The Japanese Government Wants You to Date | Explorer

(VOICEOVER): Here in the Japanese
countryside, some of Japan’s most
eligible bachelors are waiting to meet their mates. The mayor is here. Parents are here. Eligible bachelors and
bachelorettes are here. FRANCESCA FIORENTINI
(VOICEOVER): They’ve even summoned the city’s
mascots, the great warrior Masamitsu and his wife. [speaking japanese] [speaking japanese] FRANCESCA FIORENTINI
(VOICEOVER): This is one of many
events organized each year by the Japanese government
to get young people to hook up, shack up, and make babies. Japan’s overall
population is dropping and the government is panicked. Without young people to shore
up the country’s tax base, the coming decades
could see Japan spin into an economic death spiral. Emma, a 29-year-old
bachelorette, traveled two hours
from the city of Tokyo with the hope of meeting
the farm boy of her dreams. [speaking japanese] FRANCESCA FIORENTINI
(VOICEOVER): Emma has one hour
to play the field, but comes up empty-handed. FRANCESCA FIORENTINI: So
what’s next for you, Osaka? Maybe start from
close to where I live, like Tokyo, maybe. – Well–
– Yeah. Well, keep trying. Yeah. See ya. See ya.

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  1. Roflol! She looks like she was hit in the face with a 2×4, smashing her nose back into her head, she's fat and is starting to hit the wall. And she's so stupid that she rejected an entire room full of good hard working men. This is undeniable proof of her genetic inferiority.

  2. Japan a few decades ago Politicians "let's discourage births there are to many people." Smart people "Actually a decreasing population can cause a wide variety of severally negative effects and can be near impossible to reverse those negative effect which include…." Politicians "Motion Passed"

    Politicians in 2017 "We need more births" Smart people "NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO REVERSE"

  3. India and China has over population
    Japan n Korea having birth rates declining
    All these problems can be solved if we only listen to Prof Patrick

  4. Global climate change requires world population to DECREASE by 90% otherwise the world is doomed!

    Irreparable damage may already have been exceeded.

  5. Such lovely ladies there 😉 , problem is too shy both sides , moreover they need to lighten up, get a coffee or matcha green tea latte , take a walk to a serenity park, go out to eat and hookup again. Love Japanese ladies ⚘⚘

  6. Wtf with the ending "well yeah, keep trying". Duhh, so awkward, at least wish her luck. NatGeo, are you running out of reporters who can connect to the people??

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  8. There's a distance between men and women today and it's wider than it has ever been and only going to get wider. It's a matter of the heart. 4-29-2018

  9. If you cant find men to repopulate Japan then we can easily address the problem right away!! hehe! Only good looking women first! Sowing the seeds of love baby!

  10. What a lazy ending?! And the girl she interviewed seemed nice. She could have at least learned a phrase or two of Japanese. Lazy reporting

  11. Japanese and Filipino can easily to accept to merriage may be somehow OFW Filipinos why there is a many half Japanese and half filipino, filipina and Japanese men are being compatibleRather than Japanese women who the men migrated in our country to making family for money and wealth.

  12. Wow! On the Other hand Indian government arrests couples found in Parks and condemns Valentine day. It's all based on the Population sizes of these countries.

  13. What is with all the commentary on the ending? Who cares? Ending did not bother me at all. They said goodbye to each other. Unbelievable nitpicking

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  15. This video was posted 2 years ago. 765 comments and not one person has asked 'What episode is this from?'

    Season 10 Episode 8.

    Have at it.

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  17. I like japanese girl because they are very beautiful but taking care a baby ,it is not good idea😁Being a parent need more money than love😁

  18. More deaths than births in a nation leads to EXTINCTION…

    Coming to feminazi western country near you !!!

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  20. we want your cooperation to …..🤮
    the beauty in th3 middle with the long fake lashes is on the market…..good luck with her! on a FARM!

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