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hey do you ever feel confused by what's going on in Washington well you're not alone things there don't seem normal or rational because they aren't it's a fantasy world of power money and unrestrained ego ah my good governor friends tommy Thompson a longtime Wisconsin governor used to call it Disneyland East I think that's unfair because Disneyland is a really fun place I mean take the recent congressional hearings Attorney General Bill Barr spent hours and hours taking tough questions from senators some of whom like crazy Maisie senator mazie Hirono of Hawaii never even asked a question not one she just used her entire time to call the Attorney General a liar a disgrace those were the nicer things that she said to him the following day attorney general Barr was scheduled to go through another televised colonoscopy from House members but at the last minute the committee chairman Jerry Mapp babbler of New York announced that instead of elected Democrats asking questions they'd have some Democrats staff lawyers to do it so Barr announced that he'd be happy to take questions from the elected members but he wasn't going to sit through hours of questions by people elected by no one a sitting cabinet member hadn't been questioned by staff since it happened back in 1987 some 32 years ago now you would have thought that bar had spray-painted graffiti on the Capitol dome soin bar didn't show up for what was nothing more than a dog and pony show the dogs and ponies went all out animals Congressman Steve Cohen of Memphis who is one of the most profane angry and pompous members of Congress put on his little boy pants and he brought a ceramic chicken to the hearing room and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken he placed the little toy chicken on the witness table and then proceeded to Gorge himself on the finger licking treat while seated at the hearing room table now they should have set up a kiddy table even by congressional standards of juvenile behavior he made a fool of himself I mean surely the people of his district in Tennessee can find someone more capable and less embarrassing to send to Congress I mean if you're gonna send a clown who eats fast food in the chamber get Ronald McDonald to be your Congressman come on I mean Cowan acted like he was a few fries short of a happy meal and after bar failed to bring his own rope to the left-wing lynching Nadler had a hissy fit and then assembly Oversight Committee to vote on a contempt of Congress charge against the Attorney General if you saw any of it you saw a true spectacle of pious and preening Congress members seeking to denigrate bars character even though what the accused him of was not giving over a full report from the Muller files what they failed to admit was that they actually had access to that report but not one hear me now not one of those Democrats had bothered to go and read it so they waited until the TV lights came on and they spent about six hours talking when everyone with IQ above broccoli knew that the votes would be all Democrats for it all Republicans against it the contempt charge of course it wasn't about the vote or even contempt folks the real contempt is the contempt that members of Congress seem to have for us so [Applause] here's what it really means because bar has said he was going to get to the bottom of government officials lying in leaking and because he is pledged to hold accountable those who have participated in a conspiracy cover-up and an attempted coup against an elected president Natalie and crew are left with only one desperate play and that's destroy the credibility of the very one who promised to be a good cop and root out and expose the bad cops now for that to work you've got to be as corrupt and cranky as the members of Congress who are afraid of where a trail of truth will actually lead but just remember when they say it's about bars credibility it isn't it's about bears and some of these folks in Washington are scared to death that you are going to find out what they've been up to with your money that's what it's about [Applause] you you

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  1. Comtempt of office for them. They took an oath of office and have lied under that oath. As far as legal matters they also colluded with El Chapo for years. They closed down the court room when he started his list of who he paid off. All this dog and pony show is for scapegoating to cover up there own affairs.

  2. Thank You, so much for the TRUTH you speak, Sir.
    You are truely BLESSED by God, who gives you those 'words of truth', to say to 'us'…….. the American People.
    I pray, that the …… American People……. will wake, and listen to this very wisdom.
    Our 'elected' officials have forgotten us. They are only interested in power (over us), and greed (raping us), the American Taxpayers.
    Thank You, again Govenor, May the Good Lord continue to Bless you. Much love from a fellow American Patriot.

    God Bless America!!!
    God Bless President Trump!!!

  3. I enjoy listening to you. If you wanted to you could become a great comidan like the ones of by-gone years. Ones that were actually funny. Not the valgur horable ones of today.

  4. Democrats are outraged at everything everytime all the time for all time. They're even outraged when there's no outrage and nothing to be outraged at.

    They're just digging their own grave.

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