Trump ERUPTS Over “Worst” Polls As Approval Plummets

You know how the right loves to talk about
triggering the liberals owning the libs. And it’s all extremely childish and unproductive
when it comes to furthering political discourse. I agree with all that and yet I still find
it endlessly entertaining to see Donald Trump so easily triggered by reality, including
the reality of his terrible and diving opinion polls and his plummeting approval rating. So let me set this up for you so that we’re
all on the same page. Presidential approval, presidential approval
ebbs and flows, it rises and falls. And very often it will find kind of a relatively
predictable range over longer periods of time, like a year or a presidential term, except
when really out of the ordinary things happen. So like nine 11 under George W. Bush was one
of those, uh, extraordinary and, and unique things that can shift presidential approval
outside of its normal range. So ABC Washington Post recently released a
joint poll on approval rating for Trump and it once again shows that recently Donald Trump’s
approval is falling. People really think the guy is genuinely doing
a bad job in a number of specific areas, including the economy, trade and so on, and Donald Trump
are re-upped on Twitter yesterday and today claiming that this is something even that
lawyers maybe should be involved in because it’s another one of these fake polls that
Donald Trump gets extraordinarily conspiratorial about and goes into these unhinged tweet rants
where he seems to be completely disconnected, disconnected. That is from how polls actually work here. Has Donald Trump tweeting yesterday, quote,
ABC Washington Post poll was the worst and most inaccurate poll of any taken prior to
the 2016 election. When my lawyers protested, they took a 12
point down and brought it to almost even by election day. It was a fake poll by two very bad and dangerous
media outlets. Sad. These complaints are so flacid, so feeble,
so puny and fragile that only the most uninformed and intellectually insignificant followers
could possibly fall for this stuff. The polls are fake. This is the most inaccurate poll. Everything is always completely hyperbolic
and unbelievable from the sky, and the truth is there’s nothing controversial about this. ABC Washington Post poll, it shows the same
thing that most serious polls show. It shows that Donald Trump’s high approval
during his term was about 44% pretty normal for an unpopular incompetent president in
our hyperpartisan environment. And on the downside, the Donald Trump approval
rating sort of has bottomed out at around 37 38% and that’s where it is right now. It has steadily dropped over the last several
months to 38%. This is not a rare or unusual low point for
a totally incompetent president in once again, a hyper-partisan environment where something
like 20% of the population will always say they support the president. You’ve got another eight to 15 who will be
sort of on and off about approving of the president. And there’s just nothing remotely hard or
difficult to believe about. This Trump ranges from about 36 37 to 43 44
in all serious polls lately, there are recession fears. There’s the China tariff stuff, there’s the
Alabama sharpie fiasco, which is just embarrassing. So Donald Trump’s embarrassments continue
and polling is a little bit lower. Um, what is there even to disagree with here? And then Donald Trump this morning, continuing
the onslaught of just erratic tweets, a brutal assault on the English language that, that
Donald Trump has been participating in for years now saying quote in a hypothetical poll
done by one of the worst pollsters of the mall, the Amazon Washington Post ABC, which
predicted I will lose the crooked Hillary by 15 points. How did that work out? Sleepy Joe Pocahontas and virtually all others. It’s so hard to take this seriously. Would beat me in the general election. This is a phony suppression pole meant to
build up their Democrat partners. I haven’t even started campaigning yet and
I’m constantly fighting fake news like Russia, Russia, Russia. Look at North Carolina last night. Dan Bishop down big in the polls winds easier
than 2016. Donald Trump would be more popular if he just
got off Twitter and was less visible. It’s sort of like the referees in sporting
events. If you’re talking about the referees, um,
that’s probably a sign that the referees are causing problems for themselves. In the same way, if you don’t notice the referees,
you probably default to, they’re doing an okay job. Officiating this game in the same way. If you’re aware of Donald Trump or radically
tweeting about this, that, and the other thing all the time, it’s not helping Trump. And when you look at the Russia probe, if
Trump had just stayed silent on Russia, not tweeted about it, not attempted, attempted
to obstruct all the time, it would have gone much better for him. So here’s my question to you, am I immature
for finding Donald Trump being so easily triggered to be hilarious? I’m a regular critic of the way in which political
discourse has devolved in coarsened. I want depth. I want to talk issues. I want a deep propagandize media. I mean all of it. But at the same time, when I see Trump triggered
so easily, daily, like the guy has the thinnest skin, I find it hilariously entertaining. Tell me if I’m a bad person because of that. Tell me if I’m immature. Uh, I want to hear from you. I’m on Twitter at d pacman. The show is on Twitter at David Pakman show,
and the David Pakman show is also now on twitch at Pakman. Make sure if you have an Amazon prime subscription
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a couple of minutes with much more to discuss for that

100 Replies to “Trump ERUPTS Over “Worst” Polls As Approval Plummets

  1. I don’t think it’s immature for laughing at him. It’s better than getting stressed and outraged about all his antics. At this point I don’t know how you maintain your focus; I’m so fatigued by all the crap he does daily, I avoid 75% of the stories about “tweetle-dumb”.

  2. Your polls a reality. Are you smoking crack? Your polls that are sooooo good last time, you learned nothing from them did you????? All they have shown so far is that you are not smart enough to wipe your own ass.

  3. But the question remains: Nuttier than a fruitcake or crazy like a fox? You may not be "immature," but naïve nonetheless.

  4. Well, I agree that Trump is thin skinned, no problem there. But, "Trump ERUPTS…." well, not really, pretty much just normal nearly every day crap spewed by Trump. I know you need to attract clicks for your videos but, I like to think that this channel holds itself to a little higher standard than most do on YT. I realize its fun and makes for easy clicks to make fun of Trump and maybe there is a time and place for it but, you say you are a regular critic of the way regular political discourse has devolved and want depth, to talk issues, de-propagandize media … and I would like to see that happen as well. I have really grown to respect and listen to the DPS and don't want to see it devolve into a channel that pokes at and over dramatizes every little thing this administration does.

  5. The only poll that matters is the vote. Out of 157.6m voters, 62.9m voted for him which is an 'approval rating' of approximately 39%. Let's get the first number higher and the next two numbers lower in 2020.

  6. Trump lied when he said he had not started campaigning yet, he started campaigning right after he was elected back in 2016, Every rally he has held have been a 2020 presidential campaign rally. Sad, when the person who was just elected needs to get a 4 year start on the opposition. Sadder still, when you figure he has spent more time on the campaign trail and playing golf than he has actually doing the job he was hired to do. While I believe Trump is arrogant enough to think he is the end all power in this country, in truth, he was hired to be the president and each person who voted back in 2016 are his bosses. He is a civil servant, put in place to be the talking head for this country. That does not mean he can float around doing what he thinks best for his businesses. He is there to serve the people, protect the constitution and not drum up business for his various failing businesses. Instead, he swishes around on his golf course, paid for by the taxpayers, every weekend. He takes every opportunity to push fellow politicians and foreign dignitaries to use his properties for meetings and housing. The taxpayers foot the bill on these ventures and since Trump has not divested his interests in the businesses, he profits from that government usage. I think from now on, our government should take a page from Trump's business manual, use the services and when the bill arrives, find hundreds of reasons not to pay it. The best reason to use is that since the president suggested these locations be used, it was taken as his contribution to the event and therefore payment free.

  7. If one's approval tumbles, it means PEOPLE DONT LIKE YOU.
    And we don't.
    P.s Bush should have gone to jail for allowing 9/11.

  8. This child needs to be put in time out already! Anything he reads or sees that he does not agree with on based solely on opinion he acts like a baby and screams fake news! Ugh Let’s all get out and vote this animal out

  9. Your question of maturity and still being able to laugh instead of shuddering when he commits political suicide. If you love humor, use it as a tool of empowerment and never think of yourself being anything but what you are. He can not grab power, unless it is given to him.
    What do you feel after you finish a good laugh? Most feel the stress lessen, and then, after awhile feel good. Laughter stimulates endorphins. It is a step towards healing.

  10. So when tRump loses the election he will yell it was all fake rigged and refuse to leave the White House I will have to DVD when they drag him from the WH and the NY state AG is waiting with indictments.

  11. Everything Fake including the fake president. He's lied and faked his way through life so of course he see himself in everything around him. It all has to be fake since nothing is real about himself.

  12. He needs a serious session of swats! I am talking using a wooden one with holes in it. Maybe, cat of nine tails afterwards 😆. He would be blubbering up a storm.

  13. No, you're not being immature at all! You are not a bad person. He is THE most immature, insecure and insane person ever.

  14. Complete delusion– we, and I speak for a multitude of Americans, do NOT like you, Mr. Trump. Have not began campaigning— really?

  15. There seems to be an upload issue with your video, since, at least on my end, there are bits where it freezes. I thought maybe it would just be me, but when I rewind and play those exact parts, it freezes at the exact same places. Not the audio, just the video! Just a heads up!

  16. It's not immature or wrong to laugh at Trump, trust me. His behaviour is kind of scary but extremely funny. "Brutal assault on the English language" lol

  17. Most politicians in response to dropping in the polls; “Oh no! I need to up my game and think up new ways to improve how the public sees me.”

    Trump in response to dropping in the polls; “Lies! I’m great! Conspiracy! I’m the victim! Bigly popular! Fake news!”

  18. Just as a head's up, the National Congress of American Indians has issued a statement asking Donald Trump to stop using Pocahontas to describe any American Indian woman. This happened last month. A lot of American Indians are vets and Republicans. I think he needs to stop. Now.

  19. Is this video freezing in certain spots for anyone else? The audio keeps going and the video unfreezes and freezes at certain spots.

  20. I don't have children but I feel like I have a child in Donald Trump. Whether I like it or not I seem to have to put up with his temper tantrums daily. I'm constantly correcting his grammar and use of the English language. And I really feel like I need to spank him quite often but he's too slippery and runs away. It's exhausting being a parent.

  21. Occasionally I have a beer or two too many and post something stupid on social media……I'm always heartened though, when I look at Trumps Twitter posts and know that he said that shit sober!



    What the Hell happened to God Damned Mother Fucking Evangelicals.

    Where are you fuckwads..When we really need your crazy ass's..Now all of a sudden rape incest thieving lieing cheating on your wife is all good now?
    Where in the fuck are you assholes ..

    Come on out of your fag closet and god damn say somthing you fucking whores.

  23. If just under 50k people ‘like’d that tweet then maybe his base is that small. Yay! Hopefully he won’t win the next election… if he doesn’t get impeached first.
    And he hasn’t started campaigning yet? Dude, you’ve been championing a month or so after the electoral college gave you the presidency.

  24. To respond to the question posed at 5:21
    You're only human, David. Of course it's hilarious to watch the president behave so childishly. Your overall focus on substance greatly trumps the humor you inevitably find in perceiving him getting so mad about reality.

  25. FYI: 1700+ polling stations across the United States have been closed since 2013 when the SCOTUS gutted the Voters Rights Act. Even if we have a humongous blue tsunami in 2020 how will we know if any of the voting actually gets through? We need to secure our election process internally and externally immediately including cyber security and paper ballots. Otherwise, 2020 will be a landslide for Rethuglicans as they keep STEALING ELECTIONS by every method you can think of and then some!

    PLEASE contact local state and federal representatives and make comments to this effect to get this talked about and some action taken… Obama promised action and did nothing!

    If you have contacts, please forward this message to them because we must protect our voting rights before they are taken away from us in 2020! It can happen. Please, pass this message around on every posting on the Internet… This information must be brought to the attention of the American people. NOW!!

  26. Organization conduct polls in order to confirm their narrative. They select the demographic most likely to skew the poll in the direction they want.

  27. It would be hilarious if you weren't talking about the president. He is so self-absorbed that it makes him dysfunctional for the country's most responsible job he is supposed to perform. It's sad and dangerous.

  28. Washington D.C is a place where old rich white men gather to keep enriching themselves over the backs of working people , while pretending to be 'patriots'.

  29. If it's a fake poll, what is he worried about? The election is not determined by some poll. It is determined by the only poll that matters, the actual vote. But then, logic has never been Dumbo's strong suit.

  30. if those polls showed the ferret hair winning he would be bragging how great the poles are, the very big the very great poles they all love me, such a snow flake and a asshole.

  31. nah, its pretty entertaining to see someone perceived as some sort of alpha constantly cry and play the victim … i always wonder what will happen in the next episode of Baby President

  32. You are absolutely correct to be endlessly amused by Trump getting triggered. There is, of course, great tragedy in great comedy- he's the president. 'Intellectually insignificant' had a great laugh at that one.

  33. He still doesn’t know that more of us didn’t want him than those who did. The fool still thinks the voters loved him. Someone needs to connect him to reality. This tiptoeing around him so that he doesn’t become upset is responding to an individual form of terrorism. November 2020 can’t come soon enough.

  34. David, I'm a big fan of yours. You destroy Rump in the classiest ways. Actually, what I should say is you show how Rump destroys himself.

  35. David, he'll get triggered if Macdonald forget to put tarter sauce on his fillet o fish… And calls to restaurant chain losers.

  36. Your audience is a special kind of stupid….. I'm serious, boy. Only stupid could think someone who carries guns for the right reasons runs away from a fight to "find a safe space".

  37. No, not immature. This is the reason why Trump will lose. He cant help himself. You are spot on that his popularity would rise if he would shut up, but thank God he will not!!

  38. He dropped from like 42.6% to like 41.6%, whoopie fucking do

  39. David lives in his own fantasy world lol. Trumps numbers are the same as Obama’s and he got re-elected with a horrible economy.

  40. You know when middle school students take a bunch of very thin toilet paper, crunch it up and use it for their "brain" science display? I've heard it really is Donald Trump's brain.

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