Trump Henchmen ATTACK During Hearings, IMPLODE

For starting today with something that’s sort
of really funny but also sad and really just a sign of how disconnected from facts and rationality we
have gotten as a matter of sort of standard political discourse in the United States.
And I’ll explain yesterday they were impeachment hearings. They were the first hearings in
the judiciary committee. Everything in the weeks prior was in the house intelligence
committee led by Adam Schiff yesterday, nearly nine hours of hearings. We were there for
every minute live streaming, uh, nine hours of hearings overseen in the judiciary committee
by Congressman Jerry Nadler. And they brought in, Democrats, brought in three well known
legal scholars to lay out the case for why Donald Trump’s actions meet the standard required
for impeachment. Now, this is not anything about would articles be filed? How would the
trial go? How would senators vote? It’s merely legal experts saying, here’s the standard
for impeachment. Here is historical information, here is legal information, and here is how
Trump’s actions fit into that. They were professors know a Feldman, Pamela Carlin and Michael
Gerhardt who did this. It was again, nearly nine hours of hearings.
The Republican strategy was mostly talk only to their witness. They brought one witness,
Republicans did Jonathan Turley, and a focus merely on how he believes there is no need
to impeach. There was no case for impeachment. But when Republicans did talk to the three
witnesses called by the democratic majority in the house of representatives, the strategy
was attack them, attack their credibility, attack them personally as biased partisan
actors rather than the legal experts that they are. And one of the funniest such attacks
was from a Congressman named Matt Gates. Now if you don’t know Matt Gates, you’re probably
much happier in your life than people who do know who this guy is because he is such
bottom feeding, you know? Anyway, he is one of the basis bomb throwers of the, we always
defend Trump movement or camp. He tries to go after professor Carlin by pointing out
that she made legal political contributions and he really sounds very dumb doing it. Take
a look at this. Do you appreciate your testimony, professor
Carlin? You gave 2000 bucks or you gave 1000 bucks to Elizabeth Warren, right? I believe
so. You gave 1200 bucks to Barack Obama. I have no reason. Question that. And you gave
2000 bucks to Hillary Clinton. That’s correct. That’s so much more for Hillary than the other
two because I’ve been giving a lot of money to charity recently because of all of the
poor people in the United States. The only, those aren’t the only folks that you’ve been
given to. There’s lots of poor people in the U S I found
a professor, Carlin quick-witted and impressive and formidable as we often hear a floated
around Gates continued with this brutal prosecution of Pamela Carlyn. Take a listen now you you, have you ever been on a podcast
called versus Trump? I think I was on a live panel that the people who ran the podcast
called versus Trump on that. Do you remember saying the following liberals tend to cluster
more conservatives, especially very conservative people tend to spread out more perhaps because
they don’t even want to be around themselves. Did you say that? Yes, I did. Do. Do you understand
how that reflects contempt on people who are conservative? No. What I was talking about
there was the natural tendency. If you put the quote in context, the natural tendency
of a compactness requirement to favor a party whose voters are more spread out too fast.
Hold on. Again, I’m very, I’m very limited on time professor, and so I just have to say
when you talk about how liberals want to be around each other and cluster and conservatives
don’t want to be around each other and so they have to spread out. It makes people,
you may not see this from, you know like the ivory towers of your law school, but it makes
actual people in this country when you’re like, men don’t get to interrupt me on this
time. Now, let me also suggest that when you invoke the president’s sons name here, when
you try to make a little joke out of referencing Baron Trump, that does not lend credibility
to your argument. It makes you look mean, so understand, this is all they have. If they
had more, they would use it. She was on a podcast in talking about how the districting
requirements help Republicans, they are biased towards conservative. These are, these are
the requirements that got us the gerrymandering that we now have that so favors Republicans.
While she was talking about that on a podcast, she throws in a sort of a joke, but it’s,
it’s not even really a joke because it actually does go to why there is a structural advantage
for Republicans in districting. Conservatives don’t even want to be near each other. It
is true that conservatives have more rural tendencies. In other words, there is a systemic
structural bias where the party, the movement that is more interested in living rurally
rather than living in an urban or more, more condensed fashion, compact fashion that is
going to help Republicans have more districts even with lower, uh, population density. Anyway, understand that this an attempted
attack on her credibility, but it does nothing to a sale. Her legal knowledge, which she
was there to provide and did in an extremely accurate and precise way. Then Gates brings
up Trump’s son. This was so overblown, Carlin said during the hearings in talking about
how Trump can’t be allowed to just control everything. It can’t be just everything is
the way Trump wants. She said, Trump doesn’t get to make Barron a Baron, meaning she doesn’t
get to make his son Baron Trump a Monarch. Right? A Baron is a sort of, I think entry
level, a Monarch of some kind and Republicans went crazy pretending that it was an attack
on a kid. It’s a complete and total joke because that’s all that they had. Here’s one other
moment where another Republican tried to get them to reveal by a show of hands how they
voted in 2016 which is of course something they don’t have to answer. He is allowed to
ask. They don’t have to answer. This is Republican Tom McClintock trying that as a strategy to
attack the character of the witnesses. Mr McClintock. Thank you, mr chairman. Can
I begin just with a show of hands? How many on the panel actually voted for Donald Trump
in 2016 I don’t think we’re obligated to say anything about how we can start out. Just
show of hands. I will not. I think you’ve made your positions. Professor Karlan very
boot with a gentleman who was suspended will suspend the clock to I ever made to see me.
You may ask that question. Let me rephrase that question. How many of you would clock
the staff for the moment? The gentleman may ask the question, the witnesses don’t have
to respond. How many of you started Donald Trump in 2016 show of hands, not I keep not
raising our hands is not an indication of an answer, sir. This is all they had. Tell us how you voted. Did
you once make a joke on a podcast years ago? Still I maintain, nothing may come of this,
but the lines of questioning from Republicans made it so clear that they know they have
nothing because this is what they had to resort to. Unfortunately. Also, that probably played
really well. I didn’t watch any of the Fox news stuff yesterday, but it wouldn’t be surprising
to me if they had video of Matt Gates talking about a podcast that professor Karlan appeared
on and framing it as, wow. Wow. What a brutal indictment. It wouldn’t shock me, but big
picture. We know that this type of stuff works even though it is completely not based in
assessing the most important thing here, which is the legal case for the impeach ability
of Donald Trump as if the entire worldwide embarrassment that is the Trump Ukraine fiasco
could get any more embarrassing.

100 Replies to “Trump Henchmen ATTACK During Hearings, IMPLODE

  1. Can the republican “Trump”party sink any lower?When you see the likes of,Jordan,Graetz,and other bottom feeders rise to the top,you know they are in deep trouble.

  2. Barron Trump was named after John Barron, a fictional character played by Donald Trump who lied to the press in an attempt to make Donald Trump look good.

  3. They are angry about a statement about Trump's son. It is fine to throw Hunter Biden under the bus. We are controlled by hypocrites

  4. Can we hand out the biggest jackass award after this dumpster fire burns out? Nunes and Gaetz are strong contenders

  5. Message from the UK – to be fair the tactics of the Republicans to focus positive questions on friendly witnesses and attempt to undermine the credibility of hostile witnesses are also used by the democrats who do the same thing and this is entirely what should be expected. The main difference is that the Republicans have no facts on their side and the Democrats have an over abundance of facts on their side. The saddest thing for all of us across the world is that America is at war with itself and in this time of urgency and looming global catastrophe this could bring us all to disaster. Get it over and get Bernie in. My daughter who is 20 and like me an environmentalist says she will cry tears of joy if Bernie gets in, as will I. We are relying on you. Thank you David and all compassionate US citizens.

  6. So… by Republican logic, if you think Trump is a bad person you are disqualified from having an opinion on him? That’s genius.

  7. When the Republican Party is reduced to countering facts with “I hate you, you stink!” arguments, then you know they’ve fallen hard.

  8. It’s weird that country sized United States has 2 parties, we have multiple parties, but when it came to voting president, I voted the one that I tough would do the best and not “my” party candidate. And well, it worked, you guys should try that too

  9. This entire impeachment inquiry is pointless, because once it hits the Senate, it will go nowhere. Republicans will just lolololol and block any attempt at anything.

  10. Once there was a time other countries looked up at the VS as a great example of democracy. In case someone failed to notice, not anymore. Even your orange carrot president is more or less openly mocked at the world stage on about every occasion. A call out to sensible Americans, from whatever political party; do yourself, your country and the rest of the world a favor, kick him out of the White House!

    hahaha .. I love that .. he's sitting there being a whiney little prick, accusing HER of being nasty ..
    and that "ivory tower" comment? Project HARDER bitch!
    How was his childish attack allowed? That was so unprofessional and should have been stopped.

  12. Ivory tower? I love the way the right wing tries to act like they're all common people, self made achievers that call educated people, "the elite"

  13. Remember: this alt-right sympathizing mofo intimidated Cohen by tweet just hours before Cohen's public testimony. Talk about being mean.

    "Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe
    tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she'll remain
    faithful when you're in prison. She's about to learn a lot…"

    Gaetz, who didn't offer any proof for his claims, later deleted his tweet and issued an apology, saying he didn't intend to threaten Cohen.

  14. Conservatives attack Greta Thunberg with glee, but clutch their pearls when someone mentions Barron.

    Call bullshit whenever you see it

  15. Oh Matt, come on and stop yelling and sounding like you have huge balls just to impress daddy Trump.
    You sound like a crazy person. Yet You Matt, are like the rest of these spoiled little brats, that have daddy taking care of all your fuck ups. Just typical of the rich get away with everything and anything because their daddy has money and helped you every bad situation you caused too yourself. Just like your bing bongggg boss. His daddy spoiled him, gave him millions of dollars, to just his fuck ups and failures. You rich bastards are all the same. You are a bunch of spoiled brats that dies NOT know the true meaning of struggles. So shut the fuck up, sit your ass down and have a bit of respect for a lady. and I'm sure you hate this. A HIGHLY EDUCATED LADY.

  16. A pitty way to try to make a career within the republican swamp …… This attempt to attack the professor is not convincing at all…… This man still has a lot to learn.

  17. "Don't interrupt me while I am interrupting you because I am not getting the answers I wanted so I will waffle on regardless with lies and untruths". Says the guy with 2 D.U.I. convictions.

  18. he reminds me of a used car salesmen, who had nothing to say but felt they must speak and they should really not try if they have nothing to say……..really, the impression this fellow gives even with the sound turned of really hardly paused for breath nor what does or what do his stupid questions mean…..what a total jerk…….good god where did this fellow or what does this fellow even find useful or informative to the public ……..blah, blah, sort buy my vacuum cleaner combined with a loud mouth preacher…….is this all the republicans require of a person in their party called to speak……he has nothing to say……he is a rable rouser, an accuser without any facts imposing his ideas and unwanted emotional information when as a listener i would have expected some sense…..attack the character of a witness is pretty cheap, very cheap and what and who are you, a jerk.

  19. I've personally invited Gaetz to come to my barbershop in Florida so I, twice his age and half his size, can beat the fascist out of him, make him a better person. He's too much of a coward tho…

  20. Republicans are patheticly trying to undermine these people cause like said thats all they have….

    I know Trump wont be impeached but I dearly hope that through this Republican party has doomed itself in 2020 elections and beyond. If I was American, it would be more easier than ever to decide to never vote any Republican EVER.

  21. Republican voters are more prevalent in antisocial areas, where people tend to not talk to each other and share ideas. This makes them more vulnerable to propaganda media, sheltered from the truth.

  22. You are a joke! The dumbassocrats have proved literally nothing and will never prove anything because it is actually the democrats doing what they are accusing Trump of doing. You can whine and cry all you want but we all know this will die in the senate. Trump will not be impeached and he will win in 2020. MAGA!!!!

  23. Gaetz is pathetic. "Here's a question. It's quite simple to ask, but needs context in response. When did you stop kicking puppies?"
    Karlan starts answering the question.
    Gaetz mansplains "You don't get to interrupt me."
    When a GOP is questioned by a democrat, say Corey Lewandowski, they lie, stretch-out the answers without ever actually addressing the answer. "I see you have words, but I can't say those are my words. I haven't read that. I would need to get back to you. I don't remember saying that." And on, and on.

  24. Also. I almost forgot. Gaetz loses it about Baron Trump's name being used?
    Donald Trump doesn't even acknowledge that Baron is his own kid. He refers to him as "Melania's son", indicating to some people that Melania and Eric or Junior popped-out Baron.

    Yes, I know there's supposed to be two "r" in Baron Trump's name. Do you see the concern for a Trump's feelings in my words? Trumps have no feelings except for greed, insecurity, confusion, fear, and rage.

  25. Sadly these tactics works on the credulous people. Just look at their attack on the FBI based upon 1 agents texts to her boyfriend.

  26. Good points. Viva Frei made some good points in his recent video on vetting expert witnesses. The Republican point may have been better served by attacking the impartiality of the expert witness in question through a combination of her donation history along with her comments. I guess she made some comments about crossing the street to avoid the Trump Hotel because reasons.

    Anyway, I'm probably butchering Viva's video. Go check it out.

    GOOD VIDEO DP! I look forward to more.

  27. Gaetz: shows testimony is coming from deeply biased person and therefore should not be taken seriously

    Pakman: "Guys, this is all they have."

  28. David, while I agree that the hysteria about the Professor having gone after the President's minor child didn't in any way address the legal and constitutional arguments she made, which were incisive and true, I DO think that trying a witty little point that uses the minor child's name as the illustration of the fact that we don't have royalty in our country is an approach that gives the disingenuous Republicans something to bitch about. Why not make the point another way without going after the minor child of this terrible POTUS?

  29. I think we must make a rule that lawmakers must pass a civics test before taking office. These men are so stupid its embarrassing.

  30. "I don't have time to go into this". Of course you don't Mr. Gaetz, it shows you never had time to understand the context of what you're talking about.

  31. To me the most inherent flaw of the American system is the allotted time of the questioner. It sucks when Harris is cut short by someone rambling, but also gets you those gotcha-questions, because there simply is no time for precise answers.

  32. "Me smart man! Me can take on lady professor! Look, me make strong legal argument: you not support current president! That proof you not say truth! Me brain work good."

  33. don’t the gop understand that when they call into question someone’s bias that they open the door for hypocrisy on their own? they really think their base is stupid, and they’re right! they fall for this crap all the time, and are themselves very petty and fallacious in their thinking.

  34. Im sorry, but Im way to angry about it to be sad. One thing I will add, which is NO indication of my politics, the last thing ANY teenager needs is to referred to in the national dialogue. They usually only want to fit in with friends, not stand out. It was in no way an insult, bit did not need to be said. Back to the impeachment, everyone..

  35. Saw this aired on Fox and was waiting for your video the amount of nut heads in the comments peddling conspiracies are outrageous.

  36. …… the entire rep. party should be judged for treason… it makes you look… mean…. whats the matter, your feelings hurt? you need to get more people with british accents to speak, we all know these conservatives are afraid of british accents

  37. Look at baby gates lmao. Whining about nothing as usual. Crying wolf when there is nothing. Guess we have a morning burger with the repubs. 🤭😂

  38. I love Pamela Carlan. She shouldn't have apologized for her analogy. Especially for GOPer BS. She was dumbing the explanation down for them. She got her point across & ppl need to GTF over it.

  39. Gaetz lives his life playing an over the top caricature of a scumbag politician who blusters only nothingness. Only a mindless Fox zombie could get behind him

  40. Yeah, I think it played pretty well. I had relatives sharing clips of Gaetz and commenting like the was dunking on people left and right.

  41. I thought I disliked and distrusted Giuliani as Trump's lawyer, but thinking about Gaetz moving in to fill that position after Trump inevitably throws Rudy to the wolves . . . it makes me ill to contemplate. 

    I live where Gaetz is from. He has only grown in his greed and rabid ideology.

  42. Isn‘t the second amendment exactly written for situations like this? But as a European I probably don‘t understand the concept of your amendments.

  43. These republicans are disgusting, they keep yelling how this is an just an illegal process and the dems have no proof yet never provide any actual evidence to counter argument so all they are doing is just going on a pointless rant.

  44. Every time the GOP representatives at these hearings fire their inane questions and pathetic insults at intelligent, qualified and credible people like Professor Karlin and Fiona Hill, they demonstrate their ignorance and complete lack of substance.

  45. This really here lays out the Republican defense. They've got nothing and are simply pounding on the table in a desperate attempt to distract. In a logical world, you would be watching what amounts to the agonal breathing of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, it died long ago and is now just stumbling around like a zombie in The Walking Dead mindlessly following whatever sound it last heard that captured its attention.

  46. Matt Gaetz is the ultimate snowflake and if you are watching Fox news, you might as well just put a blindfold on and head phones on because that is as much truth you are going to get.

  47. Sounds like ❄❄Matt Gaetz❄❄ is leading with his emotions and getting destroyed by facts. I thought Republicans did the opposite

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