Three main political parties’ reaction about presidential meeting

Let’s head over to the National Assembly…
Our parliamentary correspondent Park Jiwon is standing by.
Ji won, how do the three main political parties feel about their meeting with the president? “Well, Conn-young.
The overall consensus here at the assembly is that today’s meeting went pretty smoothly.
Although opposition parties said they weren’t quite satisfied with today’s results solely,…
they at least rated highly President Park’s willingness to cooperate respect the parliament
more by holding regular meetings.” During a press briefing held at the parliament,…
ruling Saenuri Party’s floor leader Chung Jin-suk said President Park and political
leaders talked frankly over diverse issues ranging from the economy and the people’s
livelihoods to national security,… confirming the participants’ willingness to communicate
on a regular basis. “Personally, I am very satisfied with the
meeting. We were assured that there will be a possibility of cooperation among parties.” The main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea
said it did its best to deliver its view on various matters to the President,… from
how the government should handle the deaths caused by a toxic humidifier sterilizer,…
and the chronic budget problems of the nation’s free childcare services,… to the matter
of revising a special law on the 2014 Sewol-ho ferry disaster.
The liberal party said,… the recent election results that stripped the ruling party from
parliamentary majority show that the public is not content with the government’s current
policies. But the party’s new floor leader Woo Sang-ho
took a rather smoother approach,… expecting next meetings. “We couldn’t agree on issues like inter-Korean
relations, nor the special law on the Sewol-ho ferry,… but I didn’t expect to get satisfactory
results in the first meeting. We will continue to voice our opinions through the next regular
meetings.” Meanwhile, the minor opposition People’s Party
floor leader, Park Jie-won, evaluated the meeting positively. “President Park laughed when I told her that
it was me who criticized the President the most for not being communicative enough. And
she told us she will better communicate and cooperate with the parliament, and respect
the will of the public. I think it is a considerable achievement.” “While the People’s Party appreciates President
Park’s more open-minded approach to the parliament,… the centrist party pointed out that there
are some issues that the party considers as its future tasks,…but that the president
didn’t quite specify her stance over them yet.
Conn-young.” Like the president said… this is just the
first step in many more ahead… and we’ll have to wait and see whether a healthy relationship
and better collaboration can be established between the nation’s top office and the parliament.
Thanks, Ji-won for the report.

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