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very quickly in a nutshell tell us why you are against the extradition bill well the reason simple is because we do not trust the legal system in China where there is no independence of judiciary and there is no respect for human rights and due process and sending people there to face serious criminal trials with no human rights safeguard is below our standard and Hong Kong people and international community have clearly voice out our concerns unfortunately even a million people after million people marching out in protest this government still unwilling to budge and what we're seeing this morning is the natural reaction for for the people of Hong Kong because they simply will not accept this government's attitude and would it be fair to say that unlike let's say the Occupy movement a few years ago this time is different because even business is on board or at least more on board I mean supporting the sir now yeah a lot of people tell me that they are extremely worried about this development because they have most to fear because they have done business in China over the years and they know how things are done over there and they are extremely concerned so the business community locally and internationally have all spoken out and also international community from government officials have all voice are they there serious concerns over the film you know the common government has really angered people okay Dennis I'm wondering whether or not this should be a fight at an even higher level about a higher principle and that is this in exam this is an example of how potentially China is pretending as though Hong Kong's Basic Law which guarantees Hong Kong an independent and separate legal system does not even exist I think you're right I think once this goes to the heart of one country two systems' and if you want a cheap honker on the way it is an international business and international business and financial center this is the last thing you want to do tomorrow so I do not know what the government is thinking in the way they are destroying Hong Kong hi I'm Emily 10 and thanks for watching CNBC you can check out more of our videos by clicking on the boxes on the screen and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more thanks for watching

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  1. It all comes down to numbers game and Beijing has the numbers in the HK legislative council. The ayes have it and the extradition bill will ultimately get passed. What people outside of Hong Kong don't see is that three quarters of the population do support the extradition bill in one form or another, albeit with some cynicism. It is safe to say that they are the silent majority, in fact an overwhelming majority. Contrast that to the noisy protesters who could never quite muster the numbers in the legislative council nor in the street parliament. They can make as much noise as they want, but media attention is all they've got.
    After the much-ballyhooed but failed Umbrella Revoltuion of 2014, you gotta ask the question — why are these social activists and street protesters no longer winning hearts and minds?

  2. Why don't let our PLA soldiers to intervene this anti-government mob ? Hongkong police force looks too lime.

  3. Damn China! Why we have to depend on them?! Now they want to backstabbing USA after America make them rich!!! Move all the Factories back home asap!!

  4. Such anti democratic Hong Kong government should be kicked out of the city.
    A new governance, which listen to its people, should replace this lousy one.

  5. Xi JINPING must face responsibility of this HORRIFIC madness, Hong Kong was peaceful until XI JINPING interfering.

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