The Oldest Excuse in the Book & Road Rage!

(energetic music) Digna Gonzales Montanes. Hi.
Good morning. Good morning. Okay, who is Digna? Her, she’s my mom. And you are her daughter? Yes. Who drives the car, you or your mom? She drives her car, yeah. I just came too. You came to help your mom? Yeah, I was in school when I came. Where do you go to school? Rhode Island College. Okay, what year are you in? My junior.
Okay. And what are you gonna do when you get out? Hopefully, medical image. Oh, well, good for you. I’m almost done. All right, your mom was charged with going through a red light on West Minster. We’re gonna take a look at it, okay? All right, she made a right hand turn. There’s a sign there that says “Right on red after stop”. She slowed down, but she didn’t actually stop. (both speaking foreign language) She had to go to the bathroom (laughs). The bathroom. (all laughing) (speaking foreign language) She always makes her stop, but she (laughs). (speaking foreign language) She needed to go to the bathroom. And since there was no cars, she didn’t stop. She always stops. It’s true, I know it was fine. Because when she turns, she goes so slow. Like, she literally goes like one mile per hour when she’s turning. I’m like, you gotta hurry up ’cause there’s cars behind you. She was coming from church (laughs). And she has to go use the bathroom. We’re not gonna embarrass her. Tell her we’re not going to embarrass her. Thank you (laughs). Thank you. (speaking foreign language) (chuckles) Well, we have a very tough prosecutor here. Inspector Carrigan, he’s very insensitive to these issues. What do you think about this, Inspector Carrigan? You just said it completely, your honor. I’m very insensitive to the issues. (all laughing) Your honor, you can’t control– Well, here’s what I’m gonna ask. In the legal profession, the trick is how you frame the question. How you frame the question. So instead of me asking Inspector Carrigan, how do you feel about this? He puts out his prosecutor’s badge, right? ‘Cause, you know, he’s a macho guy. You know, he’s a member of the SWAT team. He’s the first guy in when there’s a problem, right? Former Marine, tough guy. So I’m gonna ask him the question a different way. So, Inspector Carrigan.
Yes, your honor? Assuming you were here with your mother and you had the same situation. (all laughing) How would you feel then about disposing of this case? I’ll use this analogy, your honor. If you were here with your mom, I would say, absolutely, your honor, we have to forgive that because she was in a rush. It was a hurry, there was nobody there. We’ll go with me. (all laughing) Thank you. He’s reframing the question to me, see? (all laughing) He’s a quick learner. (all laughing) (laughs) The compassion being displayed by Inspector Carrigan is overwhelming. I have no choice, but I have to dismiss the case. Thank you. You know, that’s exactly what I was saying. (speaking foreign language) Thank you, God bless you. (all laughing) I’m concerned that Digna was a little embarrassed about admitting that she had bano issues. She shouldn’t be. We’ve all suffered from the occasional bought of intestinal distress while driving. Just last week, a rogue bowl of chowder snuck up on me during my drive home. It was sudden and serious. I hit the gas, no pun intended. Sped home, clinching and pinching. My driveway was full so I hopped the curb, parked on my lawn, dashed inside, leaving the car door open and the engine running. And I almost made it. Colleen’s book club had to adjourn a little early. So, Digna, don’t be embarrassed. I’m carrying around enough shame for the two of us. Harry Caswell. How you doing?
Good morning. Well, this puts me in a tough spot because I don’t like my mom to know this thing, that I’m in court. But you were a teacher at Hope High School? I was your mother’s teacher at Hope High School? Judith Van Stone. And she’s mentioned it several times. So if I don’t say hi, she’s gonna kill me. But now she knows I’m in court. So not a good thing. As far as this– Now if I remember your mother, I remember he because she always had tons of money with her when she was a student. (laughs) I think you got the wrong Judith Van Stone. I’m sure that she gave you a whole bunch of money to pay for the fine before you came to court today, yeah? I wish. All right, we’re gonna take a look at you. Charges was through a red light on Alice Avenue. The same spot the other two people were, yeah. The special question is, whether or not you are past the first stop line when the light turns red. If you’re past it, we’ll dismiss it. If you’re not, it’s gonna cost you 85 bucks. All right, what did you mother say about her education? She said she was never good at school, but you helped her along, and you were very, very, very nice. This guy’s got all the buzzer words, Inspector Quinn. He knows how to butter me up, right? Show him your palm where you wrote that down. (all laughing) All right, let’s take a look at it. Oh, he just about made it. His front bumper, I think. I gotta give him credit because that car in front of him, I was just waiting to see the police car chasing him. That’s the guy I was trying to get his license plate ’cause he was road raging me before that. So I was trying to get his plate. When he got around me, I was trying to keep up to get his plate. And, of course, he made it through the light and I didn’t. Well, your front bumper was across the line when the light turned red. Pursuant to my ruling, it’s been a ruling that I’ve employed for everyone, okay? So this was a road rage incident? The guy in front of me, yeah. The guy in front of you. Did you finally catch up to him? No, after that, I remember this vividly. I remember trying to slow down after that. The wind was out of my sails to even try to do that because I was like, ah, I just went through a red light. So I was like, I’m not gonna try and catch up with that guy after that. Forget road rage, right? If something like that happens, you never know. It’s a different world today. You never know whether there’s guns, knives, or clubs, or whatever else in cars. I was trying to get his plate, call the police, and have the police try to stop him ’cause I knew he was gonna burn all the way down that road. Wow, well, I can see your mother gave you a good sense of values. Thank you. It was obvious when she was in school, she was a very decent person. All right, based on the video, the matter is dismissed. Thank you. Good luck to you. While I appreciate Mister Caswell’s attempt to report the aggressive driver, I want to caution everyone about road rage situations. If you are dealing with a hostile driver, try to keep your cool, don’t make eye contact, lock your doors, and never pull over. Don’t drive home, or to work. If you feel you are in danger, please call 911. Look, there are no winners in a road rage situation. Be the bigger person so you can get home safely to the people who actually love and care about you. Okay, be careful out there, my friends. Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune into Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me, you didn’t know Caught in Providence is also a TV show? Oh, wow, your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to, click on your local listings, scroll down till you find your home town, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it, nice. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge, subscribe now.

45 Replies to “The Oldest Excuse in the Book & Road Rage!

  1. What is the game that the judge talked about in a previous video where they play a betting game of who has more money in their pocket? What is the name of that game?

  2. I think because judge Caprio is surrounded by good gentlemen like this two guys ..he spread good deeds and they help him to be righteous with people..if they are right the case is dismissed if not they pay and sometimes the money is just Paying forward!

    And Hi From Algeria Dear judge Caprio

  3. Esse juiz é demais! Muito humano, aqui no Brazil precisamos de pessoas assim. Brasil assistindo e gostando.

    This judge is awesome! Very human, here in Brazil we need people like that. Brazil watching and liking.

  4. Haha, ich lebe in Deutschland und muss echt sagen dass er im Gegensatz von den Richtern hier nicht so streng ist, Humor besitzt und sehr kompe ist und wirkt.

  5. I thought he was Broderick Crawford on Highway Patrol for a minute, " Remember if you going to leave blood don't do it on the highway"

  6. I’ve been flashed by a radar once, but I fought the ticket since it was clearly calibrated wrong. I have a digital speedometer and it was indicating 25MPH, and the speed limit was 30. I also have a dash cam footage proving I hadn’t gone through the red light. Needless to say they dismissed it. Took me about 10 minutes.

  7. I am a 45 years old Man from Morocco 🇲🇦. I Always watch your videos. Dear judge Frank Caprio, for me you represent the justice in its most noble form. You make me dream of a better world. Every time I see this videos I feel that GOD exists.
    Thank you for existing.

  8. To funny inspector carrigan lolol not sure if I am spelling your name correctly. I'm laughing so hard inspector Quinn. You didnt have to step on the gas you had enough ahahahaha

  9. I’m embarrassed to say that I road rage in the supermarket while I’m shopping 🛒 and believe me I dodge those who are slow and aisle block by those who chatting on their phone 📱 but more cautious on the road 😁🙌🏼

  10. Inspector Quinn gives very good advice. I was involved in a road rage incident a couple of years ago and I wasn't going to let the guy follow me home so I went down a street where I knew there was a fire station. The bays were open and a fire truck was outside so I stopped in front of it. The road rager saw the situation, turned around and took off.

  11. Unfortunately back in the day I couldn’t drive fast enough for my mother before she let loose In my truck 🤣 It’s a great memories 👍

  12. Serious question here. How does one go about getting a driver's license here in the 🇺🇸 without being able to speak or understand the English language? How do you know what the "Right turn on red after stop" sign says? How can you obey our traffic laws while not being able to read the printed language?

  13. There's no way in hell that judge should have dismissed a road rage, red light violation. This guy is not a cop, he's contributing to the danger of irresponsible driving offenses that could have got innocent people seriously injured or killed. As long as that driver didn't hit his car, he should have minded hid own damn business, the the judge should have scolded him and charged him for those offenses he was sited for.

  14. Why does the judge allow a family member to act as interpreter for a family member? Why doesn't the office hire an unbiased professional Interpreter?

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