand the world, and didn’t know much
about science, and they wrote,
in different forms, books. Okay, so
the fourth question– Could a book arise
spontaneously from nothing? Absolutely. But could it make itself?
No. There’s two very
different things. Because you’re implying
design, intent, et cetera, which is what,
of course, you do. DNA is called
the book of life. Could DNA make itself? Well, see, that’s where
the question is ridiculous, because in fact, DNA doesn’t make itself any more
than a snowflake makes itself. A snowflake
is a beautiful, beautiful thing and it’s assembled
by nature. It doesn’t
make itself. It’s the laws of physics
and chemistry, polar molecules, that make this incredibly
complex, beautiful structure. Now, the same thing
with DNA. DNA is an amazing structure
and the laws of physics, chemistry,
and ultimately biology, which derives from that,
will, in principle, explain how DNA first arose. You give me
the laws of polar molecules and I’ll give you
a snowflake. There’s no intent,
no grand purpose, no design behind it,
even though they look designed. The illusion of design
is an illusion. (Ray Comfort)
Natural law
does indeed produce complex structures
like snowflakes, but the law that produces
that kind of complexity is simply the same
chemical reaction repeating over and over. That is not information. What’s stored
in the DNA molecule is specified information like the information found
in a book or a computer program. The fact that a book
requires an author and a program requires
a programmer is not an illusion. It is factual, as seen
in the real world around us. It isn’t apparent design,
it is real design, as any college student
can tell you. (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe
the instruction book for life happened by chance? No. (Ray Comfort)
So, it couldn’t happen
by chance, could it? No. (Ray Comfort)
So, where did
the intelligent information to selectively arrange the building blocks
of DNA come from? That know-how and forethought
does not exist in any of the materials
from which life is made, and the laws of nature
have no purpose for capacity to write a book
or arrange its pages. So, where did that specified
information come from? Its origin is certainly
supernatural. What Professor Krauss
completely overlooks is the external nature
of the information encoded into the DNA molecule, a complete set
of software instructions directing the formation and
reproduction of human beings, both male and female,
and all other living things. Bill Gates once said, “DNA is like a computer
software program, but far, far more advanced
than any software ever created.” (Ray Comfort)
Which came first,
the chicken or the egg? I’d have to say the chicken. – The chicken.
– What do you think? – The chicken.
– Chicken. – Chicken?
– Chicken. – And what about you?
– The egg. (Ray Comfort)
Egg, okay. – Was the egg fertilized?
– You got me. You got me there.
There ain’t no way. Maybe God
created the chicken, so then that’s how
the egg came. But you got me,
I don’t know. I didn’t think
that far into it I guess. Maybe most likely the chicken,
I would say. (Ray Comfort)
So, if the chicken came first,
it then laid an egg, okay? Was the egg fertilized? Hmm. Don’t know. – The egg.
– The egg? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
This chicken
that produced the first egg, was the egg fertilized? It would have to be. (Ray Comfort)
So, there’s a rooster? So, there was a rooster. (Ray Comfort)
So, there’s a rooster
and a chicken. Where did they come from? They all came from the stars. (Charlie Rose)
You said, “I am,
we are, stardust.” – Yes.
– What does that mean? For me, the most astonishing
fact is that the molecules that comprise our body
are traceable– are traceable to the crucibles
of the centers of stars. And we are not only
figuratively but literally stardust. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, so where
did you come from? I came from the stars. (Ray Comfort)
No, no, you came
from your parents. Ha ha, obviously I did, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Where did they come from? They come from their parents? – And where did they come from?
– From their parents. (Ray Comfort)
Right back to Adam. Correct. (Ray Comfort)
And Adam was created by God,
and He made male and female, and He made the birds of the air
and made them male and female so they could reproduces
after their own kind. Okay, explain this to me if you really believe
in evolution. Before it had eyes,
how did it see? ‘Cause the eyes
have to evolve, ’cause the thing’s evolving
from stardust. Correct.
So, they probably didn’t see. – They felt.
– Felt? (Ray Comfort)
Did it have a brain? Or it couldn’t have a brain
until a brain evolved. So, how did it think
to look for food? And where did
the food come from? And why did the food evolve?
And did they have lungs? Do you think
the chicken thing, before it evolved into chicken,
had lungs? I’m not too sure. It’s all about
survival instinct, so, you know. (Ray Comfort)
It’s not going to survive
if it didn’t have lungs. And if it breathed air, was the
air 20% oxygen as it is now? And why did the air evolve?
And why did it evolve lungs? And how did it survive
before it had lungs and see before it had eyes
and think before it had a brain and eat before it had
an appetite? Doesn’t really make sense
when you think about it, ’cause you go to translate that to elephants, horses,
cats, cows, human beings. Every living thing
apparently evolved from stars had to evolve eyes and ears
and a mouth and a nose and lungs and heart
and kidneys. Let’s go back to something
more simple regarding that first chicken
that came from the stars. Which came first in the chicken:
was it its blood or its heart or its blood vessels? Which evolved first? I do not know that answer. (Ray Comfort)
Well, if it was the heart, why did the heart evolve
when there was no blood? If it was the blood,
why did the blood evolve when there was no heart
to pump it around? If there were
no blood vessels, how did the blood get around
the body of the chicken to keep it alive if there was
no heart to pump it? (male)
I’ve always had the doubts. It’s like,
we’ve been here for how long and we still haven’t evolved, or what are we
going to evolve into? (Ray Comfort)
Can you think of anyone
that isn’t fully evolved, anything on earth? Dogs have four legs. They have a tongue
and eyes and ears. Everything’s fully evolved. People have–they don’t
have a half-evolved leg. You don’t see someone
with a semi-evolved leg or half an ear or half a nose,
half an eye, half teeth? Everything’s fully evolved,
’cause the Bible says when God created all things,
it was finished. So, everything’s finished. The fruits, the flowers,
the birds, the trees, the nuts, the giraffes,
horses, cats, cows, everything is fully finished. And what it does
is disproves evolution and establishes the Bible in saying that God
created everything fully finished
with the ability to reproduce after their own kind
as male and female. [singing in foreign language] ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (Ray Comfort)
Do you think God exists? A designer? I’m open to the idea, of course. (Ray Comfort)
Do you trust your eyes? To an extent, yes. (Ray Comfort)
Is there such a thing
as a sunrise? No, it’s an illusion. We move and thus giving
the illusion that the sun moves. (Ray Comfort)
So, there’s no sunrise,
no sunset. Don’t trust your own heart,
because your heart– your eyes will tell you there’s water on the highway
on a hot day. You’ll see it shimmering.
Well, do you stop? Do you wash and clean your teeth
or have a drink? It’s not even there.
Your eyes are lying to you. Any sleight of hand magician
will say don’t trust your eyes. And the Bible says, “He who trusts
his heart is a fool.” (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe
in God’s existence? In a sense, I guess. (Ray Comfort)
What sort of sense? I would say that there’s
some kind of governing unity that binds humanity and such,
but I don’t think of, I guess, a divine leader
or something like that. God itself can’t be described
as a person or a being. It’s more of a all-encompassing
energy if you will. – Like an energy drink?
– Yes, absolutely. (Ray Comfort)
You are a moral being.
You’re not like a dog or a cat. You care about
justice and truth. That’s why you’re upset
about little kids getting killed and molested, because you’re made
in God’s image. If you were a dog,
you couldn’t care less, but you’re created
in God’s image with a knowledge
of right and wrong. (Ray Comfort)
The reason most people
aren’t Christians is because of what’s
called idolatry. They’ve got a wrong concept
of what God is. Take Richard Dawkins.
Have you heard of him? Of course, yes. (Ray Comfort)
Richard Dawkins
is not an atheist, he’s an idolater. What an idolater normally does
is pick out the– like, treat God like a buffet. When you go to a buffet,
you take the nice things, the sweet things that you like. Well, an idolater
normally says God is merciful, love,
and kind, and they just create a false God
with no sense of justice. Richard Dawkins,
instead of doing that, he goes through
the Old Testament and takes the judgments of God,
the wrath of God, and he creates a monster with no sense
of mercy or justice. Richard,
in your books, you’ve been pretty scathing about the God
of the Old Testament. Let me just quote you, if I may. “The most unpleasant
character in all fiction. Misogynistic, homophobic,
racist, genocidal, megalomaniacal,
sadomasochistic,” and you go on. To argue for intelligent design
is one thing. To use it as evidence of the truth of Christianity
is another. (Ray Comfort)
Have I given you something
to think about today? I would say you have. It doesn’t change my viewpoint. (Ray Comfort)
This has given you
something to think about. But I don’t believe in God
or the Bible. (Ray Comfort)
Do you now believe in God? No. (Ray Comfort)
So, you’re still an atheist. You still think
the book made itself. (Ray Comfort)
Are you now no longer
an atheist? Yeah, I still am. (Ray Comfort)
You’re holding on to,
“The book made itself”? Why would you do that? (Ray Comfort)
Are you no longer an atheist? I would still go
as an atheist. (Ray Comfort)
You know in your heart
God’s exists. I know you know
for many reasons. One was, unlike you,
I was running from God too. And two, the Bible says God
has given light to every man, and when you put that light out,
when you dull that conscience and your inner knowledge
of God’s existence, Jesus said, “When that light is put out,
how great is that darkness?” You’re like a man who takes the batteries
out of a smoke detector ’cause he doesn’t like being
alarmed by the smoke detector. And all he’s doing is doing
himself a tremendous disservice, ’cause when he goes to sleep
and there’s a fire, there’s nothing
to warn him. And you’re going to go to
sleep without that conscience telling you what to do
’cause you’ve dulled it. You’ve taken the batteries out. And I’m saying,
let it be renewed today. Stir up your conscience. Think about your mortality,
your death. When the Bible calls
an atheist a fool, it doesn’t mean a clown
or a court jester. When it calls him a fool,
it’s because he’s denying the inner light
that God’s given to every man, the knowledge
of right and wrong. It says, “Their foolish
hearts were darkened and they embraced a lie
rather than the truth.” They believed a lie
rather than the truth, which is what atheism is,
it’s a lie. I’m giving you
evidence and facts. Just as a physical book,
by logic and reason, has a maker,
so the instruction book containing infinite wisdom
and intelligence and instructions beyond
any human comprehension is evidence of the existence
of an intelligent designer. But the reason you want to fight
it is the same reason a thief doesn’t want to phone
a policeman. The last thing you want
is God in your life because you love your porn, you love your premarital sex,
your fornication. In a sense,
I’m preaching to the choir because I know that you know
that the Creator exists. The Bible says
you’re given the truth by God, but you suppress it
in unrighteousness. You hold it down. Every single one of us know
that there’s a Creator, but we don’t know the truth
of Christianity, and that’s what we’re called
to do as Christians, bring the truth of Christianity
so that you can live forever. This Creator became a person and made it so you can
have everlasting life if you’re interested. If you’re not,
it’s your choice, but I know that
you want to live. So, the argument
for intelligent design isn’t to convince people
of the Christian message. It’s just to show them
the insanity of atheism. Isaac Newton said,
“Atheism is so senseless.” That’s the father of science. And it is. It’s senseless,
’cause you’re given senses: seeing, hearing, touching,
tasting, and smelling. Think of your taste buds,
how incredible they are, sitting there
waiting for food to come. They all rejoice
and leap for joy when there’s good food
and it gives you pleasure. And think of what
you’re able to look on, the flowers and the birds and hear the birds
in the morning and see the trees raising
their arms in praise to God and the blueness of the sky
and the warmth of the sun. That sun’s
93 million miles away. We’re spinning in space
1,000 miles an hour, round and round. We’re going through space
at 63,000 miles an hour. And that sun is sending rays
93 million miles, and it’s just warm enough
to ripen your tomatoes. (Ray Comfort)
This is very clear evidence. It’s like there’s
nothing to think about. It’s either
nothing made everything or something made everything. Some things made everything,
not something in particular, not one–like,
not one specific thing. (Ray Comfort)
You know what
you’re trying to do? You’re trying to get away from
moral responsibility to God. That’s really your argument,
and that’s what the Bible says. (Ray Comfort)
There has to be
an intelligent mind beyond human reasoning
to put DNA together. Does that make sense? That makes sense. (Ray Comfort)
So, why can’t we make the leap
from there across to saying, “Yeah, atheism can’t be true”? I don’t know, to be honest.
I’m not really too sure. (Ray Comfort)
Examine your motives.
There must be a hidden motive. Let me see if I can guess
what it is, okay? Let’s see if I can
put my finger on it. If you acknowledge
that God does exist, you’re admitting you’re
ultimately responsible to Him. I’m going right
to why you’ve got such a big problem with this. This is so simple.
Someone made the book. Someone created DNA. You don’t want to say
someone who’s intelligent, because you’re into porn, you’re into sex
with your girlfriend. It gives you
so much pleasure and you don’t want
to give it up. And if God exists,
then that’s going to put a big wet blanket
on everything. And that’s not an exciting
thought for someone who loves pornography
and fornication and all the things
that come with it, ’cause there’s
incredible pleasure in fornication
and pornography. And so what you do is
you deny the existence of God because it gives you license
to do those things without a feeling of guilt. If God does exist, wow,
you’re in big trouble, so what you do
is deny His existence. Am I touching a raw nerve?
Am I close? In a way, yeah. – Make sense?
– Makes sense. (Ray Comfort)
That makes sense.
I’m still an atheist. Makes sense.
I’m still an atheist. The book made itself.
It couldn’t make itself. – Can you see what you’re doing?
– Yeah, I’m lying to myself. (Ray Comfort)
Yeah. – Say that again.
– I’m lying to myself. (Ray Comfort)
The Bible puts it this way:
“And this is the condemnation, that the light
has come into the world, and men love darkness
rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil
hates the light and does not come
to the light, lest his deeds
should be exposed.” So, why don’t you check
your own heart and say, “Am I really
seeking truth here, or am I trying to run
like Adam did from God?” You know? Right. (Ray Comfort)
‘Cause it’s not–Andrew,
it’s not altogether bad news for an atheist
if God does exist. I’ll tell you why. It means that you are not just
a nothingness that happened because of an accident in space. It means you’ve got worth.
You’ve got purpose. There’s right and wrong. It means there’s a way past
the thing you have to face, this thing called death
that consumes everyone. (Stephen Colbert)
What do you worry about? – I mean, midlife crisis–
– I fear death. – Death?
– Yes. Okay.
Maybe you’ll go to Heaven. – You’ll die and go to Heaven.
– Okay, that’s–I need help. (Ray Comfort)
The Bible says that we’re
tormented by a fear of death, but we’re so proud
we don’t mention it because it makes us seem
vulnerable and weak. It’s very rare to speak of this
in private, let alone in public. I need to know
what to believe in. (Stephen Colbert)
Like what happens
when you die? Yes, I don’t want to be
a bag of dust. None of us are really sure of anything that happens
after we die. (Ray Comfort)
Oh yeah,
I’m absolutely sure, 100%. Fifty-four million people
a year die. A lot die young. And if God exists, then there’s
possibly a way past death. And I’m saying, man, there is. There really is. What you gotta do
is get to square one and soften your heart and say,
“Okay, this is evidence. I’m no longer an atheist. Tell me what you
want to say.” That make sense? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
The book that I handed
to the atheists is called, “Made in Heaven,” a publication that explores
32 modern inventions who designs were
copied from nature. Among other things,
scientists studied the shape of birds
to design an airplane, the mosquito
when creating a syringe, and the earthworm
in building the machine that dug the English Chunnel. In 2015, world surfing champion
Kelly Slater and his team of technicians
produced a man-made wave. They too copied nature’s design. They called it man made, but they actually used
existing water, existing ground under the water, and pre-existing laws of energy
to create the wave. It took years for a team
of very intelligent designers to create this one wave. (male)
I’m 100% positive
our team built the best wave
that anyone’s ever made. It’s a freak of technology. (Ray Comfort)
Here is their blueprint. The Scriptures say that God gave
the care of the earth into the hands of mankind and that He’s given us richly
all things to enjoy. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (Ray Comfort)
Of course, atheists
believe no such thing. They’re convinced
that all these pleasures came about by pure chance, that it was fortunate
that after the Big Bang, the earth just happened to form
and began circling the sun, that gravity also
came into being to keep us from spinning
into space. They believe it was fortunate
that the atmosphere formed itself around the planet
and that the sun ended up at just the right distance
to support life. It was also an amazing
coincidence that water appeared, and even more miraculously
that inanimate matter somehow came to life. And then, inexplicably,
that first simple cell reproduced itself
and became increasingly complex to create all the plant, animal,
and human life we see. They believe it was
just happenstance that over 1 million
species evolved with both
male and female, each with the corresponding
reproductive parts, and that thousands of different
types of trees evolved, and not only to furnish us
with wood to build houses, but to breathe in
our carbon dioxide and breathe out the oxygen
essential for our life. What a happy coincidence
that cows give us meat, leather, milk, cheese, butter,
yogurt, and ice cream, and that chickens give us
finger-licking good food and protein-packed eggs, and that sheep give us
wool and meat. Atheists also believe
that it was by chance that there are thousands
of delicious plants, fruits, vegetables,
and nuts that are beneficial
to the health of humanity. How kind God is to give us
all these things, and on top of that, to give us the ability
and the pleasure to reproduce
after our own kind. All the combined
atheists in the world, shaking their tiny, rebellious
fists at their Creator, are together like
a minuscule bug on the face
of this massive earth that is nothing but a tiny dot in an unspeakably
immense universe, created by Almighty God. (male)
I’m assuming
you study anthropology quite well to say this. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever heard
of an atheistic tribe? They always worship something,
a totem pole, the sun, or something, because God
has given light to every man. That’s because we, as humans,
we try to make sense of things that we don’t know, and that’s–
and most of the time, that’s where we make
our mistake. (Ray Comfort)
I couldn’t say that for them. I say they are making sense
of something they do know. They look at creation
or nature and know. Look at the order
of everything. We’re on a great,
big piece of dirt, flying through space
at 63,000 miles an hour, circling the sun once a year. Seasons come ’round,
winter, spring, summer, autumn,
every year. Everything’s clockwork. We can predict the sunrise
100 years from now to the very second because
there’s such order in nature. (Ray Comfort)
You know how many people
die every year? Millions and millions. (Ray Comfort)
Fifty-four million people
every year. People just like you and me
with a will to live saying in their heart,
“Oh, I don’t want to die. I love life.
It’s so precious.” And acknowledging
that God exists is the first step in that area. And to acknowledge
that God exists, you’ve just got to have
a humble heart and say, “Okay, I’m going
to be open.” You know the Bible’s full
of scientific facts that weren’t discovered
til thousands of years later? I didn’t know that. (Ray Comfort)
Yeah, it says the earth
hangs upon nothing in the book of Isaiah. Okay. (Ray Comfort)
That’s written 800 years B.C.,
which shows divine inspiration, because how could they know
in those days about the earth’s
free-float in space? The earth hangs upon nothing.
The earth’s free-float in space. Wash your hands
under running water before we understood
the diseases. Spoke of quarantining. It said the earth is round. It says in Leviticus the life
of the flesh is in the flood. We didn’t know that. You give your doctor
a vile of blood and he can tell you
how your flesh is doing, your whole body, tell you
what’s going on in there, ’cause the life of the flesh
is in the blood. You know something, I don’t
even want to get any older. I hope I got enough guts to get myself
out of this stinkin’ planet. (Ray Comfort)
You’re going
to kill yourself? Yeah, I’d like to. – Please don’t do that, Richard.
– No, no, if I– (Ray Comfort)
You’ve got worth.
You’ve got worth. There’s a reason
for your existence. Anymore–I can’t– (Ray Comfort)
Only as an atheist
you believe like that. Creation is enough
for you to know God exists. Conscience is enough to know
that it requires morality. The commandments condemn you. And the last thing
is conversion. All you have to do
is repent, trust Christ, and you’ll come to know God. And that’s the gauntlet
I throw right in front of you. I say, “Richard,
you’ve got nothing to lose.” You’re going to die. It could be tonight.
It could be tomorrow. Every year
54 million people die. What have you got to lose
but your pride? You think Hell exists? No, that I don’t. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, see if I convince you
of that, all right? If a man rapes your mother
and cut her throat, he should be punished. He should be. (Ray Comfort)
So, if you feel like that,
where do you get it from? It’s because you were
created in God’s image. God believes in right and wrong. He says He set aside a day
in which He’ll judge the world in righteousness. Think of a man like Hitler,
what he did. He slaughtered
11 million people, 6 million of them Jews. Men, women, and children
that were subjected to horrors beyond words. Hell is God’s prison,
the place where people receive justice without parole,
damned forever, which is a terribly
scary thought. This is the problem. We find it difficult to
reconcile God being good and He creating Hell. How can He be loving
and kind and good? I wrote a book called,
“Hitler, God, and the Bible,” and I studied the Holocaust
in research for the book and I saw things that just
made me weep, horrors beyond words. Young girls, teenage girls,
who were hung by the neck just because they didn’t agree
with the Nazi politics. They were called Partisans. They hung them with thin rope
to make it more agonizing, and as they were
in the death struggle, there’s pictures of Nazis
laughing at them as they hung
by the neck and died. And I thought to myself,
“If God is good, how can there not be a Hell?” There must be punishment
for wickedness. Does that make sense? Yeah, it makes
complete sense. (Ray Comfort)
So, what are you going to do
on Judgment Day? How do you think you’ll do?
Are you a good person? I don’t know that
I’m a good person. I don’t really lie,
cheat, or steal, so. (Ray Comfort)
You don’t lie? You know what?
Never mind. (Ray Comfort)
I’m going to move away from your intellect
to your conscience, all right? Okay. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think
you’re a good person? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think
you’re a good person? If there’s a Heaven, are you
going to make it there? Yeah. If there is a Heaven,
I hope I’d make it there. (Ray Comfort)
Where are you going
when you die? I don’t know. I believe
I’ll go to Heaven, but– (Ray Comfort)
Why would you go to Heaven? What did you do to merit
everlasting life? That’s the question. That’s the question. I–wow, I don’t know
what I did, but I– (Ray Comfort)
It must have been pretty big
to get everlasting life. Right? Well, wow, that’s interesting.
That is a big thinker. – Are you a Christian?
– I’m currently a Catholic. (Ray Comfort)
Have you been born again? I’m not sure what that means. (Ray Comfort)
Well, Jesus said
in John chapter 3, “Unless someone’s born again,
they’ll not enter Heaven,” so this is real important. It’s like the difference between
believing in a parachute and actually putting one on. Things are fine
until you jump, you know? So, the Bible says,
“Put on the Lord Jesus Christ,” and you do that
through the new birth. The only way you’ll see
a need to be born again would be probably the same way you see a need
to put on a parachute. If you didn’t want
to put a parachute on, probably the best thing
I could do for you is hang you out the plane
by your ankles for 2 seconds. You’ll come in and say,
“Give me that parachute.” (Ray Comfort)
Now, Hayley,
I’m going to change gears and just talk about
the same thing from a different angle, okay? – Can you handle that?
– Yes. (Ray Comfort)
You’re not going
to get upset? No. (Ray Comfort)
So, let’s do that. I’m going to hang you out the
plane for a second, okay? (Ray Comfort)
Hayley, do you think
you’re a good person. I do. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think
you’re a good person? I mean, I think so. Yeah. I would like to think so. I’m a good person. I think I’m a very
good person. – What about you?
– Sure. (Ray Comfort)
How many lies do you think
you’ve told in your whole life? Too many. Ha-ha,
plenty of white lies, but I don’t think
anything serious. I’d say about 1,000. Thousands. (Ray Comfort)
The download of music off
the Internet that’s not yours. Say, from, like, a website? Then yes. Music off
the Internet’s stealing. Yeah, it certainly is. – You ever stolen something?
– Not really. (Ray Comfort)
Come on.
What do you mean not really? Sort of half a diamond? (Ray Comfort)
You ever stolen something,
even if it’s small? Yeah. – We’re all sinners.
– You’ve lied and stolen? I’ve lied,
but I’ve never stolen. (Ray Comfort)
You ever downloaded music off
the Internet that’s not yours? Yes. – That’s theft.
– Yeah, ha-ha-ha. Yeah, I’ve stolen. (Ray Comfort)
You’ve got a multitude of sins.
You’re just like me. Every thought you’ve had
that’s been godless, you’ve stirred up as wrath. (Ray Comfort)
Jesus said if you look
at a woman with lust, you commit adultery
with her in your heart. – Did you know that?
– No. (Ray Comfort)
Do you lust after women? Sometimes. – Look at pornography?
– No. (Ray Comfort)
Tell lies? All the time. (Ray Comfort)
Ha-ha, so you do look
at pornography? No. I mean, everybody does. It’s not like
nobody does, but– (Ray Comfort)
So, you do? Yeah, sometimes. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever looked at
a woman with lust? All the time. The thing is, about that,
I do have trouble with that, with that concept,
with that idea. Because this is now no longer
a sin of what you do, but rather what you think. It’s a thought crime. (Ray Comfort)
You think murder, God says
you’ve committed murder. You think adultery,
you’ve committed adultery, ’cause God considers the desire
the same as the deed ’cause He knows you’d do it
if you had a chance. Lady next door says,
“Come on over, honey,” you’d be over
like greased lightning if you had the opportunity. God knows. He knows the thoughts
and motives of the heart, because we love darkness
and hate the light. (Ray Comfort)
Do you look at pornography? No, I have a girlfriend,
actually, and she’d be really [bleep]
if she found out. (Ray Comfort)
You ever look at pornography? I’ve looked at
pornography, yeah. Treated women like candy. You didn’t ask me that
at first. You asked me do I currently,
and I said no. (Ray Comfort)
You don’t need to,
because you’re fornicating. True. (Ray Comfort)
Have you had sex
out of marriage? Oh yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever used
God’s name in vain? Yes. – What about you?
– Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever used
God’s name in vain? Absolutely. – OMG.
– Then yes. – Oh yeah, all the time.
– That’s blasphemy. (Ray Comfort)
Jesus said
if you look with lust, you commit adultery
in the heart. – Have you ever done that?
– Absolutely. (Ray Comfort)
So, Hayley, I’m not judging
you, but you’ve just told me you’re a lying thief,
a blasphemer. (Ray Comfort)
Fornicator, an idolater,
an adulterer, and you’ve violated
all His commandments if you study them. It comes so naturally to me. (Ray Comfort)
That’s exactly
what the Bible says. We naturally do
that which is wrong. He made me that way! (Ray Comfort)
You can’t blame God
for your own moral– If He made me
with a sinful nature, then how is He
going to blame me? It’s like you make a car
and it doesn’t run, and then you get mad
at the car. (Ray Comfort)
No, it’s not, ’cause a car
isn’t a moral agent. You’ve been given a conscience.
You know right from wrong. “Con” is with,
“Science” is knowledge. So, every time you have
fornicated, lusted, looked at pornography,
lied, or stolen, you’ve done it with knowledge
that it’s wrong. (Ray Comfort)
So, Leigh, you’ve just told me
you’re a lying thief and– A blasphemous
adulterer at heart, and that’s only four
of the Ten Commandments. You have to face God
on Judgment Day, whether you believe
in Him or not. Well, now you believe. If He judges you by the Ten
Commandments on Judgment Day, do you think you’d be
innocent or guilty? Guilty. Most likely guilty. I suppose guilty. I would be 100% guilty. I’d be guilty
just like everyone else. Everybody does bad stuff, so I would be guilty
of those things. – Heaven or Hell?
– Hell. Hell. Well, if there is a Hell,
I would say I would be making my way
down there. Hell. Hell. Hell. – Does that concern you?
– A little bit, yeah. How can He let
some of the stuff happen that we wouldn’t let happen. We’d go to jail
for doing certain things that he lets happen. Why doesn’t He have
a little more– show a little more compassion? (Ray Comfort)
When you look at what
happened in Nazi Germany, instead of saying, “If God is good,
how can He create Hell?” you’ve got to come out saying, “If God is good,
how can there not be a Hell?” There must be retribution
for murder and justice. And the Bible says
God is so good, He’s going to punish
those murderers, but He’s going to punish
rapists and thieves and liars
and fornicators. He’s going to punish sin
wherever it’s found because He’s good. (Ray Comfort)
The Bible says lying lips
are abomination to the Lord. Lying is incredibly–
so is blasphemy. Using God’s name as a cuss word. I would go to Hell. (Ray Comfort)
Does that concern you? It does, but at the same time,
I would hope that if there is a God,
that He would be understanding that I am doing my best to try and be the best person
I can every day. (Ray Comfort)
Well, you’ve blown it
like the rest of us. It’s like standing in front
of a judge and saying, “Judge,
I raped that woman, but I’m really trying
to be the best I can.” It’s already done. The judge is going to
throw the book at him. (Ray Comfort)
Would you go
to Heaven or Hell? Hell. (Ray Comfort)
Does that concern you? If it was real. (Ray Comfort)
It is real. I know it’s real. You know it’s real. God’s given you knowledge
of His existence. Look at the genius
of His hand all around you. Your eyes have got 137 million
light-sensitive cells. Human beings can’t make
an eye from nothing. Just think
of the complexity of life. You’re not even in control
of your life. Do you realize that? You can’t stop
yourself blinking, thinking, breathing,
dreaming. Your bodily functions happen
irrespective of your will. You can’t help but go
to the bathroom every day. You can’t help
but go to sleep at night. You can’t help
but blink and breathe. All these things are set
in motion by God, shaped by your DNA. Your height,
the color of your hair, the color of your eyes,
your personality were all written
in the instruction book of life the moment
you were conceived. And within that psyche
that you have, there’s a will to live. Something in you says,
“I don’t want to die.” You’re not an animal. You’re not a dog
or a cat or a horse. You’re a human being
made in the image of God with a knowledge
of right and wrong, given a conscience by God which is society-shaped
but God-given. You know right from wrong,
and so on Judgment Day, you can’t say,
“I didn’t know.” You’re a human being.
You’re aware of your existence. That’s what human being means.
You’re aware of your being. And so, something in you says,
“I don’t want to die.” It’s self-preservation. The Bible says Jesus Christ
has abolished death. Now, if that isn’t true,
we shouldn’t look into it. But if there’s one chance
in a million that it is, your good sense should just
open your heart and say, “I’ll check it out.” Does that make sense? I hear what you’re saying. (Ray Comfort)
Now, do you know
what God did for guilty sinners so we wouldn’t have
to go to Hell? Any idea? Umm. He–oh gosh. I don’t think I know. Uh-uh. I don’t know. No. Would you mind telling me? (Ray Comfort)
Who could help you?
Nobody. Buddhism can’t help you.
Islam can’t help you. Hinduism can’t help you. Being religious can’t help you.
Being good can’t help you. You are hopeless. The only thing that
can help you is God’s mercy, and that was extended
through the cross, through the Savior. There’s no one on the face
of the earth that can help you. The Bible says, “Neither is
there salvation in any other. There is no other name
under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.” That’s why Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth,
and the life. No man comes to the Father
but by Me.” You have no choice. There’s only one
parachute being offered, and that’s the Savior
Jesus Christ. And the Bible says,
“Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” Jesus of Nazareth,
a perfect, sinless man who gave His life
on the cross. Now, you probably know that, but you may not know
the legal implications. God’s a judge. The Bible paints Him
as the ultimate judge, the habitation of justice. You and I are criminals,
called sinners, because we’ve violated His law,
the Ten Commandments. We’re heading for God’s prison, a place called Hell,
without parole. We’re under the death sentence, but Jesus stepped in
and paid our fine in full. If you’re in court,
even though you’re guilty, if someone pays your fine,
the judge can say, “This person’s guilty,
but someone’s paid his fine. He’s out of here.” And he can do that,
which is just. Well, the Bible says God
can let you live forever because Jesus paid the fine
in full on that cross. When He was on the cross,
He cried out, “It is finished!” On the cross,
that was His last words. In other words,
the debt has been paid. That means God
can legally grant you the gift
of everlasting life. And then He died and then
rose from the dead three days later. And what you have to do
to have your case dismissed, to walk out of God’s courtroom and be gifted
with everlasting life because God’s merciful,
is repent of your sins and trust in Jesus
like you trust a parachute. If you ever
jump out of a plane, don’t just believe
in the parachute. Put your faith in it.
Put your trust in it. And that’s what you must do
with the Savior. You repent and trust in Christ. You don’t have to get religious
or do good works. It’s a free gift of God. And the second
you do that, Andrew, God will dismiss every sin, all those secret sins,
the imaginations of your heart, those sexual ones
you thought no one saw. God saw them and you
stirred up His wrath. If you stand in front
of a judge and say, “Judge, I raped that woman. Very serious crime, but I want to to tell you
I do a lot of good things,” judge is going to say,
“What are you talking about? You’re not going to be judged
by what you do that’s good. You’re going to be judged
on the crime of rape. You’re going to prison, buddy.” The judge won’t judge you
on your good works, and God’s exactly the same. Good works are irrelevant. We can’t bribe God to forgive
our sins and let us live. All we can do is throw ourselves
on the mercy of the judge and say, “God, forgive me.” But the Bible says
God is rich in mercy and He provided a Savior, and He’ll forgive you
in a second because of what Jesus
did on the cross. It’s called grace,
and it’s amazing. The Bible says God is rich
in mercy and He can save you by His grace,
His unmerited favor. He can extend it to you. You don’t have to go
to church on Christmas, and it is about being good, and that’s what’s all religions
are about anyway. Be a good person. You don’t think all religions
have the thing of, “Be a good person”? (female)
Not Christianity. It’s about by grace,
through faith. What? By grace, through faith
you’ve been saved. (Ray Comfort)
It’s called amazing grace. Grace is God’s unmerited favor, and when you repent
and trust Christ, everlasting life is a free gift
and death has no hold on you. See, your beliefs
are so imperative. You may not think beliefs
are important, but if you’re walking
along a path and you believe there’s a land mine
in front of you, your belief
will govern your steps. If you don’t believe,
you’ll walk right onto it. So, what you believe
certainly does matter. And if you believe you’re
a good person when you’re not, you’re a lying thief,
and a blasphemer, adulterer at heart,
you won’t repent. So, that’s the basis
of all religion. They think they can do something
for everlasting life: face Mecca, pray, fast, repent,
lie on bed of nails. They think they can earn
eternal life from God, merit His favor,
and yet it can’t be done. I just want to say, Richard,
I care about you. I love you. I want to see you
on Judgment Day in heaven. I don’t want to hear of you
being in Hell. Nothing would grieve me more, ’cause you have a multitude
of sins, and God’s rich in mercy and will forgive you
if you’ll humble yourself, repent,
and trust in Him. Am I going to be bored
in Heaven if I make it there? – No.
– I won’t be bored? (Ray Comfort)
Let me tell you,
Heaven is not people with wings sitting on crowds
playing rusty harps. That’s ridiculous. God promises were going to
inherit this earth without the Genesis curse. No more earthquakes,
no more hurricanes, floods, disease, pain,
suffering, and death. He’s going to give it
to the meek. The meek’ll inherit the earth. So, when we talk of Heaven, we’re going to have
Heaven on earth, where the lion will lie down
with the lamb, the swords will be changed
into plowshares. No more wars,
no more murder, rape, kids being molested,
no more sin. And you can be part
of that kingdom if you repent
and trust Christ, and I want you to ’cause
I care about you, okay? Well, I’m a total
stranger to you. Why do you care about me? (Ray Comfort)
‘Cause I love you.
I’m a Christian. I’m not filled with hate
like some religions. This is more serious
than a heart attack, so please don’t put it off. Just give it serious thought as you lay your head
on your pillow tonight. Listen to your heart beat
in your ear and realize if that heart stops,
you’re suddenly in eternity facing a holy God
without a Savior. You’re jumping
without a parachute. So, I want you to consider
those thoughts, because there’s nothing
more important than where you’ll
spend eternity. My heart breaks for you.
You’re 18. You’ve got your whole life
ahead of you. You don’t know
when you’re going to die. You’ve got temptations
everywhere to do wrong and God offers you
everlasting life. And the Bible says, “Remember your Creator
in the days of your youth.” Don’t put it off, because
you’ll become self-righteous and harden your heart
to the Lord. When you’re tender and soft, when you’re thinking
about these things, just cry out to God
in humility and– God’ll forgive
your sins in an instant. You don’t have to get religious
or do good works. It’s a free gift of God. Did the information
I gave you about DNA make you think deeper? Yes, it did. Absolutely. (Ray Comfort)
Are you now
no longer an atheist? I suppose when you present to me
the technical definition, I would say no. I am open. When you came up to me
and said atheist, that’s what I identify as, but I believe
that there are things that probably
can’t be explained and it is possible that,
you know, there’s a Creator. I’ll definitely consider this. This will leave
an imprint in my mind. It’s definitely made me
think about it. It’s been eye-opening. (Ray Comfort)
Do you now believe
in God’s existence? Yes, I do. (Ray Comfort)
But have I given you
proof today that there is an intelligent
designer behind DNA? True.
Yeah, you did. For lack of a better word, yes,
I am no longer an atheist. I’m no longer an atheist. (Ray Comfort)
Does this make sense? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
So, Andrew,
if you were to die today and God gave you justice,
you’d end up in Hell. There are two things
you have to do to be saved. You gotta repent
and trust in Jesus. When are you
going to do that? As soon as I have
a strong, firm belief and I’m ready to adhere
to what God would like me to do. – Does this make sense?
– Very much, yeah. – Yes, it does.
– Yes. – Yes, it does.
– Yeah. – Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
You going to think
about this? Yeah, I’ll think about it. (Ray Comfort)
You going to think
about this? Yeah, definitely. Yeah, it was really informative.
Thank you, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
You going to think
about this? I definitely will. (Ray Comfort)
Has this made
you think today? It definitely has.
It definitely has. I’m glad to talk with you,
because I think I’m sure you’re a lot more intelligent, or somewhat more
than the average person I talk to about religion. (Ray Comfort)
You going to get right
with God today? – Is that what you’re saying?
– Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
So, you’ll come to the Lord,
just apologize for your sins, put your faith in Jesus and then pick up that Bible
and read it daily and obey it and God’ll never
let you down, man. This is more serious
than a heart attack, so today would be the day. And please don’t feel
pressured by me. It’s your life
and it’s your will, but it’s just a matter
of saying: God, you gave me life.
You gifted me life. I’ve used your name
as a cuss word. I’ve sinned against you.
I’ve violated your commandments. Please forgive me
and transform me and grant me the gift
of everlasting life. It’s gotta come from your heart.
I can’t pressure you. – Does that make sense?
– Yes. (Ray Comfort)
When are you going
to do that? Almost immediately. (Ray Comfort)
You serious? Yeah, I’m serious. (Ray Comfort)
You realize
what you’re doing? You’re giving up your will. You’re saying, “Not my will,
but Yours be done. You gave me life.
I’ve sinned against You. Please forgive me.
And I yield my life to You.” (Ray Comfort)
Things are going to
change from now on? Yeah. – You serious?
– I’m serious. I will take
a closer look at God. (Ray Comfort)
You really mean that you’re
repenting of your sins and trusting alone in Christ? Yes, I am. I would like to go
to church actually. (Ray Comfort)
So, please think about this.
Will you at least do that? Sure. – Do you have access to a Bible?
– Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
You have over
20,000 on your phone. – Did you know that?
– That’s a good selection. (Ray Comfort)
So, when are you
going to get right with God? I guess as soon as I can. (Ray Comfort)
You mean, like, today? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
You realize
what you’re doing? You’re laying down your will
and you’re saying, “God, I’m not going to
play the hypocrite. I’m going to repent of my sins
and trust alone in Christ.” – You understand that?
– Yes. (Ray Comfort)
You must repent and
trust alone in Jesus. When are you going
to do that? Tonight. (Ray Comfort)
When are you going
to do that? As soon as possible. – Like today?
– Yes. (Ray Comfort)
The Bible says,
“Today is the day of salvation,” so don’t even presume that you’ve got
til tonight, you know? Just, in the quietness of your
heart, say, “God, I’m a sinner. I’m a rebel. Please forgive me,”
and He’ll do so the instant you put
your faith in Christ. That’s what a Christian is,
someone who’s given up the rebellion and says, “Lord, I surrender to You,
and I’m going to obey and love and serve You
from now on.” Is that what you’re saying? That’s what I’m saying. (Ray Comfort)
Can I pray with you? Of course. (Ray Comfort)
Father, I pray for Augusto,
that this day, he’ll truly repent,
be genuinely sorry for his sins, and trust in You, and pass from death to life
because of Your mercy. (Ray Comfort)
You can’t help
but blink and breathe. All these things are set
in motion by God, shaped by your DNA. Your height,
the color of your hair, the color of your eyes,
your personality were all written in the
instruction book of life the moment
you were conceived. Nearly 3,000 years ago,
the psalmist wrote that when he was conceived
in his mother’s womb, before he was even formed,
every part of his very substance was written in a special book. “For You formed
my inward parts; You covered me
in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am
fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works. Your eyes saw my substance,
being yet unformed. And in Your book
they were all written.” ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Thank you so much
for watching, “The Atheist Delusion.” We hope that you
not only enjoyed it, but that you see its potential
to reach millions with the message
of everlasting life. Please take a moment to share
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Likes, and where he posts and responds
to comments daily, and many more resources
that’ll inspire and equip you as you reach out to others with
the gospel of everlasting life. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

100 Replies to “The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD

  1. One of the biggest errors of our generation is that they take counsel from celebrities. They are inspired by the worst fools and it's ridiculous.

  2. All these fools are just pitiful honestly. They have done wickedly. They shall be punished. It's inevitable. They don't understand this. They won't comprehend until they realize they'll never rest again.

  3. You can just tell who’s a atheist or christian just by the way they write “God”.

    Atheists: “god”

    Christians: “God”

  4. Atheism is the cult of pride.

    Psalms 10:4

    “In the pride of his face the wicked does not seek him; all his thoughts are, “There is no God.”

  5. My son went to Santa Monica to street witness with you Mr. Comfort. He just gave me your video. You're doing wonderful work.

  6. Atheists are crazy, they live in denial, but this was so beautiful at the end when they finally opened their eyes to the truth. I just watched this video with my 14 year daughter, I hope all parents show their kids this, is very important we warn our teenagers about the deceptions of this world, she had told me in the pass how in school they were watching videos of evolution and how we came to be… a lot of these kids on this video came from Christian background but we all know how the world can deceive and specially these “intellectuals” teachers that obviously the young people look up to, it’s so easy for them to be brainwashed.

  7. Why would an all powerful god use a medium that we know only humans create (books) to communicate his message? Why would someone’s first inclination be to think this one book out of the millions human beings create is different?

  8. Why does Ray Comfort have all the same features as a chimpanzee, like a thumb on both five fingered hand, two eyes above a centered nose above one mouth, two arms and two legs, circulatory system and nervous system and a brain firing neurons and synapses inside a skull and currently useless nipples on his breasts and all?

    It’s prob cuz some unknowable being assuredly outside of the entire known universe just inexplicably made it that way.

  9. One of the most important movies ever made. The Soul Lure system is a creation of Satan, but other than that it's dead on!

  10. Let's break down that first argument, also known as the Watchmaker argument. It goes as follows:
    -Something as complex as a book, watch, painting, etc. is complex and has a conscious creator, willing to make it.
    -We currently do not know where the universe came from, however it is complex.
    -Due to this, there must be a conscious creator willing to make the universe that caused the universe.
    However, this assumes that because something is similar in some way or another to something different it must share everything else or some cherry picked part. IF the argument above was true, then you could reasonably state this:
    -Pizza is complex and has a conscious creator, willing to make it.
    -Apples are complex.
    -Therefore apples have a conscious creator fully willing to make apples.
    Do you see the fallacy here yet?

  11. Thanks so much for this beautiful and so needed work. Many need those words and facts to realize God is not only wise words written in the Holy Bible but also everything that surround us. And thank you so much for translating the video into Spanish !!

  12. Where did all the materials come from to assemble all this universe is comprised of?
    Why would god give us sexual organs then condemn us for enjoying them?
    Why would god allow satan to pervert his creation?
    GOD should REBOOT this mess called HUMANITY !!!

  13. truth + love. The transcendence of the Lord breaks down all walls. the moment when you see the person's face drop when they in that moment have opened their heart and God has touched their heart and they then see and realize the love of the Lord, just incredible.

  14. Watch more of rationalityrules to ubderstand many of the fallacies used in "the atheist delusion"

  15. Abundant complex creation is plenty of evidence of the Creator.
    Defining God down is all about justifying anti-God lifestyles.

  16. 19k dislikes are from people who are from this religion …..uh what was it called ….something like
    Atheism ….be proud of ur religion

  17. The fact that you can transform “nothing” into anything – like spontaneously arisen data into a comprehensive, iridescent program that renews itself – is a supernatural phenomenon.

  18. Growing up I always thought scientists were so amazing but now that I can think and research things for myself the more It seems they're just as lost as me lol 😂

  19. He misrepresents everything, we can detect design from the natural, because we know that WE design things. If we didn't, we couldn't rationally tell if anything was designed. This idiot doesn't even seem to know what an Atheist is. And, I'm sorry, but the Atheists he interviews in this video, are clueless, except for Krauss, Scientists dont believe everything came from nothing, his version of nothing, is not the scientific usage of the word "nothing", the nothing they are referring to, is particles popping in and out of existence, it's not nothing. The banana man is misrepresenting the entire argument, because he has an agenda, or he is actually really ignorant, either way, he is wrong.

  20. The problem with almost everyone is they don't know what atheist actually means and only comprehend it based on what its been "refined" as meaning. Atheist means without God. Non-theist means No God. You can live a life without God as a justification for how you conduct yourself (behave), but it does not mean a lack of belief. Non-theist does mean a rejection of existence or necessity. An Atheist can believe in a God of some sort while denying any one particular theological view is of any validity. Agnostic has no theological context and simply means "without knowledge" and is simply an admission of "uncertainty" just as gnostic means knowledge as in a claim of certainty. Theist also does not mean a monotheist. That's why theist is applied to such things as mono-theist, poly-theist, pan-theist, a-theist, and so on. Deist and Theist really are just word plays as they mean the same thing "a Deity" of some kind but Deism is often categorized as something separate from theism when what is being defined is Agnosti-deism or "a deity we cannot be certain of", other than it created everything and then left it alone. Its the lack of education in these matters in this subject called collectively "Theology" which is the research and study of these terms and their secondary related "Philosophies" that so many of these people like Dawkin's and others play off of, and unfortunately less noble "teachers and preachers." Theology use to be a required feature of higher learning in a general education sense. Now its not. And this is also why there is such a massive push to remove Philosophy from higher education institutions since theology is part of the content under the claim it doesn't contribute anything anymore to science despite it is fundamental to the history of the sciences. PS, Blasphemy means to slander, as in making a false accusation and saying OMG is not blasphemy. The word of the Christ saying Lust in your mind after a woman does not mean its wrong to be attracted to a woman. It means to look at her as nothing more than a sex toy and not consider her as another human being. We call it objectification as in men treating mean as sex toys (an object), not as people to be shown the same respect we want as men just as he also told his apostles to also knock it off with treating women as your inferiors because women are equals to men to God. Also the script is clear that what we call "Hell" is being Without God and "Heaven" is being With God. So in reality a life without God is Hell and a life with God is Heaven. I am so annoyed when such things are being taken out of context because of presumed beliefs and assumptions rather than beliefs formed with accuracy of information.

  21. The video is a master at steering people away from the fact that god is a belief.. it can fool the people in it.. but not me.. the video is a waste of time.. the fact still remains.. no evidence of god..!!

  22. K, he’s very much right but for you are born again through water by baptism.
    And your sins are forgiven buy a catholic priest Because Jesus starter but one church which is the Catholic Church.
    Jesús said pick up your cross and follow me, also work your own salvation with trembling.

  23. Why would a god need to be believed, in order to become real..? It is easy.. god will be real for the person who believes in him.. just as it will be real any other thing that person decides to belief..

  24. God is real.. because i saw this video… yes god.. god is so great.. that he sent us this video… what a bunch of retards… give me 200 dollars and i will say i believe in the magic man..

  25. Great job. Next time, i think you should bring something like dawkins' book, or even a tablet with evolutionists' their own quote to show these uninformed idiots proof what these "scientists" have said.

  26. SORRY,, but your example of a book falling from the sky to human DNA complexities proving "intelligent design" HOLDS NO WATER. Nice tricky play on words and verbal manipulation but let's think this thought through. Where did God come from? Surely GOD is far more complex than human DNA, you Christians seem okay believing that no one created him, always existed "because, well, the Bible tells you so! It seems easier to accept that maybe energy and life making material always existed for my thinking. I am okay, and so are many Agnostic's, accepting that we just don't know some of these things. *THAT DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE ATHEIST Anyone from Living Waters wants to "friendly" debate on this forum, I would love to engage & share. Love to all!.

  27. I would like the atheist not to look far how the universe was made ,but look very close to them how the body is made and how it works in detail, this can’t just happen over millions of years ,they need to open there eyes

  28. RELIGION: "​I count religion but a childish toy, and hold there is no sin but ignorance." – Christopher Marlowe.

    "We do not observe, in experience or history, any interposition of supernatural forces in the world. All phenomena are natural; only simpletons trace them to demons or gods. Religion is an aberration, a disease and a chicanery. The hypothesis of God is useless for explaining or understanding the world." – The Charvakas, in ancient India. Will Durant, Our Oriental Heritage

    "If religions were clear, it would have fewer attractions for the ignorant. They need obscurity, mysteries, fables, miracles and incredible things. – Jean Meslier, in Will Durant's The Age of Voltaire

    "Three conjurers – Moses, Jesus and Muhammad – so craftily led away their contemporaries as to gain the mastery of the world." – Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor
    Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are also known as The Three Impostors.

  29. GOD: "Religious believers should know in their hearts by now that, if they are right and there actually is a benign and watchful personal God, he is, as all the daily tragedies, all the dead children attest, a reluctant intervener. The rest of us, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary , know that it is highly improbable that there is anyone up there at all." – Ian McEwan, in a lecture at Stanford University in 2007.

    "The idea of a personal God is quite alien to me and seems even naïve." – Albert Einstein

    "It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly." – Albert Einstein

    "The word God is for me nothing but the expression and product of human weaknesses." – Albert Einstein.

    "All children are born atheists – they have no idea of God. ..Men believe in God only upon the word of those who have no more idea of him than they themselves. Our nurses are our first theologians; they talk to children about God as they talk to them of werewolves…Very few people would have a God if care had not been taken to give them one." – Jean Meslier, in Will Durant's The Age of Voltaire

    "Does history support a belief in God? If by God we mean not the creative vitality of nature but a supreme being intelligent and benevolent , the answer must be a reluctant negative. …Add to the crimes, wars and cruelties of men the earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, pestilences, tidal waves, and other 'acts of God' that periodically desolate human and animal life, and the total evidence suggests either a blind or an impartial fatality…" – Will Durant, The Lessons of History

  30. This is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul said in Romans that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Romans 1:16. I am a believer. Nowhere did Paul, his followers or Jesus use this method.

  31. THIS WAS AN AMAZING VIDEO! You took the works of people like Ken Ham, Dr. Walter Veith and Kent Hovind on Creation and made it simple like a SEE JANE RUN book so everyone could understand. GOD ON YA and GOD BLESS YA! THUMBS UP!

  32. Pretty good until 41:24
    The narrator asks a Catholic if he's been born again to which he says he doesn't know what that is. The narrator then insinuates that he has to be in order to be saved. Which is wrong:

    "When a Catholic says that he has been “born again,” he refers to the transformation that God’s grace accomplished in him during baptism. Evangelical Protestants typically mean something quite different when they talk about being “born again.”"
    "The anti-baptismal regeneration position has no biblical basis whatsoever. So the answer to the question, “Are Catholics born again?” is yes! Since all Catholics have been baptized, all Catholics have been born again. Catholics should ask Protestants, “Are you born again—the way the Bible understands that concept?” If the Evangelical has not been properly water baptized, he has not been born again “the Bible way,” regardless of what he may think."

  33. we all fall short of the Glory of God, but some reject God and think themselves a god because they love the evil of power over others. People reject God, God does not reject us. Thank God that our God is a God of mercy, and can see into the heart of man. Jesus came to set us free from the lies of this fallen world. You have free will, choose wisely my brothers and sisters, for your eternal life depends on it.

  34. Same old claims, no new and compelling evidence; happy-crappie from beginning to end … oh, but what a Christian Lovefest!

  35. This is just proof that Christians are delusional, they got zero proof of a god, there is no science in the Bible. God thinks slavery is ok, god made an ever lasting torture prison and thinks being tortured forever is ok, thank "god" there is no god.

  36. When you have to try and convince someone that your god does in fact exist, guess what, it doesn't exist. In other words, your god is not distinguishable from any of the other 999 gods created throughout written history. And I see Living Waters continue to try and convince people that their god is the only real one through trickery. Ex. Asking illogical questions which have no answer like, the chicken and the egg, does a book make itself? Etc. It's like asking Living Waters if something can't be created from nothing then what made your god? And that's when they would invoke 'special powers' like a comic book hero to explain the existence of their god.

  37. Well who created the creator? It says a book needs to be created by a book maker, DNA by a creator 'God.' But the book creator needs to be created, which is done through DNA, which in this argument is 'God.' So using his argument there must be an intelligent designer who created God so then God could create the book maker to create the book.

    So who/what created God?

    Also, if God did create DNA or the book of life and all these bad things happen, like war, fammine the horrors of Nazi's and alike there isn't that God's bad design? Going back to your book analogy, if the book had spelling mistakes or grammatical errors you would not blame the book, you blame the creator of book. Would this not be the same for God and its creation, as above so below?

    And if that is the case, the DNA that was written for Hitler was written by God and Hitler had no choice but to become what he became, so how can he be punished by his creator for doing exactly what the creator wrote for him?

  38. 2:29 You weren't shown evidence for the higher being? What evidence do you need? Who are these "They"? What about your own brain? Have you tried to use it instead of waiting for others to do the work for you?
    What is your criteria for evidence? I bet you don't know.

  39. 7:36 It is silly it can't make itself, but an entire encyclopedia in our DNA made itself out of nothing. The majority of the so called atheists haven't thought this concept through, and yet some even dare to ask for evidence, basically they ask for some evidence that doesn't exist.

  40. Living Waters if you are the author of this video, can you please try and not drown next videos in so much unnecessary music, because it makes it extremely hard to concentrate and it gives a headache afterward although the documentary was excellent but spoiled by that non-stop useless and totally unnecessary loud music.

  41. 46:11 Compassion, those who have been murdering, destroying, mutilating people around the world across the ages gone scot-free then and total impunity?
    You have been shown right from wrong, good from evil, so there is no excuse, as for the fornication I don't believe that this is a cardinal sin like some Christians put it at the top of their list of sins, it's ridiculous, the cardinal sins are idolatry, association, murder, corruption, hurting others and so on… Fornication is found at the bottom of sins. And that's what pushes people that you're trying to preach the Gospel to.

  42. Christ can't help you, Christ was a man not a God, Islam will help you, Christ was a Muslim, Islam is the submission to the will of God, Christ was a submitter which translates to Mu-Slim, in the Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew Bibles God is known as Allah, Allaha and Elohim.

    Jesus was his messenger, Christ means anointed who anointed him? His God.
    I go to my father your father my God your God.
    Jesus has a God he is not God.

  43. 53:44 You're a Christian not like other religions filled with hatred, such as? Be a man and say it, all Christians are loving and caring? So when the US was invaded and butchered the indigenous in the name of Christ that was showing mercy to these people?
    When Australia was invaded and massacred the aborigines that was mercy?
    South and central America, the Crusades, the Inquisition and so on and so forth?

  44. The point is believing make us good, it’s doesn’t matter God exist or not. If there was anything from nothing that could be called God.

  45. GOD bless you brother. This was heart warming. You have a way of connecting with others, and they seem to genuinely listen to what you are saying. Thank you for your work in saving souls.

  46. Interesting but a little simplistic.. all these questions about eyes and lungs and such are a bit deceiving.. evolution started with single cell, multi cell, which assembled themselves over billions BILLIONS of years to construct organs and more and more complex organisms.. eyes, for example, started as thin membranes that become sensitive to the light.. now, having said this, I think the process itself and very materials and DNA cellular structure involved in this enormous evolutionary undertaking required design.. I have not seen the entire video yet, but, I think evolution itself is God's process of creation.. I once saw a bumper sticker that said: And God made evolution, and he saw that it was good.. for that matter, math and science we crafted and built into this Reality by a designer and director.. that is what makes most sense..

  47. Blah blah blah…. religion is false and it’s full of greed and evil….. the simplicity of his irrational arguments further upholds evolution and how humans are evolving to think beyond religious nonsense…… the fact that you cherry-pick Mr. Dawkins arguments is so typical of religious people and the simplicity of their minds…oh and I looove his ending…how convenient that he demeans anybody that opposes his false views of an invisible THING in the sky. He has no credentials to make those childish assumptions as well as any credentials to think beyond his little scope of science and math to describe biology, microbiology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, etc………whats minute is his religion that is dwindling…religion is the evil of this world and it is hindering our TRUE potential….THINK BEYOND THIS PERSONS FAIRY TALE and lets work collectively to reach humanities full potential and beyond.

  48. Just saw clouds behind the sun at 1:30

    Not the sun behind the cloud, but the cloud behind the sun.. that there should be looked into

  49. Why can’t science and religion coexist together? Science can literally show god, but most become ignorant about it. I believe in god, but science shows evidence for life and it could possibly show evidence to god also. I hate it when both sides try to prove one is wrong.

  50. It's really fascinating how many people that disbelieve the Bible, speak as if from a position of self-proclaimed authority. While at the same determine your beliefs are invalid based on their sense of authority. At some point in time they will acknowledge that not they, nor you or I can know everything.
    Saying there is no God emphatically, would indicate that you know all that there is to know. Both tangible and intangible. Corporeal and incorporeal. Spiritual and physical. Intellectually, experientially and philosophically.
    To disbelieve a believer is merely a choice based on a feeling of self authority, with no appreciable foundation other than the opinions of equally limited temporal beings.
    Empirical evidence indicates within observable parameters that a cohesive, symbiotic, complex design points to a designer that is outside of the thing designed.
    What we call reality hinges on a standard of repeatable, verifiable "facts" that also promote specific "theories", or "laws", concluding that according to those observable laws…something feasibly made and coordinated the relationships between everything. And, also holds all of these laws and existences together.
    Reproduction, as an example, is so nearly infinitely complex, that without a cohesive, supernatural foreknowledge of the systems required, life could not come into being on its own, without an infinite number of trial and error experiments. Discounting and discarding the failed experiments, and learning from the failures. Then, restarting the experiment, remembering and avoiding the previous mistakes. Next, step by step creating the necessary, symbiotic,supportive conditions internally and externally to promote the survival of the created. Life scientifically comes from life, and the building blocks must behave consistently in a very precise and specific, programmed and programmable way.
    A program of such predictive magnitude, points to a programmer exhibiting a supernatural omniscience.
    Omni = all encompassing
    Science = a systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject as well as the intellectual and practical activity (creation) encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world (omniscience) through observation and experiment. But, how do You study what has not yet come into being? Except, through supernatural perceptions, and unfathomable, unimaginable energy and power. Unless, You are also omnipotent and omnipresent and can "see" or predict existential outcomes on an infinite level, it cannot logically be done. If You had no discernable beginning or end You could create such a reality. Now, we as finite beings cannot comprehend eternal existence because we are temporal. By time begins at the moment of tangible, limited and marked creation..meaning that The Creator has no understandably corporeal or temporally " constructed" body or structure. Therefore, The Creator is considered TO BE Existing everywhere in Everytime, in a manner of speaking as everything conceptual, dimensional, spiritual, etc.
    The most complex man-made construct was first a concept, a thought or an idea. Which then became a process conceiving ways to make the idea into a functional design, moving toward a workable, "viable" and tangible (hardware), and intangible (programming/software) creation.
    Unfortunately, (according to the Scriptures, metaphorically speaking) a virus entered into the software, generating and creating a less efficient "product", or defective hardware. Keeping in mind that the "unit" had been programmed to reproduce itself, down to the smallest tangible (death and diseases introduced because altered programming) and intangible (sin nature) detail.
    Just as sin entered into the world through one man. And death through sin. All men die because all (now) have the sin/software Gene.
    Only the programmer has the ability to eradicate the long term (eternal) effect of the externally introduced temptation virus.
    Jesus can erase the the power and effect of that malware.
    Admit to the Creator/Programmer that you have this death sentence virus. Explain that you desire renew your programming, with His intervention and guidance. He will then transfer the results of the viral damage, to His own external hard drive. Ridding you of the penalties associated with the viral infection. He will then cleanse you of all eternal sufferings, once you've been granted new hardware. A glorified body. Free of viral degradation. Hallelujah 🙏👏🙏!

  51. Hhhhhhhh…funny when you say the bible says…a muslim will say allah says ..a hindou will say krishna says…and on and on…..stop claiming knowing things that you don't know

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