100 Replies to “Trump: ‘I don’t know’ if Giuliani is still my attorney

  1. Trump supporters where attacked after a rally in Minneapolis last night,if you physically attack Me because i support President Trump you will be shot.

  2. "I don't know her, she may be a wonderful woman."…"I don't know her, she may be a wonderful woman."…"I don't know her, she may be a wonderful woman."
    Trump is like a broken record. A stupid broken record.

  3. Ukraine-stain Ghouliani blew it with Trump. He exposed Trump's corruption with his incompetence. I'd rather pay the fine than have Ghouliani represent me for so much as a parking ticket, because the Nostradumbass would talk me into 1st-degree murder…But Trump "hires only the best people"…funny, he doesn't say that anymore.

  4. “I haven’t spoken to Rudi but i spoke to him yesterday briefly.”

    "i don't know them, they must be Rudi's clients" -shows pictures of him meeting them and staying Mara Largo"

    -Donald J Trump


  5. The fear that this asshole 45 has been generating is going to haunt America for years to come…He is a fat, lying, toxic POS

  6. “I haven’t spoken to Rudi but i spoke to him yesterday briefly.”

    "i don't know them, they must be Rudi's clients" shows pictures of him meeting them and staying Mara Largo

    -Donald J Trump



  8. What's Lemon gonna do when Trump's gone? 50 million segments on Race in America? Is he gonna start that up again? Is that the plan?

  9. Im guessing Trump swear all of his fired Minnions to Secrecy!! Before he Fires them. They OK as long as they keep there mouth Shut! We all know how ole Donnie likes Leakers!😆😆😆

  10. We'd be so much better off without scum like Don Lemon. Laura Coates is just as bad. These people are awful. They're gross.

  11. Trumpf: search the DARK WEB i want a lawyer who is slippery, slimy and hisses with his front teeth sticking out

    Me: sir, we found one, and he comes FREE, his name is odd: Ruddee Guullianni, we take him

  12. ."accuse the other side of that which you are guilty" as you are doing it to create confusion.. Russia Coup/Ukraine/Coup,…"SELF RIGHTEOUS CORRUPT FAKE NEWS are political activists posing as Journalists who has an agenda.. they are covering up and protecting the Corruption/Crimes of the Democrats and trying to frame Trump for the Democrats Corruption/Crimes, "DECEIVE THE PEOPLE" and then incite hysteria, racism, hatred, anger, fear, and violence against Trump or any Trump supporters

  13. Hey Rudy see that bus coming…get ready be thrown right under it! Trump burns people whom he has no further use for, Trump is such a vile human being, such a gutless coward who thinks he's a tough guy, but he's a whimp.

  14. His supporters couldn't care less if he committed treason and crime. Just like Trump said. He can shoot someone in the middle of the street and he can get away with it because he has lunatic supporters who will follow him no matter what crime he commits.

  15. I don't know if God really exists. Only when good things happen.. yeh he exists. If bad things happen? Not sure if God exists.

  16. Well if that is the case, put it again folks! ~ Trump said "I don't know"~ Hand cuff him and put him to jail !
    🤴(He was lying Trump every which way of the book folks )

  17. I seriously doubt if this man knows what day it is. Now he's throwing Rudy under the bus- couldn't happen to a more deserving soul.

  18. 🤔All I heard ….was some reporters getting trolled🧐🙄😏 by a Master. Look at the scramble … 😆😆😆 Lemon turned into lime.

  19. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy …oh I don’t know this person omfg and his supporters, they cling to every word Peaches preaches!
    I hv to gv Trump credit, he actually is smart enough to brainwash some of the American public and they take his word as gospel, he has a technique that works that’s for sure. But then again “a lie told often enough becomes the truth”. Something he lives by. Does anyone know the average IQ of his supporters? I would imagine their IQ’s are not much more than -10! I love how Fox reported his standings in the polls and Peaches had made up fake poll results to show that only 25% of the public wanted him impeached when the reality was they hit 51% so now Golden State has the honour of reporting his made up, twisted BS. Do those ppl understand that oligarchs are the masterminds behind Trump, Putin and a few others, the difference being that all other countries are governed by dictators. A road Trump is trying desperately to take. You can hear it in his rally speeches, he is a racist mofo and a lover of Kim Jong-un. Peaches wants all non-whites to leave the country and he’s starting to make that pretty clear at his rallies. He’s inciting civil war and his only knows if he will start WW3. He’s a stable genius, just ask him he will answer. Someone needs to bodily remove this menace from the WH sooner than later. His supporters keep on believing, if they cud read they wud know the truth. Oh my another round of Peaches pisses on the constitution, has total disregard for his country, he’s only interested in how much more $$$ he can scam due to his position in the WH, if any supporters are smart enough to read this, HE CUD CARE LESS ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HES ONLY OUT TO HAVE HIS PALMS GREASED, DESTROY AMERICA AS YOU KNOW IT AND RUN THE COUNTRY AS A DICTATORSHIP . His best buddy is Putin. Supporters read the Moscow Project, research oligarchs you will find the real news there and on CNN etc perfect brainwashing example his use of the words fake news, he says it over and over and over and convinces his sheep that only Fox told the truth when in fact they are the only ones who DONT ! I feel for the sheep who support him I have heard him turn stories around such as the Dems are totally disrespecting the constitution lmfao the Dems are the ones implementing the constitution lol I believe the constitution says “by the people and for the people” correct me if I am wrong but Peaches makes it all abt him! Pictures speak volumes, he says he does not know the two men with G who were arrested, Russian oligarchs are putting money into his campaign to ensure Peaches is elected for a second term so that eventually they will runTrump and the US

  20. It all begins with a small orange turd on top of a snow hill that now rolled into a giant snow ball that can't be contained.

  21. "Well, I don't know. I haven't spoken to Rudy. I spoke to him yesterday briefly. He's a very good attorney. He has been my attorney. Yeah, sure. I also spoke to Erdogan. He's a very good strongman. The Kurds had been our allies. They were very good allies. I sold them out over the phone. Yeah, sure."

  22. “Well, I don’t know (lie). I haven’t spoken to Rudy (lie)……I spoke to him yesterday (who knows?)…..”. His instinct to always lie first and then lie again…..

  23. Today:Rudy might be my lawyer. Tomorrow: Mr Giuliani might not be my lawyer. The Next Day: I have lots of lawyers. Mr Giuliani might have done some minor work for me. The Following Day: If Giuliani did that it was not with my authorization. He went rogue. Eventually: Giuliani? I don’t know. I barely met the man. Better ask him. Finally: Giuliani? Whose dat??

  24. Normally, I’d say that this kind of blame, betrayal and standoffishness would make Rudy’s eyes bug out with shock, but, well…

  25. All that and trump withdrawing troops from Syria supporting the kurds leaving them to be slaughtered by Turkey, yet sends 3000 troops to Saudi Arabia. So much for bringing the troops home. Anyways rumour has it there are trump towers in Turkey.

  26. MCaleenan resigned BECAUSE someone had to be blamed for the immigrants at the border and BUILD THAT WALL and Mexico will pay for it Yeah right!!

  27. America you have to admit, you are really stupid!!! To put a reckless disgusting shady nitwit in the WH…But now don't beignorant anymore, this man is always liying liying, to get it don't try to see the cases not only with you understanding, but also the one of this corrupt putin puppet..

  28. Hey fake news CNN, why did you not report on the black woman cutting the white guys throat in taco bell??? Does that not fit your agenda you fagets.

  29. So Don the negro lemon thinks the dream of immigrants is to come here and suck off of welfare…….LMAO fUCK THEM AND FUCK YOU LEMON NEGRO.

  30. Why are you not reporting about what happened too Trump supporters in Minneapolis? Like people being assaulted after leaving a Trump event. My bad it was because your little communist buddies Antifa was involved.

  31. LOL Thank you DNC, Hillary and the Liberal Mainstream media for cheating and manipulate a presidential primary election outcome by choosing Trump to lead the GOP party he was chosen to fail and lose the General election but your plan backfired and Trump won LOL

  32. Exactly like expected… how cheap, pussygrabber. We all know what he will say tomorrow. But: "Hot Rudy" is a nice nickname.

  33. This reminds me of the time when all Obamas lawyers got investigated and but behind bars……. oh no that never happened !!!!!

  34. If the testimony was done behind closed doors for secrecy why would the opening statement be released. Who leaked to the NyTimes?

  35. Lemon forgot to “ recall “ that CNN hired and aired for 18 month a porno attorney charged by the same US district as this recent “ Soviet born US citizens “ “ episode” CNN s contractor ( that’s the porno flop) engages in stealing from sex workers and disabled individuals and bragging about .it In this clown and American Idiot performance there might seem “ tribes” but there is only one “ performer “ and it’s the American Idiot who is irrelevant ,primitive and active on both sides of this boring display of “a flock of fools running loose and in circles “

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